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January 2011

2011 - Astronomic Configuration - January 1st, 2011: "Sun [10 Capricorn], Moon [2 Sagittarius], Mercury [19 Sagittarius], Venus [23 Scorpio], Mars [18 Capricorn], Jupiter [26 Pisces], Saturn [16  Libra], Uranus [26 Pisces], Neptune [26 Aquarius], Pluto [5 Capricorn], Chiron [27 Aquarius]."

[Based on: http://www.biopscinst.com/bpi/ephm/E201101.html]

2011 - Bomb Blast / Nigeria - January 1st, 2011: "Dozens reported killed [12/31/10] in blast ['beer garden at a Nigerian army barracks'] in Nigeria [Abuja, Nigeria]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A15, S.L.P.D., 01/01/11]

2011 - Emerging Sunspots - January 1st, 2011: "The quiet sun is suddenly active again with sunspots breaking through the stellar surface at three locations. [....]" [Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [T.D. - 01/01/11]

*Trivia: "2011 is beginning with a flurry of sunspots. Five dark cores have emerged on the Earth-side of the sun, giving readers with solar telescopes a quintet of targets for New Years Day. So far, none of the new regions is producing strong solar flares." [Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [T.D. - 01/01/11]

2011 - Married / Shania Twain - January 1st, 2011: "Shania Twain weds [Frederic Thiebaud] in Puerto Rico [01/01/11]" [Based on: Title for ENTERTAINMENT article, p. A15, S.L.P.D., 01/03/11]

2011 - Tornadoes / Midwest U.S.A. - January 1st, 2011: "Damage delivered in quick bursts / Friday's 60-degree weather [12/31/10] clashed with cold air to create tornadoes that struck several St. Louis-area communities in rapid succession." [Based on: Title for Article, p. A1, S.L.P.D., 01/01/11]

*Trivia: "Tornado victims' new foe: Looters / Thieves break into damaged homes to steal appliances, plumbing, even faucet handles." [Based on: Title for Article, p. A1, S.L.P.D., 01/05/11]

2011 - Outstanding Public Debt / U.S.A. - January 1st, 2011: "The Outstanding Public Debt [U.S.A.] as of 01 Jan 2011 at 03:46:22 AM GMT is: $13,876,204,618,584.68. The estimated population of the United States is 309,763,857 so each citizen's share of this debt is $44,796.07. The National Debt has continued to increase an average of $4.09 billion per day since September 28, 2007! Concerned? Then tell Congress and the White House! [Based on: http://www.brillig.com/debt_clock/] - [T.D. - 01/01/11]

2011 - Explosion / Coptic Church, Egypt - January 1st, 2011: "Explosion [early today] outside church in Egypt [Coptic Christian church, Alexandria] kills at least 7" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A15, S.L.P.D., 01/01/11]

2011 - Major Earthquake / Santiago Del Estero, Argentina - January 1st, 2011: According to Preliminary Data (See: T.D. [Transcription Date] after link.) "A major earthquake occurred at 09:56:59 (UTC) on Saturday, January 1st, 2011. The magnitude 7.0 event [Location: 26.758°S, 63.103°W; Depth 583.6 km (362.6 miles) set by location program] was located @ SANTIAGO DEL ESTERO, ARGENTINA."

[Based on: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/usc0000xky.php]-[T.D. - 01/01/11]

2011 - 1st Female President / Brazil - January 2nd, 2011: "Brazil's first female president [Dilma Rousseff] takes office [01/01/11]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A5, S.L.P.D., 01/02/11]

2011 - Flooding / Rockhampton, Australia - January 2nd, 2011: "Flooding forces evacuation [01/01/11] of Australian city [Rockhampton]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A5, S.L.P.D., 01/02/11]

2011 - U.S. Missile Strikes / Pakistan - January 2nd, 2011: "Missile strikes [01/01/11] kill 18 [northwestern Pakistan]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A5, S.L.P.D., 01/02/11]

2011 - Major Earthquake / Araucania, Chile - January 2nd, 2011: According to Preliminary Data (See: T.D. [Transcription Date] after link.) "A major earthquake occurred at 09:56:59 (UTC) on Sunday, January 2nd, 2011. The magnitude 7.1 event [Location: 38.354°S, 73.275°W; Depth 25.1 km (15.6 miles)] was located @ ARAUCANIA, CHILE."

[Based on: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/usc0000y49.php]-[T.D. - 01/03/11]

2011 - Solar Wind - January 3rd, 2011: " '[Last night], Earth's upper atmosphere got hit full force both by the solar wind, producing some amazing coronas in purple and green, and every now and then by a fragment from shattered comet 2003 EH1, source of the Quadrantid meteor shower.' [....]"

[Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [T.D. - 01/04/11]

2011 - Political heat in Pakistan - January 3rd, 2011: "Political heat in Pakistan / Future of pro-U.S. government in doubt after major coalition partner [Muttahida Qaumi Movement] quits ['The party pulled its ministers from the cabinet last week.]." [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. A4, S.L.P.D., 01/03/11]

*Trivia: "Party [MQM] rejoins [01/07/11] government in Pakistan" [Based on: Title (and text) for Article, p. A17, S.L.P.D., 01/08/11]

2011 - Witchcraft declared legal profession in Romania - January 3rd, 2011: "Romania has changed its labor laws to officially recognize witchcraft as a profession, prompting one self-described witch to threaten retaliation. The move, which went into effect Saturday [01/01/11], is part of the government's drive to crack down on widespread tax evasion in a country that is in recession." [Based on: News Services article (Witchcraft declared legal profession in Romania), p. A13, S.L.P.D., 01/03/11]

2011 - Market Watch / U.S.A. - January 4th, 2011: "Stocks started 2011 with a big gain Monday [01/03/11] after good economic news. Reports on manufacturing and construction were better than expected. The Dow rose 0.8 percent to 11,670.75. The S&P 500 gained 1.1 percent to 1,271.89. The Nasdaq rose 1.5 percent to 2,691.52." [Based on: MARKET WATCH article, p. A8, S.L.P.D., 01/04/11]

2011 - Dead Fish / Arkansas - January 4th, 2011: "Dead fish [83,000] examined [Arkansas River]" [Based on: Title for Article, p. A15, S.L.P.D., 01/04/11]

2011 - Dead Birds / Arkansas - January 4th, 2011: "Labs seek clues to birds' [red-winged blackbirds] deaths [12/31/10 - Arkansas]" [Based on: Title for Article, p. A15, S.L.P.D., 01/04/11]

2011 - Died / Gerry Rafferty - January 4th, 2011: Reportedly died this date in history - Scottish singer, Gerry Rafferty. He was 63. - E.M.

2011 - DOUBLE SOLAR ECLIPSE - January 4th, 2011: "For a split-second on Jan. 4th [visible over Europe] the disk of the sun was partially covered by the Moon and the International Space Station [....]"

[Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [T.D. - 01/04/11]

2011 - Trivia / U.S. National Dept - January 4th, 2011: "[....] The national debt [U.S.A.] is about to reach $14 trillion, having increased more than $3 trillion in the last two years alone. [NP] Just the interest on the debt is projected to reach around $1 trillion in 2020 - almost double what the country spent on all non-defense discretionary programs last year. Combine interest payments with the long-term shortfalls in Medicare and Social Security, and Millennials eventually could be paying more than 60 percent of their income in taxes. [....]" [Based on: Other Views page article (An adult conversation about national debt / Public policy - We have an opportunity [to?] put the federal government on a fiscally sustainable path.) by Luke Repici, p. A11, S.L.P.D., 01/04/11]

2011 - Consumer Bankruptcies / U.S.A. - January 4th, 2011: "Consumer bankruptcies rose 9 percent last year [U.S.A.], and filings will keep climbing this year given high debt levels and tepid income growth, the American Bankruptcy Institute said Monday [01/03/11], citing data from the National Bankruptcy Research Center. A total of 1,530,078 U.S. consumers filed for bankruptcy protection from creditors last year [2010], up from 1,407,788 in 2009, the group reported. Filings have increased each year since the bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Prevention Act of 2005, the group said." [Based on: Article (Consumer bankruptcies rise), p. A8, S.L.P.D., 01/04/11]

2011 - Two Americans are killed in Iraq - January 4th, 2011: "Two members of the U.S. military were killed Sunday night [01/02/11] in central Iraq. The deaths, confirmed Monday, came amid two days of attacks against Iraqi security forces. Over the course of two hours, gunmen killed a police colonel, and army colonel, two police commissioners, a colonel from the traffic police and a municipal employee, all in a tight area of central and eastern Baghdad. [NP] Early Monday [01/03/10], near Baqouba, a suicide bomber drove a car laden with more than 300 pounds of explosives in an assault on the intelligence headquarters for eastern Iraq. The explosion killed two people and wounded 16, many of them schoolgirls whose minibus was passing nearby when the car exploded, a police official said. two people killed were passers-by not connected to the intelligence unit." [Based on: News Services article (Two Americans are killed in Iraq), p. A6, S.L.P.D., 01/04/11]

2011 - Slain military experts steps retraced - January 4th, 2011: "[....] Wheeler [John Wheeler III], 66, was found on New Year's Eve as a garbage truck emptied its contents at the Cherry Island landfill. His death has been ruled a homicide." [Based on: Article (Slain military experts steps retraced), p. A15, S.L.P.D., 01/04/11]

2011 - EU sees inflation - January 5th, 2011: "[....] Annual inflation in the nations using the euro currency rose to 2.2 percent in December [2010], from 1.9 percent in November, according to an initial estimate from Eurostat, the European Union's statistics agency. [....]." [Based on: Article (EU sees inflation), p. A9, S.L.P.D., 01/05/11]

2011 - Flooding in Australia - January 5th, 2011: "Churning floodwaters continued to rise across a vast swath of northeastern Australia as authorities worked to grapple with the multibillion-dollar economic toll from record inundations that have killed at least nine people. Rain predicted today is expected to worsen flooding in Queensland. At least 200,000 people have been affected so far." [Based on: Article (Flooding in Australia), p. A10, S.L.P.D., 01/05/11]

*Links: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/view.php?id=48420

2011 - Market Watch / U.S.A. - January 5th, 2011: "A rally that pushed  stocks up nearly 7 percent in December took a pause Tuesday as traders shrugged off a pickup in factory orders and a sharp rise in monthly sales from General Motors and Ford. The S&P 500 fell 0.1 percent to 1,270.20, while the Dow rose 0.2 percent to 11,691.18." [Based on: MARKET WATCH article, p. A9, S.L.P.D., 01/05/11]

2011 - Assassinated / Pakistani Governor - January 5th, 2011: "[....] Salman Taseer, the governor of Punjab province and an avowed opponent of religious extremism, was shot to death at an open-air shopping center [01/04/11] that is frequented by foreigners and the Pakistani elite. The gunman was a member of the governor's own elite police security contingent, officials said. [NP] They said the gunman's motive was anger at the governor's call for a pardon of Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian woman facing the death penalty for allegedly defaming Islam. The case has divided Pakistan and drawn international criticism of the country's blasphemy laws. [....]" [Based on: Los Angeles Times article (Popular Pakistani governor is assassinated / Killing of Salman Taseer hurts U.S.-backed government, effort to scale back insurgents.), p. A10, S.L.P.D., 01/05/11]

2011- Relieved of Duty / U.S. Enterprise C.O. - January 5th, 2011: "Videos lead Navy [01/04/11] to relieve captain [Capt. Owen Nonors] / Service cites 'profound lack of good judgement' in sexually explicit productions." [Based on: Title for New York Times article, p. A6, S.L.P.D., 01/05/11]

2011 - Ex-Goodwill official admits to embezzling from charity - January 5th, 2011: "A former executive at MERS / Missouri Goodwill Industries, described as a gregarious 'scoundrel' when he was fired in July, pleaded guilty Tuesday to embezzling more than $1 million from the charitable agency that is supposed to serve the poor. [....]" [Based on: Article (Ex-Goodwill official admits to embezzling from charity / Ronald Partee, 45, had been lauded as a charismatic leader.), p. A3, S.L.P.D., 01/05/11]

2011 - Strong Earthquake / Southeast of the Loyalty Islands - January 5th, 2011: According to Preliminary Data (See: T.D. [Transcription Date] after link.) "A strong earthquake occurred at 06:46:17 (UTC) on Wednesday, January 5th, 2011. The magnitude 6.3 event [Location: 22.304°S, 171.595°E; Depth 135.9 km (84.4 miles)] was located @ SOUTHEAST OF THE LOYALTY ISLANDS."

