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July 2008

2008 - Astronomic Configuration - July 1st, 2008: "Sun [9 Cancer], Moon [13 Gemini], Mercury [18 Gemini], Venus [15 Cancer], Mars [29 Leo], Jupiter [18 Capricorn R.], Saturn [4 Virgo], Uranus [22 Pisces +], Neptune [23 R. Aquarius], Pluto [29 Sagittarius R.], Chiron [20 Aquarius R.]." [Based on: http://www2.bitstream.net/~bunlion/bpi/ephm/E200807.html]

2008 - Market Report / U.S.A. - July 1st, 2008: "Most U.S. stocks fell for a third day, capping the market's worst month in six years. [NP] Wachovia Corp. tumbled to the lowest since 1992 after an analyst said the lender may cut its payout, while Merrill Lynch & Co. and Citigroup Inc. dropped as JPMorgan Chase & Co said prices for some mortgage securities may sink further. [....] The Dow pared its monthly retreat to 10.2 percent, still the biggest June loss for the 30-stock guage since 1930. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Stocks drop again, ending worst month for market in 6 years), p. C3, S.L.P.D., 07/01/08]

2008 - Merger / Miller & Coors - July 1st, 2008: "[....] The company once known as Miller Brewing is now MillerCoors LLC, a joint venture of Miller Brewing and Coors Brewing Co. [....]" [Based on: MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL article (Brewers seal merger - but will keep brands), p C2, S.L.P.D., 07/01/08]

2008 - Sinking Shares / GM & Ford - July 1st, 2008: "GM, Ford shares sink [06/30/08] to new 52-week lows [GM: $10.57 - Ford: $4.46]" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p C2, S.L.P.D., 07/01/08]

2008 - Bomb Attacks / Baghdad, Iraq - July 1st, 2008: "Five Iraqi judges escaped assassination Monday [06/30/08] in a series of small bomb attacks that police believe may be part of a Shiite extremist campaign to force them to free jailed militants or reduce their sentences. [....]" [Based on: News Services article (Baghdad / Five judges escape series of bomb attacks), p A8, S.L.P.D., 07/01/08]

2008 - Up for Bids / Iraqi Oil Fields - July 1st, 2008: "Iraq opened international bidding for eight enormous oil and gas fields Monday [06/30/08], paving the way for investment in a nation with some of the world's largest petroleum reserves. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (Iraq puts oil fields up for bids / Baghdad seeks to nearly double petroleum production by 2013.) ,p A6, S.L.P.D., 07/01/08]

2008 - On the Rise / Taliban Attacks - July 1st, 2008: "Deadly attacks by Taliban are on the rise / For second month, more U.S. and NATO troops are killed in Afghanistan than in Iraq." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p A8, S.L.P.D., 07/01/08]

2008 - Signed / War Funding Bill, U.S.A. - July 1st, 2008: "[....] The legislation [the $162 billion plan - signed 06/30/08]] will bring to more than $650 billion the amount Congress has provided for the Iraq war since it began more than five years ago. For operations in Afghanistan, the total is nearly $200 billion, according to congressional officials. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (Bush hails, and signs, war funding bill / Measure also doubles GI Bill college aid, adds to jobless benefits, helps flooded areas.), p A2, S.L.P.D., 07/01/08]

2008 - Saudi Charged / 2000 U.S.S. Cole Attack - July 1st, 2008: "Pentagon charges [said Monday - 06/30/08] Saudi in Cole attack / Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri has been held since '06 at Guantanamo Bay." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p A2, S.L.P.D., 07/01/08]

2008 - Alleged Torture / U.S. Defense Contractors - July 1st, 2008: "Three Iraqis and a Jordanian filed federal lawsuits Monday [06/30/08] alleging they were tortured by U.S. defense contractors while detained at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq in 2003 and 2004. [....] The contractors named in the lawsuit are CACI International Inc. of Arlington, Va., and New York-based L-3 Communications Corp., formerly Titan Corp. Three of the lawsuits also name individual employees of those companies as defendants." [Based on: News Services article (Abu Ghraib detainees sue government contractors), p A4, S.L.P.D., 07/01/08]

2008 - Safety Rules Lag? / U.S. Nuclear Power Plants - July 1st, 2008: "Operators of nuclear power plants have yet to comply with some of the government's fire safety rules three decades after they were issued, a congressional report said Monday [06/30/08]. [NP] The Government Accountability Office said there were 125 fires reported at 54 power plants since 1995, an average of nearly 10 a year, though none threatened safe emergency reactor shutdown or posed any significant safety threats. The files were mostly electrical or maintenance related. [NP] But the GAO study said the nuclear Regulatory Commission has been unable to resolve 'several long-standing issues' with the industry over fire safety including compliance with rules put in place in 1976 and 1980." [Based on: News Services article (Safety rules lag at nuclear plants, GAO says), p A4, S.L.P.D., 07/01/08]

2008 - Merging / Pharmacy Information Systems, U.S.A. - July 1st, 2008: "[....] The merger combines the RxHub network, operated by Express Scripts Inc., CVS Caremark Corp. and MedcoHealth Solutions Inc., with Surescripts, which is run by the drugstore industry's two main trade groups. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (Pharmacy information systems are merging / benefit management firms, drugstores cite convenience, efficiency.), p C2, S.L.P.D., 07/01/08]

2008 - Market Report / U.S.A. - July 2nd, 2008: "Stocks rose Tuesday [07/01/08], helping the market rebound from its worst month in six years, after better-than-forecast sales at General Motors Corp. overshadowed concern that rising energy costs will damp corporate profits. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (GM sales report gives stocks boost after early slide), p. C4, S.L.P.D., 07/02/08]

2008 - Surveillance Law? / Sweden - July 2nd, 2008: "[....] Outrage over the statute has led to 2 million protests - filed by e-mail. [NP] The law gives Sweden's National Defense Radio Establishment, or FRA, the right to scan all international phone calls, e-mails and faxes without a court order as of January. Under current law, e-mail and phone surveillance in Sweden require a court order in a suspected criminal case." [Based on: News Services article (STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN/ Surveillance law stirs strong public protest), p A6, S.L.P.D., 07/02/08]

2008 - Settlement / Denver Archdiocese - July 2nd, 2008: "The Archdiocese of Denver says it has agreed to pay $5.5 million to settle 18 claims by people who said they were sexually abused as children by Roman Catholic priests. [....]" [Based on: News Services article (DENVER / Archdiocese settles 18 sex abuse claims), p A5, S.L.P.D., 07/02/08]

2008 - Outstanding Public Debt / U.S.A. - July 2nd, 2008: "The Outstanding Public Debt [U.S.A.] as of 02 July 2008 at 10:25:24 PM GMT is: $9,469,206,732,871.61. The estimated population of the United States is 304,283,766 so each citizen's share of this debt is $31,119.66. The National Debt has continued to increase an average of $1.66 billion per day since September 28, 2007! Concerned? Then tell Congress and the White House! [Based on: http://www.brillig.com/debt_clock/] - [T.D. - 07/02/08]

2008 - Formal Talks Begin / China & Tibet - July 2nd, 2008: "BEIJING / Chinese and Tibetan envoys begin talks [07/01/08]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p A6, S.L.P.D., 07/02/08]

2008 - Tropical Storm Boris / Western Mexico - July 2nd, 2008: "Tropical storm Boris weakens far west of Mexico as a depression that could become a storm forms off Baja California." [Based on: News Services article, p A6, S.L.P.D., 07/02/08]

2008 - Dismal June / Manufacturing Index, U.S.A. - July 2nd, 2008: "Manufacturing index registers a dismal June [U.S.A.] / Measure of prices paid for raw materials hits 91.5, up from 87 in May and highest since 1979." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p C2, S.L.P.D., 07/02/08]

2008 - Hezbollah Accused of Training Shiites in Iraq - July 2nd, 2008: "Hezbollah accused of training Shiites in Iraq" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p A10, S.L.P.D., 07/02/08]

2008 - U.S. Agrees to Lift Immunity? / Foreign Contractors, Iraq - July 2nd, 2008: "Iraq's foreign minister said Tuesday [07/01/08] that the United States had agreed to lift immunity for foreign security contractors operating in Iraq, making them subject to prosecution under Iraqi law, according to Iraqi politicians. [....]" [Based on: New York Times article (Security firms in Iraq could lose immunity), p A10, S.L.P.D., 07/02/08]

2008 - Bank of America Buyout / Countrywide Financial Corp. - July 2nd, 2008: "[....] As of Tuesday's [07/01/08] close, Bank of America controls 20 percent to 25 percent of the country's home loan market." [Based on: Article (BANK OF AMERICA / Countrywide buyout done), p C2, S.L.P.D., 07/02/08]

2008 - Wants to Profile / FBI - July 3rd, 2008: "FBI wants to use profiling to spot terrorist suspects" [Based on: Title for A.P. article by Jakes Jordan, p A2, S.L.P.D., 07/03/08]

2008 - Market Report / U.S.A. - July 3rd, 2008: "Stocks tumbled Wednesday [07/02/08], sending the Dow Jones industrial average into a bear market ['The Dow lost 166.75 points to 11,215.51.'], after oil rose to a record and steelmakers and coal producers retreated on concern the economic slump will worsen. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Dow average enters bear territory as oil hits another record), p. C3, S.L.P.D., 07/03/08]

2008 - Low Levels / GM Shares - July 3rd, 2008: "Shares of General Motors Corp. plunged Wednesday [07/02/08] to close below $10 for the first time in more than half a century, on worries about the company's cash needs and speculation about a possible bankruptcy protection filing down the road. [NP] GM shares fell $1.77, or 15.1 percent, to close at $9.98. Their session low of $9.96 marked their lowest point since Sept. 13, 1954, when they hit $9.92, according to the center for Research in Security Prices at the University of Chicago. The price is adjusted for splits and other changes. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (GM hits lowest level since 1954 / There is speculation that the company may have to file for bankruptcy protection.), p A2, S.L.P.D., 07/03/08]

2008 - Record Oil Prices / U.S.A. - July 3rd, 2008: "Oil prices touched a record above $144 a barrel on Wednesday [07/02/08] as the government reported a bigger-than-expected drop in U.S. supplies and the threat of conflict with Iran weighed on traders' minds. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (Price of oil crosses a record threshold / A drop in U.S. supplies and the threat of conflict with Iran drive the increase.), p C2, S.L.P.D., 07/03/08]

2008 - Bulldozer Attack / Jerusalem - July 3rd, 2008: "A Palestinian laborer driving a construction vehicle rammed into packed buses, tossed cars into the air and rolled over pedestrians in a deadly rampage Wednesday [07/02/08] that killed three people and wounded dozens in Jerusalem. [....] Three Palestinian militant groups claimed responsibility for the onslaught, the first major attack in Jerusalem in four months. [NP] But Israeli police said the assailant, a 30-year-old Palestinian from Arab east Jerusalem, apparently acted alone. Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the man was working on a railway project in Jerusalem. [....] Three people were killed and 45 were injured, including two babies." [Based on: A.P. article (Palestinian laborer's rampage kills three / Dozens are injured in the bulldozer attack in Jerusalem.), p A7, S.L.P.D., 07/03/08]

2008 - More Troops by Year's End? / Afghanistan - July 3rd, 2008: "Bush vows [07/02/08] to send more troops to Afghanistan ['by year's end']" [Based on: Article title, p A8, S.L.P.D., 07/03/08]

2008 - Salmonella Scare / Denmark - July 3rd, 2008: "Danish health officials fear more than 4,000 people may be infected with salmonella as they continue an intensive investigation into the outbreak's source." [Based on: Article (Salmonella scare), p A8, S.L.P.D., 07/03/08]

2008 - Monsanto Acquisition / Marmot SA - July 3rd, 2008: "Monsanto Co. said Wednesday [07/02/08] that it has completed the acquisition of Guatemalan seed company Marmot SA. It paid $135 million in cash, according to a June 27 regulatory filing." [Based on: Article (MONSANTO / Seed deal is sown), p C2, S.L.P.D., 07/03/08]

2008 - Auto Workers Strike / South Korea - July 3rd, 2008: "Tens of thousands of South Korean auto workers went on strike Wednesday [07/02/08] in the capital Seoul to oppose U.S. beef imports and the pro-business policies of President Lee Myung-bak, joining anti-government protests that have raged for weeks." [Based on: Article (Beef protests), p A8, S.L.P.D., 07/03/08]

2008 - Job Cuts Planned / Los Angeles Times - July 3rd, 2008: "Tribune Co.'s Los Angeles Times, the fourth-largest U.S. newspaper by circulation, plans to cut 250 jobs, including 150 in news, to lower costs as circulation and advertising sales decline. [....]" [Based on: Article (LOS ANGELES TIMES / 250 jobs will be cut), p C2, S.L.P.D., 07/03/08]

2008 - Rescues Hostages / Columbian Military - July 3rd, 2008: "Columbian military rescues 14 hostages [07/02/08] / Spies trick rebels into handing over the captives" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p A7, S.L.P.D., 07/03/08]

