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   "Most newspaper article events happen anywhere from days, to months, to years before they reach publication. Consequently, most newspaper articles on this timeline are preceded by the date of the newspaper in which they appear." [E.M.]      *Color Code

February 2007

2007 - Astronomic Configuration - February 1st, 2007: "Sun [11 Aquarius], Moon [0 Leo], Mercury [28 Aquarius], Venus [5 Pisces], Mars [11 Capricorn], Jupiter [14 Sagittarius], Saturn [22 Leo R.], Uranus [12 Pisces], Neptune [19 Aquarius], Pluto [28 Sagittarius], Chiron [10 Aquarius]."

[Based on: http://www2.bitstream.net/~bunlion/bpi/ephm/E200702.html]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - February 1st, 2007: "Stocks rallied Wednesday [01/31/07], capping the longest stretch of monthly gains in more than a decade, as the Federal Reserve fortified perceptions that economic growth is accelerating without inflation quickening. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Fed's rate decision, strong GDP number invigorates investors), p. C4, S.L.P.D., 02/01/07]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - February 2nd, 2007: "U.S. retailers and energy shares catapulted the Dow Jones industrial average to its fifth record this year [12,673.68] and the Standard & Poor's 500 index to a six-year high [1,445.94] after the government said consumers spent more without fueling inflation. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Consumers report fires up energy and retail shares), p. B9, S.L.P.D., 02/02/07]

2007 - Trivia / Climate Change - February 2nd, 2007: "Finger pointed at us all / Climate panel [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] agrees on most powerful warning yet, saying human activities are 'very likely' causing rising seas and stronger hurricanes." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article by Seth Borenstein, p. A1, S.L.P.D., 02/02/07]

2007 - Outstanding Public Debt / U.S.A. - February 2nd, 2007: "The Outstanding Public Debt [U.S.A.] as of 02 Feb 2007 at 03:302:51 PM GMT is: $8,710,359,222,712.42. The estimated population of the United States is 300,862,717 so each citizen's share of this debt is $28,951.27. The National Debt has continued to increase an average of $1.62 billion per day since September 29, 2006! Concerned? Then tell Congress and the White House!

[Based on: http://www.brillig.com/debt_clock/] - [02/02/07]

2007 - U.S. Profit Record / Exxon Mobil Corp. - February 2nd, 2007: "Exxon Mobil hits U.S. profit record [$39.5 billion - posted Thursday, 02/01/07]" [Based on: Title for A.P. articlep. B3, S.L.P.D., 02/02/07]

2007 - U.S. Savings Rate / Worst Since the Great Depression - February 2nd, 2007: "People are saving at the lowest level since the Great Depression, and that could be a problem for the millions of baby boomers getting ready to retire. [NP] In fact, the Commerce Department reported Thursday [02/01/07] that the nation's personal savings rate for all of 2006 was a negative 1 percent, the worst showing in 73 years. [....] The 1 percent negative savings rate in 2006 came after a 0.4 percent negative rate in 2005. There have been only four years in history that the savings rate has fallen into negative territory. The other two were 1932 and 1933 during the Great Depression, when as many as one in four people were out of work, households were exhausting savings in order to pay the rent and buy food. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (U.S. savings rate skids to worst showing in 73 years) by Martin Crutsinger, pp. B1 & B3, S.L.P.D., 02/02/07]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - February 3rd, 2007: "The Standard & Poor's 500 index completed its best weekly advance since August Friday [02/02/07], led by energy producers. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (S&P 500 completes best weekly advance since August), p. A35, S.L.P.D., 02/03/07]

2007 - Deadly Storms / Central Florida - February 3rd, 2007: "Deadly storms smash 40-mile swath [that left 19 or more people dead - 02/02/07] / Powerful winds strike just before dawn in area that is home to many retirees." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article p. A20, S.L.P.D., 02/03/07]

2007 - Here to Stay? / Global Warming - February 3rd, 2007: "Global warming is here to stay / That's the message in a climate report by the world's leading experts [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change].." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article p. A22, S.L.P.D., 02/03/07]

2007 - Sectarian Violence / Iraq - February 4th, 2007: "Sectarian violence is forcing Iraqis to flee for their lives / Shiites abandon homes, friends to escape death squads - and so do Sunnis" [Based on: Title & Subtitle for Cox News Service article, p. A10, S.L.P.D., 02/04/07]

2007 - Bird Flu Kills Turkeys / Britain - February 4th, 2007: "Bird flu kills turkeys [2,500 turkeys near Lowesstoft since Thursday] in U.K [Another 160,000 birds will now be culled to prevent the disease from spreading, government officials said]." [Based on: Title for New York Times article, p. A8, S.L.P.D., 02/04/07]

2007 - Superbowl XLI / Indianapolis Colts - February 4th, 2007: "The Indianapolis Colts beat the Chicago Bears 29 to 17 in Superbowl XLI."

2007 - Strong Earthquake / Cuba Region - February 4th, 2007: "A strong earthquake occurred at 20:56:58 (UTC) on Sunday, February 4th, 2007. The magnitude 6.2 event [Depth: 10 km (6.2 miles) set by location program] has been located @ CUBA REGION."

[Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2007yjay.php] - [02/05/07]

2007 - Kidnapped? / Iranian Diplomat, Iraq - February 4th, 2007: "Iran accused the United States on Tuesday [02/06/07] of being behind the abduction [02/04/07] of the Iranian diplomat [Jalai Sharafi, their embassy's second secretary] in Baghdad, but U.S. officials refused even to confirm a kidnapping had taken place as the two countries' campaign of finger-pointing was brought another notch. [....]" [Based on: Los Angeles Times article (Iran points finger at U.S.), p. A6, S.L.P.D., 02/07/07]

2007 - Deadliest Bombing Since 2003 Invasion / Iraq - February 4th, 2007: "Bombing in Iraq [02/03/07] kills 121 [wounding at least 300] / In the deadliest bombing since invasion, a fuel truck of explosives is detonated at a street market [Sadriyah open-air market]" [Based on: Title & Subtitle for Chicago Tribune article, p. A10, S.L.P.D., 02/04/07]

2007 - Strong Earthquake / Southern East Pacific Rise - February 4th, 2007: "A strong earthquake occurred at 21:17:52 (UTC) on Sunday, February 4th, 2007. The magnitude 6.1 event [Depth: 10 km (6.2 miles) set by location program] has been located @ SOUTHERN EAST PACIFIC RISE."

[Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2007yja8.php] - [02/05/07]

2007 - Doesn't Join Global Environment Organization / U.S.A. - February 4th, 2007: "U.S. doesn't join global environment organization [sponsored by France?]" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. A8, S.L.P.D., 02/04/07]

2007 - Hostile Fire Trivia / Iraq - February 5th, 2007: "U.S. acts to shield copters in Iraq / Military acknowledges that hostile fire brought down four aircraft in the last two weeks." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p. A1, S.L.P.D., 02/05/07]

2007 - Tropical Cyclone Dora / Indian Ocean - February 5th, 2007: "[....] The storm formed on January 28 over the central Indian Ocean. As it moved south, the storm intensified until its winds peaked at 213 kilometers per hour (132 mph, 115 knots), making it the equivalent of a weak Category 4 hurricane. By February 5, when QuikSCAT observed the storm, it had winds of 120 kilometers per hour (75 mph, or 65 knots) with gusts to 148 kilometers per hour (92 mph, 80 knots). As of February 6, the storm was expected to disintegrate as it moved south over cooler waters. [....]"

