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October 2007

2007 - Astronomic Configuration - October 1st, 2007: "Sun [7 Libra], Moon [9 Gemini], Mercury [3 Scorpio], Venus [24 Leo], Mars [1 Cancer], Jupiter [14 Sagittarius], Saturn [3 Virgo], Uranus [15 Pisces R], Neptune [19 Aquarius R], Pluto [26 Sagittarius], Chiron [10 Aquarius R]."

[Based on: http://www2.bitstream.net/~bunlion/bpi/ephm/E200710.html]

2007 - Aspartame is Safe? - October 1st, 2007: "Aspartame, a popular artificial sweetner, is safe, says a new study out of the University of Maryland. [NP] Researchers looked over more than 500 studies and reports dating to the 1970s and found no evidence that the sweetener causes cancer, nerve damage or other health problems in humans. [NP] The study is published in the September issue of Critical Reviews in Toxicology. [NP] Aspartame is approximately 200 times sweeter than sucrose, the accepted standard for sweetness. So while aspartame has the same number of calories as sugar on a weight-to-weight basis, it can be added to food or pharmaceuticals at a fraction of what would be needed with sucrose to achieve the same sweetness, with far fewer calories. [NP] Aspartame is known generally as Equal or NutraSweet. It's also the sweetner in more than 6,000 consumer foods and medications such as chewable vitamins. Its weakness: It loses its sweetness in cooking." [Based on: Heath Notes article (Aspartame is safe, a new study says), p H2, S.L.P.D., 10/01/07]

2007 - Outstanding Public Debt / U.S.A. - October 1st, 2007: "The Outstanding Public Debt [U.S.A.] as of 01 Oct 2007 at 10:59:11 PM GMT is: $8,978,171,985,803.42. The estimated population of the United States is 303,138,658 so each citizen's share of this debt is $29,617.38. The National Debt has continued to increase an average of $1.28 billion per day since September 29, 2006! Concerned? Then tell Congress and the White House!

[Based on: http://www.brillig.com/debt_clock/] - [T.D. - 10/01/07]

2007 - 8 Captives Released / Guantanamo Bay, Cuba - October 1st, 2007: "Eight captives released from Guantanamo Bay ['The Defense Department said Sunday']" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p A4, S.L.P.D., 10/01/07]

2007 - Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman / Mike Mullen, U.S.A. - October 1st, 2007: "Navy Adm. Mike Mullen takes over as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff today" [Based on: A.P. article, p A4, S.L.P.D., 10/01/07]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - October 2nd,, 2007: "Stocks rallied Monday [10/01/07], sending the Dow Jones industrial average to a record, as investors speculated that the worst may be over for banks and construction companies hurt by subprime mortgage losses. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Dow hits record on optimism subprime crisis is nearing end), p C3, S.L.P.D., 10/02/07]

2007 - Goodwill Gesture / Israel - October 2nd, 2007: "As gesture [10/01/07], Israel frees 57 more Palestinians ['in a goodwill gesture ahead of a U.S.-sponsored peace conference.']" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p A5, S.L.P.D., 10/02/07]

2007 - New Search Engine / Yahoo Inc. - October 2nd, 2007: "New search [Yahoo Inc.] engine is set" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p C2, S.L.P.D., 10/02/07]

2007 - Self-discipline may fight dementia - October 2nd, 2007: "[....] The new findings, appearing in Monday's Archives of General Psychiatry [10/01/07], come from an analysis of personality tests and medical exams of 997 older Catholic proests, nuns and brothers who participated in the Religious Orders Study." [Based on: A.P. article (Self-discipline may fight dementia / Purposeful people are shown to have a lower risk of developing Alzheimer's.) by Carla K. Johnson, p A3, S.L.P.D., 10/02/07]

2007 - FBI Investigation / Blackwater USA - October 2nd, 2007: "State Dept. helped Blackwater after Iraqi civilian deaths / *Documents show debate over how much to pay families of those killed. *FBI investigating Sept. 16 shootout in which 11 Iraqis were killed." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for McCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS article by Warren P. Strobel, p A7, S.L.P.D., 10/02/07]

2007 - Strong Earthquake / Alaska Peninsula - October 2nd, 2007: "A strong earthquake occurred at 18:00:08 (UTC) on Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007. The magnitude 6.3 event [Location: 54.581°N, 161.768°W; Depth 47.9 km (29.8 miles)] @ ALASKA PENINSULA."

[Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2007hzbb.php] - [T.D. - 10/04/07]

2007 - Loses Custody of Sons / Britney Spears - October 2nd, 2007: "Britney [Britney Spears] loses custody [10/01/07] of sons to ex-husband [Kevin Federline]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p A4, S.L.P.D., 10/02/07]

2007 - Guilty Plea / Texas Oilman Oscar Wyatt Jr. - October 2nd, 2007: "Texas oilman Oscar Wyatt Jr. pleaded guilty Monday [10/01/07] to charges that he paid millions of dollars to Iraqi officials to illegally win contracts connected to the United Nations oil-for-food program. [....]" [Based on: News Services article (Oilman made illegal payments to Iraqis), p A3, S.L.P.D., 10/02/07]

2007 - Trans Fat-Free Doughnuts / Dierbergs Markets Inc. - October 2nd, 2007: "Dierbergs doughnuts boast zero trans fats / New product will be available today [10/02/07] and comes in more than 15 varieties." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for article, p C2, S.L.P.D., 10/02/07]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - October 3rd,, 2007: "Most stocks rose for a second day Tuesday [10/02/07] after the pace of takeovers picked up and investors speculated that falling August sales may mark the bottom of the housing slump. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Housing figures, takeover talk help boost most shares), p D5, S.L.P.D., 10/03/07]

2007 - Trivia / Police Recruitment, Iraq - October 3rd, 2007: "Shiites demand halt to Sunni police recruitment [10/02/07 - Iraq]" [Based on: Title for Washington Post article, p A6, S.L.P.D., 10/03/07]

2007 - Up Sharply / Violence in Afghanistan - October 3rd, 2007: "Violence in Afghanistan is up sharply ['nearly 30 percent this year'], U.N. says" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p A9, S.L.P.D., 10/03/07]

2007 - Trivia / Germ Lab Accidents, U.S.A. - October 3rd, 2007: "Accidents reported at U.S. labs handling deadly germs, toxins ['more than 100 accidents and missing shipments since 2003']" [Based on: Title A.P. article by Larry Margasak, p A5, S.L.P.D., 10/03/07]

2007 - Unveiled / New Hydrogen Hybrid, Japan - October 3rd, 2007: "Mazda unveiled a new hybrid vehicle that uses hydrogen fuel to power an electric motor. The Japanese automaker said it will be available for leasing in Japan next year. [NP] Mazda, which has no plans to lease the car outside Japan, said the latest hydrogen hybrid is an improvement over its previous hydrogen vehicle, leased since 2006, extending its run on a full tank of hydrogen from 62 miles to 124 miles." [Based on: Article (Hydrogen hybrid arrives), p D2, S.L.P.D., 10/03/07]

2007 - Admits to Airstrike Inside Syria / Israel - October 3rd, 2007: "Easing a news blackout, Israel acknowledged Tuesday [10/02/07] that its airforce had struck an unspecified military target deep inside Syria in September [09/06/07]. [....] Tuesday's clearance to report officially that the raid had taken place came from the Israeli censor's office a day after Syrian President Bashar Assad gave his government's first official acknowledgement of the airstrike in an interview with the British Broadcasting Corp. [NP] Assad said Israeli warplanes attacked 'an unused military building.' [NP] That contradicted accounts by Syrian officials that Israeli planes merely had intruded into Syrian airspace, met anti-aircraft fire and dumped fuel tanks while scrambling back to Israel. [....]" [Based on: Los Angeles Times article, p A9, S.L.P.D., 10/03/07]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - October 4th,, 2007: "Stocks fell the most in a week Wednesday [10/03/07], led by technology companies, after Morgan Stanley told investors to sell shares of Intel Corp. and Advanced Micro Devices Inc. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Technology fears drag stocks down the most in a week), p D7, S.L.P.D., 10/04/07]

2007 - Potentially Hazardous Asteroids - October 4th, 2007: "On October 4, 2007 there were 888 potentially hazardous asteroids." [Based on: http://spaceweather.com/index.php] - [T.D. - 10/04/07]

2007 - Space Relations / U.S. & Russia - October 4th, 2007: "Russian and U.S. space chiefs signed agreements Wednesday [10/03/07] to cooperate on unmanned missions that would search for potential water deposits beneath the surface of the moon and Mars. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (U.S., Russia unite on space missions), p A9, S.L.P.D., 10/04/07]

2007 - Typhoon Krosa / Philippine Sea - October 4th, 2007: "Typhoon Krosa was a powerful tropical storm system (the generic name for typhoon, hurricanes, and cyclones) on the morning of October 4, 2007. With sustained winds of over 210 kilometers per hour (130 miles per hour), it was just at the crest of being classified a Category Four Super Typhoon when NASA’s Aqua satellite flew over Krosa in the afternoon. The storm had been intensifying over the northeastern Philippine Sea for several days, and was expected, as of October 4, to head towards northern Taiwan and the Chinese mainland coast. The typhoon’s name, assigned by the Hong Kong Observatory, means crane in Khmer. [....]"

