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T, D

dr - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'generations' [Genesis 6:9, etc.]. Other definitions include: generation. Associated spellings/words: dvr."

dl - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'poor' [Exodus 23:3; 30:15, etc.]; 'weaker' [2 Samuel 3:1]; 'lean' [2 Samuel 13:4]; 'needy' [Isaiah 10:2; 26:6]. Other definitions include: one who is low. Associated spellings/words: dal; dallah ['poorest']."

tsl - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'shadow' [Genesis 19:8 ], [Judges 9:15, 36], [2 Kings 20:9, 10, 11], [1 Chronicles 29:15], [Job 7:2; 8:9; 14:2; 17:7], [Psalm 17:8; 36:7; 57:1; 63:7; 80:10; 91:11; 102:11], [Isaiah 4:6; 16:3; 25:4, 5; 30:2, 3; 38:8], [Ezekiel 17:23; 31:6, 12], [Hosea 14:7], [Jonah 4:5, 6]; 'defence' [Numbers 14:9], [Ecclesiastes 7:12]; 'shade' [Psalm 121:5]. Associated spellings/words: tsel." *Links: http://strongsnumbers.com/hebrew/6738.htm

thl - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'dew' [Genesis 27:28, etc.], [Proverb 3:20, etc.]. Associated spellings/words: tal."

del - "Definitions: of the." (Spanish)

dal - "Definition: petal." (Sanskrit)

dal - "Definitions: paradise, freedom." (Tibetan)

tel - "Definitions: deep, depth, bottom, abyss (Mayan). Associated spellings/words: tele ['tree leaf; distant, distance, far, remote']; tele ['afar, far off']; telos ['end']; telson ['limit'] (Greek); telo ['there']; tele ['here'] (Mayan); tolo ['star'] (Dogon)."

tal - "Definitions: valley." (German)

tal - "Definitions: daughter." (Korean)

Tar - "Definitions: a fiend in the Tuat." (Egyptian)

tsr - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'enemies' [Genesis 14:20]; 'against' [Numbers 10:9]; 'narrow' [Numbers 22;26], [Proverbs 23:27]; 'tribulation' [Deuteronomy 4:30]; 'enemy' [1 Samuel 2:32]; 'distress' [2 Samuel 22:7]; 'strait' [2 Kings 6:1], [Job 36:16], [Isaiah 49:20]; 'close' [Job 41:15]; 'small' [Proverbs 24:10]; 'flint' [Isaiah 5:28]; 'sorrow' [Isaiah 5:30]. Other definitions include: trouble; adversary; foe; affliction. Associated spellings/words: tsar."

TRA /p - "Definitions: across, through, over. Associated spellings/words: TRANS."

dhr - "Definitions: to hold up, support, carry, bear, sustain, or maintain." (Sanskrit)

dar - "Definitions: give (Spanish). Associated spellings/words: dare (Latin); dorea, doron ['gift'] (Greek); dar ['by'] (Gaelic)."

dar - "Definitions: silk, flag; freezing of water; youth." (Tibetan)

der - "Definitions: masculine form of 'the' used with singular nouns (German). Associated spellings/words: des, den."

thal - "Definitions: passed, elapsed; to be over, finished, ashes; to end, overdue, go beyond (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: till ['up to the time; to the time that; fixed point, station'] (Old English); til ['aim, point of time'] (German); til ['opportunity'] (Gothic)."

TAIL - "Definitions: back or last part."

TALL - "Definitions: extending to a great or specified height."

TALE - "Definitions: story."

TELL - "Definitions: tale; count, relate in detail, reveal. Associated spellings/words: telinga ['ear'] (Indonesian)."

taal - "Definitions: width." (Sumerian)

tier - "Definitions: row, rank of seats, shelves, etc. XVI. (O)F. Associated spellings/words: tire ['sequence, rank, order'], f. tirer ['draw, draw out']."

tshr - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'window' [Genesis 6:16]; 'noon' [Genesis 43:16; 43:25, etc.]; 'noonday' [Deuteronomy 28:29, etc.]; 'midday' [1 Kings 18:29, etc.]. Mythology: A 'glowing stone' God gave to Adam & Eve - when they were expell- ed from the garden - to remind them about what they had lost. According to myth, the stone was passed down through several generations until - after the destruction of the Temple (of Solomon) - it was lost. Associated spellings/words: tsohar, tzohar."

tsar - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'Zoar' [Genesis 19:22]. Associated spellings/words: Tso'ar."

tair - "Definitions: 'contempt' (Gaelic). Associated spellings/words: tarcuis."
*Link: http://www.quicksilver899.com/Tolkien/LOTR/LOTR_RZ.html

TEAR - "Definitions: separate or pull apart by force. Associated spellings/words: teran, terian, teren, zeren, zehren ['destroy, consume']; derein ['flay']; drnati ['bursts, tears']; taliare ['cut']; ther ['a wild animal, game'] (Greek)."

TEAR - "Definitions: drop of salty liquid that moistens the eye."

dahr - "Definitions: 'time'." (Ar.-Persian)

dale - "Definitions: cough." (Kapinga)

dael - "Definitions: part, portion, deal, number; valley; steep cleft." (Old English)

toile - "Definitions: cloth." (French)

dre - "Definitions: spirit." (Tibetan)

dlh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'poor' [Genesis 41:19, etc.]; 'poorest' [2 Kings 24:14]; 'hair' [Song of Solomon 7:5]; 'pining sickness' [Isaiah 38:12]. Other definitions include: one who is low. Associated spellings/words: dal, dallah ['poorest']."

dara - "Definitions: pearl of wisdom." (Hebrew)

drei - "Definitions: three (German). Associated spellings/words: dreieck ['triangle'] (German)."

thrai - "Definitions: obstinancy (Old Norse). Associated spellings/words: thrar ['stubborn']; thrainn; thror."

tele - "Definitions: afar, distant (Greek). Associated spellings/words: tellan ['count']; talo ['recount, tale']; talea ['rod, twig, cutting'] (Latin)."

tala - "Definitions: to wear (Kapinga). Associated spellings/words: toile ['cloth'] (French)."

Trch - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'Terah' [Genesis 11:24]: 'And Terah lived seventy years, and begat Abram, Nahor, and Haran.' "

Tara - "Definitions: The National Goddess-Protectress of Tibet, who is imaged in numerous forms and colors."

tsrh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'distress' [Genesis 35:3]. Other definitions include: anguish, troubles, tribulation, tribulations, adversity, afflict ion. Associated spellings/words: sarah."

tsla - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'ribs' [Genesis 2:21]; 'side' [Exodus 25:12, 25:14, 26:20, etc.]; 'corners' [Exodus 30:4, 37:27, etc.]; 'chamber' [1 Kings 6:8]. Other definitions include: chambers; boards, planks, leaves, beams. Associated spellings/words: tsela'."

tsla - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'halted' [Genesis 32:31], [Micah 4:7]; 'halteth' [Micah 4:6], [Zephaniah]. Associated spellings/words: tsala'."

tslh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'Zillah' [Genesis 4:19, 22, 23]."

talh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'curse' [Lamentations 3:65]. Other definitions include: oath, swear. Associated spellings/words: ta'alah; alah ['to make a solemn oath; curse']."

tala - Definitions: rhythm." (Hindu)

dala - "(cap) dala n. a piece split off, fragment, portion; blade, petal, leaf." (cap) = Capeller's Sanskrit-English Dictionary
*Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

dala - "Definitions: braid, curl." (Hebrew)

tara - "4 (mwd) tara - 2 mfn. ( %{tRR}; g. %{pacA7di}) carrying across or beyond, saving (?, said of S3iva) MBh. xii, 10380; ifc. passing over or beyond W.; `" surpassing, conquering "' see %{zoka-tara4} cf. %{rathaMtara4}; excelling, w.; m. crossing, passage RV. ii, 13, 12 [....]" (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

Tara - "Definitions: '[....] The Romany worshipped the goddess Tara (Celtic Tara, Semitic Terah, and Roman Terra Mater). In addition to the suits and court cards representing the twenty-one emanations of the goddess, plus a twenty-second - The Fool - which had no number. The Terran associations of the Major Arcana led to the designation "Tarot." [....]' - [Based on: PARABOLA (August 2001 - THE FOOL), p.11 (A Fool's History of Human Civilization, by Joy Thompson)]."

Dhara - "Definitions: a name for Earth (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: Prathivi."
*Link: http://www.nineplanets.org/days.html

Ta re - "Definitions: fiery mouth, the name of a mythological serpent." (Egyptian)

tarha - "Definitions: what is thrown away (Arabic). Associated spellings/words: taraha ['reject'] (Arab)."

T'leh - "Definitions: Aries, the Hebrew month of Nissan."

talla - "Definitions: 'a peel or coat of an onion'." (Latin)
*Link: http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=Perseus%3Atext%3A1999.04.0059%3Aentry%3Dtalla

Tahara - "Definitions: ceremonial washing (of the dead) body (met)." (Hebrew)

dari - "Definitions: bridge, legs." (Korean)

Deli - "Definitions: Aquarius, the Hebrew month of Shevat."

dhri - "Definitions: to hold fast, preserve, sustain (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: dhamma ['law, religion']."

dalai - "Definitions: axe stroke, quick jerk (Kapinga). Associated spellings/words: dali ['to move materials, transport'] (Kapinga); dalia ['with'] (Kapinga)."

dhairya - "Definitions: firmness." (Sanskrit)

diaireo - "Definitions: to divide into parts, to tear, to cut asunder; to distribute." (Greek)

tehillah - "Definitions: praise." (Hebrew)

ta'allaha - "Definitions: to be worshipped. Associated spellings/words: alaha; Allah ['God']. (Arabic)

TREE - "Definitions: perenial plant having a woody stem and considerable height and size; piece of wood. Associated spellings/words: treow, trio, treo, tre, triu, daru, dru, doru, doura ['wood, spear'] (Greek); daur' ti, teo, che ['tree'] (Mayan); trigonon ['triangle'] (Greek)."

Tiri - "Definitions: Persian for Nabu [the Babylonian Hermes; the son of Marduk], who became associated with Tishtrya, the Zoroastrian yazata of the star Sirius."

torii - "Definitions: bird-perch; gateway signaling the presence of Kami and marking the precinct of a shinto shrine." (Japanese)

TARRY - "Definitions: be slow in leaving. Associated spellings/words: tergan; tarier ['provoke, excite'] (Old French)."

THREE - "Definitions: number three. Associated spellings/words: thrie, thrio (Old English); thria, threa, thriu (Old Saxon); drie, dri, drio, driu, drei (German); thrir, thriar, thriu (Old Norse); thrija (Gothic); tres (Latin); tria, treis (Greek); tri, traya (Sanskrit); troe ['three'] (Russian)."

Turiya - "Definitions: 'the fourth'." (Sanskrit?) *Links: http://swamij.com/om.htm [T.D. - 05/27/07]

Trinity - "Agricultural: Spring, Summer, Fall [& Winter]; Biological: Birth [Youth], Maturity [Adult], & Old Age [or Death]; Matriarchal: 'Virgin,' 'Mother,' & 'Crone'. Hindu [Patriarchal?]: Brahma ['the Creator'], Vishnu ['the Preserver'], & Shiva ['the Destroyer']; Christian [Patriarchal]: 'Father,' 'Son' [uios, or huios], & 'Holy' [agia, or hagia] 'Ghost' [pneuma]." (D.R.D.)

Delilah - "Definitions: the goddess who weakened the sun god [Samson] every day and sent him to his death on the wheel that turned him under the earth."

teleios - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'perfect' [Matthew 5:48, etc.]; 'full age' [Hebrews 5:14]. Other definitions include: full age, maturity. Associated spellings/words: thlhios; teleiotes; teleioo; telos ['end']."

Trishna - "Definitions: desire, desire to live; the 8th Nidana." (Sanskrit)

therion - "Definitions: wild beast." (Greek)

Trismegistus - "Definitions: thrice great; eye of the mind." (Greek)

triloki - "Definitions: three worlds: the physical world (Pind), astral world (Anda) and the casual world (Brahmand), all ruled by Brahm [Based on: Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 467] (Sanskrit)."

thrix - "Definitions: the hair of the head, the hair of animals (Greek). Associated spellings/ words: trichos."

tariqa - "Definitions: path, way." (Arabic)

trikaya - The Trikaya doctrine (Sanskrit, literally 'Three bodies'; ... Chinese: Sanshen, Japanese: sanjin) is an important Buddhist teaching both on the nature of reality, and the nature of a Buddha. By the 4th century CE the Trikaya Doctrine had assumed the form that we now know. Briefly, the doctrine says that a Buddha has three kayas or bodies: the nirmanakaya or created body which manifests in time and space; the sambhogakaya or body of mutual enjoyment which is a body of bliss or clear light manifestation; and the Dharmakaya or Truth body which embodies the very principle of enlightenment and knows no limits or boundaries.[1] In the view of Anuyoga, the 'Mindstream' (Sanskrit: citta santana) is the 'continuity' (Sanskrit: santana; Wylie: rgyud) that links the Trikaya.[1] The Trikaya, as a triune, is symbolised by the Gankyil. [....]
*Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trikaya

Trikuti - "Definitions: three prominences; the part of the subtle universe which lies above the astral world; the name of the second spiritual region; the casual region. Also called : Braham Lok [Based on: Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th print- ing, 1997, p. 467] (Sanskrit)."