[Based on: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/natural_hazards_v2.php3?img_id=14107]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - February 6th, 2007: "The Standard & Poor's 500 index fell for the first time in five days and the Nasdaq composite index had its first drop in a week Monday [02/05/07] as faster-than-forecast growth in service industries revived concern that an expanding economy will stoke inflation, causing the Federal Reserve to increase interest rates. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Service industry reignites fear of inflation), p. D3, S.L.P.D., 02/06/07]

2007 - Nuclear Power Trivia / Iran - February 6th, 2007: "Iran ignores U.N. limit on centrifuges [in recent days]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A6, S.L.P.D., 02/06/07]

*Trivia: "Iran agrees to talks with Western officials" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A13, S.L.P.D., 02/08/07]

2007 - Flash Floods / Jakarta, Indonesia - February 6th, 2007: "Flood in Jakarta forces 340,000 from homes [02/05/07 - at least 29 people have died]" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. A6, S.L.P.D., 02/06/07]

2007 - Nuclear Power Trivia / North Korea - February 6th, 2007: "North Korea 'must get out of the nuclear business entirely,' U.S. says [02/05/07]" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. A6, S.L.P.D., 02/06/07]

*Trivia: "North Korea ready to talk about disarmament" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A13, S.L.P.D., 02/08/07]

2007 - Settlement / Turner Broadcasting Systems, Etc. - February 6th, 2007: "Turner Broadcasting Systems and a marketing company have agreed to pay $2 million compensation and apologize for their advertising campaign that caused a widespread terrorism scare, the attorney general said Monday [02/05/07]. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (Boston will receive $2 million settlement over terrorism scare), p. A8, S.L.P.D., 02/06/07]

2007 - Settlement / Samsung - February 7th, 2007: "Thirty-eight state attorneys general ... announced Tuesday [02/06/07] that Samsung has agreed to pay $90 million to resolve price-fixing allegations involving the sale of DRAM memory chips. [....]" [Based on: Article (Samsung agrees to pay $90 million), p. C2, S.L.P.D., 02/07/07]

2007 - Defense Spending Trivia / U.S.A. - February 7th, 2007: "Just how much money will the United States spend on defense in the coming year, really? [NP] The official number, contained in the Defense Department budget request President George W. Bush sent Congress on Monday [02/05/07], is $481.4 billion, an 11 percent increase over the current year. [NP] But that doesn't count the supplemental $141.7 billion that the president requested to fight the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq in 2008. Nor does it count the additional $93.4 billion the president has requested for the 'global war on terror' in 2007. Nor does it count the $17.3 billion in nuclear weapons activities, which are part of the Energy Department budget, or the nearly $5.2 billion for defense-related work by other agencies, mainly the FBI. [....] You total everything up, as military analyst Fred Kaplan has at Slate.com, and a fair number for all the new money requested for national defense in 2008 is $739 billion. In constant dollars, that's more than any year since 1952 when the Korean War was raging and the nuclear arms race with the Soviet Union was accelerating. It amounts to 5.47 percent of the gross domestic product, the highest percentage of GDP since the 6 percent spent in 1986 at the height of the Reagan-era arms build-up. [NP] Not all of the money will make it through the congressional budget process, nor should it. [....] There is nothing that would trim defense spending like eliminating the $8 billion-a-month being spent on the war in Iraq. Mr. Bush's budget contemplates continued high-level operations  there through 2008, and, indeed, into 2009. [....] " [Based on: Opinion Page article (Guns: $739 billion), p. B8, S.L.P.D., 02/07/07] - [NP = New paragraph. My brackets - D.R.D.]

2007 - Overbilling Trivia  / OSI Collection Services - February 7th, 2007: "Area firm [St. Louis, Mo.] will repay N.J. for overbilling / Cherterfield-based OSI Collection Services owes nearly $2 million." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p. C2, S.L.P.D., 02/07/07]

2007 - Stock Option Manipulation? / Engineered Support Systems Inc. - February 7th, 2007: "SEC moves against 2 ex-execs [former Engineered Support System Inc. execs Gary Gerhardt & Steven Landmann] / Allegations made of stock option manipulation" [Based on: Title & Subtitle for Article, p. C1, S.L.P.D., 02/07/07]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - February 8th, 2007: "Technology stocks rallied Wednesday [02/07/07], pushing the Standard & Poor's 500 index to a six-year high [1,450.02] and the Nasdaq composite index to its eighth gain in nine days, after Cisco Systems Inc. forecast sales that beat analysts' estimates. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Cisco's forecast boosts tech sector; Dow slides with oil), p. C3, S.L.P.D., 02/08/07]

2007 - Died / Anna Nicole Smith - February 8th, 2007: "Anna Nicole Smith dies [02/08/07] after collapsing at Florida hotel [she was 39]" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. A2, S.L.P.D., 02/09/07]

2007 - Flooding & Mudslides / Angola - February 8th, 2007: "Storm deaths put at 114 after flooding, mudslides [in Angola]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A12 S.L.P.D., 02/08/07]

2007 - CIA Leak Testimony / Tim Russert - February 8th, 2007: "Tim Russert, the Washington bureau chief for NBC News, swiftly and firmly rejected on Wednesday [02/07/07] an assertion by I. Lewis ... Libby that the journalist revealed the identity of an undercover CIA officer to him in a telephone call in the summer of 2003. [NP] Testifying as the final prosecution witness in the perjury trial of Libby, Vice President Dick Cheney's former chief of staff, Russert recounted their conversation that July and how a 'very agitated' Libby had called to complain about MSNBC's 'Hardball.' Russert said the subject of the CIA officer, Valerie Plame, had never come up. [NP] Libby faces five felony counts of lying to investigators about his role in the leak of Plame's identity. He [Libby] has repeatedly testified that he shared information about Plame with other reporters only after hearing it from Russert [07/10/03?] in the telephone call. Libby has since acknowledged that Cheney first told him about Plame's CIA job, in mid-June [06/12/03], but has said that he forgot the conversation. [....] Russert offered a vivid description of his telephone call with Libby, and said it had rapidly 'evolved into a consumer complaint.' Russert said Libby was upset that 'Hardball' host Chris Matthews had said in two broadcasts that the vice president was responsible for Wilson's mission to Niger for the CIA and had made negative remarks about Libby. [NP] In addition to testifying that he had not mentioned Plame to Libby, Russert said Libby had not brought her up, either. [NP] Russert said he first learned about Plame and her CIA job from the Novak column on July 14. He testified that if Libby had mentioned to him in their earlier phone call that Wilson's wife worked at the CIA, he would have pursued it. 'That would be a significant story,' he said." [Based on: Washington Post article (NBC's Russert testifies that he didn't tell Libby about Plame) by Carol D. Leonnig & Amy Goldstein, p. A2 S.L.P.D., 02/08/07] - [My brackets and bold-faced text added - D.R.D.]

2007 - FDA Approval / Non-Prescription Diet Pill - February 8th, 2007: "Government approves [02/07/07] nonprescription diet pill [will be sold as 'alli' by GlaxoSmithKline PLC. Xenical, the prescription version, is made by Roche Holding AG. .... When taken with meals, orlistat blocks the absorbtion of about one-quarter of any fat consumed." [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A4 S.L.P.D., 02/08/07]

2007 - Need to Expand? / U.S. Army & Marine Corps - February 8th, 2007: "Army and Marine Corps need to expand, Gates [U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates] says [02/07/08]" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. A8 S.L.P.D., 02/08/07]

2007 - Letter Bomb [7th reported this year] / Britain - February 8th, 2007: "Letter bomb blast in Britain [02/07/07] is seventh reported this year / No deaths or serious injuries so far, but authorities fear the incidents are coordinated attacks." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for New York Times article, p. A13 S.L.P.D., 02/08/07]

2007 - Multiple Explosions / Chemcentral, Kansas City - February 8th, 2007: "Black smoke fills the Kansas City skyline Wednesday [02/07/07] after the Chemcentral chemical distribution facility erupted with multiple explosions. No injuries were reported, and authorities said early reports indicated that the fire did not pose a significant health risk." [Based on: Picture article (Plant burns in Kansas City) by Keith Myers / Kansas City Star / MCT, p. A11 S.L.P.D., 02/08/07]

2007 - U.S. Helicopter [CH-46] Crash / Anbar Province, Iraq - February 8th, 2007: "Fifth military helicopter [in three weeks] crashes [02/07/07]" [Based on: Title for Los Angeles Times article, p. A8 S.L.P.D., 02/08/07]

2007 - No Evidence of Beatings? / Guantanamo Bay Prison - February 8th, 2007: "An Army officer [Col. Richard Bassett] who investigated potential abuse at Guantanamo Bay after some guards purportedly bragged about beating detainees found no evidence they mistreated the prisoners - although he did not interview any of the alleged victims, the U.S. military said Wednesday [02/07/07 - Bassett's findings were approved by Adm. James Stavridis, the head of the Southern Command]. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (Inquiry finds no evidence of beatings at Guantanamo Bay prison) by Michael Melia, p. A8 S.L.P.D., 02/08/07]