[Based on: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/usc0000z67.php]-[T.D. - 01/05/11]

2011 - Seeks Bankruptcy Protection / Milwaukee Archdiocese - January 5th, 2011: "Archdiocese [Milwaukee] seeks bankruptcy protection ['because pending sexual-abuse lawsuits have left it with debts it can't pay.']." [Based on: Article (Archdiocese seeks bankruptcy protection), p. A15, S.L.P.D., 01/05/11]

2011 - Market Watch / U.S.A. - January 6th, 2011: "A report of a jump in hiring sent stocks higher for the third day in a row Wednesday. Private companies added 197,000 more jobs than economists expected last month. The Dow gained [<typo?] rose 0.3 percent. The S&P 500 index rose 0.5 percent. The Nasdaq rose 0.6 percent." [Based on: MARKET WATCH article, p. A11, S.L.P.D., 01/06/11]

2011 - Witches have to pay taxes - January 6th, 2011: "Everyone curses the tax man, but Romanian witches angry about having to pay taxes for the first time are planning to use cat excrement and dead dogs to cast spells on the president and the government. Also among Romania's newest taxpayers are fortune tellers - but they probably should have seen it coming." [Based on: Article (Witches have to pay taxes), p. A15, S.L.P.D., 01/06/11]

2011 - Iranian Christians arrested - January 6th, 2011: "Iranian state television said leaders of the country's Christian minority have been arrested and accused of spreading a hard-line version of their faith." [Based on: Article (Iranian Christians arrested), p. A15, S.L.P.D., 01/06/11]

2011 - Radical cleric returns to Iraq - January 6th, 2011: "Radical cleric [Muqtada al-Sadr] returns to Iraq [01/05/11]" [Based on: Title for Article, p. A15, S.L.P.D., 01/06/11]

2011 - FDA increases tobacco oversight - January 6th, 2011: "For the first time, the Food and Drug Administration will be privy to changes in the formulation of tobacco products, enabling the agency to weed out chemical tweaks aimed at making cigarettes and other tobacco products more addictive. The FDA will require all tobacco products introduced or changed after Feb. 15, 2007, to demonstrate 'substantial equivalence' with products on the market at that date." [Based on: Article (FDA increases tobacco oversight), p. A8, S.L.P.D., 01/06/11]

2011 - Ancient Timbers / London, England - January 6th, 2011: "When MI6 set up home on the banks of the Thames one secret escaped its watchful eyes. The oldest wooden structure ever found on the river, timbers almost 7,000 years old, have been discovered buried in the silt below the windows of the security services' ziggurat headquarters at Vauxhall, south London. [....] The timbers, partly scoured bare by erosion of the river bed, the largest up to a third of a metre in diameter, were discovered in work during exceptionally low tides last February, but carbon dating work - revealed in the new edition of London Archaeologist journal - has only recently been completed, proving that the trees were felled between 4790 BC and 4490 BC. [NP] Although the site is now exposed only at the lowest tides, the ancient Thames was narrower and deeper, and Milne believes that 7,000 years ago the timbers may have been built on dry land, possibly at the highest point of a small island. [....] The site is just where a smaller river, the Effra, enters the Thames, and it was clearly important to the prehistoric Londoners. The archaeologists, working with experts from the Museum of London and English Heritage, also found worked flint from the same date as the timbers, older pottery, and just upstream, on the far side of the modern Vauxhall bridge, a much later Bronze Age structure. [....]"

[Based on: The Guardian article (7,000-year-old timbers found beneath MI6 Thames headquarters / Archaeologists hail oldest wooden structure ever found on river, despite security services' armed response to researchers) by Maev Kennedy, 01/06/11]

*Link: http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2011/jan/06/ancient-timbers-mi6-headquarters

2011 - God was behind Big Bang, pope says - January 6th, 2011: "VATICAN CITY — God's mind was behind complex scientific theories such as the Big Bang, and Christians should reject the idea that the universe came into being by accident, Pope Benedict said Thursday. [NP] 'The universe is not the result of chance, as some would want to make us believe,' Benedict said on the day Christians mark the Epiphany, the day the Bible says the three kings reached the site where Jesus was born by following a star. [NP] 'Contemplating it (the universe) we are invited to read something profound into it: the wisdom of the creator, the inexhaustible creativity of God,' he said in a sermon to some 10,000 people in St. Peter's Basilica on the feast day. [NP] While the pope has spoken before about evolution, he has rarely delved back in time to discuss specific concepts such as the Big Bang, which scientists believe led to the formation of the universe some 13.7 billion years ago. [NP] Researchers at CERN, the nuclear research center in Geneva, have been smashing protons together at near the speed of light to simulate conditions that they believe brought into existence the primordial universe from which stars, planets and life on earth - and perhaps elsewhere - eventually emerged. [NP] Proof God doesn't exist? - Some atheists say science can prove that God does not exist, but Benedict said that some scientific theories were 'mind limiting' because 'they only arrive at a certain point ... and do not manage to explain the ultimate sense of reality.' [NP] He said scientific theories on the origin and development of the universe and humans, while not in conflict with faith, left many questions unanswered. [NP] 'In the beauty of the world, in its mystery, in its greatness and in its rationality ... we can only let ourselves be guided toward God, creator of heaven and earth,' he said. [NP] Benedict and his predecessor John Paul have been trying to shed the Church's image of being anti-science, a label that stuck when it condemned Galileo for teaching that the earth revolves around the sun, challenging the words of the Bible. [NP] Galileo was rehabilitated and the Church now also accepts evolution as a scientific theory and sees no reason why God could not have used a natural evolutionary process in the forming of the human species. [NP] The Catholic Church no longer teaches creationism - the belief that God created the world in six days as described in the Bible - and says that the account in the book of Genesis is an allegory for the way God created the world. [NP] But it objects to using evolution to back an atheist philosophy that denies God's existence or any divine role in creation. It also objects to using Genesis as a scientific text. " [Based on: Science on MSNBC.com article (God was behind Big Bang, pope says / 'The universe is not the result of chance, as some would want to make us believe' ) by Philip Pullella, Reuters (see link) - updated 1/6/2011 10:10:20 AM ET] - [Brakets text (NP = New paragraph) added to save space. See link for context. - E.M.]

*Link: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/40945242/ns/technology_and_science-science/

2011 - School Shooting / Omaha, Nebraska - January 6th, 2011: "Student [Robert Butler Jr., 17] who shot 2, self [01/05/11 - Millard South High] left facebook message / 'I'm sry but Omaha changed me and (expletive) me up,' he said." [Based on: Title for OMAHA WORLD-HERALD article, p. A17, S.L.P.D., 01/06/11]

2011 - NATO spent $20 billion in Afghanistan - January 6th, 2011: "By the end of the year, NATO will have spent $20 billion on developing Afghan security forces since the start of 2010 and will maintain a training presence through at least 2016, the commander of the training mission said Wednesday." [Based on: Article (NATO spent $20 billion in Afghanistan), p. A15, S.L.P.D., 01/06/11]

2011 - Poverty numbers revised upward / U.S.A. - January 6th, 2011: "The number of poor people in the U.S. is millions higher than previously known, with 1 in 6 Americans in poverty. Under a new revised census formula, overall poverty in 2009 stood at 15.7 percent, or 47.8 million people. That's compared with the official 2009 rate of 14.3 percent, or 43.6 million, reported by the Census Bureau last September." [Based on: Article (Poverty numbers revised upward), p. A8, S.L.P.D., 01/06/11]

2011 - Vaccine-autism link is denounced as hoax - January 6th, 2011: "Vaccine-autism link is denounced as hoax [01/05/11] / Allegedly phony research [study led by Dr. Andrew Wakefield, published in The Lancet, 1998] discouraged parents from getting kids immunized against measles." [Based on: Title [and text] for Newsday article by Amanda Gardner, p. A17, S.L.P.D., 01/06/11]

2011 - Gulf oil spill was avoidable, panel concludes - January 6th, 2011: "[....] The companies - BP, Transocean and Halliburton, and several subcontractors working for them - took a series of hazardous and time-saving steps without adequate consideration of the risks involved, the commission says. The findings were released Wednesday [01/05/11] in advance of the full report, to be published early next week. [....]" [Based on: New York Times article (Gulf oil spill was avoidable, panel concludes), p. A8, S.L.P.D., 01/06/11]

2011 - Recession curtails health care outlays / U.S.A. - January 6th, 2011: "U.S. healthcare spending in 2009 [U.S.A.] grew at the slowest rate in 50 years, as the recession and high unemployment caused outlays for nearly all medical goods and services to slow or decline, according to a government report released Wednesday [01/05/11]. [....] Total public and private spending for health services grew by 4 percent to $2.5 trillion, or $8,086 per person in 2009. [NP] That's up from $7,845 per person in 2008, when annual health outlays increased only 4.7 percent, the second-slowest rate in the last half century, the Department of Health and Human Services reported. [NP] Fueling the spending slowdown in 2009 was a 3.2 percent decline in private health insurance enrollment as 6.3 million people lost job-based coverage that year. [....] Nevertheless, more than one-sixth of the nation's financial resources were spent on health care in 2009. [NP] And the government absorbed a larger share of the bill, spending more than $678 billion for health care in 2009, nearly 18 percent more than in 2008. In total, the government also absorbed 27 percent of the total U.S. health care bill - up 3 percentage points from 2008. [....]" [Based on: McCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS article (Recession curtails health care outlays / 4 percent increase in spending in 2009 is lowest in 50 years; U.S. government picks up more of tab as Americans lose jobs.) by Tony Pugh, p. A10, S.L.P.D., 01/06/11]

2011 - Solar Wind - January 7th, 2011: "As expected, a solar wind stream hit Earth's magnetic field during the early hours of Jan. 7th. The impact sparked a G1-class (Kp=5) geomagnetic storm and bright auroras around the Arctic Circle. [....]" [Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [T.D. - 01/07/11]

2011 - Market Watch / U.S.A. - January 7th, 2011: "Stocks were mixed after the government reported that applications for unemployment benefits increased last week. The previous week, claims had fallen to their lowest level in more than two years. The Dow fell 0.2 percent. The S&P 500 index fell 0.2 percent." [Based on: MARKET WATCH article, p. B3, S.L.P.D., 01/07/11]

2011 - Arrested / Ex-CIA Agent - January 7th, 2011: "Ex-CIA agent [Jeffrey Sterling] arrested [01/06/11] here [St. Louis, Mo.] in leaks case / He shared secrets with author of book on covert operations, U.S. alleges." [Based on: Title for Article by Jennifer Mann, p. A1, S.L.P.D., 01/07/11]

2011 - Two packages ignite in Maryland - January 7th, 2011: "Two packages ['incendiary devices'] ignite in Maryland [01/06/11] / State worker suffers minor injury in one case in which package was addressed to governor." [Based on: Title for The Baltimore Sun article, p. A4, S.L.P.D., 01/07/11]

2011 - American reportedly arrested by Iran - January 7th, 2011: "American [Hall Talayan] reportedly arrested by Iran ['for spying']" [Based on: Title (and text) for Article, p. A6, S.L.P.D., 01/07/11]

*Trivia: "American not in Iranian custody, U.S. says [01/08/11]" [Based on: Title for Article, p. A9, S.L.P.D., 01/09/11]

2011 - More Marines to Afghanistan, official says - January 7th, 2011: "More Marines to Afghanistan ['in the next few months'], official says / Most of the 1,400 are to be sent to restive Kandahar province, scene of intense fighting by Army troops." [Based on: Title for New York Times article, p. A10, S.L.P.D., 01/07/11]

2011 - We were all naked until 170,000 years ago - January 7th, 2011: "Clothing first appeared 170,000 years ago. That's what University of Florida researchers have deduced from an unlikely source - the annoying clothing louse. [....] The study, in this month's print edition of Molecular Biology and Evolution, finds that the one louse species began to diverge into two about 170,000 years ago, 70,000 years before humans started migrating to colder climates, which began about 100,000 years ago. [NP] Because clothing doesn't last for 170,000 years, looking at lice was the best way to deduce this. [NP] Interestingly, humans seem to have started wearing clothes well after they lost body hair, which genetic skin-coloration research puts at about 1 million years ago. That means that people spent a good long while wandering around without protective and warming body hair and without clothing, says Reed. [....] While the last Ice Age occurred about 120,000 years ago, from the study results humans probably began wearing clothes in the one before it, 180,000 years ago. Modern humans first appeared about 200,000 years ago." [Based on: SCIENCEFAIR article (We were all naked until 170,000 years ago) by By Elizabeth Weise, 01/07/11]


2011 - Market Watch / U.S.A. - January 8th, 2011: "A disappointing report on jobs sent stocks down Friday. The Labor Department said employers added 103,000 jobs in December, less than analysts expected. The unemployment rate fell to 9.4 percent. The Dow and S&P 500 fell 0.2 percent. The Nasdaq slipped 0.2 percent." [Based on: MARKET WATCH article, p. A9, S.L.P.D., 01/08/11]