[Based on: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/natural_hazards_v2.php3?img_id=14565]

2007 - Injured / Polish Ambassador to Iraq - October 4th, 2007: "Bombing of convoy [10/03/07] injures Polish ambassador to Iraq" [Based on: Title for Los Angeles Times article, p A10, S.L.P.D., 10/04/07]

2007 - Foreign Relations / U.S. & North Korea - October 4th, 2007: "N. Korea to close nuclear complex [Yongbyon] / TERMS OF DEAL HAZY - U.S. official says, 'You have to give something to get something.' " [Based on: Title & Subtitle for McCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS article, p A1, S.L.P.D., 10/04/07]

2007 - Strong Earthquake / Off West Coast of Northern Sumatra - October 4th, 2007: "A strong earthquake occurred at 12:40:30 (UTC) on Thursday, October 4th, 2007. The magnitude 6.0 event [Location: 2.539°N, 92.903°E; Depth 30 km (18.6 miles) set by location program] @ OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA." [Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2007ibar.php] - [T.D. - 10/04/07]

2007 - More Bombs / Iraq - October 5th, 2007: "Bombs [10/04/07] kill Shiite mayor [Abbas Hassan Hamza], Sunni sheik [Muawiya Naji Jbara] / Moderate leaders were apparently targeted in roadside attacks." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for Los Angeles Times article, p A7, S.L.P.D., 10/05/07]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - October 5th,, 2007: "Stocks rose Thursday [10/04/07], led by utility companies, as investors anticipated a government report may show employment has rebounded from the August turmoil in financial markets. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Utility companies, jobs prediction poweer rise in shares), p B9, S.L.P.D., 10/05/07]

2007 - Gallup Poll / World's Well-Being - October 5th, 2007: "Gallup poll takes pulse of world's well-being / In satisfaction, U.S. falls short of Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and Scandinavian countries" [Based on: Title & Subtitle for McCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS article by Frank Greve, p A3, S.L.P.D., 10/05/07]

2007 - Another Recall / Toys From China - October 5th, 2007: "Lead prompts another toy recall [10/04/07] / More than 555,000 items from China, includeing a 'squeeze light,' are on the list." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for St. Louis Post-Dispatch [S.L.P.D.] article, p A8, 10/05/07]

2007 - Japanese Satellite / Moon Orbit - October 5th, 2007: "Japan puts satellite  ['The $279 million Selenological and Engineering Explored] in orbit around moon." [Based on: Title for News Services article, p A11, S.L.P.D., 10/05/07]

2007 - Strong Earthquake / South of Fiji Islands - October 5th, 2007: "A strong earthquake occurred at 07:17:54 (UTC) on Friday, October 5th, 2007. The magnitude 6.4 event [Location: 25.243°S, 179.414°E; Depth 534.9 km (332.4 miles)] @ SOUTH OF THE FIJI ISLANDS.."

[Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2007icah.php] - [T.D. - 10/07/07]

2007 - Medical Information Website / Microsoft Corp. - October 5th, 2007: "Microsoft Corp. launched a website Thursday [10/04/07] for managing personal health and medical information. [NP] The free site is tied to a health information search engine the software company launched last month. [....]" [Based on: Article (Medical information website is launched), p B2, S.L.P.D., 10/05/07]

2007 - Sunspot 972 - October 6th, 2007: "A new sunspot [972] is rapidly emerging near the center of the solar disk. Yesterday it was invisible, today it is wider than Earth. [....]" [Based on: http://spaceweather.com/index.php] - [T.D. - 10/06/07]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - October 6th,, 2007: "Stocks rallied Friday [10/05/07], sending the Standard & Poor's 500 index to a record, after job growth exceeded forecasts and signaled the economy has weathered the August financial turmoil. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Good news in employment is good news for Standard & Poor's 500), p A35, S.L.P.D., 10/06/07]

2007 - Settlement / Edward Jones - October 6th, 2007: "Edward Jones will pay $40 million / Settlement is for brokers who filed two lawsuits over unpaid overtime." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for Article, p A32, S.L.P.D., 10/06/07]

2007 - Will Close / Topps Meat Co. - October 6th, 2007: "Recall [09/29/07] is swan song for Topps Meat Co. / Supplier of beef patties will close after 67 years." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p A33, S.L.P.D., 10/06/07]

2007 - Trivia / U.S. Interrogation Tactics - October 6th, 2007: "President George W. Bush Friday [10/05/06] vigorously defended the government's efforts to detain and interrogate terrorism suspects. [....] The comments followed a report by the New York Times of secret Justice Department memos authorizing harsh CIA interrogation techniques, such as head slapping, frigid temperatures and simulated drowning. The Justice Department memos asserted that such tactics do not violate U.S. or international law." [Based on: Washington Post article (Bush reasserts U.S. is not torturing terror suspects), p A22, S.L.P.D., 10/06/07]

2007 - Strong Earthquake / Mariana Islands Region - October 6th, 2007: "A strong earthquake occurred at 12:38:54 (UTC) on Saturday, October 6th, 2007. The magnitude 6.0 event [Location: 18.712°N, 147.153°E; Depth 63.8 km (39.6 miles)] @ MARIANA ISLANDS REGION."

[Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2007ida2.php] - [T.D. - 10/07/07]

2007 - President Pervez Musharraf / Pakistan - October 7th, 2007: "Musharraf wins 98 percent of the vote [10/06/07] / Pakistan's president sweeps to re-election, but the opposition didn't take part." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for Washington Post article, p A15, S.L.P.D., 10/07/07]

2007 - Appendix Trivia - October 8th, 2007: "Some scientists think they have figured out the real job of the troublesome and seemingly useless appendix: It produces and protects good germs for your gut. [NP] That's the theory from surgeons and immunologists at Duke University Medical School, published online in a scientific journal last week. [....] The function of the appendix seems related to the massive amount of bacteria populating the human digestive system, according to the study in the Journal of Theoretical Biology. There are more bacteria than human cells in the typical body. Most of them are good and help digest food. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (A gut feeling / Appendix may be useful after all.), p A3, S.L.P.D., 10/08/07]

2007 - Lotto Gap / U.S.A. - October 8th, 2007: "The Lotto Gap / In many states, schools get only small share of the revenue." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for New York Times article by Ron Stodghill & Ron Nixon, p A2, S.L.P.D., 10/08/07]

2007 - March for Democracy / Hong Kong, China - October 8th, 2007: "Thousands of people marched through Hong Kong's streets Sunday [10/07/07] to demand the right to pick their city's leader and legislature and hoisted yellow umbrellas to form the year 2012 - their target year for full democracy. [....] China has ruled out full democracy for the territory before 2008." [Based on: News Services article (Thousands march for full democracy), p A10, S.L.P.D., 10/08/07]

2007 - Move to Punish Polluters / Wuxi, China - October 8th, 2007: "[....] City officials decided they'd had enough. In a series of radical proclamations that sent shudders though [< typo] the business community, Wuxi declared itself a newly reformed green city. [....] This year, some cities are taking measures that show that their officials are beginning to make the environment a higher priority than raising the gross domestic product. It's a fundamental shift in thinking for a country that can attribute much of its early development to being the place to which others outsourced their pollution. [....] 'The blue-green algae gave us a warning, a shock, but we Chinese have a saying that a bad thing can be turned into a good thing.' Liu [Yiu Yaman, Wuxi Environmental Protection Bureau Chief] said. 'So all Wuxi people feel they should turn the bad thing into a good thing and improve environmental protection.' [....]" [Based on: Washington Post article (In China, a move to punish polluters / Some cities are taking steps that put environment ahead of economic growth.), p A16, S.L.P.D., 10/08/07]

2007 - Storm Forces Evacuation / Southeast China - October 8th, 2007: "A storm [Typhoon Krosa] drenched China's southeast on Sunday after killing five people on Taiwan and prompting the evacuation of 1.4 million people on the mainland, officials said. In Vietnam, the death toll from a separate storm rose to 55. [....] More than 1,4 million people were evacuated from coastal areas, including more than 500,000 tourists, Xinhua said." [Based on: News Services article (Storm forces evacuation of 1.4 million in China), p A10, S.L.P.D., 10/08/07]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - October 9th,, 2007: "Stocks fell Moinday [10/08/07] for the first time in three days, led by oil producers and miners." [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Oil producers and miners push stock market downward), p C3, S.L.P.D., 10/09/07]

2007 - Talk of Division / Jerusalem - October 9th, 2007: "Talk of division of Jerusalem [10/08/07] may signal a change in Israel" [Based on: Title for A.P. article by Karin Laub, p A10, S.L.P.D., 10/09/07]

2007 - Debated / Breast Cancer Therapy - October 9th, 2007: "Breast cancer therapy that can harm heart [anthracyclines] is debated / Research suggests safer alternatives work just as well for most women." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article by Lauran Neergaard, p A4, S.L.P.D., 10/09/07]

2007 - Loses Key Ingredient / Stored Blood - October 9th, 2007: "Stored blood loses key ingredient [nitric oxide] to keep vessels open ['within the first three hours'], studies ['this week's online edition of Proceedings of the national Academy of Sciences'] find" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p A4, S.L.P.D., 10/09/07]

2007 - Nobel Prize / "Designer Mice" Research - October 9th, 2007: "Three share Nobel Prize  [10/08/07] for 'designer mice' research ['experimental animals in which genes have been added or removed to test theories about the links between genes and disease.']" [Based on: Los Angeles Times article, p A2, S.L.P.D., 10/09/07]

2007 - Buying United Industrial Corp. / Textron Inc. - October 9th, 2007: "Textron Inc. is buying United Industrial Corp. in a $1.1 billion deal. At the heart of the deal are unmanned military aircraft, such as this Shadow 200 Tactical Unmanned Aircraft, made by United Industrial's AAI Corp. unit. Textron, in announcing the deal on Monday [10/08/07], stressed the importance of unmanned aircraft to the U.S. military." [Based on: A.P. / AAI Corp. picture article caption, p C2, S.L.P.D., 10/09/07]