2007 - Charged in Bid-Rigging Case / Three Army [U.S.] Reservists - February 8th, 2007: "Three Army reservists [Col. Curtis G. Whiteford, Lt. Col. Debra M. Harrison and Lt. Col. Michael B. Wheeler] are charged in bid-rigging case [In return for steering contracts to Bloom (Philip H. Bloom) between 2003 and 2005, prosecutors said, the reservists and their accomplices shared an estimated $1 million in cash and received Porsche and Nissan sports cars, a Cadillac SUV, real estate, a Breitling watch, business-class plane tickets, computers and other items.]" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. A8 S.L.P.D., 02/08/07]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - February 9th, 2007: "Banks and house builders Thursday [02/08/07] pulled the Standard & Poor's 500 index down from a six-year high on signs that mortgage delinquencies are rising while demand for housing slackens. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Housing-related stocks take tumble, pulling down S&P), p. B7, S.L.P.D., 02/09/07]

2007 - Autism Trivia / U.S.A. - February 9th, 2007: "About one in every 150 children in the United States has autism [560,000] or a closely related disorder - a figure higher than most recent estimates - according to a federal survey released Thursday [The results are the first to come out of the CDC's Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network] 02/08/07], the most thorough ever conducted. [....]" [Based on: Washington Post article (Rate of autism in U.S. is put higher / But the CDC survey offers no clues about what causes autism.), p. A5 S.L.P.D., 02/09/07]

2007 - Mad Cow / Alberta, Canada - February 9th, 2007: "[....] On Wednesday [02/07/07], Canada confirmed its ninth case of mad cow disease since 2003, in an Alberta bull that died on a farm last week. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency said that a mature bull tested positive for mad cow, or bovine spongiform encephalopathy. [NP] No human deaths as a result of mad cow have been reported in Canada." [Based on: News Services article (U.S. specialist to study Canadian mad cow case), p. A10 S.L.P.D., 02/09/07]

2007 - Foreign Relations / U.S. & Iran - February 9th, 2007: "Iran could strike back, supreme leader warns / Military also tests missle it says could sink warships in gulf." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for New York Times article, p. A12 S.L.P.D., 02/09/07]

2007 - Towns Covered in Snow / Upstate New York - February 9th, 2007: "Small towns [Parish & Mexico New York] covered in 6 feet of snow [have recorded more than 6 feet of snow since Sunday - 02/04/07]" [Based on: Title for Staff & News Services article, p. A6 S.L.P.D., 02/09/07]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - February 10th, 2007: "Stocks fell Friday [0209/07], completing their biggest weekly decline this year, as concern mortgage defaults may rise pushed down shares of banks. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Stocks tumble as mortgage worries mount), p. A35, S.L.P.D., 02/10/07]

2007 - Pentagon Hype / Al-Qaida in Iraq? - February 10th, 2007: "Pentagon officials undercut the intelligence community in the run-up to the U.S. invasion of Iraq by insisting in briefings to the White House that there was a clear relationship between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida, the defense Department's inspector general said Friday [02/09/07]. [NP] Acting Inspector General Thomas F. Gimble told the Senate Armed Services Committee that the office headed by former Pentagon policy chief Douglas J. Feith took 'inappropriate' actions in advancing conclusions on al-Qaida connections not backed up by the nation's intelligence agencies." [Based on: A.P. article (Pentagon hyped al-Qaida tie, official says) by Robert Burns, p. A24 S.L.P.D., 02/10/07]

2007 - Trivia / Diabetes Research - February 11th, 2007: "A group of researchers led by a Tokyo University Hospital professor has unraveled the mechanism behind visceral fat-induced diabetes, which could lead to the development of new drugs for the disease. [NP] The team, led by professor Takashi Kadowaki of the hospital's diabetic and metabolic diseases department, published its findings in Nature Medicine, a U.S. medical magazine. [NP] When visceral fat accumulates - most often in overweight middle-aged people and the elderly - the amount of a hormone called adiponectin, found in fat cells, decreases. [NP] It was known that adiponectin can lower blood sugar and neutral [< typo?] fat levels. Thus a decline in its secretion would cause metabolic syndrome, which can result in  lifestyle-related diseases, such as diabetes. [NP] However, up until now, the inner workings of the process have been unclear." [Based on: News Services article (Study team makes gain in diabetes research), p. A13 S.L.P.D., 02/11/07]

2007 - Foreign Relations / U.S.A. & Russia - February 11th, 2007: "Putin alleges U.S. undermines global stability" [Based on: Title for New York Times article, p. A12 S.L.P.D., 02/11/07]

2007 - 100+ Inches of Snow / Upstate New York - February 11th, 2007: "[....] The National Weather Service said Parish - about 25 miles northeast of Syracuse - reached a milestone early Saturday [02/10/07] with 100 inches of snow during the past seven days. Late Saturday, the total had risen to 110 inches. Unofficial reports pegged totals at 123 inches in Orwell." [Based on: News Services article (110 inches of snow in last week), p. A9 S.L.P.D., 02/11/07]

2007 - Officials link Iran to arms in Iraq - February 12th, 2007: "U.S. defense and intelligence officials, seeking to lend credibility to allegations that Iran is providing weapons to Shiite militants in Iraq, on Sunday [02/11/07] displayed munitions and fragments of weapons that they said constituted solid evidence that Tehran was contributing to Iraq's violence. [....] Citing the sensitivity of the material, the officials also prohibited reporters from filming the evidence or recording the briefing. [....] " [Based on: Los Angeles Times article (Officials link Iran to arms in Iraq), p. A1 & A8, S.L.P.D., 02/12/07]

2007 - 1st Female President / Harvard University - February 12th, 2007: "Harvard names first female president [Drew Gilpin Faust (02/11/07), its 28th president]" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. A2, S.L.P.D., 02/12/07]

2007 - Moderate Earthquake / Azores-Cape St. Vincent Ridge - February 12th, 2007: "A strong earthquake occurred at 10:35:21 (UTC) on Monday, February 12th, 2007. The magnitude 5.9 event [Depth: 10 km (6.2 miles) set by location program] has been located @ AZORES-CAPE ST. VINCENT RIDGE."

[Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2007ysam.php] - [02/16/07]

2007 - Strong Earthquake / Mindanao Philippines - February 12th, 2007: "A strong earthquake occurred at 12:45:30 (UTC) on Monday, February 12th, 2007. The magnitude 6.1 event [Depth: 10 km (6.2 miles) set by location program] has been located @ MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES."

[Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2007ysar.php] - [02/16/07]

2007 - Car Bombs Blasts / Baghdad, Iraq - February 13th, 2007: "Iraqis grieve amid the rubble after a double car bomb blast in central Baghdad on Monday [02/12/07]. At least one bomb blew up in a parking garage, setting off many secondary explosions and killing dozens [At least 78 people were killed and 166 were wounded in the bombings, which shattered a crowded marketplace in the heart of Baghdad.], police said." [Based on: Picture Caption for A.P. article (A grim anniversary in Iraq / Blasts resound during speech), p. A1, S.L.P.D., 02/13/07]

2007 - Flooding / Mozambique - February 13th, 2007: "Mozambique evacuates 60,000 [02/12/07] from flooded area [About 100 people have drowned or been electrocuted ...." [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. A9, S.L.P.D., 02/13/07]