*Trivia: "Wiretap was key in rescue of hostages / U.S. and Columbia used a front company to sell bugged equipment to the rebels." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article by Frank Bajak, p. A11, S.L.P.D., 07/11/08]

2008 - Strong Earthquake / South of the Fiji Islands - July 3rd, 2008: "A strong earthquake occurred at 03:02:36 (UTC) on Thursday, July 3rd, 2008. The magnitude 6.2 event [Location: 23.320°S, 179.830°W: Depth 568.4 km (353.2 miles)] was located @ SOUTH OF THE FIJI ISLANDS." [Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2008uaac.php] - [T.D. - 07/03/08]

2008 - Market Report / U.S.A. - July 4th, 2008: "Stocks fell Thursday [07/03/08], completing the longest streak of weekly declines in four years, after a reduced sales forecast by Nvidia Corp. outweighed speculation the Federal Reserve will hold off raising interest rates. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Another down day continues streak of weekly declines), p. C7, S.L.P.D., 07/04/08]

2008 - Trivia / Planet Mercury - July 4th, 2008: "Mercury's magnetic field is "alive." Volcanic vents ring Mercury's giant Caloris basin while the planet itself is surrounded by a nebula of unexpected plasma. These are just a few of the discoveries made by NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft and reported in a special July 4th issue of Science magazine: [....]" [Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [T.D. - 07/07/08]

2008 - Sentenced / Former Refco Chief - July 4th, 2008: "Phillip Bennett, the former head of Refco Inc. blamed for the collapse of one of the world's largest commodities brokerages, was sentenced to 16 years in prison Thursday [07/03/08]. [....]" [Based on: Article (REFCO / Ex-chief gets 16 years), p C2, S.L.P.D., 07/04/08]

2008 - Fireworks Toxins in the Environment? - July 4th, 2008: "[....] Also, traces of poisonous metals, which give fireworks their bright colors, and perchlorate, a hormone-altering substance used as an oxidizer, trickle to the ground, contaminating waterways. One Environmental protection Agency study found that perchlorate levels in an Oklahoma lake rose 1,000-fold after a fireworks display, and they stayed high in some areas for up to 80 days. [....]" [Based on: Los Angeles Times article (As rockets' red glare fades, toxins left in environment), p A2, S.L.P.D., 07/04/08]

2008 - U.S. Embassy / Germany - July 5th, 2008: "Former President George Bush inaugurated the new U.S. Embassy in Germany at its pre-World War II site in Berlin Friday [07/04/08], a return that he said symbolized the fulfillment of 'a great and noble dream' of European freedom and unity." [Based on: Article (Embassy returns), p A18, S.L.P.D., 07/05/08]

2008 - Major Earthquake / Sea of Okhotsk - July 5th, 2008: "A major earthquake occurred at 02:12:04 (UTC) on Saturday, July 5th, 2008. The magnitude 7.7 event [Location: 53.892°N, 152.884°E; Depth 633.3 km (393.5 miles)] was located @ SEA OF OKHOTSK."

[Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2008ucaf.php] - [T.D. - 07/07/08]

2008 - Foreign Relations / U.S. & Czech Republic - July 5th, 2008: "Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg says that his government will sign a deal with the United States next week on installing a U.S. missle defense radar. [....]" [Based on: Article (Czech official says OK to missle defense plan), p A18, S.L.P.D., 07/05/08]

2008 - Bindi Irwin Doll - July 7th, 2008: "[....] The 10-inch Bindi Irwin doll sports khakis, puffy pigtails and hiking boots, and comes with binoculars, a camera and other outback gear, as well as a cockatoo, wombat and python. [NP] A talking version of the Bindi doll uses such phrases as, 'Crickey! Let's go help wildlife,' and 'You can make the world a better place.' [....]" [Based on: People article (Crocodile Hunter's daughter gets own doll), p. A2, S.L.P.D., 07/07/08]

2008 - Car Bomb / Iraq - July 7th, 2008: "Iraqi police and medical officials in Baghdad say a car bomb killed the head of a U.S.-allied Sunni group south of Baghdad on Sunday [07/06/08]." [Based on: News services article (Bomb kills Sunni leader), p. A5, S.L.P.D., 07/07/08]

2008 - Wildfires / California - July 7th, 2008: "Dozens of uncontained fires continued to burn in California in the first week of July 2008. The fires, most of them started by an intense lightning storm in the first week of summer, were threatening residences, cultural resources, and utility infrastructure, such as power lines. [....]" [Based on: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/natural_hazards_v2.php3?img_id=14928&src=map]

2008 - Trivia / Devalued Dollar - July 7th, 2008: "[....] The dollar has lost roughly a quarter of its purchasing power against the currencies of major U.S. trading partners from its peak in 2002. [NP] Because oil is bought and sold in dollars worldwide, the devalued dollar has made the recent surge in energy prices even worse for Americans, leading to $4 gasoline in the United States. Analysts suggest that of the $140 a barrel that oil fetches globally, some $25 may be because of the devalued dollar. [NP] The limp greenback has had one big benefit to the U.S. economy: Because it makes American goods cheaper overseas, it has helped manufacturers who export and other U.S-based companies with international reach. Exports have been one of the few bright spots in an otherwise darkening U.S. economy [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (The buck doesn't stop here; it just keeps declining in value), p. A3, S.L.P.D., 07/07/08]

2008 - Drugs for Heart Risk Kids / U.S.A. - July 7th, 2008: "Drugs now urged for kids with heart risk / Children as young as 8 should get medicine to reduce cholesterol, says the American Acadmy of Pediatrics.)" [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article by Lindsey Tanner, p. A1, S.L.P.D., 07/07/08]

2008 - Killed / Senior U.N. Official, Somalia - July 7th, 2008: "MOGADISHU, SOMALIA / Senior U.N. official [Osman Ali Ahmed] is slain [07/06/08] by gunmen" [Based on: Title for News services article, p. A5, S.L.P.D., 07/07/08]

2008 - Suicide Bomber / Islamabad, Pakistan - July 7th, 2008: "Suicide bomber [07/06/08] kills at least 15 ['and wounding dozens'] in Pakistan" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. A5, S.L.P.D., 07/07/08]

2008 - More Civilian Casualties? / Afghanistan - July 7th, 2008: "Afghan officials said fighter aircraft battling militants accidentally killed as many as 27 Afghans walking to a wedding ceremony in eastern Afghanistan early Sunday [07/06/08], the second military attack in three days with reports of civilian deaths. [NP] The U.S. military blamed the claims on militant propaganda and said its missles struck only insurgents. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (U.S. missles kill 27 civilians, officials in Afghanistan say), p. A7, S.L.P.D., 07/07/08]

2008 - Purchased / The Weather Channel, U.S.A. - July 7th, 2008: "NBC Universal and two private-equity firms have purchased The Weather Channel, the companies said Sunday [07/06/08]. [NP] NBCU, owned by General Electric, partnered with Bain Capital and the Blackstone group to pay about $3.5 billion for the cable channel and its associated properties from Landmark Communications, the Norfolk, Va-based media company that launched the channel 26 years ago. The purchase price was confirmed by a source close to the deal who spoke on the condition of anonymity. [....]" [Based on: News Services article (NBC Universal, 2 firms buy The Weather Channel), p. A3, S.L.P.D., 07/07/08]

2008 - New Government / Serbia - July 8th, 2008: "Serbia's parliament approved a new government Monday [07/07/08] that includes a pro-Western group and the political party of the late strongman Slobodan Milosevic. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (New Serbian government vows to hold on to Kosovo), p. A7, S.L.P.D., 07/08/08]

2008 - Market Report / U.S.A. - July 8th, 2008: "U.S. stocks fell, erasing a 111-point rally in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, as growing concern over Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae sparked a decline in financial companies that overshadowed an almost $40-a-barrel drop in oil. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Mortgage concerns trump oil price drop as stocks tumble), p. C3, S.L.P.D., 07/08/08]

2008 - Explosions / Karachi, Pakistan - July 8th, 2008: "A string of small explosions wounded at least 37 people Monday [07/07/08] in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi, rattling the country a day after a deadly suicide attack in the capital, officials said. [NP] The six blasts came within about an hour of each other, striking residential and commercial spots in the teeming port city, where political and militant-related violence is common. [....] Babar Khattak, Sindh province police chief, said that it appeared that about 5 ounces to 7 ounces of explosives were used in each of the six Karachi blasts - only enough to create a relatively small explosion. He confirmed the detention of the five men. [....] He also noted that the areas struck had large Pashtun populations and said the explosions may have been aimed at creating ethnic unrest. [NP] Interiory Ministry chief Rehman Malik said the blasts appeared to have been pre-planned and aimed at destabilizing the city [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (Karachi blasts injure at least 37), p. A8, S.L.P.D., 07/08/08]

2008 - U.S. Policy Shift / Cluster Bombs? - July 8th, 2008: "[....] The policy shift, outlined in a three-page memo signed by Defense Secretary Robert Gates, would require that after 2018, more than 99 percent of the bomblets in a cluster bomb must detonate. [....] Also, by next June [2009] the Defense Department will begin to reduce its inventory of cluster bombs that do not meet the new safety requirements." [Based on: News Services article (Pentagon changes rules for bombs after 2018), p. A7, S.L.P.D., 07/08/08]

2008 - Hurricane Bertha / Central Atlantic - July 8th, 2008: "Hurricane Bertha strengthened to a Category 3 storm Monday [07/07/08] as it swirled in the central Atlantic, but it posed no immediate threat to land. [....]" [Based on: News Services article (First hurricane of year becomes stronger), p. A7, S.L.P.D., 07/08/08]

2008 - Suicide Attack / Kabul, Afghanistan - July 8th, 2008: "Bomb at Indian embassy [07/07/08] kills 41 / Suicide attack is staged in Afghanistan, which blames Pakistan. 150 are injured.)" [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p. A7, S.L.P.D., 07/08/08]

2008 - Unplanned Landing / Barack Obama - July 8th, 2008: "A chartered plane carrying Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and others landed safely Monday [07/07/08] at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport after the pilot reported a flight-control problem. [....] Shortly after the plane landed, workers discovered the emergency evacuation slide had partially deployed inside the tail cone, said Brophy ['Midwest spokesman Mike Brophy'], adding that it may have put pressure on some cables involved in the control of the aircraft. The plane's tail cone was intact, he said. [....]" [Based on: Article (Obama's plane makes an unplanned landing at Lambert), p. A3, S.L.P.D., 07/08/08]

*Trivia: "[....] ABC News reported Thursday [08/14/08] that tower tapes it obtained through a federal Freedom of Information Act request show that the pilot, who was having trouble controlling the pitch of the plane, told an FAA air traffic controller 'at this time we would like to declare an emergency and also have CFR (crash equipment) standing by in St. Louis.' [....] FAA spokeswoman Laura Brown said news media were told that there had been no emergency because that was the initial information passed to the agency's public affairs staff by air traffic control. [....] The National Transportation Safety Board said an initial examination of the plane found no evidence of missing parts or tampering, federal investigators said Thursday. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (Tapes show trouble on Obama jet), p A3, S.L.P.D., 08/15/08]

*Trivia: "Obama jet was diverted here due to malfunction / Evacuation slide partially deployed in incident last year [2008], panel reports ['The safety board said the slide cover wasn't properly secured to the floor fittings near the tail section of the MD-81.']" [Based on: Title for article by Ken Leiser, p A6, S.L.P.D., 09/23/09]

2008 - Suspicious Package / Fort Bliss, Texas - July 8th, 2008: "FORT BLISS, TEXAS / Army experts explode [when?] a suspicious package ['found near a commercial traffic gate']" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A7, S.L.P.D., 07/08/08]

2008 - Heavy Storms / Hubei province, China - July 8th, 2008: "BEIJING / Storms kill at least 12 in central Hubei province ['the China Daily newspaper reported Monday.']" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A8, S.L.P.D., 07/08/08]

2008 - Strong Earthquake / Ryukyu Islands, Japan - July 8th, 2008: "A strong earthquake occurred at 07:42:10 (UTC) on Tuesday, July 8th, 2008. The magnitude 6.0 event [Location: 27.506°N, 128.357°E; Depth 43 km (26.7 miles) set by location program] was located @ RYUKYU ISLANDS, JAPAN." [Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2008ufav.php] - [T.D. - 07/08/08]

2008 - Strong Earthquake / Southern Peru - July 8th, 2008: "A strong earthquake occurred at 09:13:07 (UTC) on Tuesday, July 8th, 2008. The magnitude 6.2 event [Location: 15.930°S, 71.753°W; Depth 123 km (76.4 miles) set by location program] was located @ SOUTHERN PERU." [Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2008ufaz.php] - [T.D. - 07/08/08]

2008 - Market Report / U.S.A. - July 9th, 2008: "Stocks rallied the most in a month on Tuesday [D.J.I.A. climbed 152.25 to 11,384.21. - 07/08/08], led by banks and transportation companies, after JPMorgan Chase & Co's chief executive said losses in credit markets will ease, and oil posted its biggest drop since March. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Transportation, bank shares help push market higher), p. C4, S.L.P.D., 07/09/08]