2011 - Lobbyist sentenced - January 8th, 2011: "A once-prominent Washington lobbyist has been sentenced to 27 months in prison for illegally funneling more than $380,000 in campaign contributions to House members controlling the Pentagon's budget. A federal judge imposed the sentence Friday [01/07/10] in the case of Paul Magliocchetti, who for two decades ran a top lobbying shop that worked with executives of Magliocchetti's defense contract clients. The defense contractors hired the lobbyist for his influence with the late Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., and other key congressional players who earmarked funds for favored companies." [Based on: Article (Lobbyist sentenced), p. A7, S.L.P.D., 01/08/11]

2011 - Suicide Bomber / Afghanistan - January 8th, 2011: "17 killed ['23 injured'] in Afghan blast [01/07/11]" [Based on: Title (and text) for Article, p. A17, S.L.P.D., 01/08/11]

2011 - Trivia / U.S. Combat Casualties - January 8th, 2011: "[....] More than 430 U.S. service members died from hostile action in Afghanistan last year through Dec. 21 [2010], according to official data released by the Pentagon last week at the request of The New York Times. [NP] This was a small fraction of those struck. Nearly 5,500 U.S. troops were wounded in action - more than double the total of 2,415 in 2009 and almost six times the number wounded in 2008. [....]" [Based on: New York Times article (Combat casualties on rise / Numbers approach the worst periods in Iraq, but more are surviving wounds.), p. A12, S.L.P.D., 01/08/11]

2011 - Package flares up in D.C. mailroom - January 8th, 2011: "Package ['incendiary device'] flares up in D.C. mailroom [01/07/11] / Design is similar to two packages that briefly ignited Thursday in Maryland." [Based on: Title (and text) for Baltimore Sun article, p. A13, S.L.P.D., 01/08/11]

2011 - Germany finds dioxin in animal feed - January 8th, 2011: "Germany finds dioxin in animal feed ['for chickens and pigs']" [Based on: Title (and text) for Article, p. A17, S.L.P.D., 01/08/11]

2011 - China getting closer on stealth jet - January 8th, 2011: "China getting closer on stealth jet / Prototype would compete with U.S. jets years ahead of predictions; anti-ship missile called near operational." [Based on: Title for Tribune Washington Bureau article, p. A17, S.L.P.D., 01/08/11]

2011 - Britain warns U.S. of terrorist threat - January 8th, 2011: "Britain warns U.S. of terrorist threat ['possible terrorist threat to planes flying through the U.K.']" [Based on: Title (and text) for Article, p. A12, S.L.P.D., 01/08/11]

2011 - Winter Storm / U.S. South - January 9th, 2011: "Winter storm slams South [01/09/11] / Emergencies are declared in Louisiana, Alabama and Georgia; flights canceled." [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. A8, S.L.P.D., 01/10/11] *Links: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/view.php?id=48570

2011 - Strong Earthquake / Vanuatu - January 9th, 2011: According to Preliminary Data (See: T.D. [Transcription Date] after link.) "A strong earthquake occurred at 10:03:43 (UTC) on Sunday, January 9th, 2011. The magnitude 6.6 event [Location: 19.163°S, 168.326°E; Depth 17.4 km (10.8 miles] was located @ VANUATU."

[Based on: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/usc00010we.php]-[T.D. - 01/09/11]

2011 - Strong Earthquake / Vanuatu - January 9th, 2011: According to Preliminary Data (See: T.D. [Transcription Date] after link.) "A strong earthquake occurred at 17:21:55 (UTC) on Sunday, January 9th, 2011. The magnitude 6.4 event [Location: 19.281°S, 168.132°E; Depth 32.8 km (20.4 miles)] was located @ VANUATU."

[Based on: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/usc00010zm.php]-[T.D. - 01/09/11]

2011 - 6 die in attack on Arizona legislator - January 9th, 2011: "6 die in attack on Arizona legislator [01/08/11] / Gabrielle Giffords critically injured when bullet went through her brain and exited her skull." [Based on: Title for New York Times article, p. A1, S.L.P.D., 01/09/11]

2011 - Religious violence continues in Nigeria - January 10th, 2011: "[....] The Jos violence, though fractured across religious lines, often has more to do with local politics, economics and rights to grazing lands. The government of Plateau state, where Jos is the capital, is controlled by Christian politicians who have blocked Muslims from being legally recognized as citizens. That has locked many out of prized government jobs in a region where the tourism industry and tin mining have collapsed in the last decades." [Based on: A.P. article (Religious violence continues in Nigeria / In the central city of Jos, families hide wherever they can find shelter; eight people are killed in illicit beer garden.), p. A9, S.L.P.D., 01/10/11]

2011 - Saudi Arabia seeking 47 al-Qaida suspects - January 10th, 2011: "Saudi Arabia has asked Interpol for help in tracking down 47 al-Qaida suspects beyond its borders who are believed to be planning attacks in the kingdom. [....]" [Based on: Title for Article (Saudi Arabia seeking 47 al-Qaida suspects), p. A9, S.L.P.D., 01/10/11]

2011 - Hotel razed for Jewish housing development - January 10th, 2011: "Hotel razed for Jewish housing development ['a vacant hotel in an Arab neighborhood of east Jerusalem on Sunday']" [Based on: Title (and text) for Article, p. A13, S.L.P.D., 01/10/11]

2011 - Sunspot 1140 - "An uptick in activity has sunspot 1140 producing B-class solar flares. Overall, however, solar activity remains low. Credit: SDO/HMI"

[Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [T.D. - 01/11/11]

2011 - Market Watch / U.S.A. - January 11th, 2011: "Stocks were mixed ahead of earnings reports. News of two big deals started the week. DuPont will buy a Danish food additives maker, and Duke Energy will buy Progress Energy. The Dow fell 0.3 percent. The S&P 500 fell 0.1 percent. The Nasdaq rose 0.2 percent." [Based on: MARKET WATCH article, p. A10, S.L.P.D., 01/11/11]

2011 - Iran sentences lawyer - January 11th, 2011: "Nasrin Sotoudeh, a female human rights lawyer, has been sentenced by Iran's authorities to 11 years in jail for crimes that include 'propaganda against the regime,' family members said Monday." [Based on: Article (Iran sentences lawyer), p. A17, S.L.P.D., 01/11/11]

2011 - Fed's earnings set record - January 11th, 2011: "The Federal Reserve is paying a record $78.4 billion in earnings to the U.S. government, reflecting gains from the central bank's efforts to lift the economy. The payment to the Treasury for 2010 is the largest since the Fed began operating in 1914." [Based on: Article (Fed's earnings set record), p. A10, S.L.P.D., 01/11/11]

2011 - Thunderstorms Make Antimatter - January 11th, 2011: "Jan. 11, 2011: Scientists using NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope have detected beams of antimatter produced above thunderstorms on Earth, a phenomenon never seen before. [NP] Scientists think the antimatter particles were formed inside thunderstorms in a terrestrial gamma-ray flash (TGF) associated with lightning. It is estimated that about 500 TGFs occur daily worldwide, but most go undetected. [NP] 'These signals are the first direct evidence that thunderstorms make antimatter particle beams,' said Michael Briggs, a member of Fermi's Gamma-ray Burst Monitor (GBM) team at the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH). He presented the findings Monday, during a news briefing at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Seattle. [NP] Fermi is designed to monitor gamma rays, the highest energy form of light. When antimatter striking Fermi collides with a particle of normal matter, both particles immediately are annihilated and transformed into gamma rays. The GBM has detected gamma rays with energies of 511,000 electron volts, a signal indicating an electron has met its antimatter counterpart, a positron. [NP] Although Fermi's GBM is designed to observe high-energy events in the universe, it's also providing valuable insights into this strange phenomenon. The GBM constantly monitors the entire celestial sky above and the Earth below. The GBM team has identified 130 TGFs since Fermi's launch in 2008. [NP] 'In orbit for less than three years, the Fermi mission has proven to be an amazing tool to probe the universe. Now we learn that it can discover mysteries much, much closer to home,' said Ilana Harrus, Fermi program scientist at NASA Headquarters in Washington. [NP] The spacecraft was located immediately above a thunderstorm for most of the observed TGFs, but in four cases, storms were far from Fermi. In addition, lightning-generated radio signals detected by a global monitoring network indicated the only lightning at the time was hundreds or more miles away. During one TGF, which occurred on Dec. 14, 2009, Fermi was located over Egypt. But the active storm was in Zambia, some 2,800 miles to the south. The distant storm was below Fermi's horizon, so any gamma rays it produced could not have been detected. [NP] 'Even though Fermi couldn't see the storm, the spacecraft nevertheless was magnetically connected to it,' said Joseph Dwyer at the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Fla. 'The TGF produced high-speed electrons and positrons, which then rode up Earth's magnetic field to strike the spacecraft.' [NP] The beam continued past Fermi, reached a location, known as a mirror point, where its motion was reversed, and then hit the spacecraft a second time just 23 milliseconds later. Each time, positrons in the beam collided with electrons in the spacecraft. The particles annihilated each other, emitting gamma rays detected by Fermi's GBM. [NP] Scientists long have suspected TGFs arise from the strong electric fields near the tops of thunderstorms. Under the right conditions, they say, the field becomes strong enough that it drives an upward avalanche of electrons. Reaching speeds nearly as fast as light, the high-energy electrons give off gamma rays when they're deflected by air molecules. Normally, these gamma rays are detected as a TGF. [NP] But the cascading electrons produce so many gamma rays that they blast electrons and positrons clear out of the atmosphere. This happens when the gamma-ray energy transforms into a pair of particles: an electron and a positron. It's these particles that reach Fermi's orbit. [NP] The detection of positrons shows many high-energy particles are being ejected from the atmosphere. In fact, scientists now think that all TGFs emit electron/positron beams. A paper on the findings has been accepted for publication in Geophysical Research Letters. [NP] 'The Fermi results put us a step closer to understanding how TGFs work,' said Steven Cummer at Duke University. 'We still have to figure out what is special about these storms and the precise role lightning plays in the process.' "

[Based on: Science@NASA article (Thunderstorms Make Antimatter) - Editor: Dr. Tony Phillips | Credit: Science@NASA] - [Brackets (NP= New Paragraph) inserted to save space. - E.M. See link for original context.]

*Link: http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2010/11jan_antimatter/
*More Links: http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/GLAST/news/fermi-thunderstorms.html

2011 - Iran says it found Israeli spy ring - January 11th, 2011: "Iran's Intelligence Ministry said Monday [01/10/11] that it had broken up an international Israeli spy network linked to the assassination of an Iranian nuclear theorist a year ago, state-owned media said. Iran said it arrested 'the main agents behind the terrorist incident.' " [Based on: Article (Iran says it found Israeli spy ring), p. A17, S.L.P.D., 01/11/11]

2011 - Flash Flood / Toowoomba, Australia - January 11th, 2011: "8 killed, 72 missing in Australian flash flood [Toowoomba, Australia - 01/10/11]" [Based on: Title (& text) for Article, p. A17, S.L.P.D., 01/11/11]

2011 - MISSISSIPPI FIREBALL - January 11th, 2011: "On Jan. 11th around 8:45 pm CST, many people in the southeastern USA saw something streak across the sky and explode. The blast produced infrasound waves detected as far away as Canada. Data from a University of Western Ontario monitoring station reveals the nature of the event: 'It was a meter-size meteor with more than a metric ton of mass, exploding like 40 to 80 tons of TNT,' says Bill Cooke of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office. 'This was one big rock, and the odds are good that there are fragments on the ground.' An analysis of sightings by meteorite hunter Rob Matson suggests the fall zone is in central Mississippi, possibly around Jackson. People in the area should be alert for odd-looking rocks." [Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [T.D. - 01/15/11]


2011 - Market Watch / U.S.A. - January 12th, 2011: "Strong profit predictions from retailers Sears and Tiffany and an upgrade of Hewlett-Packard sent stocks higher Tuesday. The Dow rose 0.3 percent to 11,671. The S&P 500 rose 0.4 percent to 1,274. Roughly three stocks rose for every one that fell on the New York Stock Exchange." [Based on: MARKET WATCH article, p. A8, S.L.P.D., 01/11/11]

2011 - Suicide wave in Tunisia - January 12th, 2011: "A third unemployed university graduate in Tunisia has electrocuted himself as a wave of demonstrations and public suicides that has claimed dozens of lives continued. Allaa Hidouri, 23, died on Monday [01/10/11]" [Based on: Article (Suicide wave in Tunisia), p. A15, S.L.P.D., 01/12/11]