2007 - Trivia / Human Microbiomes - February 13th, 2007: "[....] 'The skin is home to a virtual zoo,' said Blaser [Martin J. Blaser, of New York University School of Medicine], a microbiologist who last week published online the first molecular analysis of the bacteria living on one small patch of human skin. 'We're just beginning to explore it.' [NP] The analysis revealed that human skin is populated by a diverse assortment of bacteria, including many previously unknown species, offering the first detailed peek at this potentially crucial ecosystem. [....] Virtually every orifice and the digestive tract are swarming with bacteria, fungi and other microbes. By some estimates, only one out of every 10 cells in the body is human. [NP] Scientists suspect these microbes play important but poorly understood roles, assisting crucial bodily functions and potentially helping prevent or cause many diseases. [NP] 'This type of work is setting the stage for a second human sequencing project - one that examines our microbiomes' - the genes of the microbial communities populating our bodies - Jeffery Gordon, of Washington University in St. Louis wrote in an e-mail. Gordon reviewed Blaser's paper for publication by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. [NP] Such a project could lead 'to new ways of defining health, new ways for predicting disease predilection, and new ways for treating illnesses affecting various components of our body, including the skin.' [NP] Blaser's team swabbed an area of skin on the right and left forearms of three healthy men and three healthy women. They then used molecular techniques to analyze fragments of bacterial DNA captured by the swabs. [NP] The analysis revealed 182 species, the researchers reported. Of those, 30 had never been seen. They identified an additional 65 species when they sampled four of the volunteers eight to ten months later, including 14 new species. [NP] The next step will be to try to characterize the organisms' functions. 'We're interested in understanding how we interact with these organisms and how they are communicating with human cells and vice versa,' Blaser said." [Based on: Washington Post article (Human body is mostly itsy-bitsy microbes, new research finds) by Rob Stein, p. A5, S.L.P.D., 02/13/07]

2007 - Defense Testimony / CIA Leak Case - February 13th, 2007: "Lawyers  for I. Lewis ... Libby opened their case Monday [02/12/07] with a parade of prominent Washington reporters who testified that Libby never mentioned the identity of a CIA agent when they interviewed him during the period the agent's identity was leaked to the press. [....] Novak told the jury that he learned about Wilson from Richard Armitage, the deputy secretary of state, and had her identity confirmed by Karl Rove, President George W. Bush's chief political adviser. But as to whether Wilson came up in his conversation with Libby on July 8, 2003, he said: 'I got no help from Mr. Libby on that issue.' [....] In addition to Novak, the other reporters were Bob Woodward, Walter Pincus and Glen Kessler of the Washington Post; David E. Sanger of The New York Times; and Evan Thomas of Newsweek." [Based on: New York Times article (Reporters testify to what Libby didn't say to them), p. A4, S.L.P.D., 02/13/07]

2007 - Mercury Retrograde - February 14th, 2007: "The planet Mercury begins a cycle of retrograde motion [10 Pisces] - lasting until March 8th [25 Aquarius], 2007."

[Based on: http://www2.bitstream.net/~bunlion/bpi/ephm/E200702.html]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - February 14th, 2007: "Stocks snapped a three-day decline Tuesday [02/13/07] and the Dow Jones industrial average saw its biggest rally this year as takeover speculation boosted mining shares and General Motors Corp. jumped after an analyst upgrade. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Blue chips rally on Alcoa buyout rumor, GM analyst upgrade), p. D3, S.L.P.D., 02/10/07]

2007 - Launched / Aurora Rockets - February 14th, 2007: "What a way to begin Valentines Day. Before dawn on February 14th, scientists launched four sub-orbital rockets from the University of Alaska's Poker Flat Research Range directly into the aurora borealis over northern Alaska. [....] Each of the rockets released a puff of trimethylaluminum (TMA), a harmless substance that glows when exposed to oxygen. 'TMA clouds from the first three rockets are visible in the picture,' says Parrish [Photographer Lance Parrish]. By watching the swirls, researchers were able to trace high-altitude winds--important data for understanding the inner workings of aurora borealis. [....]" [Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [02/16/07]

2007 - Inflation Trivia / Zimbabwe - February 14th, 2007: "Annual inflation  rate [Zimbabwe] jumps to 1,593.6 pct." [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A12, S.L.P.D., 02/14/07]

2007 - Trivia / Iraq War Intelligence - February 14th, 2007: "[....] Shortly after 9/11, a rogue intelligence unit was created at the Pentagon under former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Situated in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, the unit reported to Douglas Feith, who served as undersecretary from July 2001 to August 2005. It operated separately from the intelligence arms of the various armed services, the Defense Intelligence Agency and all the civilian agencies of the intelligence community, including the CIA. [....] The overriding question, of course, is whether the unvetted work of Feith's rogue unit  - and the frightening statements made by administration officials based on that work - helped push us into war. If our intelligence process had functioned as it is supposed to, might more than 3,100 Americans and thousands upon thousands of Iraqis still be alive, might uncounted thousands more still be uninjured and might the United States not be caught now in such terrible circumstances in Iraq?" [Based on: Other Views page article (Intelligence - We are reaping the results of a perverted process - As Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, Douglas J. Feith tried to link Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. =  title and subtitles) by Eric Mink, p. B9, S.L.P.D., 02/14/07] - [E-mail: emink@post-dispatch.com]

2007 - Google Copyright Violation / Belgium - February 14th, 2007: "A Brussels court said Google Inc. violated copyright laws by publishing links to Belgian newspapers without permission and ordered the company to remove them, setting a precedent for future cases in Europe. [....]" [Based on: Article (Belgian court orders Google to lose news links), p. D2, S.L.P.D., 02/14/07]

2007 - FDA Warning / Rota Teq Vaccine - February 14th, 2007: "FDA warns [02/13/07] of ailment [intussusception - twisting of the intestines] in vaccinated [with the recently approved vaccine Rota Teq] infants" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. A2, S.L.P.D., 02/14/07]

2007 - Endicted / Kyle Foggo & Brent Wilkes - February 14th, 2007: "Ex-CIA, defense firm officials indicted [02/13/07] in bribe, fraud case [A federal grand jury returned 11 counts of fraud, conspiracy and money laundering against Kyle 'Dusty' Foggo, executive director of the CIA until he resigned in May (2006), and his close friend, San Diego defense contractor Brent Wilkes.]" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. A5, S.L.P.D., 02/14/07]

2007 - Tropical Cyclone Favio / Indian Ocean - February 14th, 2007: "Tropical Cyclone Favio formed in the western Indian Ocean about 1,200 kilometers from Madagascar on February 14, 2007. It gradually moved southwest, passing well offshore of Reunion and Mauritius Islands. By February 20, it was just off the southern shore of Madagascar as a well-formed, mature storm. While the storm system had largely skirted around populated areas to that point, forecasters were concerned about its behavior as it entered the warmer waters of the Mozambique Channel. The storm was forecast to reach Category Four strength before coming ashore and tracking inland through Zimbabwe and Zambia, bringing heavy rains to already flooded areas. [....]"

[Based on: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/natural_hazards_v2.php3?img_id=14119]

2007 - Won't Testify at Perjury Trial / I. Lewis Libby & Dick Cheney - February 14th, 2007: "The lawyer for I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby said Tuesday [02/13/07] that he would rest his defense of the former White House aide without calling Libby, or his former boss, Vice President Dick Cheney, to testify. [NP] The lawyer, Theodore Wells, told a judge that he had advised Libby on Tuesday not to take the stand in the perjury trial, and that Libby had followed his advice. [NP] Wells said he planned to finish presenting evidence in the case today. Closing arguments in the case are expected Tuesday." [Based on: Article (Libby, Cheney won't testify at Libby's trial), p. A6, S.L.P.D., 02/14/07]

2007 - Pollution Threat? / WW II German Submarine, Norwegian Coast - February 14th, 2007: "A German submarine that was sunk off Norway at the end of World War II will be buried in special sand to protect the coastline from its cargo of toxic mercury, the government announced Tuesday [02/13/07]. [NP] The U-864 submarine was found by the Royal Norwegian Navy in March 2003. The boat is believed to have about 70 tons of mercury on board. [NP] The U-864 had been headed for Japan when it was sunk Feb. 9, 1945, about 2 1/2 miles off the island of Fedje. The sub now lies in about 500 feet of water." [Based on: News Services article (Special sand may counter pollution threat from sub), p. A12, S.L.P.D., 02/14/07]

