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January 2002

2002 - Astronomic Configuration - January 1st, 2002: "Sun [10-11 Capricorn], Moon [4 Leo], Mercury [25-26 Capricorn], Venus [7 Capricorn], Mars [17 Pisces], Jupiter [10 Cancer R.], Saturn [9 Gemini R.], Uranus [22 Aquarius], Neptune [7 Aquarius], Pluto [16 Sagittarius], Chiron [2 Capricorn]."  

2002 - Earthquake / Crete - January 1st, 2002: "A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck the island of Crete and killed at least one person."

2002  - Elections / Zambia - January 2nd, 2002: "In Zambia Levy Mwanawasa of the ruling Multiparty Democracy (MMD) was sworn in as president despite protests of ballot stuffing and voter intimidation. An appeal for a recount was rejected. Nearly 85% of the country's 10 million people lived on less than $1 a day. Unrest closed much of Lusaka."

2002 - Earthquake / Vanuatu Islands - January 2nd, 2002: "An earthquake measuring 7.4 occurred at 12:23 pm EST in the Vanuatu Islands. However, the quake was not sufficient to generate a tsunami. Officials said there were no immediate reports of casualties in the South Pacific country of 80 tropical islands, east of Australia. Several people were hospitalized with injuries from falling debris. The National Disaster Management Office said many roads on the main island of Efate were damaged. A landslide blocked an access road to Port Vila's shipping docks. Two bridges on the northern and southern outskirts of Port Vila were extensively damaged. Many buildings and homes in the town of 40,000 people sustained cracks in walls, floors and roofs."

2002  - Wild Fires / Australia - January 3rd, 2002: "In Australia fires continued for the 11th straight day. At least 40 fires were started by arsonists. Over 100 fires covered 1,250 square miles."

2002  - Trivia / Argentina Debt - January 3rd, 2002: "Argentina failed to make a $28 million payment on a foreign loan. A devaluation of the peso by 30-40% was expected soon. Duhalde named Jorge Remes Lenicov, former economic chief of Buenos Aires, as his finance minister."

2002  - Snowstorm / Southern U.S.A. - January 3rd, 2002: "In the US south the largest snowstorm in a decade stranded thousands and left at least 9 people dead."

2002  - Weapons Seizure / Middle East - January 3rd, 2002: "Israel seized a ship, Karine A, in the Red Sea carrying 50 tons of advanced weapons allegedly for the Palestinian Authority. Most of the equipment was from Iran. Operation Noah's Ark was not reported until the next day when US envoy Gen. Zinni arrived to promote peace talks. Hezbollah helped broker the deal and it was reported to have been overseen by Fuad Shubaki, a close aide to Arafat. Captain Omar Akawi, a member of Fatwah, said he was in contact with Adel Awadallah, an alias for Adel Mughrabi, a weapons buyer for the Palestinian Authority."

2002  - War Crimes Tribunal / Sierra Leone - January 3rd, 2002: "The UN made public a decision by Kofi Annan to pursue war crimes in Sierra Leone with a war crimes tribunal."

2002  - Oldest Man? - "January 4th, 2002: "Antonio Todde, an Italian shepherd listed by Guinness as the world's oldest man, died just shy of his 113th birthday. 'Just love your brother and drink a good glass of red wine every day."

2002  - Premature Aging? / Dolly Clone - January 4th, 2002: "Dolly the 1996 Scotland-born cloned sheep, was reported to be suffering from arthritis, a sign of premature aging."

2002  - Economic Disposition / Zimbabwe  - January 4th, 2002: "It was reported that $54 million in short term food aid was needed to ward off widespread starvation in Zimbabwe. The AIDS epidemic, called 'Nkondombera' [a Shona word for 'no condom'] was claiming over 2,000 people per week. Inflation was running at over 100% per month. Unemployment was estimated at 50%."

2002  - American War Casualty / Afghanistan - January 4th, 2002: "US Army Special Forces Sgt. Ross Chapman [31] was killed by enemy fire near Khost, Afghanistan. He became the 1st US soldier to die there by enemy fire."

2002  - Trivia / Parkinson's Disease - January 7th, 2002: "Scientists reported that symptoms of Parkinson's were relieved in rats when stem cells were injected into their brains."

2002  - U.S. Military Plane Crash / Pakistan - January 9th, 2002: "A US KC-130  aerial refueler crashed at Kharan, Pakistan, and all 7 marines aboard were killed."

2002 - Trivia / Planet Health - January 10th 2002: "Nearly every global environmental indicator has worsened over the last decade, say the authors of the Worldwatch Institute's annual State of the World report. They liken the deterioration of the health of the planet to 'slow-motion terrorism just as threatening over the long term as the events of September 11'."

2002  - Trivia / Long-Range Missles - January 10th, 2002: "A CIA report said China, North Korea and Iran will probably have long-range missiles capable of reaching the US by 2015."

2002  - U.S. Military Plane Crash / New Jersey - January 10th, 2002: "An F-16 crashed near the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey. The pilot ejected safely."

2002  - Russian TV Liquidation - January 11th, 2002: "In Russia an appeals court ordered the liquidation of TV-6, the country's last major independent TV channel."

2002  - Job Cuts / Ford Motor Co. - January 11th, 2002: "Ford Motor Co. announced a restructure and 35,000 job cuts."

2002 - Revelations / U.S. Prisoner Treatment - January 11th, 2002: "WASHINGTON - A letter about the handling of detainees sent in 2002 from the State Department's legal advisor to the Justice Department's deputy assistant attorney general made no attempt at bureaucratic pleasantries. William H. Taft IV said the Justice Department's legal advice to President George W. Bush about how to handle detainees in the war on terrorism was 'seriously flawed' and its reasoning was 'incorrect as well as incomplete.' The Justice Department's arguments were 'contrary to the official position of the United States, the United Nations and all other states that have considered the issue,' Taft said. Taft's Jan. 11 letter, obtained by The Washington Post, was omitted from the hundreds of pages of documents released Tuesday [06/22/04] by the Bush administration. The papers were released as part of an effort to present the administration's policies on detainees since Sept. 11, 2001, as fully compliant with domestic and international law. A fuller picture - of senior administration officials who sought to reinterpret the law and sanction tougher treatment of detainees in the face of strongly expressed internal dissents at the State Department and the military services - emerges from the State Department letter and other previously disclosed memos. [....] Taft, whose role made him the government's principal interpretor of treties, accused Deputy Assistant Attorney General John Yoo in the Jan. 11 letter of preparing advice for Bush based on a series of 'wrong' premises. He also said Yoo's idea that Bush could 'suspend' U.S. obligations to respect the Geneva Conventions was 'legally flawed and procedurally impossible.' [....] On Feb. 7, 2002, Bush signed an order asserting his right to suspend the Geneva Convention protections for Taliban members - contrary to Taft's advice - but saying he had decided not to do so at that time. Bush also declared that all Taliban militia members were 'unlawful combatants' and ineligible for tribunals." [By R. Jeffrey Smith, Washington Post, 06/24/04]

2002  - Choking Incident / President Bush - January 13th, 2002: President Bush lost consciousness briefly after he choked on a pretzel while watching a football game on TV."

2002  - American Hostage / Afghanistan - January 15th, 2002: "It was reported that an American, Clark Russell Bowers [37], had been taken hostage in Afghanistan with ransom at $25k."

2002  - Afghan Poppy Ban - January 16th, 2002: "In Afghanistan Hamid Karzai issued a decree that banned the cultivation of opium poppies."

2002  - Indictment / Shoe-Bomber - "January 16th, 2002: Richard Reid, the al Qaeda trained shoe-bomber, was indicted on 9 counts in Boston."

2002  - Volcanic Eruption / Congo - January 17th, 2002: "The Congo volcano Mount Nyiragongo erupted near Goma and rivers of lava destroyed 14 villages. Goma was devastated and some 400,000 people fled their homes. At least 50 people were killed."

2002  - Trivia / Baycol Recall - January 18th, 2002: "Bayer AG disclosed that as many as 100 deaths might be linked to Baycol, a promising cholesterol drug that was withdrawn in Aug 2001."

2002  - Downed U.S. Helicopter / Columbia - January 18th, 2002: "Five Colombian police officers died while protecting a downed UH-1N helicopter. The US helicopter was destroyed to keep it out of rebel hands."

2002  - Status / Civilian Casualties, Afghanistan - January 18th, 2002: "Estimates of Afghan civilian deaths from US bombing were set at 1,000 to 1,300 by the Mass. think tank, Project on Defense Alternatives."

2002  - Downed U.S. Helicopter / Afghanistan - January 19th, 2002: "A US CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter crashed in Afghanistan after take off from Bagram air base. Marines Dwight Morgan and Walter Cohee III were killed."

2002  - Status / Afghan Aid - January 21st, 2002: "Secretary of State Colin Powell said the US would contribute $297 million for Afghan reconstruction over the coming year during a conference on Afghan reconstruction in Tokyo. Int'l. donors pledged over $4.5 billion over 5 years."

2002  - Bankruptcy / K-Mart - January 21st, 2002: "K-Mart, the 3rd largest US discount retailer, filed for bankruptcy protection. Kmart was operating 2,114 stores with 250,000 employees."

2002  - Fatality / Yousef Soragji - January 22nd, 2002: "Israeli troops killed 4 Hamas militants in Nablus. Yousef Soragji [42], mastermind of several suicide bombings, was among the dead."

2002  - Fatality / Abdullah Syafei - January 22nd, 2002: "In Indonesia troops shot and killed Abdullah Syafei, commander of the Free Aceh Movement."

2002  - Trivia / Burmese Army Killings - January 22nd, 2002: "The Burmese army was charged by Amnesty International of killing and torturing hundreds of ethnic Shan villagers. Some 300,000 Shan villagers have been forced to flee their homes in the past 2 years."

2002  - Kidnapping / Daniel Pearl - January 23rd, 2002: "Daniel Pearl, Wall Street Journal reporter, was kidnapped in Karachi, Pakistan, by the 'National Movement for the Restoration of Pakistani Sovereignty.' A deadline to kill him was extended a day pending 4 demands that included: the return of Pakistanis in Cuba; access to lawyers for Pakistani detainees in the US; the return of a former Taliban ambassador; and the release of F-16 jets purchased by Pakistan in the 1980s. Ahmad Omar Saeed Sheikh became the chief suspect."

2002  - Resignation / Kenneth Lay - January 23rd, 2002: "Enron CEO Kenneth Lay [59] resigned under pressure."

2002  - Military Spending / United States - January 23rd, 2002: "President Bush said he would ask for $48 billion in additional spending for the armed services next year. Federal deficits were expected for the next 2 years."

2002  - Fatality / Elie Hobeika - January 24th, 2002: "In Beirut, Lebanon, a car bomb killed Elie Hobeika and three others. Hobeika, a former Christian militia chieftain, led a 1982 massacre of Palestinian refugees in the Sabra and Chatilla camps. He had recently agreed to testify against Israeli PM Ariel Sharon in connection with the massacre. Lebanese for a Free and Independent Lebanon claimed responsibility for the car bomb."

2002  - Status / Argentine Economy - January 24th, 2002: "Argentina approved a law allowing the Central Bank to print nearly $13  billion in new money to help pay salaries and bills as citizens protested over their frozen accounts."

2002  - Apparent Suicide? / J. Clifford Baxter - January 25th, 2002: "J. Clifford Baxter, a former Enron vice-chairman, was found dead of apparent suicide in Sugar Land, a Houston suburb."

2002  - Status / Afghan Prisoner Scandal - January 26th, 2002: "Secretary of State Powell asked President Bush to declare that the US is bound by the Geneva Conventions in the treatment of Afghan captives at Guantanamo Bay."

2002  - Trivia / U.S. Politics - January 27th, 2002: "Vice Pres. Dick Cheney said he would not release Enron related energy task force documents from last year's meetings. Cheney and Rumsfeld said al Qaeda prisoner status at Guantanamo Bay would not change to POW."