TRIB /r - "Definitions: pay, bestow. Associated spellings/words: tribuere (Latin); tribu ['tribe'] (Spanish); traps ['personal effects, belongings'] (uncert. org.)."

tribos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words: paths [Mark 1:3]."

thlibo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'narrow' [Matthew 7:14]; 'throng' [Mark 3:9]. Other definitions include: to put pressure on, to oppress, afflicted, troubled, tribulation. Associated spellings/words: tlibw."

thlipsis - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'tribulation' [Matthew 13:21, etc.]; 'afflicted' [Matthew 24:9, etc.]; 'afflictions' [Colossians 1:24]. Other definitions include: trouble, persecution, burdened. Associated spellings/words: tlipis." treten - "Definitions: kick (German). Associated spellings/words: tritura ['rubbing, threshing'] (Latin)."

Triton - "Definitions: a sea-deity so powerful he could calm the ocean and abate storms at pleasure. Represented as a human form above the waist, and like a dolphin below; he has the fore feet of a horse, and blows a lagre conch or sea-shell. The son of Pos- eidon and Amphitrite (Greek Mythology). Associated spellings/words: tahari ['sea'] (Gilbertese)."

Trefuilngid Tre-eochair - "Definitions: 'Triple Bearer of the Triple Key,' a giant from Celtic tradition. Son-consort to the triple Goddess, Macha."

Triptolemus - "Definitions: one of the princes of Eleusis instructed by Persephone." (Greek Mythology)

dru - "Definitions: tree." (Sanskrit)

taru - "Definitions: fiends, demons, devils, enemies." (Egyptian)

dAru - "1 (mwd) dAru - 1 mfn. liberal L. (cf. Pa1n2. 3-2 , 159); m. see 2. %{dAru}. / 2 mfn. breaking, splitting (Indra) RV. vii, 6, 1; m. an artist L. / 3 m. n. (g. %{ardharcA7di}) a piece of wood, wood, timber RV. AV. TS. Br. Up. MBh. R. &c. (usually n. m. only Hariv. 15522); n. Pinus Devada1ru Sus3r.; ore L. [con- nected with 4. %{dru} and %{taru}; cf. also Zd. {dauru} ; Gk. $ , $; Goth. {triu}; &148009[476 ,1] Germ. {trewo}; Eng. {tree}]. " (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon
*Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

thelo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'willing' [Matthew 1:19, etc.]; 'desire' [Mark 9:35]; 'love' [Mark 12:38]; 'listeth' [John 3:8]. Other definitions include: would, will, wilt, desireth, desiring. Associated spellings/words: thlw."

teleo - "Defenitions: end (Greek). Associated spellings/words: telos ['end']."

deloo - "Definitions: to make manifest, to make known by relating, declare. Associated spell ings/words: delos ['clear, evident, manifest'] (Greek)."

daalo - "Definitions: to stab, to spear." (Kapinga)

THROW - "Definitions: propel through the air. Associated spellings/words: thrawan, thraian, draaien, drawen; trudere ['thrust']; terere ['rub'] (Latin]; teirein ['wear out'] (Greek); troupe ['flock, herd'] (French); troppos ['herd of mares'] (Latin)."

tereo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'keep' [Matthew 19:17, etc.]; 'observe' [Matthew 23:3, etc.]. Other definitions include: to watch over, to guard, watched, watching, keepers, reserve, reserved. Associated spellings/words: thrhw."

dialuo - "Definitions: to dissolve." (Greek)

tharreo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'confident' [2 Corinthians 5:6, etc.]; 'bold' [2 Corinthians 10:1, etc.]. Other definitions include: confidence. Associated spellings/words: tarrho."

THROUGH - "Definitions: from beginning to end; to the core. Associated spellings/words: thurh, thurh, thuru, door, duruh, therch, derh ['perforated'], thyrel ['hole'], thurhut ['throughout']."

THOROUGH - "Definitions: fully executed, affecting every part; omitting or overlooking nothing. Associated spellings/words: thuruh, thurh, duruh."

truwa - "Definitions: faith (Old English). Associated spellings/words: treow, truwian."

Ta'aroa - "Definitions: 'The chief Tahitian god who broke out of the darkness within the cosmic egg. [....]' "
*Link: http://www.theosociety.org/pasadena/etgloss/ta-tel.htm

TELEVISE - "Definitions: broadcast by television. Associated spellings/words: TELEVISION ['transmission and reproduction of images by radio waves']."

telos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'end' [Matthew 10:22, etc.]; 'custom' [Matthew 17:25]; 'continual' [Luke 18:5]; 'uttermost' [Thessalonians 2:16]; 'ending' [Revelation 1:8]. Other definitions include: achievement of an intended goal. Associated spellings/words: thlos."

deilos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'fearful' [Matthew 8:26], [Mark 4:40], [Revelation 21:8]. Other definitions include: dread. Associated spellings/ words: dhilos."

thelus - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'female' [Matthew 19:4, etc.]. Other definitions include: woman, women. Associated spellings/words: thelys, thlus."

tholos - "Definitions: a small round building. Sometimes built underground as in a Mycenaean tomb; tombs." (Mycenaean Greek)

THRUST - "Definitions: shove forward; stab or pierce."

dArukAvana - "1 (mwd) dArukAvana - n. N. of a wood SivaP." (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon
*Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

Dylan - "Definitions: of the sea; the god of the sea in Welsh Mythology; darkness, one of the twin powers born from the whomb of Arianhod, Celtic Goddess of the star-wheel."

talwin - "Definitions: change." (Sufi)

THRONE - "Definitions: seat of state, of a deity; chair representing power or sovereignty. Associated spellings/words: trone, thronus, thronos ['elevated seat'] (Greek); thruna, truna ['power, rule, government'] (Etruscan); turane ['July'] (Etruscan)."

dialyein - "Definitions: to separate (Greek). Associated spellings/words: dialysis."

telones - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'publicans' [Matthew 5:46, etc.]. Other definitions include: tax collectors. Associated spellings/words: thlwnhs."

telonion - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'receipt of custom' [Matthew 9:9, etc.]. Other definitions include: customs stations. Associated spellings/words: thlwnion."

tronada - "Definitions: thunderstorm (Spanish). Associated spellings/words: tornado ['return']."

Dilmun - "Definitions: a Garden of the Great Gods and Earthly Paradise, located eastward in Eden. A mythological land of immortals where Enki ['Lord Earth; Lord of the Sweet Waters'] met and fell in love with Ninhursag-Ki ['the Earth Mother']." (Sumerian Mythology)

Dryad - "Definitions: tree nymph; oak-tree nymph." (Greek Mythology)

thrombos - "Definitions: clot." (Greek)

troll - "Definitions: 'giants or dwarves living in caves with some supernatural powers' (Old Norse).
*Link: http://www.quicksilver899.com/Tolkien/LOTR/LOTR_RZ.html

TROWEL - "Definitions: tool for spreading something; garden scoop. Associated spellings/words: truel, trowel, truele, truelle, truella, trulla ['ladle, scoop'], trua ['skimmer, spoon'] (Latin)."

dhorjee - "Definitions: brush." (Tibetan)

DIALOGUE - "Definitions: conversation, discourse. Associated spellings/words: dialoge, dialogus, dialogos, dialegesthai ['converse'] (Greek)."

tarukh-a - "Definitions: deer." (Peruvian)

trokhos - "Definitions: wheel; running, course (Greek). Associated spellings/words: trough ['channel, pipe; hollow, valley']; trog ['of the sea hollow on the surface between waves']."

dialogizomai - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'reasoned' [Matthew 16:7, etc.]; 'disputed' [Mark 9:33]; 'mused' [Luke 3:15]; 'thought' [Luke 12:17]; 'consider' [John 11:50]. Other definitions include: to hold a discussion, to reason. Associated spellings/words: dialogismos ['argue, arguement']; logizo- mai ['think, to think']."

DIALECT - "Definitions: a variant of a language."

trope - "Definitions: change." (Greek)

tropos - "Definitions: turn; change." (Greek)

tropos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'as' [Matthew 23:37, etc.]. Other definitions include: way, means, manner."

TROPOSPHERE - "Definitions: the changing atmospheric layer of clouds and storms. Associated spellings/words: tropos ['turn, change'] + sphaira ['ball']."

THROAT - "Definitions: front part of the neck. Associated spellings/words: throte, throtu, drozza; throti ['swelling'], thrutna ['swell'] (Old Norse); thrutian."

THROUGHOUT - "Definitions: everywhere. Associated spellings/words: thurhut."

trupan - "Definitions: pierce, bore." (Greek)

TRUTHINESS - "A panel of linguists has decided that the word that best reflects last year [2005] is 'truthiness' - the quality of stating concepts one wishes or believes to be true rather than the facts. The American Dialect Society chose the word Friday [01/06/06]. [....]" (Based on: News Services article (Linguists pick 'truthiness' as word to sum up 2005), p. A22, S.L.P.D., 01/07/06); "[....] ... the American Dialect Society's 2005 Word of the year: 'truthiness.' Coined by satirist Stephen Colbert, it means 'preferring concepts or facts one wishes to be true, rather than concepts or facts known to be true.' [....]" [Based on: Opinion Page article (Truthiness triumphant), p. 10, S.L.P.D., 02/10/06]

trutnuth - "Definitions: oracle, fortune-teller (Etruscan). Associated spellings/words: trutnut."

Thrudgelmir - "Definitions: a six-headed giant born from the feat of Ymir." (Norse Mythology)

drs - "Definitions: see (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: adarza ['looking-glass, mirror; reflected image; illustration, copy, commentary']."

drs - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'require' [Genesis 9:5]; 'enquire' [Genesis 25:22, etc.], [Exodus 18:15]; 'sought' [Leviticus 10:16, etc.]; 'seek' [Deuteronomy 4:29; 12:5, etc.]; 'necromancer' [Deuteronomy 18:11]; 'inquisition' [Deuteronomy 19:18]. Other definitions include: to seek with care, search, sought, regard. Associated spellings/words: daras, darash."

drs - "Definitions: an Arabic root pertaining to the concept of teaching and learning. Associated spellings/words: darasa ['to study, learn']; darrasa ['to teach']; dars ['lesson, class']; durus ['lessons']; mudaaris ['teacher (male)']; mudaarisa ['teacher (female)']; madrasa ['school']."

teras - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'wonders' [Matthew 24:24, etc.], [Mark 13:22], [John 4:48], [Acts 2:19, 22, 43; 4:30; 5:12; 6:8; 7:36; 14:13; 15:12], [Romans 15:19], [2 Corinthians 12:12]; [2 Thessalonians 2:9], [Hebrews 2:4]. Other definitions include: a sign, wonder, marvel, miracle, portent; anything that serves as an omen: a monster, strange creature; to interpret portents or prodigies, to bode. Associated spellings/words: thras."

Darius - "Definitions: possess good. Associated spellings/words: Darayavahush, daraya ['to possess'] + vahu ['good; memory'] (Persian)."

dervish - "Definitions: literally, 'poor,' a member of the Sufi order." (Persian)

tarsa - "2 (mwd) tarSa 1 m. = %{-rISa}, a raft Un2. iii , 62 Sch.; the ocean ib.; the sun Un2. vr2. 3 (mwd) tarSa 2 m. ( %{triS}) thirst "', wish, desire for (in comp.) MBh. xii R. ii , 100 , 3 BhP. v , 8 , 12 (%{ati-},`" excessive desire "'); Desire (son of Arka [the sun] and Va1sana1), vi, 6, 13; (%{A}) f. thirst, desire, xi, 9, 27."
*Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/ (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon

thalassa - "Definitions: the sea (Greek). Associated spellings/words: salacia."

Tarazhuk - "Definitions: 'the balance; Libra." (Avestan)

trsys - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'Tharshish' [Genesis 10:4, etc.], [Jonah 1:3, etc.]. Other definitions include: a Sanskrit or Aryan word meaning 'the sea coast'. "

tarasso - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'troubled' [Matthew 2:3, etc.]. Other definitions include: to be disturbed, to be stirred up. Associated spellings/ words: tarassw."

tharseo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'cheer' [Matthew 9:2, etc.]; 'comfort' [Matthew 9:22, etc.]. Other definitions include: courage. Associated spellings/words: tarshw."

deleazo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'enticed' [James 1:14]; 'beguiling' [2 Peter 2:14]; 'allure' [2 Peter 2:18]. Other definitions include: appeal. Associated spellings/words: dhlhazw."

diallasso - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'reconciled' [Matthew 5:24]. Associated spellings/words: diallassw; allasso ['an alteration or change']."

tarazug - "14 (cpd) tarazug [tl@cwk' | (P tl@zwg,) N tara1zu1] balance, scales; astr. Libra."
*Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/ Note: (cpd) = Concise Pahlavi Dictionary

darshan - "Definitions: vision, sight or seeing; implies looking intently at the Master with a deep feeling of respect, devotion and one-pointed attention [Julian Johnson, The 8i, 16th printing, 1997, p. 458]." (Sanskrit)

darshan - "Definitions: To have a view of the master's form with loving devotion, within or without." (Based on: http://www.ruhanisatsangusa.org/gloss.htm)

Taliesin - "Definitions: 'shining brow', the great poet and prophet of Wales who was fished out of the sea by Elphin, a Welsh prince. Taliesin was believed to be the rebirth of Little Gwion." (Welsh Mythology)

darsana - "Literally, seeing, veiwing; audience; theory; philosophical system. Associated spellings/words: drs ['to see'] (Sanskrit); darshan ['practicioner of midrash'] (Hebrew)."

