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    "Most newspaper article events happen anywhere from days, to months, to years before they reach publication. Consequently, most newspaper articles on this timeline are preceded by the date of the newspaper in which they appear." [E.M.]      *Color Code

July 2005

2005 - Astronomic Configuration - July 1st, 2005: "Sun [9 Cancer], Moon [6 Taurus], Mercury [3 Leo], Venus [3 Leo], Mars [12 Aries], Jupiter [9 Libra], Saturn [28 Cancer], Uranus [10 Pisces R], Neptune [17 Aquarius R], Pluto [22 Sagittarius R], Chiron [1 Aquarius R]."  

2005 - Gay Marriage / Spain - July 1st, 2005: "MADRID, Spain - Spain became the third country to legalize gay marriage Thursday [06/30/05] in a parliament vote that left gay activists blowing kisses to lawmakers and the Catholic Church issuing veiled calls for defiance. [....] The 350-seat Congress of Deputies, by a vote of 187-147 with four abstentions, approved the measure to give homosexual couples the same rights as hetrosexual ones, including the right to adopt children. [....] Some 80 percent of Spaniards consider themselves Catholic. However, polls say nearly half of the country's Catholics rarely go to Mass, and a third say they are not religious. The Netherlands and Belgium are the only other countries that recognize gay marriage nationwide. The Netherlands lets gays adopt children. Belgium is considering the adoption issue. Canada's House of Commons passed legislation Tuesday [06/28/05] that would legalize gay marriage by the end of this month as long as the Senate also passes the bill, which it is expected to do. In the United States, Massachusetts is the only state to recognize gay marriage. Vermont and Connecticut have approved same-sex civil unions." [Based on: A.P.]

*Trivia: "A sudden, surprising increase in HIV infections has been discovered among black male college students in North Carolina, and officials fear the same is probably happening across the south. [....] The increase was first noticed in 2002, and officials now believe it began in mid-2001 and is continuing. [....] Blacks are 11 times more likely than white Americans to get AIDS. Even though they make up 12 percent of the population, they account for 39 percent of AIDS cases and 54 percent of new HIV infections. Among black men, like whites, the leading cause of infection is sex with other men. [....] Nationwide, an estimated 900,000 people have HIV. The Centers for Disease Control and prevention says that in recent years infections have risen somewhat among gay men of all races and fallen slightly among women." [A.P., 02/11/2004]

*Trivia: "The Food and Drug Administration is about to implement rules recommending that any man who has engaged in homosexual sex in the previous five years be barred from serving as an anonymous sperm donor. The FDA has rejected calls to scrap the provision, insisting that gay men collectively pose a higher-than-average risk of carrying the AIDS virus. [....]" [Based on: A.P., 06/06/05]

*Trivia: "More than a million Americans are believed to be living with the virus that causes AIDS, the government said Monday [06/13/05]. This is believed to be the first time that mark has been passed since the height of the epidemic in the 1980s. [....] The new estimates, based on reports from 2003, indicate that blacks account for 47 percent of HIV cases, and gay and bisexual men make up 45 percent of those living with the virus." [Based on: A.P., 06/14/05]

2005 - Trivia / U.S. Leak Case - July 1st, 2005: "NEW YORK - Time Inc. said Thursday [06/30/05] that it would comply with a court order to deliver the notes of a reporter threatened with jail in an investigation of the leak of a CIA officer's name. The New York Times, which is also involved in the dispute, said it was 'deeply disappointed' at the move. [....] Special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald, the U.S. attorney in Chicago, has been investigating who in the Bush administration leaked Plame's identity after her husband, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, wrote an opinion piece in the Times that undercut President George W. Bush's rationale for invading Iraq. Columnist Robert Novak, who was the first to identify the CIA agent in print, told CNN that he 'will reveal all' after the matter is resolved. Novak, who has not been held in contempt, has not commented on his involvement in the investigation." [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Flu Outbreak / Cambodia - July 1st, 2005: "A flu outbreak has hospitalized more than 1,000 children in the Cambodian capital and killed two babies, forcing some young patients to share beds and catching doctors by suprise. [....] Deputy Health Minister Heng Tay Kry described the number of influenza cases as unprecedented, with more thasn 1,000 children recently being admitted to hospitals in Phnom Penh." [Based on: News Services]

2005 - Blindness Risk? / Viagra - July 1st, 2005: "WASHINGTON - More than 13 months before a scientific journal reported that Viagra had been linked to a rare form of blindness in some men, a Food and Drug Administration safety officer made the same observation from monitoring adverse event reports and told her supervisors that doctors and patients should be warned of the findings. [....] The journal study examined seven cases in which men suffered an unusual form of sudden blindness within 36 hours of taking Viagra." [Based on: Washington Post]

2005 - PH Status / Earth's Oceans - July 1st, 2005: "LONDON - Whether or not carbon dioxide contributes to global warming, it is turning the oceans acidic, Britain's leading scientific organization warned Thursday [06/30/05]. [....] The burning of fossil fuels by cars and power plants releases more than 25 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide into the air each year. Roughly a third of that is absorbed by the oceans, where the gas undergoes chemical reactions that produce carbonic acid, which is corrosive to shells. [....] Depending on the rate of fossil fuel burning, the PH of ocean water near the surface is expected to drop to 7.7 to 7.9 by 2100, lower than any time in the last 420,000 years, the Royal Society report said." [Based on: New York Times]

2005 - Trivia / Suicide Bombers, Iraq - July 1st, 2005: "BAGHDAD, Iraq - The vast majority of suicide attackers in Iraq are thought to be foreigners - mostly Saudis and other Gulf Arabs - and the trend has become more pronounced this year with North Africans also streaming in to carry out deadly missions, U.S. and Iraqi officials say. [....] Authorities have found little evidence that Iraqis have been behind the stream of suicide attacks over the past six months, which have averaged more than one a day, U.S. and Iraqi intelligence officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the subject's sensitivity. [....] Since 2003, less than 10 percent of more than 500 suicide attacks have been carried out by Iraqis, according to one defense official. So far this year, there have been at least 213 suicide attacks - 172 by vehicle and 41 by bombers on foot - according to an AP count. [....] The key role of foreign fighters in suicide attacks is one reason many senior U.S. military officials tend to view the war in Iraq as slowly developing into an international struggle against militant Islam. The military says Islamic extremists like Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and his al-Qaida in Iraq organization are determined to start a civil war in Iraq by attacking Iraqi security forces and members of the country's Shiite majority." [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Trivia / American Battle Deaths, Iraq - July 1st, 2005: "BAGHDAD, Iraq - June was one of the deadliest months of combat for U.S. troops since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq 28 months ago. [....] In total, 1,744 U.S. military personnel have died in the war, 1,349 from enemy fire. [....] At the close of 2003, U.S. commanders put the number of insurgent fighters at 5,000. On Thursday [06/30/05] in Baghdad, U.S. Brig. Gen. Donald Alston said there were 15,000 to 20,000 insurgents. As of Monday [06/27/05], insurgents launched more than 70 car bombings during the month, according to the U.S. military. While that figure was below that of the two prior months - at 81 each - it's more than any other month since the war began in March 2003. [....] The number of daily attacks against troops with the U.S.-led coalition had dropped to the 30s after national elections in January, but they're now back to about 70 a day. Attacks on Iraqis have also increased. A blistering round of car bombs and assassinations killed more than 1,675 Iraqis after the nation's interim government was seated April 28, according to icasualties.org. [....] Efforts to expand Baghdad's water projects were set back this month when insurgents sabotaged a pipeline near Baghdad. Now, some complain the water they do get smells bad. Hasson acknowledged in some areas, the water gets mixed with sewage." [Based on: Knight Ridder Newspapers article by Tom Lasseter, S.L.P.D., p. A8, 07/01/05]

2005 - Jewish Squatters Expelled / Gaza Strip - July 1st, 2005: " PALM BEACH HOTEL, Gaza Strip - Israeli forces on Thursday [06/30/05] stormed a Gaza Strip hotel where dozens of Jewish  squatters were holed up to disrupt this summer's Israeli withdrawal. The quick operation could serve as a blueprint for the pullout itself. [....] The squatters, including well-known West Bank settlers repeatedly arrested for harassing Palestinians and soldiers, had insisted that they would never be taken out alive, but the evacuation took only a few minutes and no shots were fired. Police with clubs hauled the protestors out as armed soldiers ringed the compound. [....] The military was criticized for delaying the expulsion until a day after some of the extremists clashed with soldiers and Palestinians in a nearby neighborhood. A Palestinian was seriously wounded when a rock hit him in the head, and young Jews threw more rocks at him as he lay unconscious on the ground with an Israeli soldier trying to protect him. [....] Near Jerusalem, meanwhile, pullout opponents briefly blocked a highway for the second day in a row. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Raised / Federal Funds Interest Rate, U.S.A. - July 1st, 2005: "WASHINGTON - The Federal Reserve raised a key interest rate on Thursday [06/30/05] and signaled that Americans' borrowing costs probably will continue to climb. [....] Chairman Alan Greenspan and his colleagues boosted the federal funds rate by one -quarter percentage point to 3.25 percent, marking the ninth increase of that size since the central bank began to tighten credit in June 2004 in an effort to keep inflation under control. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Criticizm of Iranian President-Elect / U.S.A. - July 1st, 2005: "WASHINGTON - The United States challenged Iran on Thursday [06/30/05] to answer questions about the reported involvement of the nation's president-elect in the 1979 seizure of American hostages in Tehran. [....]" [Based on: Washington Post]

*Trivia: "Iran accused the U.S. and Israel on Sunday [07/03/05] of a smear campaign against its president-elect. It warned European nations, which are negotiating with Iran over its nuclear program, not to join in the mudslinging. [....]" [Based on: A.P., 07/04/05]

2005 - Volcanic Eruption / Soufriere Hills Volcano, Montserrat - July 1st, 2005: "On July 1, 2005, the Soufriere Hills Volcano, on the island of Montserrat, erupted and sent a plume of volcanic ash westward across the Atlantic."

[Based on: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/natural_hazards_v2.php3?topic=volcano]

2005 - Aurora Watch - July 2nd, 2005: "Sky watchers at high latitudes should be alert for auroras on July 2nd when a solar wind stream is expected to hit Earth's magnetic field."

[Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [06/29/05] 

2005 - Monsoon Rains / India - July 2nd, 2005: "Nearly 300 passengers were stranded in a train on flooded rail tracks Friday [07/01/05] after heavy monsoon rains killed at least 102 people this week, a state government minister said. [....]" [Based on: News Services]

*Trivia: "Monsoon floods in India's western Gujarat state have inundated more than 7,200 villages, left about 175,000 homeless and killed at least 131 people over the past week, officials and news reports said Sunday [07/03/05]. [....] Most of those left homeless in Gujarat are poor villagers who also lost their cattle and belongings." [Based on: News Services, 07/04/05]

2005 - Died / Luther Vandross - July 1st, 2005: "Died this date in history: Grammy award-winning singer, Luther Vandross. He was 54." [E.M.]

2005 - Water Plant Shutdown / Iraq - July 2nd, 2005: "BAGHDAD, Iraq - A mortar attack Friday [07/01/05] sparked a fire that forced authorities to shut down a water plant. As a result, millions of weary Baghdad residents were left with dry taps in 100-degree heat, Iraqi officials said. Just a day earlier, the mayor of the capital threatened to quit because of mounting infrastructure problems - including a lack of clean drinking water. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Prison Time? / Daniel Bayly - July 2nd, 2005: "Merrill Lynch & Co.'s former head of investment banking, who was convicted last year in Enron Corp.'s bogus sale of power barges to the brokerage, must report to prison for a 2 1/2-year term later this month, a judge has ruled. Daniel Bayly, of Darien, Conn., the most high-profile figure among the executives convicted in the scheme last year, will be the first to begin his sentence. He must report July 14 to a federal prison in Hopewell, Va., according to a judge's surrender order filed Friday [07/01/05]. [....]" [Based on: S.L.P.D., p. B2, 07/02/05]

2005 - Worldwide Anti-Poverty Concerts / "Live 8" -

"Ladies and gentlemen, it's two o'clock. Welcome to the greatest rock concert in the world." Thus began simultaneous Live 8 shows in London, Paris, Rome and Berlin. Other concerts worldwide made this the biggest ever music event, with millions attending and billions more watching on television.
   Backstage, Bob Geldof said: "Everything that's rock 'n' roll is ever meant to be is happening now." He admitted that he only finally relaxed once the concert got under way. "There's nothing more to do now - it's either crap or it's great and so far it's great," he told reporters a couple of hours into the blockbusting event."

[Based on: http://www.guardian.co.uk/arts/live8/story/0,16066,1519729,00.html?gusrc=rss]


Bob Geldof:

"This is not Live Aid 2.

These concerts are the start point for The Long Walk To Justice, the one way we can all make our voices heard in unison.

This is without doubt a moment in history where ordinary people can grasp the chance to achieve something truly monumental and demand from the 8 world leaders at G8 an end to poverty.

The G8 leaders have it within their power to alter history. They will only have the will to do so if tens of thousands of people show them that enough is enough.

By doubling aid, fully cancelling debt, and delivering trade justice for Africa, the G8 could change the future for millions of men, women and children."

[Based on: http://www.live8live.com/whatsitabout/index.shtml]

*Trivia: "Organizers of the Londion Live 8 concert said Sunday [06/12/05] that the original members of the British rock band Pink Floyd would perform for the first time in more than two decades at the July event. Guitarist David Gilmour, drummer Nick Mason, bass player Roger Waters and keyboard player Richard Wright have not performed on stage together since 1981. The group, which achieved major success with their 1973 album 'Dark Side of the Moon,' will join musical acts including Elton John, Madonna, Paul McCartney and Coldplay at the anti-poverty concert in Hyde Park on July 2. [....]" [Based on: News Services, S.L.P.D., p. A2, 06/13/05]

2005 - Partial Government Shutdown / Minnesota - July 2nd, 2005: "St. Paul, Minn. - More than 9,000 state employees were told to stay home Friday [07/01/05] as a budget stalemate led to the first government shutdown in Minnesota's history. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

*Trivia: "The first partial government shutdown in Minnesota history ended early Saturday [07/09/05] as Gov. Tim Pawlenty signed a temporary spending plan and lawmakers agreed on the outline of a two-year budget. [....] Lawmakers now have until Wednesday night [07/13/05] to hash out the final details of the two-year budget or risk another shutdown - but that's considerably unlikely. [....]" [Based on: News Services, 07/10/05]

2005 - Revived? / U.S. "Bunker-Buster" Program - July 2nd, 2005: "The Bush administration may get another chance to try to develop an earth-penetrating nuclear warhead. The Senate on Friday [07/01/05] agreed to revive the 'bunker-buster' program that Congress last year decided to kill. The Senate early Friday voted 53-43 to include $4 million for research into the feasibility of the weapon. Earlier this year, the House refused to provide the money, so a final decision will have to be worked out between the two chambers." [Based on: News Services]

2005 - Strong Earthquake / Near Coast of Nicaragua - July 2nd, 2005: "A strong earthquake occurred at 02:16:46 (UTC) on Saturday, July 2, 2005. The magnitude 6.7 event has been located in NEAR THE COAST OF NICARAGUA. (This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.)"

[Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/recenteqsww/Quakes/usaaad.htm] 

2005 - Stepping Down? / U.S. Justice, Sandra Day O'Connor - July 2nd, 2005: "WASHINGTON - The waiting game over a long-expected Supreme Court vacancy ended dramatically on Friday [07/01/05] when Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, the first woman to serve on the nation's highest court, announced that she was stepping down. [....]" [Based on: Post-Dispatch Washington Bureau Chief]

2005 - Insurgent Attacks / Iraq - July 3rd, 2005: "[....] On Saturday [07/02/05], three attackers with explosives hidden beneath their clothing blew themselves up in Baghdad and in a Shiite city south of the capital. At least 25 people died in the assaults, including the bombers, and nearly 50 werte injured, Iraqi officials said. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Women Priests? / France - July 3rd, 2005: "A French woman defied a threat of excommunication by the Roman Catholic Church and held a ceremony proclaiming herself a priest on Saturday [07/02/05]. In a small ceremony on a boat, Genevieve Beney was joined by other women from around the world who have taken similar dramatic action to draw attention to the church's policy against women priests. The Vatican has not commented on the case but has made clear it sees no room for debate about opening the priesthood to women." [Based on: News Services]

2005 - Reporting Cattle Diseases? / U.S.A. - July 3rd, 2005: "Some cattle producers are likely disposing of cattle that may have mad cow disease without notifying federal authorities, ranchers in Texas and Oklahoma said. U.S. slaughterhouses last year received 81,000 head of cattle too sick to stand, a 21 percent drop from 2003, U.S. Department of Agriculture statistics show. Some of the decline can be traced to the government requirement that such downer animals be tested for mad cow disease, said Wes Sims, the head of the Texas Farmers Union. The rule was instituted six months after the first U.S. case of mad cow disease was found in December 2003. Some ranchers quietly dispose of suspect animals because they fear the loss of income that would result from quarantine should mad cow disease be confirmed, said Sims, who owns about 300 head of cattle near Sweetwater, Texas. The Agriculture Department urges ranchers to report dead, dying or diseased cows either through a toll-free number on the agency's Web site or by contacting state agriculture agencies." [Based on: Bloomberg News article, S.L.P.D., p. A4, 07/03/05]

*Further Reading:  

2005 - Update & Revision / Eckankar "Trivia" Timeline - July 3rd, 2005: "E-Trivia Timeline update and revisions for this date in history: 1.) Timeline extended from one to four pages. 2.) Line of ECK Masters added."  