2007 - $4.6 Billion Settlement / American Electric Power - October 9th, 2007: "One of the nation's largest power generators has agreed to end a yearlong federal lawsuit by paying $4.6 billion to reduce pollution that has eaten away at Northeast mountain ranges and national landmarks, The Associated Press has learned. [NP] The settlement requires American Electric Power, based in Columbus, Ohio, to reduce chemical emissions that cause acid rain by at least 69 percent over the next decade. [NP] Details of the agreement were provided by two people familiar with its terms who spoke on condition of anonymity Monday [10/08/07] because it had not yet been filed in federal court. Spokesmen for AEP declined to comment Monday [10/08/07]." [Based on: News Services article (Power company settles, will pay for pollution), p A3, S.L.P.D., 10/09/07]

2007 - Can Raise Risk of Cardiac Disease / Bad Relationships? - October 9th, 2007: "A lousy marriage might literally make you sick. [NP] Marital strife and other bad persoal relationships can raise your risk for heart disease, researchers reported Monday [10/08/07]. What it likely boils down to is stress - a well-known contributor to health problems, as well as a potential byproduct of troubled relationships, the scientists said. [....] That includes partners, close relatives and friends. [NP] The study, in Monday's Archives of Internal Medicine, follows previous research that has linked health problems with being single and having few close relationships. In the new study, researchers focused more on the quality of marriage and other important relationships. [NP] 'What we add here is that, "OK, being married is in general good, but be careful about the kind of person you have married." The quality of the relationship matters,' said lead author Roberto De Vogli, a researcher with University College in London. [....] Another recent study also looked at quality of relationships but had different results. There was no association between marital woes in general and risks for heart disease or early death. But it did find, over a 10-year follow-up, that women who keep silent during marital arguments had an increased risk of dying compared with wives who expressed their feelings during fights. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (Heart Broken / Bad relationships can raise risk of cardiac disease, study says), p A5, S.L.P.D., 10/09/07]

2007 - Top in Philanthropy / Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux, Minnesota - October 9th, 2007: "Tribe's reversal of fortune / Once-struggling Sioux [Shakopee Mdewakanton], whose gambling operation is one of the nation's most profitable, is among top in philanthropy." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for Minneapolis Star Tribune article, p A3, S.L.P.D., 10/09/07]

2007 - Strong Earthquake / New Britain Region, Papua New Guinea - October 9th, 2007: "A strong earthquake occurred at 15:03:41 (UTC) on Tuesday, October 6th, 2007. The magnitude 6.0 event [Location: 4.794°S, 152.861°E; Depth 43.3 km (26.9 miles)] @ NEW BRITAIN REGION, PAPUA NEW GUINEA."

[Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2007iga7.php] - [T.D. - 10/14/07]

2007 - Declassified Documents / Cold War Radiological Warfare Research, U.S.A. - October 9th, 2007: "The U.S. Army explored the potential of using radioactive poisons to assassinate 'important individuals' such as military or civilian leaders during the Cold War, according to newly declassified documents obtained by The Associated Press. [NP] Kept secret since it was approved at the highest levels of the Army in 1948, the effort was part of the military's pursuit of a 'new concept of warfare' using radioactive materials from atomic bombmaking to contaminate swaths of enemy land or to target military bases, factories or troop formations. [NP] No targeted individuals are mentioned in references to the assassination weapon in the government documents declassified in response to a Freedom of Information Act request filed by the AP in 1995. [NP] The broader effort on offensive uses of radiological warfare apparently died by about 1954, at least in part because of the Defense department's conviction that nuclear weapons were a better bet. [NP] Whether the work migrated to another agency such as the CIA is unclear. The project was given final approval in November 1948 and began the following month, just one year after the CIA's creation in 1947. [NP] It was a turbulent time on the international scene. In August 1949, the Soviet Union successfully tested its first atomic bomb, and two months later Mao Zedong's communists triumphed in China's civil war. [....] The government's first public report on the bomb project, published in 1945, noted that radioactive fission products from a uranium-fueled reactor could be extracted and used 'like a particularly vicious form of poison gas.' [....] Among the released documents, an Army memo - dated Dec. 16, 1948, and labled secret - described a crash program to develop a variety of military uses for radioactive materials. Work on a 'subversive weapon for attack of individuals or small groups' was listed as a secondary priority, to be confined to feasibility studies and experiments. [NP] The top priorities listed in order were: * Weapons to contaminate 'populated or otherwise critical areas for long periods of time.' * Munitions combining high explosives with radioactive material 'to accomplish physical damage and radioactive contamination simultaneously.' * Air and/or surface weapons that would spread contamination across an area to be evacuated, thereby rendering it unusable by enemy forces. [NP] The stated goal was to produce a prototype for the first two weapons by Dec. 31, 1950. [NP] The fourth ranked priority was 'munitions for attack on individuals' using radioactive agents for which there is 'no means of therapy.' [....] The Dec. 16, 1948, memo said a lethal attack against individuals using radiological material should be done in a way that makes it impossible to trace the U.S. government's involvement, a concept known as 'plausible deniability' that is central to U.S. covert actions." [Based on: A.P. article (U.S. researched radiological assassinations / Cold War pursuit was part of 'new concept of warfare,' documents show.), p A2, S.L.P.D., 10/09/07] - [My brackets. "NP" = New Paragraph]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - October 10th,, 2007: "Stock indexes rallied to records for the second time this month Tuesday [10/09/07] after minutes from the Federal Reserve allayed investor concern about a recession. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Fed minutes and mergers give stocks a boost; Yum soars), p D7, S.L.P.D., 10/10/07]

2007 - Trivia / Amazon Rain Forest - October 10th, 2007: "Environmentalists lobby [10/09/07] to protect rain forest [Amazon]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p A12, S.L.P.D., 10/10/07]

2007 - Nobel Prize in Physics / 2007 - October 10th, 2007: "Nobel [Prize] winners [Albert Fert (France) & Peter Gruenberg (Germany)] helped put the punch in iPods / Physics prize [10/09/07] honors work on storing huge amounts of data in ever tinier computer drives." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p A14, S.L.P.D., 10/10/07]

2007 - Fighting / Northwestern Pakistan - October 10th, 2007: "250 killed in fighting in insurgent stronghold ['northwestern Pakistan in the last four days']" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p A12, S.L.P.D., 10/10/07]

2007 - Supports Gay Marriage / Dear Abby - October 10th, 2007: "It's out: Dear Abby supports gay marriage / An advocacy group will honor Jeanne Phillips this week." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p A10, S.L.P.D., 10/09/07]

2007 - Case Unheard? / Alleged CIA Torture - October 10th, 2007: "A German man who says he was abducted and tortured by the CIA as part of the agency's anti-terrorism rendition program lost the final chance Tuesday [10/09/07] to persuade U.S. courts to hear his claims. [NP] The Supreme Court rejected without comment an appeal from the man, Khaled el-Masri, in effect endorsing arguments by the administration of President George W. Bush that state secrets would be revealed if courts allowed the case to proceed. [NP] El-Masri, 44, a German citizen of Lebanese descent, says he was mistakenly identified as an associate of the Sept. 11 hijackers and was detained while attempting to enter Macedonia on New Year's Eve 2003. [....] 'It will shatter all trust in the American justice system,' Gnijdic [El-Masri's attorney] said, charging that the United States expects every other nation to act responsibly but refuses to take responsibility for its own actions. [....] The U.S. government has neither confirmed nor denied el-Masri's account and, in urging the court not to hear the case, said that the facts central to el-Masri's claims 'concern the highly classified methods and means of the program ["extraordinary rendition"].' [....] El-Masri's lawsuit had been seen as a test of the administration's legal strategy to invoke the doctrine of state secrets and stop national security suits before any evidence is presented in private to a judge. [....] The court has not examined the states secret privilege in more than 50 years. [....] At the height of the Cold War tension between the United States and the former Soviet Union, U.S. presidents used the states secrets privilege six times from 1953 to 1976, according to OpenThe Government.org. [NP] Since 2001, it has been used 39 times, enabling the government to unilaterally withold documents from the court system, the group ['A coalition of groups favoring greater openess in government'] said." [Based on: A.P. article (Court won't hear case of alleged CIA torture) by Mark Sherman, p A10, S.L.P.D., 10/10/07]

2007 - Bank Sale Involvement? / Ehud Olmert - October 10th, 2007: "Police talk [for five hours Tuesday - 10/09/07] to Olmert [Ehud Olmert] over role in bank sale ['the country's second-largest bank']" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p A12, S.L.P.D., 10/10/07]

2007 - Approves Incursions Into Iraq / Turkey - October 10th, 2007: "Turkey approves incursions into Iraq [10/09/07]" [Based on: Title for New York Times article, p A12, S.L.P.D., 10/10/07]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - October 11th,, 2007: "Stocks retreated Wednesday [10/10/07] as growing concern that earnings will trail estimates at large companies sent the Dow Jones industrial average to its biggest drop in a month. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Disappointing outlook on earnings shoves stocks down), p D5, S.L.P.D., 10/11/07]

2007 - Rise in Global Humidity? - October 11th, 2007: "Study ['published in today's journal Nature'] finds rise in global humidity" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p A7, S.L.P.D., 10/11/07]

2007 - Not Interested? / Al Gore - October 11th, 2007: "[....] Longtime political aide Roy Neel, who runs Gore's office in Nashville, Tenn., said he has seen no signs that Gore is contemplating a race. [NP] 'He's not ruled it out in the future,' Neel said, 'Sometime later than today.' [NP] Donna Brazile, campaign manager for Gore's 200 loss to Bush, said she believes he will not run this time. [NP] 'He's very comforatble and committed' to his work on global warming, she said, and to business pursuits that include Current TV, a cable network he helped found. She would not rule out a future presidential run. 'Al Gore should be viable for the rest of his life' as a candidate, she said." [Based on: A.P. article (Ad calls for Gore to run for president / Supporters persist though he says he is not interested.), p A2, S.L.P.D., 10/11/07]