Tlazolteotl - "Definitions: Aztec Goddess resembling the medieval Hectate as Queen of Witches."

trasna - "Definitions: across." (Gaelic)

threskia - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'religion' [Acts 26:5], [James 1:26, 27]; 'worshipping' [Colossians 2:18]. Associated spellings/words: trhskhia; threskos; eusebia ['godly']."

THRESHOLD - "Definitions: sill of a door, beginning stage. Associated spellings/words: threscold."

TELESCOPE - "Definitions: tube-shaped optical instrument for viewing distant objects."

tryn - "Definitions: two." (Aramaic)

darn - "Definitions: mend [clothes] with yarn or thread."

dern - "Definitions: concealed; dark, drear, dim. Associated spellings/words: diernan ['con cealed'] (Old English); dernen ['stop holes in a dike'] (Middle Dutch)."

tauran - "Definitions: walking sticks." (Egyptian)

TERRAIN - "Definitions: features of the land. terrenum; teirein ['wear out'] (Greek); talon ['heel'] (Old French); talus ['ankle-bone']."

THEREIN - "Definitions: in that. Associated spellings/words: theorein ['look at'] (Greek)."

diairein - "Definitions: devide (Greek). Associated spellings/words: dia + hairein ['take']."

DIARRHOEA - "Definitions: abnormal discharge of loose matter from the bowels. Associated spell- ings/words: diarrhoia, diarrhein ['flow through'], dia + rhein ['flow'] (Greek)."

dharana - "Definitions: support." (Sanskrit)

dharuna - "Definitions: holding." (Sanskrit)

dri za - "Definitions: group of gods or demons." (Tibetan)

TARNISH - "Definitions: make or become dull or discolored."

transverse plane - "Cross section or horizontal section dividing the body or any of its parts into superior [top] and inferior [bottom] parts."

TRANSCEND - "Definitions: pass [a limit] or the limits of; rise above, surpass; go beyond, climb over. Associated spellings/words: transcendere, trans + scandere ['climb'] (Latin)."

throng - "Definitions: crowd; crowding; crowded condition. Associated spellings/words: throng; drang ['crowd, pressure'] (German); throngr ['narrow, close, crowded'] (Old Norse); thringan; trench ['track cut through a forest; long narrow excavation']; trenche ['cutting, cut, ditch, slice'] (Old French)."

Drong-jug - "Definitions: a higher form of transference." (Tibetan)

TALENT - "Definitions: inclination; disposition; natural mental, creative, or artistic ability. Associated spellings/words: talent ['will, desire'] (Old French); talentum ['inclination of mind'] (Latin); trend ['revolve, roll; take a specified direction'] (Old English); trendan; trinda ['round, lump, ball'] (Old English); talanton ['balance, weight, sum of money'] (Greek)."

dran pa - "Definitions: recollection, remembrance, conscious." (Tibetan)

thrm - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'before' [Genesis 2:5]. Other defin- itions include: not yet. Associated spellings/words: terem."

tslm - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'image' [Genesis 1:26, 27; 5:3; 9:6], [Psalm 73:20]; 'images' [Numbers 33:52], [1 Samuel 6:5, 11], [2 Kings 11:18], [2 Chronicles 23:17], [Ezekiel 7:20; 16:20; 23:14], [Amos 5:26]; 'shew' [Psalm 39:6]. Other definitions include: representation. Associated spellings/words: tselem, selem."

TERM - "Definitions: limit in time, period. Associated spellings/words: thrum; drum ['end- piece, remnant']; terminus; terma ['end'] (Greek); trum ['firm, strong'] (Old English)."

Thrym - "Definitions: a Norse frost giant who hid Thor's magic hammer, Mjollnir."

tsrym - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'mountains' [Numbers 23:7]. Reportedly, the original word [only in this passage] is tsrym ['mountains']. Associated spellings/words: surim; hrr, harar."

DROME /r - "Definitions: running, course. Associated spellings/words: dromos (Greek)."

dharm - "Definitions: The term is derived from the Sanskrit root 'Dhir' meaning that which supports or upholds some-thing. (Here of course the world systems on all levels of existence)." (Based on: http://www.ruhanisatsangusa.org/gloss.htm)

derma - "Definitions: a skin, hide, leather." (Greek)

dharma - "Definitions: that which is established; law, the law of life; the order that supp- orts the universe, and therewith every being and thing within it according to kind; that which is constantly existing with a particular object; doing what is right; duty (Sanskrit). Other meanings include: wheel. Associated spellings/words: Fa (Chinese); Ho (Japanese); Pop (Korean); svadharma ['God-given duty'] (Sanskrit)."

talamh - "Definitions: ground (Gaelic). Associated spellings/words: talmai ['furrowed'] (Aramaic)."

Talmi - "Reported King of Egypt who inherited the crown from Alexander the Great around the year 260 B.C.E. He was responsible for having the Hebrew bible translated into Greek. Associated spellings/words: Ptolemy."

thelema - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'will' [Matthew 6:10, etc.]; 'pleasure' [Revelation 4:11]. Associated spellings/words: thlhma; thelo ['to want, to will']."

thremma - "Definitions: whatever is fed or nursed; cattle." (Greek)

drmsq - "Definitions: Damascus (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: dmsq."

diermeneuo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'expounded' [Luke 24:27] 'interpretation' [Acts 9:36]; 'interpret' [1 Corinthians 12:30, ect.]. Other definitions to translate, to explain. Associated spellings/words: dihrmhnhuw."

Daramulum - "Definitions: chief totemic ancestor of the Australian Yuin tribe."

Delmar - "Definitions: of the sea. Associated spellings/words: del mar (Spanish)."

Dharam Rai - "Definitions:King-Judge; The Lord of the Astral world who judges all by their actions - the law being as you sow, so shall you reap. But those who take refuge at the feet of a Perfect Master easily escape from the pinching effect of this law." (Based on: http://www.ruhanisatsangusa.org/gloss.htm)

Dharam Rai - "Definitions: King Judge, the lord of justice, who administers reward or punish- ment to the soul after death, according to its own actions during life [Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 458]. Associated spellings/words: Dharam Ray; Yama."

Talmud - "Definitions: body of Jewish law [Mishnah] and commentary on this [Gemara]; a compen- dium of sixty-three tractates containing the discussions and interpretation of Bib- lical laws by the rabbinical community; a history of the national and religious ex- perience of the Jews covering a period of one thousand years. Associated spellings/ words: talmudh ['instruction'] (Hebrew); lamadh ['instruct']."

dalmatia - "Definitions: a priestly robe." (Greek)

Dharam Das - "Definitions: 'slave of law'. A student of Kabir." (Sanskrit)

tsrr - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'bound' [Exodus 12:34], [Joshua 9:4], [1 Samuel 25:29], [Proverbs 30:4], [Hosea 4:19; 13:12]; 'shut up' [2 Samuel 20:3]; 'bind' [Isaiah 8:16]; 'narrower' [Isaiah 28:20]; 'pangs' [Jeremiah 48:41; 49:22]. Other definitions include: confining, narrow circumstances, adversary, vex, enemy, enemies, oppresseth, besiege, distress, distressed, strait, afflict, afflicted. Associated spellings/words: sarar."

dalal - "Definitions: to be impoverished, reduce, dilute (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: dillel ['weaken, diminish']."

dalur - "Definitions: valley." (Icelandic)

thrall - "Definitions: slave." (Teutonic)

THRILL - "Definitions: sudden feeling of excitement."

TAILOR - "Definitions: one who makes or alters garments. Associated spellings/words: talal ['cover'] (Hebrew)."

TERROR - "Definitions: intense fear or panic or cause of it. Associated spellings/words: terer ['rub'] (Latin); torrere ['parch, scorch'] (Latin); terier ['provoke, excite'] (Old French)."

THERMAL - "Definitions: relating to, caused by, or conserving heat. Associated spellings/words: therme ['heat'] (Greek)."

Tlalteutli - "Definitions: Aztec Goddess of creation. At the beginning of time, the universe was made of her body."

drk - "Definitions: dragon." (Egyptian) drk - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'way' [Genesis 3:24; 6:12, etc.]; 'journey' [Exodus 5:3, etc.]; 'ways' [Psalm 25:4, etc.]; 'manner' [Genesis 19:31]. Other definitions include: lead, guide, road. Associated spellings/words: derek; arch ['way'] (Old Hebrew)."

DARK - "Definitions: absent of light; darkness. Associated spellings/words: deorc; tarkenen ['conceal, hide'] (German)."

Trch - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'Terah' [Genesis 11:24]: 'And Terah lived seventy years, and begat Abram, Nahor, and Haran.' "

TALK - "Definitions: express one's thoughts in speech. Associated spellings/words: tal."

tark - "Definitions: darkness (Eskimo). Associated spellings/words: tartok ['without light']; taggrik ['pitch dark']."

drug - "Definitions: six." (Tibetan)

dearg - "Definitions: red." (Gaelic)

targe - "Definitions: shield (Old Norse). Associated spellings/words: targa, zarga, zarge ['edging, border']."

tslch - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'made' & 'prosperous' [Genesis 24:21]; 'prosper' [Genesis 24:20]; 'came' [Judges 15:14]; 'come' [1 Samuel 10:6]; 'break out' [Amos 5:6]. Other definitions include: prospered. Associated spellings/ words: tsalach."

tAraka - "2 (mwd) tAraka - mf(%{ikA} [Pa1n2. 7-3, 45 Va1rtt. 6] R. ii)n. causing or enabling to pass or go over, carrying over, rescuing, liberating, saving MBh. xii (S3iva) Ja1ba1lUp. S3ivaP. &c. (a particular prayer, %{brahman}); belonging to the stars VS. xxiv, 10 (%{-ka4}); m. a helmsman L.; [....]" (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon
*Link http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

Taraka - "TARA, TARAKA. [Source: Dowson's Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology] Wife of Brihaspati. According to the Puranas, Soma, the moon, carried her off, which led to a great war between the gods and the Asuras. Brahma put an end to the war and restored Tara, but she was delivered of a child which she declared to be the son of Soma, and it was named Budha." *Link: http://mythfolklore.net/india/encyclopedia/taraka.htm

talkaa - "Definitions: on the surface of the water (Navajo). Associated spellings/words: ter- laga ['pond'] (Indonesian)."

drecha - "Definitions: right." (Spanish)

tarAcu - "1 (otl) tarAcu 01 1. balance; 2. a measure of weight=800 palams; 3. libra in the zodiac; 4. the second naks2atra"
*Link http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/ Note: (otl) = Cologne Online Tamil Lexicon

dorjesempa - "Vajra - diamond-holder. In Tibetan Dorjesempa; sempa meaning the soul, its adamantine quality referring to its indestructibility in the hereafter." (Based on: The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky - Vol. 1)

trachys - "Definitions: rough." (Greek) Draco - "[....] The star Thuban (? Draconis) was the northern pole star around 2700 BC, during the time of the ancient Egyptians. Due to the effects of precession, it will once again be the pole star around the year 21000 AD. [....] Draco is among the earliest of the constellations to have been defined; in one of the oldest known astronomical records, the ancient Egyptians identified it as Tawaret, the goddess of the northern sky in their pantheon of deities. Considered ever-vigilant because the constellation never set, she was depicted a fierce protective goddess whose body was a composite of crocodile, human, lioness, and hippopotamus parts. [citation needed]"
*LInk: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Draco_%28constellation%29

dilogos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'doubletounged' [1 Timothy 3:8]. Other definitions include: sincere."

TELECAST - "Definitions: broadcast by television."

drakon - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'dragon' [Revelation 12:3, etc.]. Other definitions include: serpent, sea monster. Associated spellings/words: drakwn."

dragon - "[....] What is the dragon? It is one of the recurring symbols of materiality and matter. It is the symbol of animal existence, which cannot use the treasure but prevents all else from using it. The slaying of the dragon is the symbol of the overcoming of the animal sphere of life. [....] The slaying of the dragon is the symbol of the hero overcoming the power of the world. [....]" [Based on: Horizon Magazine, Fall 1945, Vol. 5, No. 2 (The Ring of the Nibelung), Manly P. Hall]

Dragons - "Trivia: 'The ancient Greeks believed that dragons were benevolent creatures with the ability to convey the wisdom and secrets of life, while in contrast the early Hebrews saw dragons as the meddlesome purveyors of sin. The mighty dragon was the emblem of the Chinese Empire, being a national symbol of good fortune, and outside the Hebrew tradition dragons were generally seen as the guardians of universal knowledge and the benign protectors of humankind. To the Celtic races of Europe, the dragon was the ultimate symbol of sovereignty (hence, the Dark Age Pendragons: the Head Dragons or King of Kings), but in AD 494 Pope Gelasius I challenged the Celtic Church by canonizing a certain Bishop George of Alexandria, who was said to have slain a drag- on. This violent and unpopular Turkish churchman was reputed to have insulted and persecuted dissenters, and was eventually killed by a Palestinian mob in AD 361. He emerged, however, as the famous martyr St. George, with surrounding legends that grew ever more exaggerated. At the Council of Oxford in 1222, it was proclaimed that St. George's feast day should be 23 April, and in the 14th century he became the catholic patron saint of England by decree of King Edward III Plantagenet.' (Laurence Gardner, Genesis of the Grail Kings, pp. 1-2)."