2002  - Weapons Inspections / Iraq - January 27th, 2002: "Iraq admitted an int'l. nuclear-inspection team [IAEA] on a 4-day mission to a site near Baghdad."

2002  - Handheld Computer - January 28th, 2002: "Palm Inc. introduced its $449 i705 handheld computer with wireless e-mail and message service."

2002  - "Axis of Evil" Speech - January 29th, 2002: "President Bush made his 1st State of the Union address and declared that the 'war against terror is only beginning.' Bush singled out Iran, Iraq and North Korea as an 'axis of evil.' He also appealed to Americans to volunteer for community services."

2002  - Sexual Abuse / Roman Catholic Church - January 30th, 2002: "In Ireland the Roman Catholic Church agreed to pay $110 million in cash and property to Irish children sexually abused by priests, nuns and other church officials in past decades. There were as many as 7,000 potential claimants for payouts ranging from $43k to 260k."

2002 - Flooding / Java Island, Indonesia - "Flood date(s): January 30th-February 15th, 2002. Number of recorded deaths: 147." [Based on: The World Almanac and Book of Facts, 2005, p. 207]

2002  - Snowstorm / Central U.S.A. - January 31st, 2002: "The central US was hit by a winter storm that left at least 15 dead."

February 2002

2002 - Pluto 17 Sagittarius - February 1st, 2002: Pluto at 17 degrees Sagittarius; May 10th, R.; November 28th, D. ...

*Link: http://www.astro.com/swisseph/ae/1900/ae_2002.pdf

2002  - Status / Bank Freeze, Argentina  - February 1st, 2002: "In Argentina the Supreme Court ruled 5-0 that the banking freeze was unconstitutional."

*Trivia: "Argentina went bankrupt in the spring of 2002, having a national debt of $132 billion. Two Jewish banks (Banco de Patricios and Banco de Mayo) collapsed in 1998 due to the owners' criminal activities. This was a final blow to the national economy." [Juri Lina, The Barnes Review, September/October 2004, p. 14]

2002  - Conscientious Objectors / Israeli Military - February 1st, 2002: "In Israel over 100 reserve combat officers denounced the army for immoral behavior toward Palestinian civilians and placed ads in newspapers including Haaretz: 'We will no longer fight beyond the Green Line with the aim of dominating, expelling, starving and humiliating an entire people.' "

2002  - Minimum Wage Increase / New Orleans - February 2nd, 2002: "New Orleans voters approved a $1 per hour increase in the minimum wage above the $5.15 federal standard in a referendum that went to court for resolution."

2002  - Superbowl 36 - February 3rd, 2002: "In Superbowl XXXVI the New England Patriots beat the St. Louis Rams 20-17 with a 48-yard field goal by Adam Vinatieri as time expired. Patriot quarterback Tom Brady [24] was named MVP. The Rock Group U2 sang at the halftime show."

2002  - Elections / Cambodia - February 3rd, 2002: "In Cambodia's 1st local elections Hun Sen's Cambodian People's Party won control of up to 1600 of the 1,621 local councils. A US monitoring group said the polls were competently run but neither free nor fair."

2002 - Earthquake / Central Turkey - February 3rd, 2002: "A 6.0-6.2 earthquake hit Turkey and as least 45 people were killed. The epicenter was about 135 miles southwest of Ankara."

2002  - U.S. Budget Plan - February 4th, 2002: "President Bush released his $2.13 trillion budget plan for the coming federal year. It included a 12% increase in military spending and cuts in highway and job training."

2002  - Foreign Relations / Iran & Lebanon - February 4th, 2002: "Israeli PM Peres said Iran had put elite forces into Lebanon and had supplied Hezbollah with 10,000 rockets with ranges of 13-44 miles."

2002  - 1st Case / Mad Cow Disease, Italy - February 5th, 2002: "In Italy the health ministry confirmed the country's 1st case of mad cow disease."

2002 - More Detailed CIA Report / Alleged Sale of Niger Uranium to Iraq - February 5th, 2002: "CIA circulates a more detailed report about alleged sale of Niger uranium to Iraq from same source that produced original report [10/15/2001]." [Based on: Illustrated Timeline, p. A13, S.L.P.D., 10/30/05]

2002  - Status / Afghan Prisoners - February 7th, 2002: "The Bush administration allowed Geneva accords to cover Taliban fighters but not members of al Qaeda."

*Trivia: "On Feb. 7, 2002, Bush signed an order asserting his right to suspend the Geneva Convention protections for Taliban members - contrary to Taft's [William H. Taft IV] advice - but saying he had decided not to do so at that time. Bush also declared that all Taliban militia members were 'unlawful combatants' and ineligible for tribunals." [By R. Jeffrey Smith, Washington Post, 06/24/04]

2002  - 19th Winter Olympics / Utah - February 8th, 2002: President Bush opened the 19th Winter Olympic Games as part of a 3-hour ceremony at Rice-Eccles Stadium at the University of Utah campus."

2002 - Constitution / East Timor - February 9th, 2002: "East Timor approved a draft for a new constitution. Full independence was scheduled for May 20."

2002 - Saturn Direct - February 10th, 2002: "For about four months - since 9/29/2001 - the planet Saturn had been in retrograde motion. On February 10th, 2002, Saturn moved to direct motion." [Link 1]

2002  - Olympic Medal Controversy - February 11th, 2002: "Gold medals for the Olympics free-style skating event went to Russians Anton Sikharulidze and Elena Berezhnaya. French judge Marie-Reine Le Gougne later admitted to being pressured to support the Russian team. On Feb 15 Olympic officials awarded a 2nd gold medal to Canadians David Pelletier and Jamie Sale for their performance."

2002  - Chinese Black Horse Year - February 12-13, 2002: "The Chinese lunar calendar marked this as the new year, 4699, the Year of the Horse." [Link: 1]

2002  - Status / Civilan Casulties, Afghanistan - February 12th, 2002: It was reported that AP estimated 600 civilians killed in the Afghan campaign."

2002  - U.S. Campaign Reform - February 13th, 2002: "The US House of Representatives voted 240-189 to ban unlimited 'soft money' donations to national parties as part of the Shays-Meehan campaign finance bill. Individual contributions were raised from 1k to 2k."

2002  - Fox Hunting Ban / Scotland - February 13th, 2002: "The Scottish Parliament outlawed fox hunting with dogs."

2002  - Status / National Debt, Venezuela - February 13th, 2002: "In Venezuela the bolivar fell nearly 19% with the abandonment of exchange controls by President Chavez, who also announced a 7% cut in government spending to help close a projected $8 billion deficit."

2002  - New Al Qaida Chief / Abu Zubaydah - February 14th, 2002: "Palestinian Abu Zubaydah [30] was identified as the new chief of operations for al Qaeda and was believed to be organizing al Qaeda remnants for new attacks against the US."

2002  - Sheikh Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa / Bahrain - February 14th, 2002: "In Bahrain Sheikh Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa declared himself king and approved plans for a constitutional monarchy. Parliamentary elections were scheduled for October and municipal elections in May. Women were to be allowed to vote and stand as candidates for the 1st time. Foreigners would be allowed to vote under certain conditions."

2002  - Bankruptcy / Globalstar - February 15th, 2002: "Globalstar, a satellite telephone company, filed for bankruptcy. The company had spent $4 billion to launch a network of 48 communications satellites."

2002  - Proposed U.S. Nuclear Waste Site / Yucca Mountain - February 15th, 2002: "President Bush approved the Nevada Yucca Mountain site for nuclear waste. Nevada filed suit to block the decision."

2002 - Earthquake / Iran - February 17th, 2002: "A 5.4 magnitude earthquake struck Southern Iran and killed at least one person."

2002  - Proposed Sanctions / Zimbabwe - February 18th, 2002: "The EU ordered home from Zimbabwe its 30-member observer team and voted to impose sanctions, which included cutting off $110 million in aid, a ban on travel to the EU by Mugabe and 20 Cabinet members and freezing of assets."

2002  - Muslim Hajj - February 19th, 2002: "In Saudi Arabia some 2 million Muslims gathered in Mecca for the annual hajj."

2002 - Flooding / La Paz, Bolivia - "Flood date(s): February 19th, 2002. Number of recorded deaths: 65." [Based on: The World Almanac and Book of Facts, 2005, p. 207]

2002  - Trivia / Columbian Conflict - February 21st, 2002: "The Colombia Air Force dropped 1,500 and 500 pound bombs on FARC rebel sites."

2002  - Confirmed Fatality / Daniel Pearl - February 21st, 2002: "It was acknowledged that WSJ reporter Daniel Pearl was dead after a video was received that showed an assailant slash his throat."

2002 - Leaves for Niger / Joseph Wilson - February 21st, 2002: "Former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, husband of covert CIA agent Valerie Plame, leaves for Niger on CIA-requested trip to check out an intelligence report that Niger sold yellow cake uranium to Iraq for use in nuclear weapons." [Based on: News Reports, p. A5 S.L.P.D., 10/28/05]

2002  - Olympic Gold Medal / Sarah Hughes - February 21st, 2002: "Sarah Hughes [16] of Great Neck, N.Y., won 1st place in the Olympics women's free skate competition."

2002  - U.S. Military Helicopter Crash / Philippines - February 21st, 2002: "A US CH-47E Chinook helicopter with 10 soldiers crashed into the Mindanao Sea in the Philippines. 3 bodies were found by local fishermen."

2002 - Israeli-Palestinian Buffer Zones? - "In February 2002, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon gave a State of the Union address amid escalating Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He called for a cease-fire and argued for Israeli-Palestinian 'buffer zones'." [E.M.]

2002  - Elections / Madagascar - February 22nd, 2002: "Madagascar declared a 3-month state of emergency after the main opposition leader, Marc Ravalomanana, declared himself president following a 2-month dispute."

2002  - Trivia / Columbian Conflict - February 22nd, 2002: "Colombia began to airlift some 34,000 soldiers of the elite Rapid Deployment Force into San Vicente del Caguan, the largest town in the FARC territory."

2002  - Guilty Verdict / Monsanto PCB Contamination, Alabama - February 22nd, 2002: "An Alabama jury found Monsanto and its corporate successors [Solutia Inc.] guilty of releasing tons of PCBs in Anniston between 1935-1979."

2002  - Kidnapping / Columbia - February 23rd, 2002: "In Colombia FARC rebels kidnapped Ingrid Betancourt [40], a presidential candidate, near La Montanita enroute to San Vicente del Caguan."

2002  - Drought / U.S. East Coast - February 23rd, 2002: "It was reported that Bergen and Hudson counties of New Jersey were placed on water restrictions as the worst drought in 75 years lingered on along the East Coast."

2002  - Elections / India - February 24th, 2002: "In India the BJP party was defeated in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Manipur and the new state of Uttaranchal. It retained control in only 4 of the 28 states."

2002  - Elections / Mexico - February 24th, 2002: "In Mexico the PRI held its 1st ever open election for party leadership."

2002  - Olympics Hockey Gold Medal / Canada - February 24th, 2002: "The XIX Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City came to a close. In one of the last events Canada beat the US hockey team 5-2 for the gold. Cross-country skiers from Spain and Russia were stripped of gold medals for failing drug tests."

2002  - U.S. Military Aid / Georgia - February 26th, 2002: "It was reported that the US has begun providing the former Soviet Republic of Georgia with military aid to counter terrorist threats in the Pankisi Gorge region. Some 100-200 US soldiers were included in the $64 million program to begin in mid-March."