2011 - Iran arresting Christians - January 12th, 2011: "Iran has arrested about 70 Christians since Christmas in a crackdown that demonstrates the limits of religious tolerance by Islamic leaders who often boast they provide room for other faiths. The latest raids have targeted grass-roots Christian groups Iran describes as 'hard-liners' who pose a threat to the Islamic state." [Based on: Article (Iran arresting Christians), p. A15, S.L.P.D., 01/12/11]

2011 - Storm hits New England - January 12th, 2011: "The third winter storm in three weeks buried parts of the Northeast in more than 2 feet of wet, blowing snow Wednesday [01/12/11] ... . [....]" [Based on: Article (Storm hits New England), p. A22, S.L.P.D., 01/13/11]

2011 - Floods threaten Brisbane - January 12th, 2011: "Floodwater that has cut a swath across northeast Australia seeped onto the streets of the nation's third-largest city today, forcing people to flee both suburbs and skyskrapers. Brisbane Mayor Campbell Newman said almost 20,000 homes in low-lying areas of the city of about 2 million were expected to be swamped by the time the river system it is built on reaches its expected peak Thursday." [Based on: Article (Floods threaten Brisbane), p. A15, S.L.P.D., 01/12/11]

*Links: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/view.php?id=48625

2011 - Iraqi fishermen kill Kuwaiti - January 12th, 2011: "Iraqi fishermen killed a Kuwaiti coast guard officer Monday [01/10/11]  during a shootout in one of the more serious incidents between the neighboring countries in years, Iraqi officials said." [Based on: Article (Iraqi fishermen kill Kuwaiti), p. A15, S.L.P.D., 01/12/11]

2011 - Assange fears being sent to U.S. - January 12th, 2011: "Lawyers for Julian Assange, the founder of the WikiLeaks anti-secrecy group, said in documents released Tuesday [01/11/11] they would argue against a demand for his extradition to Sweden on the grounds that he might subsequently face 'illegal rendition' to the United States, risking imprisonment at Guantanamo Bay, or even the death penalty." [Based on: Article (Assange fears being sent to U.S.), p. A15, S.L.P.D., 01/12/11]

2011 - Volcanic Eruption / Mt. Etna, Sicily - January 12th, 2011: "VOLCANO ERUPTS ON MOUNT ETNA [01/12/11]" [Based on: Title for A.P. picture article, p. A7, S.L.P.D., 01/14/11]

*Links: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/view.php?id=48612

2011 - 1st Test Flight / Stealth Figher, China - January 12th, 2011: "China reportedly stages stealth flight [01/11/11] even as Gates [U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates] visits." [Based on: Title for McCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS article, p. A6, S.L.P.D., 01/12/11]

2011 - Strong Earthquake / Bonin Islands, Japan Region - January 12th, 2011: According to Preliminary Data (See: T.D. [Transcription Date] after link.) "A strong earthquake occurred at 21:32:55 (UTC) on Wednesday, January 12th, 2011. The magnitude 6.5 event [Location: 26.944°N, 140.006°E; Depth 520.4 km (323.4 miles)] was located @ BONIN ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION."

[Based on: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/usc00011yn.php]-[T.D. - 01/14/11]

2011 - Solar Wind - January 14th, 2011: "Earth is entering a solar wind stream flowing from the indicated coronal hole. Credit: SDO/AIA." [Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [T.D. - 01/14/11]

2011 - Astrology Trivia - January 13th, 2011: "[....] Despite the complete lack of scientific and observational evidence for astrology, 25 percent of Americans still believe in it, a recent Pew survey found. So here are the 'real' dates of astrological signs, according to astronomers: * Capricorn: Jan. 20-Feb. 16. * Aquarius: Feb. 16-March 11. * Pisces: March 11-April 18. * Aries: April 18-May 13. * Taurus: May 13-June 21. * Gemini: June 21-July 20. * Cancer: July 20-Aug. 10. * Leo: Aug. 10-Sept. 16. * Virgo: Sept. 16-Oct. 30. * Libra: Oct. 30-Nov. 23. * Scorpio: Nov. 23-29. * Ophiuchus: Nov. 29-Dec. 17. * Sagittarius: Dec. 17-Jan. 20. [NP] The list includes Ophiuchus, a formation the ancient Babylonians discarded because they wanted 12 star signs, not 13. That's yet another example of how astrologers cherry-pick and ignore astronomical observations, Rao [Joe Rao, SPACE.com's skywatching columnist and a lecturer at New York's Hayden Planetarium.] said. [....]" [Based on: LiveSience article (Wobbly Earth means your horoscope is wrong / Stars shifted over 2,000 years so horoscope signs are nearly a month off ) by By Stephanie Pappas, 01/13/11]

*Link: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/41062376/ns/technology_and_science-science/

*Trivia: "[....] Some sidereal astrologers denounce tropical astrologers for failing to relate to the 'actual heavens,' seeing in this a fundamental degeneration of the subject (Kenneth Bowser, The Traditional Astrologer magazine, (Ascella), Issue 14, May 1997, pp. 23–27 [1]). Tropical astrologers, on the other hand, may counter[citation needed] with the fact that despite claims to the contrary, the sidereal zodiac does not actually match up with the constellations of the same name owing to the fact that the signs of the sidereal zodiac are of equal 30 degree arc, whereas the constellations are not, with the Sun being in Virgo, for example, for just two weeks, whilst being in Leo for just over a month (see table below). In addition, they point out that tropical astrologers elect the precise calculation of their zodiac from the intersection of the celestial equator with the ecliptic and so their zodiac is precisely mathematically aligned with the "actual heavens" whereas sidereal astrologers use a number of competing Ayanamshas to determine theirs. [....]"

[Based on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sidereal_astrology]

2011 - Mudslides / Brazil - January 13th, 2011: "257 dead in mudslides in Brazil ['in towns outside Rio]" [Based on: Title (and text) for Article, p. A9, S.L.P.D., 01/13/11]

*Trivia: "At least 809 people have now died in what some news outlets and government agencies are calling the worst natural disaster in Brazil’s history. [....]"

[Based on: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/view.php?id=48854]

2011 - Market Watch / U.S.A. - January 13th, 2011: "Stocks closed at their highest levels in more than two years Wednesday [01/12/11] after a successful bond auction in Portugal eased worries about Europe's debt crisis. Financial firms rose on hopes that banks would start raising their dividends. The Dow rose 0.7 percent to 11,755.44." [Based on: MARKET WATCH article, p. A11, S.L.P.D., 01/13/11]

2011 - Asthma increasing / U.S.A. - January 13th, 2011: "Asthma seems to be increasing a little, and nearly one in 12 Americans now say they have the respiratory disease, federal health officials said. About 8.2 percent of Americans had asthma in a 2009 national survey. That's nearly 25 million people with asthma, according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report." [Based on: Article (Asthma increasing), p. A22, S.L.P.D., 01/13/11]

2011 - Government Collapse / Lebanon - January 13th, 2011: "Lebanon government falls as Hezbollah pulls out [01/12/11] / Inquiry into Rafik Hariri's assassination causes 11 ministers to withdraw from Caninet." [Based on: Title for Los Angeles Times article, p. A9, S.L.P.D., 01/13/11]

2011 - U.S. sues Ameren over emissions - January 13th, 2011: "[....] The lawsuit, filed Wednesday [01/12/11] in U.S. District Court in St. Louis on behalf of the Environmental Protection Agency, says Ameren performed modifications at the plant almost a decade ago without obtaining required permits or installing 'state of the art' pollution controls to reduce harmful sulfur dioxide emissions. [....]." [Based on: Article (U.S. sues Ameren over emissions), p. A1, S.L.P.D., 01/13/11]

2011 - U.S. coal companies set to benefit - January 13th, 2011: "U.S. coal companies including Creve Coeur-based Patriot Coal Corp. are set to benefit from higher prices and sales as record rainfall crimps exports from Australia, the world's biggest exporter, according to MF Global Australia Ltd. Flooding in the state of Queensland, which Citigroup Inc. estimates supplies more than half of the global seaborne trade for the steelmaking fuel, has disrupted mines, cut transport and caused prices to surge [....]" [Based on: Article (U.S. coal companies set to benefit), p. A11, S.L.P.D., 01/13/11]

2011 - Suicide Bomber / Kabul, Afghanistan - January 13th, 2011: "Bomber on motorcycle kills 2 in Kabul ['and wounded 36 in a crowded Kabul neighborhood near the Parliament's offices.']" [Based on: Title (and text) for Article, p. A9, S.L.P.D., 01/13/11]

2011 - Major Earthquake / Loyalty Islands - January 13th, 2011: According to Preliminary Data (See: T.D. [Transcription Date] after link.) "A major earthquake occurred at 16:16:41 (UTC) on Thursday, January 13th, 2011. The magnitude 7.0 event [Location: 20.617°S, 168.489°E; Depth 5.9 km (3.7 miles)] was located @ LOYALTY ISLANDS."

[Based on: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/usc00012cx.php]-[T.D. - 01/14/11]

2011 - Drop in U.S. corn, bean production jacks prices - January 13th, 2011: "[....] Wet weather and abnormally higher temperatures contributed to lower U.S. corn production in 2010, according to a report from the U.S. Agriculture Department. The report also showed declines in soybean, wheat and grain sorghum production. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (Drop in U.S. corn, bean production jacks prices / Increase raises concerns over food prices, feedstock and biofuel stocks.), p. A10, S.L.P.D., 01/13/11]

2011 - Earth's average temperature in 2010 ties a record - January 13th, 2011: "The global average surface temperature for the last year tied the record set in 2005, NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported Wednesday, with the NOAA saying it was 1.12 degrees Fahrenheit above the average for the 20th century, which is 57 degrees. It was the 34th year running that global temperatures have been above the 20th century average. 'The climate is continuing to show the influence of greenhouse gases,' said David Easterling, a NOAA scientist." [Based on: Article (Earth's average temperature in 2010 ties a record), p. A9, S.L.P.D., 01/13/11]

2011 - Riots / Tunisia - January 14th, 2011: "Tunisian president deals with riots" [Based on: Title for Article, p. A8, S.L.P.D., 01/14/11]

2011 - Market Watch / U.S.A. - January 14th, 2011: "Stocks fell after the government reported that more people applied for unemployment benefits last week. A falling dollar limited stock losses by making U.S. exports cheaper. The Dow fell 0.2 percent. The S&P 500 fell 0.2 percent. The Nasdaq fell 0.1 percent." [Based on: MARKET WATCH article, p. B3, S.L.P.D., 01/14/11]

2011 - Japanese Cabinet resigns - January 14th, 2011: "Japanese Cabinet resigns" [Based on: Title for Article, p. A8, S.L.P.D., 01/14/11]

2011 - Civil Unrest / Ivory Coast - January 14th, 2011: "Loyalists attack U.N. vehicles in Ivory Coast [01/13/11]" [Based on: Title for New York Times article , p. A8, S.L.P.D., 01/14/11]

2011 - Black Rhino / St. Louis Zoo - January 14th, 2011: "Male black rhino born at zoo [01/14/11] / First birth in 20 years here [St. Louis, Mo.] for the species, which is critically endangered." [Based on: Title for Staff Reports article, p. A2, S.L.P.D., 01/26/11]

2011 - Solar Wind - January 15th, 2011: "A solar wind stream is buffeting Earth's magnetic field and sparking bright auroras around the Arctic Circle. [....]"

[Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [T.D. - 01/15/11]

2011 - Sunspot 1147 - January 15th, 2011: "A farside sunspot which has produced a number of strong flares and CMEs in recent days is emerging over the sun's eastern limb. We can now see it from Earth. [....]."

[Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [T.D. - 01/15/11]

2011 - Protests oust Tunisia's president - January 15th, 2011: "Protests oust Tunisia's president [01/14/11] / Dictator [Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali] flees after tens of thousands of protestors flood streets of Tunis, the capital of the North African country ['Ben fled the country Friday after ruling since 1982.']." [Based on: Title (and text) for New York Times article, p. A13, S.L.P.D., 01/15/11]

2011 - Cyclone Zelia / Coral Sea - January 16th, 2011: "Cyclone Zelia was nearing its peak strength when the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra satellite acquired this image [see link] at 10 a.m. (00:00 UTC) on January 16, 2011. At the time, Zelia had winds of 85 knots (157 kilometers per hour or 98 miles per hour), making it a Category 2 storm. Zelia intensified slightly through the day, and then quickly degraded as it moved south over cooler waters. [NP] When this image was taken, Zelia was over the Coral Sea, immediately east of Queensland, Australia. The small storm moved rapidly southeast, away from Australia. By January 17, Zelia was over the South Pacific Ocean near New Zealand’s North Island, where it was forecast to bring heavy rain."

