Approximate number of words in sound group T = 1,600.                                                                     T/R

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T, D

T - "Mirror History" dictionary designates letter T to signify the tenth of ten descending sound groups that define its alphabetical order. Letters inhabiting this group include: T, D, & Ts [depending on language]. Theoretical definitions for sound group T include: Fixed Location, Fixed Border, Material Form, Density, Numeral 9." [Etznab Mathers]

T - "Glyphs believed to represent T include: a capital T shape; a cake, or half-circle lying on its base; a standing triangle; a hand; an X-like shape. Reportedly, T comes from the Greek Tau and the Semitic Tav. Tav was the last letter in the Greek alphabet until Omega was created. Both the Greek and Semitic alphabets had another T related letter (Theta in Greek and Teth in Semitic) for the th sound. Old English also had two symbols - the thorn and thok, or eth. The thorn was still used up until the spread of printing, but because printers did not have a symbol for thorn they used a lowercase y, causing the use of phrases like ye olde farm."

T - "Nineteenth letter [Tau] in the Greek alphabet. Capital and small forms resemble the English letter T shape, only differing in size. Reported meanings for Tau include: microcosm; lunar aspects of the human being; the older 20th [last] letter; number 300."

T - "Twenty-second letter [Tav] in the Hebrew alphabet. The older form shows a capital X-like shape. The modern form shows an upside-down block-style U-like shape with a leftward-fac- ing foot on the left leg. Tav was the last letter in the Old Hebrew alphabet. It carries the numerical value of 400. Other meanings attributed to T include: finality."

T - "Ninth letter [Teth] in the Hebrew alphabet that reportedly carries the sound of Th. The older form of Teth showed an X inside a circle [not so very different from Tav?]. The modern form shows a U-like shape with the ends bent in toward [and almost touching] one another. Trivia: according to scholars, Teth is missing in the first tablets of the law [Ten Commandments]. Teth is also not included in the names of the twelve tribes. Further- more, in the entire Torah [the first five books of the Old Testament] the letters G [Gimmel] and T [Teth] are nowhere next to one another - neither within one word nor even as the first and last letters of adjacent words. General meanings attributed to Th include: good. Trivia: The circle-cross is believed to be an Egyptian hieroglyph for a city."

T - "The Phoenician letter name Teth means 'wheel', but the letter possibly (according to Brian Colless) continues a Middle Bronze Age glyph named tab 'good', tayeb ... in modern Arabic, based on the nfr 'good' hieroglyph."
*Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teth

T - "According to Porphyry of Tyros, the Egyptians used an X within a circle as a symbol of the soul; having a value of nine, it was used as a symbol for Ennead. Johannes Lydus says that the Egyptians used a symbol for Kosmos in the form of theta, with a fiery circle representing the world, and a snake spanning the middle representing Agathos Daimon (literally: good spirit)." *Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theta

T - "The Hungarian symbol for T is reportedly like a pole with a fork on it. TAM means support, support beam."

T - "Grimm's law reports the following evolution: T [Latin], to TH [Anglo-Saxon], to D [German]."

T - "Trivia: Reportedly, from the first millennium BCE, Hebrew t shifts to s; d to z; and in some cases, d to s." (D.R.D.)

t - "Definitions: thou, thee; to give; staff, support (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: th."

t - "Definitions: a prefix used instead of y- in the third person plural masculine (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: t."

t - "Definitions: a third-person plural feminine prefix (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: t-; y-."

t - "Definitions: a feminine ending (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: -t."

t - "Definitions: an adverbial suffix (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: -t."

t - "Definitions: now (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: 't, 'th, 'attah."

D - "Glyphs believed to signify D include: a triangle, a mound or enclosed half circle shape, a rectangle, a triangle or rectangle attached to a staff, an equalateral triangle with a short line projecting from one apex [the cuneiform symbol], pubic triangle, fish head [dag], a hand [an outstretched arm with palm facing up]. Reported meanings attributed to D include: door and opening. Trivia: to the ancient Greeks Delta was the letter of Demeter, the huntress goddess. To the Romans it was used as an early version of the M."

D - "The fourth letter [dlt] in the Hebrew alphabet. General meanings attributed to D include: the physical world that extends in four directions."