2007 - Nobel Prize in Chemistry - October 11th, 2007: "Nobel makes nice birthday gift [10/10/07] / On his special day, German [Gerhard Ertl] wins $1.5 million prize in chemistry ['for showing in unprecedented detail how molecuels of gas behave when they land on solid surfaces']" [Based on: Title & Subtitle for Washington Post article, p A11, S.L.P.D., 10/11/07]

2007 - Hostage Exchange / Afghanistan - October 11th, 2007: "German hostage [Rudolf Blechsschmidt] freed in Afghanistan / Taliban turn over German engineer and four Afghans in exchange for five government prisoners [10/10/07]." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p A10, S.L.P.D., 10/11/07]

2007 - School Shooting / Cleveland, Ohio - October 11th, 2007: "14-year-old suspended [10/08/07] student [Asa H. Coon] wounds 4, kills himself [at SuccessTech Academy alternative school, Cleveland, Ohio - 10/10/07]" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p A2, S.L.P.D., 10/11/07]

2007 - Begins Life in Prison / Michael Devlin - October 11th, 2007: "Devlin [Michael Devlin] begins life in state prison system [10/10/07]" [Based on: Title for Article, p A3, S.L.P.D., 10/11/07]

2007 - Less Effective than Thought? / Chemotherapy Drug, Taxol - October 11th, 2007: "Cancer drug [Taxol] may be less effective than thought" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p A7, S.L.P.D., 10/11/07]

2007 - Toy Recall / U.S.A. - October 12th, 2007: "J.C. Penny recalls products ['for containg dangerous levels of lead in their surface paint'] for children ['more than 90,000 children's products, most imported by J.C. Penney Co. Inc.' - 10/11/07]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p A6, S.L.P.D., 10/12/07]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - October 12th, 2007: "Stocks fell Thursday [10/11/07] after a JPMorgan report on Chinese search engine Baidu.com Inc. triggered a sell-off in technology companies. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (When JPMorgan speaks, a sell-off hits tech companies), p B9, S.L.P.D., 10/12/07]

2007 - Salmonella Outbreak / U.S.A. - October 12th, 2007: "ConAgra Foods Inc. recalled all its Banquet pot pies and store brand varieties Thursday [10/11/07] after the products were linked to a nationwide salmonella outbreak. ConAgra is offering refunds for all the pies. [....]" [Based on: Title for News Services article (Pot pies recalled after salmonella outbreak), p A6, S.L.P.D., 10/12/07]

2007 - Judgement Against / Wyeth - October 12th, 2007: "A jury levied a $134.5 million judgement against pharmaceutical giant Wyeth in a lawsuit filed by three Nevada women who claimed the company's hormone-replacement drugs caused their breast cancer. [NP] It was the largest award to date against the Madison, N.J.-based company, which faces about 5,300 similar lawsuits across the country in state and federal courts." [Based on: News Services article (Jury awards millions), p B2, S.L.P.D., 10/12/07]

*Trivia: "A jury has cut [10/12/07] nearly $100 million from the compensatory damages it awarded three Nevada woman in a case involving hormone replacement drugs made by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. [....]" [Based on: News Services article (Jury cuts $100 million), p A32, S.L.P.D., 10/13/07]

2007 - Malnourished Children / India - October 12th, 2007: "India's economy grows - many of its kids don't / They are malnourished, stunted, study says" [Based on: Title & Subtitle for Chicago Tribune article, p A12, S.L.P.D., 10/12/07]

2007 - Biodegradable Burials? / U.S.A. - October 12th, 2007: "Green movement extends to biodegradable burials / Adherents want no embalming fluid, no metal casket, no concrete vault, no elaborate marker" [Based on: Title & Subtitle for McCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS article by Cynthia Hubert, p A2, S.L.P.D., 10/12/07]

2007 - Civilian Dead / U.S. Airstrike, Iraq - October 12th, 2007: "A U.S. airstrike Thursday [10/11/07] killed 15 civilians - nine women and six children - and 19 suspected insurgents, the military said. It was one of the heaviest civilian death tolls in an American operation in recent months. [NP] 'We regret that civilians are hurt or killed while coalition forces search to rid Iraq of terrorism,' Maj. Brad Leighton, a U.S. military spokesman, said in a statement. [....] The bombing also wounded six people, including one woman and three children. [....]" [Based on: Washington Post article (15 civilians among dead in U.S. airstrike), p A9, S.L.P.D., 10/12/07]

2007 - Recall / Infant Cold Medicines, U.S.A. - October 12th, 2007: "Infant cold medicines are pulled / What's being recalled *Infant medications by Dimetapp, Little Colds, Pediacare, Robitussin, Triaminic and Tylenol. / Why? Concerns about safety and effictiveness *The FDA cites side effects, some deaths linked to the products." [Based on: Article title & Subtitles, p A1, S.L.P.D., 10/12/07]

*Commentary: "Only a drug can cure disease." LOL! - D.R.D.

2007 - Bomb Explosion / Muslim Shrine, India - October 12th, 2007: "Bomb explosion [10/11/07] rips famous Muslim shrine ['shrine of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti, a 12-century Sufi Muslim saint' - Northern India]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p A12, S.L.P.D., 10/12/07]

2007 - Nobel Prize in Literature / Doris Lessing - October 12th, 2007: "Literature winner tepid over hoopla [10/11/07] / British writer Doris Lessing told reporters she was not 'overwhelmed with surprise' at winning the Nobel." [Based on: Title & picture caption for A.P. article, p A13, S.L.P.D., 10/12/07]

2007 - Potential School Attack / Philadelphi, Penn. - October 12th, 2007: "Boy, 14 plotted attack at school [Plymouth Whitemarsh High School], police say" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p A6, S.L.P.D., 10/12/07]

2007 - Police Crackdown / Public Snoozing, Dallas, Texas - October 12th, 2007: "Dallas church lets homeless sleep in its parking lot / Temporary move follows police crackdown on public snoozing." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p A2, S.L.P.D., 10/12/07]

2007 - Restatement of Earnings / KV Pharmaceutical Co. - October 12th, 2007: "Brentwood-based KV pharmaceutical Co. [Mo.] announced Thursday [10/11/07] that it will restate earnings for the last 11 years and ask its chief executive to repay $1.4 million after an internal investigation found KV failed to properly disclose stock options backdating. [....]" [Based on: Staff Reports article (KV Pharmaceutical will restate last 11 years), p B2, S.L.P.D., 10/12/07]

2007 - Solar Wind Stream - October 13th, 2007: "A solar wind stream is buffeting Earth's magnetosphere, but so far it has been too gentle to spark geomagnetic storms. Bright auroras are unlikely tonight. "

[Based on: http://spaceweather.com/archive.php?month=10&day=13&year=2007&view=view]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - October 13th, 2007: "Stocks advanced Friday [10/12/07] for the first time in three days after retail sales rose more than forecast, giving the S&P 500 index its longest streak of weekly gains since May. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Strong retail sales give stock market boost, its first in three days), p A35, S.L.P.D., 10/13/07]

2007 - Trivia / Global Warming - October 13th, 2007: "Global warming may make Earth less peaceful / Environmental stresses could exacerbate conflicts, experts say." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p A19, S.L.P.D., 10/13/07]

2007 - Nobel Peace Prize / Al Gore - October 13th, 2007: "What tops Oscar? Try a Nobel Prize / Sharing Peace Prize * Former Vice President Al Gore and a U.N. climate panel are honored. / A Very Good Year * Award follows an Oscar and TV Emmy for Gore's environmental programs. / Political Impact? * Gore's aides try to squash speculation he might again seek U.S. presidency." [Based on: Title & Subtitles for Front Page Headline, p A1, S.L.P.D., 10/13/07]

*Trivia: "Gore shares Nobel Peace Prize  [10/12/07] / Nobel committee honors his work to raise awareness of global warming's problems." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for Washington Post article, p A19, S.L.P.D., 10/13/07]

2007 - Strong Earthquake / Southeast of Loyalty Islands - October 13th, 2007: "A strong earthquake occurred at 17:45:53 (UTC) on Saturday, October 13th, 2007. The magnitude 6.1 event [Location: 21.242°S, 169.200°E; Depth 40.4 km (25.1 miles)] @ SOUTHEAST OF THE LOYALTY ISLANDS."

[Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2007ikbb.php] - [T.D. - 10/14/07]

2007 - Most Depressing Jobs / U.S.A. - October 14th, 2007: "Jobs in personal care, food service are the most depressing, U.S. study reports / Lowest rate of problems was found among engineers and architects." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p A2, S.L.P.D., 10/14/07]

2007 - Trivia / Israeli Airstrike [09/06/07], Syria - October 14th, 2007: "[....] Satellite photographs detected the partly constructed Syrian reactor earlier this year, the Times [New York Times] said [10/13/07]. [....]" [Based on: News Services article (Israeli raid reportedly hit Syrian reactor site), p A12, S.L.P.D., 10/14/07]

2007 - Vladimir Putin / Iran - October 15th, 2007: "Putin is first Kremlin leader to visit Iran since 1943 / Meeting [10/16/07] will be watched for indications about the future of Tehran's nuclear program." [Based on: Title and Subtitle for A.P. article, p A11, S.L.P.D., 10/15/07]

2007 - Car Bomb / Baghdad, Iraq - October 15th, 2007: "Car bomb rips area near Baghdad shrine / Iraqi police and civilians inspect damaged vehicles after a parked car bomb exploded at Eden Square, in northwestern Baghdad, Iraq, Sunday [10/14/07]. The dead included three women and two boys waiting for a ride to a Shiite shrine in Baghdad, police said." [Based on: Title and A.P. picture caption, p A9, S.L.P.D., 10/15/07]

2007 - Cinema Bombing / Northwestern, India - October 15th, 2007: "A bomb ripped through a packed movie theater in northern India [Ludhiana] on Sunday [10/14/07], killing at least six people and wounding at least 30, authorities said. [....]" [Based on: News Services article (Bomb at cinema kills at least 6 people), p A9, S.L.P.D., 10/15/07]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - October 16th, 2007: "Stocks fell the most in five weeks on Monday [10/15/07] after Citigroup Inc. said defaults will plague the financial industry for the rest of the year. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Citigroup's bad news on defaults rubs off on others), p C3, S.L.P.D., 10/16/07]

2007 - Nobel Prize in Economics - October 16th, 2007: "Three Americans [Leonid Herwicz, Roger B. Myerson, & Eric S. Maskin] share Nobel Prize for economics [10/15/07]" [Based on: Title for New York Times article, p A2, S.L.P.D., 10/16/07]

2007 - Rescue Fund? / Three U.S. Banks - October 16th, 2007: "Nation's 3 biggest banks [U.S.A.] set up rescue fund of up to $100 billion / Citigroup, Bank of America and JP Morgan will buy distressed debt." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p C1, S.L.P.D., 10/16/07]

2007 - 920-Calorie Burrito / Hardees, U.S.A. - October 16th, 2007: "Burrito [Hardees new Country Breakfast Burrito] has 920 calories [10/15/07]" [Based on: Article title, p C2, S.L.P.D., 10/16/07]

2007 - Drought Conditions / Southeast, U.S.A. - October 16th, 2007: "Southeast [U.S.A.] nearing water emergency" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p A2, S.L.P.D., 10/16/07]

2007 - Strong Earthquake / South of Fiji Islands - October 16th, 2007: "A strong earthquake occurred at 21:05:48 (UTC) on Tuesday, October 16th, 2007. The magnitude 6.6 event [Location: 25.617°S, 179.419°E; Depth 549.6 km (341.5 miles)] @ SOUTH OF THE FIJI ISLANDS."

[Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2007incc.php] - [T.D. - 10/22/07]

2007 - Illegal Subsidies / American Cotton Growers - October 16th, 2007: "The World Trade Organization has found that the United States failed to scrap a series of  illegal subsidies paid to American cotton growers, a ruling that could open the door to billions of dollars' in Brazillian trade sanctions against the U.S., trade officials said Monday [10/15/07]. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (WTO rules against United States on cotton subsidies), p C2, S.L.P.D., 10/16/07]

2007 - Won't Talk to Congress / AT&T, Quest & Verizon - October 16th, 2007: "Three telecommunications companies [AT&T, Quest & Verizon] have declined to tell Congress whether they gave U.S. intelligence agencies access to Americans' phone and computer records without court orders, citing White House objections and national security. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (Phone firms won't talk to Congress), p A5, S.L.P.D., 10/16/07]

2007 - Apply for Social Security Benefits / U.S. Baby Boomer Generation - October 16th, 2007: "The baby boomer's stampede for Social Security benefits has begun. [NP] The nation's 'first' baby boomer, a retired teacher from New Jersey, applied for Socaial Security benefits Monday [10/15/07], signaling the start of an expected avalanche of applications from the post-World War II generation ['a generation of nearly 80 million born from 1946 to 1964']. Social Security Commissioner Michael Astrue called it 'America's silver tsunami.' [....] An estimated 10,000 people a day will become eligible for Social Security benefits over the next two decades, Astrue said. The Social Security trust fund, if left alone, is projected to go broke in 2041. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (Ceremonial first baby boomer applies for Social Security), p A2, S.L.P.D., 10/16/07]

2007 - Superbug / MRSA - October 17th, 2007: "Staph [methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA] deadlier than AIDS" [Based on: Title for Washington Post article, p A1, S.L.P.D., 10/17/07]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - October 17th, 2007: "Stocks dropped for a second day on Tuesday [10/16/07] after Wells Fargo & Co. and KeyCorp reported earnings that fell short of analysts' estimates and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said the housing slump may drag on through next year. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Bernanke remarks and earnings news send markets lower), p B7, S.L.P.D., 10/17/07]

2007 - Live Nation Inc. / Madonna - October 17th, 2007: "Madonna leaves Warner for landmark deal [with Live Nation Inc.]" [Based on: Title for People article, p A2, S.L.P.D., 10/17/07]

2007 - Foreign Relations / U.S.A, Russia & Iran - October 17th, 2007: "Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a summit meeting of five Caspian Sea nations in Iran on Tuesday [10/16/07] that any use of military force in the region was unacceptable, and in a declaration the countries agreed that none of them would allow their territories to be used as a base for military strikes against any of the others. [....] Putin's remarks also underscored unease in the Kremlin with what it has regarded as a creeping U.S. military presence in Central Asia, a region once solely under Moscow's control." [Based on: New York Times article (Putin goes toe to toe with U.S. on Iran), p A12, S.L.P.D., 10/17/07]

2007 - Trivia / Clean Water Efforts, Mississippi River - October 17th, 2007: "[....] DIFFERENT POLLUTION PROBLEMS - Parts of the river [Mississippi] are designated as 'impaired' due to different kinds of pollution. Some examples: Minnesota: Mercury, low oxygen, fertilizer; Wisconsin: Mercury, PCBs; Iowa: Arsenic, fertilizer; Missouri: Lead, zinc; Tennessee: PCBs dioxin, chlordane; Kentucky: No impairment; Louisiana: Bacteria; Mississippi: Don't know [....] The Missouri Coalition for the Environment, an advocacy group, sued the EPA in 2005, contending that Missouri was not living up to the Clean Water Act. In a settlement, the EPA agreed to force Missouri to implement tougher water quality standards. [....]" [Based on: Front Page article (EPA IS ACCUSED OF FAILING TO COORDINATE CLEAN WATER EFFORTS) / Missippi 'an orphan,' review finds) by Bill Lambrecht , p A1 & A4, S.L.P.D., 10/17/07]

2007 - Tied to Industry? / Medical School Leaders, U.S.A. - October 17th, 2007: "Financial relationships under scrutiny / Medical school leaders tied to industry / Two-thirds admit connection * They receive anything from consultancies to meals." [Based on: Title & Subtitles for A.P. article, p A2, S.L.P.D., 10/17/07]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - October 18th, 2007: "Most stocks rose Wednesday [10/17/07], pushing the Standard & Poor's 500 index higher for the first time in three days, after Intel Corp., Yahoo Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & Co. posted earnings that topped estimates. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Good news in earnings reports helps lift shares), p C4, S.L.P.D., 10/18/07]

2007 - Foreign Relations / Turkey & Iraq - October 18th, 2007: "Turkey moves closer to Iraq attack / Lawmakers OK military move against Kurdish rebels across border [10/17/07]." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for Washington Post article, p A6, S.L.P.D., 10/18/07]

2007 - Solar Wind Stream - October 19th, 2007: "What's better than a meteor shower? A meteor shower inside the aurora borealis. It could happen this weekend. A solar wind stream is buffeting Earth's magnetosphere and causing high-latitude geomagnetic storms. [....]"

[Based on: http://spaceweather.com/archive.php?month=10&day=19&year=2007&view=view]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - October 19th, 2007: "Stocks fell Thursday [10/18/07] after a worsening housing slump sent profits lower at Bank of America Corp. and Washington Mutual Inc., putting financial company earnings on pace for the worst quarter in at least a decade." [Based on: Bloomberg News article (More dreary news for financials helps send shares lower), p B9, S.L.P.D., 10/19/07]

2007 - Suicide Bombing / Pakistan - October 19th, 2007: "Day of joy [10/18/07] ends in death / Pakistan blasts kill more than 100 ['Officials at six hospitals reported 126 dead and 248 wounded.] * Bhutto targeted on return." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p A1, S.L.P.D., 10/19/07]

2007 - Foreign Relations / U.S. & China - October 19th, 2007: "China strongly protests [10/18/07] U.S. honor for the Dalai Lama." [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p A11, S.L.P.D., 10/19/07]

2007 - Transport Workers Strike / France - October 19th, 2007: "French make do as transport workers stage a one-day strike [10/18/07] / The walkout was a warning against government plans to reduce pension rights." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for Washington Post article, p A6, S.L.P.D., 10/19/07]

2007 - Trivia / Eavesdropping Legislation, U.S.A. - October 19th, 2007: "The Senate Intelligence Committee voted [13-2] Thursday night [10/18/07] to approve compromise legislation that would strengthen court oversight of eavesdropping on Americans while granting telephone and Internet companies legal immunity for their role in assisting government surveilance programs since 2001. [....]." [Based on: News Services article (Senate panel approves eavesdropping legislation), p A7, S.L.P.D., 10/19/07]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - October 20th, 2007: "Stocks tumbled the most in two months on Friday [10/19/07] after earnings reports from banks, manufacturers and industrial companies heightened concern about the health of financial markets and the economy [The D.J.I.A. lost 367 points]. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Wall Street marks Black Monday anniversary with an homage of sorts), p A35, S.L.P.D., 10/20/07]

