Language History

  This section will call attention to a history of human vocal language.
  Once upon a time there were no "English" speaking people living in "America." But there were English speaking people who came to this country. Where did the "English" come from? "English" came from Ireland, Scandinavia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Persia, India, Arabia, and a host of other countries. In essence, English language amounts to a range of words (or sounds) collected and developed by a large community of different language speaking peoples. Over time it so happened that many different "words" moved to, and later contributed to, what is now called English language. In effect then, when people move, "their" words move with them! To be poetic one could say that words move like the sound of human speech. They flow from one place to another and carry vibrations from all points in between. - E.M. 

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