2002 - Report / WTC Cleanup - February, 2002: "Hundreds of people who worked on the World Trade Center cleanup have filed a class-action suit [September 2004] against the leaseholder of the towers and those who supervised the job, alleging they did little to protect workers from dust, asbestos, and other toxins in the air. [....] Andrew Schneider of the Post-Dispatch [St. Louis] reported in February 2002 that the U.S. Geological Survey team found that some of the dust at ground zero was as caustic as liquid drain cleaner and alerted all government agencies involved in the emergency response." [A.P., 09/14/04]

2002  - Grammy Awards - February 27th, 2002: "Alicia Keys won in 5 categories at the 44th annual Grammy Awards. Train won for best rock song: 'Drops of Jupiter,' U2 won for best record of the year: 'Walk On,' and Various Artists won the album of the year: 'O Brother, Where Art Thou.' "

2002 - Doomsday Clock? - February 27th, 2002: "The 'Doomsday Clock' was moved two minutes closer to 12:00 o'clock Midnight."

2002  - Martial Law / Madagascar - February 28th, 2002: "In Madagascar Pres. Didier Ratsiraka declared martial law following 2 months of strikes and mass protests."

2002  - Status / Hindu & Muslim Conflict - February 28th, 2002: "In Gujarat state, India, Hindu mobs killed over 158 people, burned shops and attacked residences in Ahmadabad to avenge the  killing of 58 Hindu activists."

2002 - Deceptive Prewar Statements? / U.S.A. - February 2002: "A government document raises doubts about claims that al-Qaida members received training for biological and chemical weapons in Iraq. Meanwhile, Senate Democrats defended on Sunday [11/06/05] their push for a report on how President George W. Bush's administration handled prewar intelligence. [....] 'We cannot have a government which is going to manipulate intelligence information. We've got to get to the bottom of it,' Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., said on NBC's 'Meet the Press.' [....] The document from February 2002 showed that the agency questioned the reliability of al-Qaida senior military trainer Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi. He could not name any Iraqis involved in the effort or identify any chemical or biological materials or say where the training was taking place, the report said. [....] Levin said Bush, then-Secretary of State Colin Powell and Intelligence and diplomatic officials cited chemical and biological training by Iraq as they gathered support for the war. This was months after the information from the defense agency in February 2002, he said. 'This newly declassified information provides additional dramatic evidence that the administration's prewar statements were deceptive,' Levin said. 'More than a year before Secretary Powell included that charge in his presentation to the United Nations, the DIA had said it believed the detainee's claims were bogus.' White House press secretary Scott McClellan told reporters with Bush on his South American trip that he had not seen a report about the documents." [Based on: A.P. article (Document indicates White House knew source linking Iraq, al-Qaida was flawed), p. A6, S.L.P.D., 11/07/05]

March 2002

2002  - Detected / Martian Ice Fields - March 1st, 2002: "NASA scientists said that vast ice fields had been detected under the surface of Mars with a gamma ray spectrometer on the Odyssey orbiter "

2002 - Earthquake / N. Afghanistan - March 3rd, 2002 [12:08:22 UTC]: A 7.4 magnitude earthquake struck 40 miles [65km] SSW of Feyzabad, Afghanistan [36.54N 70.42E] at a depth of 256 kilometers and killed at least 166 people. This earthquake occured in the highly-seismic Hindu Kush region. On average, there are four magnitude 5 or greater earthquakes per year whose epicenters are within 60 km of this event. Earthquake depths in this region range from the surface to depths of 330 km." [Link: 1]

2002  - Death Toll / Hindu & Muslim Conflict - March 3rd, 2002: "In Ahmadabad, India, the death toll from Hindu-Muslim violence climbed to 538 as Hindu mobs continued attacks on Muslims."

2002  - Agent Orange Conference / Vietnam - March 3rd, 2002: "In Vietnam a 3-day US-Vietnamese conference on Agent Orange began. High dioxin levels were found in people 30 years after spraying ended."

2002  - Elections / Kosovo - March 4th, 2002: "In Kosovo Ibrahim Rugova, moderate Albanian leader, became Kosovo's 1st president and joined PM Bajram Rexhepi to push for independence."

2002  - U.S. Casualties / Afghanistan - March 4th, 2002: "In Afghanistan at least 7 US soldiers were killed while trying to drop off reconnaissance teams in fighting in Paktia province. 6 of the soldiers were killed in an effort to try to rescue a 7th during Operation Anaconda."

2002  - Hanuman Statue / Ahmadabad, India - March 4th, 2002: "In Ahmadabad, India, Hindu militants razed the 80-year-old Manchaji mosque and erected a [?] foot-tall statue of the monkey god Hanuman in its place. The death toll from Hindu-Muslim violence in the region climbed to 544."

2002 - Earthquake / Philippines - On March 5th, 2002 [21:16:09.76 UTC]: A 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck the Philippines [Mindanao] at a depth of 33 km and killed at least 15 people."

2002  - Falun Gong Broadcast / China - March 5th, 2002: "In China Falun Gong members cut into a cable network in Changchun and broadcast its messages for some 50 minutes."

2002  - Physics Development / Sonoluminescence - March 5th, 2002: "It was reported that a team of physicists claimed nuclear fusion utilizing a burst of ultrasound on a bubble of gases in a phenomenon known as sonoluminescence. Details were to appear the journal Science."

2002  - Defense Spending / China - March 6th, 2002: "China announced a 17.6% increase in defense spending."

2002  - Repair / Hubble Telescope - March 6th, 2002: "Astronauts successfully replaced a power-control unit on the Hubble space telescope."

2002 - Israeli Spy Ring? / United States - March 6th, 2002: "A Washington Post article completely denies the existence of any Israeli spy ring. A 'wide array of US officials' supposedly deny it, and Justice Department spokeswoman Susan Dryden says: 'This seems to be an urban myth that has been circulating for months. The department has no information at this time to substantiate these widespread reports about Israeli art students involved in espionage.' [Washington Post, 3/6/02] The New York Times fails to cover the story at all, even months later. [Salon, 5/7/02] By mid-March, Jane's, the respected British intelligence and military analysis service, notes: 'It is rather strange that the US media seems to be ignoring what may well be the most explosive story since the 11 September attacks - the alleged breakup of a major Israeli espionage operation in the USA.' [Jane's Intelligence Digest, 3/13/02]." [Link: 1]

2002  - Trivia / Long-Term Marijuana Usage - March 6th, 2002: "It was reported that a 3-year study of heavy marijuana users showed that long-term pot smoking impaired brain function."

2002  - Elections / Brazil - March 7th, 2002: "Brazil's 4-party coalition collapsed with the pullout of the Liberal Front Party. Roseana Sarney [40], Gov. of Maranhao state and PFL presidential candidate, was involved in a scandal over a consulting firm she owned with her husband. Sarney called the government investigation a witch-hunt."

2002  - Death Toll / Hindu-Muslim Conflict - March 7th, 2002: "In India the death toll from Hindu-Muslim violence in the region climbed to 665, and was expected to climb if construction begins Mar 15 on a Hindu temple in Ayodha."

2002  - Elections / Columbia - March 10th, 2002: "In Colombia voters maintained the Liberal Party as the largest force in the 268-member, 2-chamber legislature. Poling in 15 of the nation's 1,097 municipalities was cancelled due to rebel interference."

2002  - Elections / Zimbabwe - March 10th, 2002: "In Zimbabwe the high court ordered the government to extend voting to a 3rd day as long lines continued following the deadline. In Harare police chased away some 2.5-3 thousand people from a polling station following the extension."

2002  - Israeli Invasion  / Ramallah - March 11th, 2002: "The Israeli army invaded the Jabaliya refugee camp in Gaza. Tanks also moved into Ramallah."

2002  - Elections / Zimbabwe - March 13th, 2002: "In Zimbabwe Pres. Mugabe was declared the winner with 1.6 million votes to Tsvangirai's 1.2 mil. The opposition apposed the results and many observers described the process as deeply flawed."

2002  - Trivia / Yugoslavia? - March 14th, 2002: "Yugoslavia was declared dead as Serbia and Montenegro agreed to rename their federation: 'Serbia and Montenegro.' "

2002  - Brain Implant / Monkeys - March 14th, 2002: "It was reported that scientists had developed a brain implant that allowed monkeys to control a computer cursor by thought alone."

2002  - Elections / Portugal - March 17th, 2002: "In Portugal the Social Democrats won elections with 40% of the vote to 37.85% for the Socialists. The SD gained 102 seats and the Popular Party won 14 giving them a majority in the 230-seat parliament."

2002  - McDonald's Suit / Vegetarian Groups - March 17th, 2002: "It was reported that McDonald's Corporation had agreed to give 410 million to vegetarian groups, Hindu and Sikh organizations and to pay $4,000 to 12 plaintiffs to settle a suit over the use of beef tallow in french fries."

2002  - Child Pornography / "Operation Candyman" - March 18th, 2002: "The FBI 'Operation Candyman' snared over 90 people following a 14-month investigation of child pornography over the Internet."

2002  - Icebergs / Antarctica - March 19th, 2002: "Scientists reported that the Larsen B ice shelf in Antarctica, covering some 1,250 square miles, had collapsed into small icebergs over the last 35 days."

2002  - Hunting Restrictions / Britain - March 19th, 2002: "In Britain the House of Lords voted for restrictions on hunting with hounds [366-59]."

2002  - Trivia / Hewlett-Packard & Compaq Computer - March 19th, 2002: "Carly Fiorina, head of Hewlett-Packard, claimed victory by a slim margin in a proxy battle to buy Compaq Computer. Some $180 million was reportedly  spent in the effort to win votes."

2002  - Flooding / U.S.A. - March 20th, 2002: "Heavy storms and severe flooding extended to West Virginia. Kentucky Governor Paul Patton declared 12 counties emergencies."

2002  - Car Bomb Explosion / U.S. Embassy, Peru - March 20th, 2002: "In Lima, Peru, a car bomb explosion outside the US Embassy killed 9 people. Pres. Bush was scheduled to arrive 3 days later."

2002  - Zoroastrian New Year - March 21st, 2002: "In Diyarbakir, Turkey, thousands of Kurdish youths battled Turkish police after authorities banned the celebration of Nowruz, the Zoroastrian New Year."

2002  - Evacuation / U.S. Embassy, Pakistan - March 22nd, 2002: "The US State Dept. ordered all non-essential Embassy and Consulate personnel in Pakistan to return home."

2002  - Drug Scandal / U.S. Military - March 23rd, 2002: "It was reported that the Air Force Academy had implicated 38 cadets in a drug scandal that began in December 2000."

2002  - Trivia / Academy Awards - March 24th, 2002: "The 74th annual Academy Awards were held at the Kodak theater in LA. Halle Berry for 'Monster's Ball' became the 1st black woman to be named best actress; Denzel Washington won best actor for 'Training Day,' 'A Beautiful Mind' won for best picture and gathered 4 awards as did 'Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.' "

2002 - Earthquake / Afghanistan - "On March 25th, 2002 [14:56:33 UTC] a 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck the Hindu Kush region [35.93N 69.19E] 100 miles North of Kabul Afghanistan at a depth of 8.0 km and killed at least 1,000 people."

2002  - Trivia / U.S. Energy Politics - March 25th, 2002: "The Bush administration released thousands of documents on its energy task force just before a midnight deadline. They showed that Spencer Abraham, Sec. of Energy, had relied almost exclusively on industry representatives with no input from conservation or environmental groups."

2002  - Resignation / Joseph Berardino - March 26th, 2002: "Joseph Berardino, CEO of Arthur Anderson, resigned over the Enron fallout."

2002  - Sex Abuse Scandal / Polish Priests - March 28th, 2002: "Pope John Paul II accepted the resignation of Julius Paetz, archbishop of Poznan, Poland, due to a sex scandal and accusations of molesting young seminarians."

2002  - Rabbitt Clones / France - March 29th, 2002: "France reported the successful cloning of rabbits using genetic material from adult cells."

2002 - Israeli Occupation / Ramallah - March 29, 2002: "Israeli Troops Enter Arafat's Shelled Ramallah Compound." [Link: 1]

2002  - Died / Britian's Queen Mother - March 30th, 2002: "Britain's Queen Mother Elizabeth died at age 101."