Dragons - "Mythology: In the 4th millenium B.C. a dragon delivered the eight mystic trigrams, the Pa Kua, to a legendary emperor." (Chinese Legend)

Dragons - "Trivia: In the 3rd millenium B.C, the north pole star was not the present Polaris in Ursa Minor, the Little Bear. It was Alpha Draconis, the Head of the Dragon; Year of the Dragon - the 5th twelve-year cycle in the Chinese calendar; Male Water-Dragon Year: the twenty-sixth year of the sixty-year cycle; reportedly, the year that Milarepa was born."

tArakam - "01 1. that which serves to cross or overcome; 2. the mystic incantation, the mono- syllable o1m ; 3. star; 4. highest voice, high key or note / 02 1. that which protects or supports; receptacle; vehicle, means; refuge; 2. sustenance, light food, diet for convalescents" (otl) = Cologne Online Tamil Lexicon *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

derk-omai - "Definitions: I look." (Greek)

targums - "Definitions: transliterated Aramaic translations of Biblical Hebrew texts."

TRIGGER - "Definitions: moveable catch or lever. Associated spellings/words: trekker, trekkan ['pull'] (Dutch); tragen ['carry'] (German)."

tergere - "Definitions: wipe." (Latin)

TELEGRAM - "Definitions: message sent by telegraph."

TELEGRAPH - "Definitions: system for communication by electrical transmission of coded signals."

Tarqeq - "Definitions: the Inuit Moon spirit. A mighty hunter who lives in the sky and watches over human behavior."

Dark Ages - "Definitions: period after the fall of Rome in western Europe that spawned wide- spread feudalism in medieval Europe [5 - 15 A.D.] Associated spellings/words: Middle Ages."

TRACT - "Definitions: draw, pull. Associated spellings/words: TRAH; trahere (Latin); ATTRACT ['draw to one's self']."

TARGET - "Definitions: goal to be achieved."

dre gdon - "Definitions: group of gods or demons (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: the'u rang; ku tra, kutrig (Zhang-Zhung)."

Dlt [D] - "Definitions: door of a tent, door of a house, opening & closing, knowledge & ignorance, authority; the 4th letter [3rd double] in Hebrew alphabet; the 14th ['God saw that it was good'] of 32 reported paths, or states of consciousness (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: dalet, delet, deleth, daleth, dath, daat."

dlt - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'door' [Genesis 19:6, etc.]; 'gates' [Pro- verbs 8:34]. Other definitions include: doors. Associated spellings/words: deleth."

thrp - "Transliterated Old Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'food'. Associated spellings/words: akl, aklah ['eat'] (Late Hebrew)."

tsrp - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'try' [Judges 7:4]; 'founder' [Judges 7:14]; 'goldsmiths' [Nehemiah 3:8]; 'pure' [Psalm 119]. Other definitions include: to smelt or refine, tried, casteth, melt, refined, refiner. Associated spellings/words: tsaraph, sarap."

drud - "Definitions: strong (Welsh). Associated spellings/words: droos ['firm'] (Greek); derb."

drod - "Definitions: hot, warm." (Tibetan)

DART - "Definitions: pointed missle to be hurled through the air; spear, lance; move swiftly. Associated spellings/words: dard, darod, tart, darradr; thread ['drad, draht, thrad']."

dalit - "Definitions: issue, save, branch." (Hebrew)

Druid - "Definitions: one of a class of priests, teachers, diviners, and magicians of ancient Celtic religion."

trave - "Definitions: beam (Italian). Associated spellings/words: trabs, trabe."

THROB - "Definitions: pulsate."

THRIVE - "Definitions: grow vigorously; prosper. Associated spellings/words: throve."

THREAT - "Definitions: throng; troop; affliction, oppression; denunciation of evil to come; expression of intention to harm. Associated spellings/words: THREATEN ['utter threats']; trotton, tretan ['step, walk'] (German); threat, thraut ['struggle, labor']; tirata ['volley'] (Italian)."

THREAD - "Definitions: fine line of fibers; train of thought. Associated spellings/words: thraed, thrad, draad, drat, draht; thraor ['twist']; torpere ['be stiff or numb, be slugish'] (Latin)."

THEREOF - "Definitions: of that."

tarta - "Definitions: pie (Greek). Associated spellings/words: torta ['round cake'] (Spanish); tourta ['cake'] (Greek); turd, tord ['piece of'] excrement; tort, torde."

tarde - "Definitions: evening, late (Spanish). Associated spellings/words: tardus ['slow'] (Romance)."

Delta [D] - "Definitions: fourth letter in the Greek alphabet. The capital form of D shows a triangle standing on its base. The small form resembles an S-like shape. Reported meanings for D include: Four-sided; fourfold; material completion, or wholeness. Associated spellings/words: tel-ta ['in low places, where'] (Mayan)."

tal pa - "Definitions: instantly, immediately, quickly." (Tibetan)

Darby - "Definitions: deer town." (Old Norse)

Delphi - "Definitions: whomb; oldest Greek oracle worshipped under the name of Delphyne, the Whomb of Creation, along with her serpent-son and consort Python. Associated spellings/words: adelphos ['brother; one from the same whomb'] (Greek)."

THEREBY - "Definitions: by that."

THERAPY - "Definitions: treatment for mental or physical disorder. Associated spellings/words: therapeia ['service rendered by one to another, household service, attendant'] (Greek)."

Treta Yuga - "Definitions: the second, or Silver Age that reportedly lasts 1,296,000 years." (Sanskrit)

tribos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words: paths [Mark 1:3]."

taltos - "Definitions: shaman." (Hungarian)

delphis - "Definitions: dolphin." (Greek)

Tortoise - "Definitions: African hero figure. Associated spellings/words: testudo ['tortoise']; testa ['tile, pot, shell'] (Latin); torus ['swelling, round moulding'] (Latin); tortus ['twisting'] (Latin)."

Dalton - "Definitions: valley town." (Old English)

TELEPHONE - "Definitions: instrument for the transmission of spoken words."

TELEPATHY - "Definitions: apparent communication without known sensory means."

Trpym - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'images' [Genesis 31:19, 34, 35]; 'teraphim' [Judges 17:5; 18:14, 17, 18, 20]; 'idolatry' [1 Samuel 15:23]; 'idols' [Zechariah 10:2]. Other definitions include: ancestral ghosts, in the form of oracular mum- mified heads; children of Terah." (Hebrew)

trdmh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'deep sleep' [Genesis 2:21; 15:12], [1 Samuel 26:12], [Job 4:13; 33:15], [Proverb 19:15], [Isaiah 29:10]. Associated spellings/words: tardemah; rdm, radam ['sleep, deep sleep']."

drdr - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'thistles' [Genesis 3:18]."

trepar - "Definitions: climb." (Spanish)

dildel - "Definitions: unravel, detach." (Hebrew)

THEREFORE - "Definitions: for that reason."

TERRITORY - "Definitions: particular geographical region. Associated spellings/words: terra ['land']; tierra ['earth'] (Spanish)."

tartaroo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'hell' [2 Peter 2:4]. Other defin- itions include: to confine in Tartaros. Associated spellings/words: tartarow."

Tartarus - "Transliterated Greek name of the underworld, related to tartaruga [tortoise], because archaic Hindu tradition claimed the earth was supported by Vishnu in the form of a tortoise."

Dhrtarastra - "Definitions: born blind, he was the elder brother of Pandu born in the Kuru dynasty." (Sanskrit)

Trivikrama - "Definitions: he who with three strides covered the earth and ether and heaven; another name for Vishnu (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: Visnu trivikrama ['he stepped forth over the realms of earth for freedom and for life']."

trbyt - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'increase' [Leviticus 25:36], [Ezekiel 18:8, 13, 17; 22:12]; 'unjust gain' [Proverbs 28:8]. Other definitions include: without blemish, without spot. Associated spellings/words: tarbit."

drod pa - "Definitions: belly (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: grod pa."

Draupadi - "Definitions: Arjuna's wife, the daughter of King Drupada." (Sanskrit)

DERIVATION - "Definitions: 'away from the river'. Associated spellings/words: derive ['to change the course of a river to another bed'], de ['away from'] + rivus ['river'] (Latin)."

THEREABOUTS - "Definitions: near."

dg - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'fishes' [Genesis 9:2, etc.]. Associted spellings/words: dag."

dk - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'oppressed' [Psalm 9:9; 10:18; 74:21]; 'afflicted' [Proverbs 26:28]. Other definitions include: poor. Associated spellings/ words: dak."

tek - "Definitions: to enter, to invade; to disturb, to break the peace." (Egyptian)

teq - "Definitions: to cut, to slay, to strike; spark, fire, lamp, torch." (Egyptian)

teg - "Definitions: plant, plant seeds." (Egyptian)

teg - "Definitions: to see, to look at, to examine (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: tega."

tag - "Definitions: day (German). Associated spellings/words: taglich ['daily']."

dag - "Definitions: pure, perfect, correct, clean, noble, holy (Tibetan). Associated spellings/ words: deja ['the ability to see whatever has happened']; DEJA VU ['the ability to know and see the past, and understand the future']; doxa ['opinion'] (Greek)."

dag - "Definitions: brilliant; pure; clean." (Sumerian)

Dag [D,Th] - "Definitions: the light of day; the balance between night and day; midday; mid- summer; the balance between polarities; door; the 23rd Rune, commonly depicted by two sideways triangles [or D-like shapes] facing eachother and connected at their apex (Runic). Associated spellings/words: Dagaz, Dags, Dagr."

DIC /r - "Definitions: say, speak, declare. Associated spellings/words: dico ['say' or 'speak']; dicare ['proclaim'] (Latin); DICT; dike ['custom, usage, right, just'] (Greek); ditto ['said again']; benediction ['speaking well']; malediction ['speaking evil']; contrdiction ['speaking against']; verdict; abdication; dictator; dictation."

tsaq - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'crieth' [Genesis 4;10]. Associated spellings/words; tsa'aq."

taak - "Definitions: look, regard, aim, view (Persian). Associated spellings/words: tachi ['to stand, rise up'] (Japanese)."

tegh - "Definitions: sword, dagger." (Persian)

Tzec - "Definitions: Mayan calendar month name 5 [30 Oct - 18 Nov], Maya symbol of intellectual balance, rejects negativity." *Link: http://www.astraltraveler.com/calendars/maya.html [T.D. - 12/25/06]

TACK - "Definitions: small sharp nail; course of action; add on."

TAKE - "Definitions: get into one's possession. Associated spellings/words: tikk ['touch, instant']; tik ['pat, touch']; thug ['robber, murderer']; thag ['cheat, swindler']; thagi."