2005 - Sunspot Activity - July 4th, 2005: "What a difference a few days can make: Just last week the sun was blank and quiet. Now it is peppered with sunspots and threatening solar flares [....] The largest of these new active regions is sunspot 783 [....]. It is almost as wide as the planet Jupiter and harbors energy for M-class explosions. "

[Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [07/04/05]

2005 - Status / Gaza Pullout - July 4th, 2005: "Israel's Cabinet easily defeated a proposal to postpone next month's pullout from Gaza. To protect themselves against any violence from opponents of the pullout, all the ministers wore bulletproof vests. The 18-3 Cabinet vote Sunday [07/03/05] pitted Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, the author of the withdrawal, against Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. [....]" [Based on: News Services]

2005 - Airspace Violation / Camp David - July 4th, 2005: "A small plane violated the restricted airspace around the presidential retreat of camp David, Md., while the president was spending the weekend there, federal authorities said. Two F-16 fighters forced the pilot to land. He was questioned but was released late Saturday [07/02/05] without being charged, Secret Service spokesman Jonathan Cheery said Sunday. [....]. [Based on: News Services]

2005 - Kidnapped / Ihab al-Sherif, Iraq - July 4th, 2005: "BAGHDAD, Iraq - Gunmen seized Egypt's top envoy to Iraq, officials and witnesses said Sunday [07/03/05], in an apparent bid to discourage the country's Arab neighbors from bolstering ties to the embattled U.S.-backed government. Ihab al-Sherif, 51, chief of the Egyptian diplomatic mission in Baghdad, was kidnapped Saturday night [07/02/05] by about eight gunmen after he stopped to buy a newspaper in western Baghdad, witnesses said. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - NASA Spacecraft / "Deep Impact?" - July 4th, 2005: "A NASA spacecraft [Deep Impact] ... blasted off Wednesday [01/12/05] on a mission to smash a hole in a comet [Temple 1] and give scientists a glimpse of the primordial ingredients of the solar system. [....] It will be a one-way trip that NASA hopes will reach a catacylsmic end on the Fourth of July [2005]." [....]" [News Services, 01/13/05]

*Trivia: "Deep Impact is going to shoot an 820-pound projectile into the rocky, icy nucleus of Comet Tempel 1. The 23,000 mph collision will form a big crater, and Deep impact will observe the stages of its development, how deep it gets and how wide it becomes. Researchers expect a plume of gas and dust to spray out of the crater. Deep Impact will measure its composition and record what the billowing plume does to the comet's atmosphere. In all, Deep Impact should be able to peer into the new crater for almost 15 minutes before the craft speeds away, continuing, like its cometary quarry, to orbit forever around the sun."

[Based on: http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2005/28jun_deepimpact.htm] 

2005 - Fatality / Al-Qaida Leader, Saudi Arabia - July 4th, 2005: "RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - In a swift and telling victory, Saudi anti-terrorism forces killed al-Qaida's top leader [Moroccan Younis Mohammed Ibrahim al-Hayari] in the kingdom in a gunbattle Sunday [07/03/05]. But experts warn that Saudi Arabia still faces a surge in attacks despite its two-year-old crackdown on militants. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Rescued / U.S. Navy SEAL, Afghanistan - July 4th, 2005: "KABUL, Afghanistan - U.S. forces rescued a member of a special operations reconnaissance team in the rugged mountains of northeastern Afghanistan on Sunday [07/03/05], five days after the group disappeared amid hostile fire, according to a U.S. Defense Department official. [....] Also Sunday, a member of Afghanistan's influential Council of Clerics who was a prominent supporter of President Hamid Karzai was shot and killed in the southern city of Kandahar. The cleric, Maulvi Mohammad Nabi Masah, was driving home from his office when unknown gunmen on motorcycles attacked him. [....]" [Based on: Washington Post]

2005 - Overpayments? / 2004 Hurricane Aid, Florida - July 4th, 2005: "FORT MYERS, Fla. - The Federal Emergency Management Agency has asked thousands of Floridians whose homes were damaged by last summer's four hurricanes to give back more than $27 million in aid overpayments. More than $5 billion was committed to Florida for hurricane damage. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Launched / Greece & Turkey Pipeline Project - July 4th, 2005: "Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Costas Caramanlis of Greece met Sunday [07/03/05] on their nation's border to launch a pipeline project to bring natural gas from Central Asia to Europe. The 186-mile pipeline from Bursa in Turkey to Komotini in Greece is expected to go into operation next year. Later, it will be extended to Italy as part of the Southern Europe Gas Ring Project." [Based on: News Services]

2005 - Strong Earthquake / Prince Edward Islands Region - July 4th, 2005: "A strong earthquake occurred at 11:36:00 (UTC) on Monday, July 4, 2005. The magnitude 6.3 event has been located in the PRINCE EDWARD ISLANDS REGION. (This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.)"

[Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/recenteqsww/Quakes/usacan.htm]

2005 - No Quick Collapse - July 5th, 2005:

   In June 1967, the Israelis captured the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the Six-Day War. Now, 38 years later, an insurgency of Palestinian nationalists and Muslim jihadists still exists.
    Why does our secretary of state imagine that the Iraqi insurgency will collapse any more quickly?

[Based on: Letter To The Editor article, by Paul A. Lazerson, Edwardsville, Il., St. Louis Post-Dispatch, p. B6, 07/05/05]

2005 - Fast-Growing? / Sunspot 786 - July 5th, 2005: "Fast-growing sunspot 786 has an unstable magnetic field that poses a threat for powerful X-class solar flares. NOAA forecasters estimate a 5% chance of such an explosion during the next 24 hours."

[Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [07/05/05]

*Trivia: "At midnight [07/04/05?] there were 10 spotted regions on the visible solar disk. The solar flare activity level was low. A total of 2 C class events was recorded during the day. [....] The geomagnetic field is expected to be quiet on July 5-7 becoming quiet to unsettled on July 8-9 due to a weak stream from CH174."

[Based on: http://www.dxlc.com/solar/] - [07/05/05] 

2005 - Monument Collapse / Australia - July 5th, 2005: "One of Australia's 12 Apostles has disappeared. One of the nine limestone stacks that made up the famous landmark off Austraila's southern coast collapsed into the Indian Ocean on Sunday [07/03/05] - apparently a victim of coastal erosion. [....]" [Based on: News Services]

2005 - Assassination Warning / Israel - "Israel's president warned Monday [07/04/05] that Jewish extremists opposed to this summer's pullout [August 2005] from Gaza and part of the West Bank could assassinate Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. [....] An extremist Israeli opponent of concessions to the Palestinians assassinated Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1995, and Katsav [Israeli President Moshe Katsav] told Army Radio  [July 2005] it could happen again. [....] Rabin's killer, Yigal Amir, cited rabbinical rulings as his justification for the shooting. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - U.S. Bodies Recovered / Afghanistan - July 5th, 2005: "KABUL, Afghanistan - U.S. forces have recovered the bodies of two members of the four-man Navy SEAL reconnaissance team, a senior Defense Department official said Monday. The team was reported missing last week after coming under hostile fire in eastern Afghanistan. [....]" [Based on: New York Times]

2005 - "Big Brother" Eyes & Ears! / Chicago - July 5th, 2005: "CHICAGO - Police installed video surveillance cameras around town and saw Chicago's murder rate fall to its lowest level in four decades. Now police hope to further cut crime by not only watching, but listening, too. The city is employing new technology that recognizes the sound of a gunshot within a two-block radius, pinpoints the source, turns a surveillance camera toward the sound and calls 911. Welcome to crime fighting in the 21st century. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Anarchists & Anti-G-8 Protestors / Scotland - July 5th, 2005: "EDINBURGH, Scotland - Hundreds of black-clad anarchists and anti-G-8 protestors clashed with police in Scotland's capital Monday [07/04/05], as demonstrators sought to keep up pressure on world leaders ahead of a summit of wealthy nations. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Strong Earthquake / Nias Region, Indonesia - July 5th, 2005: "A strong earthquake occurred at 01:52:04 (UTC) on Tuesday, July 5, 2005. The magnitude 6.7 event has been located in the NIAS REGION, INDONESIA. (This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.)"

[Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/recenteqsww/Quakes/usadab.htm]

2005 - 40,000-Year-Old Footprints!!! / Central Mexico - July 5th, 2005: "[....] On July 5th [2005], British scientists announced that literally hundreds of human footprints, approximately one-third of them children, found in Central Mexico during 2003, have been conclusively dated to the very dawn of modern man. Silvia Gonzalez, a geoarchaeologist at Liverpool's John Moores University, in England, co-discovered the impressions in an abandoned quarry near the city of Puebla, sixty miles southeast of Mexico City. They are perfectly preserved as trace fossils in ash laid down by a nearby volcano, known as Cerro Toluquilla, during the ancient past. [....] Long before the Puebla footprints were found, Ancient American investigators wrote of Brazil's Pedra Furada site, which pre-dated mainstream notions of the continent's earliest human settlers by nearly twenty thousand years. More remarkable still, our fall, 1997 issue reported the find of another university-trained archaeologist, Dr. Virginia Steen-McIntyre, who unearthed unmistakable evidence for human habitation in Central Mexico going back a fantastic quarter-of-a-million years! These on-going discoveries are replacing out-dated paradigms, while validating the very premise of our magazine." [Based on: Ancient American magazine article (Issue # 64, Entitled: Mexico's 40,000-Year-Old Footprints Demolish "Land-Bridge" Theory) by Frank Joseph]  - [Paragraph indents removed to save space - E.M.]

2005 - Same-Sex Backing / United Church of Christ, U.S.A. - July 5th, 2005: "ATLANTA - The United Church of Christ's rule-making body voted overwhelmingly Monday [07/04/05] to approve a resolution endorsing same-sex marriage, making it the largest Christian denomination to do so. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Kidnap Bids? / Iraq - July 6th, 2005: "BAGHDAD, Iraq - Gunmen ambushed two more top diplomats from Muslim countries Tuesday [07/05/05] in apparent kidnap bids that seemed aimed at scaring off foreign governments and isolating Iraq from the Arab world. Pakistan responded by announcing the withdrawal of its ambassador. The attacks, targeting diplomats from Bahrain as well as Pakistan, took place three days after gunmen seized Egypt's top envoy to Iraq as he was buying a newspaper in the capital. The Egyptian envoy is still being held. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Tornado Trivia / U.S.A. - July 6th, 2005: "WASHINGTON - For the first time since record keeping started in 1950, no one was killed by a tornado in April, May or June. [....] There have been five tornado deaths altogether this year, four in January and one in March. [....] 'We are entering the prime time of year for tropical storms. We had 300 tornadoes last year during the tropical season, so be prepared, pay attention to weather forecasts and be safe,' McCarthy [warning meteorologist, Dan McCarthy] advised. Tornadoes often occur as these storms come ashore. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Civilian Deaths / Afghanistan - July 6th, 2005: "KABUL, Afghanistan - In a rare rebuff, Afghanistan's government sharply critisized the U.S. military Tuesday [07/05/05] for killing up to 17 civilians in an airstrike and ordered an immediate inquiry. [....] An initial U.S. airstrike destroyed a house, and as villagers gathered  to look at the damage, a U.S. warplane dropped a second bomb on the same target, killing 17 people, including three women and children, Kunar provincial Gov. Asadullah Wafa said. [....] " [Based on: A.P.]

*Trivia: "[....] Several U.S. attacks since the ouster of the Taliban in 2001 have resulted in civilian casualties, according to Afghan officials. These include:
*July 2002: 48 were killed and 117 wounded in an airstrike on a wedding party in Uruzgan province. *April 2003: 11 were killed when a U.S. warplane mistakenly bombed a home in Shkin. *September 2003: Nime nomads were killed when a U.S. helicopter attacked a tent in the desert in Naubahar district. *January 2004: 10 were killed in an airstrike on a village in Uruzgan." [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - High Prices / U.S. Oil and Gas - July 6th, 2005: "WASHINGTON - Higher prices for crude oil are the main cause of record high U.S. gasoline prices, the Federal Trade Commission said Tuesday in a report that defends its oversight of the industry. [....] Crude oil, which has gained more than 50 percent in New York in the last year, accounts for 85 percent of the rise in retail gasoline prices, the report said. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News]

2005 - Massive Deployment Plans / Israel - July 6th, 2005: "JERUSALEM - Israel plans to use nearly 45,000 security personnel - soldiers and police - to evacuate 9,000 settlers from the Gaza Strip and part of the West Bank, Israel's defense minister said Tuesday [07/05/05]. The massive deployment reflects concern that some resistance to the pullout might be violent. [....] The main settlers' council called on its followers to descend on Gaza on July 18, a month before the pullout begins. 'Tens of thousands will march to Gush Katif (the main Gaza settlement bloc) to cancel the uprooting program, while avoiding violence and disruption of the lives of the country's citizens,' the statement said. The military is expected to declare Gaza off limits to nonresidents before the pullout. [....] Attorney General Meni Mazuz said about 1,000 protestors had been arrested - 'not just people who were waving flags, but people who had full gas canisters and were planning to blow them up' on a main highway during rush hour. 'This is not legitimate resistance in a democracy or any country,' Mazuz said. Sharon said he instructed security forces 'not to allow the blocking of roads, damage to communications structures, scattering of nails (on the roads) ... The instruction is unequivical, not to disrupt life. We shall not allow it.' [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Tropical Storm Cindy / Louisiana Coast - July 6th, 2005: "NEW ORLEANS Tropical Storm Cindy began moving ashore Tuesday night [07/05/05], pelting the Louisiana coast with sideways rain and intermittent squalls. [....] Tropical Storms Cindy and Dennis are the third and fourth named storms of the Atlantic hurricane season. July 5 is the earliest date on record for four named storms, and worries about the already active season helped send oil prices climbing briefly past $60 a barrel Tuesday. [....] Tuesday evening, Cindy was centered 55 miles south-southwest of grand Isle and was moving north-northeast at about 14 mph, with a gradual turn expected toward the northeast. Tropical storm-force wind and rain extended up to 105 miles to the east of its center. Dennis was centered about 385 miles southeast of Haiti and moving west-northwest at about 16 mph. It was on track to reach Haiti today [07/06/05] and south Florida on Friday [07/08/05], said hurricane meteorologist Trisha Wallace. Dennis was moving toward the Gulf with winds of 40 mph, just above the 39 mph threshold for tropical storm status." [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Suicide Bomber / Ayodhya Shrine, India - July 6th, 2005: "AYODHYA, India - A suicide bomber blew up a security fence Tuesday [07/05/05], and gunmen used the breach to storm a Hindu shrine complex at the center of Hindu-Muslim strife. The attack set off a two-hour gunbattle that left all six attackers dead, police said. [....] Hindu leaders claim the mosque was built by Mogul rulers on the site of a sacred Hindu temple. They believe it is the birthplace of Ram, the highest god in the Hindu pantheon, but Muslims say there is no proof of that claim. The dispute is still working its way through India's courts. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Bankruptcy Protection / Metabolife International Inc. - July 6th, 2005: "Metabolife International Inc., a dietary supplements maker facing reduced revenue and hundreds of lawsuits over the banned ingredient ephedra, filed for bankruptcy protection under which it plans to sell its assets at auction. [....]" [Based on: S.L.P.D., p. C2, 07/06/05]

2005 - Trivia / G-8 Summit - July 7th, 2005: "GLENEAGLES, Scotland - Leaders of the world's eight major industrial powers convened a three-day summit Wednesday [07/06/05], with President George W. Bush promising to help ease suffering in Africa but holding firm against mandatory cuts in emissions of greenhouse gases. [....]" [Based on: Washington Post]

2005 - Jailed / Judith Miller - July 7th, 2005: "WASHINGTON - In a stinging rebuke to the news media, a federal judge jailed a New York Times reporter Wednesday [07/06/05] for refusing to answer questions before a grand jury. He suggested that the reporter could be charged with obstruction of justice if she continues to resist. U.S. District Judge Thomas F. Hogan said sentencing Judith Miller to four months in jail might cause her to relent and testify in a special prosecutor's investigation into whether Bush administration officials illegally leaked the name of a CIA operative to reporters. [....]" [Based on: Knight Ridder Newspapers]

2005 - Trivia / Ihab al-Sherif, Iraq - July 7th, 2005: "BAGHDAD, Iraq - Kidnappers linked to the group al-Qaida in Iraq threatened Wednesday [07/06/05] to kill Egypt's top envoy [Ihab al-Sherif], while Iraq's prime minister called on other countries to keep their diplomats in Baghdad. But with three attacks on diplomats in four days, some Arab and Muslim governments were raising questions about security. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - M4-Class Explosion / Sunspot 786 - July 7th, 2005: "Solar activity intensified on July 7th with an M4-class explosion near fast-changing sunspot 786. The blast hurled a faint coronal mass ejection toward Earth, which could spark a mild geomagnetic storm when it arrives on July 9th or 10th. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras."

[Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [07/07/05] 

2005 - Bomb Blasts / London - July 8th, 2005: "LONDON - The first bomb went off at 8:51 a.m. [07/07/05], on a London Undergroud train just outside the financial district. Five minutes later, another train exploded, then another, and finally a crowded red double-decker bus. In 56 minutes, a city fresh from a night of celebrating its winning of the 2012 Olympics was enveloped in blood-soaked quiet. [....] At least 37 people were killed and more than 700 injured Thursday [07/07/05] in the worst attack on London since the blitz in World War II. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

*Trivia: "In a chilling breakthrough in the investigation into last Thursday's [07/07/05] deadly train and bus bombings, police officials said Tuesday [07/12/05] they have evidence indicating that four British citizens of Pakistani descent carried out what now appear to be the first suicide bombings in Western Europe. [....]" [Based on: Boston Globe, 07/13/05]

*Trivia: "Al-Qaida deputy leader Ayman al-Zawahri said in a statement broadcast Monday [09/19/05] that his terrorist network carried out the July 7 London bombings. It marks the group's first direct claim of responsibility for the attacks that killed 52 people. [....] 'The blessed London attack was one which al-Qaida was honored to launch against the British Crusader's arrogance and against the American Crusader aggression on the Islamic nation for 100 years.' al-Zawahri said in the tape aired on Qatar-based al-Jazeera TV." [Based on: News Services article, p. A7, S.L.P.D., 09/20/05]

*Trivia: "British government reports into the July bombings on London's transit network conclude [2006] the four attackers acted without the assistance of foreign terrorists, officials and lawmakers said Wednesday [05/10/06]. [....] Authorities have long held that the four men, who killed 52 subway and bus passengers, were homegrown terrorists who acted independently and not at the direction of an al-Qaida operative or other foreign group." [Based on: News Services article (Reports find terrorists did not aid 4 attackers), p. A12, S.L.P.D., 05/11/06]

2005 - Hurricane Dennis / Cuba - "On the heals of the devastating 2004 hurricane season, the 2005 season is so far off to a fast and furious start with the emergence of major hurricane early in the season. By July 8, 2005, Hurricane Dennis was an intense Category 4 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale and was passing directly over Cuba, also hit by Hurricane Charley in 2004. The storm is expected to emerge into the Gulf of Mexico as a major hurricane, posing a powerful threat to the Gulf Coast of the United States."