2007 - Child Care Trivia - February 15th, 2007: "Risky Behavior, Loose family Ties and High Mortality / U.S., U.K. rank dead last [among 21 wealthy nations] in well-being of children [The Netherlands was the best ... followed by Sweden and Denmark - according to a report by UNICEF released 02/14/07] / Social factors helped boost Scandinavian countries." [Based on: Title and Subtitles for Los Angeles Times article, p. A1, S.L.P.D., 02/15/07]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - February 15th, 2007: "Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Wednesday [02/14/07] enabled the stock market to continue its steepest advance since September with congressional testimony that brightened the outlook for inflation. Banks and industrial companies were the biggest gainers on the new York Stock Exchange. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Stocks resume rally as bernanke allays interest rate fears), p. C2, S.L.P.D., 02/15/07]

2007 - Settlement / Merck & Co. Inc. - February 15th, 2007: "Merck settles [agreed Wednesday 02/14/07] with IRS for $2.3 billion [to resolve several tax disputes]" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. C2, S.L.P.D., 02/15/07]

2007 - Defense Testimony / CIA Leak Case - February 15th, 2007: "[....] Shortly before testimony ended in the five-week trial, the presiding judge blocked defense attorneys from presenting the testimony of their proposed final witnesses - CIA employees who had briefed Libby each day on crises and terrorist threats around the world. [....] But U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton sided with prosecutors, who argued that it would be unfair to allow such testimony because Libby had decided not to testify and could not be cross-examined. [....] Instead of putting the briefers on the stand, defense attorney John Cline read jurors a lengthy list, approved by both sides, of the issues that CIA briefer Craig Schmall shared with Libby on the morning of June 14, 2003. Schmall testified earlier in the trial that his notes indicate that was the day Libby mentioned Wilson to him. [NP] Cline also read jurors a list of the national security issues confronting Libby between May 2003, when Vice President Dick Cheney first told him about Plame, and March 2004, when Libby appeared before a federal grand jury investigating the leak of her identity. [....] The defense ended its case less than three days after it began. On Tuesday, Libby's attorneys announced that they would not call the two men they had indicated would be their star witnesses: Libby and Cheney." [Based on: Title for Washington Post article ('Scooter' Libby's defense wraps up testimony) by Amy Goldstein & Carol D. Leonnig, p. A2, S.L.P.D., 02/15/07]

2007 - Qualifies Iran Accusation / George W. Bush - February 15th, 2007: "President George W. Bush bluntly accused Iranian agents Wednesday [02/14/07 - Valentines Day] of providing sophisticated explosives to kill U.S. troops in Iraq but said he did not know whether they were acting on orders of the Islamic republic's leaders and denied using the allegations as a pretext to go to war against Iran. [....]" [Based on: Washington Post article (Bush qualifies Iran accusation) by Peter Baker, p. A13, S.L.P.D., 02/15/07]

2007 - Car Bomb Kills Iranian Troops / Pakistani Border - February 15th, 2007: "A car bomb killed 11 members [and wounded 31] of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards on Wednesday [02/14/07] in the deadliest attack in years near the Pakistani border [near Zahedan], and Iran accused the United States of backing militants to destabilize the country ['This was done by a group that gets support from America,' the Islamic Republic News Agency said, quoting unidentified officials.] [....]." [Based on: A.P. article (Blast kills 11 Iranian troops / Government accuses U.S. of backing Sunni militants to destabilize country.), p. A14, S.L.P.D., 02/15/07]

*Trivia: "Bullet cartridges bearing U.S. insignia and English lettering were among the weaponry seized last week from Sunni militants suspected of killing 11 members of Iran's Shiite-dominated Revolutionary Guards, Iranian officials said Sunday [02/18/07]. [....]" [Based on: Los Angeles Times article (English writing found on bullets in Iran, officials say), p. A8, S.L.P.D., 02/19/07]

2007 - EU report admonishes 16 nations over CIA renditions - February 15th, 2007: "EU report admonishes 16 nations over CIA renditions [... for helping CIA transport terrorism suspects (subjected to 'incommunicado detention and torture') held in secret or for failing to cooperate in the parliament's investigation of the practice.]" [Based on: Title for Washington Post article by Molly Moore, p. A9, S.L.P.D., 02/15/07]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - February 16th, 2007: "The Dow Jones industrial average climbed to a second consecutive record Thursday [02/15/07] as falling import prices bolstered expectations the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Dow rallies again on speculation that Fed will cut rates), p. B9, S.L.P.D., 02/16/07]

2007 - Trivia / Themis Mission - February 16th, 2007: "NASA satellites to gather maps of magnetism [... set to launch on a single rocket this afternoon (02/16/07), part of the Themis mission to figure out the source of powerful geomagnetic substorms in the Earth's atmosphere. .... The satellites won't be in proper position until the fall and won't be collecting data until next winter.]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A5, S.L.P.D., 02/16/07]

*Trivia: "Weather cancels launch of 5 satellites by NASA" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A28, S.L.P.D., 02/17/07]

*Trivia: "THEMIS has left the planet. At 6:01 pm EST on Feb. 17th, a Delta rocket carrying five small science satellites blasted off from Kennedy Space Center (KSC). They're on a mission to solve a mystery about the aurora borealis. [NP] The mystery: Sometimes, with no warning, gently shimmering pale auroras erupt in a riot of wildly-shifting colors. This is called an "auroral substorm" and no one knows what causes it. [NP] THEMIS's five satellites are going to spread out in Earth orbit and observe auroral substorms from above, mapping the storms' magnetic fields. Researchers hope these data will reveal the inner workings of substorms and, in the process, teach us a few new things about Earth's magnetosphere. Stay tuned for updates."

[Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [02/18/07]

2007 - Fined / Ex-Enron Traders - February 16th, 2007: "Ex-Enron traders fined [Timothy Belden & Jeff Richter - 10,000 each for trying to manipulate power prices during California's energy crisis in 2000 and 2001. Belden and Richter also agreed to pay $1.2 million and $410,000, respectively, to former Enron employees." [Based on: Title for article, p. B2, S.L.P.D., 02/16/07]

2007 - Heart Disease Trivia / U.S.A. - February 16th, 2007: "Missouri among states highest in heart disease [Missouri placed ninth among states at 7.3 percent. Illinois was one of four states tied at 6 percent. The national average was 6.5 percent. West Virginia ranked No. 1 at 10.4 percent and was followed by Kentucky at 8.8 percent, Mississippi at 8, Louisiana at 7.9 percent, Tennessee at 7.6 percent, Oklahoma at 7.5 percent and Alabama and Florida at 7.4 percent.] / Illinois' rate is below the national average, report says [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - 02/15/07]." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for News Services article, p. A2, S.L.P.D., 02/16/07]

2007 - More U.S. Troops / Afghanistan - February 16th, 2007: "Bush sending 3,200 more troops to Afghanistan" [Based on: Title for Post-Dispatch Washington Bureau article, p. A6, S.L.P.D., 02/16/07]

2007 - Resignation / Prime Minister of Hamas - February 16th, 2007: "Resignation [02/15/07 of Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh] paves way for Palestinian power sharing" [Based on: Title for Washington Post article, p. A6, S.L.P.D., 02/16/07]

2007 - Prehistoric use of Chili Peppers / South America - February 16th, 2007: "Fossils show ancient use of chili peppers [New fossil evidence shows prehistoric people from southern Peru up to the Bahamas were using varities of chilies millennia (about 6,100 years ago) before Columbus' arrival brought the spice to world cuisine.]" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. A3, S.L.P.D., 02/16/07]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - February 17th, 2007: "The Dow Jones industrial average completed its best weekly advance in three months Friday [02/16/07] as takeover speculation and slowing inflation boosted miners and banks. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Dow average wraps best weekly advance in 3 months), p. A43, S.L.P.D., 02/17/07]

2007 - Strong Earthquake / Hokkaido, Japan Region - February 17th, 2007: "A strong earthquake occurred at 00:02:58 (UTC) on Saturday, February 17th, 2007. The magnitude 6.0 event [Depth: 35 km (21.7 miles) set by location program] has been located @ HOKKAIDO, JAPAN REGION."

[Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2007yxab.php] - [02/18/07]

2007 - Bird Flu / Russia - February 18th, 2007: "A strain of bird flu [H5N1] found near Moscow [Odintsovo & Domodedovo districts]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A11, S.L.P.D., 02/18/07]

2007 - Chinese New Year / Year of the Pig - February 18th, 2007: "Sunday [02/18/07] marks the start of the Chinese New Year [Year of the Pig]." [Based on: A.P. article (Disaster, unrest foretold for Year of the Pig), p. A10, S.L.P.D., 02/18/07]

2007 - Most Snow Angles / Bismark North Dakota - February 18th, 2007: "People in Bismark, N.D., on Saturday [02/17/07] break the Guinness Book od World Records mark for most snow angels at a single time. Organizers said 8,910 people took part. Bismark set the record of 1,791 in 2002, then lost it when students of Michigan Tech in Houghton, Mich, produced 3,784 a year ago." [Based on: A.P. picture article (A heavenly day in Bismark), p. A4, S.L.P.D., 02/18/07]

2007 - Sun in Pisces- February 19th, 2007: "Reported date when the Sun entered the constellation Pisces." [Based on: http://www2.bitstream.net/~bunlion/bpi/ephm/E200702.html]

2007 - Bombings / Thailand - February 19th, 2007: "More than 20 bombs kill 3, wound dozens [more than 50 - in parts of southern Thailand plagued by a Muslim insurgency]." [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A10, S.L.P.D., 02/19/07]

2007 - Car Bombs / Baghdad, Iraq - February 19th, 2007: "Two days after Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki called the opening steps of a security crackdown here a 'dazzling success,' two car bombs tore through a crowded market and killed at least 60 people [more than 100 were wounded] on Sunday [02/18/07]. [....]" [Based on: New York Times article (Iraq blasts mar 'success'), p. A1, S.L.P.D., 02/19/07]

2007 - American Weaponry? / Sunni Militants - February 19th, 2007: "Bullet cartridges bearing U.S. insignia and English lettering were among the weaponry seized last week from Sunni militants suspected of killing 11 members of Iran's Shiite-dominated Revolutionary Guards, Iranian officials said Sunday [02/18/07]. [....]" [Based on: Los Angeles Times article (English writing found on bullets in Iran, officials say), p. A8, S.L.P.D., 02/19/07]

2007 - U.S. Helicopter Crash / Southern Afghanistan - February 19th, 2007: "U.S. military helicopter [CH-47] crashes in Afghanistan [02/18/07]; 8 are killed" [Based on: Title for Los Angeles Times article, p. A10, S.L.P.D., 02/19/07]

2007 - Climate Change / A "Growing Threat to Society" - February 19th, 2007: "Climate change called 'a growing threat' / Top scientific society [American Association for the Advancement of Science on climate change] offers its first consensus statement on warming, says evidence of problem is clear." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p. A3, S.L.P.D., 02/19/07]

2007 - New Footage / JFK - February 20th, 2007: "Home movie [recently discovered] shows JFK just before [roughly 90 seconds before] he's shot [Amateur photographer George Jefferies, 82, made the movie and held onto it for more than 40 years]" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. A5, S.L.P.D., 02/20/07]

2007 - Train Bombing / India - February 20th, 2007: "[....] By mid-morning Monday [02/19/07], the charred remains of at least 66 people, some of them children, had been pulled from the two burned-out coaches [of the Samjhauta Express], which sat near the village of Dewana, about 50 miles north of New Delhi. Most of the victims were Pakistanis, officials said. [....]" [Based on: Los Angeles Times article (Attack on Indian train appears to target relations with Pakistan), p. A8, S.L.P.D., 02/20/07]

2007 - Giving Gives Good Vibes - February 20th, 2007: "[....] Giving affects the same part of the brain stimulated by sex, drugs and money [the part that is activated by reward reinforcement] , according to researchers at the National Institutes of Health [In a paper published in the fall]. [....] Opposing a cause sets off part of the brain tied to anger and moral disgust, researchers found." [Based on: MCCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS article (Giving gives brain good vibes like sex, researchers show), p. A1, S.L.P.D., 02/20/07]

2007 - Trivia / Mud Volcano, Java - February 20th, 2007: "On the island of Java, a “mud volcano” has been spewing thousands of cubic meters of mud every day since late May 2006. According to BBC news, British geologists believe that oil and gas drilling ruptured pressurized limestone rock and enabled water and mud to reach the surface. The oil company and others have suggested that the event could be related to the May 27 earthquake near Yogyakarta. Regardless of the cause, the volcano has become a major hazard, creating a huge mud lake that buried villages and agricultural land. [....]"

[Based on: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/natural_hazards_v2.php3?img_id=14120]

*Trivia: "[....] The mud is surging out [02/26/07] at a rate equivalent to about 1 million oil drums per day." [Based on: News Services article (Concrete balls are used to plug mud geyser), p. A8, S.L.P.D., 02/27/07]

2007 - Trivia / Episcopal Church, U.S.A. - February 20th, 2007: "Anglican leaders demanded Monday [02/19/07] that the U.S. Episcopal Church bar official prayers for gay couples and stop consecrating any more gay bishops to undo the damage they say North Americans have caused the Anglican family. [....] The Episcopal Church, the U.S. wing of Anglicanism, must clarify its position by Sept. 30 or its relations with other Anglicans will remain 'damaged at best.' [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (No more gay bishops, Anglicans tell U.S. church), p. A5, S.L.P.D., 02/20/07]

2007 - Convicted / Nasrollah Shanbe Zehi, Iran - February 20th, 2007: "Nasrollah Shanbe Zehi waits to be hanged Monday in Zahedan, Iran, after being convicted in an attack last week in which 11 Revolutionary Guards were killed. The state-run news agency IRNA quoted an annamed officialas saying that Zehi confessed that the attacks were part of U.S. plans to provoke ethnic and religious violence in Iran." [Based on: A.P. picture article (Set to die), p. A7, S.L.P.D., 02/20/07]

2007 - Strong Earthquake / Kepulauan Obi, Indonesia - February 20th, 2007: "A strong earthquake occurred at 08:04:27 (UTC) on Monday, February 20th, 2007. The magnitude 6.7 event [Depth: 22.5 km (14.0 miles) set by location program] has been located @ KEPULAUAN OBI, INDONESIA."

[Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2007zaah.php] - [02/21/07]

2007 - Coordinated Attack / U.S. Combat Outpost, Iraq - February 20th, 2007: "In a rare coordinated assault on a U.S. combat outpost north of Baghdad [Tarmiya], suicide bombers on Monday [02/19/07] drove at least one car laden with explosives into the compound, while other insurgents opened fire in the ensuing chaos, according to witnesses and the U.S. military. At least two U.S. soldiers were killed and 17 more were wounded. [....]" [Based on: New York Times article (U.S. combat post attacked; at least 2 soldiers are killed), p. A8, S.L.P.D., 02/20/07]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - February 21th, 2007: "Stocks rose Tuesday [02/20/07], pushing the Dow Jones industrial average to a fourth consecutive record, as higher-than-forecast earnings at Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and a drop in oil prices suggested consumers may boost profit growth. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Wal-Mart earnings, oil's retreat help boost Dow average), p. B4, S.L.P.D., 02/21/07]

2007 - Tropical Cyclone Gamede / Indian Ocean - February 21st, 2007: "Tropical Cyclone Gamede was spinning in the middle of the Indian Ocean on February 21, 2007, when it was observed by NASA’s QuikSCAT satellite at 5:03 p.m. local time (13:03 UTC). The nearest land to the storm system was Diego Garcia, several hundred miles north of the storm. [....] According to the University of Hawaii’s Tropical Storm Information Center, Cyclone Gamede had sustained winds around 45 knots (83 kilometers per hour; 52 miles per hour) at the time of the QuikSCAT observations. [....]"