Dike - "Definitions: Justice; born of Zeus and Themis (Greek Mythology). Associated spellings/ words: ekdikesis ['vengeance, punishment']." (Greek)

dgh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'fish' [Genesis 1:26, etc.]. Associated spellings/words: dagah."

deka - "Definitions: ten (Greek). Associated spellings/words: deca."

tega - "Definitions: to bandage." (Egyptian)

diga - "Definitions: to turn, to make a turn (Kapinga). Associated spellings/words: digi ['not yet'] (Kapinga)."

daga - "Definitions: to roll, to twirl, put together, attach (Kapinga). Associated spellings/ words: daka ['gang-robbery'] (Hindi)."

daka - "Definitions: gang robbery." (Hindi)

dgha - "Definitions: long." (Pali)

teka - "Definitions: to see; spark, fire, flame, lamp, torch." (Egyptian)

daege - "Definitions: kneader of bread (Old English). Associated spellings/words: deigan ['knead'] (Gothic)."

dagha - "Definitions: mustache, whiskers, beard." (Navajo)

dagi - "Definitions: each, each of, to lead, manage (Kapinga). Associated spellings/words: daagi ['to pull up from ground, reap'] (Kapinga)."

daisy - "Definitions: day's eye; so named from its covering the yellow disc in the evening and disclosing it in the morning. Associated spellings/words: daeges eage (Old English)."

takiyok - "Definitions: long, is long." (Eskimo)

dgu - "Definitions: nine; many, all, everything." (Tibetan)

teku - "Definitions: flame, lamp." (Egyptian)

dagu - "Definitions: to utter, call out [names]." (Kapinga)

diku - "Definitions: judge." (Sumerian)

tekku - "Definitions: robber, marauder, invader." (Egyptian)

daago - "Definitions: in spring." (Navajo)

dioko - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'persecuted' [Matthew 5:10, etc.]; 'persecute' [Matthew 5:11, ect.]; 'follow' [Luke 17:23, etc.]; 'followed' [Romans 9:30, etc.]. Other definitions include: to actively pursue some course, chase, hurry, run, press on. Associated spellings/words: diwkw."

dokeo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'think' [Matthew 3:9, etc.]. Other definitions include: seem, suppose, consider, account, thought, imagine, please, pleasure."

taqwa - "Definitions: to shield oneself; mindfulness." (Arabic)

tiqwah - "Definitions: hope (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: qawah ['hope']; miqweh; yachal."

dikaioo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'justified' [Matthew 11:19, etc.]. Other definitions include: to aquit, to vindicate, to pronounce or to treat a person as righteous. Associated spellings/words: dikaiow."

tejas - "Definitions: fifth tattva, the ether which forms and maintains the atmosphere (Tibetan Buddhism); Associated spellings/words: tejas ['luster, beauty and power']."

tegas - "Definitions: to remove, to carry on." (Egyptian)

teqes - "Definitions: to pierce, to penetrate, to cut, to stab (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: teks, tekas, tekhes ['to slay, to kill']."

taxis - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'order' [Luke 1:8, etc.]." dexios - "Definitions: the right, the right hand (Greek). Associated spellings/words: dike ['justice']; dakshina ['right'] (Sanskrit); dextra, dexter, dextro-."

takhos - "Definitions: speed (Greek). Associated spellings/words: takhus."

dikaios - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'just' [Matthew 1:19, etc.]. Other definitions include: right, righteous."

teksa - "Definitions: the flat part of the back, a broad, flat knife." (Egyptian)

diksa - "Definitions: initiation." (Sanskrit)

Daksha - "Daksha is a Sanskrit word said to be a Prajapati or one of the Brahma's sons. The equivalent meaning in English is ALERT. One of the daughter of Prajapati (often said to be the youngest) was Shakti or Dakshayani, who had always wished to marry Shiva. Daksha forbade it, but she disobeyed him and did so anyway, finding in Shiva a doting and loving husband. Daksha disliked Shiva intensely, calling him a dirty, roaming ascetic and reviling the great yogi's cohort of goblins and ghouls. [....] Shakti/Dakshayani later incarnated as Parvati in her next life, and remarried Shiva, henceforth never to part with him again. It is for this reason that Shiva, while monogamous, has had two wives in reality, but the same soul in two incarnations. [....]" [Based on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daksha]

dikaiosyne - "Definitions: righteousness, uprightness." (Greek)

dakshina - "Definitions: right; sacrificial fees (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: daksina, daksinacara ['right-handed path']."

DAWN - "Definitions: grow light as the sun rises; begin to appear, develop, or be understood. Associated spellings/words: dawning, daiing, dawyng, dagung, dagian ['grow light'], daghning, dagning."

tekan - "Definitions: to drive away, to reject." (Egyptian)

teken - "Definitions: to approach, to draw near, to enter (Egyptian). Associated spellings/ words: teknu ['he who enters']."

teqen - "Definitions: to rule, to govern." (Egyptian)

dakan - "Definitions: Sky Warriors (Sumerian). Associated spellings/words: DAK.AN."

dagon - "Definitions: the so-called Fish God of the Philistines and Phoenicians; one of Yahweh's leading enemies. He had the head and hands of a man, and the body and tail of a fish."

tekhen - "Definitions: to beat a drum or tambourine, to play an instrument of music; obelisk (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: tekhenu ['musician, player']."

Di Jun - "Definitions: Father of the Ten Suns." (Chinese Mythology)

daakin - "Definitions: houses." (Navajo)

tekna - "Definitions: children (Greek). Associated spellings/words: teknon, teknion ['little child, little children']."

Dagny - "Definitions: day new." (Old Norse)

TECHNI /r - "Definitions: skill, art, craft [tekhne] (Greek). Associated spellings/words: tekhne; TECHNIC; TECHNY; TECHNICAL ['having or relating to special mechanical or scientific knowledge']; TECHNOLOGY ['applied science']; TECHNICIAN ['person with the technique of a specialized skill']."

tacno - "Definitions: exactly, right (Bosnian). Associated spellings/words: upravo."

takanu - "Definitions: Heavenly Destroyer." (Sumerian)

thingano - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'handle' [Colossians 2:21, etc.]; 'touch' [Hebrews 11:28; 12:20]. Associated spellings/words: thigganw."

diakoneo - "Definitions: Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'ministered' [Matthew 4:11, etc.]; 'serve' [Luke 10:40, etc.]; 'deacon' [1 Timothy 3:10, ect.]; 'administered' [2 Corinthians 8:19]. Other definitions include: an act of service. Associated spellings/words: diakonhw; diakonia ['service, ministry']; diakonos ['servent, minister, deacon']."

Dakinis - "Definitions: Angels." (Buddhist)

diakonos - "Definitions: literally, one who executes the commands of another (Greek). Associat- ed spellings/words: diakonia, deacon, diago ['to lead through, lead across, send across'] (Greek)."

takanu - "Definitions: Heavenly Destroyer." (Sumerian)

DIAGNOSIS - "Definitions: to distinguish (Greek). Associated spellings/words: diagignoskein ['distinguish, discern'], dia + gignoskein ['perceive']."

teknon - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'children' [Matthew 2:18, etc.]. Other definitions include: son, child. Associated spellings/words: thknon; teknion; tekna."

Dagny - "Definitions: day new." (Old Norse)

DIAGONAL - "Definitions: a line that passes through the angles. Associated spellings/words: dia ['through'] + gonia ['angle']."

dgong - "Definitions: evening." (Tibetan)

TECHNIQUE - "Definitions: manner of accomplishing something."

DECANT - "Definitions: pour off (liquid) so as not to disturb the sediment. Associated spellings/words: decanthare, de + canthus ['angular lip of a jug']; kanthos ['corner of the eye']."

Dagim - "Definitions: Pisces, the Hebrew month of Adar."

tekem - "Definitions: to approach; a kind of oil." (Egyptian)

dogma - "Definitions: that which seems true, strong thought or opinion, doctrine, decree, ordinance." (Greek)

dakhma - "Definitions: Iranian topless 'tower of silence,' once used to dispose of dead bodies, which were dropped in and left for the vultures to carry to the sky."

dokime - "Definitions: Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'experience' [Romans 5:4, etc.]; 'proof' [2 Corinthians 2:9; 13:3], [Philippians 2:22]; 'trial' [2 Corinthians 8:2]; 'experiment' [2 Corinthians 9:13]. Other definitions include: demonstra- ted character. Associated spellings/words: dokmih."

dechomai - "Definitions: Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'receive' [Matthew 10:14, etc.]. Other definitions include: receiveth, took, take, accept, the passive aspect of receiving, reception, entertainment, a receptacle. Associated spellings/ words: dhxomai."

dokimos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'approved' [Romans 4:18, etc.]; 'tried' [James 1:12]. Associated spellings/words: dokimazo ['putting to the test with a view to approving the genuine']."

Dagmar - "Definitions: day maid." (Old Norse)

tekmerion - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'infallible proofs' [Acts 1:3].

dgl - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'standard' [Numbers 1:52, etc]; 'banner' [Song of Solomon 2:4]. Other definitions include: flag. Associated spellings/ words: degel."

dkar - "Definitions: white (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: dkar po."

teker - "Definitions: to come, to approach." (Egyptian)

teqer - "Definitions: to be strong, mighty." (Egyptian)

tagel - "Definitions: twisted whip, ropes end. Associated spellings/words: zagal, tagl ['tail']; tagl ['hair of the head, of the camel']; taug ['rope'] (Old Norse)."

tekel - "Definitions: weighed." (Aramaic)

dhikr - "Definitions: reminder, remembrance." (Arabic)

tacere - "Definitions: be silent." (Latin)

diegol - "Definitions: hidden place, grave (Anglo-Saxon). Associated spellings/words: deagol"
*Link: http://www.quicksilver899.com/Tolkien/LOTR/LOTR_DF.html

tchlh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'beginning' [Genesis 13:3]. Other definitions include: first, begin. Associated spellings/words: tachillah."

Dakari - "Definitions: happiness." (African)

DEGREE - "Definitions: step in a series; extent intensity, or scope; title given to a college graduate; a 360th part of the circumfrence of a circle. Associated spellings/words: de ['down'] + gradus ['step'] (Latin)."

daagoli - "Definitions: round." (Kapinga)

dakru - "Definitions: 'tear'." (Greek)
*Link: http://www.people.fas.harvard.edu/~witzel/AryanHome.pdf

DIGEST - "Definitions: methodical or systematic compendium; matters methodically arranged. Associated spellings/words: digerere ['to dissolve, divide, distribute, digest']; di + gerere ['carry'] (Latin)."

diakrino - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'discern' [Matthew 16:3]; 'doubt' [Mathew 21:21]; 'contended' [Acts 11:2]; 'difference' [Acts 15:9]; 'staggered' [Romans 4:20]; 'judge' [1 Corinthians 6:5]; 'differ' [1 Corinthians 4:7]. Other definitions include: to judge, to evaluate, to make a distinction. Associated spell- ings/words: diakrinw."

DECLARE - "Definitions: manifest; state publicly or explicitly. Associated spellings/words: declarare ['make clear'], de + clarus ['clear']."

tachaluim - "Definitions: ailments." (Hebrew)

dkyil khor - "Definitions: Tibetan Buddhist sand mandalas."

takhlit - "Definitions: limit, completion, ultimate." (Hebrew)

dgra bo - "Definitions: enemy (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: dgra bgegs ['a group of gods or demons']."

tschq - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'laughed' [Genesis 17:17; 18:12, 15]; 'laugh' [Genesis 18:13; 21:6]; 'mocked' [Genesis 19:14]; 'sporting' [Genesis 26:8]; 'mock' [Genesis 39:14]; 'play' [Exodus 32:6]; 'sport' [Judges 16:25, 27]; 'rejoicing' [Proverbs 8:30, 31]. Other definitions include: played, scorned, mocketh, deride, derision, make merry. Associated spellings/words: tschq, shachaq."

DIACRITIC - "Definitions: serving to distinguish; diacritic sign. Associated spellings/words: diakritikos, diakrinein ['distinguish'] (Greek)."

tcht - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'under' [Genesis 1:7; 6:17; 7:19], [Exodus 20:4; 24:10], [1 Kings 7:32], [Jeremiah 3:6]; 'instead' [Genesis 4:25]; 'in the stead' [Genesis 22:13]; 'beneath' [Exodus 20:4; 32:19, etc.]; 'for' [Genesis 30: 15], [Exodus 21:26]; 'place' [Leviticus 14:42], [2 Samuel 2:23, etc.]; 'flat' [Joshua 6:5]; 'room' [2 Samuel 19:13]; 'in' [Job 30:14]; 'Wherefore' [Jeremiah 5:19]. Other definitions include: where. Associated spellings/words: tachath."

TACT - "Definitions: sense of the right action, proper thing to say or do. Associated spellings/ words: taxis ['order']; taktos ['ordered, arranged']; tassein ['set in order']; thexia ['right'] (Greek)."

TACT /r - "Definitions: touch. Associated spellings/words: tactus (Latin); TAG; TACTILE ['relating to or perceptible through the sense of touch']."

TEXT - "Definitions: author's words. Associated spellings/words: textus ['tissue, style of literary work'] (Greek)."

TASK - "Definitions: assigned work. Associated spellings/words: taxare."

djed - "Definitions: a particular 'column' name." (Egyptian)
*Links: http://www.themystica.com/mythical-folk/articles/osiris.html

takht - "Definitions: throne, seat." (Persian)

takheb - "Definitions: sweat, any exudation or emmision of the body." (Egyptian)

Tekait - "Definitions: fire-goddess, fiery, blood-drinking serpent; the consort of Maa-hes." (Egyptian)

dag pa - "Definitions: pure, clean (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: kyo min (Zhang-Zhung)."

taakht - "Definitions: share, lot, portion." (Egyptian)

tchty - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'lower' [Genesis 6:16]. Other definitions include: nether, lowest. Associated spellings/words: tachtiy."

dagaba - "Definitions: sacred relic chamber." (Sinhalese)

Daghda - "Definitions: ancient Celtic god of life and death. Known as the 'good god' who possesses all wisdom. He posessed an inexhaustible caldron, which came from the mystical city of Murias."

Dakota - "Definitions: friend." (Native American)

tchty - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'lower' [Genesis 6:16, etc.]; 'nether' [Exodus 19:17], [Joshua 15:19, etc.]; 'lowest' [Deuteronomy 32:22, etc.]. Other definitions include: low. Associated spellings/words: tachtiy."

dektos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'acceptable' [Luke 4:19, etc.]; 'accepted' [Luke 4:24, etc.]. Other definitions include: acceptance. Associated spellings/words: dhktos; dechomai ['acceptance'], apodektos ['acceptable, leasing'], euprosdektos ['acceptable, pleasing'], euarestos ['acceptable, pleasant']."

digitus - "Definitions: finger, toe." (Latin)

DICTION - "Definitions: word, phrase; choice of phraseology, wording. Associated spellings/ words: dictio-, -on- ['saying, mode of expression, (later) word']; dict-, pp. stem of dicere ['say'] (Latin); deiknunai ['show'] (Greek); gateihan ['announce'] (Gothic); teon ['accuse'] (Old English); tja ['show, tell'] (Old Norse)."