[Based on: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/natural_hazards_v2.php3?img_id=12945]

*Trivia: "Hurricane Dennis slammed Cuba's southern coast with 135 mph winds Friday [07/08/05] before slicing across the Caribbean's largest island, killing at least 10 people. The powerful storm headed toward a U.S. landfall, prompting thousands to flee the Florida Keys. In Haiti, the storm killed 10. [....]" [Based on: A.P., 07/09/05]

2005 - "Demon" Within / BTK Killer - July 8th, 2005: "Confessed BTK serial killer Dennis Rader made his first public apology for the murders that horrified a community for a quarter-century, blaming a 'demon' that got inside him at a young age. [....]" [Based on: News Services]

2005 - Confirmed Fatality / Ihab al-Sherif, Iraq - July 8th, 2005: "BAGHDAD, Iraq - Kidnappers said Thursday [07/07/05] that they had killed Egypt's top diplomat in Iraq, Ihab al-Sherif. He had been abducted five days ago in Baghdad as part of a declared effort by insurgents to seize a large number of dipolomats. [....]" [Based on: Washington Post]

2005 - Cellular Phones / U.S.A. - July 9th, 2005: "WASHINGTON - U.S. mobile-telephone users exceeded the number of traditional land-based phone lines in the second half of 2004, the government said Friday [07/08/05], reflecting the two-decade rise of the gadgets in the world's biggest economy. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News]

2005 - Birth / Panda Cub, U.S.A. - July 9th, 2005: "The National Zoo's female panda, Mei Xiang, gave birth early Saturday morning [07/09/05] to a squealing cub the size of a stick of butter, and keepers say she is caring for it tenderly. [....] Zoo officials hope that the cub will fare better than the five previous ones born at the zoo since 1983. All died within days. [....]" [Based on: News Services, 07/10/05]

2005 - G-8 Aid Package / Africa - July 9th, 2005: "GLENEAGLES, Scotland - World leaders announced a $50 billion package Friday [07/08/05] aimed at helping lift Africa from poverty - and also proposed up to $9 billion to help the Palestinians achieve peace with Israel. [....] With a last-minute pledge from Japan, Blair won a key victory - a promise to double African aid to $50 billion annually by 2010. Although the United States made no additional pledges, Bush announced last week that he would seek to double U.S. aid to Africa by 2010. At Blair's behest, the G-8 nations also endorsed the cancellation of the debt of 18 of the world's poorest nations. And they renewed their commitment to a peacekeeping force in Africa. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Hurricane Dennis / Florida Keys - July 9th, 2005: "PENSACOLA, Fla. - Hurricane Dennis dealt a glancing blow to the Florida Keys on Saturday [07/09/05], knocking out power and leaving streets flooded with seaweed as it roared toward the storm-weary Gulf Coast, where nearly 1.4 million people were under evacuation orders. [....]" [Based on: A.P., 07/10/05]

2005 - Cows Killed  & Tested / Texas Herd - July 9th, 2005: "WASHINGTON - The government has killed 29 cows from the herd of the Texas cow infected with mad cow disease, the Agriculture Department said Friday [07/08/05] Investigators have been working to identify offspring and herd mates born within  a year of the infected cow's birth. The infected cow was a 12-year-old Brahma cross beef cow. Twenty-nine adult cows were removed from the herd Wednesday [07/06/05], the department said. They were put to death, and tissue samples were removed for testing, the department said. The samples will undergo screening referred to as a 'rapid test.' If the results indicate the presence of mad cow disease, two additional tests will be done. [....] Also under investigation is the feed history of the Texas herd because the only way mad cow disease is known to spread among cattle is through the feeding of infected brain and nerve tissue. Ground-up cattle remains once were commonly used as a protein ingredient but were banned from use in cattle feed in 1997." [Based on: A.P.]

*Further Reading:  

2005 - Possibility / Mild Geomagnetic Storms? - July 9th, 2005: "A coronal mass ejection is heading toward Earth, and mild geomagnetic storms are possible when it arrives tonight or tomorrow. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras."

[Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [07/10/05]

2005 - CME / Sunspot 786 - July 10th, 2005: "A coronal mass ejection hurled into space by sunspot 786 during the early hours of July 10th is en route to Earth. High latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras when it arrives on July 11th or 12th."

[Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [07/11/05] 

2005 - Hurricane Dennis / Florida & Alabama - July 10th, 2005: "Hurricane Dennis roared quickly through the Florida Panhandle and Alabama coast Sunday [07/10/05] with a 120 mph bluster of blinding squalls and crashing waves. But shellshocked residents emerged to find far less damage than when Ivan took nearly the same path 10 months ago. [....]" [Based on: A.P., 07/11/05]

*Trivia: "[....] Dennis caused $1 billion to $2.5 billion in insured damage in the United States, according to a projection by AIR Worldwide Corp. of Boston, an insurance risk modeling company." [Based on: A.P., 07/12/05]

2005 - Strong Earthquake? / West Chile Rise - July 10th, 2005: "A strong earthquake occurred at 04:46:31 (UTC) on Sunday, July 10, 2005. The magnitude 6.1 event has been located in WEST CHILE RISE. (This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.)"

[Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/recenteqsww/Quakes/usaiah.htm] - [07/11/05]

*Trivia: "A moderate earthquake occurred at 04:46:31 (UTC) on Sunday, July 10, 2005. The magnitude 5.7 event has been located in WEST CHILE RISE. (This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.)"

[Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/recenteqsww/Quakes/usaiah.htm] - [07/12/05]

2005 - Beheaded? / U.S. Navy SEAL, Afghanistan - July 10th, 2005: "KANDAHAR, Afghanistan - A purported Taliban spokesman said Saturday [07/09/05] that the group had beheaded a missing American commando, but he offered no proof. The U.S. military said it was still searching for the Navy SEAL. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

*Trivia: "[....] U.S. military spokesman Col. James Yonts said the commando whose body was found Sunday [07/10/05] had died in fighting soon after the ambush. Yonts denied claims by a purported Taliban spokesman that the SEAL had been captured alive and beheaded. [....]" [Based on: p. A9 article, S.L.P.D., 07/12/05]

2005 - Suicide Attacks / Iraq - July 11th, 2005: "BAGHDAD, Iraq - A man strapped with explosives blew himself up Sunday [07/10/05] at an Iraqi military recruiting center in Baghdad, one of a series of suicide attacks that killed at least 42 people and ended a relative lull in violence in recent days. [....] Al-Qaida in Iraq claimed responsibility in a Web posting, but the statement's authenticity could not be verified. In February, a suicide bombing outside the same garrison killed 21 people. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Elections Trivia? / Kyrgyzstan - July 11th, 2005: "Voters in this small Central Asian republic went to the polls Sunday [07/10/05] to elect a president to replace Askar Akayev, whose 15-year autocratic rule came to a sudden end when thousands of angry Kyrgys stormed his headquarters in Bishkek in March [2005]. Kyrgyzstan's central election commission had not released any results as of early this morning. However, exit polls had acting President Kurmanbek Bakiyev comfortably ahead with more than 70 percent of the vote as of Sunday evening." [Based on: News Services]

*Trivia: "Parliament approved plans Saturday [03/26/05] for a presidential election in June [2005] as Kyrgyzstan's new authorities struggled to solidify the legal basis for their takeover of power from ousted President Askar Akayev. Acting President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, a former opposition leader, said he expected to run. [....]" [Based on: Los Angeles Times]

2005 - White House Leak / Karl Rove? - July 11th, 2005: "WASHINGTON - White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove spoke with at least one reporter about Valerie Plame's role at the CIA before she was identified as a covert agent in a newspaper column two years ago, but Rove's lawyer said Sunday [07/10/05] that his client did not identify her by name. Rove had a short conversation with Time magazine reporter Matthew Cooper on July 11, 2003, three days before Robert Novak publicly exposed Plame in a column about her husband, Joseph C. Wilson IV. [....] Cooper, according to an internal Time e-mail obtained by Newsweek magazine, spoke with Rove before Novak's column was published. In the conversation, Rove gave Cooper a 'big warning' that Wilson's claims might not be entirely accurate and that it wasn't the director of the CIA or the vice president who sent Wilson on his trip. Rove apparently told Cooper that it was 'Wilson's wife, who apparently works at the agency on WMD (weapons of mass destruction) issues who authorized the trip,' according to a story in Newsweek's July 18 issue. [....] Although the information is revelatory, it still is unknown whether Rove is a focus of the investigation. Rove's lawyer, Robert Luskin, has said he is not a target of the inquiry. Luskin said Sunday that Rove didn't know Plame's name and was not actively trying to push the information into the public realm. [....] 'Rove did not mention her name to Cooper,' Luskin said." [Based on: Washington Post article by Josh White, S.L.P.D., p. A3, 07/11/05]

2005 - Rico Fire / Black Hills, South Dakota - July 11th, 2005: "The Ricco Fire in the Black Hills National Forest in South Dakota was threatening subdivisions, botanical preserves, and archeological sites on July 11, 2005."

[Based on: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/natural_hazards_v2.php3?img_id=12949]

2005 - Plans to Withdraw Troops From Iraq? - July 11th, 2005: "LONDON - The United States and Britain are drawing up plans to withdraw the majority of their troops from Iraq by the middle of next year, according to a secret memo written for British Prime Minister Tony Blair by Defense Secretary John Reid. The paper, which is marked 'Secret - UK Eyes Only,' said 'emerging U.S. plans assume that 14 out of 18 provinces could be handed over to Iraqi control by early 2006,' allowing a reduction in overall U.S.-led forces in Iraq to 66,000 troops. The troop level is now about 160,000, including 138,000 American troops, according to a military spokesperson in Baghdad. [....]" [Based on: Washington Post article by Glenn Frankel & Josh White, p. A1, S.L.P.D., 07/11/05]

2005 - Status / U.S. Missle Defense System - July 11th, 2005: "WASHINGTON - Flight tests of the nation's missle defense system will not resume until this fall at the earliest, a military official says. [....] The system has not had a successful intercept of a target since October 2002. Three tests have ended in Failure. [....] Since 1983, the government has spent $92 billion to develop a system to shield the United States from attack by ballistic missles. In the two most recent tests, each costing $85 million, the interceptors failed to get out of their silos. Whatever becomes of the testing, the Pentagon will forge ahead this summer with installing 10 new interceptor missles at its base in Fort Greely, Alaska, officials said. Greely has six interceptors already in place." [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Launched / X-Ray Telescopes, Japan - July 11th, 2005: "Japan on Sunday [07/10/05] successfully launched a rocket carrying X-ray telescopes into Earth's orbit to examine black holes and galaxies, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency said. The M-5 rocket was launched from Uchinoura, 620 miles southwest of Tokyo." [Based on: News Services]

2005 - 10th Anniversary / Srebrenica Massacre - July 11th, 2005: "In July, 1995, in the silver-mining town of Srebrenica in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnian Serb forces under the command of Serbian Gen. Ratko Mladic and Boisnian Serb Col. Radislav Krstic tracked down every Muslim man and boy over age 16, gunned them down and buried them in mass graves. Many of the women left behind were raped and beaten. Ironically, Srebrenica was one of five 'safe havens' designed by the U.N. Security Council. When Krstic's troops moved in, the U.N. peacekeeping force in the region, a battalion of Dutch troops, asked for reinforcements. None came. The outmanned Dutch troops stood by and watched as at least 7,000 men and boys were murdered. The actual number may be much higher. Bosnian Serbs dug up many of the bodies and scattered them, hoping to destroy the evidence. They weren't entirely successful. At the end of the war, Krstic was sentenced to 46 years in prison by the International War Crimes Tribunal. Mladic is under indictment by the same tribunal but remains in hiding. [....] The North American Council of Bosniaks is trying to get Congress to pass a 'sense of the Congress' resolution that honors the victims and survivors and puts the United States on record as officially condemning what happened at Srebenica as genocide. [....] The Bosniak council hopes that the resolution will pass before July 11, the tenth anniversary of the beginning of the massacre. [....] 'The only issue is lack of education,' said Tarik Bilalbegovic, a board member of the North American Council of Bosniaks in Washington. 'With everything focused on Afghanistan, Iraq and the Middle East, Srebrenica is not a hot topic everyone would recognize. But people who forget what has happened to them are likely to have it happen again.' " [Based on: Editorial Section, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, p. B6, 05/31/05]

*Trivia: "U.N and local forensic experts have exumed 16,500 bodies from more than 300 mass graves found since the end [1995] of the Bosnian war, in which about 250,000 people were killed and 1.8 million driven from their homes. More than 20,000 people remain missing since the war." [A.P., 08/10/04]

*Trivia: "A Bosnian Serb commission said Tuesday [10/04/05] it had identified more than 17,000 people who participated directly and indirectly in the 1995 Srebrenica massacre. [....] The panel said 19,473 members of various Bosnian Serb armed forces and civilians took part in the massacre in some way, and that of those, 17,074 had been identified by name." [Based on: News Services article, p. A8, S.L.P.D., 10/05/05]

2005 - Strong Earthquake / South of Fiji  Islands - July 11th, 2005: "A strong earthquake occurred at 23:06:02 (UTC) on Monday, July 11, 2005. The magnitude 6.1 event has been located SOUTH OF THE FIJI ISLANDS. (This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.)"

[Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/recenteqsww/Quakes/usajby.htm]

2005 - Beheaded / Afghan Soldiers, Afghanistan - July 11th, 2005: "KANDAHAR, Afghanistan - Gunmen ambushed a border patrol in the desert near Pakistan, killing and beheading 10 Afghan soldiers, a provincial governor said Sunday [07/10/05]. Violence elsewhere left 15 rebels and soldiers dead. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Trivia / Israeli Separation Barrier, Jerusalem - July 11th, 2005: "Israel's Cabinet affirmed on Sunday [07/10/05] a plan to complete a barrier around Jerusalem. Palestinians protested, saying the Israelis are redrawing the disputed city's boundaries and shifting its population in favor of Jews. The Israeli ministers acknowledged that about 55,000 Palestinian residents in four neighborhoods eventually will be cut off from their city by the barrier, which is meant to stop Palestinain bombers. They promised to come up with a plan by Sept. 1 to alleviate some of the hardships. Currently, about one-third of the city's 700,000 residents are Arabs. They live in east Jerusalem, which was captured by Israel from Jordan in the 1967 Mideast war. The city's fate was to have been determined in talks on a final peace deal, and the Palestinians say Israel is pre-empting the outcome of these negotiations." [Based on: News Services]

*Trivia: "The separation barrier in Jerusalem is meant to ensure a Jewish majority in the city and not just serve as a buffer against bombers, an Israeli Cabinet minister acknowledged Monday [07/11/05]. The statement by Haim Ramon, the minister in charge of Jerusalem, confirmed Palestinian claims that demographics - and not only security - determined the barrier route. [....] The 40-mile Jerusalem segment is part of a complex of walls, trenches, fences and electronic devices Israel is building along the entire West Bank, dipping into the territory in some places to enclose main settlement blocs. Palestinians see the project as a land grab, not a security measure." [Based on: News Services, 07/12/05]

2005 - Prison Break / Afghanistan - July 12th, 2005: "BAGRAM, Afghanistan - Four Arab terrorism suspects broke out of a U.S. military detention facility in Afghanistan on Monday [07/11/05] - the first time anyone has escaped. The escape from the heavily  guarded lockup at the main U.S. base in Bagram sparked a manhunt for the suspects, identified as Arabs from Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Libya. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - "Act of Treason?" / Karl Rove - July 12th, 2005: "WASHINGTON - The White House refused Monday [07/11/05] to repeat earlier assertions that any administration official who leaked classified information would be fired, days after Karl Rove, one of President George W. Bush's top aides, was fingered as the source of a news leak that exposed a CIA undercover officer in 2003. [....] Recent news reports have identified Rove as the source of at least one leak to the news media in July 2003 that exposed undercover CIA agent Valerie Plame's identity. Such a disclosure should be a felony. A special prosecutor is mounting an investigation into her exposure that appears to be reaching a head after more than 18 months. [....] Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., said Rove's argument now 'would seem to be a distinction without a difference' and pressed anew his standing request for an inquiry into the controversy by the House Government Reform Committee, of which he is the senior Democrat. 'The recent disclosures about Mr. Rove's actions have such serious implications that we can no longer responsibly ignore them,' Waxman wrote. 'The intentional disclosure of a covert CIA agent's identity would be an act of treason ....' [....]" [Based on: Knight Ridder Newspapers article by Steven Thomma, p. A3, S.L.P.D., 07/12/05]

2005 - Time wasted? / Missouri Workers - July 12th, 2005: "Missouri workers are No. 1 in time wasted on the job, according to a survey by American Online and Salary.com." [Based on: A.P. article, p. C1, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 07/12/05]

*Trivia: [....] The No. 1 state for wasting time was Missouri, where workers who responded to the survey reported slacking off 3 hours and 12 minutes a day. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article, p. C1, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 07/12/05]

2005 - Trivia / Blood Pressure Implant - July 12th, 2005: "A clinical study at Washington University looks at implanting a device to control blood pressure by sending signals to the central nervous system. [....] The device is being studied in a clinical trial in the United States and Europe. So far, 19 people worldwide have have the device implanted. The device was developed by CVRx Inc., in Maple Grove, Minn. [....]" [Based on: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, p. A1, 07/12/05]

2005 - Subsiding / Mild Geomagnetic Storm - July 12th, 2005: "A mild geomagnetic storm, underway for much of the last 24 hours, is subsiding. The likelihood of auroras tonight is subsiding with it. Sky watchers should expect, at most, dim and isolated displays."

[Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [07/12/05] 

2005 - Foreign Relations / North & South Korea - July 12th, 2005: "South Korea agreed Tuesday to provide the communist North with 500,000 tons in rice aid as the countries pledged to boost economic ties after the North announced it would end its boycott of international nuclear disarmament talks. After negotiations lasting through the night, the two Koreas also agreed that the South would give the North raw materials to help it produce clothes, shoes and soap for internal use by its impoverished population. In return, the South will be given investment rights into North Korean mining operations for zinc, magnesite and coal, the sides said in a joint statement. The rice shipment is the largest since 2000." [Based on: News Services]

2005 - Found Dead / 4th U.S. Navy SEAL, Afghanistan - July 12th, 2005: "Rescuers found the body of a missing U.S. commando Sunday [07/10/05]. The discovery of the body of the Navy SEAL in Kunar province ended a desperate search for the last member of a four-man special forces unit that disappeared after being ambushed June 28 in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan. One of the four was rescued July 3; two were found dead the next day. U.S. military spokesman Col. James Yonts said the commando whose body was found Sunday had died in fighting soon after the ambush. Yonts denied claims by a purported Taliban spokesman that the SEAL had been captured alive and beheaded. [....]" [Based on: p. A9 article, S.L.P.D., 07/12/05]

2005 - President Elect Kurmanbek Bakiyev / Kyrgyzstan - July 12th, 2005: "BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan - Kyrgyzstan's newly elected president sent a troubling message to Washington on Monday [07/11/05] that the presence of a U.S. base in his Central Asian nation should be reconsidered. Neighboring Uzbekistan has also placed in doubt the future of the U.S. base on its territory - a strategic reversal for the United States, which established a military foothold in the enery-rich region neighboring Afghanistan after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Kurmanbek Bakiyev spoke a day after his decisive election victory. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - "Process Toward Female Priests?" / Church of England - July 12th, 2005: "The Church of England took a step toward deciding whether women can become bishops, voting Monday [07/11/05] to start the legislative process that would open the office to female priests. [....] Opponents in the church's growing ranks of conservatives and evangelicals believe there is no biblical precedent for female bishops, since Christ's apostles all were men, and that it is wrong for women to have authority over men in a religious capacity." [Based on: News Services]

2005 - Suicide Bomber / Israel - July 13th, 2005: "NETANYA, Israel - A teenage Palestinian suicide bomber killed three Israelis and wounded at least 30 others in front of a crowded shopping mall in this seaside city, the first such attack in nearly five months and a blow to a truce that has revived peace hopes. Israel blamed the militant group Islamic Jihad, which has continued its attacks against Israelis despite a truce declared in February. Minutes before the Netanya blast, an Islamic Jihad militant tried to drive a car bomb into a Jewish settlement in the West Bank, police said. The bomber was captured after the explosives detonated prematurely, police said, adding that the two attacks were linked. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Sentenced / Bernard J. Ebbers - July 14th, 2005: "Reportedly sentenced [to 25 years in prison] this date in history: former WorldCom CEO, Bernard J. Ebbers." [E.M.]

2005 - Bush's Confidence / Karl Rove - July 13th, 2005: "WASHINGTON - President George W. Bush continues to have confidence in his close adviser Karl Rove despite allegations that Rove improperly revealed the identity of a CIA officer, a White House spokesman said Tuesday [07/12/05]. [....]" [Based on: Knight Ridder Newspapers]

2005 - Guilty Plea / Steve Sugerman - July 13th, 2005: "LOS ANGELES - A former executive at Fleishman-Hillard Inc.'s office in Los Angeles has pleaded guilty to three counts of wire fraud. The executive, Steve Sugerman, admitted bilking the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power out of tens of thousands of dollars. He agreed to cooperate with prosecutors in a criminal case against other former company officials. [....] Fleishman-Hillard, a worldwide public-relations firm, is based in St. Louis. It's a unit of Omnicom Group Inc. of New York, the world's largest owner of advertising agencies. [....] Sentencing was scheduled for March 20. Sugerman faces a maximum of 15 years in prison and a fine of $750,000, but prosecutors have agreed to recommend leniency in exchange for his cooperation. [....]" [Based on: Los Angeles Daily News]

2005 - Hurricane Emily / South of Grenada - July 13th, 2005: "[....] At 11 p.m. Wednesday [07/13/05], the center of Hurricane Emily was about 45 miles southeast of Grenada, according to the National Hurricane Center in Miami. It had sustained wind of about 92 mph and was heading west about 18 mph. [....]" [Based on: News Services, 07/14/05]

2005 - Artifacts Trivia / Egypt - July 14th, 2005: "CAIRO, Egypt - Egypt announced Wednesday [07/13/05] it was starting a campaign for the return of its most precious artifacts, including the Rosetta Stone in London and the graceful bust of Nefertiti in Berlin. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Hurricane Emily / Granada - July 14th, 2005: "ST. GEORGES, Grenada - Hurricane Emily grew even more powerful Thursday [07/14/05] after slamming into Grenada, tearing up crops, flooding streets and striking homes still under repair from last year's storms. At least one man was killed. [....] The storm was packing sustained wind near 115 mph and moving west-northwest at about 21 mph. The U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami predicted the second major hurricane of the Atlantic season would get even stronger. [....]" [Based on: A.P., 07/15/05]

2005 - Delayed / U.S. Shuttle Launch - July 14th, 2005: "CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - A faulty fuel-guage reading forced NASA to call off Wednesday's [07/13/05] launch of Discovery on the first shuttle flight since the Columbia disaster 2 1/2 years ago. The mission was put off until at least Saturday [07/16/05]. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

*Trivia: "Still baffled by a fuel guage failure, NASA on Friday [07/15/05] delayed the launching of its first space shuttle mission in 2 1/2 years until late next week - at the earliest. [....]" [Based on: A.P., 07/16/05]

*Trivia: "Nearly a week after a faulty fuel guage reading halted the first shuttle countdown since the Columbia disaster, NASA had yet to uncover any clues to the problem Monday [07/18/05]. Officials put off the flight of Discovery until at least next week. [....]" [Based on: News Services, 07/19/05]

2005 - Strong Explosions / Sunspot 786 - July 14th, 2005: "Solar activity has suddenly increased with a series of strong explosions from sunspot 786, the latest an X1-class flare at 1055 UT on July 14th. Because the sunspot is near the sun's western limb, none of the blasts was Earth directed. Nevertheless, coronal mass ejections hurled into space by these explosions could deliver glancing blows to Earth's magnetic field as early as tonight and continuing through the weekend, possibly sparking geomagnetic storms. Sky watchers in Canada and northern US states should be alert for auroras."

[Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [07/14/05]

2005 - Sealed Off / Gaza Strip Settlements - July 14th, 2005: "KISSUFIM Junction, Gaza Strip - Israeli troops sealed off on Wednesday [07/13/05] a cluster of Gaza Strip settlements marked for evacuation to stop the influx of hard-line opponents. The action was the government's most sweeping measure yet to prepare for next month's pullout. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Discovered / Tri-Star System, Cygnus - July 14th, 2005: "WASHINGTON - A scientist in California has discovered a giant planet with three suns wheeling overhead. The Jupiter-sized world is 149 light-years (about 879 trillion miles) away from Earth in a triple-star system in the northern constellation Cygnus, the Swan. Maciej Konacki, a planetary scientist at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, reported the sighting in this week's edition of the British scientific journal Nature." [Based on: Knight Ridder Newspapers]

2005 - Typhoon Haitang / Northwest Pacific Ocean - July 14th, 2005: "Typhoon Haitang has been gradually building up strength in the northwest Pacific ocean several hundred kilometers from the Mariana Islands. [....] Haitang was heading roughly westward at around 22 km/hr (12 knots) towards Luzon. However, its path is predicted to swing gradually northward to take it north of Taiwan and ultimately into the Chinese coastline near Shanghai. If the typhoon continues to strengthen according to predictions, it will have steady winds as high as 220 km/hr (120 knots) when it makes landfall. However, predicting hurricane strength and intensity remains an inexact science, so communities throughout the potentially affected area keep a wary eye on this threatening storm. [....]"

[Based on: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/natural_hazards_v2.php3?img_id=12961]

2005 - Listing / Thunder Horse Oil Platform, Gulf of Mexico - July 14th, 2005: "BP worked Wednesday [07/13/05] to right a $1 billion petroleum platform found listing in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico after Hurricane Dennis. [....] Thunder Horse, the largest platform in the Gulf of Mexico, is the center of the Thunder Horse field, located about 150 miles southeast of new Orleans in about 6,000 feet of water. [....]" [Based on: S.L.P.D., p. C2, 07/14/05]

2005 - Bombings / Thailand - July 15th, 2005: "BANKOK, Thailand - Suspected Islamic separatists set off five bombs and exchanged gunfire with security personnel in an attack Thursday [07/14/05] in Muslim-dominated southern Thailand. A police officer was killed and 19 other people were wounded. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Rocket Attack / Israel - July 15th, 2005: "JERUSALEM - A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip killed a young Israeli woman Thursday [07/14/05], hours after Israeli forces raided the West Bank home of a British woman and killed a militant. The violence further shakes a five-month truce threatened earlier this week by a suicide bombing. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Guilty Plea / Robin Szeliga - July 15th, 2005: "DENVER - A former chief financial officer at Quest Communications International Inc. pleaded guilty Thursday [07/14/05] of insider trading, becoming the highest-ranking officer to admit wrongdoing in a scandal that forced the telecom to erase revenue of about $3 billion. Robin Szeliga, 44, faces up to 10 years in prison and a fine of $1 million, although sentencing guidelines call for a term of 15 to 21 months. U.S. District Judge Walker D. Miller delayed accepting the plea until a hearing on Nov. 4. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Canadian Cow Imports / U.S.A. - July 15th, 2005: "A federal appeals court ruled Thursday [07/14/05] that Canadian cattle can again be imported to the United States, dismissing a lower court decision that resuming the imports could spread mad cow disease. The U.S. Department of Agriculture was not immediately available to comment on when it would allow shipments of Canadian cattle to resume. The imports were banned in May 2003 after a cow in Alberta was found to have mad cow disease. The unanimous decision by a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturns a Montana judge who blocked the USDA from reopening the border in March, saying it 'subjects the entire U.S. beef industry to potentially catastrophic damages' and 'presents a genuine risk of death for U.S. consumers.' " [Based on: News Services]

2005 - Investigation Trivia / London Bombings - July 15th, 2005: "LONDON - British and FBI officials  investigating the London terrorist attacks focused Thursday [07/14/05] on an Egyptian-born chemist who studied in the United States and an 18-year-old Briton of Pakistani descent believed to have set off the bomb aboard a red double-decker bus. [....] FBI agents from Raleigh, N.C., joined the search for the chemist, Magdy Asi el-Nashar, 33, a former North Carolinia State University graduate student. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Trivia / White House Leak Timeline - July 15th, 2005: "WASHINGTON - Karl Rove, the White House senior adviser, spoke with the columnist Robert Novak as he was preparing an article in July 2003 that identified a CIA officer who was undercover, someone who has been officially briefed on the matter said Thursaday [07/14/05]. Rove has told investigators he learned from the columnist the name of the CIA officer, who was referred to by her maiden name, Valerie Plame, and the circumstances in which her husband, former Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson, traveled to Africa to investigate possible uranium sales to Iraq, the person said. After hearing Novak's account, the person who has been briefed on the matter said, Rove told the columnist: 'I heard that, too.' The previously undisclosed telephone conversation, which took place July 8, 2003, was initiated by Novak, the person who has been briefed on the matter said. Six days later, Novak's syndicated column reported that two senior administration officials had told him Wilson's 'wife had suggested sending him' to Africa. That column was the first instance in which Valerie Wilson was publicly identified as a CIA operative. The column provoked angry demands for an investigation into who disclosed her name to Novak. [....] The person who provided the information about Rove's conversation with Novak declined to be identified, citing requests by Fitzgerald that no one discuss the case. The person discussed the matter in the belief that Rove was truthful in saying he did not disclose Valerie Plame's identity. [....] On October 1, 2003, Novak wrote another column in which he described calling two officials. The first source, who is unknown, was described by Novak as 'no partisan gunslinger' who provided the outlines of the story. The second, confirming source, Novak wrote, responded, 'Oh, you know about it.' That second source was Rove, the person briefed on the matter said, although Rove's account to investigators about what he told Novak was slightly different. Rove recalled telling Novak: 'I heard that, too.' [Based on: New York Times article by David Johnston & Richard W. Stevenson, p. A3, S.L.P.D., 07/15/05]

*Trivia: "[....] The AP reported Thursday [07/14/05] that Rove acknowledged to the grand jury that he talked about Plame with both Cooper and Novak before they published their stories but that he originally learned about the operative's identity from the news media, not government sources. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article by John Solomon, p. 24, S.L.P.D., 07/16/06]

*Trivia: "Rove testifies [07/15/05] to grand jury that he learned identity of CIA agent from journalists, then talked casually with Cooper." [Based on: Illustrated Timeline, p. A13, S.L.P.D., 10/30/05]

2005 - Insurgent Attacks / Iraq - July 16th, 2005: "BAGHDAD, Iraq - Suicide car bombs and explosions rocked wide areas of the Iraqi capital Friday [07/15/05], targeting U.S. and Iraqi security forces and killing at least 30 people. Two U.S. Marines were killed in a blast near the Jordanian border. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Hurricane Emily / South of Jamaica - July 16th, 2005: "BULL BAY, Jamaica - Fishermen dragged skiffs to shore and surfers rode enormous waves as Hurricane Emily's winds strengthened Saturday [07/16/05] to 155 mph, passing south of Jamaica and on track to make a direct hit at Mexico's Yucatan peninsula. [....]" [Based on: A.P., 07/17/05]

2005 - 60th Anniversary / 1st Atomic Blast - July 16th, 2005: "Thousands gathered Saturday [07/16/05] at the White Sands Missle Range for the 60th anniversary of the world's first atomic blast. [....] The depression created by the test blast at ground zero on what is now the missle range is marked by an obelisk with a simple inscription: 'Trinity Site, Where the World's First Nuclear Device Was Exploded on July 16, 1945.' [....]" [Based on: News Services, 07/17/05]

2005 - Suspect Detained / London Bombings - July 16th, 2005: "LONDON - Egyptian authorities Friday [07/15/05] detained a U.S.-and British-trained chemist who had lived recently in the same city as some of last week's suspected suicide attackers and whose appartment may have been where the bombs were made. [....]" [Based on: Newsday]

*Trivia: "[....] And in Cairo, the Egyptian government said a detained chemist wanted for questioning by Britain had no links to the attacks or to al-Qaida. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article by Thomas Wagner, p. A5, S.L.P.D., 07/20/05]

2005 - Israeli Assassinations / Hamas  Members- July 16th, 2005: "GAZA CITY - The Israeli military killed seven members of Hamas on Friday [07/15/05] in rocket strikes that renewed Israel's policy of assassinating militant Palestinian leaders and effectively marked the end of a five-month truce. [....]" [Based on: Washington Post]

2005 - "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" - July 16th, 2005: "672 pages, 10.8 million announced first printing." [Based on: article in S.L.P.D., p. A10, 07/13/05]

2005 - Saturn in Leo - July 17th, 2005 - "On this date in history, the planet Saturn entered the sign of Leo." [Based on: http://www2.bitstream.net/~bunlion/bpi/ephm/E200507.html]

2005 - Suicide Bomber / Iraq - July 17th, 2005: "BAGHDAD, Iraq A suicide bomber detonated explosives alongside a fuel tanker Saturday [07/16/05] in a town south of Baghdad, setting off a powerful explosion that killed at least 54 people and wounded at least 82. [....]" [Based on: Knight Ridder Newspapers]

2005 - "Published" / Revelations XI - July 17th, 2005: "Illustrated this date in history: Mirror History page entitled: Revelations XI." [Based on: D.R.D. a.k.a Etznab Mathers]  

2005 - Covert U.S. Aid? / Iraqi Vote - July 17th, 2005: "WASHINGTON - In the months before the Iraqi elections in January [2005], President George W. Bush approved a plan to provide covert support to certain Iraqi candidates and political parties, but rescinded the plan because of congressional opposition, current and former government officials said Saturday [07/16/05]. [....]" [Based on: article by Douglas Jehl & David E. Sanger, p. A2, S.L.P.D., 07/17/05]

2005 - Delayed? / Palestinian Elections - July 17th, 2005: "The Palestinian Election Commission said Monday [05/23/05] that parliamentary elections scheduled for July 17 will be delayed because it needed more time to prepare for the vote. The move threatens to inflame a dispute between the militant group Hamas and the ruling Fatah party. [....] The election commission said it would need at least two months from the time a new election law was ratified to prepare for the vote. The law is being held up by a dispute between Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and parliament over how many legislators should be chosen in district elections and how many from party slates. Hamas hopes for more gains after strong showings in three rounds of municipal elections since December [2004]. It has insisted the parliament vote be held as scheduled. Before Monday's announcement, Hamas spokesman Mohammed Ghazal accused Fatah of using logistics as a pretext to delay the vote." [Based on: News Services, 05/24/05]

*Trivia: "Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday [06/04/05] postponed parliamentary elections indefinately, giving his embattled Fatah party time to halt political infighting and shore up support against a growing challenge from Hamas, the militant Islamic group that has carried out guerrilla and suicide attacks. [....] No new date was announced for the election, which had been scheduled for July 17th. [....]" [Based on: A.P., 06/05/05]

*Trivia: "Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas on Monday [08/15/05] set Jan. 21 [2006] as the date for long-overdue legislative elections. Senior officials said the move was an attempt to give militants a strong incentive not to disrupt Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. Abbas' main political rival, the Islamic militant group Hamas, will compete in national elections for the first time and is expected to make a strong showing. [....]" [Based on: A.P., 08/16/05]

2005 - Bombing / Aegean Beach Resort - July 17th, 2005: "A bomb tore apart a minibus in a popular Aegean beach resort town Saturday [07/16/05], killing at least five people, including two foreigners, authorities said. The explosion was the second in a week aimed at Turkey's vital tourism industry. [....]" [Based on: News Services]

2005 - Hurricane Emily / Yucatan Peninsula - July 17th, 2005: "CANCUN, Mexico - Hurricane Emily weakened slightly as it began lashing the beaches of the Yucatan Peninsula on Sunday [07/17/05], hours after thousands of jittery tourists streamed out of their waterfront hotels and fled inland to shelter at schools and gymnasiums. The Category 4 storm caused heavy flooding that swept four people to their deaths in Jamaica on Saturday [07/16/05]. In Mexico, it downed signs, toppled trees and whipped white sand from the beaches in Cancun. [....]" [Based on: A.P., 07/18/05]

2005 - "Wave of Violence" / Middle East - July 17th, 2005: "JERUSALEM - Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas appealed Saturday [07/16/05] to militant groups to hault their attacks on Israel. He wants them to recommit to a Mideast truce left in tatters by a wave of violence over the past week. Meanwhile, Israeli troops massed Saturday outside Gaza as Hamas militants in the coastal strip fired mortar shells and homemade rockets at Israeli targets for the third straight day. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Trivia / Ethanol & Biofuels - July 18th, 2005: "ALBANY, N.Y. - Farmers, businesses and state officials are investing millions of dollars in ethanol and biofuel plants as renewable energy sources, but a study says the alternative fuels burn more energy than they produce. [....] Ethanol producers dispute Pimentel [Cornell's David Pimentel] and Patzek's [Berkeley's Tad Patzek] findings, saying the data is outdated and doesn't take into account profits that offset costs. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, p. A3, 07/18/05]

*Trivia: [The headline for this article read: Ethanol burns more energy than it produces, study says]