2008 - Lower Oil Prices / U.S.A. - July 9th, 2008: "Price of oil tumbles [07/08/08] more than $5 a barrel [to settle at $136.04]" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. C2, S.L.P.D., 07/09/08]

2008 - Medicare Fraud / U.S.A. - July 9th, 2008: "Sellers of wheelchairs, drugs and other medical supplies collected as much as $93 million in fraudulent Medicare claims based on prescriptions from doctors who actually were dead, some for 10 years or more, a congressional investigation has found. [....]" [Based on: News Services article (WASHINGTON / Congressional probe finds fraud in Medicare), p. A4, S.L.P.D., 07/09/08]

2008 - Roadside Bombs / Afghanistan - July 9th, 2008: "Two soldiers, one an Australian, were killed and seven others injured Tuesday [07/08/08] in two separate roadside bomb blasts in Afghanistan, officials said. The other soldier's nationality was not released." [Based on: News Services article (Afghanistan casualties), p. A5, S.L.P.D., 07/09/08]

2008 - Government Takeovers / Ecuador - July 9th, 2008: "Ecuador's government seized television stations and nearly 200 other businesses on Tuesday [07/08/08] for debts stemming from bank failures in the 1990s. The economy minister resigned hours after the takeover." [Based on: News Services article (Businesses seized), p. A5, S.L.P.D., 07/09/08]

2008 - Climate Change Cover Up? / U.S.A. - July 9th, 2008: "Ex-official: Cheney sought trims in testimony ['given by CDC Director Julie Gerberding last fall'] / Former EPA official [Jason K. Burnett] says the vice president wanted to cover up the effects of climate change on health." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p. A2, S.L.P.D., 07/09/08]

2008 - Consumer Borrowing Increase / U.S.A. - July 9th, 2008: "[....] The Federal Reserve reported Tuesday [07/08/08] that consumer credit increased at an annual rate of 3.6 percent in May [2008]. [NP] The pickup pushed toatl consumer debt up by $7.8 billion to $2.75 trillion. That was a bit more brisk than the $7 billion increase economists were expecting. [NP] The increase was led by much stronger demand for a category called revolving credit, primarily credit cards." [Based on: Article (CREDIT / Borrowing increases), p. C2, S.L.P.D., 07/09/08]

2008 - Use of Prostate Drugs Questioned / U.S.A. - July 9th, 2008: "A prostate cancer study found that widely used testerone-blocking drugs did not improve survival chances for older men whose disease hadn't spread. [NP] In fact, men given the drugs alone were slightly more likely to die of prostate cancer during the next six years than men who'd gotten medical monitoring but no or delayed treatment, another common treatment approach. [NP] The results appear in today's Journal of the American Medical Association." [Based on: News Services article (Prostate cancer study questions use of drugs), p. A4, S.L.P.D., 07/09/08]

2008 - Initial Missle Agreement / U.S. & Czech Republic - July 9th, 2008: "The United States and the Czech Republic on Tuesday [07/08/08] signed an initial agreement to base a U.S. missle shield in Eastern Europe, saying the system will help protect U.S. allies from a bellicose and unpredictable Iran." [Based on: News Services article (Missle agreement), p. A5, S.L.P.D., 07/09/08]

2008 - Told to Resolve Guantanamo Cases / George W. Bush - July 9th, 2008: "Bush "[....] 'The time has come to move these forward,' Judge Thomas F. Hogan said Tuesday [07/08/08] at the first hearing over whether the detainees are being held lawfully. 'Set aside every other case that's pending in the division and address this case first.' [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (Bush told to resolve Guantanamo cases), p. A2, S.L.P.D., 07/09/08]

2008 - Missle Tests / Iran - July 10th, 2008: "Iran test-fires missles [07/09/08], raising Mideast tension / At least one ['a new version of the Shahab-3'] is capable of hitting Israel and U.S. forces and other allies in the region." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for Los Angeles Times article by Jeffrey Fleishman, p. A6, S.L.P.D., 07/10/08]

2008 - Attacks Falling? / Iraq - July 10th, 2008: "Bombs kill 14 in Iraq [07/09/08], but attacks are falling" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. A7, S.L.P.D., 07/10/08]

2008 - Internet Privacy? / U.S.A. - July 10th, 2008: "Microsoft Corp. and Google Inc. told lawmakers Wednesday [07/09/08] that Congress should pass basic privacy legislation to protect consumers' information, such as the data being gathered about Web surfing habits to pinpoint Internet advertising. [....]" [Based on: A.P. Article (Protect privacy of surfers, sites say / Google, Microsoft tell lawmakers that basic legislation is needed.) by Joelle Tessler, p. C2, S.L.P.D., 07/10/08]

2008 - Market Report / U.S.A. - July 10th, 2008: "Stocks tumbled [D.J.I.A. fell 236.77 to 11,147.44; Nasdaq plunged 59.55 to 2,234.89] Wednesday [07/09/08], sending the Standard & Poor's 500 index into its first bear market since 2002 ['lost 29.01 points to a two-year low of 1,244.69], on growing concern the biggest mortgage finance companies may not weather the housing slump. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Mortgage finance scare pushes S&P into bear territory), p. C3, S.L.P.D., 07/10/08]

2008 - Public Apology / Jesse Jackson - July 10th, 2008: "NEW YORK / Jackson [Jesse Jackson] apologizes [07/09/08] for crude Obama comments [07/08/08]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A3, S.L.P.D., 07/10/08]

*Trivia: "Fox news says the Rev. Jesse Jackson used the N-word to refer to black people during a break in a TV interview in which he criticized presidential candidate Barack Obama. [....]" [Based on: News Services article (Fox News: Jackson used N-word), p. A3, S.L.P.D., 07/17/08]

2008 - Trivia / JonBenet Ramsey Case - July 10th, 2008: "DNA clears Ramsey family [07/09/08] in 1996 slaying / Prosecutors apologize after new test points to an outsider as the killer of 6-year-old beauty queen." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p. A2, S.L.P.D., 07/10/08]

2008 - Trivia / Salmonella Outbreak, U.S.A. - July 10th, 2008: "WASHINGTON / Salmonella outbreak surpasses 1,000 cases" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A3, S.L.P.D., 07/10/08]

2008 - Train Derailment / Mississippi River - July 10th, 2008: "Four locomotives pulling a freight train deraliled Wednesday [07/09/08] into the Mississippi River after an apparent landslide and were leaking oil and fuel, officials said. [NP] The engines operated by the Iowa, Chicago & Eastern Railroad, derailed about 6 a.m. about 2 miles south of Guttenberg, where the tracks run along a bluff beside the river. [....] The Iowa Department of Natural resources said all four locomotives were partially submerged and were leaking diesel fuel and tansmission oil. The spilled fuel and oil had reached about five miles down river." [Based on: News Services article (Four train engines derail, fall into Mississippi River), p. A2, S.L.P.D., 07/10/08]

2008 - Senate Approval / U.S. Wiretapping Bill - July 10th, 2008: "Senate OKs wiretapping bill [07/09/08] / Measure includes legal immunity for telecom companies." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for New York Times article, p. A3, S.L.P.D., 07/10/08]

*Trivia: "WASHINGTON / Bush sign overhaul of eavesdropping law [07/10/08]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A2, S.L.P.D., 07/11/08]

2008 - Gunmen Attack / U.S. Consulate, Turkey - July 10th, 2008: "Attack [07/09/08] leaves six dead in Turkey" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. A6, S.L.P.D., 07/10/08]

2008 - Second-Quarter Profit / Marathon Oil Corp. - July 10th, 2008: "MARATHON OIL / Profit margins fall 78% ['from a year ago']" [Based on: Article title, p. C2, S.L.P.D., 07/10/08]

2008 - Windfarm Investment / General Electric Co. - July 10th, 2008: "General Electric Co., the world's biggest maker of power generation equipment, said it will invest of $100 million in three wind farms under construction in northern and western New York. [NP] The investment by GE Energy Financial Services brings the total commitment in renewable energy to more than $4 billion, the company said Wednesday [07/09/08] in a statement. [....] Wind is the fastest growing source of renewable energy worldwide." [Based on: Article (GENERAL ELECTRIC / Wind farms investment), p. C2, S.L.P.D., 07/10/08]

2008 - Market Report / U.S.A. - July 11th, 2008: "Stocks rose Thursday [07/10/08], helping the Standard & Poor's 500 index rebound from a two-year low, after Dow Chemical Co.'s agreement to buy Rohm & Haas Co. for $15.4 billion overshadowed a $5 increase in the price of oil. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Dow Chemical's news overshadowes increase in oil price), p. B9, S.L.P.D., 07/11/08]

2008 - Oil Prices Rise / U.S.A. - July 11th, 2008: "OIL / Prices rise [07/10/08] more than $5 [a barrel]" [Based on: Article title, p. B2, S.L.P.D., 07/11/08]

2008 - Drought Conditions / Iraq - July 11th, 2008: "Drought has devestated Iraq's crucial wheat crop / Barley crop also is projected to fall, plus the supply of safe drinking water is endangered." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article by Sally Buzbee, p. A10, S.L.P.D., 07/11/08]

2008 - MasterCard Inc. / S&P 500 - July 11th, 2008: "MasterCard Inc., the world's second-biggest credit card network, will replace Ace Ltd. in the Standard & Poor's 500 index and General Motors Corp. in the S&P 100 index, S&P said Thursday [NP] GM will remain in the S&P 500. [....]" [Based on: Article (MASTERCARD / It's an S&P 500 company, p. B2, S.L.P.D., 07/11/08]

2008 - Defies Subpoena / Karl Rove - July 11th, 2008: "WASHINGTON / Karl Rove defies subpoena to testify [07/10/08]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A2, S.L.P.D., 07/11/08]

2008 - Foreign Relations / Turkey & Iraq - July 11th, 2008: "Turkish leader's visit to Iraq [07/10/08] is boost for Baghdad government" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. A10, S.L.P.D., 07/11/08]

2008 - Greenhouse Gas Rules? / U.S.A. - July 11th, 2008: "WASHINGTON / White House will pass on greenhouse gas rules [until the next administration]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A3, S.L.P.D., 07/11/08]

2008 - Dow Chemical Acquisition / Rohm & Haas Co. - July 11th, 2008: "Dow Chemical Co. has agreed to buy rival Rohm and Haas Co. for more than $15 billion in cash in a deal that Dow hopes will fuel its growth in a more lucrative wing of the chemical-making business. [....]" [Based on: A.P. Article (Deal is part of a plan to expand specialty chemical-making.), p. B2, S.L.P.D., 07/11/08]

2008 - Rescue Rumors? / Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac - July 11th, 2008: "Freddie, Fannie spark rescue rumors / Shares fall [07/10/08] to levels not seen since the early 1990s. / They hold around $5.3 trillion in house-loan debt." [Based on: Title & Subtitles for A.P. article, p. B1, S.L.P.D., 07/11/08]

2008 - Solar Eruption - July 12th-14th, 2008: "NASA's STEREO-B spacecraft has beamed back a movie of a spectacular eruption on the sun's eastern limb. [....] The movie spans a two day period, July 12-14, and shows a blob of gas five times the size of Earth being hurled away from the sun. Earth was not in the 'line of fire' so no geomagnetic storms or auroras resulted from the blast. [....]"

[Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [T.D. - 07/30/08]

2008 - Solar Wind Stream - July 12th, 2008: "High latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras tonight. A solar wind stream is buffeting Earth's magnetic field and causing polar geomagnetic storms: [....]" [Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [T.D. - 07/12/08]

2008 - Al-Qaida Audiotape? - July 12th, 2008: "An Internet audiotape purported to be from an al-Qaida commander who escaped from a U.S.-run prison in Afghanistan warns of increased attacks against international forces in the violence-plagued nation. [NP] The message, which is said to be from Abu Yahia al-Libi who escaped from Afghanistan's Bagram prison in 2005, appeared Friday [07/11/08]. Its authenticity could not be verified, but it was posted on an Islamic website that carries militant statements." [Based on: Article (Audiotape from al-Qaida threatens Afghanistan), p. A26, S.L.P.D., 07/12/08]

2008 - Market Report / U.S.A. - July 12th, 2008: "Stocks fell Friday [07/11/08], extending the longest stretch of weekly losses for the Standard & Poor's 500 index ['lost 13.90 to 1,239.49'] since 2004, as growing concern about the health of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac sent a guage of banks to an 11-year low [D.J.I.A. fell 128.48 to 11,100.54; Nasdaq slipped 18.77 to 2,239.08]." [Based on: Bloomberg News article (S&P weekly losses streak is longest since 2004), p. A39, S.L.P.D., 07/12/08]

2008 - Federal Deficit / U.S.A. - July 12th, 2008: "[....] The new year-to-date deficit of $268.7 billion [U.S.A.] was the third-highest on record. A flood of tax rebates, aimed at stimulating the sluggish economy, left the government's coffers and contributed to the bigger deficit, according to an analysis by the Congressional Budget Office. [NP] Spending totaled $2.2 trillion, while revenue came to $1.93 trillion." [Based on: Article (Federal deficit swells), p. A38, S.L.P.D., 07/12/08]

2008 - Volcanic Eruption / Okmok Volcano, Aleutian Islands - July 12th, 2008: "Okmok Volcano, in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands, released a continuous plume of ash and steam in early July 2008. According to the Alaska Volcano Observatory, the eruption began at 11:43 a.m. ADT (19:43 UTC) on July 12, releasing an ash cloud some 9,000 to 10,500 meters (30,000 to 35,000 feet) above sea level. [....]"