DECADENCE - "Definitions: deterioration. Associated spellings/words: decadere ['decay'] (French)."

DICTUM - "Definitions: thing said."

DICHOTOMY - "Definitions: division into two parts. Associated spellings/words: dikhotomia, dikhotomos ['cut in two, equally divided'] (Greek)."

TEXTURE - "Definitions: feel and appearance of something, structure. Associated spellings/ words: texere ['weave'] (Greek); tegere ['cover'] (Latin)."

dactulos - "Definitions: finger, toe (Greek). Associated spellings/words: dactylos."

TACTIC - "Definitions: action as part of a plan."

tekhbekh - "Definitions: to shrink back from, to hesitate, to waver." (Egyptian)

tag tag - "Definitions: exact." (Tibetan)

DICTATE - "Definitions: utter aloud (something to be written down); lay down authoritatively. Associated spellings/words: dictare ['pronounce, prescribe'], dicere ['say'], dictatum (Latin)."

tp - "Definitions: head (Old Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: tap; tip; top (English); tep-e ['hill'] (Turkish); tep-etl ['hill'] (Mexican)."

DI /p - "Definitions: two, double, separate (Greek). Associated spellings/words: dii ['four'] (Navajo)."

DE /p - "Definitions: down [from or to a place or state], as in DEPEND, DEPRESS; off, away, aside, as in DECLINE, DETER; down to the bottom or dregs, [hence] completely, thor- oughly, as in Latin: decoquere [see DECOCTION]; sometimes merely strengthening verbs, as in DECLARE, DENUDE; with pejorative senses , as in DECEIVE, DERIDE; by late Latin grammarians used uniquely in decompositus ['derived from a compound word, further compounded'], whence, decomposite, decompound; with the sense of undoing or reversing what is expressed by a verb, as in Latin dearmare ['disarm'], develare ['unveil'], whence the formation of similar verbs from sbs. to denote removal, as in Deflower, Despoil; a similar notion was expressed by Latin dis-."

DD - "Reported pronunciation for an Egyptian hieroglyph depicting a single verticle line bisecting three parallel horizontal lines; a bunch of plant stalks."

tep - "Definitions: the boat of the god [Ra] (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge). Associated spellings/words: tepi, tepa; tbh ['ark'] (Hebrew)."

tep - Definitions: hippopotamus (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge). Associated spellings/words: teb."

tep - "Definitions: box, chest, coffer, coffin." (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Diction- ary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)

tep - "Definitions: the head, the top of anything, point, tip (of the nose), head of fruit, the beginning (of a journey)." (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)

tep - "Definitions: to burn, fire, flame." (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)

tep - "Definitions: to taste." (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)

taf - "Definitions: furnace, oven." (Egyptian)

tef - "Definitions: bread, cake, food in general." (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)

tef - "Definitions: to spit, to eject anything from the body (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge). Associated spellings/words: teftef ['to pour out']."

tap - "Definitions: be hot." (Sanskrit)

tap - "Definitions: a kind of cattle." (Egyptian)

tap - "Definitions: a person from birth to age twenty, but usually indicates someone younger." (Hebrew)

TAP - "Definitions: draw from; rap lightly, pierce, connect into. Associated spellings/words: tappe, zapho, zapfe, zapfen, tappi; tiff ['drink, sip']; topf ['pot'] (German)."

tab - "Definitions: to add, to unite." (Naga-Maya)

TAB - "Definitions: short projecting flap. Associated spellings/words: tabula; TABULATE ['put in the form of a table']; tabby ['striped']; attabi (Arab); TABLE ['furniture piece; condensed list']; TABLET ['flat slab suited for an inscription']."

tab - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'abhor' [Deuteronomy 7:26, etc.]. Other definitions include: abominably, abominable, abhorred, abhorreth, to loathe or detest. Associated spellings/words: ta'ab." (Hebrew)

teb - Definitions: to beat, to strike." (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)

teb - Definitions: something beaten, drum (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge). Associated spellings/words: tp (Hebrew)."

dab - "(2,4,5), dib(2): n., fetter. v., to hold; to take, seize, catch; to bind, tie up; to take away; to hire; to receive (motion into open container)." (Sumerian) *Link: http://www.sumerian.org/sumcvc.htm

DIA /p - "Definitions: before a vowel direpr. Gr. dia-, di-, the prep. dia (app. alt. of IE. *dis in two, apart; cf. DIS-) in comps. with the senses 'thoroughly', 'apart', occ- uring in a few words going back (sometimes through F. and L.) to Gr. originals, as Dialect, Diatribe, and in many mod. scientific and techn. formations (Based on: Ox- ford Concise Dictionary of English Etymology)." (Greek)

dia - "Definitions: Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'by' [Matthew 1:22, etc.]; 'out of' [Matthew 4:4]; 'for' [Matthew 10:22, etc.]; 'through' [Matthew 12:1, etc.]; 'because' [Matthew 13:5, etc.]. Associated spellings/words: dhsmos."

dis - "Definitions: twice, again." (Greek)

dis - "Definitions: law." (Zend, Sanskrit)

Dis - "Definitions: Pluto, the god of the underworld." (Roman Mythology)

DIS /p - "Definitions: take away, not, deprive of. Associated spellings/words: des-, de-."

tet - "Definitions: to collect; form, likeness, image; pylon, pillar; skin, hide; pot, cauld- ron; to turn, to withdraw; an amulet symbolic of the uterus of Isis." (Egyptian)

tht - "Definitions: writing, book, document, list, warrant; sages, learned men; a gathering of people." (Egyptian)

tat - "Definitions: absolute suchness; it, that (Hindu). Associated spellings/words: tathata; tathagata ['truth finder, one who leads others by the truth, one who has arrived at suchness'] (Hindu)."

tat - "Definitions: father (Mayan). Associated spellings/words: Tat ['the supreme diety worshipped by the Atlanteans']; tat ['a pillar called: strength'] (Egyptian]."

tat - "Definitions: knot; the Knot of Fate (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: tait."

tat - "Definitions: part, portion, share, payment; land, country; company, assembly; room, chamber; to nurse, to suckle; emanation." (Egyptian)

tat - "Definitions: the Tuat or Other World (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: Tuat."

tat - "Definitions: a crushing, a beating." (Egyptian)

ted - "Definitions: spread out for drying, scatter."

dat - "Definitions: give (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: datta ['given']."

dat - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'knowledge' [Genesis 2:9, etc.], [Psalm 119:66, etc]. Other definitions include: the point at which Wisdom and Understanding come together; joining, intercourse (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: da'at, dath, da'ath; yda, yada ['I know']."

dad /s - "Definitions: a Spanish suffix related to Italian -ta and English -ty." dab - "(2,4,5), dib(2): n., fetter. v., to hold; to take, seize, catch; to bind, tie up; to take away; to hire; to receive (motion into open container)." (Sumerian)
*Link: http://www.sumerian.org/sumcvc.htm

Thep - "Definitions: the Gods, or Angels. Associated spellings/words: Krung Thep ['City of the Gods, or Angels']." (Thai?)

taap - "Definitions: tower (Korean). Associated spellings/words: top ['highest point or part'] (Old English); topp; tip."

TAPE - "Definitions: narrow flexible strip."

tzab - "Definitions: reportedly, the Mayan word for rattle is tzab, and is the same word used for the Pleiades cluster."

taht - "Definitions: submersion; Delta woman; dwellers in the Delta marshes (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: tah-t."

teth - "Definitions: nurse, attendant." (Egyptian)

Teth - "Glyphs believed to represent Teth [tyt] include: a cross or X shape enclosed within a circle. Reported meanings for Teth include: inhabited place, shield, protection, organic unity, physical matter, mud, serpent, dragon, prudence; the 9th letter [5th Elemental] in the Hebrew alphabet; The 11th ['God called the dry land earth'] of 32 paths, or states of consciousness (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: tyt."

teth - "Definitions: the mark used for branding oxen." (Phoenician)

that - "Definitions: the governor-in-chief, the headman of a town or village." (Egyptian)

THAT - "Definitions: something indicated or understood. Associated spellings/words: that, dat, tat; TAUT ['tightly drawn']; tada ['at that time'] (Sanskrit)."

taat - "Definitions: cry, lamentation." (Egyptian)

daat - "Definitions: anchor (Korean). Associated spellings/words: ditan ['rug'] (Chinese); dedan ['low; a country in the Arabian peninsula'] (Old Testament)."

DATE - "Definitions: time or period of an event. Associated spellings/words: data, datus."

DIET - "Definitions: day's journey; appointed day or time, meeting, session; metal scraped from gold and silver plate assayed day by day at the mint. Associated spellings/words: dieta ['day's journey, allowance, work, wages'] (Latin)."

DIET - "Definitions: food; customary or prescribed course of food. Associated spellings/words: diete, dieata, daiita ['course of life'] (Greek)."

tsyd - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'hunter' [Genesis 10:9; 25:27]; 'venison' [Genesis 25:28; 27:3]; 'hunting' [Genesis 27:30]; 'catcheth' [Leviticus 17:13]; 'provision' [Joshua 9:5]; 'victuals' [Joshua 9:14], [Nehemiah 13:15]; 'food' [Job 38:41]. Associated spellings/words: tseydah."

tsad - "Transliterated Old Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'walk'. Associated spellings/ words: hlk ['walking; continually']." tsyts - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'plate' [Exodus 28:36]; 'blossoms' [Numbers 17:8]; 'flowers' [1 Kings 6:18, 29, 32, 35]; 'wings' [Jeremiah 48:9]. Associated spellings/words: tsiyts."

Taatt - "Definitions: a goddess who wove apparel for the deceased in the Other World." (Egyptian)

tbh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'ark' [Genesis 6:14; 7:1, 17, 18; 8:4, 16, 19, etc.], [Exodus 2:3, 5]. Associated spellings/words: tebah; tbt. Query: See Egyptian zodiac sign 5, or Sphinx."

tepa - "Definitions: a kind of cattle." (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)

tepa - "Definitions: to sniff, to snuff the air, to breathe." (Based on: An Egyptian Hiero- glyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)

teba - "Definitions: box, chest, coffer (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge). Associated spellings/words: tep."

teba - "Definitions: panther." (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)

dipa - "Definitions: lamp." (Sanskrit)

tsph - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'watch' [Genesis 31:49], [Habakkuk 2:1]; 'waited' [Job 15:22]; 'look up' [Psalm 5:3]. Other definitions include: watching, watchman, behold, looketh, espy, to look about, to keep alert. Associated spellings/ words: sapah."

tsba - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'host' [Genesis 2:1; 21:2, 32], [Joshua 5:15]; 'hosts' [Samuel 1:11; 4:4, etc.], [Malachi 3:1]. Other definitions include: almighty, army, armies, war, to war, the service, into the service, to battle. Associated spellings/words: tsaba, saba; tsbvt, sebaot."

thba - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'drowned' [Exodus 15:4]; 'sunk' [1 Samuel 17:49], [Psalm 9:15], [Jeremiah 38:6], [Lamentations 2:9]; 'fastened' [Job 38:6]; 'sink' [Psalm 69:2]; 'settled' [Proverbs 8:25]. Associated spellings/words: taba: [teth + beth + ayin]."

teba - "Definitions: box, chest, coffer (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge). Associated spellings/words: tep."

teba - "Definitions: panther." (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)

daba - "Definitions: flash, to glance, instantaneous (Kapinga). Associated spellings/words: dab ['strike with a sharp blow; strike with soft pressure']."

deva - "[....] In ancient Sanskrit, the word used for 'God' or a deity is Dev/Deva/Devta/ ... which also means "[He/She] who gives or provides". [1] 'Dev' is a very commonly used word and also can be used for anything Divine or of God. [2] Many etymologists believe that the Sanskrit word 'Dev' is the root of Deus.[3] [....]" [Based on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deus]

deva - "Definitions: shining; divine [superior] being (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: devata."

tata - "Definitions: to break, to smash, to stamp upon." (Egyptian)

dada - "Definitions: to pull, to drag, to grab, set out, start." (Kapinga)

Da Fa - "Definitions: Great Law, Great Way." (Chinese)

Tebha - "Definitions: a serpent-fiend, god of storm (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge). Associated spellings/words: typhon, tupwn (Greek Mythology)."

tvabh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'abomination' [Genesis 43:32, etc.]. Other definitions include: detestable. Associated spellings/words: to'ebah."

todah - "Definitions: praise, thanks, thanksgiving (Hebrews). Associated spellings/words: yadah ['to praise, to give thanks, to confess']."