2005 - Suicide Blasts / Iraq - July 18th, 2005: "BAGHDAD, Iraq - Suicide bombers killed 22 people in the Baghdad area Sunday [07/17/05], as insurgents continued a campaign that claimed more than 90 lives Saturday [07/16/05] in a bombing near a Shiite mosque south of the capital. [....] Britain could start withdrawing its troops from Iraq during the next year, Defense Secretary John Reid said Sunday [07/17/05], confirming the contents of a leaked memo. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Died / William Westmoreland - July 18th, 2005: "Retired Gen. William Westmoreland, who commanded American troops in Vietnam - the nation's longest, most divisive conflict and the only war America lost - died Monday night [07/18/05]. He was 91. [....]" [Based on: A.P., 07/19/05]

2005 - Powerful Wind & Storms / Alps - July 18th, 2005: "Powerful wind and hail the size of walnuts battered parts of the Alps on Monday [07/18/05], causing damage in towns in France and Switzerland and ripping up vineyards around the resort towns of lake Geneva. [....] The storms had winds up to 100 mph." [Based on: News Services article, S.L.P.D., p. A9, 07/19/05]

2005 - White House Leak Trivia / Lewis Libby - July 18th, 2005: "WASHINGTON - The vice president's chief of staff, Lewis Libby, was a source along with the president's chief political adviser for a Time magazine story that identified a CIA officer, the magazine reporter said Sunday [07/17/05]. The disclosure further countered White House claims that neither aide was involved in the leak. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article by Pete Yost, S.L.P.D., p. A1, 07/18/05]

*Trivia: Until last week, White House had insisted for two years that Libby and Rove had no connection to the leak." [Based on: A.P. article by Pete Yost, S.L.P.D., p. A1, 07/18/05]

2005 - U.S. Spending / Iraq - July 19th, 2005: "BASRA, Iraq - The United States has yet to spend almost 60 percent of its pledged $21 billion in reconstruction money for Iraq, even as the country struggles through a third summer of sporadic electricity and limited clean water. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - "Eminent Domain" / U.S.A. - July 19th, 2005: "[....] A tremendous blow to property rights and to freedom itself was dealt by the U.S. Supreme Court's decision last month in Kelo vs. City of New London. The court ruled that individual property rights are inferior to the rights of private economic developers who have aquired government approval. Should a private developer see an opportunity to profit from your property, he needs only a majority on the local governing body to agree in order to gain the power to buy it from you. [....] A government's condemnation of private property that is clearly for the benefit of private enterprise is a gross abuse of government power and relegates average citizens to the status of pawns. [....] Those who think the Kelo decision isn't relevant to them would do well to consider the much greater impact this decision portends for every American. The court did not just put citizens' private property in jeopardy; it expanded the power of government over every individual. Your rights to liberty and to enjoy the fruits of your labor have been vastly diminished." [Based on: article by Chuck Gross, p. B7, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 07/19/05]

2005 - Sentenced / Eric Rudolph - July 19th, 2005: "BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - An unrepentant Eric Rudolph declared Monday [07/18/05] that abortion must be fought with 'deadly force' as a judge sentenced him to life in prison for setting off a remote-controlled bomb at an abortion clinic that killed an off-duty police officer and maimed a nurse. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Typhoon Haitang / China - July 19th, 2005: "SHANGHAI, China - Typhoon Haitang churned into southeastern China Tuesday [07/19/05], bringing torrential rain and high winds to coastal areas where more than 1 million people had fled their homes. [....]" [Based on: A.P., 07/20/05]

2005 - Trivia / White House Leak Scandal - July 19th, 2005: "WASHINGTON - President George W. Bush on Monday [07/18/05] narrowed the circumstances under which he would fire subordinates who leaked the identity of a covert CIA officer to journalists in 2003, saying it would have to be a crime. [....] An ABC News poll released Monday said that 25 percent of Americans think the White House is fully cooperating in the federal investigation, down from 47 percent when the inquiry began in September 2003. Three-quarters of the 1,008 adults who were surveyed from Wednesday through Sunday said Rove, Bush's deputy chief of staff, should be fired if he's found to have leaked classified information. [....] A senior Democratic congressman [Rep. Henry Waxman] contended Monday that Bush was obligated to take action against Rove without waiting for the outcome of the grand jury investigation. Under an executive order that Bush signed in March 2003, 'the president may not wait until criminal intent and liability are proved by a prosecutor,' Rep. Henry Waxman of California wrote in a letter to the president that the congressman's office made public. Executive Order 13292, which governs the declassification of government secrets, requires that 'appropriate and prompt corrective' administrative action be taken against any U.S. government official who 'knowingly, willfully or negligently' discloses classified information. The administrative action ranges from suspension without pay to job termination. [....]" [Based on: Knight Ridder Newspapers]

2005 - Israeli Forces Block Settlers' March - July 19th, 2005: "NETIVOT, Israel - Security forces blocked thousands of Jewish settlers and their supporters from marching Monday night [07/18/05] in protest of Israel's pullout from the Gaza Strip next month. [....] Settlers pledged to push on toward Gaza in the morning. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Bush Supports Nuclear Power / India - July 19th, 2005: "President George W. Bush told India's prime minister on Monday [07/18/05] that he will push for a reversal of U.S. policy in order to help India build a nuclear power program that will help solve an electrical power shortage. [....]" [Based on: News Services]

2005 - Tropical Storm Eugene / Pacific Ocean - July 19th, 2005: "Tropical Storm Eugene is the fifth named Pacific Ocean hurricane of the season."

[Based on: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/natural_hazards_v2.php3?img_id=12981]

2005 - Saving lives - July 20th, 2005:

   I see that Illinois has banned drivers under age 18 from using a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle. The purpose of this ban is to save young lives.
   Now, if we could just ban the military from recruiting these same kids at their high schools, think how many more young lives could be saved.

[Based on: Letter To The Editor article by Michael Szerzinski, St. Louis Mo., p. B6, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 07/20/05]

2005 - Gaza Pullout? - July 20th, 2005: "[....] As Israel works to persuade some of the 8,500 Gaza settlers to leave voluntarily before the pullout begins July 20, more people keep moving  in. [....]" [Based on: A.P., 04/18/05]

*Trivia: "Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon agreed Monday [05/09/05] to delay the evacuation of Jewish settlers and Israeli soldiers from the predominantly Palestinian Gaza Strip until at least mid-August, for what he said were religious reasons. Senior rabbis as well as Israeli government and military officials have urged Sharon for weeks to postpone the evacuation from July 25. That date conflicted with an annual mourning period marking the destruction of the Jewish Temples in 586 B.C. and A.D. 70. [....] To date, only two cities have been returned to Palestinian control and only 500 of more than 7,000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails have been released. Palestinian Labor Minister Hassan Abu Libdeh said he suspected that Sharon's decision to postpone dismantling the settlements was aimed at gauging the outcome of Palestinian legislative elections scheduled for July 17. The Islamic militant faction Hamas is widely expected to fare well in those polls, if it runs. Israel opposes Hamas' participation in Palestinian elections as long as the group carries weapons and embraces a doctrine calling for Israel's destruction." [Based on: Knight Ridder Newspapers, 05/10/05]

*Trivia: "Israel's withdrawl from the Gaza Strip will not be called off under any circumstances, Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said Tuesday [05/10/05]. He rejected suggestions by Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom that the pullout should be canceled if the Hamas militant group wins Palestinian parliamentary elections this summer. [....]" [Based on: News Services, 05/11/05]

*Trivia: "Opponents of Israel's pullout from the Gaza Strip abandoned their efforts to stage a thousands-strong protest march in support of Jewish settlers late Wednesday [07/20/05]. [....] About midnight, at the end of a third day of fruitless negotiations with police and the military, organizers told the marchers that buses were waiting to take them home.  [....]" [Based on: News Services, 07/21/05]

*Trivia: "[....] Which brings us to Ariel Sharon, formerly the hardest of hard-liners and the moving force behind the creation [of?] Jewish settlements on conquered Palestinian land after 1967. Has he actually changed his spots, or is the evacuation of the Gaza Strip just a smoke-screen for his real intentions? Well, listen to him: 'I think it is important that they (Gaza settlers) know that what they did was not in vain. There are certainly great achievements, with the big (West Bank) settlements that will remain in Israeli hands." Sharon is romoving 8,500 Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip (where they are surrounded by 1.3 million Arabs and could never be secure) in order to secure the position of some 400,000 Jewish settlers on formerly Palestinian land in the West Bank. That's not exactlty defeat - if it works. It all comes down to what Israelis call the 'demographic problem.' Most want to live in a state that is both Jewish and democratic, but some also have nourished the dream that that state could include all or almost all of former Palestine. But Palestinians have a much higher birth-rate than Israelis; despite the immigration of a million people of Jewish descent from the countries of the former Soviet Union over the past fifteen years, almost half the people now living under Israeli government control are Arabs. At least, that would be the case if Ariel Sharon were not pulling out Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip and shedding responsibility for the territory's 1.3 million Arabs. The withdrawal also ends a waste of Israeli lives: nearly 100 Israeli soldiers have been killed trying to protect the hopelessly vulnerable Gaza settlements. Sharon has a solution for the West Bank, too. The security fence that is now creating a new defacto border there will incorporate almost all the Jewish settlements into Israel but exclude most of the West Bank's Palestinians. The demographic problem is greatly ameliorated, and Israel gets to keep a lot of the more desirable land. [....]" [Based on: article by Gwynne Dyer (Entitled: Politics and terrorism are in play in Gaza), p. B7, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 08/22/05] - [Paragraph indents removed - E.M.]

2005 - Straight to jail - July 20th, 2005:

   Could somebody please explain to me how WorldCom executive Bernard Ebbers can be sentenced to 25 years in prison and walk out of the courthouse without handcuffs and be told to show up in October? He perpetuated lies and ruined lives and families. For shame.

[Based on: Letter To The Editor article by Richard E. Browning, Pacific Mo., p. B6, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 07/20/05]

2005 - Protecting innocents - July 20th, 2005:

   As a historian who taught the history of global terrorism at the college level for many years, I am frustrated by Americans' lack of knowledge about terrorists.
   Understanding the terrorist point of view does not mean that we agree with their message or their methods, as suggested by Donald Meissner in "History shows we're on the correct course against terrorism" (July 14). Recognizing that terrorism is a conscious, purposeful and even rational tactic that employs violence as the "voice" of oppression should signal that something - such as intelligent discourse - has broken down.
   Terrorism is centuries old and will surface when political or cultural differences cannot be mediated with reason. The last thing we need is what Mr. Meissner suggests: to perpetuate our even greater rigidity and self-righteousness in a fortress mentality. Until we begin to empathize with innocent victims of all violence - "ours" as well as "theirs" - the cancer of hate, anger and revenge will only spread.

[Based on: Letter To The Editor article by J.F. Fausz, Florissant Mo., p. B6, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 07/20/05]

2005 - Heat Wave? / Arizona - July 20th, 2005: "[....] Arizona residents are used to heat, but not like this. It's been over a week since the mercury dropped below 89 in the city, even at night, and the high has been at least 110 degrees for nine straight days. On Sunday [07/17/05], Phoenix set a record at 116 degrees. [....]" [Based on: News Services]

*Trivia: "A record heat wave has led to the deaths of 18 people, most of them homeless, leaving officials scrambling to provide water and shelter to the city's transient population. [....] Four more bodies were found Wednesday [07/20/05]. Fourteen of the victims were thought to be homeless. Authorities did not know if a man found by the side of a road Sunday had a permanent residence. [....]" [Based on: News Services]

2005 - Assassinations / Iraq - July 20th, 2005: "BAGHDAD, Iraq - Gunmen assassinated two Sunni Arabs involved in the drafting of Iraq's constitution Tuesday [07/19/05], another blow to U.S. and Iraqi efforts to draw members of the disaffected community away from the insurgency and into the political process. Mijbil Issa, a committee member, Dhamin Hussein al-Obeidi, an adviser to the group, and their bodyguard died in a hail of gunfire from two vehicles as they left a restaurant in Baghdad's Karradah district, police said. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Died / James Doohan - July 20th, 2005: "LOS ANGELES - James Doohan, who played engineer Montgomery Scott ['Star Trek'] ... died Wednesday (July 20, 2005). He was 85. [....] Mr Doohan died at 5:30 a.m. at his Redmond, Wash., home with his wife of 31 years, Wende, at his side, Los Angeles agent and longtime friend Steve Stevens said. The cause of death was pneumonia and Alzheimer's disease, he said. [....]" [Based on: A.P., 07/21/05]

2005 - Peace? / Fatah & Hamas - July 20th, 2005: "GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - The ruling Fatah movement and the Islamic militant group Hamas agreed early today to end armed clashes that have erupted in recent days, just as Israeli police were confronting their own opposition over Israel's planned pullout from Gaza. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Soybean Rust / Mississippi - July 20th, 2005: "Soybean rust, an aggressive plant disease, has spread to Mississippi after spores were found earlier this year in Florida, Georgia and Alabama. The federal government said the disease is likely to sread north. [....]" [Based on: S.L.P.D., p. C2, 07/20/05]

2005 - Charged? / Samuel W. Wood - July 20th, 2005: "British authorities have charged a St. Louis area man in connection with a securities 'boiler room' that targeted investors in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Samuel W. Wood of Defiance and a fellow executive from Netspan Inc. were questioned earlier this month after making a presentation to current and prospective shareholders at a hotel near London's Heathrow Airport. [....] Netspan is not a publicly traded company, so its activities are not regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. [....]" [Based on: St. Louis Post Dispatch]

2005 - Insurgent Bomb / Chechnya - July 20th, 2005: "Insurgents set off a bomb Tuesday [07/19/05] near a police minibus in breakaway Chechnya after luring the security forces into a trap. Fourteen people, including two children, were killed, and more than 20 others were wounded, regional officials said. [....]" [Based on: News Services]

2005 - Status / Hurricane Emily, Mexico - July 20th, 2005: "Hurricane Emily was downgraded to a tropical storm Wednesday [07/20/05] but still threatened to unleash deadly floods and mudslides in northern Mexico, the National Hurricane Center said. [....] Emily crashed ashore as a category 3 hurricane with howling winds reaching 125 miles per hour. Landfall came at about 6:35 a.m. [07/20/05?] local time near San Fernando, a fishing village about 75 miles south of the border. [....]" [Based on: Dallas Morning News, 07/21/05]

2005 - FDA Warning / Abortion Pill RU - 486 - July 20th, 2005: "WASHINGTON - The government warned doctors Tuesday [07/19/05] to be on the lookout for rare but deadly infections in women using the abortion pill RU-486, citing two more deaths after its use. At least five U.S. women have died after taking the pill since it began selling in 2000, although the Food and Drug Administration stressed that it could not prove the drug was to blame. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Elections Trivia / Lebanese Cabinet - July 20th, 2005: "Lebanon's prime minister-designate announced his new Cabinet on Tuesday [07/19/05], a government dominated by opponents of Syria but including a member of the militant Hezbollah group, which the United States brands as a terrorist organization. [....]" [Based on: News Services]

2005 - Betrayed the Nation? / Karl Rove - July 20th, 2005:

   It's ironic that political genius Karl Rove - and perhaps others - could end up in prison for exposing the identity of an undercover CIA agent. Ironic, because their essential mistake in doing so was one of identity: their own.
   They think they work for President George W. Bush. They don't. They work for America.
   The administration's response to the Wilson-Plame-Rove mess has been a laughable catalogue of excuses from denial to defense to rationalization - not unlike the ever-changing rationales offered for the invasion of Iraq after weapons of mass destruction were nowhere to be found. There is nothing laughable, however, about the effects of Rove's blind zeal to reinforce Bush's power and advance his agenda.
   I don't know whether Rove, now Bush's deputy chief of staff, is a criminal, but I know he suffers from a case of mistaken self-identity. Yes, he serves at the pleasure of the president. But Rove works for the people of the United States of America. He has betrayed their trust.

[Based on: Commentary article by Eric Mink entitled: "He has betrayed the nation", p. B7, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 07/20/05]

2005 - Status / Mt. Saint Helens Volcano - July 20th-26th, 2005: "During 20-26 July, several rockfalls at Mount St. Helens were triggered by earthquakes around M 3. Some of the rockfalls produced ash plumes that rose to low altitudes. Analysis of a digital elevation model created from aerial photographs taken on 15 June showed that the volume of the new lava dome was about 54 million cubic meters, or about 60% of the volume of the lava dome that grew in the crater from 1980 to 1986. The rate of addition of lava to the dome from mid-May to mid-June remained at ~1.5 cubic meters per second. Images of the summit taken around 25 July showed that the lava spine at the N end of the dome continued to extrude at a rate similar to that of the previous few weeks, but the rate of rockfalls was greater and the height of the top of the spine was decreasing. St. Helens remained at Volcano Advisory (Alert Level 2); aviation color code Orange. [....]"

[Based on: http://www.volcano.si.edu/reports/usgs/#sthelens]

2005 - Emergency Rule / Thailand Provinces - July 20th, 2005: "Thailand's Cabinet imposed emergency rule Tuesday [07/19/05] in three provinces in the Muslim-dominated south. The decree lets authorities detain suspects without charge and censor the news media as the military battles an 18-month insurgency. The declaration took immediate effect. It came under a new decree that grants Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra sweeping authority to combat the insurgency - which has left 900 people dead since it began. [....] The declaration covers Yala, Narathiwat and Pattani, the only Muslim-dominated provinces in mostly Buddhist Thailand." [Based on: News Services]

2005 - Rocket Attack Thwarted? / Afghanistan - July 20th, 2005: "Police said Tuesday [07/19/05] they had thwarted a rocket attack against a major hydroelectric dam near Kabul, the latest threat to stability in Afghanistan ahead of parliamentary elections. [....] The BM-1 rockets - which were used widely during Afghanistan's protracted civil war - were found about three miles from the dam in a rugged area called Ozbin. [Based on: News Services]

2005 - 2nd-Quarter Profit Loss / Ford Motor Co. - July 20th, 2005: "Ford Motor Co. said Tuesday [07/19/05] that second-quarter profit fell 19 percent as its North American auto operations lost money for the third time in a year. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News]

2005 - "Identification Numbers" / Missouri Students - July 20th, 2005: "Missouri is assigning a 10-digit identification number to its public school students, from the 34 in tiny Wyaconda, Mo., to the more than 37,000 students in the St. Louis Public Schools. The ID numbers will allow educators to track students from preschool through high school. So far this summer, nearly two-thirds of the numbers have been assigned. By January ... Missouri expects to have ID's assigned to nearly all of the state's 905,000 public school students. [....]" [Based on: article by Carolyn Bower, p. B1, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 07/20/05] 

2005 - U.S. Supreme Court Nominee / John G. Roberts Jr. - July 20th, 2005: "WASHINGTON - President George W. Bush announced Tuesday night [07/19/05] that his choice for the first Supreme Court vacancy in 11 years is federal appeals court Judge John G. Roberts Jr., a strong-voiced conservative with deep credentials in the Washington establishment. [....]" [Based on: Post-Dispatch Washington Bureau Chief]

2005 - Solar Wind Stream - July 21st, 2005: "A solar wind stream is blowing past Earth and buffeting our planet's magnetic field. Sky watchers in Canada and northern US states should be alert for auroras tonight."

[Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [07/21/05] 

2005 - Trivia / Iraqi Constitution? - July 21st, 2005: "BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraq's permanent constitution will be finished on time in mid-August, despite the unsettling assassinations of two Sunni Arabs involved in drafting the document, key Iraqi officials said Wednesday [07/20/05]. [....]" [Based on: Knight Ridder Newspapers]

*Trivia: "Iraq's ruling coalition missed another deadline to complete a constitution Thursday [08/25/05], putting off until Sunday [08/28/05] a National Assembly meeting to consider the document. Shiite Muslim and Kurdish leaders dominate Iraqi politics. They said they expected the document to be approved, while Sunni Muslim Arabs charged that the delay violated the law and required that the National Assembly be dissolved. It is the second missed deadline this week. [....]" [Based on: Knight Ridder Newspapers article, p. A1, S.L.P.D., 08/26/05]

2005 - Trivia / Global Warming - July 21st, 2005: "WASHINGTON - Global warming is caused primarily by people and 'nearly all climate scientists today' agree with that viewpoint, the new head of the National Academy of Sciences - a climate scientist himself - said Wednesday [07/20/05]. [....] 'Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is now at its highest level in 400,000 years, and it continues to rise,' said Cicerone [Ralph Cicerone], an atmospheric scientist who left as chancellor of the University of California at Irvine to become academy president this month. 'Nearely all climate scientists today believe that much of Earth's current warming has been caused by increases in the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, mostly from the burning of fuels' [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Muslim "Blacklist" / Britian - July 21st, 2005: "LONDON - Britain is drawing up a new blacklist to block alleged terrorist sympathizers from entering the country and to deport those already here, officials announced Wednesday [07/20/05], detailing expanded efforts to head off violence such as the bombings of July 7. [....] In Pakistan, authorities said they were searching for a man named Haroon Rashid, who they believed might have played a role in the attacks. They denied reports that they had arrested him. A man by that relatively common name was taken into custody, officials said, but then released when it was determined that he was not the man being sought. Senior Pakistani intelligence officials have said that, after early questioning of two dozen people suspected of being Islamic radicals, no clues about the terrorist contacts of the London bombers had been found. About 150 such suspects have been detained during a nationwide police crackdown in the past two days. Authorities say three of the bombers were of Pakistani origin and visited Pakistan in the months before the attacks. The fourth man was a Jamaican-born convert to Islam. [....] Charles Clarke, the Cabinet secretary in charge of domestic security, told the House of Commons that the government plans to compile a database of 'unacceptable behavior' such as preaching extremism, running radical Web sites and writing articles intended to foment terrorism. Clarke also said he planned a new offense of 'indirect incitement to terrorism' that would target 'those who, while not directly inciting, glorify and condone terrorist attacks knowing full well that the effect on their listeners will be to encourage them to turn to terrorism.' [....]" [Based on: Washington Post]

2005 - Trivia / Porn E-Mail Crackdown - July 21st, 2005: "WASHINGTON - Federal regulators accused seven companies Wednesday [07/20/05] of hiring others to send illegal e-mails with pornographic messages to tempt consumers to visit adult Web sites. [....] Consumers complained about the e-mails and forwarded copies to a special e-mail address set up by the FTC (spam@uce.gov), said Jonathan M. Kraden, an attorney with the agency's Bureau of Consumer Protection. [....] The FTC said it directed the Justice Department to file civil lawsuits against three of the companies: T.J. Web Productions LLC of Henderson, Nev.; Cyberheat Inc. of Tucson, Ariz.; and Impulse Media Group Inc. of Seattle. The lawsuits seek unspecified payment to the government. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article, p. A6, S.L.P.D., 07/21/05]

2005 - Legal Gay Marriage / Canada - July 21st, 2005: "TORONTO - Canada legalized gay marriage Wednesday [07/20/05], becomming the world's fourth nation to grant full legal rights to same-sex couples. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Beginning / Patriot Act Debate, U.S.A. - July 21st, 2005: "[....] The House vote on whether to extend the government's counterterrorism powers will be the first time either chamber of Congress has considered the Patriot Act as a whole since it was passed by wide margins just weeks after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Officials expect daylong debate on the House floor today [07/21/05], with a vote probably coming Friday. The Senate still must consider competing versions of its own. [....]" [Based on: News Services]

2005 - Bird Flu Virus / Duck Meat, China? - July 21st, 2005: "The bird flu virus was found in processed frozen duck meat shipped for human consumption from China to Japan two years ago, health officials said Wednesday [07/20/05]. In a recent study published online in the journal Virology, a team of Japanese researchers reported that a form of the H5N1 virus was found in duck meat exported from China's Shandong province. [....]" [Based on: News Services]

2005 - Quarterly Loss / General Motors Corp. - July 21st, 2005: "General Motors Corp. reported another huge quarterly loss Wednesday [07/20/05], intensifying pressure on Chief Executive Rick Wagoner to speed up the overhaul of North American operations that contributed a 1.2 billion torrent of red ink in the second quarter. [....] GM's U.S. market share has fallen to all-time lows as customers increasingly choose models from Toyota Motor Corp., Nissan Motor Co. and other Asian automakers. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Hunger Strike / Guantanamo Bay, Cuba - July 21st, 2005: "Two Afghans released from Guantanamo Bay claimed Wednesday [07/20/05] that about 180 Afghans at the U.S. detention facility were on a hunger strike to protest alleged mistreatment and to push for freedom. [....] Russol and Borekzai estimated that the men were in the 14th or 15th day of their fast. [....]" [Based on: News Services]

*Trivia: "Fifty-two prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have declared a hunger strike, military officials said Thursday [07/21/05]. They have refused at least nine meals over the last three days [07/19/2005 - 07/21/2005?], the officials said. [....] The detainees refusing meals have been given intravenous hydration, Gatorade, water and the nutritional supplement Ensure, the statement says. Some may be admitted to a hospital." [Based on: News Services, 07/22/05]

2005 - Stepping Down / Prince Bandar bin Sultan - July 21st, 2005: "CAIRO, Egypt - Saudi Arabia's bon vivant ambassador to the United States announced Wednesday [07/20/05] he was stepping down, ending more than two decades of unusual Oval Office access - including huddling with presidents at moments of crisis and even once looking over battle plans. [....] The Saudi Foreign Ministry said Bandar - who had held the post for 22 years but had been out of Washington for most of the past year - was stepping down for 'personal reasons.' [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Enemies Within - July 22nd, 2005:

   The question now is how a nation can prevent acts of terrorism by its own people. This is a new aspect in the war against terrorism.
   Previously, suicide bombings were associated with Iraqis or Palestinians. Out of the blue, the British public now realizes it can happen at home.... Unlike Osama bin Laden and his contemporaries who personally experienced conflicts in the Middle East and Afghanistan, the suspects of the (July 7) London attacks grew up in an industrialized country in a free and open environment. What drove them to commit such dastardly acts?
   The Middle East situation and the Iraq war may have provided an incentive. Two slogans are typically chanted: The United States and Britain invaded Iraq with powerful military forces, causing innocent people unbearable pain; and Israel continues to inflict terror on the Palestinians. Perhaps they felt that Islamic culture was under attack.
  If we sit back and do nothing, it will be increasingly difficult to contain terrorism.

[Based on: Commentary article by Asahi Shimbun, Tokyo, Japan, p. B9, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 07/22/05]

*Trivia: "In a videotape made public just days before the U.S. presidential election in 2004, Osama bin-Laden talked about when he first started to hate the United States. He referred to the year 1982, when the United States allowed Israel to invade Lebanon." [E.M.]

2005 - More Bombs / London - July 22nd, 2005: "LONDON - Four attacks, almost simultaneous, on three subway trains and a doubledecker bus. No blood and not as sophisticated, but hauntingly unnerving similar to deadly explosions set off by four suicide bombers exactly two weeks before - and an inescapable message that life in London now means living with the threat of terrorism. 'We can't minimize incidents such as this,' Prime Minister Tony Blair said. 'They're done to scare people, to frighten them and make them worried.' That they did. The explosive devices were either faulty or too small to cause bloodshed. The only reported injury turned out to be an asthma attack. But the blasts at lunch hour Thursday [07/21/05] rattled a capital already on edge after the explosions July 7, which killed 56 people, including four suicide bombers. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

*Trivia: "A suspect in the failed July 21 bombings arrested in Rome has confessed to carrying a bomb through London's subway but claimed it was meant as a 'demonstration' rather than to kill, a person with firsthand knowledge of the interrogation said Saturday [07/30/05]. [....] The person who spoke of the interrogation would not speak for attribution. The person said the suspect maintained that his group was not connected to al-Qaida or to the four bombers who died with 52 other people July 7 in a wave of attacks in London [....] The man, a 27-year-old Ethiopian who left Britain four days ago, was identified in Italy as Osman Hussain and in Britain as Hussain Osman. He was arrested Friday [07/29/05]. [....]" [Based on: New York Times article by Ian Fisher & Alan Cowell, p. A2, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 07/31/05]

2005 - Elections Trivia / Germany - July 22nd, 2005: "Germany's president agreed Thursday [07/21/05] to dissolve parliament and hold early elections Sept. 18 that could give the country its first woman chancellor. [....] Schroder's chief challenger will be Angela Merkel of the Christian Democratic Union. She is leading in the polls by some 17 or 18 points, giving her a chance to become Germany's first woman chancellor." [Based on: News Services]

2005 - Microbe Trivia / Human Body - July 22nd, 2005: "[....] All people are composed of more microbes - bacteria and an ancient form of single-celled life called Archaea - than human cells. For every human cell in the body, 10 microbes inhabit the intestinal tract, said Gordon [Jeffrey I. Gordon], the director of the Center for Genome Sciences at Washington University. And when our intimate relationship with our inner bacteria goes wrong, it's enough to make people sick, according to a controversial new theory about the cause of irritable bowel syndrome. [....] The microscopic denizens of the colon (also known as the large intestine) form an organ within an organ that is essential for proper health, scientists say. Some bacteria detoxify cancer-causing chemicals. Microbes help extract nutrition from food and signal hosts when to make and store fat, the researchers have found. Each meal a person eats is like 'dining in with 10 trillion friends,' Gordon says. [....]" [Based on: article by Tina Hesman, p. A1, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 07/22/05]

2005 - House Vote / U.S. Patriot Act - July 22nd, 2005: "WASHINGTON - The House voted Thursday [07/21/05] night to extend permanently virtually all the major anti-terrorism provisions of the USA Patriot Act after beating back efforts by Democrats and some Republicans to impose new restrictions on the government's power to eavesdrop, conduct secret searches and demand library records. [....]" [Based on: New York Times]

2005 - Abducted / Algerian Diplomats, Iraq - July 22nd, 2005: "BAGHDAD, Iraq - Gunmen seized two Algerian diplomats Thursday [07/21/05] - including the country's top envoy to Iraq - in the latest attacks aimed at scaring away Muslim diplomats and undermining the U.S.-backed Iraqi government. The abdustions brought to five the number of key diplomats from Islamic countries targeted in Baghdad in less than three weeks. The chief of Algeria's mission in Iraq, charge d'affaires Ali Belaroussi, and another Algerian diplomat, Azzedine Ben Kadi, were dragged from their car along with their driver in west Baghdad's upscale Mansour district, police and Algerian officials said. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Operation Murambatsvina / Zimbabwe - July 22nd, 2005: "A U.N. report condemned the Zimbabwe government for destroying urban slums in a 'disastrous venture' that has left 700,000 people homeless or jobless. The report demands that those responsible be punished, according to excerpts obtained late Thursday [07/21/05]. The report, to be released today, said a further 2.4 million people have been affected in varying degrees by the countrywide campaign in which thousands of shantytowns, ramshakle markets and makeshift homes have been demolished. Operation Murambatsvina, or Drive Out Trash, has been 'carried out in an indiscriminate and unjustified manner, with indifference to human suffering,' said the report's executive summary, obtained by The Associated Press. [....]" [Based on: News Services]

*Trivia: "[....] Mugabe's government has defended the operation as an urban cleanup drive, and pledged $325 million to provide 1.2 million houses or building plots by 2008." [Based on: A.P., 07/23/05]

2005 - Trivia / Environmental Chemicals, U.S.A. - July 22nd, 2005: "ATLANTA - Americans have lower levels of lead, secondhand-smoke byproducts and other potentially dangerous substances in their bodies than they did a decade ago, according to perhaps the most extensive government study ever of exposure to environmental chemicals. 'These data help relieve worry and concern,' Dr. Julie Gerberding, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said Thursday [07/21/05]. The CDC released its first National Report on Exposure to Environmental Chemicals in 2001 and has updated it every two years. For its latest findings, the CDC took blood and urine samples from about 2,400 people in 2001 and 2002 and tested for 148 environmental chemicals, including metals, pesticides, insect repellents and disinfectants. [....] The study looked at 38 chemicals, mainly pesticides that were not measured during the last CDC analysis, in 2003. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article, p. A5, S.L.P.D., 07/22/05]

2005 - Bohemian Grove Trivia / Sonoma, California - July 22nd, 2005: "President Herbert Hoover dubbed it 'the greatest men’s party on earth.' Others have called it the most exclusive summer camp in the world. Every July [15th?], the top movers, shakers and hotshots retire to the depths of the redwood forests of Sonoma for a top secret, completely hush-hush retreat. [....]" [Brackets text added - E.M.]

[Based on: http://www.infowars.com/articles/occult/bg_feeling_bohemian_its_camp_time.htm]

2005 - Details of US microwave-weapon tests revealed - July 22nd, 2005:

Volunteers taking part in tests of the Pentagon's "less-lethal" microwave weapon were banned from wearing glasses or contact lenses due to safety fears. The precautions raise concerns about how safe the Active Denial System (ADS) weapon would be if used in real crowd-control situations.

The ADS fires a 95-gigahertz microwave beam, which is supposed to heat skin and to cause pain but no physical damage (New Scientist, 27 October 2001, p 26). Little information about its effects has been released, but details of tests in 2003 and 2004 were revealed after Edward Hammond, director of the US Sunshine Project - an organisation campaigning against the use of biological and non-lethal weapons - requested them under the Freedom of Information Act.


A vehicle-mounted version of ADS called Sheriff could be in service in Iraq in 2006 according to the Department of Defense, and it is also being evaluated by the US Department of Energy for use in defending nuclear facilities. The US marines and police are both working on portable versions, and the US air force is building a system for controlling riots."

[Based on: http://www.newscientist.com/article.ns?id=mg18725095.600]

2005 - Volcanic Activity / Ebeko Volcano, Kuril Islands, Russia - July 22nd-29th - "KVERT raised the Concern Color Code at Ebeko around 29 July from Green to Yellow. During 22-29 July, new fumaroles were noted in the volcano's active crater, and an explosion in the crater emitted hot steam. These types of strong changes in the crater had not been observed since 1982.  [....]"

[Based on: http://www.volcano.si.edu/reports/usgs/#Ebeko]

2005 - Sun in Leo - July 23rd, 2005: "Reported date when the Sun entered the constellation Leo." [Based on: http://www.astro.com/swisseph/swephae.htm - 2005 A]

2005 - Car Bombs / Egypt - July 23rd, 2005: "CAIRO, Egypt - Three car bombs exploded in quick succession in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheik early today [07/23/05], riping through a hotel and a cafe packed with European and Egyptian tourists. The provincial governor said at least 49 people were killed in the deadliest attack in Egypt in nearly a decade. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

*Trivia: "[....] The blast was one of three that killed at least 88 in this Red Sea resort packed with European and Arab vacationers. At least 119 people were injured. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

*Trivia: "Egyptian authorities said Sunday [08/14/05] that they had identified all of the members of a terrorist cell responsible for the July attacks on Sharm el-Sheik and arrested three. The attack killed more than 64 people, including 44 Egyptians. The Interior Ministry was vague in its announcement about the arrests. In an official statement, it said, 'The ministry's agencies discovered the scope of the flagrant terrorist operation and were able to identify those who carried it out, and they already have primary suspects.' The statement ended by saying, 'All details will be announced in due time.' The three explosions that rocked the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheik occured at the end of July, nine months after explosions killed dozens in Taba, another resort town not far from Israel." [Based on: News Services, 08/15/05]

2005 - Strong Earthquake / Honshu, Japan - July 23rd, 2005: "A strong earthquake occurred at 07:34:57 (UTC) on Saturday, July 23, 2005. The magnitude 6.0 event has been located in NEAR THE SOUTH COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN. (This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.)"

[Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/recenteqsww/Quakes/usawas.htm]

*Trivia: "[....] The quake was the strongest to hit the capital since 1992, the Kyodo News agency said." [Based on: News Services, 07/24/05]

*Trivia: "A strong earthquake occurred at 10:15:32 (UTC) on Wednesday, August 24, 2005. The magnitude 6.2 event has been located in NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN. The hypocentral depth was estimated to be 49 km (31 miles). (This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.)"

[Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/recenteqsww/Quakes/usawas.htm] (Is this the same? or another one? - E.M.)