[Based on: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/view.php?id=48629]

2011 - U.S. National Debt / $14 Trillion - January 16th, 2011: "The United States just passed a dubious milestone: Government debt surged to an all-time high, topping $14 trillion - $43,000 each for everyone in the country. [....] Nearly half of today's national debt was run up in just the past six years. [NP] It soared from $7.6 trillion in January 2005 as President George W. Bush began his second term to $10.6 trillion the day Obama was inaugurated and to $14.02 trillion now. [NP] The period has seen two major wars and the deepest economic downturn since the 1930s. [NP] With a $1.7 trillion deficit in budget year 2010 alone, and the government on track to spend $1.3 trillion more this year than it takes in, annual budget deficits are adding roughly $4 billion a day to the national debt. Put another way, the government is borrowing 41 cents for every dollar it spends." [Based on: A.P. article (Debt blows past $14 trillion, pressuring Congress), p. A4, S.L.P.D., 01/16/11]

*Trivia: "The Outstanding Public Debt [U.S.A.] as of 17 Jan 2011 at 02:58:37 AM GMT is: $14,020,546,537,919.96. The estimated population of the United States is 309,859,776 so each citizen's share of this debt is $45,248.04. The National Debt has continued to increase an average of $4.16 billion per day since September 28, 2007! Concerned? Then tell Congress and the White House! [Based on: http://www.brillig.com/debt_clock/] - [T.D. - 01/16/11]

2011 - 6,000-Year-Old Winery / Armenia - January 16th, 2011: "[....] Where did archaeologists make their discovery? In a cavern in southern Armenia near the Iranian border. 'The textual record for wine consumption in the area is a familiar one,' says Ben O'Donnell at Wine Spectator. Mount Ararat, where noted wine enthusiast Noah is said to have disembarked from the Ark, is only about 60 miles away. [NP] How significant is this discovery? At 6,000 years old, it's by far the oldest wine-making facility yet discovered. The oldest previously known winery, found in the West Bank, dates to around 1650 B.C. 'The fact that wine-making was already so well developed in 4,000 B.C. suggests that the technology probably goes back much earlier,' says archeologist Patrick McGovern of University of Pennsylvania, in the Los Angeles Times." [Based on: Article (The 6,000-year-old winery / Archaeologists are toasting the discovery of the world's oldest known wine-making facility, dating back to 4000 B.C. Now that's vintage!) posted on January 12, 2011, at 4:30 PM, Sources: National Geographic, Time, Los Angeles Times, The Daily Telegraph, Wine Spectator]

*Link: http://www.archaeologynews.org/story.asp?ID=709546&Title=The%206000-year-old%20winery

2011 - Died / Don Kirshner - January 17th, 2011: "Don Kirshner ... died Monday [01/17/11] ... . He was 76. [....]" [Based on: Los Angeles Times article  (Don Kirshner / Musical mogul, host of 'Rock Concert' propelled songwriters' careers), p. A13, S.L.P.D., 01/19/11]

2011 - 17 Afghan civilians are killed in blasts - January 17th, 2011: "17 Afghan civilians are killed in blasts / One bomb hits family on way to wedding [01/16/11]." [Based on: Title for New York Times article , p. A15, S.L.P.D., 01/17/11]

2011 - Sunspot 1148 - January 18th, 2011: "New sunspot 1148 is growing rapidly in the sun's southern hemisphere. [....]"

[Based on: http://spaceweather.com/archive.php?view=1&day=18&month=01&year=2011]

2011 - Warfarin use questioned - January 18th, 2011: "The blood-thinning drug warfarin is used by millions of people to prevent blood clots. However, a study published Monday [01/17/11] in the Archives of Surgery found warfarin users were more likely to die from their injuries compared with those who don't use warfarin: 9.3 percent compared with 4.8 percent. The biggest impact was among people younger than age 65 who had bleeding in the brain. They were 50 percent more likely to die compared with similar-aged patients who didn't take warfarin." [Based on: Article (Warfarin use questioned), p. A5, S.L.P.D., 01/18/11]

2011 - Died / R Sargent Shriver - January 18th, 2011: "R Sargent Shriver ... has died 01/18/11]. He was 95. [....]" [Based on: Los Angeles Times article  (R. Sargent Shriver / Dedicated public servant led war on Poverty, launched Peace Corps, VISTA. Head Start and other social welfare programs), p. A13, S.L.P.D., 01/19/11]

2011 - Barak leaves Israeli Labor Part - January 18th, 2011: "Israel's defense minister, Ehud Barak, broke away Monday [01/17/11] from the left-leaning Labor Party he had led and formed a smaller, centrist faction that will stay in the governing coalition under a new name. The surprise move shook up Israeli politics but was expected to have little impact on its policies." [Based on: Article (Barak leaves Israeli Labor Party), p. A6, S.L.P.D., 01/18/11]

2011 - Wikileaks gets Swiss bank data - January 18th, 2011: "A former senior Swiss bank executive said Monday [01/17/11] that he had given WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange details on more than 2,000 prominent individuals and companies that he contends engaged in tax evasion and other possible criminal activity. [NP] Rudolf Elmer, who ran the Caribbean operations of the Swiss bank Julius Baer for eight years until he was dismissed in 2002, refused to identify the individuals or companies, but he told reporters at a news conference that about 40 politicians and 'pillars of society' were among them. [....] Elmer, who previously provided documents from his former employer to national tax authorities including the Internal Revenue Service in the United States, said he had turned to WikiLeaks to 'educate society' about what he considers an unfair system that serves the rich and aids those who seek to launder money. [NP] Julius Baer, a 120-year-old institution that is usually noted for its intense privacy, said in a statement that it denied all wrongdoing." [Based on: New York Times article (Wikileaks gets Swiss bank data / Ex-banker alleges criminal activity by prominent people and companies.), p. A13, S.L.P.D., 01/18/11]

2011 - Major Earthquake / Southwestern Pakistan - January 18th, 2011: According to Preliminary Data (See: T.D. [Transcription Date] after link.) "A major earthquake occurred at 20:23:26 (UTC) on Tuesday, January 18th, 2011. The magnitude 7.2 event [Location: 28.838°N, 63.947°E; Depth 84 km (52.2 miles) set by location program] was located @ SOUTHWESTERN PAKISTAN."

[Based on: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2011ggbx.php]-[T.D. - 01/18/11]

2011 - Self-immolations rise after protest in Tunisia - January 18th, 2011: "The self-immolation of a 26-year-old Tunisian man a month ago that set off a popular uprising is inspiring similar acts of gruesome protest across North Africa. [NP] In Algeria, four men have set themselves on fire in the past week, and one man in Egypt and another in Mauritania tried to do so Monday [01/17/11]. [....]." [Based on: New York Times article (Self-immolations rise after protest in Tunisia), p. A13, S.L.P.D., 01/18/11]

2011 - Market Watch / U.S.A. - January 19th, 2011: "Boeing and Caterpillar led stocks higher Tuesday [01/18/11]. Apple's stock fell and weighed on the Nasdaq composite after Apple said that CEO Steve Jobs would take a medical leave. The Dow rose 0.4 percent. The S&P 500 index rose 0.1 percent. The Nasdaq rose 0.4 percent." [Based on: MARKET WATCH article, p. A7, S.L.P.D., 01/19/11]

2011 - Bomb kills 1 in Pakistan - January 19th, 2011: "A bomb exploded outside a school in northwestern Pakistan on Wednesday, killing at least one person and wounding 14 others. Some of the people injured in the attack were schoolchildren, and one of them was listed in critical condition, hospital official Sahib Gul said." [Based on: Article (Bomb kills 1 in Pakistan), p. A15, S.L.P.D., 01/19/11]

2011 - Chinese President / U.S.A. - January 19th, 2011: "Chinese President Hu Jintao, arguably the most powerful world leader after President Barack Obama, arrived at Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington on Tuesday [01/18/11] for his first visit to the U.S. capital since 2006. [....]" [Based on: News Services article (Hu arrives with business leaders / Chinese president expected to counter charges that actions hurt U.S. economy.), p. A8, S.L.P.D., 01/19/11]

2011 - Holiday Quarter / Apple Inc. - January 19th, 2011: "Apple Inc.'s net income for the holiday quarter jumped 78 percent as shoppers snapped up more iPads than analysts predicted. [....] Net income rose to $6 billion, or $6.43 per share, up from $3.4 billion, or $3.67, a year earlier. Revenue climbed 71 percent to $26.7 billion." [Based on: Article, p. A7, S.L.P.D., 01/19/11]

2011 - Senate up for grabs in 2012 / U.S.A. - January 19th, 2011: "Senate up for grabs in 2012; Conrad will retire, Lieberman may follow / Democrats will have tough time keeping majority; GOP's Lugar ready to run again." [Based on: Title for Tribune Newspapers article, p. A8, S.L.P.D., 01/19/11]

2011 - Arch Coal finds a passage to Asia - January 19th, 2011: "[....] The five-year deal with Canadian Crown Corp. Ridley Terminals Inc. provides Arch, based in Creve Coeur [Mo.], access to 2.5 million metric tons of coal-handling capacity during each of the next four years. Financial terms weren't disclosed. [NP] It's the second West Coast coal terminal agreement in as many weeks for Arch, which is searching for ways to ship coal from its vast Wyoming surface mines to fast-growing energy markets in Asia. St. Louis-based Peabody Energy Corp. is also conducting engineering studies for a coal export facility somewhere on the U.S. or Canadian coast and is expected to announce plans early this year. [....]" [Based on: Article (Arch Coal finds a passage to Asia / Creve Coeur-based firm signs deal with shipping terminal in British Columbia.), p. A6, S.L.P.D., 01/19/11]

2011 - Duvalier charged with corruption - January 19th, 2011: "Duvalier charged with corruption [01/18/11] / Former Haitian dictator is released but ordered to stay in his homeland." [Based on: Title (and text) for Article, p. A15, S.L.P.D., 01/19/11]

2011 - New Alzheimer's tests show promise - January 19th, 2011: "New Alzheimer's tests show promise / Brain scan can detect telltale plaques; blood test screens for beta anyloid ['Both studies are to be published in The Journal of the American Medical Association today.']". [Based on: Title (and text) for New York Times article, p. A8, S.L.P.D., 01/19/11]

2011 - Palestinians raise flag / Washington - January 19th, 2011: "Palestinians raised their flag over the PLO diplomatic mission in Washington for the first time, as Palestinians push for international recognition that complicates the Obama administration's efforts to restart stalled Mideast peace talks." [Based on: Article (Palestinians raise flag), p. A8, S.L.P.D., 01/19/11]

2011 - Letter contradicts Vatican assertion - January 19th, 2011: "A newly disclosed document reveals that Vatican officials instructed the bishops of Ireland in 1997 that they must not adopt a policy of reporting priests suspected of child abuse to the police or civil authorities. [....]" [Based on: New York Times article (Letter contradicts Vatican assertion / Church official directed bishops in Ireland not to adopt policy of reporting priests.), p. A15, S.L.P.D., 01/19/11]

2011 - Car Bomb / Iraq - January 20th, 2011: "Bomb [Diyala province] kills 14 in Iraq [01/19/11]" [Based on: Title (and text) for Article, p. A23, S.L.P.D., 01/20/11]

2011 - Market Watch / U.S.A. - January 20th, 2011: "Stocks suffered their largest one-day decline since November after financial companies reported steep drops in profits Wednesday [01/19/11]. The S&P 500 index fell 1 percent to 1,281.92. The Nasdaq composite fell 1.5 percent to 2,725.36. The Dow fell 0.1 percent to 11,825.29." [Based on: MARKET WATCH article, p. A13, S.L.P.D., 01/20/11]

2011 - Rocket Launch / U.S.A. - January 20th, 2011: "The largest rocket ever launched from the west coast of the USA blasted off from California's Vandenberg Air Force Base on Jan. 20th at 1:10 pm PST. 'The 23 story-high Delta IV Heavy rocket used three boosters, which produced more than two millions pounds of thrust to carry its payload into orbit,' says photographer Anthony Galvan III, who recorded the launch on Figueroa Mountain some 40 miles from the Air Force base: [....] The massive rocket's 'spooky' payload was a top-secret spy satellite belonging to the US National Reconaissance Office. Any doubts about the covert nature of the mission were dispelled 10 minutes after liftoff when the rocket's live feed went deliberately black. Only a twisting contrail in the blue Pacific sky reminded onlookers that, yes, it really happened."

[Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [T.D. - 01/22/11]

2011 - Indicted / Jared Loughner - January 20th, 2011: "Loughner indicted in Tucson shooting [01/19/11] / Federal grand jury hands down first in series of charges that are expected." [Based on: Title (and text) for Article, p. A5, S.L.P.D., 01/20/11]

2011 - U.N. boosts Ivory Coast force - January 20th, 2011: "U.N. boosts Ivory Coast force ['voted to deploy 2,000 additional peacekeepers']" [Based on: Title (and text) for Article, p. A23, S.L.P.D., 01/20/11]

2011 - Palestinians find support at U.N. - January 20th, 2011: "Palestinian diplomats found support at the United Nations on Wednesday [01/19/11] for their complaint that Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory are illegal, but the U.S. strongly opposed bringing the matter up in the U.N. Security Council. Although a draft resolution circulated on the matter never came to a vote, which would surely have failed because of U.S. objections, the Palestinians drew renewed attention to their grievances in a campaign to isolate and pressure the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu." [Based on: Article (Palestinians find support at U.N.), p. A23, S.L.P.D., 01/20/11]

2011 - Alabama governor invokes Jesus - January 20th, 2011: "On the day of his swearing-in [01/17/11], Alabama Republican Gov. Robert J. Bentley raised concern among the state's non-Christians by declaring that people who had not accepted Jesus Christ were not his brothers and sisters. [....]." [Based on: Los Angeles Times article (Alabama governor invokes Jesus, raises eyebrows / Remarks at Baptist church on day of his swearing-in troubled non-Christians in state, elsewhere.), p. A10, S.L.P.D., 01/20/11]

*Trivia: "Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley apologized [01/19/11] to anyone who was offended with his inaugural day comments that non-Christians were not his 'brothers and sisters.' [....] Bentley said he was speaking in the language of his evangelical faith to other Baptists. The governor said he will never deny his beliefs, but regreted if he offended anyone. [NP] 'I do have core beliefs, I will die with those core beliefs,' he said.." [Based on: The Birmingham News article (Governor of Alabama apologizes for remark), p. A8, S.L.P.D., 01/21/11]

2011 - Fourth-Quarter profit / US Bancorp - January 20th, 2011: "U.S. Bancorp said its fourth-quarter profit jumped 64 percent as it wrote off fewer bad loans. Net income was $951 million, or 49 cents per share, up from $580 million, or 30 cents, a year ago. Revenue rose 7.9 percent to $4.27 billion." [Based on: Title (and text) for Article, p. A13, S.L.P.D., 01/20/11]

2011 - Attempted Bombing / Spokane, Wash. - January 20th, 2011: "FBI seeks tips in attempted bombing [01/17/11] / Device, left along MLK parade route in Spokane, Wash., was defused without incident on Monday [01/17/11]." [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. A10, S.L.P.D., 01/20/11]

2011 - Fourth-Quarter profit / Goldman Sachs Inc. - January 20th, 2011: "Goldman Sachs Group Inc. reported a 53 percent drop in fourth-quarter profit. Earnings were $2.39 billion, or $3.79 per share, versus $4.95 billion, or $8.20, a year earlier. Revenue declined to $8.64 billion." [Based on: Title (and text) for Article, p. A13, S.L.P.D., 01/20/11]

2011 - Sun in Aquarius - January 21st, 2011: "Reported date when the Sun entered the constellation Aquarius." [Based on: http://www.biopscinst.com/bpi/ephm/E201101.html]

2011 - Mob Bust / U.S.A. - January 21th, 2011: "130 arrested [01/20/11] in mob bust [New York, New Jersey & Rhode Island]." [Based on: Title (and text) for article, p. A10, S.L.P.D., 01/21/11]

2011 - Market Watch / U.S.A. - January 21st, 2011: "Concerns that China will take steps to slow its economic expansion sent stocks lower Thursday. China is expected to raise interest rates to slow growth and check inflation. The Dow fell less than 0.1 percent. The S&P 500 fell 0.1 percent. The Nasdaq fell 0.8 percent." [Based on: MARKET WATCH article, p. B3, S.L.P.D., 01/21/11]

2011 - FDA approves Alzheimer's test - January 21th, 2011: "FDA approves Alzheimer's test ['Eli Lilly's Amyvid, an experimental injection designed to highlight brain plaque in medical imaging scans.']." [Based on: Title (and text) for article, p. A10, S.L.P.D., 01/21/11]

2011 - Two car bombs kill dozens in Iraq - January 21th, 2011: "At least 56 people were killed Thursday [01/20/11] by a pair of suicide car bombings that targeted religious pilgrims marching on foot into the Shiite Muslim shrine city of Karbala ahead of a major religious holiday. [NP] The attack in the lead-up to Arbaeen, a holiday honoring Shiite icon Imam Hussein, also wounded at least 189 people, said medical officials who provided the death toll. [....]." [Based on: Los Angeles Times article (Two car bombs kill dozens in Iraq / Most victims are Shiite Muslims on way to shrine to celebrate religious holiday), p. A9, S.L.P.D., 01/21/11]

2011 - FDA reviews seizures after flu shots - January 21th, 2011: "Government officials are investigating an apparent increase in fever-related seizures in young children after they got a flu shot. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said there have been reports of 36 seizures in children ages 6 months through 2 years. All the seizures occurred within one day after the youngsters got a vaccine called Fluzone, which is made specifically for younger children." [Based on: Article (FDA reviews seizures after flu shots), p. A10, S.L.P.D., 01/21/11]

2011 - Foreign Relations / North & South Korea - January 21th, 2011: "South Korea agrees [01/20/11] to talk with North / Apparent thaw comes just hours after a Washington summit meeting between Obama and China's Hu." [Based on: Title for Los Angeles Times article, p. A11, S.L.P.D., 01/21/11]

2011 - Tenessee Democrat stands by Nazi comment - January 21th, 2011: "A Democratic congressman from Tenessee is defending his comparison of Republican health care arguments to Nazi propaganda. [NP] Rep. Steve Cohen of Memphis, who is Jewish, said Republicans are repeating lies and spreading false information, much like Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels did about Jews. [....] Cohen said he never called Republicans Nazis and was referring only to their tactics." [Based on: A.P. article (Tenessee Democrat stands by Nazi comment), p. A8, S.L.P.D., 01/21/11]

2011 - Sunspot 1149 - January 22nd, 2011: "New sunspot 1149, circled below, is crackling with C-class solar flares. This spot didn't exist barely a day ago, but now it is a growing sprawl more than 100,000 km across. [....]" [Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [T.D. - 01/22/11]

2011 - Market Watch / U.S.A. - January 22nd, 2011: "Strong profits at General Electric sent industrial stocks higher Friday. General Electric gained 7.1 percent after its earnings rose 52 percent on growth in equipment orders and lending. The Dow Jones industrial average rose 49 points, or 0.4 percent, to 11,871.84." [Based on: MARKET WATCH article, p. A10, S.L.P.D., 01/22/11]

2011 - Return to Iran / Al-Sadr - January 22nd, 2011: "Al-Sadr leaves Iraq ['has returned to Iran']" [Based on: Title (and text) for Article, p. A19, S.L.P.D., 01/22/11]

2011 - Perpetual War is Expensive - January 22nd, 2011: "Perpetual War is Expensive [NP] We’ve been militarily involved in the Persian Gulf region now for 20 years. Experts have predicted that the cost of this continuous and expanding war will reach 6 trillion dollars. [....]" [Based on HuntingtonNews.Net article (Perpetual War is Expensive), Saturday, January 22, 2011 - 17:54 CONGRESSMAN RON PAUL

*Link: http://www.huntingtonnews.net/1008

2011 - Settlement / Keith Olberman - January 22nd, 2011: "After Comcast takeover, Olberman is out at MSNBC [01/21/11]" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p. A20, S.L.P.D., 01/22/11]

2011 - Died / Jack LaLane - January 23rd, 2011: Reportedly died this date in history ['of respiratory failure due to pneumonia'], fitness guru Jack LaLane. He was 96. - E.M.

2011 - Foreign Relations / Iran - January 23rd, 2011: "Talks collapse [01/22/11] as Iran's push for end to sanctions rejected" [Based on: Title for Article, p. A12, S.L.P.D., 01/23/11]

2011 - Crisis escalates in Albania - January 23rd, 2011: "Crisis escalates in Albania [01/22/11] after protest deaths [01/21/11]" [Based on: Title for Article, p. A9, S.L.P.D., 01/23/11]

2011 - Pope: Marriage is not an absolute right - January 23rd, 2011: "Pope [01/22/11]: Marriage is not an absolute right" [Based on: Title for Article, p. A9, S.L.P.D., 01/23/11]

2011 - Ousted CIA agent runs his own private operation - January 23rd, 2011: "Duane Clarridge was forced out of the CIA two decades ago after being indicted for allegedly lying to Congress. But from his home near San Diego, he still runs a network of spies. [....]" [Based on: New York Times article (Ousted CIA agent runs his own private operation / With U.S. funding cut, he relies on donations to fund his 'operatives' in Pakistan and Afghanistan.) by Mark Mazzetti, p. A4, S.L.P.D., 01/23/11]

*Links: http://www.stltoday.com/news/national/article_59308dcd-3092-5280-92fb-898f569504e4.html

2011 - Thousands demand ouster of Yemen's president - January 23rd, 2011: "Thousands demand ouster of Yemen's president [01/22/11]" [Based on: Title for Article, p. A9, S.L.P.D., 01/23/11]

2011 - Karzai backs down in dispute with Afghan lawmakers - January 23rd, 2011: "Karzai backs down in dispute with Afghan lawmakers [01/22/11]" [Based on: Title for Article, p. A9, S.L.P.D., 01/23/11]

2011 - Sunspot Activity - January 24th, 2011: "The biggest sunspots of the year [1147 & 1149] are putting on a show for amateur astronomers. [....]" [Based on: http://spaceweather.com/] - [01/24/11]

2011 - Protest March / Belgium - January 24th, 2011: "Belgians ['Tens of thousands'] march in Brussels [01/23/11], demand a government" [Based on: Title (and text) for A.P. article, p. A13, S.L.P.D., 01/24/11]

2011 - More Flooding / Australia - January 24th, 2011: "More flooding in Australia [Victoria state]" [Based on: Titlefor article, p. A13, S.L.P.D., 01/24/11]

2011 - 2nd Term / Portugal President - January 24th, 2011: "Portugal elects president [Anibal Cavaco Silva] to 2nd term [01/23/11]" [Based on: Titlefor article, p. A13, S.L.P.D., 01/24/11]

2011 - Strong Earthquake / Tajikistan - January 24th, 2011: According to Preliminary Data (See: T.D. [Transcription Date] after link.) "A strong earthquake occurred at 02:45:31 (UTC) on Monday, January 18th, 2011. The magnitude 6.1 event [Location: 38.432°N, 72.751°E; Depth 110.1 km (68.4 miles) set by location program] was located @ TAJIKISTAN."

[Based on: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/usc00018gr.php]-[T.D. - 01/26/11]

2011 - Col. Imam dies - January 25th, 2011: "Sultan Amir Tarar, a retired Pakistani intelligence officer known throughout Pakistan as Colonel Imam and regarded as an architect behind the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan, died after being held hostage by militants for 10 months. Officials in northwestern Pakistan have yet to determine whether his captors killed him or he died of natural causes." [Based on: Article (Col. Imam dies), p. A13, S.L.P.D., 01/25/11]

2011 - Climate Change? - January 25th, 2011: "Bizarre weather cited as climate change by some / Other scientists say two-year sample is too brief a period for judgement." [Based on: Title for New York Times article by Justin Gillis, p. A15, S.L.P.D., 01/25/11]

2011 - Iran reject fuel deal - January 25th, 2011: "At the talks between Iran and six major powers in Istanbul over the weekend, Iran said it was 'no longer interested' in a fuel-swap deal proposed by Washington and others, a senior Western diplomat said." [Based on: Article (Iran reject fuel deal), p. A13, S.L.P.D., 01/25/11]

2011 - Market Watch / U.S.A. - January 25th, 2011: "The Dow Jones industrial average closed near 12,000 Monday [01/24/11], its highest point since June 2008. Tech stocks rose after Intel increased its dividend and announced a stock buyback. The Dow rose 0.9 percent. The S&P 500 rose 0.6 percent. The Nasdaq rose 1 percent." [Based on: MARKET WATCH article, p. A8, S.L.P.D., 01/25/11]

2011 - 30 pilgrims killed in Iraq - January 25th, 2011: "Deadly attacks against pilgrims continued in Iraq with three car bombs exploding in Karbala, where 10 million marchers are expected for one of the most sacred holidays on the Shiite calendar. The explosions killed as many as 30 people and wounded more than 100." [Based on: Article (30 pilgrims killed in Iraq), p. A13, S.L.P.D., 01/25/11]

2011 - Loughner pleads not guilty - January 25th, 2011: "Loughner pleads not guilty [01/24/11]" [Based on: Title for Article, p. A5, S.L.P.D., 01/25/11]