[Based on: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/natural_hazards_v2.php3?img_id=14132]

2007 - Denied Rights / Guantanamo Bay Detainees - February 21th, 2007: "Setting the stage for a U.S. Supreme Court showdown, a federal appeals panel sided 2-1 with President George W. Bush's administration Tuesday [02/20/07] and denied Guantanamo Bay captives the right to challenge their detention in lower federal courts. [....]" [Based on: MCCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS article (Panel denies detainees right to challenge), p. A3, S.L.P.D., 02/21/07]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - February 22th, 2007: "The government's latest inflation report drove most stocks lower Wednesday [02/21/07] and dashed hopes for lower interest rates any time soon. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Inflation worries take toll on stocks; Nasdaq bucks trend), p. C5, S.L.P.D., 02/22/07]

2007 - Jury Deliberations / Libby Trial - February 22th, 2007: "A federal jury ended its first day of deliberations Wednesday [02/21/07] in the perjury trial of Lewis 'Scooter' Libby. The judge had urged the jurors to rely on their 'life experiences' in deciding whether Libby ... had lied to investigators - or made an honest mistake - about his role in the CIA leak. [....] Libby's attorneys contend that Libby did not intentionally lie, but inaccurately remembered his conversations about Wilson and Plame with administration colleagues and Washington journalists. [....]" [Based on: Washington Post article (Consider memory, Libby trial judge says) by Amy Goldstein, p. A2, S.L.P.D., 02/22/07]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - February 23rd, 2007: "The Dow Jones industrial average dropped the most in almost two weeks Thursday [02/22/07] as Iran's refusal to stop a uranium-enrichment program chilled investors. The Nasdaq composite index climbed to a six-year high on buoyant demand for semiconductors. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Nasdaq bucks downward trend on Iran concerns), p. B9, S.L.P.D., 02/23/07]

2007 - Sentenced / U.S. Soldier - February 23rd, 2007: "Soldier [Sgt. Paul E. Cortez] gets 100 years [sentenced 02/22/07] in rape, killings in Iraq" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A4, S.L.P.D., 02/23/07]

2007 - Torture Claim / Egyptian Cleric - February 23rd, 2007: "Cleric in CIA case [Osama Hassan Mustafa Nasr] says he was tortured [... after he was kidnapped in Italy - allegedly by CIA agents - and sent to Egypt for interrogation." [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. A11, S.L.P.D., 02/23/07]

2007 - Trivia / Gasoline Leaks, U.S.A. - February 23rd, 2007: "It will cost at least $12 billion to clean up contamination from tens of thousands of gasoline storage tanks that are leaking underground, congressional auditors say. [....] Some 117,000 faulty tanks still await cleanups, according to the latest figures current as of September 2005; 1,386 are in Missouri and 7,870 in Illinois. [....] Every time a motorist pays for a gallon of gas, a tenth of a penny goes into a trust fund to remove the contamination. The fund now has about $2.6 billion and is expected to reach $3 billion before the end of 2008. [NP] Congress has appropriated only a frqaction of this amount every year, in part to help counter federal budget deficits. [NP] leaking underground tanks have been blamed for much of the methyl tertiary-butyl ether, or MTBE, found in drinking water supplies in at least 36 states." [Based on: A.P. article ($12 billion cleanup / Estimate for gasoline leaks exceeds allocation), p. A6, S.L.P.D., 02/23/07]

2007 - To Lead Sqadron in Iraq / Britain's Prince Harry - February 23rd, 2007: "Great Britian's Prince Harry to lead a squadron in Iraq [in the coming months]" [Based on: Title for Washington Post article, p. A12, S.L.P.D., 02/23/07]

2007 - Linked to Skin Disease in Kidney Patients / Metallic Dye - February 23rd, 2007: "Report links dye [basically a metallic dye] to skin disease [nephrogenic systemic fibrosis] in kidney patients / The rare illness appears in dialysis patients who get injections for MRI scans." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for article, p. A5, S.L.P.D., 02/23/07]

2007 - Aurora Watch - February 24th, 2007: "Sky watchers from Scandinavia to Alaska should be alert for auroras perhaps as early as tonight but more likely on Feb. 25th. That's when a solar wind stream is due to hit Earth's magnetosphere." [Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] 

2007 - Trivia / Sunspot 944 - February 24th, 2007: "What do the numbers 923, 930, 935, 941 and 944 have in common? Answer: They're different names for the same sunspot, this one: [....] John Stetson of Falmouth, Maine, took the picture yesterday. It shows sunspot 944 coming around the sun's eastern limb--for the fifth time! Usually sunspots form and dissolve in a matter of weeks, but this spot has endured for more than five 27-day solar rotations. By long and idiosyncratic tradition, a sunspot receives a new number each time it reappears. [NP] Sunspot 944 may not seem impressive now, but one month ago as '941' it was a lovely spiral. Three months ago as '930' it produced one of the strongest flares of the past 25 years and Northern Lights as far south as Arizona. What will it do this time? Stay tuned." [Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [02/24/07]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - February 24th, 2007: "Stocks dropped for a third day Friday [02/23/07], pushing the Dow Jones industrial average to its worst weekly decline [to 12,647.48] since August, as concern mounted about defaulted home loans. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Stocks drop, dragging Dow to its worst week since August), p. A47, S.L.P.D., 02/24/07]

2007 - U.S. Missle Defense System? / Britain - February 24th, 2007: "U.S. may deploy missle defense system in Britain" [Based on: Title for New York Times article, p. A31, S.L.P.D., 02/24/07]

2007 - Pledge to Increase Afghan Forces / Britain - February 24th, 2007: "Britain will increase troops [1,000 more] in Afghanistan to boost NATO forces / Pledge comes on heels of Blair's announcement that he was pulling some forces out of Iraq." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p. A31, S.L.P.D., 02/24/07]

2007 - Strong Earthquake / Near Coast of Northern Peru - February 24th, 2007: "A strong earthquake occurred at 02:36:23 (UTC) on Saturday, February 24th, 2007. The magnitude 6.2 event [Depth: 15.4 km (9.6 miles) (poorly constrained) has been located @ NEAR THE COAST OF NORTHERN PERU."

[Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2007zeaf.php] - [02/24/07]

2007 - Launch / Spy Satellite, Japan - February 25th, 2007: "Japan launches fourth spy satellite [02/24/07 - that will allow Japan to monitor any point on Earth once a day.]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A11, S.L.P.D., 02/25/07]

2007 - Snowstorm / Upper Midwest, U.S.A. - February 25th, 2007: "Snowstorm [02/24/07], winds leave 7 dead, others missing" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A5, S.L.P.D., 02/25/07]

2007 - Foreign Relations? / U.S. & Iran - February 25th, 2007: "Speculation rages that U.S. will attack Iran" [Based on: Title for McCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS article by Ron Hutcheson & Warren P. Strobel], p. A16, S.L.P.D., 02/25/07]

2007 - Bomb Attack / Sunni Mosque, Iraq - February 25th, 2007: "Insurgent bomb attack [02/24/07] on Sunni mosque [Sahaba mosque in Habbaniyah] kills dozens [at least 37]" [Based on: Title for Los Angeles Times article, p. A12, S.L.P.D., 02/25/07]

2007 - Live in Deep Poverty / 16 Million Americans - February 25th, 2007: "16 million Americans [3.5 million in the West, 3.1 in the Midwest, 2.8 in the Northeast, and 6.5 million in the South] live in deep poverty [a 32-year high], census [2005 figures] analysis finds / Worker productivity is up, but wages lag as profits go more to corporations than workers." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for McCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS article, p. A7, S.L.P.D., 02/25/07]

2007 - Apology for Slavery [400 Years Later] / Virginia - February 25th, 2007: "The Virginia General Assembly voiced 'profound regret' Saturday [02/24/07] for slavery and the exploitation of American Indians, four centuries after the state gave birth to both ills in America. [....] The collective expression of remorse, said by Virginia legislators to be the first of its kind in the country, comes amid a season of soul-searching before May commemorations of the 400th anniversary of the first permanent English settlement in America, at Jamestown in 1607. [N.P.] The resolution labels slavery 'the most horrendous of all depredations of human rights and violations of our founding ideals in our nation's history.' " [Based on: News Services article (Virginia legislature apologizes for slavery), p. A5, S.L.P.D., 02/25/07]

*Trivia: "Regarding 'Apologizing for Slavery' (Feb.28): Before we apologize for slavery, we ought to apologize to the Indians." [Based on: Opinion Page article (If we start apologizing ...) by David R. Anderson, p. C10, S.L.P.D., 03/09/07]

2007 - Dick Cheney / Oman - February 26th, 2007: "Cheney arrives [02/25/07] for talks in U.S. ally Oman" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. A10, S.L.P.D., 02/26/07]