2002   - Dust Strorm / China & Korea - March 30th, 2002: "It was reported that a massive dust storm spread from northwest China to South Korea. It was largest recorded since records began 130 years ago. Trans Pacific winds carried the dust clouds west."

2002 - Earthquake / Taiwan - March 31st, 2002 [06:52:50 UTC]: "A 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck the island of Taiwan at a depth of 33 km and killed at least 5 people."

2002  - Election Trivia / Ukraine - March 31st, 2002: "In Ukraine elections the pro-Western Our Ukraine led by former PM Viktor Yuschenko led with 23%. The Communist Party had 20%.  Pres. Kuchma's United Ukraine had 13% and expected 119 seats in parliament. The parties provide half the 450 sets of the parliament, known as the Verkhovna Rada. Direct elections decide the other half."

2002  - Anti-Semitic Arson Attack / France - March 31st, 2002: "In France an arson attack destroyed Marseille's Or Aviv temple. It was the 3rd synagogue attack over the Passover weekend."

2002 - Justification For War in Iraq? / Paul Wolfowitz - March 2002: "World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz, a prime architect of the Iraq war during his service as deputy defense secretary, said Tuesday [06/21/05] that he hasn't read any of the recently disclosed British government memos that refer to his role and that of other senior administration officials in the run-up to war during 2002. [....] Wolfowitz is the focus of one of the newly disclosed memos. A report by then-British Ambassador Christopher Meyer on a March 2002 lunch with Wolfowitz quotes Wolfowitz as questioning the administration's focus on Saddam's alleged possession of weapons of mass destruction - later shown to be untrue - as the principal justification for war. [....] The minutes of the July 2002 meeting of the British war cabinet report Foreign Secretary Jack Straw saying that a U.N. ultimatum demanding that Saddam permit the return of U.N. inspectors could be useful because Saddam's refusal would 'help with the legal justification for the use of force.' Blair agreed, the minutes say, 'that it would make a big difference politically and legally if Saddam refused to allow in the U.N. inspectors.' The Meyer memo relating his lunch with Wolfowitz, in March 2002, suggests a focus even then on crafting a U.N. weapons-inspection resolution aimed at tempting Saddam into an open display of defiance that would clear the way to war. [....] On Tuesday [06/21/05], Wolfowitz professed no recollection of discussing U.N. tactics with Meyer. He said he was determined to keep his own focus on development issues. 'I can tell you that no one I met in Africa, no African at least, wanted to talk about Iraq,' he said. 'They wanted to talk about what the world can do to improve Africa. I think they deserve that attention, and that's what my attention is focussed on.' " [Based on: article by Jon Sawyer, Post-Dispatch Washington Bureau Chief, S.L.P.D., p. A5, 06/22/05]

*Trivia: "[....] A lengthy Time magazine story published in March 2003, barely a week after the war's start, opened with this salty Bush quote from one year earlier: 'F---- Saddam. We're taking him out.' The remark, made in a White House meeting, was the president's dismissive response to talk about coalition-building and possible U.N. actions. [....]" [Based on: article by Eric Mink, S.L.P.D., p. B7, 06/22/05]

April 2002

2002 - Flooding / China - "Flood date(s): April-August 2002. Number of recorded deaths: 800+." [Based on: The World Almanac and Book of Facts, 2005, p. 207]

2002 - Flooding / E Africa - "Flood date(s): April-May 2002. Number of recorded deaths: 150+." [Based on: The World Almanac and Book of Facts, 2005, p. 207]

2002 - Earthquake / E. New Guinea - April 1st, 2002: "Earthquake location: E. New Guinea. Earthquake magnitude: 5.0. Number of recorded fatalities: 36."  [Based on: The World Almanac and Book of Facts, 2005, p. 208]

2002 - Assassination Attempt / Afghanistan - April 8, 2002: "Assassins Attempt to Kill Afghanistan's Defense Minister Mohammad Fahim in the Streets of Jalalabad."

2002 - Earthquake / Hindu Kush, Afghanistan - April 12th, 2002: "Earthquake location: Hindu Kush, Afghanistan. Earthquake magnitude: 5.9. Number of recorded fatalities: 50."  [Based on: The World Almanac and Book of Facts, 2005, p. 208]

2002 - Video Release / Al-Jazeera - April 15th, 2002: "A videotape broadcast by the Arab satellite television channel Al-Jazeera includes what appears to be a man identified as a Sept. 11 hijacker giving a farewell message along with clips showing bin Laden and his top deputy, Ayman al-Zawahri. Only al-Zawahri is shown speaking; he calls the terrorist attacks on America a 'great victory.' " [A.P., 10/30/04]

2002 - Locusts / Northern Afghanistan - April 19, 2002: " Locusts in North Afghanistan Worst in Thirty Years."

2002 - Inauguration / Bibliotheca Alexandrina - April 23, 2002: "Official inauguration of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina."

2002 - U.S. Troops / Philippines - April 26, 2002: "U.S. Troops Land at a Philippine Beach With Filipino Troops for Terrorist Training South of Manila."

2002 - Earthquake / Mariana Islands - April 26th, 2002 [16:06:06 UTC]: "A 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck the Mariana Islands at a depth of 76 km."

2002 - Coup / Venezuela - "In April 2002, 19 people perished before Chavez [Hugo Chavez] was ousted briefly in a coup. Dozens more people were killed and hundreds wounded before Chavez returned to power amid a popular uprising. " [Alexandra Olson, A.P., 08/17/04]

May 2002

2002 - Movie Release / Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones - May 2002: "Released this date in history: Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones. Movie Gross: 648 million." [Based on: S.L.P.D., p. E1, 05/18/05]

2002 - Trivia / Child Labor - May 7th, 2002: "According to a May 7th International Labor Organization announcement, about 246 million children age 5 to 17 - one child in six in the world - work, and about 75 percent of them have hazardous jobs."

2002 - Flooding / MO, IL, IN, WV, VA, Ky, U.S.A. - "Flood date(s): early May 2002. Number of recorded deaths: 20." [Based on: The World Almanac and Book of Facts, 2005, p. 207]

2002 - Earthquake / San Franscisco - May 14th, 2002: "A 5.2 earthquake hit the San Franscisco Bay Area."

2002 - Revelation / U.S. Terror Report - May 16th, 2002: "New York Post Headlines Claim President Bush Knew About 9/11 Hijacking Threat From FBI & CIA Reports Presented as Late as August 2001, One Month Prior to 9/11 Attack." [Link: 1]

2002 - Revelation / Suppressed 911 Warnings - May 22nd, 2002: "A detailed letter from a top FBI official in Minneapolis, sent last Wednesday (May 22) to FBI headquarters and to the US Senate, has provided major new evidence that high-level government officials deliberately turned a blind eye to advance warnings of the September 11 terrorist attacks. The letter, portions of which have been leaked to the media, has set off a new round of public criticism of the Bush administration in both the media and official Washington."  [Based on article by Patrick Martin, 07/27/04]  

2002 - Signed / Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty - May 24th, 2002: "U.S. and Russia sign the Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty. Each nation agrees to cut its deployed strategic arsenal to 2,200 warheads by the end of 2012." [Based on: N.G.M., August 2005, p. 113]

2002 - Saturn / Pluto Opposition - May 26th, 2002: "At about this time, the planet Saturn - traveling in direct motion - again moved into direct opposition to Pluto." [E.M.] [See Link 1]

2002 - Nanotechnology / U.S. Military - May 27th, 2002: "The American Defense Department will spend $201 million on scientific research in the year 2003. Spending is growing: $180 million were spent on the research in 2002, $123 billion in 2001, and $70 million in 2000. Cliff Lau, deputy undersecretary of defense said that nanotechnology [atomic technology] could exert the biggest influence on defense technology since the time when gunpowder was invented.
   "The USA started conducting its first research in the field in the beginning of the 1980s. Currently, nanotechnologies are used in the American navy, in particular for the production of long-lasting protective clothing for safety. The sum that will be spent on nanotechnology by the American administration in 2003 totals $570 million, which is almost $60 million more than 2001. [....]" [Pravada, May 27th, 2002]

2002 - NATO-Russia Council - May 28th, 2002: "NATO and Russia agree to cooperate against terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. They form the NATO-Russia Council, giving Russia a limited voice in NATO's deliberations." [Sources: NATO, The Associated Press, the World Book, the Encyclopedia Britannica]

2002 - Neutrino Trap Construction / Minnesota - "Deep in a 19th-century iron mine in a Minnesota state park, in a football-field-size cavern, physicists are building a 6,000-ton steel trap for neutrinos, sub-atomic particles so elusive scientists don't even know if they have any mass. The U.S. $160 million project is designed to encourage the ghost-like particles to stop by long enough for scientists to take a closer look at just what they are, how they behave and what it all means in understanding the nature of the universe. Several hundred researchers from 30 institutions in the United States, Great Britain, Russia, China, and Greece are involved."

June 2002

2002 - Disposition / Yasser Arafat - June 6, 2002: "Palestinian Leader Yasser Arafat Leaves Ramallah Compound After Weeks of Siege by Israel."

2002 - Elections Trivia / Afghanistan - June 13, 2002: "Afghan Leader Karzai Wins Loyal Jirga Presidential Elections."

2002 - Earthquake / Indiana - June 18th, 2002: "The quake, which struck in the early afternoon, registered a magnitude of 5.0, said John Bellini with the U.S. Geological Survey in Golden, Colorado. The epicenter was 10 miles northwest of Evansville, near the town of Darmstadt."

2002 - Palestinian Suicide Bombing  / Jerusalem - June 19th, 2002: "Jerusalem was both in mourning and on high alert after a Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up on a crowded bus, killing 19 other people in the deadliest attack in the city for six years. The attack came as the Middle East was anxiously awaiting a speech from George Bush on the Israel-Palestinian conflict, but there were few signs that the US President would offer a formula to lead the region away from bloodshed, fear and misery. Israel's immediate response began at nightfall when up to 40 army vehicles including tanks and helicopter gunships moved into the West Bank Palestinian stronghold of Jenin, cutting it off from a nearby refugee camp."

2002 - Israeli Invasions / West Bank - June 20th, 2002: "Israeli forces pushed into three Palestinian-ruled areas of the West Bank. The Israeli security cabinet has confirmed that the army will remain in reoccupied Palestinian areas for as long as necessary to stop further attacks on Israelis. The Israeli Defence Force's incursions in West Bank towns were approved by the cabinet on June 21st."

2002 - Earthquake / W. Iran - June 22, 2002: "A strong earthquake [magnitude 6.3] destroyed buildings and killed hundreds [261+] in northwestern Iran. Don Blakeman, a geophysicist at the National Earthquake Information Center in Colorado, U.S. said the 6.3 magnitude quake took place at 7:28 a.m. local time."

2002 - Wildfires / U.S.A. - June 23rd, 2002: "Two enormous, wind-driven wildfires were believed to have merged into a 50-mile-long line of flame advancing through paper-dry forest in eastern Arizona. About 235,000 acres - 367 square miles - have burned since Thursday [June 20th], and as many as 25,000 people have fled homes in more than half a dozen towns. It was unclear how many homes have been destroyed."

2002 - Police Station Destruction / Hebron - June 29, 2002: "Palestinian Police Station in Hebron Destroyed by Israel."