Theta [TH] - "Eighth letter in the Greek alphabet. The capital form depicts a horizontally- bisected circle shape. Other glyphs thought to represent Theta include: a cross or X shape enclosed within a circle; a cross enclosed within a square; a circle with a dot in the center; a circle with a small wave or H-like shape in center. The small form of Theta resembles a standing egg shape bisected by a short horizontal line. Reported meanings for Theta include: crystal sphere; balance, integration; the older 9th letter."

tabaah - "Definitions: shore, beach." (Navajo)

tepi - "Definitions: he who is on, over, or above someone or something, he who is or that which is pre-eminent, foremost, first, best, leader, chief, captain, officer, governor." (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)

tepi - "Definitions: principal, capital." (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)

tepi - "Definitions: the first day of a period of time (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge). Associated spellings/words: tepi tuai-t ['the earliest dawn, first appearance of day']; tepi tra ['the first (part) of a period of time, the beginning of a season']; Tepi atru ['first on the river,' a name of the sacred barge of Amen']; tepi renp-t ['New Year's Day, the New Year festival']; tepi hru ['the name of the 8th day of the month']." (Based on: An Egyptian Hiero- glyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)

Tepi - "Definitions: serpent with four human heads at each end of his body, and eight pairs of legs." (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)

tefi - "Definitions: to hop, to skip, to spring into the air, to bubble up (of water), to palpitate (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge). Associated spellings/words: teftef ['to spring up, to lift the feet in tres- pass, to step over']; tef-t ['the leap of a fish']; tefi-t ['hoppings, jumpings, leapings, skippings']."

Devi - "Definitions: Hindu mother goddess and name for those goddesses who were once believed to be Shiva's wives."

Dewi - "Definitions: a Welsh sea god. Associated spellings/words: David-Dewi ['Great Red Serpent (dragon), the national emblem of Wales']."

dpyi - "Definitions: belly." (Tibetan)

tsby - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'roebuck' [Deuteronomy 12:15]; 'roe' [2 Samuel 2:18]; 'beautiful' [Isaiah 4:2]; 'glory' [Isaiah 13:19; 23:9; 24:16; 28:5]; 'glorious' [Isaiah 28:1]; 'goodly' [Jeremiah 3:19]; 'pleasant' [Daniel 8:9]. Other definitions include: splendid, beauty. Associated spellings/words: sebi."

diti - "Definitions: bound, tied; boundary (Sanskrit).

didi - "Definitions: to wind around [string]." (Kapinga)

tati - "Definitions: the two sides of a door." (Egyptian)

Tzaddi [Tz,Ts] - "Definitions: in Old Hebrew the letter Tzaddi appeared like a flattened-out w-like shape with a short descending verticle appendage at right. In modern block-style script it appears like a Y, or V-like shape supported by a leftward-facing angle, or wedge-like shape. Reported meanings for Tzaddi include: fish-hook, harpoon, javelin; penetration; anchor; stopping movement; shadow, reflection; the 18th [11th Elemental] letter in the Hebrew alphabet; number 90; the 29th ['God blessed them'] of 32 reported paths, or states of consciousness. Trivia: Tzaddi corresponds with the 19th letter [Sigma] in the Greek alphabet. Along with T [Teth], Ch [Chet], and Q [Koph], Tzaddi was absent from the names of Jacob's sons. Associated spellings/words: Sadhe." daitya - "Definitions: a goblin, a slave, a demon." (Sanskrit)

dietia - "Definitions: two years, the space of two years." (Greek)

tzafiyah - "Definitions: prophetical or mystical vision; vision (Hebrew). Associated spellings/ words: tzafah ['looking down from a high place'] (Hebrew)."

deities - "Trivia: the 4 most revered Chinese deities include: Heaven [Qian], Earth [Kun], Sun [Li], and Moon [Kan]. Qualities: Heaven [pure yang; south], Earth [pure yin; north], Sun [yin within yang; east ], Moon [yang within yin; west]."

tepi-t - "Definitions: the first lady, the first or best of the maidens." (Based on: An Egypt- ian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)

Tepi-thra - "Definitions: a light god." (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)

dbu - "Definitions: beginning." (Tibetan)

Tefu - "Definitions: the father-gods of the Tuat." (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dict- ionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)

tapu - "Definitions: sacred, holy, forbidden, not done (Polynesian). Associated spellings/words: taboo; tabu ['prohibited'] (Tongan) kapu ['forbidden, sacred, taboo'] (Hawaiian); tapho ['to dumbfound'] (Greek)."

tebu - "Definitions: a measure." (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)

tebu - "Definitions: vessel for beer or wine." (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)

dabu - "Definitions: sacred, restricted, taboo." (Kapinga)

Datu - "Definitions: the Moro (Philippine Islands) name for chief."

dado - "Definitions: cubical block of a pedestal; lining along the lower part of a wall (Italian). Associated spellings/words: dado ['die, cube'] (Italian)."

tepiu - "Definitions: the best, choicest offerings." (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)

tepiu - "Definitions: the finest apparel." (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)

tattu - "Definitions: to establish, established; name for a pillar (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: tattu ['gateway to the region where the mortal soul is blended with an immortal spirit and established in the mysteries of Amenti for ever'] (Egyptian)."

dhatu - "Definitions: seed (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: Dharma-Dhatu ['Seed of Truth']."

dedwh - "Definitions: law." (Cornish)

debajo - "Definitions: below." (Spanish)

tattva - "Definitions: eternally existing that, thatness." (Hindu)

tattwa - "Definitions: elements, essence; the five elements are present, to various degrees, in all living beings: earth (prithvi), water (jal), fire (agni), air (vayu), and ether (akash)." [Based on: Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 467]."

Tepui - "Definitions: a two-headed god: one head faces to the right and the other to the left." (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)

Tepui - "Definitions: a man-headed serpent with two pairs of human legs." (Based on: An Egypt- ian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)

tavul - "02 estimate, especially of probable revenu" (Cologne Online Tamil Lexicon) *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

Zapotec - "Definitions: 'inhabitants of the place of sapote'. Associated spelling/words: tzapotecah; Be'ena'a ['The people']; Be'ena'' Za'a ['The Cloud People']." *Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zapotec_civilization

tbs - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'handle' [Genesis 4:21, etc.]; 'surprised' [Jeremiah 51:41]. Other definitions include: caught, take, took, lay hold."

debs - "Definitions: scatter, throw [down]." (Tibetan)

DIBS - "Definitions: children's game played with pebbles or knuckle-bones; money."

dbus - "Definitions: center, middle." (Tibetan)

tapas - "Definitions: concentrated energy; heat, creative heat (Hindu / Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: tap; tapas ['austerity, penance']."

thabs - "Definitions: way, manner, means." (Tibetan)

tatas - "Definitions: 'stretched'." (Sanskrit)

Tethys - "Mythology: 'The nourisher;' mother of the water deities; Wife of: Oceanus; Mother of: Achelous, Asopus, Styx, Doris, Eurynome, etc."

tatwas - "Definitions: five elements or essences of matter."

DEBASE - "Definitions: abase; decry, vilify; lower in quality or character. Associated spellings/words: de + base."

DIAPASON - "Definitions: musical octave; harmonious or melodious succession of notes or parts; foundation stop in an organ; scale, range, pitch. Associated spellings/words: diapason ['through all (the notes), i.e. of the scale'] (Greek)."

didasko - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'taught' [Mark 1:21]."

dipsychos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'double minded' [James 1:8; 4:8]. Other definitions include: of two minds. Associated spellings/words: dipuxos."

distazo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'doubt' [Matthew 14:31]; 'doubted' [Matthew 28:17]. Other definitions include: to waver uncertainly. Associated spellings/words: distazw."

didaskein - "Definitions: teach." (Greek)

didaskaleia - "Definitions: teaching, doctrine." (Greek)

DETEST - "Definitions: execrate; have abhorrence of. Associated spellings/words: detestari ['denounce, renounce'], de + testari ['bear witness, call to witness']; testis ['witness']."

tbn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'straw' [Genesis 24:25, etc.]; [Exodus 5:7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, etc.], [Isaiah 65:25]; 'chaff' [Jeremiah 23:28]. Associated spellings/words: teben."

dubn - "Definitions: dark blue."

tspn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'hid' [Exodus2:2, etc.], [Psalm 119: 11], [Hosea 13:12]; 'hide' [Exodus 2:3, etc.], [Psalm 27:5; 56:6], [Proverbs 2:1]; 'secret' [Job 20:26], [Ezekiel 7:22]; 'layeth up' [Job 21:19]; 'esteemed' [Job 23:12]; 'hidden' [Job 15:20; 24:1]; 'privily' [Psalm 10:8], [Proverbs 1:18]; 'secretly' [Psalm 31:20]; 'lurk' [Proverbs 1:11]; 'hideth' [Proverbs 27:16]; 'laid up' [Song of Solomon 7:13, etc.]. Associated spellings/words: tsaphan." tbvn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'understanding' [Exodus 31:3, etc.], [Proverbs 3:19, etc.]; 'wisdom' [Psalm 136:5]; 'discretion' [Jeremiah 10:12]. Other definitions include: reasons, skilfulness. Associated spellings/words: tabuwn."

tspvn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'northward' [Genesis 13:14, etc.]. Other definitions include: north. Associated spellings/words: tsaphown."

tefen - "Definitions: to rejoice, to be glad, to enjoy, to praise." (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge) tefen - "Definitions: to rise up, to spring up, to hop." (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)

Tefen - "Definitions: one of the seven scorpions which accompanied Isis in her wanderings in the Delta (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge). Associated spellings/words: Tefnit ['consort of Tefen (the preceding)']."

Tefen - "Definitions: a judge of the dead (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge). Associated spellings/words: Tefnit ['consort of Tefen (the preceding)']."

tepen - "Definitions: circuit (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge). Associated spellings/words: Typhon (Greek Mythology); typhoon."

teben - "Definitions: to revolve, circuit, cycle, circle, drum, tambourine." (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge).

teben - "Definitions: the rounded top of the head, skull." (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)

teben - "Definitions: helmet, head-covering." (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge) teben - "Definitions: lock of hair over the temple, side-lock." (Based on: An Egyptian Hiero- glyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)

tsydvn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'Sidon' [Genesis 10:15]. Other definitions include: the firstborn of Canaan [knan]. Associated spellings/words: tsiydown."

Tathenn - "Definitions: an earth god (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: Tatenen ['Earth- god, one of the creators of the world']."

diadein - "Definitions: bind round (Greek). Associated spellings/words: dia + dein ['bind']; DIADEM."

Daphne - "Definitions: laurel, the plant of prophecy chewed by the Godess's priestesses in the temple of Tempe. Associated spellings/words: Daphoene."

dubno - "Definitions: world."

tapeinos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'lowly' [Matthew 11:29]; 'humble' [James 4:6], [1 Peter 5:5]. Other definitions include: low. Associated spellings/ words: taphinos."

deipnon - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'feasts' [Matthew 23:6, etc.]; 'supper' [Mark 6:21, etc.]. Other definitions include: banquet. Associated spellings/words: dhipnon."

dbang - "Definitions: power, force." (Tibetan)

difang - "Definitions: place, space." (Chinese)

DEBUNK - "Definitions: remove the humbug and pretence from."

dbyings - "Definitions: area, sphere." (Tibetan)

tbnyt - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'pattern' [Exodus 25:9, 40, etc.], [Joshua 22:28]; 'likeness' [Deuteronomy 4:16, etc.]; 'similitude' [Psalm 106:20, etc.]; 'figure' [Isaiah 44:13]; 'form' [Ezekiel 8:3, 10; 10:8]. Other definitions include: a plan, a layout. Associated spellings/words: tabnit."

Tefnut - "Like Sekhmet, Tefnut was generally shown as a woman with a lion's head, or as a full lioness. [NP] Tefnut (Tefenet, Tefnet) was the daughter of Ra, mother of the twin sky and the earth deities, and was also called the 'Eye of Ra' as well as a creative force as the 'Tongue of Ptah'. Tefnut was representing the third eye, the central eye of Ra, that radiates life and brings life to the dead.. She was shown within the solar disk encircled by Uraeus, and accompanied by Toth, represented as a baboon. [....]" *Link: http://sunlight.orgfree.com/history_of_sun_gazing.htm

Tefnut - "Definitions: The moisture of the sky; the goddess of rain and dew; the consort of Shu and Seb (Egyptian Mythology); Shu and Tefnut were produced by the masturbation of Temu, or by Ausausit, the shadow of Tem (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge). Trivia: Reportedly, Tefnut is also represented as the goddess Ma'at, ruler of eternal justice. Associated spellings/words: Tef ['to spit'] + Nu ['sky']."

Tefnut - "Definitions: (1) a singing goddess; (2) a deity touching the lips with the tip of a finger. (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)."

tbm - "Definitions: good (Lachish Letters). Associated spellings/words: tobim." didomi - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'give' [Matthew 4:9, etc.]; 'gave' [John 1:12, etc.]. Other definitions include: brought."

daivam - "Definitions: from the gods; the divine." (Hindu)

didomi - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'gave' [John 1:12]. Other definitions include; give."