2007 - Nabulus / Raid Israeli Army - February 26th, 2007: "Israeli army imposes curfew in Nabulus raid [02/25/07]" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. A7, S.L.P.D., 02/26/07]

2007 - Suicide Blast / Mustansiriya University, Baghdad - February 26th, 2007: "Suicide blast kills dozens [at least 41 people] at university in Baghdad [02/25/07]" [Based on: Title for Washington Post article, p. A7, S.L.P.D., 02/26/07]

2007 - Aurora Watch - February 27th, 2007: "Sky watchers from Scandinavia to Alaska should be alert for auroras tonight. A solar wind stream is blowing against Earth's magnetosphere and this could cause a high-latitude geomagnetic storm." [Based on: http://spaceweather.com/index.cgi] - [02/27/07] 

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - February 27th, 2007: "Stocks extended their weeklong slump Monday as concern about mortgage defaults overshadowed the biggest leveraged buyout in history. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Stocks extend slump as S&P fall hits fourth day), p. C3, S.L.P.D., 02/27/07]

2007 - Dick Cheney / Pakistan - February 27th, 2007: "Cheney's visit [02/26/07] puts pressure on Pakistan" [Based on: Title for Los Angeles Times article, p. A6, S.L.P.D., 02/27/07]

2007 - Oil Trivia / Venezuela - February 27th, 2007: "Chavez nationalizes more oil properties [02/26/07]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A8, S.L.P.D., 02/27/07]

2007 - Trivia / Polar Health? - February 27th, 2007: "Researchers converge to study polar health [the largest international research program in 50 years, the project officially begins  Thursday [02/28/07] and ends in March 2009 - allowing for a full cycle of polar seasons, which span two calendar years. [....]" [Based on: Title for A.P. article (Researchers converge to study polar health), p. A8, S.L.P.D., 02/27/07]

2007 - New U.N. Resolution? / Iran - February 27th, 2007: "U.N. will develop new resolution on Iran" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A8, S.L.P.D., 02/27/07]

2007 - Found / Bomb Factory, Iraq - February 27th, 2007: "U.S. says [02/26/07] it has found factory for roadside bombs in Iraq [north of Baghdad]" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. A6, S.L.P.D., 02/27/07]

2007 - Cleared of Genocide / Serbia - February 27th, 2007: "[....] On Monday [02/26/07], many Bosnians ... suffered what they called their latest indignity when the International Court of Justice cleared Serbia of direct intent to commit genocide although it says the country failed to prevent the 1995 massacre at Srebrenica. [....]" [Based on: Article (Local Bosnians [St. Louis] condemn U.N. acquittal of Serbia in genocide), p. A1, S.L.P.D., 02/27/07]

2007 - Discovered / Lost Tomb of Jesus? - February 27th, 2007: "[....] The Discovery Channel documentary [set to air Sunday - 03/04/07] and an accompanying book center on a 2,000-year-old limestone tomb that was discovered more than a quarter-century ago [1980] during a construction project in East Talpiot, a residential Jerusalem neighborhood between the Old City and Bethlehem. [....]" [Based on: McCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS article, p. A2, S.L.P.D., 02/27/07]

2007 - Juror Dismissed / CIA Leak Case - February 27th, 2007: "Juror is dismissed in trial of Cheney's ex-aide [after she disclosed to her peers that she had come into contact over the weekend with information about the case]" [Based on: Title for Washington Post article, p. A2, S.L.P.D., 02/27/07]

2007 - Insider Trading? / Matthew E. Kopsky - February 27th, 2007: "The Securities and Exchange Commission accused a former executive of Engineered Support Systems Inc. [Ronald W. Davis] and his stockbroker [Matthew E. Kopsky] on Monday [02/26/07] of insider trading that earned the broker, his relatives and clients more than a quarter-million dollars. [....]" [Based on: article (SEC sues ex-exec, broker), p. C1, S.L.P.D., 02/27/07]

2007 - Texas Pacific-KKR Purchase / TXU Corp. - February 27th, 2007: "Texas Pacific-KKR group pays $45 billion to purchase TXU / Purchase of texas' largest power producer is biggest leveraged buyout ever." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for Bloomberg News article, p. C1, S.L.P.D., 02/27/07]

2007 - Market Report / U.S.A. - February 28th, 2007: "Plunging stocks wiped out about $600 billion in market value Tuesday [02/27/07] and erased 2007's gains, after a selloff in China spread globally. [The Dow Jones industrial average sank 416.02, or 3.3 percent, to 12.216.24. The S&P 500 index retreated 50.33, or 3.5 percent, to 1,399.04. The Nasdaq composite index dropped 96.66, or 3.9 percent, to 2,407.86.]. [....]" [Based on: Bloomberg News article (Tuesday's wipeout erases market's gains for the year), p. C4, S.L.P.D., 02/28/07]

2007 - Global Warming Plan / U.N. - February 28th, 2007: "U.N. gets plan to fight global warming [02/27/07]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A7, S.L.P.D., 02/28/07]

2007 - Suicide Bomber / Afghanistan - February 28th, 2007: "Cheney at site of blast [that killed up to 23 people] in Afghanistan [02/27/07]" [Based on: Title for New York Times article, p. A8, S.L.P.D., 02/28/07]

2007 - Sentenced / Former FDA Chief - February 28th, 2007: "Former FDA head [Lester Crawford] receives sentence [02/27/07 to 3 yrs. supervised probation and roughly $90,000 in fines for lying about stocks he owned in companies regulated by his agency]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A6, S.L.P.D., 02/28/07]

2007 - Avalanche / San Francisco Hillside - February 28th, 2007: "Hillside [in San Francisco's North Beach district] comes down on several buildings [02/27/07]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A6, S.L.P.D., 02/28/07]

2007 - HPV / One in Four U.S. Females? - February 28th, 2007: "New study [CDC] sheds light on HPV infections [One in four U.S. females ages 14 to 59 is infected with the sexually transmitted virus that in some forms can cause cervical cancer, according to the first broad national estimate.]" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. A3, S.L.P.D., 02/28/07]

2007 - Rebuilding? / Al-Qaida in Pakistan - February 28th, 2007: "Al-Qaida is rebuilding, panel told / U.S. Intelligence chief names Pakistan as site." [Based on: Title for New York Times article, p. A9, S.L.P.D., 02/28/07]

2007 - Approved? / Bird Flu Vaccine, U.S.A. - February 28th, 2007: "Make-do bird flu vaccine [Sanofi Aventis SA] is approved" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. A3, S.L.P.D., 02/28/07]

2007 - Value Discounted? / Antioxidant Pills - February 28th, 2007: "Value of antioxidant pills discounted [according to study by the Cochrane Hepato-Biliary Group at Copenhagen University in Denmark - appearing in today's Journal of the American Medical Association]" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. A3, S.L.P.D., 02/28/07]

2007 - No More Risky Loans? / Freddie Mac - February 28th, 2007: "Freddie Mac steps back from risky loans" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. C2, S.L.P.D., 02/28/07]

2007 - No Reason to Panic? / U.S. Stock Market - February 28th, 2007: "Why did this happen [Dow opens at 12,628.90. Dow hits a low of 12,086.06]? / Tuesday's 3.3 percent drop in the Dow was a jolt to investors But financial experts say there's no reason to panic" [Based on: Front Page Headline article, p. A1, S.L.P.D., 02/28/07]

2007 - Volcanic Eruption / Stromboli Volcano, Sicily - February 28th, 2007: "Sicilian island's volcano [Stromboli] explodes [02/27/07]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A5, S.L.P.D., 02/28/07]

2007 - Strong Earthquake / South Sandwich Islands Region - February 28th, 2007: "A strong earthquake occurred at 23:13:20 (UTC) on Wednesday, February 28th, 2007. The magnitude 6.2 event [Depth: 35 km (21.7 miles) set by location program] has been located @ SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS REGION."

[Based on: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2007zicy.php] - [03/02/07]

2007 - Bankruptcy Protection? / Roman Catholic Diocese, San Diego - February 28th, 2007: "Diocese [Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego] will seek bankruptcy protection" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A6, S.L.P.D., 02/28/07]

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