[Based on: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/natural_hazards_v2.php3?img_id=14949&src=map]

*Trivia: "Okmok Volcano, which initially erupted on July 12, 2008, remained active as the month progressed. [....] According to the Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO), Okmok’s activity on June 23 consisted of continuous, mid-level volcanic tremors. The AVO warned that strong explosive eruptions, which had occurred days earlier, could resume at any time. [....]"

[Based on: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/natural_hazards_v2.php3?img_id=14973&src=map]

2008 - Strong Earthquake / Taiwan Region - July 13th, 2008: "A strong earthquake occurred at 14:58:32 (UTC) on Sunday, July 13th, 2008. The magnitude 6.1 event [Location: 21.017°N, 121.098°E; Depth 10 km (6.2 miles) set by location program] was located @ TAIWAN REGION." [Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2008ukay.php] - [T.D. - 07/14/08]

2008 - "Most Threatened Animals on Earth" / Corals? - July 13th, 2008: "Nearly one-third of the small animals that build the most massive and elaborate structures in coral reefs face elevated risk of extinction from global warming and various local problems, an international group of scientists reported last week." [Based on: Los Angeles Times article (Corals 'most threatened animals on Earth') by Kenneth R. Weiss, p. A3, S.L.P.D., 07/13/08]

2008 - Mudslides / California - July 14th, 2008: "Heavy downpours lead to mudslides in California [07/13/08]" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. A4, S.L.P.D., 07/14/08]

2008 - Militant Attacks / Afghanistan - July 14th, 2008: "KABUL, AFGHANISTAN / Nine U.S. soldiers are killed [07/13/08], 15 hurt in assault [Afghanistan]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A4, S.L.P.D., 07/14/08]

2008 - InBev Takeover / Anheuser-Busch Co. - July 14th, 2008: "The board of directors of Anheuser-Busch Cos. accepted a $52 billion takeover offer from Belgium's InBev on Sunday [07/13/08], putting a quick end to a monthlong standoff between the companies. The agreement paves the way for a brewing colossus controlling about a quarter of the world's beer market. [....]" [Based on: Article (FAREWELL TO THE KING / A-B BOWS TO INBEV - DIRECTORS OK $52 BILLION DEAL / BEHEMOTH BORN - FIRM WILL DWARF OTHER BREWERS / Shareholdes are expected to sign off), p. A1, S.L.P.D., 07/14/08]

2008 - Financial Survival? / Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac - July 14th, 2008: "The Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury announced steps Sunday to shore up mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, whose shares have plunged as losses from their mortgage holdings threatened their financial survival. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (U.S. acts to steady mortgage giants / Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac could borrow from Federal Reserve, get additional Treasury credit.), p. A4, S.L.P.D., 07/14/08]

2008 - Market Report / U.S.A. - July 15th, 2008: "Stocks fell Monday [07/14/08], sending financial shares to their biggest drop in eight years, on heightened concern that bank failures will spread. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Financial shares take biggest tumble in eight years), p. B3, S.L.P.D., 07/15/08]

2008 - Loses Ruling / Steven Hatfill - July 15th, 2008: "RICHMOND, VA. / Scientist [Steven Hatfill] loses ruling over anthrax attacks" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A2, S.L.P.D., 07/15/08]

2008 - Global Warming Report / U.S.A. - July 15th, 2008: "[....] Global warming, they [EPA scientists] wrote, is 'unequivocal,' and humans are to blame. The document [released [07/14/08] suggests that extreme weather events and diseases carried by ticks and other organisms could kill more people as temperatures rise." [Based on: News Services article (WASHINGTON / Experts predict toll from global warming), p. A2, S.L.P.D., 07/15/08]

2008 - Lifted / Offshore Drilling Ban, U.S.A. - July 15th, 2008: "Bush lifts offshore drilling ban [07/14/08]" [Based on: Title for McCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS article, p. A2, S.L.P.D., 07/15/08]

2008 - Militant Attack / Eastern Afghanistan - July 15th, 2008: "Attack ['killing nine American soldiers and wounding 15 others'] on U.S. base [Kunar province? Nuristan?  - 07/14/08] sends troubling signal to militants" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. A8, S.L.P.D., 07/15/08]

2008 - Rules in Favor of Detainee / U.S. Military Judge - July 15th, 2008: "WASHINGTON / Military judge rules [a military judge said Monday] in favor of detainee [Salim Ahmed Hamdan]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A2, S.L.P.D., 07/15/08]

2008 - Security Worry? / Radioactive Material, U.S.A. - July 15th, 2008: "A federal report says the government is taking too long to secure radioactive material. [NP] Radioactive material used for legitimate purposes in medical equipment and food, for instance, could be used to create an explosive device known as a dirty bomb. [....]" [Based on: News Services article (WASHINGTON / Radioactive material fuels security worry), p. A2, S.L.P.D., 07/15/08]

2008 - Strong Earthquake / Dodecanese Islands, Greece - July 15th, 2008: "A strong earthquake occurred at 03:26:36 (UTC) on Tuesday, July 15th, 2008. The magnitude 6.4 event [Location: 35.983°N, 27.785°E; Depth 68.4 km (42.5 miles)] was located @ DODECANESE ISLANDS, GREECE." [Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2008umai.php] - [T.D. - 07/15/08]

2008 - Trivia / Water on Mars - July 16th, 2008:

NASA Spacecraft Shows Diverse, Wet Environments on Ancient Mars / 07.16.08

WASHINGTON - Two studies based on data from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter have revealed that the Red Planet once hosted vast lakes, flowing rivers and a variety of other wet environments that had the potential to support life.

One study, published in the July 17 issue of Nature, shows that vast regions of the ancient highlands of Mars, which cover about half the planet, contain clay minerals, which can form only in the presence of water. Volcanic lavas buried the clay-rich regions during subsequent, drier periods of the planet's history, but impact craters later exposed them at thousands of locations across Mars. The data for the study derives from images taken by the Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars, or CRISM, and other instruments on the orbiter.

"The big surprise from these new results is how pervasive and long-lasting Mars' water was, and how diverse the wet environments were," said Scott Murchie, CRISM principal investigator at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Md.

The clay-like minerals, called phyllosilicates, preserve a record of the interaction of water with rocks dating back to what is called the Noachian period of Mars' history, approximately 4.6 billion to 3.8 billion years ago. This period corresponds to the earliest years of the solar system, when Earth, the moon and Mars sustained a cosmic bombardment by comets and asteroids. Rocks of this age have largely been destroyed on Earth by plate tectonics. They are preserved on the moon, but were never exposed to liquid water. The phyllosilicate-containing rocks on Mars preserve a unique record of liquid water environments possibly suitable for life in the early solar system.

"The minerals present in Mars' ancient crust show a variety of wet environments," said John Mustard, a member of the CRISM team from Brown University, and lead author of the Nature study. "In most locations the rocks are lightly altered by liquid water, but in a few locations they have been so altered that a great deal of water must have flushed though the rocks and soil. This is really exciting because we're finding dozens of sites where future missions can land to understand if Mars was ever habitable and if so, to look for signs of past life."

"The distribution of clays inside the ancient lakebed shows that standing water must have persisted for thousands of years," says Bethany Ehlmann, another member of the CRISM team from Brown. Ehlmann is lead author of the study of an ancient lake within a northern-Mars impact basin called Jezero Crater. "Clays are wonderful at trapping and preserving organic matter, so if life ever existed in this region, there's a chance of its chemistry being preserved in the delta."

CRISM's high spatial and spectral resolutions are better than any previous spectrometer sent to Mars and reveal variations in the types and composition of the phyllosilicate minerals. By combining data from CRISM and the orbiter's Context Imager and High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment, the team identified three principal classes of water-related minerals dating to the early Noachian period. The classes are aluminum-phyllosilicates, hydrated silica or opal, and the more common and widespread iron/magnesium-phyllosilicates. The variations in the minerals suggest that different processes, or different types of watery environments, created them.

"Our whole team is turning our findings into a list of sites where future missions could land to look for organic chemistry and perhaps determine whether life ever existed on Mars," said Murchie.

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., manages the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter mission for NASA's Science Mission Directorate in Washington. The Applied Physics Laboratory operates the CRISM instrument in coordination with an international team of researchers from universities, government and the private sector. [....]

[Based on: http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/MRO/news/mro-20080716.html] - [T.D. - 07/17/08]
[See also: http://spaceweather.com/index.php] - [07/17/08]

2008 - Market Report / U.S.A. - July 16th, 2008: "Stocks dropped Tuesday [07/15/08], sending the Standard & Poor's 500 index to the lowest since 2005, as a plunge in oil dragged down energy shares and investors lost confidence in the government's plan to rescue Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Fannie, Freddie and oil grease the skids for market's decline), p. C4, S.L.P.D., 07/16/08]

2008 - Deadly Bombings / Iraq - July 16th, 2008: "Dozens die in bloody Iraq bombings [07/15/08] / American soldier searching house is among those killed." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p. A10, S.L.P.D., 07/16/08]

2008 - Military Detention Challenge / U.S.A. - July 16th, 2008: "The Bush administration has the authority to capture and detain suspected enemy combatants in this country but must give them an adequate opportunity to challenge their military detention, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday [07/15/08]. [....] The decision by the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals was in the case of Ali al-Marri, the only prisoner designated an enemy combatant who was seized and held on U.S. soil. The administration has claimed broad power to detain enemy combatants suspected of terrorism. [NP] Al-Marri has been held in a Navy brig in Charleston, S.C., since June 2003. The government says it has evidence that al-Marri had links to al-Qaida terrorists and was a national security threat." [Based on: News Services article (Military prisoner can challenge detention), p. A5, S.L.P.D., 07/16/08]

2008 - Price Decline / Oil Prices, U.S.A. - July 16th, 2008: "Oil crashes ['Light, sweet crude plunged $6.44, or 4.4 percent, to settle at $138.74 a barrel in an extremely volatile session.'] as economic panic spreads" [Based on: Title for A.P. article by Adam Schreck, p. C2, S.L.P.D., 07/16/08]

2008 - Prisoner Swap? / Israel & Lebanon - July 16th, 2008: "LEBANON REJOICES / Israel will free triple-murderer [Samir Kantar] in swap ['set to take place this morning'] / Two Israeli soldiers captured in 2006, believed to be dead, will be returned." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p. A8, S.L.P.D., 07/16/08]

*Trivia: "[....] Israel released Kuntar and four Hezbollah militants [07/16/08] in return for two slain Israeli soldiers whose capture set off the 34-day conflict [in 2006]. [....]" [Based on: McCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS article (Israelis trade live prisoners for bodies), p. A5, S.L.P.D., 07/17/08]

2008 - Trivia / U.S. Inflation - July 17th, 2008: "Consumer prices shot up in June at the second-fastest pace in 26 years. [NP] The Labor Department reported that consumer prices jumped 1.1 percent last month, much worse than had been expected. Energy prices rocketed upward by 6.6 percent. [NP] The big rise in prices cut deeply into consumers' earning power with average weekly wages, after adjusting for inflation, dropping by 0.9 percent in June, the biggest monthly decline since 1984. [NP] The 1.1 percent June price increase was the second-largest monthly advance in 26 years, surpassed only by a 1.3 percent gain in September 2005." [Based on: Article (INFLATION / Consumer prices soar), p. C2, S.L.P.D., 07/17/08]

2008 - Market Report / U.S.A. - July 16th, 2008: "Stocks rallied Wednesday [07/16/08] after a two-day tumble in oil prices and higher-than-estimated profit at Wells Fargo & Co. sparked the biggest-ever gain in financial shares. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Wells Fargo leads charge as financials spark market rally), p. C3, S.L.P.D., 07/17/08]

2008 - Oil Price Decline / U.S.A. - July 17th, 2008: "Oil prices have settled sharply lower for the second straight day, capping a dizzying drop that has left crude more than $10 cheaper in just two days of frenzied trading. [NP] Light, sweet crude for August delivery fell $4.14 to settle at $134.60 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange, after earlier sinking as low as $132. [....]" [Based on: Article (OIL / Prices tumble again), p. C2, S.L.P.D., 07/17/08]

2008 - Cleared / U.S. Watchdog, Iraq - July 17th, 2008: "The government has cleared the top U.S. watchdog of Iraq reconstruction projects and his deputy of fraud and abuse allegations lodged by former employees, officials said Wednesday [07/16/08]. [....]" [Based on: News Services article (Government rejects Iraq fraud allegations), p. A4, S.L.P.D., 07/17/08]

2008 - Typhoon Kalmaegi / Taiwan - July 17th, 2008: "Typhoon Kalmaegi was grazing the Pacific-facing coast of Taiwan in the morning hours of July 17, 2008. The Category 2 typhoon raised alarms on land and sea. [....]"