2011 - Documents roil Palestinians - January 25th, 2011: "Reaction to a trove of secret documents from Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations was fast and furious Monday, as Palestinians sought to defend or attack their leaders amid allegations that they had offered serious concessions on key issues. In Ramallah, West Bank, a crowd rampaged against the office of Al-Jazeera, the Arab satellite-television channel that is publishing what it calls the 'Palestine Papers,' more than 1,600 Palestinian documents that span 10 years of secret U.S.-brokered Middle East peace talks." [Based on: Article (Documents roil Palestinians), p. A13, S.L.P.D., 01/25/11]

2011 - Suicide Bomber / Moscow Airport - January 25th, 2011: "Bombing kills dozens at Moscow airport [01/24/11] / Victims include foreigners, which could hinder Medvedev's hunt for global investors at upcoming World Economic Forum." [Based on: Title (and text) for New York Times article, p. A13, S.L.P.D., 01/25/11]

2011 - Prime Minister Najib Mikati / Lebanon - January 25th, 2011: "Hezbollah candidate [Najib Mikati] wins in Lebanon" [Based on: Title (and text) for Article, p. A13, S.L.P.D., 01/25/11]

2011 - Fourth-Quarter Profit / American Express Co. - January 25th, 2011: "American Express Co. said its fourth-quarter profit rose 49 percent. [....]" [Based on: Article, p. A8, S.L.P.D., 01/25/11]

2011 - Financial Crisis Was Avoidable, Inquiry Finds - January 25th, 2011: "WASHINGTON — The 2008 financial crisis was an 'avoidable' disaster caused by widespread failures in government regulation, corporate mismanagement and heedless risk-taking by Wall Street, according to the conclusions of a federal inquiry. [NP] The commission that investigated the crisis casts a wide net of blame, faulting two administrations, the Federal Reserve and other regulators for permitting a calamitous concoction: shoddy mortgage lending, the excessive packaging and sale of loans to investors and risky bets on securities backed by the loans. [NP] 'The greatest tragedy would be to accept the refrain that no one could have seen this coming and thus nothing could have been done,' the panel wrote in the report’s conclusions, which were read by The New York Times. 'If we accept this notion, it will happen again.' [NP] While the panel, the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, accuses several financial institutions of greed, ineptitude or both, some of its gravest conclusions concern government failings, with embarrassing implications for both parties. But the panel was itself divided along partisan lines, which could blunt the impact of its findings. [NP] Many of the conclusions have been widely described, but the synthesis of interviews, documents and testimony, along with its government imprimatur, give the report — to be released on Thursday as a 576-page book — a conclusive sweep and authority. [NP] The commission held 19 days of hearings and interviews with more than 700 witnesses; it has pledged to release a trove of transcripts and other raw material online. [NP] Of the 10 commission members, the six appointed by Democrats endorsed the final report. Three Republican members have prepared a dissent focusing on a narrower set of causes; a fourth Republican, Peter J. Wallison, has his own dissent, calling policies to promote homeownership the major culprit. The panel was hobbled repeatedly by internal divisions and staff turnover. [NP] The majority report finds fault with two Fed chairmen: Alan Greenspan, who led the central bank as the housing bubble expanded, and his successor, Ben S. Bernanke, who did not foresee the crisis but played a crucial role in the response. It criticizes Mr. Greenspan for advocating deregulation and cites a 'pivotal failure to stem the flow of toxic mortgages' under his leadership as a 'prime example' of negligence. [NP] It also criticizes the Bush administration’s 'inconsistent response' to the crisis — allowing Lehman Brothers to collapse in September 2008 after earlier bailing out another bank, Bear Stearns, with Fed help — as having 'added to the uncertainty and panic in the financial markets.' [NP] Like Mr. Bernanke, Mr. Bush’s Treasury secretary, Henry M. Paulson Jr., predicted in 2007 — wrongly, it turned out — that the subprime collapse would be contained, the report notes. [NP] Democrats also come under fire. The decision in 2000 to shield the exotic financial instruments known as over-the-counter derivatives from regulation, made during the last year of President Bill Clinton’s term, is called 'a key turning point in the march toward the financial crisis.' [NP] Timothy F. Geithner, who was president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York during the crisis and is now the Treasury secretary, was not unscathed; the report finds that the New York Fed missed signs of trouble at Citigroup and Lehman, though it did not have the main responsibility for overseeing them. [NP] Former and current officials named in the report, as well as financial institutions, declined Tuesday to comment before the report was released. [NP] The report could reignite debate over the influence of Wall Street; it says regulators 'lacked the political will' to scrutinize and hold accountable the institutions they were supposed to oversee. The financial industry spent $2.7 billion on lobbying from 1999 to 2008, while individuals and committees affiliated with it made more than $1 billion in campaign contributions. [NP] The report does knock down — at least partly — several early theories for the financial crisis. It says the low interest rates brought about by the Fed after the 2001 recession; Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the mortgage finance giants; and the 'aggressive homeownership goals' set by the government as part of a 'philosophy of opportunity' were not major culprits. [NP] On the other hand, the report is harsh on regulators. It finds that the Securities and Exchange Commission failed to require big banks to hold more capital to cushion potential losses and halt risky practices, and that the Fed 'neglected its mission.' [NP] It says the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, which regulates some banks, and the Office of Thrift Supervision, which oversees savings and loans, blocked states from curbing abuses because they were 'caught up in turf wars.' [NP] 'The crisis was the result of human action and inaction, not of Mother Nature or computer models gone haywire,' the report states. 'The captains of finance and the public stewards of our financial system ignored warnings and failed to question, understand and manage evolving risks within a system essential to the well-being of the American public. Theirs was a big miss, not a stumble.' [NP] The report’s implications may be felt more in the political realm than in public policy. The Dodd-Frank law overhauling the regulation of Wall Street, signed in July, took as its premise the same regulatory deficiencies cited by the commission. But the report is sure to be a factor in the debate over the future of Fannie and Freddie, which have been run by the government since 2008. [NP] Though the report documents questionable practices by mortgage lenders and careless betting by banks, one striking finding is its portrayal of incompetence. [NP] It quotes Citigroup executives conceding that they paid little attention to mortgage-related risks. Executives at the American International Group were found to have been blind to its $79 billion exposure to credit-default swaps, a kind of insurance that was sold to investors seeking protection against a drop in the value of securities backed by home loans. At Merrill Lynch, managers were surprised when seemingly secure mortgage investments suddenly suffered huge losses. [NP] By one measure, for about every $40 in assets, the nation’s five largest investment banks had only $1 in capital to cover losses, meaning that a 3 percent drop in asset values could have wiped out the firm. The banks hid their excessive leverage using derivatives, off-balance-sheet entities and other devices, the report found. The speculative binge was abetted by a giant 'shadow banking system' in which the banks relied heavily on short-term debt. [NP] 'When the housing and mortgage markets cratered, the lack of transparency, the extraordinary debt loads, the short-term loans and the risky assets all came home to roost,' the report found. 'What resulted was panic. We had reaped what we had sown.' [NP] The report, which was heavily shaped by the commission’s chairman, Phil Angelides, is dotted with literary flourishes. It calls credit-rating agencies 'cogs in the wheel of financial destruction.' Paraphrasing Shakespeare’s 'Julius Caesar,' it states, 'The fault lies not in the stars, but in us.' [NP] Of the banks that bought, created, packaged and sold trillions of dollars in mortgage-related securities, it says: 'Like Icarus, they never feared flying ever closer to the sun.' " [Based on: New York Times article (Financial Crisis Was Avoidable, Inquiry Finds) by SEWELL CHAN - Published: January 25, 2011,] - [My Brackets text added (NP = New paragraph). See link for original context .] - E.M.

*Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/26/business/economy/26inquiry.html?_r=1

2011 - Civil Unrest / Egypt - January 26th, 2011: "Thousands of Egyptian protestors inspired by the revolt in Tunisia rushed police and battled tear gas on Tuesday [01/25/11] in demonstrations against the political repression and unemployment that have defined three decades of rule by President Hosni Mubarak. [....]" [Based on: Los Angeles Times article (The spirit of Tunisia fuels unrest in Egypt / On the heels of revolt in N. African nation, thousands take to streets against regime.), p. A19, S.L.P.D., 01/26/11]

2011 - Market Watch / U.S.A. - January 26th, 2011: "Stock indexes finished about where they started Tuesday after a round of disappointing corporate earnings and negative housing news. The Dow fell less than 0.1 percent. The S&P 500 index rose less than 0.1 percent. The Nasdaq rose less than 0.1 percent." [Based on: MARKET WATCH article, p. A13, S.L.P.D., 01/26/11]

2011 - Blackwater suit tossed - January 26th, 2011: "A federal judge has tossed a lawsuit that blamed the security company formerly known as Blackwater for the deaths of four contractors killed in a 2004 ambush in Iraq." [Based on: Article (Blackwater suit tossed), p. A11, S.L.P.D., 01/26/11]

2011 - U.S. life span shorter - January 26th, 2011: "The U.S. spends more on health care than any other nation yet has worse life expectancy than many - and a report by the National Research Council blames smoking and obesity. In the U.S., life expectancy at birth was 80.8 years for women and 75.6 years for men in 2007. In France, life expectancy for women was 84.4 years and 77.4 for men. And in Japan, it was nearly 86 years for women and 79.2 for men." [Based on: Article (U.S. life span shorter), p. A11, S.L.P.D., 01/26/11]

2011 - Oil prices continue slide - January 26th, 2011: "Oil prices continue slide ['Benchmark crude for March delivery lost $1.68 to settle at $86.19 per barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange.'] / Comments implying an increase in OPEC production fuel fail." [Based on: Title (and text) for A.P. article, p. A12, S.L.P.D., 01/26/11]

2011 - Pilgrims killed in Pakistan - January 26th, 2011: "A teenage boy blew himself up Tuesday [01/25/11] while trying to break through heavy security for a Shiite procession in Lahore, killing at least 10 people and wounding 79, the police said. A second bomber struck a similar procession in the southern port city of Karachi, killing at least two more people. The Shiites were marking the end of a 40-day mourning period for the martyred Imam Hussein, grandson of the prophet Muhammad." [Based on: Article (Pilgrims killed in Pakistan), p. A19, S.L.P.D., 01/26/11]

2011 - Bush administration accused - January 26th, 2011: "In the run-up to the 2006 midterm election, the Bush administration repeatedly broke the law by using federal funds to send Cabinet secretaries and other high-level political appointees to congressional districts of GOP candidates in tight races, according to a report by the Office of Special Council, an independent federal agency that enforces Hatch Act restrictions on partisan political activity inside the federal government." [Based on: Article (Bush administration accused), p. A11, S.L.P.D., 01/26/11]

2011 - STATE OF THE UNION / U.S.A. - January 26th, 2011: "STATE OF THE UNION [01/25/11] - Our 'Sputnik moment': Obama charts course" [Based on: Title for Article, p. A1, S.L.P.D., 01/26/11]

2011 - WikiLeaks enlisting news outlets - January 26th, 2011: "WikiLeaks hopes to enlist as many as 60 news organizations from around the world in a bid to help speed the publication of its secret U.S. diplomatic memos, founder Julian Assange said Tuesday." [Based on: Article (WikiLeaks enlisting news outlets), p. A19, S.L.P.D., 01/26/11]

2011 - Life Sentence / Khalfan Ghailani - January 26th, 2011: "Suspect [Khalfan Ghailani] guilty in 1998 blasts in East Africa [sentenced (01/25/11) to life in prison] / He is first terrorist from Guantanamo Bay to be convicted in civilian court." [Based on: Title (and text) for Tribune Newspapers article, p. A11, S.L.P.D., 01/26/11]

2011 - Strong Earthquake / Simeulue, Indonesia - January 26th, 2011: According to Preliminary Data (See: T.D. [Transcription Date] after link.) "A strong earthquake occurred at 14:42:29 (UTC) on Wednesday, January 26th, 2011. The magnitude 6.1 event [Location: 2.203°N, 96.821°E; Depth 22.6 km (14.0 miles)] was located @ SIMEULUE, INDONESIA."

[Based on: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/usc000197d.php]-[T.D. - 01/26/11]

2011 - Market Watch / U.S.A. - January 27th, 2011: "The Dow Jones industrial average broke through 12,000 for the first time in two and a half years Wednesday [01/25/11] but retreated in late trading. Weak forecasts from Boeing and Xerox weighed on the market. The Dow rose 8.25 points, or 0.1 percent, to close at 11,985.44." [Based on: MARKET WATCH article, p. A11, S.L.P.D., 01/27/11]

2011 - A Fizzy Ocean on Enceladus - January 26, 2011: "For years researchers have been debating whether Enceladus, a tiny moon floating just outside Saturn's rings, is home to a vast underground ocean. Is it wet - or not? Now, new evidence is tipping the scales. Not only does Enceladus likely have an ocean, that ocean is probably fizzy like a soft drink and could be friendly to microbial life. [....]"