2005 - Suspended Sentence / Gen. Khin Nyunt - July 23rd, 2005: "A Myanmar court has sentenced former Prime Minister Gen. Khin Nyunt to a 44-year suspended prison sentence, a legal official with knowledge of the proceedings said Friday [07/22/05]. [....]" [Based on: News Services]

2005 - Fatally Shot / London Bombing Suspect? - July 23rd, 2005: "LONDON - Under a shoot-to-kill order following terrorist attacks that have traumatized Britain, plainclothes police officers on Friday [07/22/05] fatally shot [five times in the head?] a suspect on a subway train as horrified passengers looked on. [....]" [Based on: New York Times] - [Brackets text added by E.M]

*Trivia: "The man [Jean Charles de Menezes] shot dead by police in front of terrified passengers inside a subway car Friday [07/22/05] was an innocent Brazillian mistaken for a suspect in the abortive bomb attacks the day before, police officials acknowledged Saturday [07/23/05]. [....]" [Based on: Washington Post]

*Trivia: "A Brazillian man mistakenly shot by British police last month did not vault over a subway turnstile or run away and was being restrained by one officer when another shot him eight times [seven times in the head and once in the shoulder], ITV News reported Tuesday [08/16/05] citing leaked police documents, witness statements and photographs. Further, the television channel reported, Jean Charles de Menezes was not wearing a padded jacket that police have said led them to believe he could be concealing a bomb. A photograph of Menezes broadcast by ITV News on Tuesday night showed him lying in a pool of blood, wearing jeans and what appeared to be a shirt or jacket. According to a witness statement, he had been wearing a light denim jacket. [....] Differing with versions provided by police, ITV News said M.enezes only ran as a train approached, as did others around him. [....]" [Based on: Washington Post article, p. A9, S.L.P.D., 08/17/05] - [Brackets text added by E.M]

*Trivia: "London police opposed an independent investigation into their fatal shooting of a Brazilian man they mistook for a suicide bomber, A British official said Thursday [08/18/05]. 'The Metropolitan Police Service initially resisted us taking on the investigation, but we overcame that,' said John Wadham, chairman of the Independent Police Complaints Commission. The panel is now investigating the fatal shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes on the subway. Police issued Wadham's statement after lawyers for the Menezes family met with the complaints commission, demanding more information about the killing. [....]" [Based on: News Services article, p. A14, S.L.P.D., 08/19/05]

2005 - Plane Crash / Reichstag Lawn, Germany - July 23rd, 2005: "An ultralight airplane crashed close to the German parliament and Chancellor Gerhard Schroder's office late Friday [07/22/05], killing the pilot but harming no one on the ground. A Berlin official ruled out a terrorist attack. The pilot was killed when his plane plunged onto a lawn in front of the Reichstag, which houses the lower house of parliament, in downtown Berlin shortly before 8:30 p.m. local time, police said. [....] 'Nothing, absolutely nothing indicates a terror background,' said Eckhardt Koerting, Berlin's top law enforcement." [Based on: News Services]

2005 - Strong Earthquake / Kermadec Islands, New Zealand - July 23rd, 2005: "A strong earthquake occurred at 08:51:50 (UTC) on Saturday, July 23, 2005. The magnitude 6.1 event has been located in the KERMADEC ISLANDS, NEW ZEALAND. The hypocentral depth was estimated to be 50 km (31 miles). (This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.)"

[Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/recenteqsww/Quakes/usawau.htm]

2005 - Asteriod Trivia - July 24th, 2005: "On 24 Jul 2005 there were 703 known Potentially  Hazardous Asteroids." [ Based on: http://spaceweather.com/]

2005 - Geomagnetic Storm - August 24th, 2005: "As predicted, a pair of coronal mass ejections (CMEs ) hit Earth's magnetic field this morning, setting off a strong geomagnetic storm-now subsiding."

[Based on: http://spaceweather.com/index.cgi] - [08/24/05]

2005 - Bomb Incident / Istanbul Cafe - July 24th, 2005: "A bomb exploded Saturday [07/23/05] at an Istanbul cafe frequented by tourists, injuring at least two people, police said. The blast at a cafe near the city's Galata bridge was caused by either a remote-controlled bomb or a bomb with a timer, police said. [....]" [Based on: News Services]

2005 - Shortage of Recruits? / U.S. Army - July 24th, 2005: "WASHINGTON - The Army's top personnel officer acknowledged last week that the service would probably miss its recruiting goal this year, the first public admission by a senior Army official and a stark reminder of the Iraq war's impact on enlistments. [....] The Army has not missed its annual enlistment quota since 1999, when a strong economy played havoc with recruitors' efforts. [....] The Army met its monthly recruiting goal in June, the first time in five months, and is expected to exceed its July quota, recruiting officials say. But through June, the active-duty Army had enlisted only 47,121 recruits of its overall goal of 80,000, a rate that leaves too great a gap to make up, officials said. [....]" [Based on: New York Times]

2005 - Volcanic Eruption / Andaman Islands - August 24th, 2005: "The volcano on Barren Island erupted on August 24, 2005. A part of India, Barren Island is one of the Andaman Islands, and lies over the fault whose movement caused the tsunami on December 26, 2004. It is a stratovolcano composed of lava, rock fragments, and volcanic ash. On the west side of the island is a caldera formed by an explosive eruption in the Pleistocene. Two kilometers wide, the caldera takes up the bulk of this tiny island that measures only 3 kilometers across. [....]"

[Based on: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/natural_hazards_v2.php3?img_id=13078]

2005 - Lobbying Effort / Vice Pres. Dick Cheney - July 24th, 2005: "Vice president Dick Cheney is leading a high-level White House lobbying effort to block legislation offered by Republican senators that would regulate the detention, treatment and trials of detainees held by the American military. [....]" [Based on: News Services]

2005 - Tropical Storm Banyan / Northwest  Pacific - July 24th, 2005: "Tropical Storm Banyan first began forming in the northwest Pacific as a tropical depression on July 21, 2005. For the most part, Banyan has stayed away from land, wandering northward from the Mariana Islands towards Tokyo. It gained strength somewhat as it has travelled, reaching a peak strength on July 24 with winds around 110 kilometers per hour (60 knots), which are dramatic but still below typhoon status. [....] The storm is expected to hit Tokyo late on July 26 and move along the coast through most of the following day. [....]"

[Based on: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/natural_hazards_v2.php3?img_id=13002]

2005 - Major Earthquake / Nicobar Islands, India Region - July 24th, 2005: "A major earthquake occurred at 15:42:05 (UTC) on Sunday, July 24, 2005. The magnitude 7.3 event has been located in the NICOBAR ISLANDS, INDIA REGION. (This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.)"

[Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/recenteqsww/Quakes/usaxay.htm] 

2005 - Issue is foreign policy - July 25th, 2005: "

   There is consensus in the Muslim world that the American invasion and occupation of Iraq is unjust and immoral, that America has wrongly supported Israel's brutal and illegal occupation of the Palestinian people, and that America has no business having a military outpost in the Muslim Holy Land. The Muslim world is intent on ending these American policies through peaceful political and diplomatic means. However, a few see this nation as being so arrogant and intransigent because of our military might that they, tragically, see no way other than kamikaze-type warfare to force changes by our government.
   Unless Americans realize that the Muslim world embraces our democratic principles but abhors our foreign policies, then we will find ourselves having to be wary of every person boarding a train or bus with a backpack, because the Muslim world consists of people from every race, nationality and ethnicity on the planet, including Caucasian Americans.

[Based on: Letter to the Editor article by Eric E. Vickers - American Muslim Alliance - American Muslim Council, St. Louis, p. B6, 07/25/05]

2005 - Trivia / Iraq Constitution - July 25th, 2005: "BAGHDAD, Iraq - With three weeks to go before an important deadline for the new constitution, Sunni Arab leaders said Sunday [07/24/05] that they were ready to end their boycott of the drafting process. [....]" [Based on: New York Times]

*Trivia: "[....] On Monday [08/01/05], the drafting committee past up its last chance to request a delay, pledging to work 'day and night' to finish by the deadline Aug. 15. [....]" [Based on: Knight Ridder Newspapers, 08/02/05]

2005 - Change to Win Coalition / U.S.A. - July 25th, 2005: "CHICAGO - The Teamsters and a massive service employees union decided Sunday [07/24/05] to bolt the AFL-CIO, paving way for two other labor groups to sever ties in the biggest rift in organized labor since the 1930s. The four dissident unions, representing nearly one-third of the AFL-CIO's 13 million members, announced they were boycotting the federation's convention that begins today, a step that was widely considered to be a precursor to leaving the federation. They are part of the Change to Win Coalition, a group of seven unions pledging to accomplish what the AFL-CIO has failed to do: reverse the decades-long decline in union membership. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article by Ron Fournier, p. A2, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 07/25/05]

2005 - Liftoff Plans / Space Shuttle Discovery - July 25th, 2005: "NASA said Sunday [07/24/05] that it will launch the first space shuttle flight in 2 1/2 years, even if Discovery faces the same fuel guage problem that halted the previous countdown two weeks ago. Discovery is set to lift off Tuesday [07/26/05] at 9:39 a.m. St. Louis time [C.S.T], the same time Columbia took off on its mission in 2003 that ended in disaster. Deputy shuttle program manager Wayne Hale said the fuel guage problem has been a vexing one - engineers still don't know exactly what caused it. [....]" [Based on: News Services, p. A5, S.L.P.D., 07/25/05]

2005 - White House Leak Trivia / Andrew Card - July 25th, 2005: WASHINGTON - Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said Sunday [07/24/05] that he notified White House chief of staff Andrew Card after the Justice Department opened an investigation into who revealed a CIA officer's identity, but he waited 12 hours to tell anyone else in the executive mansion. [....] "The real question now is, 'Who did the chief of staff speak to?' " Biden asked, speculating as to whether Card might have spoken to Rove or someone else. [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Abandoned? / MTBE Liability Protection - July 25th, 2005: "WASHINGTON - House and Senate conferences on Sunday [07/24/05] abandoned giving makers of the gasoline additive MTBE liability protection against environmental lawsuits. That removed the major roadblock to enactment of broad energy legislation. [....] MTBE - methyl teriary-butyl ether - is an additive introduced into widespread use in the mid 1990s to reduce air pollution. It has been found to contaminate drinking water supplies in at least 36 states. Communities and water agencies say they are facing billions of dollars in cleanup costs. More than 150 lawsuits have been filed seeking cleanup payments from MTBE producers." [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Record Rains / India - July 26th, 2005: "India's financial capital was paralyzed Wednesday [07/27/05] by the strongest rains ever recorded in the nation, with torrential downpours marooning drivers, snapping communication lines and leaving at least 200 people dead statewide. [....] While Wednesday's precipitation was still being totaled, officials said parts of the city had been hit by up to 37.1 inches of rain Tuesday [07/26/05], much of it falling just over a few hours. India's previous heaviest rainfall, recorded in the northeastern town of Cherrapunji - one of the rainiest places on earth - was 33 inches on July 12, 1910, said R.V. Sharma, director of the meteorological department in Bombay [....]" [Based on: A.P., 07/28/05]

*Trivia: "[....] Officials said 943 people in Maharashtra state, including 429 in Bombay, were killed in floods and landslides. In neighboring Madhya Pradesh state, flooding killed at least seven people Monday [08/01/05], said Vivek Agrawal, a top civic official. [....]" [Based on: A.P., 08/03/05]

2005 - House Sales Trivia / U.S.A. - July 26th, 2005: "WASHINGTON - Sales of existing houses set a record in June and prices shot up at the fastest pace in nearly 25 years. [....] At the same time, the median price of an existing house rose to a record $219,000, a gain of 14.7 percent from the median, or midpoint, for prices a year earlier. That was the biggest jump in prices since November 1980. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Trivia / U.S. Gasoline Prices - July 26th, 2005: "The average U.S. retail price for regular-grade gasoline dropped for a second week after reaching a record, falling 2.8 cents to $2.289 a gallon in the week ended Monday [07/25/05], the Energy Department said. [....]" [Based on: S.L.P.D., p. C2, 07/26/05]

2005 - Bombing Investigation / Egypt - July 26th, 2005: "SHARM EL-SHEIK, Egypt - Security forces at checkpoints in the Sinai Peninsula distributed pictures of five Pakistanis as the search continued Monday [07/25/05] for suspects in Egypt's worst terrorist attack. Meanwhile, a senior investigator suggested that although foreigners might have played a role in the planning, the people who carried out the bombings Saturday were apparently Egyptians. [....]" [Based on: Washington Post]

2005 - Solar Blasts / Far Side of the Sun - July 26th, 2005: "No fewer than eight coronal mass ejections (CMEs) have exploded away from the sun since July 22nd.... This high level of activity is not producing auroras on Earth, however, because none of the CMEs is heading our way. All of the blasts have been on the farside of the sun."

[Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [07/26/05] 

2005 - Strong Earthquake / Southern Peru - July 26th, 2005: "A strong earthquake occurred at 14:11:36 (UTC) on Tuesday, July 26, 2005. The magnitude 6.0 event has been located in SOUTHERN PERU. (This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.)"

[Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/recenteqsww/Quakes/usazb7.htm]

2005 - Sentence Reduction? / Martin L. Grass - July 26th, 2005: "Rite Aid Corp.'s former chief executive, Martin L. Grass, wants a federal judge to reduce his eight-year sentence to less than five years for his role in the company's accounting-fraud scandal. [....] Grass pleaded guilty in June 2003 to conspiracy to defraud the company and the shareholders and conspiracy to obstruct justice. He is imprisoned in Florida. [....] Grass, 51, is to be resentenced Aug. 11 and is seeking a prison term of no more than four years, nine months." [Based on: S.L.P.D., p. C2, 07/26/05]

*Trivia: "A judge on Thursday [08/11/05] trimmed a year from the eight-year sentence ordered for Martin L. Grass, the former chief executive of Rite Aid Corp., for conspiring to obstruct justice and defraud the nation's third-largest drugstore chain and its shareholders. [....]" [Based on: A.P., 08/12/05]

2005 - Italian Arrest Warrants Issued / CIA Operatives - July 26th, 2005: "ROME - An appeals court in Milan, Italy, issued arrest warrants Monday [07/25/05] for six more purported CIA operatives accused of helping plan the kidnapping of a radical Egyptian Muslim cleric in 2003, a court official said. [....] Osama Moustafa Hassan Nasr, known as Abu Omar, was allegedly snatched from a street in Milan on Feb. 17, 2003, taken to a joint U.S.-Italian air base in Aviano and flown to Ramstein Air Base in Germany and then to Egypt, where he reportedly was tortured. The operation was alleged to be part of the CIA's 'extraordinary rendition' program, in which terrorism suspects are transferred to third countries without court approval, subjecting them to possible ill treatment. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Volcanic Activity / Soufriere Hills Volcano, Montserrat - July 26th, 2005: "The Soufriere Hills Volcano burped again in late July 2005. [....] A very faint plume of volcanic ash can be seen blowing westward from the volcano’s summit. [....]"

[Based on: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/natural_hazards_v2.php3?img_id=13005]

*Trivia: "Seismic and volcanic activity remained at elevated levels at Soufrière Hills during 15-22 July. The seismic network recorded 19 volcano-tectonic, 16 hybrid, and 13 long-period earthquakes. It also recorded 11 rockfalls and one explosion. The explosion occurred on 18 July at 0301 and deposited ash between Fogarty Hill in the NW of the island and Brodericks Yard in the SW. The deepest ash deposits were recorded at Weekes. An ash plume rose to at least 6.1 km (20,000 ft). The explosion was similar to, but slightly larger than, an explosion on 3 July. Analysis of ash from an explosion on 28 June showed no evidence for the involvement of fresh magma. The sulfur-dioxide flux reached an average of 608 metric tons per day during the report period. [....]"

[Based on: http://www.volcano.si.edu/reports/usgs/#soufhill]

2005 - Trivia / U.S. Defense Bill - July 27th, 2005: "The Senate on Tuesday [07/26/05] put off until fall completing a $491 billion defense bill to act this week on the National Rifle Association's top priority: shielding gun manufacturers and dealers from liability suits stemming from gun crimes. [....]" [Based on: News Services]

2005 - Trivia / Algerian Hostages, Iraq - July 27th, 2005: "CAIRO, Egypt - Al-Qaida in Iraq said it had condemned to death two Algerian diplomats who were abducted in Baghdad, and a video made public Tuesday [07/26/05] showed the men blindfolded and in captivity. [....] A statement attributed to al-Qaida in Iraq and posted on the Internet earlier Tuesday said the group would kill the diplomats. There was no word on whether the threat was carried out. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Launch / Space Shuttle Discovery - July 27th, 2005: "CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - America's manned space program roared back to life Tuesday [07/26/05] with the launch of Discovery, and engineers immediately began analyzing video of falling debris in hopes of ruling out a problem like the one that doomed Columbia 2 1/2 years ago. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

*Trivia: "NASA said Wednesday [07/27/05] it will again ground the space shuttle fleet after analysts discovered that during the launch of Discovery, the external fuel tank lost chunks of foam insulation that were similar to those that fatally damaged Columbia 2 1/2 years ago. [....]" [Based on: Washington Post, 07/28/05]

2005 - Tougher Laws Against Terrorists / Britain - July 27th, 2005: "LONDON - Prime Minister Tony Blair pledged Tuesday [07/26/05] not to 'give one inch' on British policies in Iraq or the Middle East and said his government is determined to toughen laws against terrorists and their supporters in the wake of attacks on London's transit system. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Woman Leader / "Disciples of Christ" - July 27th, 2005: "Disciples of Christ became the first major U.S. Protestant denomination to elect a woman as its leader Tuesday [07/26/05]. More than 3,000 church delegates stood to register their 'Yes' vote for the Rev. Sharon E. Watkins. When no one rose to vote against her, the room erupted in applause. Adair Lummis, co-author of two studies on women in the clergy and a researcher at the Hartfort Institute for religion Research, called it a significant event. There have been women bishops, Lummis said, but never a woman elected to head a mainline Protestant denomination. The 770,000-member denomination, based in Indianapolis, was founded on the American frontier. It counts former President Ronald Reagan and Lyndon Johnson among its past members." [Based on: News Services]

2005 - Anti-U.S. Riot / Bagram, Afghanistan - July 27th, 2005: "BAGRAM, Afghanistan - Hundreds of protestors chanting 'Die America!' and throwing stones tried to batter down a gate at the U.S. military's main Afghan base Tuesday [07/26/05], adding to anxieties in a country worried that fighting with insurgents could disrupt elections. The riot came just hours after an overnight battle in southern Afghanistan that a provincial governor said killed at least 50 suspected Taliban rebels and two Afghan soldiers. More than 800 people have been killed in a surge of guerrilla attacks and government offensives since March. U.S. and Afghan officials warn that the violence is a threat to parliamentary elections scheduled for Sept. 18. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Anti-Syrian Warlord Release / Samir Geagea - July 27th, 2005: "A notorious anti-Syrian Christian warlord was released Tuesday [07/26/05] after 11 years in prison, the latest reconciliatory step in civil war-scarred Lebanon after the recent collapse of Syria's military dominance. Samir Geagea had been serving three life sentences for murdering several people, including a former pro-Syrian premier. Before flying to France for a medical checkup, he urged Lebanese in a nationally televised address to put the country's 1975-90 civil war era behind them. 'You have come out of the big prison which you had been put in, and you have taken me out with the same act from the small prison which I have been put in,' said Geagea, in reference to Syria's military withdrawal in April. He had been imprisoned since 1994." [Based on: News Services]

2005 - Second-Quarter Profit / Lockheed Martin Corp. - July 27th, 2005: "Lockheed Martin Corp., the world's largest defense contractor, and defense electronics maker L-3 Communications Holdings Inc. said second-quarter profits surged as record Pentagon spending lifted sales. Net income rose 56 percent to $461 million, or $1.02 a share, on sales of secure computer systems and missles, Lockheed, based in Bethesda, Md., said in a statement Tuesday [07/26/05]. New York-based L-3's profit jumped 36 percent to $119.4 million, or 99 cents a share, helped by acquisitions. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article, p. C3, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 07/27/05]

2005 - Volcanic Eruption / Colima Volcano, Western Mexico - July 27th, 2005: "A volcano in western Mexico spewed smoke and hot ash Wednesday [07/27/05], marking the third month in a row of activity emanating from its crater. The volcano in the western state of Colima, some 300 miles from Mexico City, began erupting early in the morning, El Universal reported. The Colima volcano, also known as the fire volcano, emitted some smoke in June. A month before that, the cone experienced its first major eruption in six years, prompting the evacuation of towns near its base."