[Based on: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/natural_hazards_v2.php3?img_id=14955&src=map]

2008 - Shares Plunge / Six Flags Inc. - July 17th, 2008: "[....] Six Flags' shares lost 37 cents to close at 48 cents, after touching an all-time low of 25 cents during the day.The New York-based company's stock has lost more than 90 percent from its 52-week high of $5.92 last July. In after-hours trading, the stock regained 10 cents to 58 cents." [Based on: Article (SIX FLAGS / Shares plunge 44%), p. C2, S.L.P.D., 07/17/08]

2008 - Trivia / John Yoo Appointment - July 17th, 2008: "[....] In an angry phone call hours after Ashcroft's list reached the White House [in early 2003], President George W. Bush's chief of staff, Andrew H. Card Jr., quickly dismissed the candidates, all Republican lawyers with impeccable creditentials, the sources said. He and White House counsel Alberto Gonzales insisted that Ashcroft promote John Yoo, a onetime deputy in the Office of Legal Counsel who had worked closely with Gonzales and vice presidential adviser David Addington to draft memos supporting a controversial warrantless wiretapping plan and detainee questionng techniques. [....] Ashcroft is expected to address the incident today at a House Judiciary Committee hearing. The panel is exploring the underpinnings of the government's legal strategy for fighting terrorism." [Based on: Washington Post article (Ashcroft refused to appoint loyalist / He battled the administration on a critical appointment.) by Carrie Johnson, p. A2, S.L.P.D., 07/17/08]

2008 - Hurricane Elida / Off Central America - July 17th, 2008: "Hurricane Elida formed in the Eastern Pacific Ocean off Central America on July 12, 2008. As it traveled westward over warmer waters, the storm gathered strength, reaching hurricane status by July 14. It peaked as a Category 2 hurricane on July 17, with sustained winds of 165 kilometers per hour (105 miles per hour), according to Unisys Weather. Elida then weakened as it traveled west over open ocean waters. With no significant landfalls in its path, Elida posed no major threat. [....]"

[Based on: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/natural_hazards_v2.php3?img_id=14961&src=map]

2008 - Internal Documents Protected by Executive Privilege? / U.S.A. - July 17th, 2008: "President George W. Bush on Wednesday [07/16/08] blocked an attempt by a House committee to obtain internal FBI documents from the CIA leak investigation, assering that notes from interviews of Vice President Dick Cheney and other White House officials are protected by executive privilege. [....]" [Based on: Washington Post article (Bush blocks House from documents), p. A3, S.L.P.D., 07/17/08]

2008 - Sunspot 1000 - July 18th, 2008: "A sunspot [1000] is emerging at the location indicated by the arrow [see link]. Magnetograms of the spot show it to be an old Cycle 23 active region. Credit: SOHO/MDI"

[Based on: http://spaceweather.com/archive.php?view=1&day=18&month=07&year=2008]

2008 - Market Report / U.S.A. - July 18th, 2008: "Stocks rallied Thursday [07/17/08], sending the Dow Jones industrial average to its best two-day gain in almost six years ['The Dow added 207.38, or 1.9 percent, to 11,446.66], after JPMorgan Chase & Co.'s profit topped estimates and falling oil prices sparked consumer shares. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Rally sends Dow to best 2-day gain in almost six years), p. B9, S.L.P.D., 07/18/08]

2008 - Not Guilty?/ Tomatoes - July 18th, 2008: "Officials declare tomatoes not guilty [07/17/08] / Tomatoes sold in the U.S. are safe and not the salmonella outbreak source, authorities say. / Officials now suspect jalapenos and serranos from a mexican packing facility as the culprits." [Based on: Title & Subtitles for Article by Georgia Gustin, p. C1, S.L.P.D., 07/18/08]

*Trivia: "The tomato scare may be over, but it has taken a toll - it has cost the industry an estimated $100 million and left millions of people with a new wariness about food safety. [....] Although federal officials lifted the tomato warning Thursday, the cause of the outbreak remains unknown. [NP] Hot peppers are under suspicion, and tomatoes have not been cleared everywhere." [Based on: A.P. article (Food safety still worries public, new poll finds) by Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, p. A19, S.L.P.D., 07/19/08]

2008 - Wind Power Project / Texas - July 18th, 2008: "Texas advances major new wind power project / Transmission lines will link wind-made megawatts to cities like Dallas." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p. A2, S.L.P.D., 07/18/08]

2008 - U.S. Raid / Western Afghanistan - July 18th, 2008: "U.S. Special Forces and Afghan troops called in airstrikes during a raid on a militant cell in western Afghanistan on Thursday [07/17/08], killing 15 insurgents while freeing 15 hostages, officials said. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (Raid kills insurgents in western Afghanistan), p. A11, S.L.P.D., 07/18/08]

2008 - Torture Trivia / John Ashcroft - July 18th, 2008: "[....] Ashcroft was attorney general when he approved two Justice Department legal opinions in 2002 and 2003 that, essentially, approved the use of waterboarding and other harsh methods so long as they did not 'cause pain similar in intensity to that caused by death or organ failure.' [NP] Ashcroft agreed to withdraw both memos a few years later after his advisers said they were concerned that the legal reasoning behind them overstepped the limits of executive authority. [NP] 'My philosophy is that if we've done something that we can improve, why would we not want to improve it? Why would we not want to adjust it?' Ashcroft told the committee [07/17/08]. [NP] Ashcroft also said he does not believe waterboarding or any of the methods allowed under the memos amounted to torture. [NP] A now infamous March 2004 hospital visit to Ashcroft pitted then-White House Chief of Staff Andy Card and counsel Alberto Gonzales against then-Deputy Attorney General Jim Comey and FBI Director Robert Mueller. [....] Of the encounter, Ashcroft said, 'You had a situation where there's people who have differing legal opinions. And eventually somebody has to decide.' " [Based on: A.P. article (Ashcroft: Methods used weren't torture / As attorney general, he approved, then withdrew memos approving actions.) by Lara Jakes Jordan, p. A6, S.L.P.D., 07/18/08]

2008 - Foreign Relations / U.S. & Iran - July 18th, 2008: "The new course set by the administration of President George W. Bush on talks with Iran springs from the hope that engagement can jolt a stagnant effort to resolve concerns about Tehran's disputed nuclear program where war drums could not. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (Talking with Iran underlines U.S. diplomacy, Rice says), p. A7, S.L.P.D., 07/18/08]

2008 - Trivia / Offshore Banking, UBS - July 18th, 2008: "UBS is no longer providing offshore banking and securities services to U.S. residents through its branches in Switzerland, the bank says, responding to accusations that it helped wealthy Americans avoid paying taxes when setting up accounts there. [....]" [Based on: Article (UBS / No more offshore), p. B2, S.L.P.D., 07/18/08]

2008 - Settlement Trivia / Merck & Co. - July 18th, 2008: "Merck & Co. will start cutting checks for former users of its withdrawn painkiller Vioxx next month after announcing Thursday [07/17/08] that it will fund a $4.85 billion settlement expected to resolve roughly 50,000 lawsuits. [....]" [Based on: Article (MERCK / Vioxx payments to start), p. B2, S.L.P.D., 07/19/08]

2008 - Rejects Grain Tax / Argentine Senate - July 18th, 2008: "Argentine Senate rejects tax on grain exports [07/17/08] / Farmers rejoice in the outcome after their protests had helped sway defeat of the tax [by one vote?]." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for McCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS article, p. A8, S.L.P.D., 07/18/08]

2008 - Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology? / U.S.A. - July 18th, 2008: "Hydrogen fuel cells could slash oil need / Technology could prevail by 2050, study [a government-backed study released 07/17/08] says" [Based on: Title & Subtitle for McCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS article, p. A2, S.L.P.D., 07/18/08]

2008 - Fourth Straight Loss / Merrill Lynch & Co. - July 18th, 2008: "[....] The world's largest brokerage posted its fourth straight quarterly loss [reported 07/17/08] as it struggles to shore up a balance sheet battered by the global credit crisis. Merrill Lynch took $9.4 billion of charges and writedowns from mortgage-backed securities, unprofitable hedge positions and residential mortgage exposure. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (Merrill Lynch & Co. reports a $4.9 billionn loss), p. B2, S.L.P.D., 07/18/08]

2008 - Investigation Expanded / Countrywide Financial Corp. - July 18th, 2008: "California officials expanded a previously filed lawsuit against Countrywide Financial Corp., adding on Thursday [07/17/08] allegations that the mortgage lender rewarded staff for selling risky loans. [....]" [Based on: Article (COUNTRYWIDE / Investigation expanded), p. B2, S.L.P.D., 07/18/08]

2008 - Market Report / U.S.A. - July 19th, 2008: "Stocks snapped a six-week losing streak after better-than-estimated results from Citigroup Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Wells Fargo & Co. alleviated concern that earnings will extend their yearlong slump. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Citigroup helps stocks snap 6-week loss streak), p. A35, S.L.P.D., 07/19/08]

2008 - Oil Prices Falling? / U.S.A. - July 19th, 2008: "OIL PRICES ['Light, sweet crude for August delivery fell 41 cents Friday to settle at $128.88 on the New Mercantile Exchange'] / Has the bubble burst?" [Based on: Title for News services article, p. A34, S.L.P.D., Saturday - 07/19/08]

2008 - Crane Collapse / Houston, Texas - July 19th, 2008: "300-foot-tall crane collapses [07/18/08], killing 4 ['at a Houston oil refinery']" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. A19, S.L.P.D., 07/19/08]

2008 - Minor Nuclear Accidents? / France - July 19th, 2008: "First, an overflowing tub at a French nuclear plant spilled uranium into the groundwater. Then a burst pipe leaked uranium at another nuclear site, raising an alert Friday [07/18/08]. [NP] The two accidents within two weeks, both at sites run by French nuclear giant Areva, have raised questions about safety and control measures in one of the world's most nuclear-dependent nations, and given fodder to anti-nuclear activists. [NP] France has 59 reactors churning out nearly 80 percent of its electricity. [....]" [Based on: News Services article (PARIS / Recent incidents raise nuclear safety questions), p. A21, S.L.P.D., 07/19/08]

2008 - Bible Classes / Texas Public Schools? - July 19th, 2008: "The Texas State Board of Education gave final approval Friday [07/18/08] to establishing Bible classes in public high schools, rejecting calls to draw specific teaching guidelines and warnings that it could lead to constitutional problems in the classroom. [NP] The legislature passed a law in 2007 allowing Bible courses to be offered as an elective. They are supposed to focus on the history and literature of the Bible without preaching or disparging any faith. [NP] Critics say the rule adopted 10-5 by the board doesn't provide specific enough guidelines to help teachers and school districts know how to help teachers and school districts know how to do that and avoid a First Amendement clash over freedom of religion." [Based on: News Services article (AUSTIN, TEXAS / Public schools cleared to teach Bible classes), p. A21, S.L.P.D., 07/19/08]

2008 - Major Earthquake / Off East Coast of Honshu, Japan - July 19th, 2008: "A major earthquake occurred at 02:39:30 (UTC) on Saturday, July 19th, 2008. The magnitude 7.0 event [Location: 37.615°N, 142.115°E; Depth 27 km (16.8 miles) set by location program] was located @ OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN."

[Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2008urah.php] - [T.D. - 07/19/08]

2008 - Strong Earthquake / Santa Cruz Islands Region - July 19th, 2008: "A strong earthquake occurred at 09:27:04 (UTC) on Saturday, July 19th, 2008. The magnitude 6.7 event [Location: 11.060°S, 164.508°E; Depth 29.8 km (18.5 miles)] was located @ SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS REGION." [Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2008uraw.php] - [T.D. - 07/19/08]

2008 - Strong Earthquake / Santa Cruz Islands Region - July 19th, 2008: "A strong earthquake occurred at 11:01:22 (UTC) on Saturday, July 19th, 2008. The magnitude 6.3 event [Location: 11.078°S, 164.456°E; Depth 43.1 km (26.8 miles)] was located @ SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS REGION." [Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2008ura4.php] - [T.D. - 07/19/08]

2008 - Strong Earthquake / Fiji Region - July 19th, 2008: "A strong earthquake occurred at 22:39:53 (UTC) on Saturday, July 19th, 2008. The magnitude 6.4 event [Location: 17.134°S, 177.420°W; Depth 396 km (246.1 miles)] was located @ FIJI REGION." [Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2008urb9.php] - [T.D. - 07/20/08]

2008 - Stem Cell Tourism - July 20th, 2008: "Stem cell tourism stirs concern / Clinics in other countries are offering treatment that researchers question" [Based on: Title & Subtitle for PHILADELPHIA ENQUIRER article by Marie McCullough, p. A6, S.L.P.D., 07/20/08]

2008 - Barack Obama / Afghanistan - July 20th, 2008: "Obama gets up-close look at Afghanistan [07/19/08]" [Based on: Title for Washington Post article, p. A3, S.L.P.D., 07/20/08]

2008 - Sunni Arabs / Iraqi Government - July 20th, 2008: "Iraq's largest Sunni Arab political bloc [National Accordance Front] returned to the government fold Saturday [07/19/08] after calling off a nearly one-year boycott of the Shiite-dominated leadership - another critical stride toward healing sectarian rifts. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (Sunni Arabs rejoin Iraqi government), p. A9, S.L.P.D., 07/20/08]

2008 - Tropical Storm Cristobal / North Carolina - July 20th, 2008: "Tropical storm douses N.C. [07/20/08] / Cristobal's big winds were out at sea, which is where the storm was headed." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p. A3, S.L.P.D., 07/21/08]

2008 - Mistake Killings / Afghanistan - July 21st, 2008: "Killings by mistake put Afghans io edge / U.S.-led troops kill 9 officers [police officers, Farah province, 07/20/08]; NATO mortar kills at least 4 civilians [Paktika province, 07/19/08]." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p. A1, S.L.P.D., 07/21/08]

2008 - To Forgive is Divine? - July 21st, 2008: "Forget the saturated fats, smoking and couch potato-ing for a moment. Holding a grudge may do as much damage to your cardiovascular system as a tacky lifestyle. [NP] 'Holding a grudge appears to affect the cardiovascular and nervous systems,' says a recent edition of the Mayo Clinic Women's HealthSource newsletter. Other research has found that forgiveness also helps mental health, says the HealthSource newslatter. [NP] The strain of holding a grudge elevates blood pressure, increases muscle tension and heart rates, and intensifies the stressful feeling of being less in control, it says. [NP] The HealthSource offered the following tips to help learn how to forgive: *Acknowledge the pain and anger felt as a result of someone else's actions. You must look at a situation honestly. *Recognize that healing requires change. *Find a new way to think about the person who has caused the pain; what was happening in that person's life to make him or her err. *Experience emotional relief with increased compassion and self-examination to make sure you're not inflicting similar pain on others. [NP] Forgiveness doesn't mean forgetting or condoning, the newslatter says. 'It's acknowledging and lettying go of hurt ... anger and resentment.' " [Based on: Healthy & Fit article (To forgive is divine ... for mental health), p. H2, S.L.P.D., 07/21/08]

2008 - Ordination / Women Priests, U.S.A. - July 21st, 2008: "BOSTON / Group [Roman Catholic Womanpriests] claims ordination of 3 women as priests [07/20/08]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A5, S.L.P.D., 07/21/08]

2008 - Hurricane Fausto / Off Central America - July 21st, 2008: "Hurricane Fausto formed in the eastern Pacific Ocean off Central America on July 16, 2008. Traveling westward over warmer waters, the storm gathered strength, reaching hurricane status by July 18, and peaking as a Category 2 hurricane on July 21, with sustained winds of 160 kilometers per hour (100 miles per hour), according to Unisys Weather. [....] Because of the prevailing easterly winds, hurricanes that form off the Pacific Coast of Mexico and Central America tend to travel westward into the open ocean without making any significant landfall. They gradually lose strength as they arc northward and encounter cooler surface waters in the open ocean. Fausto was following this pattern on the morning of July 22; it had traveled quite far from the coastal areas where it first formed and had been downgraded to a tropical storm. Forecasts at that time were anticipating that it would collapse to tropical depression status in the following 36 hours. [....]" [Based on: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/natural_hazards_v2.php3?img_id=14966&src=map]

2008 - Struggle with Gas Prices / Home Health Workers - July 21st, 2008: "Gas prices hit home health providers hard ['particularly those in rural areas'] / Workers struggle to meet costs while driving to patients' homes." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p. A2, S.L.P.D., 07/21/08]

2008 - Strong Earthquake / Off East Coast of Honshu, Japan - July 21st, 2008: "A strong earthquake occurred at 11:31:31 (UTC) on Monday, July 21st, 2008. The magnitude 6.1 event [Location: 37.235°N, 142.061°E; Depth 33.7 km (20.9 miles)] was located @ OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN." [Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2008utaj.php] - [T.D. - 07/23/08]

2008 - Solar Wind Stream - July 22nd, 2008: "Earth is inside a solar wind stream flowing from the indicated coronal hole. Credit: SOHO Extreme UV" [Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [T.D. - 07/22/08]

2008 - B-52 Crash / Guam - July 22nd, 2008: "HONOLULU / 3 airmen killed, 3 missing in B-52 crash [07/21/08 - off Guam]" [Based on: Title for news Services article, p. A2, S.L.P.D., 07/22/08]

2008 - Market Report / U.S.A. - July 22nd, 2008: "Stocks fell for the first time in four days on Monday [07/21/08], led by retailers and drug makers, after oil prices climbed and a cholesterol drug sold by Merck & Co. [Vytorin] and Schering-Plough Corp. was linked to cancer. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Oil price, drug scare reverse four-day gaining streak), p. C3, S.L.P.D., 07/22/08]

2008 - Guilty Plea / Mike Shanahan Sr. - July 22nd, 2008: "In an abrupt about-face, Michael Shanahan Sr. pleaded guilty Monday [07/21/08] to one of 12 federal charges related to backdating stock options in the company he co-founded. [NP] The former chief executive of Engineered Support Systems Inc., which was based in Cool Valley [Mo.], also agreed to pay back almost $7.9 million in stock option profits to the company. [....]" [Based on: Article (Shanahan drops fight, pleads guilty, will pay back $7.9 million), p. A1, S.L.P.D., 07/22/08]

2008 - Hurricane Dolly / Gulf of Mexico - July 22nd, 2008: "Tropical Storm Dolly was wrapped around the Yucatan Peninsula on July 21, 2008, when the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra satellite captured this image [see link]. Only the northern half of the storm remained intact after its passage over the peninsula from the Caribbean Sea to the Gulf of Mexico. According to the 1:00 p.m. (Central Daylight Time) advisory from the National Hurricane Center on July 21, Dolly was moving west-northwest at about 10 miles per hour, and was predicted to reach hurricane strength by late Tuesday (July 22) or Wednesday (July 23). [....]"

[Based on: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/natural_hazards_v2.php3?img_id=14969&src=map] - [T.D. - 07/22/08]

2008 - Sun in Leo - July 23rd, 2008: "Reported date when the Sun entered the constellation Leo."

[Based on: http://www2.bitstream.net/~bunlion/bpi/ephm/E200807.html]

2008 - Jerusalem Attack - July 23rd, 2008: "A Palestinian attacker turned a construction vehicle into a fearsome weapon in downtown Jerusalem just hours before Barack Obama's visit Tuesday [07/22/08], ramming a bus, overturning a car and injuring five people before he was shot dead." [Based on: News Services article (Jerusalem attack), p. A8, S.L.P.D., 07/23/08]

2008 - Market Report / U.S.A. - July 23rd, 2008: "Stocks rallied Tuesday [07/22/08], pushing the Dow Jones industrial average up 127 points in the last hour, after Deutsche Bank AG said financial companies are overcoming credit losses and a drop in oil stoked a record gain in airlines. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Stocks rally on good news for airlines, financial companies), p. C3, S.L.P.D., 07/23/08]

2008 - Carbon Copy Youth - July 23rd, 2008: "Composed this date in history [07/23/08 - 07/26/08]. The poem: Carbon Copy Youth, by Etznab Mathers, a.k.a. D.R.D [fifth poem on page]."

2008 - Nuclear Deal Vote / India - July 23rd, 2008: "[....] The government won the vote, 275 -256, a wider margin than many observers had predicted. Ten lawmakers abstained. [....] India imports about 75 percent of its oil, and Singh [Prime Minister Manmohan Singh], the architect of India's 1991 transformation from a socialist-style economy to a capitalist one, has argued that the country needs the nuclear deal to power its financial growth and lift hundreds of millions of its 1.1 billion citizens out of poverty." [Based on: A.P. article (Vote lets India pursue nuclear deal with U.S. / Opposition accuses government of paying bribes, backroom dealmaking.), p. A7, S.L.P.D., 07/23/08]

2008 - Trial Opens / Bin Laden's Driver - July 23rd, 2008: "Trial opens [07/22/08] for bin Laden's driver / INADMISSIBLE * 'Coerced' statements can't be used, judge says." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for Washington Post article, p. A2, S.L.P.D., 07/23/08]

2008 - Retirement Plans at Risk? / U.S.A. - July 23rd, 2008: "About half of employees with defined-benefit pension plans have frozen one or more of those plans, putting the retirement incomes of millions at risk, according to a government report, made public Tuesday [07/22/08]. [....]" [Based on: News Services article (WASHINGTON / Many retirement plans are at risk, report says), p. A2, S.L.P.D., 07/23/08]

2008 - Oil Spill / Mississippi River, New Orleans - July 23rd, 2008: "[....] A tanker and a barge collided early Wednesday [07/23/08], spilling about 419,000 gallons of fuel oil from the barge, closing the river [Mississippi] from New Orleans to the Gulf of Mexico and temporarily idling some 200 oil supertankers, grain barges and other ships. [....]" [Based on: News Services article (NEW ORLEANS / Officials worry about damage from fuel spill), p. A5, S.L.P.D., 07/27/08]

2008 - Strong Earthquake / Eastern Honshu, Japan - July 23rd, 2008: "A strong earthquake occurred at 15:26:20 (UTC) on Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008. The magnitude 6.8 event [Location: 39.807°N, 141.467°E; Depth 111 km (69.0 miles) set by location program] was located @ EASTERN HONSHU, JAPAN." [Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2008uva4.php] - [T.D. - 07/28/08]

2008 - UFO Coverup? - July 24th, 2008: "FORMER NASA astronaut and moon-walker Dr Edgar Mitchell - a veteran of the Apollo 14 mission - has stunningly claimed aliens exist. [NP] And he says extra-terrestrials have visited Earth on several occasions - but the alien contact has been repeatedly covered up by governments for six decades. [NP] Dr Mitchell, 77, said during a radio interview that sources at the space agency who had had contact with aliens described the beings as "little people who look strange to us." [NP] He said supposedly real-life ET's were similar to the traditional image of a small frame, large eyes and head. [NP] He claimed our technology is 'not nearly as sophisticated' as theirs and 'had they been hostile', he warned 'we would have been gone by now'. [....] "I happen to have been privileged enough to be in on the fact that we've been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomena is real," Dr Mitchell said. [NP] 'It's been well covered up by all our governments for the last 60 years or so, but slowly it's leaked out and some of us have been privileged to have been briefed on some of it. [NP] I've been in military and intelligence circles, who know that beneath the surface of what has been public knowledge, yes - we have been visited. Reading the papers recently, it's been happening quite a bit.' [NP] Dr Mitchell, who has a Bachelor of Science degree in aeronautical engineering and a Doctor of Science degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics claimed Roswell was real and similar alien visits continue to be investigated. [NP] He told the astonished Kerrang! radio host Nick Margerrison: 'This is really starting to open up. I think we're headed for real disclosure and some serious organisations are moving in that direction.' [NP] Mr Margerrison said: 'I thought I'd stumbled on some sort of astronaut humour but he was absolutely serious that aliens are definitely out there and there's no debating it.' [NP] Officials from NASA, however, were quick to play the comments down. [NP] In a statement, a spokesman said: 'NASA does not track UFOs. NASA is not involved in any sort of cover up about alien life on this planet or anywhere in the universe. "Dr Mitchell is a great American, but we do not share his opinions on this issue." "

[Based on: Daily Telegraph article (NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell claims alien contact cover-up), 07/24/08] - [My brackets: NP = New Paragraph - D.R.D.] *Link: http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,24070088-13762,00.html - [T.D. - 07/28/08]

2008 - Market Report / U.S.A. - July 24th, 2008: "Stocks rose for a second day Wednesday [07/23/08] as oil retreated, lawmakers moved closer to shoring up the mortgage industry and earnings reports from AT&T Inc. and Pfizer Inc. eased concern that the profit slump will worsen. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Oil down, stocks up; lawmakers reach Fannie, Freddie deal), p. B9, S.L.P.D., 07/24/08]

2008 - Strong Earthquake / Kuril Islands - July 24th, 2008: "A strong earthquake occurred at 01:43:17 (UTC) on Thursday, July 24th, 2008. The magnitude 6.4 event [Location: 50.967°N, 157.559°E; Depth 35 km (21.7 miles) set by location program] was located @ KURIL ISLANDS." [http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2008uwae.php] - [T.D. - 07/28/08]

2008 - Trivia / False Flag Senerio, Iran? - July 24th, 2008: "The Benny Morris op-ed in the NYT last Friday should provide convincing evidence that Israel really really really wants an attack against Iran sooner rather than later. Morris is close to the Israeli government and his case that Iran must be bombed soon and with maximum conventional weaponry to avoid using nukes later was clearly intended to push the United States to do the attacking. The likelihood that Dick Cheney is almost certainly supportive of a US pre-emptive strike and might well be pulling strings behind the scenes, possibly without the knowledge of the Great Decider, makes the next several months particularly significant if a war is to be avoided. [NP] Some intel types are beginning to express concerns that the Israelis might do something completely crazy to get the US involved. There are a number of possible 'false flag' scenarios in which the Israelis could insert a commando team in the Persian Gulf or use some of their people inside Iraq to stage an incident that they will make to look Iranian, either by employing Iranian weapons or by leaving a communications footprint that points to Tehran’s involvement. [NP] Those who argue that Israel would never do such a thing should think again. Israel is willing to behave with complete ruthlessness towards the US if they feel that the stakes are high enough, witness the attack on the USS Liberty and the bombing of the US Consulate in Alexandria in the 1950s. If they now believe that Iran is a threat that must be eliminated it is not implausible to assume that they will stop at nothing to get the the United States to do it for them, particularly as their air force is only able to damage the Iranian nuclear program, not destroy it." [Based on: The American Conservative article (If Iran is Attacking It Might Really be Israel), Posted on July 24th, 2008 by Philip Giraldi] *Link: http://www.amconmag.com/blog/2008/07/24/if-iran-is-attacking-it-might-really-be-israel/