[Based on: Science@NASA article (A Fizzy Ocean on Enceladus ) by Dauna Coulter, 01/26/11]

*Link: http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2011/26jan_fizzyocean/

2011 - Eruption / Shinmoe-dake Volcano - January 26th, 2011: "On the morning of January 26, 2011, Shinmoe-dake, a volcano in the Kirishima complex on Japan’s Kyushu island, erupted spectacularly. Along with large amounts of ash, Shinmoe-dake erupted fountains of incandescent lava rocks (known as a strombolian eruption). [....]"

[Based on: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/view.php?id=48945]

2011 - Large Coronal Hole - January 27th, 2011: "A large coronal hole is emerging over the eastern limb. Credit: SDO/AIA. "

[Based on: http://spaceweather.com/archive.php?view=1&day=27&month=01&year=2011]

2011 - Diabetes' prevalence / U.S.A. - January 27th, 2011: "U.S. health officials have raised their estimate of how many Americans have diabetes to nearly 26 million. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the new estimate Wednesday. It means about 1 in 12 Americans has the disease." [Based on: Article (Diabetes' prevalence), p. A18, S.L.P.D., 01/27/11]

2011 - Russia OKs nuclear arms treaty - January 27th, 2011: "Russia OKs nuclear arms treaty ['the upper chamber of the Russian Parliament gave final approval']" [Based on: Title (and text) Article, p. A22, S.L.P.D., 01/27/11]

2011 - Bleak Prognosis / U.S. Social Security - January 27th, 2011: "Sick and getting sicker, Social Security will run at a deficit this year [2011] and keep on running in the red until its trust funds are drained by about 2037, congressional budget experts said Wednesday [01/26/11] in bleaker-than-previous estimates. [....] This year alone, Social Security will pay out $45 billion more in retirement, disability and survivors' benefits than it collects in payroll taxes, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said. That figure nearly triples - to $130 billion - when the new one-year cut in payroll taxes is included. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (Bleak prognosis leaves Social Security drained / Trust funds are estimated to be emptied by 2037.) by Stephen Ohlemacher, p. A9, S.L.P.D., 01/27/11]

2011 - Fourth-Quarter profit / ConocoPhillips - January 27th, 2011: "ConocoPhillips said fourth-quarter profit surged 59 percent to $2.04 billion, or $1.39 a share, from $1.29 billion, or 86 cents, a year ago. Revenue jumped 22 percent to $53.2 billion." [Based on: Article, p. A11, S.L.P.D., 01/27/11]

2011 - Strong Earthquake / Southeastern Iran - January 27th, 2011: According to Preliminary Data (See: T.D. [Transcription Date] after link.) "A strong earthquake occurred at 08:38:28 (UTC) on Thursday, January 27th, 2011. The magnitude 6.0 event [Location: 28.185°N, 58.968°E; Depth 10.7 km (6.6 miles) set by location program] was located @ SOUTHEASTERN IRAN."

[Based on: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/usc00019jy.php]-[T.D. - 01/28/11]

2011 - National Assembly Inauguration / Afghanistan - January 27th, 2011: "[....] With the swearing in of 249 members of the lower house, Afghanistan once again has three working branches of government." [Based on: Article (Karzai capitulates), p. A22, S.L.P.D., 01/27/11]

2011 - Tropical Cyclone Bianca / Western Australia - January 27th, 2011: "Tropical Cyclone Bianca grazed the coastline of Western Australia in late January 2011. At 5:00 a.m. on January 27 local time (21:00 UTC on January 26), the U.S. Navy’s Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) reported that Bianca was located about 200 nautical miles (370 kilometers) north-northeast of Learmonth, Western Australia. The storm had maximum sustained winds of 60 knots (110 kilometers per hour) with gusts up to 75 knots (140 kilometers per hour). [....]" [Based on: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/view.php?id=48913]

2011 - 4 Palestinians arrested in killing of American - January 27th, 2011: "Four Palestinian men were arrested and charged by Israeli police for stabbing attacks that killed American tourist Kristine Luken, a Virginia resident." [Based on: Article (4 Palestinians arrested in killing of American), p. A22, S.L.P.D., 01/27/11]

2011 - Rare form of cancer is linked to breast implants - January 27th, 2011: "Rare form of cancer ['anaplastic large-cell lymphoma'] is linked to breast implants / Risk is small, FDA says [01/26/11], so no action is recommended." [Based on: Title (and text) for New York Times article, p. A12, S.L.P.D., 01/27/11]

2011 - Solar Flares - January 28th, 2011: "Jan. 28th began with not one but two major eruptions on the sun. Separated by more than a million kilometers, the two blasts occurred almost simultaneously on opposite corners of the solar disk. Click on the image to view a movie recorded by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory: [....] On the lower left [see link], a magnetic filament became unstable and erupted, hurling a portion of itself into space. On the upper right, departing sunspot 1149 produced an M1-class solar flare and a bright coronal mass ejection (SOHO movie). Is this all a big coincidence? Maybe not. New research shows that eruptions on the sun can 'go global' with widely separated blasts unfolding in concert as they trigger and feed off of one another. [NP] These blasts are going to miss in concert, too. Plasma clouds ejected by the two eruptions will sail wide of our planet, one on the left and one on the right. No Earth-effects are expected; maybe next time. [....]"

[Based on: http://spaceweather.com/archive.php?view=1&day=28&month=01&year=2011]

2011 - Market Watch / U.S.A. - January 28th, 2011: "A surprise jump in applications for unemployment benefits and mixed earnings from large U.S. companies sent stocks only slightly higher Thursday. The S&P 500 rose 2.91 points, or 0.2 percent, to close at 1,299.54. The Dow inched up 4.39 points, or 0.04 percent, to 11,989.83." [Based on: MARKET WATCH article, p. B3, S.L.P.D., 01/28/11]

2011 - Civil Unrest / Yemen - January 28th, 2011: "Tumult hits Yemen [01/27/11], more promised ['Thousands of protestors Thursday took to the streets of Yemen] / Aging order of U.S.-backed governments face calls for change from secular and Islamist leaders." [Based on: Title (and text) for New York Times article, p. A12, S.L.P.D., 01/28/11]

2011 - Trivia / "Out of Africa" - January 28th, 2011: "[....] In the new paper, an international team of researchers reported they had found artifacts - hand axes, leaf-shaped blades and other stone tools - excavated from a rock shelter on the northeast end of Jebel Faya, a 6-mile-long limestone mountain in the United Arab Emirates. [NP] They dated the artifacts pulled from the lowest, and thus the oldest, of three layers of dirt to about 125,000 years old.Humans may have left Africa earlier / Tools near the Persian Gulf date the migration about 60,000 years earlier than was previously believed. [....]"

[Based on: Los Angeles Times article (Humans may have left Africa earlier / Tools near the Persian Gulf date the migration about 60,000 years earlier than was previously believed.) 01/28/11]


2011 - Car Bomber / Baghdad, Iraq - January 28th, 2011: "Car bomber kills 48, wounds 121 in Iraq [01/27/11] / Four other bombings kill five more in Baghdad as two-week spike in violence reaches the capital." [Based on: Title for McCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS article, p. A25, S.L.P.D., 01/28/11]

2011 - Biotech alfalfa gets OK to plant - January 28th, 2011: "[....] The Agriculture Department [U.S.A.] has said the modified alfalfa - used primarily for hay for cattle - is safe, but some consumers don't want to eat foods derived from it, including milk or beef. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (Biotech alfalfa gets OK to plant) by Mary Clare Jallonick, p. B7, S.L.P.D., 01/28/11]

2011 - U.S. Press Secretary / Jay Carney - January 28th, 2011: "Press secretary [Jay Carney] selected ['officials said Thursday']" [Based on: Title (and text) for Article, p. A9, S.L.P.D., 01/28/11]

2011 - Mexican gangs using catapults to hurl pot into U.S. - January 28th, 2011: "Mexican gangs using catapults to hurl pot into U.S. [Mexico to Arizona]" [Based on: Title (and text) for Article, p. A25, S.L.P.D., 01/28/11]

2011 - Civil Unrest / Egypt - January 29th, 2011: "Mubarak uses military to respond to revolt [01/28/11] / TV appearance - Egyptian leader rejects crowds' calls to quit. / Obama's advice - He urges 'concrete steps' toward reform." [Based on: Title (and text) for New York Times article, p. A1, S.L.P.D., 01/29/11]

2011 - Assange issues denial - January 29th, 2011: "WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said he's never asked anyone to take classified material. Assange's latest comments come in response to a U.S. criminal investigation into how WikiLeaks obtained the documents. Assange has called that investigation harassment." [Based on: Article (Assange issues denial), p. A15, S.L.P.D., 01/29/11]

2011 - Market Watch / U.S.A. - January 28th, 2011: "Escalating protests in Egypt sent stocks down sharply Friday. Disappointing earnings and a worse than expected report on the U.S. economy also caused stocks to fall. The Dow fell 1.4 percent. The S&P 500 fell 1.8 percent. The Nasdaq composite fell 2.5 percent." [Based on: MARKET WATCH article, p. A7, S.L.P.D., 01/28/11]

2011 - Economic Recovery? / U.S.A. - January 29th, 2011: "Recovery gains steam, thanks to consumers / Spending growth in 4th quarter rises at fastest rate since 2006 ['economy grew at an annual rate of 3.2 percent in the final three months of 2010, the Commerce Department said Friday.']." [Based on: Title (and text) for A.P. article, p. A6, S.L.P.D., 01/29/11]

2011 - Protestors gather in Jordan  - January 29th, 2011: "Protestors gather in Jordan [01/28/11] / Thousands rally to demand change; Yemen is quieter a day after protests." [Based on: Title (and text) for New York Times article, p. A9, S.L.P.D., 01/29/11]

2011 - Suicider Bomber / Kabul, Afghanistan - January 29th, 2011: "Suicide bomber kills 8 in Afghanistan [01/28/11]" [Based on: Title for Article, p. A15, S.L.P.D., 01/29/11]

2011 - Fourth-Quarter Profit / Chevron Corp. - January 29th, 2011: "Chevron Corp. reported a 71 percent increase in fourth-quarter profit. Net profit increased to $5.32 billion, or $2.64 a share, from $3.1 billion, or $1.53, a year ago. Revenue rose to $54.03 billion." [Based on: Article, p. A7, S.L.P.D., 01/29/11]

2011 - Germany votes to bring home soldiers - January 29th, 2011: "Germany votes [01/28/11] to bring home [from Afghanistan] soldiers ['to begin ... by the end of this year and to complete the withdrawal by 2014']" [Based on: Title (and text) for Article, p. A15, S.L.P.D., 01/29/11]

2011 - Strong Earthquake / Jan Mayen Island Region - January 29th, 2011: According to Preliminary Data (See: T.D. [Transcription Date] after link.) "A strong earthquake occurred at 06:55:26 (UTC) on Saturday, January 29th, 2011. The magnitude 6.1 event [Location: 70.965°N, 6.778°W; Depth 9.5 km (5.9 miles) set by location program] was located @ JAN MAYEN ISLAND REGION."

[Based on: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/usb00015y3.php]-[T.D. - 01/31/11]

2011 - Sunspot 1150 - January 30th, 2011: "Sunspot 1150 is growing, but does not yet pose a threat for strong flares. Credit: SDO/HMI" [Based on: http://spaceweather.com] - [T.D. - 01/30/11]

2011 - Suicide Bomber / Kandahar, Afghanistan - January 30th, 2011: "Suicide bomber [01/29/11] kills Afghan official [Abdul Latif Ashna, the deputy governor of the key province of Kandahar']" [Based on: Title (and text) for Article, p. A14, S.L.P.D., 01/30/11]

2011 - Strong Earthquake / Tonga - January 31st, 2011: According to Preliminary Data (See: T.D. [Transcription Date] after link.) "A strong earthquake occurred at 06:03:26 (UTC) on Monday, January 31st, 2011. The magnitude 6.0 event [Location: 21.943°S, 175.510°W; Depth 68.6 km (42.6 miles)] was located @ TONGA."

[Based on: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/usb00016zk.php]-[T.D. - 02/04/11]

2011 - Islamist leader returns to Tunisia - January 31st, 2011: "Islamist leader [Rachid Ghanouchi] returns to Tunisia [01/30/11]" [Based on: Title (and text) for Article, p. A13, S.L.P.D., 01/31/11]

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