2002 - U.S. Position / Global Warming - "The last time the administration issued a document suggesting that global warming had a human cause and posed big risks was in June 2002, in a submission to the United Nations under a climate treaty. Bush distanced himself from it, saying it was something 'put out by the bureaucracy.' That may be harder to do this time [August 2004]. The new report, online at www.climatescience.gov, is accompanied by a letter signed by Bush's secretaries of energy and commerce and by his science advisor. The report was disputed by some groups aligned with industry that oppose restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions. They have attacked science pointing to dangerous human-caused warming as flawed." [New York Times, 08/26/04]

July 2002

2002 - Conditionally Agreed to Invade Iraq? / George Bush & Tony Blair - July 2002: "A highly classified memo leaked to the Times of London [May 2005?] proves that President George Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair had conditionally agreed by July 2002 to invade Iraq, a year before launching their attack. It also confirms they shaped intelligence to that aim, never seriously intending to avert the war through diplomacy. The memo is a briefing paper for a meeting between Blair and his intelligence and military chiefs. [....]" [See link:]

[Based on: http://www.nationalvanguard.org/story.php?id=5043] 

*Trivia: "The minutes of the July 2002 meeting of the British war cabinet report Foreign Secretary Jack Straw saying that a U.N. ultimatum demanding that Saddam permit the return of U.N. inspectors could be useful because Saddam's refusal would 'help with the legal justification for the use of force.' Blair agreed, the minutes say, 'that it would make a big difference politically and legally if Saddam refused to allow in the U.N. inspectors.' The meyer memo relating his lunch with Wolfowitz, in March 2002, suggests a focus even then on crafting a U.N. weapons-inspection resolution aimed at tempting Saddam into an open display of defiance that would clear the way to war. [....] On Tuesday [06/21/05], Wolfowitz professed no recollection of discussing U.N. tactics with Meyer. He said he was determined to keep his own focus on development issues. 'I can tell you that no one I met in Africa, no African at least, wanted to talk about Iraq,' he said. 'They wanted to talk about what the world can do to improve Africa. I think they deserve that attention, and that's what my attention is focussed on.' " [Based on: article by Jon Sawyer, Post-Dispatch Washington Bureau Chief, S.L.P.D., p. A5, 06/22/05]

2002 - Flooding / India, Nepal, Bangladesh - "Flood date(s): July-August 2002. Number of recorded deaths: 1,100+." [Based on: The World Almanac and Book of Facts, 2005, p. 207]

2002 - Typhoon Chata'an / Micronesia, Philippines, Japan - "Typhoon date(s): July 1st-11th, 2002. Number of recorded deaths: 70." [Based on: The World Almanac and Book of Facts, 2005, p. 206]

2002 - Assassinations / Afghanistan - July 6th, 2002: "Afghanistan Vice President Haji Abdul Qadir and his driver are assassinated in a Kabul Street During a Daring Daytime Attack."

2002 - Civilian Casualties / Afghanistan - July 6th 2002: "President Bush Condemns the July 1, 2001 U.S. Bombing that kills over 40 civilians in Deh Rawud, a village in Central Afghanistan."

2002 - Assassination Attempt / Jacques Chirac - July 14th, 2002: "A French court convicted a man who tried to shoot President Jacques Chirac during a national Bastille Day parade in 2002 and sentenced him Friday [12/11/04] to ten years in prison. Maxime Brunerie, 27, could have received life imprisonment for the assassination attempt on July 14, 2002. Brunerie was on Paris' famed Champs-Elysees when he pulled a rifle out of a guitar case and fired a shot before being subdued. He told authorities he conceived the plot because he wanted to go down in history with a 'shocking' act. Defense lawyers argued that Brunerie has psychological problems and deserved treatment rather than a criminal conviction. They requested a suspended sentence." [News Services, 12/11/04]

2002 - Spinoff / Pharmacia - July 15th, 2002: "Pharmacia announces it will merge with Pfizer Inc. by the end of the year. But first, it will spin off the rest of Monsanto."

2002 - Trivia / U.S. Crime Rate - "A record 6.6 million people are in the nation's corrections system, according to a government report that found one in every 32 adults in the United States was behind bars or on probation or parole by the end of last year. Texas had more adults under correctional supervision than any other state, 755,100. California was second with 704,900. Texas also had the most adults on probation, 443,648, followed by California at 350,768. Missouri had 172,700 people under parole or probation and 35,400 imprisoned. The figures for Illionois were 406,000 and 62,700."

2002 - Census / U.S. Hispanic Population - "The Census Bureau announced Wednesday [6/18/2003] that a long-awaited milestone has been reached: Hispanics are now the nation's leading minority group. The new Census figures also show that Latinos accounted for half half the country's population growth in the two years after the 2000 Census was taken. The nation's Hispanic population nymbered 38.8 million in July 2002 [a third of Latinos are under 18], according to population estimates released Wednesday [6/18/2003]. The nation's African American population, which has been the nation's largest minority since the country was founded, numbered 38.3 million. " [Washington Post]

August 2002

2002 - Flooding / Russia - "Flood date(s): August 2002. Number of recorded deaths: 110." [Based on: The World Almanac and Book of Facts, 2005, p. 207]

2002 - Typhoon Rusa / North & South Korea - "Typhoon date(s): August-September, 2002. Number of recorded deaths: 115+." [Based on: The World Almanac and Book of Facts, 2005, p. 206]

2002 - Flooding / Germany, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic - "Flood date(s): August 2002. Number of recorded deaths: 100." [Based on: The World Almanac and Book of Facts, 2005, p. 207]

2002 - Internal Review / State Farm Insurance Co. - Summer, 2002: "State Farm, with headquarters in Bloomington, Ill., begins an internal reveiw of how it gets state titles for wrecked vehicles it sells at auction." [Based on: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, p. A4, 01/24/05]

2002 - Bob Dylan / Newport Folk Festival - Entertainment highlights during the week of July 31st - August 6th, 2002: "Bob Dylan returned to the Newport Folk Festival. Thirty-seven years earlier [1965], the crowd in Newport, R.I., had become outraged when Dylan played electric guitar at the festival." [Based on: A.P., 08/01/05]

2002 - Spinoff / Monsanto - August 13th, 2002: "Monsanto spins off Monsanto stock to Pharmacia shareholders."

2002 - White Bison / North Dakota - August 17th, 2002: "A white bison, a bull with blue eyes, was born in Westhope North Dakota." [Link: 1]

2002 - Trivia / NYC Losses - August 18th, 2002: "NYC Says 9/11 Cost City $80 Billion in Economic Losses."

2002 - White Bison / North Dakota - August 21st, 2002: "A second white bison, a white heifer calf with dark eyes, was born in Westhope North Dakota."

2002 - Earthquake / Italy - August 22nd, 2002: "A 5.4 earthquake rocked Sicily and left at least two people dead."

2002 - White Bison / North Dakota - August 29th, 2002: "A third white bison, a bull with blue eyes, was born in Westhope North Dakota."

2002 - Iraq War Trivia - "Sunday [8/10/03] The Washington Post published the results of a lengthy investigation into the Bush administration's claims about an Iraqi nuclear weapons program. The story also described the creation within the White House last August [2002] of a special group charged with winning support from Congress, from the United Nations if necessary and from the American people for a war against Iraq." [Based on article by Eric Mink, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 08/13/03]

*Link: http://www.spokesmanreview.com/breaking/story.asp?ID=675

2002 - Air Force Retirement? / Darleen Druyun - August, 2002: "Darleen Druyun tells her Air Force bosses she plans to retire." [Based on: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, p. G2, 12/12/04]

*Trivia: ""Darleen Druyun's daughter  sends Boeing executive Michael Sears an e-mail [09/03/02] saying her mother is 'officially available'; the two discuss a job offer over the next three weeks." [Based on: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, p. G2, 12/12/04]

2002 - Malfunctioning Slot Machines?  / Ameristar Casino St. Charles Inc. - August, 2002: "Missouri gambling regulators Monday [11/29/04] fined Ameristar Casino $200,000 because of a malfunction in its progressive slot machines at its St. Charles [Mo.] casino. The Ameristar Casino St. Charles Inc. broke gambling laws when a component in its progressive slot machines malfunctioned, resulting in an incorrect amount being shown to gamblers as the potential jackpot, the commission said. [....] The commission said the progressive slot machines reported the total incorrectly between August 2002 and March 2004, accounting for lower jackpots to the tune of $152,811 in all. [....]" [St. Louis Post-Dispatch, p. C2]

September 2002

2002 - White Bison / North Dakota - September 2nd, 2002: "A fourth white bison, a bull with a dark patch on its head, was born in Westhope North Dakota."

2002 - "Officially Available?" / Darleen Druyun - September 3rd, 2002: "Darleen Druyun's daughter sends Boeing executive Michael Sears an e-mail saying her mother is 'officially available'; the two discuss a job offer over the next three weeks." [Based on: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, p. G2, 12/12/04]

2002 - CIA Briefing / Interrogation Methods, U.S.A. - September 4th, 2002: "WASHINGTON - Congressional Republicans on Friday [05/08/09] accused Democrats of full complicity in approval of the Bush administration's brutal interrogations, citing a new accounting that shows frequent briefings for some top Democrats on waterboarding and other harsh methods starting in 2002. [NP]  The new chart of briefings, prepared by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the first full listing of briefings, appears to call into question the assertion of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that she was never told that waterboarding and other methods were used, only that the CIA believed they were legal and could be used. [NP] The chart says that at the first briefing, on Sept. 4, 2002, Pelosi, then the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, and Rep. Porter Goss, then the committee's Republican chairman, were given a 'description' of the interrogation methods that 'had been employed' against a prisoner, Abu Zubaydah. [NP] On Friday, the speaker issued a statement challenging the possible discrepancy. 'Of the 40 CIA briefings to Congress reported recently in the press, I was only briefed once, on September 4, 2002, as I have previously stated.' She said she was 'briefed on interrogation techniques the administration was considering using in the future' and that the techniques were determined to be legal." [Based on: New York Times (GOP charges Dems knew of CIA methods) article by Scott Shane & Carl Hulse, p. A17, S.L.P.D., 05/09/09]

*Trivia: "[....] 'The CIA was misleading the Congress' as part of a broader Bush administration pattern of deception about its activities, Pelosi said [05/14/09]. 'The only mention of waterboarding at the briefing was that it was not being employed,' she said, adding, 'We now know that earlier, they were.' [....] Democrats believe that Pelosi's call last month [April 2009] for a 'truth commission' touched off the storm that has engulfed her. Pelosi accused the Bush administration of 'misinforming' Congress not only about torture but about weapons of mass destruction by way of pushing its war agenda with minimal interference from Congress." [Based on: San Francisco Chronicle article (Pelosi accuses the CIA of lying / House speaker inisists agency never told her that it used torture.) - The New York Times, Tribune Washington Bureau and Associated Press contributed to this report, p. A1 & A7, S.L.P.D., 05/15/09]

*Trivia: "[....] 'Briefing on EITs [Enhanced Interrogation Techniques] including use of ETIs on Abu Zubaydah ... and a description of the particular EITs that had been used,' reads the entry for the Sept. 4, 2002, briefing for Pelosi and her House Republican counterpart, Porter Goss. Those techniques included waterboarding, whose use Pelosi has repeatedly claimed she wasn't briefed on. [....]" [Based on: Other Views page article (Playing politics with the CIA is a way of life on Capitol Hill / Intelligence - Pelosi's apparent rewriting of the record would be shocking, if it weren't so typical of congressional behavior.) by David Ignatius, p. A13, S.L.P.D., 05/19/09]

2002 - Earthquake / Papua New Guinea -  September 9th, 2002: "Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea [CNN] - A powerful earthquake centered off the coast of Papua New Guinea may have left at least two people dead and caused widespread damage, an official with the country's geological survey said. The 7.6-magnitude earthquake also caused two tsunamis after it struck at 4:45 a.m. local time Monday [1844 GMT Sunday], said Chris McKee, assistant director of the Geological Survey in Papua New Guinea. 'We are hearing many reports of houses collapsing, electricity disrupted, and we are hearing reports of one bridge that has been damaged,' he said. Water pipes were also broken, he added.' The quake was centered about 50 miles [80 km] to the west-northwest of Wewak, in eastern Papua New Guinea on the northern coast." 

2002 - Chinese Pyramid - September 13th, 2002: "A team of Chinese scientists is to head out to the far west of the country to investigate a mystery pyramid that local legend says is a launch tower left by aliens from space." [Link: 1]

2002 - Terrorist Cell? / Buffalo N.Y. - September 13th, 2002: "FBI Raids Buffalo Al-Qaeda Cell."