DIMENSION - "Definitions: measurement of extension; extent. Associated spellings/words: di ['apart'] + metiori ['measure'] (Latin)."

tpr - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'sewed' & 'together' [Genesis 3:7]; 'sewed' [Job 16:15]; 'sew' [Ecclesiastes 3:7], [Ezekial 13:18]."

tpl - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'Tophel' [Deuteronomy 1:1]." tbl - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'world' [1 Samuel 2:8], [2 Samuel 26:16], [1 Chronicles 16:30], [Job 18:18]; [Psalm 9:8; 18:15; 19:4]; [Proverbs 8:26]. Other definitions include: the whole earth, the inhabited earth, the inhabitants of earth. Associated spellings/words: tebel."

dbr - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'speech' [Genesis 11:1]; 'because' [Genesis 12:17; 20:18; 22:1]; 'word' [Genesis 15:1, 4]; 'things' [Genesis 15:1; 20:8; 22:1]; 'thing' [Genesis 18:14; 19:21; 21:26]; 'manner' [Genesis 18:25]; 'sake' [Genesis 20:11]; 'matter' [Genesis 24:9]; 'words' [Genesis 24:30]; 'spake' [Genesis 24:30]; 'matter' [Exodus 23:7]; 'works' [Psalm 145:5]. Other definitions include: speak, talk, command, order, dispute, utter, message, oracle, news, acts, deeds, tasks, actions, events. Associated spellings/words: dabar, dabru ['they speak']; dbyr ['oracle'] (1 Kings 6:5); amr ['word'] (Old Hebrew)."

tdal - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'Tidal' [Genesis 14:1]. Other definitions include: king of nations. Associated spellings/words: Tid'al."

dbyr - "Thransliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words: 'oracle' [1 Kings 6:5, etc]."

tspvr - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'bird' [Genesis 7:14]; 'birds' [Genesis 15:10]; 'fowl' [Deuteronomy 4:17]; 'sparrow' [Psalms 102:7]. Associated spellings/words: tsippowr."

dabar - "Definitions: now (Lithuanian). Associated spellings/words: dabartis ['the present']."

davor - "Definitions: before." (German)

DETER - "Definitions: discourage or prevent. Associated spellings/words: deterrere, de + terrere ['frighten'] (Latin)."

dhatr - "Definitions: giver; proper name for God." (Sanskrit)

DOUBLE - "Definitions: consisting of two, twofold. Associated spellings/words: doble, duble (Old French); duple, duplus (Latin)."

dapper - "Definitions: heavy, powerful, strong, stout; bold, valiant (Dutch). Associated spellings/words: tapfar ['heavy, weighty, firm']; tapfer ['brave'] (German); dapr ['sad, dreary'] (Old Norse)."

ta ber - "Definitions: unenclosed or waste land, foreign land." (Egyptian)

TATTER - "Definitions: part torn and left hanging. Associated spellings/words: toturr, totra ['rag'], totrar ['rags'] (ON); taettec ['rag'] (OE); zaeter ['rag'] (OHG)."

TOTTER - "Definitions: swing; rock to and fro on its base; move with unsteady steps. Associated spellings/words: toter, tourteren, tealtrian."

TETHER - "Definitions: restrain with a leash."

DETOUR - "Definitions: change of direction. Associated spellings/words: detourner, destorner ['turn away'] (French)."

tparh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'beauty' [Exodus 28:2, etc.]; 'bravery' [Isaiah 3:18]. Other definitions include: honour, glory, excellent, fair. Associated spellings/words: tiparah."

tetra - "Definitions: four (Greek). Associated spellings/words: tesera, tessares; toter ['swing']."

tatra - "Definitions: there, then." (Sanskrit)

tabla - "Definitions: drum."

tchbla - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'counsels' [Job 37:12], [Proverbs 1:5; 12:5]; 'counsel' [Proverbs 11:14: 24:6]; 'advice' [Proverbs 20:18]. Associated spellings/words: tachbulah."

Deborah - "Definitions: bee." (Hebrew)

Doubles - "Trivia: seven letters in the Hebrew alphabet typify the opposites which go to make up the universe. The letters are called doubles because they represent two different sounds, the one positive and strong, the other negative and soft. The seven double letters are: beth [B], gimel [G], daleth [D], kaph [K], pe [P], resh [R], & tau [T, TH]. Reportedly, with the aid of the seven double letters God produced and formed the planets, the days of the week, & the gates of the soul. The gates of the soul are the two eyes, two ears, two nostrils & the mouth." (Hebrew)

diabolos - "Definitions: thrown down from above; slanderous, accusing falsely, one who slanders or accuses; Satan. Associated spellings/words: diaballo ['to throw over or across'] (Greek)."

Daedalus - "Definitions: Inventor of the Labyrinth; father of Icarus." (Greek)

dadharsa - "Definitions: be bold (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: dhrs."

tplh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'prayer' [2 Samuel 7:27, etc.]. Associated spellings/words: tepillah."

dbrym - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'speech' [Genesis 11:1]. Other definitions include: purpose."

DETRIMENT - "Definitions: wear away; damage. Associated spellings/words: detrimentum, detri-, deterere ['wear away'] , de + terere ['rub'] (Latin)."

DETERGE - "Definitions: wipe or clear away. Associated spellings/words: deterger, detergere (Latin); de + tergere ['wipe']."

diapragmateuomai - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'trading' [Luke 19:15]. Other definitions include: to engage in business or trade, business. Associated spellings/words: diapragmathuomai."

DEVELOPE - "Definitions: unfold, lay open (more fully). Associated spellings/words: desveloper, developper."

DETRACT - "Definitions: draw off, take away, disparge. Associated spellings/words: detrahere, de + trahere ['draw']."

Tiferet - "Definitions: beauty, the 6th sefirah which reportedly corresponds with the 3rd day of creation on which God said: 'Let the earth burst forth with every sort of grass and seed-bearing plant....' The 15th ['God said, let there be luminaries'] of 32 paths, or states of consciousness. Associated spellings/words: tparh; Yetzirah, the World of Formation (Hebrew)."

DETERIORATE - "Definitions: make worse; grow worse. Associated spellings/words: deteriorare, deterior ['worse'] (Latin)."

DEBILITY - "Definitions: physical weakness. Associated spellings/words: debilis ['weak'] (Latin)."

tablets - "Trivia: the First tablets of the law [Exodus 20:2-14] contained the Ten Command- ments in a version that is slightly different from that of the Second Tablets [Deuteronomy 5:6-18]. In the first tablets, every letter of the alphabet appears except for Teth [Th]. In the text of the Second Tablets, however, Teth [Th] appears in the Fifth Commandment. According to Jewish scholars, the second set of tablets were created to replace the ones that Moses smashed."

DIAPHORETIC - "Definitions: sudorific. Associated spellings/words: diaphoretikos, diaphoresis ['perspiration'], dia + phorien ['carry'] (Greek)."

dbq - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'cleave' [Genesis 2:24, etc.]; 'take' [Genesis 19:19, etc.]. Other definitions include: keep, abide, stick. Associated spell- ings/words: dabaq."

tsdq - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'righteous' [Genesis 38:26]; 'clear' [Genesis 44:16]; 'justify' [Exodus 23:7]; 'righteousness' [Leviticus 19:15]; 'just' [Leviticus 19:36]; 'justifying' [1 Kings 8:32]; 'cleansed' [Daniel 8:14]; 'justice' [Proverbs 1:3]. Other definitions include: just, justified, aquit. Associated spellings: tsadaq, tsedeq, sadaq; saddiq, zaddik, zadok, sedeq, sedaqah."

tepec - "Definitions: hill." (Aztec)

tsdyq - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'just' [Genesis 6:9, etc.]; 'righteous' [Genesis 7:1, etc.]. Associated spellings/words: tsaddiyq."

Zadok - "Definitions: the high priest of David's time from whom the priesthood of the Captiv- ity and later periods claimed to be descended." (Old Testament)

tebech - "Definitions: seven objects used in the Osiris mysteries (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge). Associated spellings/words: tebeh."

tebech - "Definitions: slaughtering weapons (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge). Associated spellings/words: tebeh."

de dag - "Definitions: those." (Tibetan)

dibbuk - "Definitions: attached." (Hebrew)

DEVICE - "Definitions: plan, planning; pleasure, fancy; opinion; design, figure; contrivance. Associated spellings/words: devis, divis-, pp. stem of dividere DIVIDE."

DEVISE - "Definitions: order, appoint; assign by will; plan, contrive, discourse; testamentary disposition. Associated spellings/words: divis-."

THATCH - "Definitions: covering of matted straw."

DEBOUCH - "Definitions: emerge from a narrow into a wider space. Associated spellings/words: deboucher de + bouch ['mouth'], bucca (Latin)."

DEBAUCH - "Definitions: seduce from allegience; seduce from virtue or chastity. Associated spellings/words: debaucher (Old French)."

didaxa - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'doctrine' [Matthew 7:28, etc.], [Mark 1:22]; 'taught' [Titus 1:9]. Associated spellings/words: didache."

diatheke - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'testament' [Matthew 26:28]; 'covenant' [Luke 1:72, etc.]. Other definitions include: a will. Associated spell- ings/words: diathkh."

Zedekiah - "Definitions: justice of the Lord." (Hebrew)

tepchu - "Definitions: apples (?) (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge). Associated spellings/words: tephu; tpvch, tpvh (Hebrew)."

dbugs - "Definitions: breath." (Tibetan)

de bzhin - "Definitions: like that, such, so." (Tibetan)

debacle - "Definitions: breaking up of ice, sudden deluge; sudden downfall or rout. Associated spellings/words: debacler ['unbar, remove a bar'], de + bacler ['bar'] (French)."

tatkret - "Definitions: moon." (Eskimo)

dbyug pa - "Definitions: brandish, swing." (Tibetan)

Tathagata - "Definitions: the one who comes and goes thus; a title for the Buddha."

tepchit - "Definitions: cave, cavern, den, hollow, gulf (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge). Associated spellings/words; tephit.

tepchit - "Definitions: funerary garment (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge). Associated spellings/words; tephit."

didasko - "Definitions: to teach (Greek). Associated spellings/words: didaktos."

DEVASTATE - "Definitions: lay waste. Associated spellings/words: devastare, de + vastare ['lay waste']."

tpt - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'Tophet' [Isaiah 30:33]. Other definitions include: Hell. Associated spellings/words: Tephet ['hidden abode'] (Egyptian)."

Tept - "Definitions: god of bows and arrows." (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)

tabt - "Definitions: brick, tile (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge). Associated spellings/words: teb-t, teba-t."

tabt - "Definitions: brick, tile." (Egyptian)

DEBT - "Definitions: sin; something owed; state of owing money. Associated spellings/words: dette, debitum, debere, de + habere ['have']."

daft - "Definitions: mild, meek; stupid; crazy. Associated spellings/words: gadaeftan ['make fit, prepare'] (Old English)."

tetef - "Definitions: his, its." (Egyptian)

Tebet - "Definitions: tenth exilic Hebrew month name; December - January. Associated spellings/ words: Tebetu ['sinking?'] (Akkadian)."

Tevet - "Hebrew month 10: [December - January / 29 days]. Associated spellings/words: thbt."
*Link: http://www.astraltraveler.com/calendars/jewish.html

DEBUT - "Definitions: entry into society. Associated spellings/words: debuter ['make the first stroke in a game'] (French); de + but ['goal']."

Tophet - "Definitions: alternate name for Hell, from the Jewish shrine of Tophet in the valley of Hinnom, outside Jerusalem, where Solomon made fire sacrifices to the Tyrian god Heracles-Melkart, or Molech. The previous source was probably the Egyptian Tephet ['Hidden abode'], a part of the underworld." (Hebrew)

Tephet - "Definitions: hidden abode, a part of the underworld." (Egyptian)

DEBATE - "Definitions: contention; dispute, discussion. Associated spellings/words: debat, debattre (Old French)."

tettet - "Definitions: to subdue, to do away." (Egyptian)

Tapuat - "Definitions: Hopi name of Earth." (Native American)

Tepi-t - "Definitions: a serpent crown or a serpent in a crown." (Based on: An Egyptian Hiero- glyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)

DEVIDE - "Definitions: cleave, apportion, seperate, make into two. Associated spellings/words: dividere."

DEVOID - "Definitions: make void or empty. Associated spellings/words: devoidier, de + voidier, vuidier (Old French)."

DEVOTE - "Definitions: devovere, de + vovere ['vow']; DEVOUT."

DEVIATE - "Definitions: change esp. from a course or standard. Associated spellings/words: deviare, de + via ['way']; DEVIOUS ['lying out of the way; deviating from the direct way']."

tha dod - "Definitions: distinction, separated." (Tibetan)

dapto - "Definitions: to devour." (Greek)

Tebetu - "Definitions: sinking?; tenth Akkadian month name; December - January. Associated spellings/words: Tebet ['10th exilic Hebrew month name']."

dbyibs - "Definitions: shape, figure, form, dimension." (Tibetan)

diaptheiro - "Translitertated Greek spelling for the word/words 'corrupteth' [Luke 12:33]; 'corrupt' [1 Timothy 6:5, etc.]; 'perish' [2 Corinthians 4:16]; 'destroyed' [Revelation 8:9]; 'destroy' [Revelation 11:18]."

Diptacakra - "Definitions: consort of Vajrakilaya."

tebteb - Definitions: to pull, to draw, to drag, to haul, to tug, to wind, to pull up, to lift up." (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)

tebteb - Definitions: to walk, to come." (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)











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