2007 - Trivia / B-52 Incident, U.S.A. - October 20th, 2007: "In its first explicit confirmation that six nuclear-armed missles were erroneously flown from an air base in North Dakota to a base in Louisiana in late August [29-30], the Air Force on Friday called the episode an 'unacceptable mistake' - of a sort that had never happened before. [....] Appearing with Wynne [Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne] was Maj. Gen. Richard Newton, the Air Force deputy chief of staff for operations, who attributed the episode to an 'unprecedented string of procedural errors' beginning with a failure by airmen to conduct a required inspection of the missles before they were loaded aboard the B-52 bomber that flew from Minor Air Force Base, La. [....] A six-week Air Force investigation found fault with several officers, who have been relieved of duty, Newton said. He said the 5th bomb Group commander at Minor was relieved of command, among others. Newton did not name them. [NP] Newton said the 5th Bomb Wing, which operates the B-52 has been 'decertified from its wartime mission.' " [Based on: A.P. article (Changes vowed after nuclear flight), p A19, S.L.P.D., 10/20/07]

2007 - Trivia / Ozone Hole, Antarctic - October 20th, 2007: "The Antarctic ozone hole is back to an average size, shrinking about 16 percent from last year's record high, NASA said Friday [10/19/07]. But it's still the size of North America. [NP] The ozone hole in mid-September reached a maximum size of 9.7 million square miles, down from its peak of 11.5 million square miles last year, said NASA scientist Paul Newman." [Based on: News Services article (Antarctic ozone hole back to average size), p A19, S.L.P.D., 10/20/07]

2007 - Punitive Damages / DuPont Co. - October 20th, 2007: "A West Virginia court ordered DuPont Co. to pay $196.2 million in punitive damages to Harrison County residents for deliberately dumping dangerous heavy metals on an industrial site, ending a complex trial involving property damage claims, long-term health screenings and corporate accountability. [NP] DuPont said it would appeal the decision." [Based on: Article (Dumping costs millions), p A33, S.L.P.D., 10/20/07]

2007 - New U.S. Sanctions / Myanmar - October 20th, 2007: "Bush issues sanctions [10/19/07] against 'Burma' [Myanmar]" [Based on: Title for McCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS article, p A22, S.L.P.D., 10/20/07]

2007 - Trivia / Cold Medicines & Kids - October 20th, 2007: "No cold medicines to kids under 6, FDA panel urges [10/19/07]" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p A16, S.L.P.D., 10/20/07]

2007 - Shopping Mall Bomb / Philippines - October 20th, 2007: "At least eight people were killed and as many as 130 others wounded Friday [10/19/07] when a powerful explosion ripped through a shopping mall in Makati City, the Philippine capital's financial district. [....]" [Based on: News Services article (8 killed, dozens hurt by bomb at shopping mall), p A22, S.L.P.D., 10/20/07]

2007 - Pension Fund Buyouts? / U.S.A. - October 20th, 2007: "Some financial service firms are trying to clear a regulatory path that would let them buy out pension plans, freeing employers from pension obligations while potentially giving profit-driven financiers direct control over the retirement savings of millions of Americans. [....]" [Based on: Washington Post article (Reaction mixed on call to allow pension fund buyouts) by Tomoeh Murakami Tse, p A33, S.L.P.D., 10/20/07]

2007 - Residents Seize Airport / Bolivia - October 20th, 2007: "Residents [Bolivia's wealthiest province'] seize airport [10/19/07] from government troops" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p A22, S.L.P.D., 10/20/07]

2007 - Foreign Relations / Iraq & Turkey - October 20th, 2007: "The most senior leader in Iraq's Kurdish region warned Turkey that the region would defend itself against any cross-border military strike on rebel bases. [....]" [Based on: Title for A.P. article (Iraqi Kurd leader warns Turkey against invasion), p A20, S.L.P.D., 10/20/07]

2007 - Wal-Mart Recall / Some Toy Animals - October 20th, 2007: "[....] The retailer said it was posting photos and details of the affected toys on its website, http://www.walmartfacts.com" [Based on: News Services article (Lead fears spur Wal-Mart to recall toy animals), p A19, S.L.P.D., 10/20/07]

2007 - Rejected? / Coal-Fired Power Plants, Kansas - October 20th, 2007: "A utility company and state lawmakers are vowing to challenge the rejection of a permit for two coal-fired power plants in Kansas., where the state's top environmental regulator cited emissions of carbon dioxide. [....] The ruling could have an impact across the country and was hailed as a victory by environmental groups that warn the plants contribute dangerously to global warming. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (Kansas official stops coal-powered plants), p A33, S.L.P.D., 10/20/07]

2007 - Trivia / U.S. Economy - October 21st, 2007: "Poor cut nutrition to the bone / Pay doesn't go as far; food banks face crunch; merchants adjust." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article by Anne D'Innocenzio, p A2, S.L.P.D., 10/21/07]

2007 - Going Home / Iraqi Refugees - October 21st, 2007: "Money gone, Iraqi refugees [fron Syria] reluctantly are going home" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p A13, S.L.P.D., 10/21/07]

2007 - Resignation / Top Nuclear Negotiator, Iran - October 21st, 2007: "Iran's top nuclear negotiator [Ali Larijani] resigns / Move is seen as a setback for relatively moderate officials hoping to compromise with the West." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for Los Angeles Times article, p A12, S.L.P.D., 10/21/07]

2007 - Strong Earthquake / Bougainville Region, Papua New Guinea - October 21st, 2007: "A strong earthquake occurred at 10:24:52 (UTC) on Sunday, October 21st, 2007. The magnitude 6.2 event [Location: 6.325°S, 154.753°E; Depth 46.9 km (29.1 miles) set by location program] @ BOUGAINVILLE REGION, PAPUA NEW GUINEA." [Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2007itah.php] - [T.D. - 10/22/07]

2007 - Wildfires / California - October 22nd, 2007: "Wildfires on loose in California [10/21/07] / One death is reported; blaze near Malibu is 'zero percent containes.' " [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p A3, S.L.P.D., 10/22/07]

2007 - Elections Trivia / Poland - October 22nd, 2007: "Opposition [Donald Tusk's Civic Platform party] takes elections in Poland" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p A8, S.L.P.D., 10/22/07]

2007 - U.S. Raid / Sadr City, Iraq - October 22nd, 2007: "U.S. says raid kills 49 militants / But Iraqi officials say 15 died, all civilians." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p A8, S.L.P.D., 10/22/07]

2007 - Eckankar Spiritual New Year - October 22nd, 2007: A Year of Blessing.

*Link: http://www.eckankar.org/Books/hktranscripts.html

2007 - Governor Bobby Jindal / Louisiana - October 22nd, 2007: "LOUISIANA ELECTION - IT"S A FIRST / Indian-American [Bobby Jindal] wins gubernatorial vote [10/20/07] - at 36." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for New York Times article, p A2, S.L.P.D., 10/22/07]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - October 23rd, 2007: "Stocks rose for the first time in three days Monday [10/22/07] after Bear Stearns Cos. got a $1 billion investment from China and investors speculated technology companies will report better-than-forecast earnings. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Optimistic outlook on tech stocks gives market a good day), p C5, S.L.P.D., 10/23/07]

2007 - Eruption / Comet 17P/Holmes - October 23rd, 2007: "Astronomers in Japan, Persia and Europe report that Comet 17P/Holmes is undergoing a spectacular eruption. The 17th magnitude comet has brightened by a factor of five hundred thousand or more during the past 24 hours becoming a naked-eye object in the evening sky. Look for a yellow 2.5th magnitude fuzzball in the constellation Perseus after sunset. [....]"

[Based on: http://spaceweather.com/archive.php?month=10&day=24&year=2007&view=view]

*Trivia: "Exploding Comet 17P/Holmes is now [10/28/07] larger than Jupiter.  [....]"

[Based on: http://spaceweather.com/archive.php?month=10&day=28&year=2007&view=view]

2007 - Liftoff / Space Shuttle Discovery - October 23rd, 2007: "In spite of threatening weather, space shuttle Discovery launched this morning from the Kennedy Space Center on a two-week mission to the International Space Station. [....]" [Based on: http://spaceweather.com/archive.php?view=1&day=23&month=10&year=2007]

2007 - Foreign Relations / Turkey & Iraq - October 23rd, 2007: "More Turkish firepower is rushed to border with Iraq [10/22/07]" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p A7, S.L.P.D., 10/23/07]

2007 - Bush Seeks More Money / War in Iraq - October 23rd, 2007: "The war in Iraq is costing about $10 billion a month - more than $455 billion over more than four years of fighting. [....] Bush alluded to the nation's disenchantment with the war, which has claimed the lives of more than 3,830 members of the U.S. military and more than 73,000 Iraqi civilians. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (Bush seeks $46 billion for war / Troops need funding for 'what it takes to succeed,' he urges.), p A5, S.L.P.D., 10/23/07]

2007 - Audiotape Message / Osama Bin Laden? - October 23rd, 2007: "Bin Laden rebukes followers / He urges unity in fight against United States" [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article by Kim Gamel, p A5, S.L.P.D., 10/23/07]

*Trivia: "Osama Bin Laden renewed his call for a holy war against a proposed peacekeeping force in Sudan's war-torn region of Darfur in a message that appeared on websites Tuesday [10/23/07]. [....]" [Based on: News Services article (Bin Laden renews call for holy war in Darfur), p A8, S.L.P.D., 10/24/07]

2007 - Strong Earthquake / Kepulauan Mentawai Region, Indonesia - October 23rd, 2007: "A strong earthquake occurred at 19:56:48 (UTC) on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007. The magnitude 6.0 event [Location: 1.968°S, 99.910°E; Depth 35 km (21.7 miles) set by location program] @ KEPULAUAN MENTAWAI REGION, INDONESIA." [Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2007ivbh.php] - [T.D. - 10/24/07]