2002 - Record Drought / United States - September 13th, 2002: "Confronted by parched lawns and withered fields, few Americans will be surprised to learn that the summer of 2002 was hotter and drier than normal. For the record, the National Climatic Data Center reported Friday that June through August was the warmest summer since the 1930s and drought affected about half the country." [Link: 1]

2002 - Trivia / Speed of Light - September 16th, 2002: "Electric signals can be transmitted at least four times faster than the speed of light using only basic equipment that would be found in virtually any college science department. Scientists have sent light signals at faster-than-light speeds over the distances of a few metres for the last two decades - but only with the aid of complicated, expensive equipment. Now physicists at Middle Tennessee State University have broken that speed limit over distances of nearly 120 metres, using off-the-shelf equipment costing just $500."

2002 - Trivia / Van Allen Belts - September 17th, 2002: "Some people are now looking at possible advantages to the removal of the Earth's Radiation Belts [heaven help us!]." [Link: 1]

2002 - Trivia / Antimatter? - September 19th, 2002: "Scientists at Europe's atom-smashing lab say they can produce a steady stream of hydrogen antimatter, a breakthrough that opens the way to testing one of the conceptual cornerstones of physics. The researchers at the European Organization for Nuclear Research [CERN] in Geneva say they have been able to manufacture tens of thousands of atoms of antihydrogen, the 'mirror' substance to normal hydrogen. Antimatter may be a staple of science fiction, although physicists say it exists in reality, even though it is extraordinarily elusive to detect and study. The theory is that when energy is converted into matter, it also produces a counterpart, called antimatter, whose particles are of the opposite electrical charge to matter." [Link: 1]

2002 - Great Pyramid Exploration / Egypt - September 23rd, 2002: "Scientists exploring the Great Pyramid in Egypt sent a robot into the northern shaft in the past few days, discovering another blocking stone. The 'door' appears to be identical to the one in the southern shaft that was already known. The doors are equidistant [65 meters/208 feet] from the queen's chamber. It is the third such block discovered within the shafts of the pyramid." [Link: 1]

2002 - Civil War / Ivory Coast - "Ivory Coast, the world's largest cocoa producer and one of West Africa's most developed nations, remains divided into rebel north and loyalist south after a civil war began in September 2002." [News Services, 06/22/04]

2002 - Oil Consumption / Worldwide - "Oil consumption grew 14 percent during the 1990s, and this burned fuel accounts for some 40 percent of the 24 billion tons of carbon dioxide added to the atmosphere annually. Ice cores reveal that this primary greenhouse gas is now at its highest level in 420,000 years. Two-thirds of the world's oil reserves lie in the Persian Gulf region, where political instability and the threat of conflict jeopardize oil flow." [N.G.M. / September 2002]

2002 - Radioactive Waste / Worldwide - "This year the world's some 440 commercial nuclear reactors will create more than 11,000 tons of radioactive spent fuel. The waste poses a risk in the form of accidental leakage and as a terrorist target. In the U.S., home to nearly a quarter of the world's reactors, 161 million people live within 75 miles of an aboveground waste storage site. Pending national debate and more studies, these 131 sites in 39 states may send their waste to be entombed beneath Nevada's Yucca Mountain starting in 2010." [N.G.M. / September 2002]

2002 - Chemical Weapons Program / United States - "A Pentagon document released to the Sunshine Project indicates that the US chemical weapons program operated by the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate [JNLWD] is planning or may have already performed experiments on humans. This indicates that the program is more advanced than previously believed. Another Pentagon document states that a test quantity of fully working 'non-lethal' mortar rounds must be delivered by tomorrow. In a first reaction to Wednesday's revelations of its illegal chemical weapons research, the Pentagon claimed that it has taken a step back from funding work on sleep inducing or mind altering chemicals ['calmatives']." [News Release 27 September 2002, The Sunshine Project] [Link: 1]

October 2002

2002 - Trivia / Israeli Settlements - "Soon after capturing the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Sinai, and the Golan Heights in the 1967 war, Israel adopted a policy designed to create settlements of Israeli civilians in these territories that would be difficult to anyone, including later Israeli governments, to remove. Such activity violates principles set down by the Fourth Geneva Convention, which forbids victors in war from colonizing foreign lands seized in battle. However every Israeli government since 1967 has expanded these settlements by expropriating Arab lands and building homes for Israeli Jews, even when Israel's leaders were negotiating for peace with the Palestinians. While some Israeli settlers are motivated by ideology, many others are attracted by government subsidies and incentives." [N.G.M./October/2002]

*Trivia: "According to the Israeli human rights organization B'Tselem, 42 percent of the land in the West Bank is now controlled by Israeli settlements." [N.G.M./October/2002].

*Trivia: "Despite their hold on the world's attention, the Gaza Strip and West Bank territories, occupied by Israel since the Six Day War in June 1967, cover relatively tiny areas. Gaza, home to 1.1 million Palestinians and 7,000 Israeli settlers [who occupy 25 percent of the land], is only 26 miles long." [N.G.M /October/2002].

*Trivia: "To shelter Palestinian refugees after Israel's 1948 War of Independence, the UN and volunteer agencies raised a tent city near Nablus. Six decades later the refugees remain." [N.G.M /October/2002]

2002 - Trivia / Death by Suicide - October 3nd, 2002: "According to a CNN News report, the 13th leading cause of death worldwide was death by suicide. An average of one suicide every 40 seconds."

2002 - Shooting / United Nations - October 3rd, 2002: "A man jumped a fence at the United Nations, fired seven shots at the UN building, and then threw 25 pieces of paper into the air before surrendering to authorities without incident. Apparently he was protesting conditions in North Korea."

2002 - Sniper Shootings / U.S.A. - October 3rd, 2002: "In Montgomery County Maryland, five people were gunned down within a 16 hour period. Each victim was shot once and died as a result."

2002 - Hurricane Lily / U.S. Gulf Coast - October 3rd, 2002: "Hurricane Lily battered the U.S. Gulf Coast."

2002 - Nebra Sky Disk / Mittelberg Germany - October 5th, 2002: "Nebra, Germany - Archaeologists offered a first glimpse on Wednesday of a lost culture's holy site atop a German peak, and confirmed it as the source of the world's oldest map of the heavens. The exact location has been kept secret for weeks, amid fears that treasure-seekers would move in and disturb Bronze Age remains. The site is atop the Mittelberg, a 252m hill in the Ziegelroda Forest, 180km south-west of Berlin. Adding a spooky touch is the discovery that, seen from the Mittelberg, the sun sets every June 22 behind the Brocken, the highest mountain in northern Germany. The Brocken is in a direct line of sight on a clear day, 85km to the north-west. [....] The Brocken is fabled in northern European mythology as the place where witches gather for a coven every April 30. Scientists are still scratching their heads at the full meaning of a 32cm bronze-and-gold disc found by treasure hunters on the Mittelberg in 1999. The map on its face shows the Brocken as well as 32 stars including the Pleiades. Experts in pre-history can only guess at the identity of the people who made the 'Nebra Disc' 3 600 years ago. 'This disc, with the oldest concrete representation of the stars in the world, was placed in a pit in the middle of a ringwall during the early Bronze Age,' Harald Meller, the chied archaeologist in the state of Saxony-Anhalt, said on Wednesday." [Independent Online, 10/05/02] [Link: 1]

2002 - Revelation / U.S. Chemical & Biological Weapons Tests - "The United States held open-air biological and chemical weapons tests in at least four states — Alaska, Hawaii, Maryland and Florida — during the 1960s in an effort to develop defenses against such weapons, according to Pentagon documents. A series of tests in Alaska from 1965-67 used artillery shells and bombs filled with the nerve agents sarin and VX, the records show." [A.P., 10/08/02]

2002 - "Day of Reckoning" / World Economy - October 9th, 2002: "[....] On Jan. 14, 2000 ... the Dow Jones industrial average closed at 11,722.98, a record that stands to this day [January 2005]. [....] From the end of 1995 through early 2000, the Dow soared 132 percent, propelled by the enthusiasm over technology and the Internet .[....] Shortly after March 2000, the decline began, exacerbated over the next few years by a litany of bad news - a disputed election, bankruptcies, shenanigans at WorldCom and Enron, 9/11, the recession, war and Afghanistan. Oct. 9, 2002, would be the final day of reckoning on Wall Street, with the Dow, Nasdaq and S&P 500. The final tally: The Dow had fallen 37.8 percent from its high, the S&P 500 lost 49.5 percent, and the tech-heavy, start-up friendly Nasdaq tumbled 77.9 percent. [....]" [Based on: A.P.,01/13/05]

2002 - Approved / Iraq War Resolution, U.S.A. - October 11th, 2002: "You may recall that the Democrat-led Senate approved the war resolution 77-23 on Oct. 11, 2002, one day after the U.S. House approved a similar resolution." [Based on article by Clarence Page, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 07/27/04]

2002 - USAF Retirement Announcement / Darleen Druyun - October 16th, 2002: "The U.S. Air Force announces Darleen Druyun will retire." [Based on: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, p. G2, 12/12/04]

2002 - Job Discussion? / Michael Sears & Darleen Druyun - October 17th, 2002: "Darleen Druyun meets Michael Sears and tells him she hasn't disqualified herself from Air Force dealings with Boeing. They discuss a job anyway, but agree to keep it a secret." [Based on: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, p. G2, 12/12/04]

2002 - Saturn Retrograde - October 19th, 2002: "On October 19th, 2002, Saturn reversed to 'retrograde' motion. It will continue this motion until February 26th, 2003, at which time it will be at its closest opposition to Pluto since 5/26/2002." [Link 1]

2002 - Discovery / Biblical Remains? - October 21st, 2002: "Corresponding with the Full Moon on October 21st, 2002, a Biblical burial box dating from 63 A.D. containing [in Aramaic] the words 'James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus', appeared in the late afternoon headlines [CST] of CNN News. The box was reportedly discovered in Jerusalem around 1980 and was mentioned by the Associated Press on April 2nd, 1996."  [Links: 1, 2

*Trivia: "An ivory pomegranate long touted by scholars as the only relic from Solomon's Temple is a forgery, the Israeli Museum said Friday [12/24/04], as investigators said they had broken up several fake antiquity rings in a wide-ranging investigation. Indictments in that investigation are to be handed down next week, the officials said. Among those to be indicted is Israeli collector Oded Golan, the Justice Ministry confirmed. Golan, who denied wrongdoing, owns the two most spectacular artifacts declared fakes last year [2003]: a burial chest purported to be that of James, the brother of Jesus, and a stone tablet with inscriptions on how to maintain the Jewish Temple. The pomegranate was examined by the museum independently of the investigation by the Israeli authorities, said the director of the Israel Museum, James Snyder. A team of experts reported the thumb-sized pomegranate dates to the Bronze period, or about 3,400 years ago, meaning it is considerably older than the first Jewish Temple, and the inscription was added recently, the museum said in a statement." [News Services, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, p. A10, 12/25/04]

*Trivia: "Four Israeli antiquities collectors and dealers were indicted Wedneday [12/29/04] in Jerusalem on charges they ran a sophisticated forgery ring that spanned the globe and produced a treasure-trove of fake Bible-era artifacts - some of which were hailed as major archaeological finds. [....] Investigators warned that collectors and museums around the world could be in the possession of fakes, and scholars urged museums to re-examine items of suspicious origin. The forgery ring has been operating for more than 20 years, said Shuka Dorfman, head of the Israel Antiquities Authority." [News Services, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, p. A12, 12/30/04]

2002 - Sun Spot - October 22nd, 2002: "Another major sunspot complex has rotated into view around the northeastern limb of the Sun over the last several days. Nearing 1,000 millionths of a solar hemisphere in area, this sunspot complex has the potential to become visible to the unaided [but protected] eye."