2008 - Stock Buy Back / Bank of America - July 24th, 2008: "Bank of America Corp's board approved a plan to repurchase up to 75 million shares of common stock. [NP] The board authorized management to spend up to $3.75 billion during the next 12 to 18 months to buy back the stock." [Based on: A.P. article (BANK OF AMERICA / Shares will be bought), p. B2, S.L.P.D., 07/24/08]

2008 - Federal Minimum Wage Increase / U.S.A. - July 24th, 2008: "[....] The increase [today], from $5.85 to $6.55 per hour, is the second of three annual increases required by a 2007 law. Next year's boost will bring the federal minimum to $7.25 an hour. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (Federal minimum wage increases / But it may be little relief for workers dealing with high food and gas costs.), p. B1, S.L.P.D., 07/24/08]

2008 - Leaks a Second Time / French Nuclear Reactor Site - July 24th, 2008: "The French electric company EDF says that 100 employees have been 'slightly contaminated' by a leak at a reactor site in southern France. [NP] It was the third incident at a French nuclear site in recent weeks and the second at the huge Tricastin site. [NP] An EDF spokeswoman says the employees were exposed to radioactive particles that escaped from a pipe in a reactor that had been shut down. It says the employees were exposed to radiation far below permitted levels, and went home but would be tested. A leak of unenriched uranium at another facility at Tricastin led to a just-lifted ban on water sports and fishing in two rivers." [Based on: News Services article (French nuclear reactor site leaks a second time), p. A7, S.L.P.D., 07/24/08]

2008 - Market Report / U.S.A. - July 25th, 2008: "Stocks tumbled Thursday [07/24/08], sending financial shares to their worst drop in eight years, after house sales slid more than forecast and investor Bill Gross predicted the housing slump will cost banks and brokerages $1 trillion. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Housing woes sink stocks; financial shares take a bath), p. B9, S.L.P.D., 07/25/08]

2008 - X-Shaped Solar Prominence - July 25th, 2008: " 'The sun still lives!' reports Les Cowley of England. 'A large X-shaped prominence dominated the sun's NW limb this morning.' Readers, if you have a solar telescope, take a look."

[Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [T.D. - 07/25/08]

2008 - Suicide Bomber / Baqouba, Iraq - July 25th, 2008: "Suicide bomber kills 8 in Iraq [07/24/08] / Woman's attack injured 24 other U.S.-allied Sunni Arabs in Baqouba" [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p. A10, S.L.P.D., 07/25/08]

2008 - Nuclear-Capable Bombers / Cuba? - July 25th, 2008: "The Russian Defense Ministry has denied a newspaper report that Russia was considering basing nuclear-capable bombers in Cuba, Russian news agencies reported Thursday [07/24/08]. [NP] The newspaper Izvestia this week cited an anonymous top air force official as saying the bombers could be based in Cuba as a response to U.S. plans to place elements of a missle-defense system in Eastern European countries." [Based on: Article (MOSCOW / Russia denies plan for bombers in Cuba), p. A9, S.L.P.D., 07/25/08]

2008 - Dead End? / U.N. Inspectors, Iran - July 25th, 2008: "Iran halts work with U.N. arms inquiry ['... signaled Thursday that it will no longer cooperate with U.N. experts ....']" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. A8, S.L.P.D., 07/25/08]

2008 - Captured / Radovan Karadzic, Serbia - July 25th, 2008: "Karadzic capture [07/22/08?] relieves Bosnians / But some here [St. Louis, Mo.] say pain is fresh, and 13 years was too long a wait." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for article, p. A1, S.L.P.D., 07/25/08]

2008 - Accused of Fraud / U.S. Banking Giant - July 25th, 2008: "UBS / Banking giant is accused of fraud [07/24/08] / Andrew Cuomo, New York attorney general, Alleges UBS knew certain securities were heading south" [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p. B1, S.L.P.D., 07/25/08]

2008 - Grand Jury Investigation / Subprime Loan Lenders, U.S.A. - July 25th, 2008: "SUBPRIME LOANS / 3 lenders [Countrywide Financial Corp., New century Financial Corp. and IndyMac Bancorp Inc.] are investigated by grand jury" [Based on: Title for Los Angeles Times article, p. B1, S.L.P.D., 07/25/08]

2008 - Key Committe Approves New Jewish Settlement / West Bank - July 25th, 2008: "A key committee has approved construction of the first new Jewish settlement in the West Bank in a decade, an Israeli official said Thursday [07/24/08]. The news infuriated Palestinians, who said the decision could cripple peace efforts." [Based on: News Services article (Jewish settlement), p. A9, S.L.P.D., 07/25/08]

2008 - Market Report / U.S.A. - July 26th, 2008: "Stocks rose Friday [07/25/08], paring a retreat for the week, on growing speculation the worst of the economic slowdown is over after better-than-forecast reports on durable goods orders, consumer confidence and new house sales. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Stocks rise as investors speculate worst may be over), p. A35, S.L.P.D., 07/26/08]

2008 - Winter Cyclone / New Zealand - July 26-28, 2008: "A fierce winter storm lashed the North Island of New Zealand over the last weekend of July 2008. Heavy rains and strong winds caused several fatalities on land and sea, and more than 70,000 homes were without electricity in the wake of the storm. A second, though less severe, storm was headed for the country on Tuesday. [....]"

[Based on: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/natural_hazards_v2.php3?img_id=14983&src=map]

2008 - Soft Hail? / Sydney, Australia - July 26th, 2008: "It was initially hailed as Sydney's first snowfall in 172 years, but it turned out yesterday's severe weather [07/26/08] was only hail. [NP] Australian locals still managed to go sledding, throw some snowballs and make a snowman (or in this case, hailballs and hailman) today [07/27/08]. [NP] Australia's Bureau of Meteorology says what actually fell was 'soft hail' and that conditions were not quite cold enough to produce snow. [NP] The last time Sydney supposedly had a snowfall was 1836 although some scientists believe officials back then just mistook soft hail for snow. [NP] Whatever it was, residents in the Lindfield neighbourhood on Sydney's north shore enjoyed a bit of winter fun." [Based on: Article (Sydney hail mistaken for snow), Sunday, 27 July 2008 - See link:]

*Link: http://www.rte.ie/news/2008/0727/sydney.html] - [T.D. - 07/29/08 - C.S.T.]

2008 - Trivia / U.S. Salmonella Outbreak - July 26th, 2008: "The Food and Drug Administration is narrowing its warning to hot pepper lovers, saying only Mexican-grown jalapenos now are linked to the nationwide salmonella outbreak - clearing the U.S. crop. [....]" [Based on: News Services article (American jalapenos are safe, agency says), p. A19, S.L.P.D., 07/26/08]

2008 - Foreign Relations / U.S. & Zimbabwe - July 26th, 2008: "WASHINGTON / U.S. imposes further sanctions on Zimbabwe [07/25/08]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A21, S.L.P.D., 07/26/08]

2008 - Trivia / School Shooting, Phoenix Arizona - July 26th, 2008: "PHOENIX / Campus shooting ['in a computer lab at a community college'] began with punch in the face ['police said Friday' - 07/25/08]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A19, S.L.P.D., 07/26/08]

2008 - Call for End to Birth Control Ban / Dissident Catholic Groups - July 26th, 2008: "VATICAN CITY / Dissident groups ['more than 50 dissident Catholic groups from around the world'] call ['on the 40 anniversary of the 1968 encyclical 'Humane Vitae' ('On Human Life') - the document issued by Pope Paul VI that prohibits Catholics from using artificial contraception.'] for end of birth control ban" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A21, S.L.P.D., 07/26/08]

2008 - Bombings / India - July 27th, 2008: "Blasts ['at least 16 bombs'] strike Indian city [Ahmadabad - 07/26/08] with history of strife / At least 29 people are killed [at least 88 injured] in bombings at market, near hospital." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p. A6, S.L.P.D., 07/27/08]

*Trivia: "[....] The synchronized explosion of 16 small bombs resulted in at least 150 injured as well as the fatalities ['at least 45']. [....]" [Based on: News Services article (Group claims responsibility for Indian blasts / City steps up security after a second series of explosions in two days.), p. A7, S.L.P.D., 07/28/08]

2008 - Happy Birthday, Aye? - July 27th, 2008: "Composed this date in history [07/27/08]. The poem: Happy Birthday, Aye?, by Etznab Mathers, a.k.a. D.R.D [sixth poem on page]."

2008 - Blank Checks? / Iraq War - July 27th, 2008: "Sen. Jack Reed of Rhode Island said Saturday [07/26/08] in the Democrats' weekly radio address that America can't afford the Republican strategy of continuing to write blank checks for the Iraq war." [Based on: News Services article (Democrats' address), p. A5, S.L.P.D., 07/27/08]

2008 - Bank Failure Trivia / U.S.A. - July 27th, 2008: "[....] The 28 branches of the 1st National Bank of Nevada and First Heritage Bank N.A. - owned by Scottsdale, Ariz.-based First National Bank Holding Co. - were closed Friday [07/25/08] by the FDIC. [....] Mutual of Omaha ['bought all of the two banks' deposits'] will open the banks Monday as its own branches, an FDIC spokesman said. [....]" [Based on: News Services article (PHOENIX / Account-holders calm despite bank failures), p. A5, S.L.P.D., 07/27/08]

2008 - Civilian Casualties / Afghanistan - July 27th, 2008: "NATO forces on Saturday [07/26/08] fired on a vehicle that wouldn't stop at a checkpoint in Afghanistan's volatile south, killing four civilians and wounding three others, the alliance said." [Based on: News Services article (Civilians killed), p. A6, S.L.P.D., 07/27/08]

2008 - Electronic Device Searches? / U.S. Return Travelers - July 27th, 2008: "[....] Two organizations - the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Asian Law caucus - together filed a lawsuit earlier this year to determine the scope of the searches, saying at the time that the department of Homeland Security had not responded to previous requests for records." [Based on: SEATTLE TIMES article (Searches of travelers' laptops raise hackles of privacy advocates / Critics aren't getting answers on any efforts to safeguard data.) by Janet I. Tu, p. A12, S.L.P.D., 07/27/08]

2008 - Typhoon Fung-Wong / Taiwan - July 28th, 2008: "Typhoon Fung-Wong was lashing Taiwan and coastal China with high winds, rain, and storm surge on the morning of July 28, 2008, reported the BBC World News Service. The Category 2 typhoon had crossed Taiwan, with the center of the storm more or less bisecting the island. Most offices and businesses, including the stock market, were closed for the day. [....]"

