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How to Defeat Big Brother and Reclaim Your Freedom
by David MacGregor

George Orwell's 1984 is the story of a future society where individualism has been eliminated, where propaganda is used to control the masses, and where perpetual war is being waged to maintain the "peace." It's a world where false is true and wrong is right, where history is constantly being rewritten to support whatever the regime is currently doing - and where Big Brother watches your every move.


The state's ultimate power is its ability to control the flow of information. And that's exactly how "Big Brother" operated in 1984. All information was in constant flux - managed and massaged to suit the purposes of the party. This information control even extended to history - where accounts of previous events or policy announcements were rewritten to support the present day policies and purposes of the party.

Language itself was being manipulated - to eliminate even the words that could be used to initiate certain thought processes - thoughts that could lead to rebellion.


In 1984, the ordinary people were completely subjugated because of the state's control over information. The control was total.

In contrast, the internet bypasses the state information control apparatus. On the 'net, one has access to nonofficial news sources and opinions. It is literally impossible to censor the bulk of what goes on online.


[Based on: Article (How to Defeat Big Brother and Reclaim Your Freedom) by David MacGregor, 10/27/05]

*Link: http://www.strike-the-root.com/52/macgregor/macgregor6.html

*Trivia: "Anyone familiar with George Orwell’s 1984 is already aware of the idea that controlling a people’s definition of words, controlling the meanings that those words evoke in the minds of the general public, is integral to achieving actual thought control of the populace." [Based on: Mathew Kristin Kiel, 01/14/2005]  

*More: http://mirrorh.com/2quotes.html 


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