2007 - Sun in Scorpio - October 24th, 2007: "Reported date when the Sun entered the constellation Scorpio." [Based on: http://www2.bitstream.net/~bunlion/bpi/ephm/E200710.html]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - October 24th, 2007: "Stocks rose the most in two weeks on Tuesday [10/23/07] after better-than-expected earnings from Apple Inc. and American Express Co. eased concerns the housing slump has depressed consumer spending. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Housing concerns are soothed by optimistic earnings), p C5, S.L.P.D., 10/24/07]

2007 - Civilian Deaths / U.S. Helicopter Attack, Iraq - October 24th, 2007: "U.S. helicopter attack kills bomb suspects, civilians [10/23/07]" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p A12, S.L.P.D., 10/24/07]

2007 - Strong Earthquake / Kepulauan Mentawai Region, Indonesia - October 24th, 2007: "A strong earthquake occurred at 21:02:52 (UTC) on Wednesday, October 24th, 2007. The magnitude 6.8 event [Location: 3.838°S, 100.909°E; Depth 30 km (18.6 miles) set by location program] @ Region KEPULAUAN MENTAWAI REGION, INDONESIA.." [Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2007iwca.php] - [T.D. - 10/28/07]

*Trivia: "A major earthquake occurred at 21:02:51 (UTC) on Wednesday, October 24th, 2007. The magnitude 7.1 event [Location: 3.909°S, 101.061°E; Depth 30 km (18.6 miles) set by location program ] @ Region SOUTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA."

[Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2007iwca.php] - [T.D. - 10/24/07]

2007 - Willing to Wait? / U.S. Missle Defense System, Europe - October 24th, 2007: "U.S. indicates willingness to wait on missle defense system [10/23/07] / Gates says system may not be activated until Iranian threat unfolds." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p A7, S.L.P.D., 10/24/07]

2007 - Full Moon - October 25th, 2007: "Last night's full Moon [10/25/07] was the biggest and brightest of the year. [....]" [Based on: http://spaceweather.com/archive.php?month=10&day=26&year=2007&view=view]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - October 25th, 2007: "Stocks dropped for the first time in three days on Wednesday [10/24/07] after Merill Lynch & Co. reported the biggest quarterly loss in its 93-year history and house sales tumbled. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Rate cut speculation helps Dow recover from 206-point drop), p B7, S.L.P.D., 10/25/07]

2007 - War Costs / U.S.A. - October 25th, 2007: "[....] With the federal government $9.1 trillion in debt, much of the financial cost of the wars is being financed through borrowing that the CBO [Congressional Budget Office] estimates will cost up to $705 billion in interest payments by the year 2017. The projection works out to about $8,000 per American. [NP] In essence, said Levin [Carl Levin, D-Mich.], the war isn't being funded as it's being fought, but will instead be paid for by future taxpayers. [NP] 'My kids, your kids, our grandkids, our great-grandkids,' Levin told a group of reporters. 'I think there's a lot of reasons this war was a mistake, but one of them has been that we haven't paid for it. [....] American taxpayers have already spent $415 billion on interest for the portion of the war costs the government has had to borrow, the budget office estimated. [NP] Between now and 2017, interest costs to finance the wars will amount to between $175 billion and $290 billion, the CBO estimated, depending on the U.S. troop levels maintained in Iraq and Afghanistan." [Based on: Cox News Service article (Future generations facing huge tab for Iraq, Afghan wars / Interest costs could equal $8,000 for each American by 2017, U.S. says.), p A4, S.L.P.D., 10/25/07]

2007 - Bombs Northern Iraq / Turkey - October 25th, 2007: "Turkey bombs northern Iraq [10/24/07] / Kurdish rebels say their forces were not in the area hit." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for McCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS article, p A8, S.L.P.D., 10/25/07]

2007 - Underway / Geomagnetic Storm - October 25th, 2007: "A geomagnetic storm is underway that could spark auroras bright enough to see through the glare of tonight's full Moon. High latitude obervers should be alert for Northern Lights." [Based on: http://spaceweather.com/archive.php?month=10&day=25&year=2007&view=view]

2007 - 1st Rocket to the Moon / China - October 25th, 2007: "China sends its first rocket to the moon [10/24/07]" [Based on: Title for McCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS article, p A7, S.L.P.D., 10/25/07]

2007 - Foreign Relations / Israel & Gaza Strip - October 25th, 2007: "[....] Israel provides more than half of Gaza's electricity, and any power cutoff is sure to make life more difficult in the impoverished region. [....]" [Based on: News Services article (Israel will cut power in retaliation for attacks), p A5, S.L.P.D., 10/25/07]

2007 - Strong Earthquake / East of Kuril Islands - October 25th, 2007: "A strong earthquake occurred at 13:50:01 (UTC) on Thursday, October 25th, 2007. The magnitude 6.1 event [Location: 46.057°N, 154.114°E; Depth 6.2 km (3.9 miles) (poorly constrained)] @ Region EAST OF THE KURIL ISLANDS.." [Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2007ixa1.php] - [T.D. - 10/28/07]

2007 - Settlements / BP PLC - October 26th, 2007: "BP SETTLEMENTS / $373 million for charges [conspiracy to fix prices in 2003 & 2004, 2005 Texas oil refinery explosion, etc.]" [Based on: Article title, p B2, S.L.P.D., 10/26/07]

2007 - U.S. Sanctions / Iran  - October 26th, 2007: "U.S. gets tough on Iran / STRONG NEW SANCTIONS [10/25/07] * White House goal is to shut down Tehran's access to the U.S. financial system. / ACTION IS UNILATERAL * Bush makes no try for global concensus. Some in GOP question wisdom of move." [Based on: Title & Subtitles for McCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS article, p A1, S.L.P.D., 10/26/07]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - October 26th, 2007: "Stocks fell for a second day on Thursday [10/25/07], led by American International Group Inc., Countrywide Financial Corp. and Merrill Lynch & Co., on concern financial companies face more credit losses. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Financial market fiasco continues to weigh on markets), p B9, S.L.P.D., 10/26/07]

2007 - Toy Recall / Mattel Inc. - October 26th, 2007: "Mattel Inc. recalled an additional 38,000 'Go Diego Go!' toys Thursday [10/25/06] as part of a larger recall of 665,000 lead-contaminated children's products, a government safety group announced. [....]" [Based on: News Services article (Mattel expands recall over lead in toys), p A4, S.L.P.D., 10/26/07]

2007 - Price Increase Trivia / Iran - October 26th, 2007: "'Ordinary people' feeling pressure / Prices have risen dramatically this year in Iran and some are concerned that Ahmadinejad has mismanaged affairs." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p A14, S.L.P.D., 10/26/07]

2007 - Record Close / U.S. Oil Futures - October 26th, 2007: "Oil futures jumped to a record close of $90.46 a barrel Thursday [10/25/07] ...." [Based on: Article (Oil / Futures hit record close), p B2, S.L.P.D., 10/26/07]

2007 - More Attacks in Iraq  / Turkey - October 26th, 2007: "Turkey launches more attacks [10/25/07] amid talks / Kurds are target as Iraqi delegation flies to Turkey for meetings." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for Washington Post article, p A11, S.L.P.D., 10/26/07]

2007 - Bomb Blast / Northwest Pakistan - October 26th, 2007: "20 [17 soldiers & 3 civilians] are killed in blast [10/25/07] in troubled province [Pakistan]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p A12, S.L.P.D., 10/26/07]

2007 - Charges Thrown Out / U.S. Spc. Mario Lozano - October 26th, 2007: "A court on Thursday [10/25/06] threw out the case against an American soldier [U.S. Spc. mario Lozano] charged in the 2005 shooting [03/04/05] of an Italian intelligence agent in Iraq. [....]" [Based on: News Services article (Court rejects charges against U.S. soldier), p A11, S.L.P.D., 10/26/07]

2007 - Solar Prominence - October 27th, 2007: "Who says the sun is quiet? 'This morning I looked through my SolarMax60 and saw this [see link] prominence starting to get really big,' reports Paul Haese of Blackwood, Australia. The flame-like eruption is now dancing over the sun's western limb. If you have a solar telescope, take a look!" [Based on: http://spaceweather.com/archive.php?month=10&day=27&year=2007&view=view]

*Link: http://spaceweather.com/swpod2007/27oct07/Paul-Haese1.jpg?PHPSESSID=b7i1kjtajlhlg298kahmun8kc5

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - October 27th, 2007: "Stocks rallied Friday [10/26/07] after Microsoft Corp. and Countrywide Financial Corp. reassured investors that profits will extend five years of growth. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Microsoft, Countrywide help reassure investors; market gets a bump), p A35, S.L.P.D., 10/27/07]

2007 - Record Highs / Gold & Oil - October 27th, 2007: "27-year high for gold [$780.00 an ounce]; oil tops record [$92.00 a barrel]." [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p A34, S.L.P.D., 10/27/07]

2007 - New Compartment Added / International. Space Station - October 27th, 2007: "[....] The Italian-built pressurized compartment, called Harmony [added 10/26/07], is 24 feet long and weighs 31,000 pounds. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (new compartment on space station), p A17, S.L.P.D., 10/27/07]

2007 - Life Threatening Microwave Popcorn? - October 28th, 2007: "[....] For several years, diacetyl, a chemical that gives foods a buttery taste, has been linked to a rare, irreversible lung disease. The result has been a public health debate that has stretched from Congress to courtrooms, leading to tens of millions of dollars in judgements." [Based on: A.P. article (Is eating some microwave popcorn life-threatening? / At issue is butter-flavor ingredient linked to rare lung disease), p A2, S.L.P.D., 10/28/07]