[Based on: http://news.webindia123.com/news/showdetails.asp?id=101309&cat=World]

*Trivia: "On 21 and 23 July, small ash emissions and lahars occurred at Colima. On the 21st during 1750-1830 a lahar traveled SSE down the Monte Grande ravine. Emissions rose to a maximum height of 9.1 km (30,000 ft) a.s.l. on 27 July. Due to the threat of lahars forming on the volcano's flanks, Universidad de Colima advised avoiding the ravines of La Lumbre, San Antonio, Monte Grande (in Colima state), and La Arena (in Jalisco state)."

[Based on: http://volcano.und.nodak.edu/vwdocs/current_volcs/current.html]

*Trivia: "Colima Volcano is the most active volcano in Mexico, and has erupted more than 40 times since 1576. Despite its name, it is not located in the Mexican state of Colima but rather just over the border in the neighboring state of Jalisco. There are actually two peaks in the volcano complex: Nevado de Colima (4330 m), which is older and inactive, and the younger and very active Volcán de Colima (3860 m) to the south (also called Volcán de Fuego de Colima). In recent years there have been frequent temporary evacuations of nearby villagers due to threatening volcanic activity."

[Based on: http://www.ipedia.com/colima__volcano_.html]

*Links: http://www.volcano.si.edu/world/volcano.cfm?vnum=1401-04=

2005 - Active Sunspot Group - July 28th, 2005: "A big active sunspot group is lurking just behind the sun's eastern limb. How do we know? It keeps exploding and throwing clouds of hot magnetized gas into space. [....] Soon, perhaps within 48 hours, this hidden sunspot will reveal itself. The sun's 27-day rotation is slowly turning the sunspot toward Earth. If the 'spot remains active, we can expect Earth-directed explosions as early as this weekend and continuing next week. [....]"

[Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [07/28/05]

2005 - Critical Opinion / Echinacea - July 28th, 2005: "LOS ANGELES - Echinacea, the popular herbal remedy for fighting the common cold, does not ward off runny noses, sore throats or headaches, nor does it help speed recovery from cold symptoms, according to a new study. The findings are from a broad clinical trial being reported today [07/28/05] in the New England Journal of Medicine. [....] 'We find no evidence that it actually does anything to common cold symptoms,' said Dr. Ronald B. Turner, a professor of pediatrics at the University of Virginia School of Medicine and the study's lead author. 'If that's the reason you're buying it, then you're wasting your money.' [....] No less an authority than the World Health Organization recognized echinacea as a treatment for colds in 1999. Americans spent $153 million  on echinacea products last year [2004], making it one of the five best-selling herbs in the country, according to the Nutrition Business Journal, an industry publication based in San Diego. [....]" [Based on: Los Angeles Times article by Karen Kaplan, p. A1, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 07/28/05]

2005 - Pedophilia Convictions / France - July 28th, 2005: "ANGERS, France - A court convicted 62 defendants Wednesday [07/27/05] in a mass pedophilia trial and sentenced some of them to up to 28 years in prison for their roles in a network that systematically raped and prostituted children in western France. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - "Tough Stand" / North Korea - July 28th, 2005: "North Korea took a tough stand Wednesday [07/27/05] during talks with the United States, reportedly insisting Washington normalize relations and remove all atomic threats before it would give up nuclear weapons. [....]" [Based on: News Services article, p. A11, S.L.P.D., 07/28/05]

2005 - U.S. House Approval / CAFTA - July 28th, 2005: "WASHINGTON - The House narrowly approved [217-215] the Central American Free Trade Agreement early today [07/28/05]. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

*Trivia: "President George W. Bush signed a free trade agreement [CAFTA] with six Latin American countries on Tuesday [08/02/05], celebrating a victory in Congress so narrow and grueling that it cast doubt on the future of other trade-opening pacts the administration is negotiating. [....]" [Based on: A.P., 08/03/05]

2005 - Second-Quarter Profit / Sprint Corp. - July 28th, 2005: "Sprint Corp., the third-largest U.S. wireless carrier, said second-quarter profit more than doubled as customers spent more to send pictures and text messages and costs fell. The stock had its biggest gain in almost eight months. Net income rose to $600 million, or 40 cents a share, from $236 million, or 16 cents, a year earlier, Sprint, of Overland Park, Kan., said Wednesday [07/27/05] in a statement. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News]

2005 - Detected / Antineutrinos, Japan - July 28th, 2005: "LOS ANGELES - Physicists at an underground observatory in Japan have for the first time detected and analyzed antineutrinos - elusive particles 500,000 times smaller than an electron - created by radioactive fires deep within Earth. [....] For more than a century, seismologists and plate tectonics experts have had only one tool whith which to peer into the center of the Earth - the vibrations produced by earthquakes. The Kamland results promise to give them more - data about the exact chemical nature of matter in Earth's core, mantle and crust. The technique 'promises to give geologists and seismologists better data to predict volcanoes, earthquakes and other volatile Earth dynamics,' Sleep [Stanford geophysicist professor, Norman Sleep] said." [Based on: Los Angeles Times]

2005 - Arrest / London Bombing Suspect - July 28th, 2005: "BIRMINGHAM, England - Police stormed a brown-brick duplex Wednesday [07/27/05] and used a stun gun to arrest a Somali [Yasin Hassan Omar] suspected of being one of the four men behind botched attacks in London - a breakthrough that could yield the inside story on terrorist bombings that set the British capital on edge. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Clean-Energy Accord / Six Nations - July 28th, 2005: "The United States and five Asian and Pacific nations, including China and India, agreed Wednesday [07/27/05] on a partnership to use cleaner energy technologies in hopes of curtailing climate-changing pollution. The agreement does not bind any country - Japan, Australia and South Korea are the others - to specific emission reductions. [....]" [Based on: News Services]

2005 - Detained / Militant Suspects, Pakistan - July 28th, 2005: "About 500 people have been detained in Pakistan in a weeklong crackdown on suspected militants, Islamic clerics and bookshop owners accused of inciting hatred, a government minister said Wednesday [07/27/05]. They are being held under the anti-terrorism laws that allow the police to keep suspects in custody for up to a year without charges, Interior Minister Aftab Khan Sherpao said." [Based on: News Services]

2005 - Volcanic Eruptions / Concepcion Volcano, Lake Nicaragua - July 28th, 2005: "A volcano on an island in a lake in southwestern Nicaragua erupted at least four times Thursday [07/28/05], spewing ash that fell about 10 miles away, officials said. The 5,282-foot-tall Concepcion Volcano is on the island of Ometepe on Lake Nicaragua. No one was injured by the eruptions. The volcano is one of two on the island, 60 miles southeast of Managua, the Nicaraguan capital. Concepcion Volcano has registered 17 eruptions since 1883. The last was in 1999." [Based on: News Services article, p. A10, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 07/29/05]

*Links: http://www.volcano.si.edu/world/volcano.cfm?vnum=1404-12=

2005 - Wireless Chips for Vehicles / U.S. Border Posts, Canada & Mexico - July 28th, 2005: "A U.S. security official said Wednesday [07/27/05] it will use wireless technology at five border posts with Canada and Mexico to track foreigners driving in and out of the United States. Bob Mocny of the Department of Homeland Security said wireless chips for vehicles would become mandatory at designated border crossings in Canada and Mexico as of Aug. 4. Border authorities will provide a chip that drivers will put on the dashboard of vehicles. [....]" [Based on: News Services article, p. A8, S.L.P.D., 07/28/05]

2005 - Big Sunspot Group - July 29th, 2005: "As expected, a big sunspot group emerged over the sun's eastern limb today. It's a very active region, producing frequent solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs). [....]"

[Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [07/29/05] 

2005 - Trivia / Overfishing - July 29th, 2005: "WASHINGTON - Scientists say the variety of tuna, marlin, swordfish and other big ocean predators has declined up to 50 percent over the last half-century because of overfishing. [....] Their findings were reported Thursday [07/28/05] in the online edition of the journal Science. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - IRA Orders Disarmament - July 29th, 2005: "BELFAST, Northern Ireland - The Irish Republican Army declared an end on Thursday [07/28/05] to a 36-year campaign of violence against Britain that was aimed at unifying Northern Ireland with the Irish Republic. [....]" [Based on: New York Times]

2005 - Chemical Suits / Solutia Inc. - July 29th, 2005: "Bankrupt Solutia Inc., of Town and Country [Mo.], will allow residents of a West Virginia town to file personal-injury claims against it based on exposure to toxic chemicals such as Agent Orange. Solutia filed for bankruptcy in December 2003 to cope with lawsuits and retiree liabilities inherited from Monsanto Co. of Creve Coeur [Mo.], its former parent. Monsanto, which spun off Solutia in 1997, made the ingredients in Agent Orange, a herbicide used during the Vietnam War, at its plant in Nitro, W. Va. Current and former residents of Nitro sought permission to file up to $4 billion in unsecured claims against the company after a deadline of Nov. 30 expired." [Based on - Staff and wire reports, p. C2, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 07/29/05]

2005 - Someone Posted This Article - July 29th, 2005: "These are some of the events that were related to the recent terroristic attacks in London in July. I thought they were interesting, maybe you might too. [....]"

*Link: http://www.freedomfighters1.com/page913.html

2005 - Re-Election Bid / Hosni Mubarak, Egypt - July 29th, 2005: "Days after Egypt's deadliest terrorist attack, President Hosni Mubarak made the expected announcement Thursday [07/28/05] that he will run for re-election. He promised new anti-terrorism laws and called for a summit of Arab leaders in battered Sharm el-Sheik. [....]" [Based on: News Services]

2005 - Banned From Poultry / Antibiotic Baytril - July 29th, 2005: "The Food and Drug Administration is banning the use of the antibiotic Baytril in poultry because of concerns the drug could lead to antibiotic-resistant infections in people. The agency's commissioner, Lester M. Crawford, on Thursday [07/28/05] ordered that approval for use of the drug be withdrawn effective Sept. 12. Baytril, known generically as enrofloxacin, is in the same family as the popular drug Cipro, which is used in humans." [Based on: News Services article, p. A9, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 07/29/05]

2005 - Aquitted of Desertion / U.S. Army Sgt. Kevin Benderman - July 29th, 2005: "An Army mechanic who refused to go to Iraq while he sought conscientious objector status was aquitted of desertion Thursday [07/28/05] but found guilty of a lesser charge and sentenced to 15 months behind bars. Sgt. Kevin Benderman, 40, also was given a dishonorable discharge and a reduction in rank to private on the charge of missing movement. If he had been found guilty of desertion, he could have faced five years in prison. Benderman failed to deploy with his 3rd Infantry Division unit in January, 10 days after he told Fort Stewart commanders he was seeking a discharge as a conscientious objector. He has previously said he refused to deploy to Iraq after his first combat tour during the 2003 invasion made him opposed to war." [Based on: News Services article, p. A9, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 07/29/05]

2005 - "Miserable Highway" / Interstate 44, Near Six Flags, St. Louis - July 29th, 2005: "Interstate 44 near Six Flags St. Louis is a hotbed for traffic crashes. This year, the Eureka Fire Protection District has responded to 67 crashes on the stretch between Highway 141 and Pacific, district spokesman Scott Barthelmass said. [....] At least 17 fatal crashes with 30 deaths have been reported since Jan. 1, 2000, on the 12-mile-stretch between Eureka in southwest St. Louis County and Gray Summit in Franklin County, according to research done by the Post-Dispatch. Most of the crashes happened in construction zones or in traffic backups caused by other crashes. [....]" [Based on: p. A8, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 07/29/05]

2005 - CME / Sunspot 792 - July 30th, 2005: "A coronal mass ejection (CME) is heading toward Earth following an X-class explosion from sunspot 792 on July 30th.... Sky watchers should be alert for auroras when the CME arrives on July 31st or August 1st. The display, if there is one, shouldn't be intense; the CME was not squarely Earth-directed, which reduces its likely impact. [....] Sunspot 792, which rounded the sun's eastern limb yesterday, poses a growing threat for Earth-directed explosions--and that's not all. At least one more active region could emerge in the days ahead. Towering magnetic fields jutting over the sun's eastern limb--the same place sunspot 792 came from--signal a new batch of sunspots approaching."

[Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [07/30/05]

*Trivia: "A coronal mass ejection (CME) swept past Earth this morning, August 1st, at approximately 0600 Universal Time, but its impact was weak and did not spark a geomagnetic storm. With the non-eventful passage of this CME, the chances for auroras tonight are low."

[Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [08/01/05]

2005 - Second-Quarter Profit / Olin Corp. - July 30th, 2005: "Higher chemical prices helped widen second-quarter profit for Olin Corp. of Clayton [Mo.], a maker of caustic soda, chlorine, ammunition, and copper and brass products. [....]" [Based on: Staff Reports, S.L.P.D., p. B5, 07/30/05]

2005 - Moderate Earthquake / Northern Sumatra - July 30th, 2005: "A strong earthquake occurred at 15:13:20 (UTC) on Saturday, July 30, 2005. The magnitude 5.8 [earlier reported as 6.0] event has been located in NORTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA. (This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.)

[Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/recenteqsww/Quakes/usbday.htm] 

2005 - Netted / Remaining London Bombing Suspects - July 30th, 2005: "LONDON - Police swooped down on a posh London neighborhood and traced cell phone calls across Europe to a Rome hide-out Friday [07/29/05], netting the remaining suspects in the failed transit bombings without firing a shot. The arrests capped an eight-day manhunt that was one of the most extensive in British history. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - Strong Earthquake / Balleny Islands Region - July 30th, 2005: "A strong earthquake occurred at 11:03:48 (UTC) on Saturday, July 30, 2005. The magnitude 6.0 event has been located in the BALLENY ISLANDS REGION. (This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.)"

[Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/recenteqsww/Quakes/usbdas.htm]

2005 - AFL-CIO Exodus / United Food and Commercial Workers - July 30th, 2005: "WASHINGTON - The United Food and Commercial Workers joined the Teamsters and service workers Friday [07/29/05] in quitting the AFL-CIO, depriving the federation of three of its largest unions and nearly $28 million of its estimated annual budget of $120 million. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

2005 - 10th Planet Discovered? - July 31st, 2005: "[....] Astronomers announced Friday [07/29/05] that they had found a lump of rock and ice that is larger than Pluto and the farthest known object in the solar system. [....] The new object - as yet unnamed, but temporarily known as 2003 UB313 - is now 9 billion miles away from the sun, or 97 times as far away as the Earth and about three times Pluto's current distance from the sun. Its 560-year elliptical orbit brings it as close as 3.3 billion miles. Pluto's orbit ranges between 2.7 billion and 4.6 billion miles. [....] The discovery was made Jan. 8 at Palomar Observatory in California. Brown [California Institute of Technology professor, Michael E. Brown] and the other team members ... then found that they had, unknowingly, taken images of the planet with the observatory's 48-inch telescope as far back as 2003. [....]" [Based on: New York Times]

*Links: [http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2005/29jul_planetx.htm]

2005 - Confession / London Bombing Suspect - July 31st, 2005: "ROME - A suspect in the failed July 21 bombings arrested in Rome has confessed to carrying a bomb through London's subway but claimed it was meant as a 'demonstration' rather than to kill, a person with firsthand knowledge of the interrogation said Saturday [07/30/05]. [....] The person who spoke of the interrogation would not speak for attribution. The person said the suspect maintained that his group was not connected to al-Qaida or to the four bombers who died with 52 other people July 7 in a wave of attacks in London [....] The man, a 27-year-old Ethiopian who left Britain four days ago, was identified in Italy as Osman Hussain and in Britain as Hussain Osman. He was arrested Friday [07/29/05]. [....]" [Based on: New York Times article by Ian Fisher & Alan Cowell, p. A2, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 07/31/05]

2005 - Killed / Two British Consulate Guards, Iraq - July 31st, 2005: "BAGHDAD, Iraq - Two British security contractors working for the British Consulate in the southern city of Basra were killed Saturday [07/30/05] by a roadside bomb while driving in a convoy of vehicles on the outskirts of the city, police and consular officials reported. [....]" [Based on: New York Times]

2005 - Six Months to Leave? / U.S. Forces, Uzbekistan - July 31st, 2005: "WASHINGTON - The central Asian nation of Uzbekistan has ended its agreement allowing U.S. military aircraft and personnel to use an air base that has been an important hub for American military operations in Afghanistan, administration officials said Saturday [07/30/05]. No reason was offered by either the State Department or the Defense Department for Uzbekistan's eviction of U.S. forces from Karshi-Khanabad air base, commonly referred to as K2. The Washington Post reported that the U.S. forces would have six months to leave. The New York Times reported Saturday on its Web site that a State Department official cited the action as a response to a United Nations operation to take hundreds of Uzbek refugees from the region. More than 400 people who had fled to Kyrgyzstan after an Uzbek uprising in May were flown Friday to a refugee camp in Romania. The Uzbek government had sought their return. The U.S. Embassy in the Uzbek capital of Tashkent received the diplomatic note terminating the agreement last week, State Department spokeswoman Nancy Beck said. [....]" [Based on: A.P.]

*Trivia: "The Air Force has flown its last mission from an air base in Uzbekistan that was once a hub for operations in Afghanistan. In July, President Islam Karimov ordered the United States to vacate the base within six months. He acted after the United States joined international condemnation of a government crackdown on civilians in the eastern city of Andijan in May. [....]" [Based on: A.P., 11/22/05]

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