2002 - Dedication / ECK Celebrations of Life Chapel, MN - October 22nd, 2002: "The dedication of the ECK Celebrations of Life Chapel took place at 12:00 noon on October 22, 2002. [....]" [Based on: http://www.eckankar.org/Campus/index10-22-02.html]

2002 - Dust Storm / Australia - October 23rd, 2002: "According to a CNN report, Australia experienced the biggest Dust Storm in 30 years."

2002 - Hostage Crisis / Russia - "About 700 people were taken hostage in a Russian movie theater by rebels protesting the War in Chechnya. A number of women [including widowed Islamic Chechens] were counted among the hostage-takers calling for the Russian Army to pull out of Chechnya."

2002 - Apprehension / U.S. Sniper Suspects - October 24th, 2002: "Two suspects were apprehended around 1 a.m. while asleep at a Rest Stop in their dark blue Chevrolet Caprice. The two suspects amounted to an X-Gulf War Veteran and his 17 year-old Jamacian step-son. Apparently the gun was fired from a hole in the car's trunk."

2002 - Sun Spot - October 25th, 2002: "An impressive sequence of prominence eruptions was caught by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory [SOHO] on 25 October, 2002." [Link: 1]

2002 - Fatal Plane Crash / Minnesota - "October 25th, 2002: "Democratic Senator Paul Wellstone running for a third term in office fell victim to a falal plane crash in Minnesota."

2002 - Hostage Release / Russia - October 26th, 2002: "Early Saturday morning, October 26th, Special Forces troops stormed a Russian movie theater and freed at least 750 hostages. A controversial gas was responsible for over 100 [more than ninety percent] of all the fatalities resulting from the seige. In the end it was determined that the abductors killed fewer hostages than the number reported before the seige began."

2002 - Volcanic Eruption / Mount Etna  - October 27th, 2002: "Etna is currently undergoing one of its most vigorous eruptions in years. It was triggered by a series of earthquakes on 27 October." [Link: 1]

2002 - Volcanic Activity / Italy - October 28th, 2002: "Fountains of ash and sand continued raining down from Mount Etna for a second day on Monday [10/28/02] , as at least two rivers of lava poured down its slopes and more cracks opened up. However, the lava did not go past an altitude of about 2,200 meters, posing no threats to towns or villages, the National Institute of Geophysics and Vulcanology said." [A.P.] [Link: 1]

2002 - Earthquake / Italy - "A tremor measuring 4.3 on the Richter scale panicked residents in localities on the slopes of Italy's Mount Etna early Tuesday [10/29/02], a civil protection official told AFP. The large tremor struck at 11:02 am, sending residents of the towns of Zafferana Etnea and Giarre running into the streets. Children fled school buildings into the open." [From AFP]

2002 - Earthquake / S. Italy - October 31st, 2002: "Earthquake location: S. Italy. Earthquake magnitude: 5.9. Number of recorded fatalities: 29."  [Based on: The World Almanac and Book of Facts, 2005, p. 208]

November 2002

2002 - Record Earthquake / Alaska - November 3rd, 2002: "This M7.9 shock is the largest earthquake on the Denali fault since at least 1912, when a M 7.2 earthquake occurred in the general vicinity of the fault, more than 50 miles to the east of today's epicenter. Since there were no seismographs operating in Alaska at that time and no reports of surface faulting in the remote Alaska Range, the location of the 1912 shock is not well-constrained." [Links: 1, 2]

2002 - Volcanic Eruption / Ecuador - November 4th, 2002: "More than a million tons of gray ash from a massive volcanic eruption [from El Reventador] engulfed Quito."

2002 - Disqualified From Boeing Dealings / Darleen Druyun - November 5th, 2002: "Darleen Druyun disqualifies herself from Boeing dealings." [Based on: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, p. G2, 12/12/04]

2002 - Elections / United States - November 5-6th, 2002: "The Republican party claimed a majority in the U.S. House and Senate."

2002 - Walter Cardinal Kasper / Boston College - "[....] On November 6, 2002, Walter Cardinal Kasper, president of the Vatican commission for Religious Relations with the Jews, announced in an address at Boston College, that Jews 'in order to be saved' do not 'have to become Christians; if they follow their own conscience and believe in God's promises as they understand them in their religious tradition, they are in line with God's plan, which for us comes to its historical completion in Jesus Christ.' [....]" [Based on: E. Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars]

2002 - Tornadoes / United States - November 10-11th, 2002: "Several tornadoes [more than 70] ravaged the east and southeast United States." [Link: 1]

2002 - Trivia / Lost Ancient Worlds? - "If modern homo sapiens, as science insists, have been here for 120,000 years, but our traceable family tree goes back to only about 10,000 BC, what happened in the interval? Nothing? We were hunter-gatherers for 110 millennia?" [Link: 1]

2002 - You Are a Suspect? - November 14th, 2002: "Under the Homeland Security Act, every purchase you make with a credit card, every magazine subscription you buy and medical prescription you fill, every Web site you visit and e-mail you send or receive, every academic grade you receive, every bank deposit you make, every trip you book and every event you attend — all these transactions and communications will go into what the Defense Department describes as 'a virtual, centralized grand database.' " [Link: 1]

2002 - USAF Retirement / Darleen Druyun - November 15th, 2002: "Darleen Druyun retires from the U.S. Air Force." [Based on: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, p. G2, 12/12/04]

2002 - Wiretap Authority / U.S. Justice Dept. - November 18th, 2002: "The Justice Department has broad discretion in the use of wiretaps and other surveillance techniques to track suspected terrorists and spies, a federal appeals court panel ruled Monday." [Washington, A.P.] [Link: 1]

2002 - Oil Spill / Spain - November 19th, 2002: "An oil tanker sank off the coast of spain releasing thousands of gallons of oil and threatening the Spanish coastline." 

2002 - Trivia / New NATO Members - November 21st, 2002: " NATO welcomes seven new Eastern European members - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, and Romania." [Sources: NATO, The Associated Press, the World Book, the Encyclopedia Britannica]

2002 - "Letter to America" / Osama Bin Laden? - November 24th, 2002: "The full text of Osama bin Laden's 'letter to the American people', reported in today's Observer. The letter first appeared on the internet in Arabic and has since been translated and circulated by Islamists in Britain." [Link: 1]

2002 - President Signs / 911 Commission Bill - November 27th, 2002: "President Bush signed the Intelligence Authorization Act, which included a provision to create the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States which is charged with investigating the attacks of September 11, 2001. With the signing, the clock began to tick on the commission's 18 month duration."

[Based on: http://www.911independentcommission.org/history.html]


THE PRESIDENT: Thank you, all, for coming. Please be seated. Today, I sign an act of Congress authorizing intelligence programs vital to our security, and creating a national commission to investigate the events of September the 11th, 2001, and the years that led up to that event. This commission will help me and future Presidents to understand the methods of America's enemies and the nature of the threats we face.

Today, I'm pleased to announce my choice for commission chairman, Dr. Henry Kissinger. Dr. Kissinger is one of our nation's most accomplished and respected public servants. He worked here at the White House as National Security Advisor, represented America abroad as the Secretary of State for two Presidents. He is a distinguished author, academic, Army veteran, and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. He's also spent much of his life in New York, feels deeply the loss that came to that city and to our country. Dr. Kissinger will bring broad experience, clear thinking, and careful judgment to this important task.

Mr. Secretary, thank you for returning to the service of your nation.


[Based on: Article (President Signs 911 Commission Bill / The Roosevelt Room ) - see link]
*Link: http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2002/11/20021127-1.html

2002 -  Violence / Kenya - November 28th, 2002: "Two surface- to-air missles were launced at a passenger plane shortly after takeoff - and missed. Bombs later exploded at a hotel. The plane and the hotel were reported to have contained a number of Israeli citizens."

2002 - Audiotape / Osama Bin Laden? - November, 2002: "Al-Jazeera broadcasts a brief audiotape in which a voice attributed to bin Laden says the 'youths of God' are planning more attacks against the United States. U.S. experts say the tape can't be authenticated because of its poor quality. The recording warns countries not to side with the United States." [A.P., 10/30/04]

2002 - Prisoner Abuse? / Afghanistan - November 2002: : "In November 2002, a newly minted CIA case officer in charge of a secret prison [code named, the Salt Pit] just north of Kabul allegedly ordered guards to strip naked  an uncooperative young Afghan detainee, chain him to the concrete floor and leave him there overnight without blankets, according to four U.S. government officials aware of the case. [....] By morning, the Afghan man had frozen to death. After a quick autopsy by a CIA medic - 'hypothermia' was listed as the cause of death - the guards buried the Afghan, who was in his 20s, in an unmarked, unacknowledged cemetery used by Afghan forces, officials said. The captive's family has never been notified; his remains have never been returned for burial. He is on no one's registry of captives, not even as a 'ghost detainee,' the term for CIA captives held in military prisons but not registered on the books, they said. [....] Thirty-three military workers have been court-martialed and an additional 55 received reprimands for their mishandling of detainees, according to the Defense Department. [....]" [Based on: Washington Post article, S.L.P.D., p. A4, 03/03/05]

2002 - Trivia / Landmines - "When US servicemembers deploy, landmines are one of the hazards they may encounter. In many countries, landmines remain from civil and international conflicts which have taken place there. Kuwait spent $128 million to remove two million landmines after the Gulf War. In Afghanistan alone, it is estimated that there are approximately 10 million landmines after 23 years of war." [Link: 1]

2002 - Trivia / Nuclear Weapons Fallout, U.S.A - November 2002: "[....] The radiation fallout map from Under The Cloud: The Decades of Nuclear Testing illustrates the effects of 1200 nuclear weapons tests conducted at the Nevada Test Site. The U.S. Government admitted in November, 2002, that every person living in the United States between 1958 and 1963 was exposed to fallout from nuclear weapons testing. The United States has an epidemic of radiation related diseases: cancer, heart disease, autism, diabetes, Parkinson's Disease, Lou Gehrigs (ALS), asthma, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, hypothyroidism in newborns, obesity, and learning disabilities. One out of 12 children in the United States is disabled.  [....]"

[Based on: http://www.mindfully.org/Nucs/2003/Leuren-Moret-ICT13dec03.htm]

December 2002

2002 - Astronomic Configuration - December 1st, 2002: "Chiron [7 Capricorn], Pluto [17 Sagittarius], Neptune [8 Aquarius], Uranus [25 Aquarius], Saturn [26 Gemini R], Jupiter [18 Leo], Mars [29 Libra], Venus, [1 Scorpio], Mercury [18 Sagittarius], Moon [26 Libra], Sun [8 Sagittarius]." [Link: 1]

2002 - Deployment Locations / U.S. Military - "The United States Military is currently deployed to more locations then it has been throughout history. The military operations conducted by US military forces while deployed range from war to operations such as peace keeping and humanitarian efforts." [Link: 1]

2002 - Drops the Dollar / North Korea - December 7th, 2002: "The final 'Axis of Evil' country, North Korea, recently decided to officially drop the dollar and begin using euros for trade, effective December 7th, 2002."

2002 - Typhoon / Guam - December 9th, 2002: "Super Typhoon Pongsona, with winds as high as 160 mph and 25-foot surf, pounded Guam today."

2002 - Spying / U.S. Military - December 9th, 2002: "The Pentagon is planning to use computers to investigate hundreds of thousands of law-abiding Americans. Why? On the odd chance one might be a terrorist.
   "The person in charge of this new dragnet? John M. Poindexter, the former national security adviser who secretly sold weapons to Middle Eastern terrorists in the 1980s and, as a result, was convicted of defrauding the U.S. government, lying to Congress and destroying evidence.