2007 - Taliban Deaths / Southern Afghanistan - October 28th, 2007: "80 Taliban militants die [southern Afghanistan] fighting coalition forces [10/27/07]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p A17, S.L.P.D., 10/28/07]

2007 - Warming Seas / Signal of Mass Extinctions?  - October 28th, 2007: "[....] Four of the five major extinctions over 520 million years of Earh history have been linked to warmer tropical seas, which indicate a warmer world overall, according to the new study [Proceedings of the Royal Society B, a British journal] published Wednesday [10/24/07]." [Based on: A.P. article (Tropical seas' warming called signal of mass extinctions), p A12, S.L.P.D., 10/28/07]

2007 - Kidnapped Sheiks / Iraq  - October 29th, 2007: "11 sheiks who aided U.S. are kidnapped [10/28/07] / 'THIS WAS AN AMBUSH' * The Shiite and Sunni tribal leaders council helped fight al-Qaida in Iraq." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for Washington Post article, p A1, S.L.P.D., 10/29/07]

*Trivia: "Iraqi forces rescue 8 kidnapped sheiks [10/29/07] / One was reportedly found dead near the kidnapping site on outskirts of Baghdad. The fate of the other hostages is unknown." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for Los Angeles Times article, p A6, S.L.P.D., 10/30/07]

2007 - Tropical Storm Noel / Haiti - October 29th, 2007: "After forming just south of Hispaniola on October 28, 2007, Tropical Storm Noel made landfall on the Haitian side of the island on October 29 with sustained winds reported at 80 kilometers per hour (50 miles per hour or 45 knots). [....]"

[Based on: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/natural_hazards_v2.php3?img_id=14601&src=map]

2007 - Fuel & Supplies Cut / Gaza Strip - October 29th, 2007: "Israel cuts fuel, other supplies for Gaza / Sanctions follow continued rocket attacks from Gaza Strip, which is controlled by Hamas." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for New York Times article, p A1, S.L.P.D., 10/29/07]

2007 - Trivia / International Space Station - October 29th, 2007: "Metal shavings found in joint of space station solar panel [10/28/07]" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p A3, S.L.P.D., 10/29/07]

*Trivia: "[....] ... astronauts discovered steel shavings inside a rotary joint for another set of solar wings. Then one of the wings on a beam that had just been relocated on the space station tore in two places. [NP] Engineers believe the 115-foot wing snagged on a guide wire or guide wire support as it was being unreeled Tuesday [10/30/07]" [Based on: article (Risky spacewalk delayed for more planning], p A4, S.L.P.D., 11/02/07]

2007 - U.S. Backing Kurdish Rebels? / Iraq - October 29th, 2007: "Iran claims U.S. backing Kurdish rebels [10/28/07] / Turkish official disagrees, says he does not believe PKK has U.S. support." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for Los Angeles Times article, p A13, S.L.P.D., 10/29/07]

2007 - Died / Robert Goulet - October 30th, 2007: "Died this date in history: actor, Robert Goulet [1933 - 2007]"

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - October 30th, 2007: "Stocks rose for a second day Monday [10/29/07] after higher prices for oil and metals boosted producers of energy and raw materials. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Record prices for crude, metals lead market's increase), p C3, S.L.P.D., 10/30/07]

2007 - Trivia / AIDS Virus History- October 30th, 2007: "AIDS virus entered U.S. through Haiti, study [published Monday (10/29/07) in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences] suggests" [Based on: Title & Subtitle for Los Angeles Times article by Jia-Rui Chong, p A2, S.L.P.D., 10/30/07]

2007 - Prostate Cancer / Ehud Olmert - October 30th, 2007: "Israel's Olmert discloses [10/29/07] he has prostate cancer, will stay on job" [Based on: Title for Los Angeles Times article, p A6, S.L.P.D., 10/30/07]

2007 - Chemical Plant Fire / Des Moines, Iowa - October 30th, 2007: "Chemical plant fire [northeast of Des Moines, Iowa - 10/29/07] shuts down two highways" [Based on: Article, p A3, S.L.P.D., 10/30/07]

2007 - Given Immunity / Blackwater Bodyguards, Iraq - October 30th, 2007: "Blackwater bodyguards were given immunity / State Department move has delayed criminal inquiry in killing of 17 Iraqis [last month]." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p A1, S.L.P.D., 10/30/07]

2007 - Dropout Factories? / More than 1 in 10 U.S. High Schools - October 30th, 2007: "It's a nickname no principal could be proud of: 'Dropout factory,' a high school where no more than 60 percent of the students who start as freshmen make it to their senior year. That dubious distinction applies to more than one in 10 high schools across America. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (12 pct. of schools are 'dropout factories,' study says), p A3, S.L.P.D., 10/30/07]

2007 - Happy Halloween - October 31st, 2007: "Halloween is date of astronomical interest. It has to do with seasons: Halloween is a cross-quarter date, approximately midway between an equinox and a solstice. There are four cross-quarter dates throughout the year, and each is a minor holiday: Groundhog Day (Feb. 2nd), May Day (May 1st), Lammas Day (Aug. 1st), and Halloween (Oct. 31st). [....] 'Long ago, the Celts of the British Isles used cross-quarter days to mark the beginnings of seasons. Winter began with Halloween, or as they called it, Samhain,' says John Mosley of the Griffith Observatory. 'Halloween marked the transition between summer and winter, light and dark - and life and death. On that one night, according to folklore, those who had died during the previous year returned for a final visit to their former homes. People set out food and lit fires to aid them on their journey - but remained on guard for mischief the spirits might do.' [NP] And so something astronomical became something spooky. It's not the first time. Happy Halloween!"

[Based on: http://spaceweather.com/archive.php?month=10&day=31&year=2007&view=view]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - October 31st, 2007: "Stocks fell for the first time in three days Tuesday [10/30/07] on concern the economy is weakening after Procter & Gamble Co's profit forecast trailed analysts' estimates, consumer confidence dropped to the lowest since 2005 and house prices declined." [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Slumping housing, energy and P&G bring stocks to loss), p C5, S.L.P.D., 10/31/07]

2007 - Suicide Bomber / Pakistan - October 31st, 2007: "Pakistan suicide bomber kills 7 [10/30/07] / Blast wounded 14. It went off about a mile from where Pakistan's president, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, was working in his office." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for New York Times article, p A11, S.L.P.D., 10/31/07]

2007 - Drug Money? / U.S. Banks - October 31st, 2007: "About $10 billion in laundered Mexican drug money ends up in U.S. banks each year, Mexico's federal attorney general said Tuesday [10/30/07]. [NP] Appearing before Congress, Eduardo Medina said Mexican banks receive about $1 billion from their U.S. counterparts each year, but return up to $16 billion, about $10 billion of which 'does not have an explanation.' " [Based on: News Services article (U.S. banks are said to get $10 billion in drug money), p A6, S.L.P.D., 10/31/07]

2007 - Trivia / Parkinson's Disease  - October 31st, 2007: "[....] Parkinson's disease is caused when brain cells that produce the chemical messenger dopamine die off. Deprived of this important brain chemical, patients develop symptoms such as tremors, slowness of movement, rigidity and impaired balance. About 1.5 million Americans have Parkinson's disease, which grows worse over time. [....]" [Based on: Title & Subtitles for Article (SLU-WU team finds Parkinson's trigger / THE CAUSE * Chemical [DOPAL] kills brain cells, leading to tremors, rigidity, impaired balance. / THE TREATMENT * Researchers here [Mo.] believe FDA-approved drugs can help keep cells alive., p A1, S.L.P.D., 10/31/07]

2007 - Kids in Military? / Myanmar - October 31st, 2007: "Myanmar enlists kids in military [as young as ten], group says" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p A11, S.L.P.D., 10/31/07]

2007 - U.S. Intelligence Spending / 2007 - October 31st, 2007: "Intelligence spending was $43.5 billion in fiscal 2007" [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p A3, S.L.P.D., 10/31/07]

2007 - Israeli Airstrike / Police Station, Gaza Strip - October 31st, 2007: "Israeli airstrike [10/30/07] hits Hamas police station [Khan Younis]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p A6, S.L.P.D., 10/31/07]

2007 - Structural Problems / International Space Station - October 31st, 2007: "Solar wing rips in space [10/30/07], could delay next shuttle" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p A5, S.L.P.D., 10/31/07]

2007 - Now Falls Under the Military / Convoy Security, Iraq  - October 31st, 2007: "Convoy security in Iraq now falls under military IN THE U.S. * Tighter controls are being put on Blackwater, other contractors. / IN IRAQ * Lawmakers draft law to lift immunity for foreign security companies." [Based on: Title & Subtitles for New York Times article, p A1, S.L.P.D., 10/31/07]

2007 - Major Earthquake / Pagan Region, Northern Mariana Islands - October 31st, 2007: "A major earthquake occurred at 03:30:20 (UTC) on Wednesday, October 31st, 2007. The magnitude 7.2 event [Location: 18.854°N, 145.315°E; Depth 248.3 km (154.3 miles)] @ Region PAGAN REGION, NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS." [Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2007jdal.php] - [T.D. - 11/04/07]

2007 - Strong Earthquake / Andreanof Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska - October 31st, 2007: "A strong earthquake occurred at 13:44:19 (UTC) on Wednesday, October 31st, 2007. The magnitude 6.0 event [Location: 51.371°N, 178.412°W; Depth 28 km (17.4 miles) set by location program] @ Region ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS., ALASKA."

[Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2007jdbd.php] - [T.D. - 11/04/07]

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