[Based on: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/natural_hazards_v2.php3?img_id=14979&src=map]

2008 - Below $4 a Gallon / U.S. Gasoline - July 28th, 2008: "Nationwide, gas dips below $4 a gallon" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. A3, S.L.P.D., 07/28/08]

2008 - Bomb Blasts / Istanbul, Turkey - July 28th, 2008: "2 bombs go off minutes apart in Turkey [07/27/08] / The blasts at a square in Istanbul kill 16 and injure more than 150" [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p. A7, S.L.P.D., 07/28/08]

2008 - Strong Earthquake / Solomon Islands - July 24th, 2008: "A strong earthquake occurred at 21:40:48 (UTC) on Monday, July 28th, 2008. The magnitude 6.0 event [Location: 10.543°S, 163.143°E; Depth 10 km (6.2 miles) set by location program ] was located @ SOLOMON ISLANDS." [http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2008vabe.php] - [T.D. - 07/31/08]

2008 - Chuch Shooting / Knoxville, Tennessee - July 28th, 2008: "Two die in church shooting [07/27/08] / Seven others are injured when a gunman opens fire in Knoxville, Tenn., church." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p. A2, S.L.P.D., 07/28/08]

2008 - Landslide Victory? / Cambodian People's Party - July 28th, 2008: "Cambodian prime minister's [Hun Sen] party claims landslide [07/27/08]" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. A7, S.L.P.D., 07/28/08]

2008 - Market Report / U.S.A. - July 29th, 2008: "U.S. stocks fell, led by financial companies, after the International Monetary Fund said there is no end in sight to the housing slump. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (U.S. stocks fall, on a forecast for more housing woes), p. C3, S.L.P.D., 07/29/08]

2008 - Suicide Bombers / Iraq - July 29th, 2008: "Suicide bombers, including three women, struck Shiite pilgrims in Baghdad ['at least 32 people were killed and more than 100 were wounded'] and Kurdish protestors in the northern city of Kirkuk ['killed at least 25 people and wounded 185, a police spokesman said'] on Monday [07/28/08], killing at least 57 people - a brutal reminder that mass gatherings remain vulnerable despite vast improvements in security." [Based on: A.P. article (Explosions kill dozens in Iraq), p. A4, S.L.P.D., 07/29/08]

2008 - Projected Deficit / U.S.A. - July 29th, 2008: "White House projects record deficit / Estimate puts next year's budget deficit at $482 billion, excluding war costs." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p. A2, S.L.P.D., 07/29/08]

2008 - Unpaid Taxes / U.S. Businesses - July 29th, 2008: "More than 1.6 million businesses owe the government about $58 billion in taxes they were supposed to withhold from employees' paychecks but never forwarded to the IRS, congressional investigators said in a report made public Monday [07/28/08]. The unpaid taxes cocer 10 years. Beyond that, a statute of limitations generally kicks in and the money is permanently lost. [....]" [Based on: News Services article (TAX FUNDS / Businesses owe IRS $58 billion, report says), p. C2, S.L.P.D., 07/29/08]

2008 - Suicide? / Anthrax Suspect, U.S.A. - July 29th, 2008: "Anthrax suspect [Bruce Ivins] dies in apparent suicide [07/29/08]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p A3, S.L.P.D., 08/01/08]

2008 - $5.7 Billion Write-Down / Merrill Lynch - July 29th, 2008: "Merrill Lynch scrambles again / $5.7 BILLION WRITE-DOWN [07/28/08] Pushes total in last year to $45 billion. / SHORES UP FINANCES Says it will raise $8.5 billion from common shareholders." [Based on: Title & Subtitles for New York Times article, p. C1, S.L.P.D., 07/29/08]

2008 - Moderate Earthquake / Southern California - July 29th, 2008: "The strongest earthquake [5.4] to strike a populated area in Southern California in more than a decade rattled windows and chandeliers, made buildings sway and sent people running into the streets on Tuesday [07/29/08]. But there were no immediate reports of serious injuries or major damage. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article, p. A2, S.L.P.D., 07/30/08]

*Link: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/ci14383980.php

2008 - Water on Mars! - July 30th, 2008: "For the first time, the Phoenix Mars Lander has 'touched and tasted' water on the red planet. The milestone came just two days ago [Wednesday - 07/30/08] when Phoenix's robotic arm successfully dumped a sample of soil into one of the lander's internal ovens. Heat was applied and water vapor emerged. Voilà! H20. [NP] This chemical evidence confirms visual clues that have been accumulating since Phoenix landed in May. [....]" [Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [T.D. - 08/01/08]

2008 - Market Report / U.S.A. - July 30th, 2008: "Stocks erased Monday's tumble on Tuesday [07/29/08], sparked by the biggest advance in U.S. Steel Corp. in seven years and falling oil prices. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Stronger steel and weaker oil give the market a big boost), p. C3, S.L.P.D., 07/30/08]

2008 - Free Media? / Afghanistan - July 30th, 2008: "Afghan intelligence agents detained a TV talk show host [Nasir Fayaz] critical of the government, the president's spokesman confirmed Tuesday [07/29/08], accusing private media of coming under the influence of foreign countries. [....] On Sunday, Fayaz's show was taken off the air after the Ariana Television Network received a phone call from an intelligence service agent ordering them to stop the broadcast, said Abdul Qadir Mirzai, a spokesman for the station. He said Fayaz had been detained on Monday [07/28/08].[....] Hamidzada [Humayun Hamidzada, the chief spokesman for President hamid Karzai] claimed some foreign countries were trying to influence events in Afghanistan by financing media outlets. [NP] 'They want to attack the people of Afghanistan and the government of Afghanistan using these media,' Hamidzada said without naming any country or any media company. [....] Hamidzada claimed that some Afghan media ran editorials sent by e-mail from abroad, but provided no examples or evidence." [Based on: A.P. article (Afghan television talk show host is detained), p. A10, S.L.P.D., 07/30/08]

2008 - Food Crisis? / North Korea - July 30th, 2008: "Flooding and poor harvests have caused North Korea's worst food crisis since the 1990s, the U.N. food agency says." [Based on: News Services article (Hunger in N. Korea), p. A7, S.L.P.D., 07/30/08]

2008 - Loss of Ice / Canadian Ice Shelf - July 30th, 2008: "EDMONTON, ALBERTA / Massive ice chunk ['spreading across seven square miles'] falls from the Artic shelf ['scientists said Tuesday' - 07/29/08]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A7, S.L.P.D., 07/30/08]

2008 - Settlement / Ex-Enron Executive - July 30th, 2008: "A former top executive of collapsed Enron Corp. is paying $31.5 million to settle charges that he used inside information to illegally profit from sales of thousands  of shares of company stock in 2001, federal regulators said Tuesday [07/29/08]. [....] The Securities and Exchange Commission said the deal with Lou L. Pai is one of the largest ever with an individual for alleged illegal insider trading. [....]" [Based on: Article (ENRON / Ex-executive will pay big), p. C2, S.L.P.D., 07/30/08]

2008 - New Alzheimer's Drug? / "rember" - July 30th, 2008: "[....] The results [of 'rember'] were presented at the International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease this week in Chicago." [Based on: Chicago Tribune article (Treatment may break tangles of Alzheimer's), p. A3, S.L.P.D., 07/30/08]

2008 - Apology for Slavery? / U.S. House - July 30th, 2008: "The House on Tuesday [07/29/08] apologized to black Americans, more than 140 years after slavery was abolished, for the 'fundamental injustice, cruelty, brutality and inhumanity of slavery and Jim Crow' segregation. [NP] The resolution, which passed on a voice vote late in the day, was sponsored by Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., a white Jewish lawmaker who represents a majority-black district in Memphis. Cohen tried unsuccessfully to join the Congressional Black Caucus this year. [NP] Sen Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, is considering introducing a companion measure in the Senate, he said." [Based on: News Services article (House apologizes for slavery, Jim Crow laws), p. A3, S.L.P.D., 07/30/08]

2008 - Citation / Karl Rove - July 31st, 2008: "A House panel voted Wednesday [07/30/08] to cite Karl Rove, formerly President George W. Bush's top aide, for defying a supoena to testify July 10 on allegations of improper White House influence over the Justice Department." [Based on: News Services article (Rove citation), p. A3, S.L.P.D., 07/31/08]

2008 - Housing Aid / U.S.A. - July 31st, 2008: "Bush signs bill [07/30/08] granting housing aid / HELP ON THE WAY * Cash-strapped homeowners could avoid foreclosure. / STABILIZE MARKETS * Line of credit would shore up Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac." [Based on: Title & Subtitles for A.P. article, p. A2, S.L.P.D., 07/31/08]

2008 - Market Report / U.S.A. - July 31st, 2008: "Stocks rallied Wednesday [07/30/08], led by the biggest gain in energy shares in six years, after oil jumped by more than $4 a barrel and a report showed an unexpected increase in jobs. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Energy shares rally, help give a lift to stock market), p. B7, S.L.P.D., 07/31/08]

2008 - Oil Price Jump / U.S.A. - July 31st, 2008: "[....] Light, sweet crude for September delivery jumped $4.58 cents to settle at $126.77 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange, after earlier rising as high as $127.39." [Based on: Article (OIL / Price jumps $4 a barrel), p. B2, S.L.P.D., 07/31/08]

2008 - Brige Work Trivia / U.S.A. - July 31st, 2008: "Bridge work stalls in states across the U.S. / MISSOURI WOES * Only three states have more bridges in poor condition." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p. A2, S.L.P.D., 07/31/08]

2008 - Disaster Aid Status / U.S.A. - July 31st, 2008: "Federal Emergency Management Agency officials admitted Wednesday [07/30/08] that they still have no plan for housing victims of major disasters, more than a year past a deadline set by Congress. [....]" [Based on: News Services article (FEMA still unsure on how to house disaster victims), p. A3, S.L.P.D., 07/31/08]

2008 - Ancient Computer / Greece - July 31st, 2008: "A 2,100-year-old bronze-and-iron astronomical computer that predicted eclipses and other astronomical events also showed the cycle of the Greek Olympics and the related games that led up to it, researchers will report today [07/31/08] in Nature. [NP] The research team also has been able to decipher all the month names from the heavily corroded fragments of the so-called Antikythera mechanism, providing the first concrete evidence that an astronomical scheme devised by the Greek astronomer Geminos was put to practical use. [NP] The inclusion of the Olympic Games data on what is now called the Olympiad Dial of the clock-like mechanism was a surprise to the researchers because the dates of the ancient Olympics, held every fourth summer from 776 B.C. to A.D. 393, would have been well known to the populace. [NP] The Olympiad Dial's inclusion shows the games' cultural importance, researchers said. [NP] The Antikythera mechanism, found in 1901 in a shipwreck off the Greek island of Antikythera, is thought to have been made more than about 100 B.C. Its purpose was a mystery for than 100 years, but in 2006, researchers used new scanning technology to examine the heavily encrusted fragments. [NP] They concluded that the device originally contained 37 gears that formed an astronomical computer. Two dials on the front show the zodiac and a calendar of the days of the year that can be adjusted for leap years. Metal pointers show the positions in the zodiac of the sun, moon and five planets known in antiquity. Two spiral dials on the back show the cycles of the moon and predict eclipses." [Based on: Los Angeles Times article (Ancient computer tracked passage of time, Olympics), p. A7, S.L.P.D., 07/31/08]

2008 - Hyper-Inflation / Zimbabwe - July 31st, 2008: "HARARE, ZIMBABWE / Ten zeroes scratched from inflated currency [Zimbabwe]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A11, S.L.P.D., 07/31/08]

2008 - Settlement / E-Trade Financial Corp. - July 31st, 2008: "E-Trade Financial Corp. on Wednesday [07/30/08] agreed to pay $1 million in a settlement with federal regulators who accused the retail brokerage firm of failing to verify more than 65,000 customers' identities to prevent money laundering. [NP] The securities and Exchange Commission announced the settlement with two divisions of the New York-based company, E-Trade Clearing LLC and E-Trade Securities LLC. The brokerage firm also agreed to be censured and to hire an independent consultant to oversee the adequacy of its program to comply with anti-money-laundering rules. [NP] E-Trade neither admitted nor denied wrongdoing." [Based on: Article (E-TRADE/SEC / A $1 million settlement), p. B2, S.L.P.D., 07/31/08]

2008 - First Quarter Loss / First Banks Inc. - July 31st, 2008: "First Banks Inc. Wednesday [07/30/08] said it lost $5 million in the first quarter ended March 31. [NP] The bank also reduced its earnings for the previous five years by $15.2 million. The Creve Coeur-based bank [St. Louis, Mo.] was forced to restate its earnings after it discovered fraudulent activity at its mortgage division this spring. [....]" [Based on: Article (FIRST BANKS / Earnings figures restated), p. B2, S.L.P.D., 07/31/08]

2008 - Emergency Loans / Wall Street Firms - July 31st, 2008: "Focussed on getting the nation's credit gears smoothly working again, the Federal Reserve will continue to let Wall Street firms draw emergency loans into next year and is giving financial companies more options to help them overcome credit problems. [NP] the Fed's announcement on Wednesday [07/30/08] marks its latest effort to get credit - the economy's oxygen - flowing more freely. A global credit crisis that erupted last August has hobbled the U.S. economy, already reeling from a housing meltdown. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (EMERGENCY LOANS / Fed extends help to clear credit crisis), p. B1, S.L.P.D., 07/31/08]

2008 - Resignation Announcement / Ehud Olmert - July 31st, 2008: "Embattled Olmert to quit [the  Fall] as Israeli premier [announced 07/30/08] / He blasts inquiries; exit raises doubts about peace talks with Syria and the Palestinians." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p. A9, S.L.P.D., 07/31/08]

2008 - New Investors? / U.S. Mortgage Business - July 31st, 2008: "Mortgage business gets new investors / Hedge funds, private equity groups are buying distressed loans. / Critics say desperate borrowers may be giving up protections." [Based on: Title & Subtitles for A.P. article by Alan Zibel, p. B1, S.L.P.D., 07/31/08]

2008 - Landmark Victory / Austrailian Aborigines - July 31st, 2008: "Aborigines won traditional ownership rights over a large stretch of coastline in northern Australia on Wednesday [07/30/08], in a landmark ruling lawyers said could set a precedent in other parts of the nation. [NP] The ruling by Australia's highest judicial body means the traditional owners will be able to exclude people from using the foreshore - the intertidal area that lies between the high-tide line and the low-tide line - in the area unless they have permission. [NP] The High Court ruling most directly affects fishermen on beaches and tidal rivers in a 35,000-square-mile area in the Northern Territory that was subject to the claim. [NP] 'It is a landmark victory for traditional owners, and we have waited for over 30 years for our sea rights to be legally recognized,' said Wali Wunungmurra, the chairman of the Northern Land Council." [Based on: News Services article (Aborigines win ruling over coastal rights, p. A11, S.L.P.D., 07/31/08]

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