   "That law enforcement agencies would search for terrorists makes sense. Terrorists are criminals. But why the Army? It is a criminal offense for Army personnel to become directly involved in civilian law enforcement. Are they seeking to identify anti-war demonstrators, whom they harassed in the 1960s? Are they getting ready to round up more civilians for detention without trial, as they did to Japanese Americans during World War II? Is counterterrorism becoming the sort of investigative obsession that anti-Communism was in the 1950s and 1960s, with all the bureaucratic excesses and abuses that entailed? [....]" [By Christopher H. Pyle] [Link: 1]

2002 - Bankruptcy / United Airlines - December 9th, 2002: "United Airlines filed for bankruptcy protection today."

2002 - World Falling Out Of Love With America - December 9th, 2002: "Even the ambition is gargantuan. Only an American pollster like Pew would contemplate asking 38,000 people in 44 countries [speaking 63 languages and dialects] what they think of America. Only a superpower would try to take the world's temperature thus. The trouble is - when you hold their thermometer up to the light - the reading that comes back says this power isn't so super after all. [....]"  [By Peter Preston] [Link: 1]

2002 - Boeing Missle Defense Deputy Chief / Darleen Druyun - December 16th, 2002: "Darleen Druyun accepts a job as deputy chief of Boeing's missle-defense unit." [Based on: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, p. G2, 12/12/04]

2002 - First Human Clone? - December 27th, 2002: "On Friday, December 27th, Brigitte Boisselier, the director of Clonaid annnounced the birth of the first human clone - a seven pound baby girl named 'Eve' born by Caesarian section on December 26th."

2002 - Terrorism Trivia - "Significant acts of terrorism worldwide reached a 21-year high last year [2003], the State Department announced Tuesday [06/22/04] as it corrected a mistaken report that had been cited to boost President George W. Bush's war on terrorism. [....] In all, the department recorded 208 incidents of terrorism last year [2003], compared with 205 in 2002. There were 175 'significant events' in 2003, which Black [J. Cofer Black] said was the highest number since 1982. [....] Thirty-five U.S. citizens died in international terrorist attacks last year [2003]. [....] The report did not include U.S. troops killed or wounded in Iraq, or attacks by resistance fighters against American troops, 'because they were directed at combatants.' Attacks in Iraq against civilians and unarmed military personnel were included. In all, 3,646 people were wounded worldwide in terror attacks last year [2003], the report said. This represented a sharp increase from the 2,013 wounded in 2002. In April [2004], the department had said that 1,593 people were wounded in 2003, a sharp decline from the previous year. The initial report was issued April 29 [2004]. On June 10 [2004], in response to inquiries by Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., and several analysts, the State Department acknowledged the findings were inaccurate. Powell attributed the errors partly to a new data system and said there was no attempt to manipulate the figures to buttress Bush's stature." [By Barry Schweid, A.P., 06/23/04]

*Trivia: "Crushing national debt in many developing nations is producing armies of 'career terrorists,' Noreena Hertz writes in 'The Debt Threat,' a chilling look at perilous trends threatening the planet's stability and viability [....] Hertz builds a case that unemployment and a lack of educational, health and other services provide the environment for fatalistic world views to grow. And those deprivations are direct results of the debt burdens many of the world's poorest nations carry, she contends. Because of the debt payments owed to the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, export credit agencies, commercial banks and other lenders, the government's don't have money left to provide adequate social services or to invest in infrastructure and jobs. As a result, Hertz writes, people become susceptible to extremist groups and drug dealers. [....] But terrorism is only one part of the debt threat Hertz spells out. She also focuses on environmental perils that are growing, including global warming. Debt-burdened countries must use their cheapest resources, so they cut forests, drain wetlands and burn areas for agriculture, causing pollution and other environmental devestation." [Based on article by Cecil Johnson, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, posted in The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, p. C5, 02/04/05]

2002 - Poverty Status / U.S.A. - "The 32.9 million Americans who in the year 2002 lived in poverty were 1.3 million more than those of 2000 (31.6 million)." [Juri Lina, The Barnes Review, September/October 2004, p. 11]

2002 - U.S. After-Tax Income Gap - "The latest Forbes magazine [September? 2003] contains heartening news: President George W. Bush's economic recovery plan is working like a charm! After two years of seeing their wealth decline, the 400 richest Americans last year got ten percent richer. They now hold $955 billion in assets - about 8.8 percent of the gross national product. In 2002, more people than ever - 34.6 million - were living below the federal poverty line, defined as an income of $18,244 for a family of four. That's 1.7 million more 'officially poor' people than in 2001. The U.S. median household income fell for the third straight year, to $42,409. The Congressional Budget Office last week [September 2003] announced that in the year 2000, the famous 'richest 1 percent' of Americans had the same amount of after-tax income as the poorest 40 percent combined. That's 2.8 million people with the same after-tax income as the poorest 112 million. The gap between the richest 1 percent and the poorest 40 percent more than doubled between 1979 and 2000. The gap may be even wider now [2003]. Since those figures were compiled, Mr. Bush has instituted his tax cut program, 42 percent of the benefits of which will acrue to the richest 1 percent, according to analysis by the Tax policy Center. [....] people who qualify for the earned income tax credit for working people with children [32 million low-income Americans] don't even have to pay income taxes." [St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 09/29/03] 

*Trivia: "Over two decades, the income gap has increased steadily between the richest Americans, who own homes and stocks, and those at the middle or bottom of the pay scale, whose paychecks buy less. [....] The wealthiest 20 percent of households in 1973 accounted for 44 percent of total U.S. income, according to the Census Bureau. Their share jumped to 50 percent in 2002 while everyone else's fell. For the bottom fifth, the share dropped from 4.2 percent to 3.5 percent." [By Leigh Strope, A.P., 08/17/04]

2002 - Trivia / U.S. Health Insurance - "Trade Act gives workers displaced by international commerce a tax credit for up to 65 percent of the cost of health insurance." [Source: Institute of Medicine, 10/04/04]

2002 - Cost of Mailing a Letter? / U.S.A. - "Cost of stamp for mailing a letter in U.S.A.: 37 cents." [Based on: S.L.P.D. article (Cost of mailing a letter will jump to 39 cents next week [January 2006]), p. C1, S.L.P.D., 01/03/06]

2002 - Americans Without Health Insurance - "Roughly one of every six Americans was without health insurance throughout 2002." [St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 10/04/03]

2002 - U.S. Prisoner Abuse? / Afghanistan - December 2002: "Despite autopsy findings of homicide and statements by soldiers that two prisoners died [December 2002] after being struck by guards at an American military detention center in Bagram, Afghanistan, Army investigators initially recommended closing the case without bringing any criminal charges, documents and interviews show. [....] The officer who led the interrogation operations at Bagram, Capt. Carolyn A. Wood, was found by a high-level military investigation last year [2004] to have applied many of the same harsh methods in Iraq that she had overseen in Afghanistan. [....]" [Based on: New York Times, 05/22/05]

2002 - Top 10 Conspiracy Theories of 2002  - "For about thirty minutes after his chief of staff told him that America was under attack, George W. Bush continued to sit in an elementary school classroom listening to a second-grader tell a story about a pet goat. He did a marvelous job of looking completely unsurprised. Meanwhile, four hijacked jumbo jets were able to fly off-course across several states without encountering any opposition from the most powerful and responsive air force in the world." [Link: 1]

2002 - Trivia / U.S. Social Security Retirement - "In 2002, 67% of men and 72% of women claiming Social Security retirement benefits were under age 65." [Based on: Jonathan Clements, The Wall Street Journal]

2002 - Medical Costs Trivia / U.S.A. - "[....] In 2002, a mere 5 percent of Americans incurred almost half of U.S. medical costs. [....]." [Based on: article by Paul Krugman (The system is broken, and the market can't fix it), p. B9, S.L.P.D., 11/16/05]

2002 - Overweight Children? / U.S.A. - "More than 10 percent of U.S. children ages 2 to 5 are overweight, the American Heart Association reported Thursday [12/30/04]. That is up from 7 percent in 1994, according to the heart association's annual statistical report on heart disease and stroke. The 10 percent number comes from 2002, the most recent year for which figures are available, and the situation is probably even worse now, said Dr. Robert H. Eckel, president-elect of the heart association and professor of medicine at the University of Colorado. 'These statistics are not anything but alarming,' Eckel said." [News Services, 12/31/04]

2002 - Trivia / Cancer Deaths, U.S.A. - "Cancer is now the leading cause of death for Americans under the age of 85, surpassing deaths from heart disease for the first time, researchers said Wednesday [01/19/05]. [....] In 2002, the most recent year for which data are available, 476,009 Americans under 85 died of cancer, compared with 450,637 who died of heart disease, according to the American Cancer Society's annual report issued Wednesday. [....]" [Los Angeles Times, 01/20/05]

2002 - Diabetes Epidemic / United States - "An epidemic is raging in America. But unlike scourges that ravaged earlier populations, only to die back and later be tamed by vaccines, this one is quietly spreading, bringing devestating complications and occasionally death. Researchers predict that of the babies born in 2000, a staggering 33 percent of males and 38 percent of females will develop this disease in their lifetimes. In addition to its human toll, this epidemic has another victim - the health-care system that is reeling under heavy cost of treating this disease in so many people. The disease: Type 2 Diabetes. [....] The U.S. Department of Agriculture says that on average, Americans eat 160 pounds of sugar a year - 45 to 50 teaspoons a day. [....] Some 6.5 percent of American adults were diagnosed with the disease in 2002, the National Center for Health Statistics says. The number grew from 5.1 percent in 1997. [....] According to the American Diabetes Association, about 17 million Americans have diabetes; most have Type 2, but 5 to 10 percent have Type 1." [St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 11/03/03]

2002 - African-American AIDS Deaths / Missouri - "In Missouri, blacks represented about 12 percent of the population in 2002 but accounted for 44 percent of AIDS cases and 57 percent of AIDS-related deaths. The previous year, African-Americans made up 45 percent of the total deaths." [Based on article by Deborah L. Shelton, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 08/24/2003]

2002 - Trivia / Ocean Warming - "WASHINGTON - Two sections of Antartica's Larsen ice shelf have collapsed over the past decade and another portion could be headed for the same fate as warming ocean waters undermine the ice, researchers say. [....] Large sections of the shelf collapsed and broke into icebergs in 1995 and 2002, the major section could be weak enough to fail within a century, a research team led by Shepard reports today [10/31/2003] in the journal science. [....] From 1992 to 2001, the surface level of the 12,000-square-mile region of the shelf lowered between 3 inches and 6.6 inches per year, they found, with the decline more pronounced at the northern end of the shelf. It was in the northern part of the shelf that the earlier collapses occured." [A.P.]

2002 - Fish Kill / AmerenUE, Mo. - "AmerenUE, Missouri's largest electric utility, said Wednesday [05/18/05] that it had reached a settlement with state and federal regulators to help with relicensing of the Osage power plant and Bagnell Dam at the Lake of the Ozarks. The utility, a unit of St. Louis-based Ameren Corp., also agreed to pay $1.3 million to settle lawsuits over the death of more than 43,000 fish at the plant and dam three years ago [2002]. The Missouri Department of Conservation and Ameren sued each other in 2002 over the fish kill. [....]" [Based on: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 05/19/05]

2002 - Bloodline of the Holy Grail - "First published in Great Britain in 1996: Bloodline Of The Holy Grail, by Laurence Gardner. First published in the United States in 2002."

2002 - Notable Albums of 2002 - "Rush of Blood To the Head" (Coldplay); "Home" (Dixie Chicks); "Eminem Show" (Eminem); "Come Away With Me" (Norah Jones)

2002 - Flood Trivia / 2002 - "Number of notable floods this year: at least 8. Number of flood deaths: 2,392." [E.M.]

2002 - Volcano Trivia / 2002- "Number of volcanic eruptions [and, or] notable volcanic events this year: at least 1." [E.M.]

2002 - Earthquake Trivia / 2002 - "Number of notable earthquakes this year: at least 18. Number of earthquake deaths: 1,611." [E.M.]

2002 - "Natural Disaster" Deaths / 2002 - "Estimated number of people who died from natural disasters this year: at least 4,004." [E.M.]

2003 A.D

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