D - "The Hungarian runic symbol for D reportedly shows a tall pole with a small cross bar, an archaic sun dial. Associated spellings/words: del ['noon time']."

D - "Grimm's law reports the following evolution: D [Latin], to T [Gothic], to S, Z [German)."

D - "Trivia: Reportedly, from the first millennium BCE, Hebrew t shifts to s; d to z; and in some case, d to s." (D.R.D.)

d - "Definitions: typical of the Aramaic group is the shift of d to q in the oldest inscriptions."

ta - "Definitions: ground, land, earth, world, soil; the primeval Earth-God, husband of the Sky-goddess; time, moment; boundary; a plant; staff, support; bread, loaf, cake; form, counterpart, forms, images, likeness; slab of stone, stone; altar slab; to beat, to break, to smash." (Egyptian)

ta - "Definitions; where; a place; smooth ground, level ground, country; stars (Mayan). Associated spellings/words: toui toui ['star'] (Gilbertese); ta ['rice paddy'] (Japanese); da; taah ['into the water'] (Navajo); ta ['fall down, sink; step on'] (Chinese); taa ['to submerge or remain under water for a long time'] (Kapinga); za ['a circle; to go round'] (I Ching)."

ta - "Definitions: ox [a] contained [t]; tame." (Hebrew)

ta - "Definitions: to glow, to be red-hot, to burn, to be angry (Egyptian). Associated spell- ings/words: tau ['hot, heated, fire, flame']."

ta - "Name for a pictograph believed to signify a snake on its tail; it; he, him; she, her [pronoun]; they, them; other, another (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: thah ['work- er'] (Mayan)."

ta - "Definitions: a demonstrative pronoun [this]; the femine article (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: taa."

ta - "Definitions: a past participle suffix (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: ita."

ta - "Definitions: an Italian suffix related to Spanish -dad, and English -ty."

da - "Definitions: arm; side; nearness [to someone]; to hold, to be near; to protect; with, and." (Sumerian)

da - "Definitions: to put, to give, share." (Sanskrit)

da - "Definitions: rice paddy (Japanese). Associated spellings/words: ta."

da - "Name for a pictograph showing a stick-man-like shape. General meanings include: a standing person with arms and legs spread wide open; big, large, great (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: dai."

da - "Definitions: yes (Bosnian). Associated spellings/words: jeste."

Da - "Definitions: the serpent deity of Dahomey, West Africa."

Da - "Definitions: the enemy-defeating god who sits on the right shoulder of every Tibetan. Associated spellings/words: Dab-lha."

ce - "Name for a pictograph believed to represent an ancient book composed of bamboo strips tied together. General meanings include: book; register; volume." (Chinese)

de - "Definitions: relative-demonstrative pronoun, that." (Tibetan)

de - "Definitions: get; gain; obtain; virtue; morality (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: da ['beat, smash, hit; from'] (Chinese)."

de - "Definitions: to pour [often with -ni-]; to water; to increase, be full; to shape, form; to instruct; to sink; ashes." (Sumerian)

de - "Definitions: down from, from, concerning, about (Latin). Associated spellings/words: de ['from'] (Gaelic); de ['of'] (Spanish)."

teh - "Definitions: the power of manifestation (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: Tao Teh Ching."

tah - "Definitions: to dip in water, submerge, to plunge into water, to sink (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: taht ['submersion']."

tha - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'planted' [Genesis 2:8, etc]. Associ- ated spellings/words: nta."

tah - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'wander' [Genesis 20:13]; 'wandered' [Genesis 21:14]; 'wandering' [Genesis 37:15]; 'stagger' [Job 12:25]; 'deceived' [Job 15:31]; 'panted' [Isaiah 21:4]; 'astray' [Isaiah 53:6]. Other definitions include: to err, to stray; seduced; disembled, to lead astray, or cause to wander. Associated spellings/words: ta'ah."

taa - "Definitions: demonstrative pron. fem. this; to adore; divine emanation, essence of a god; to weep, lament, weeper (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: ta."

taa - "Definitions: three (Navajo). Associated spellings/words: T'aachil ['April'] (Navajo)."

tsa - "Definitions: nine (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: tesha."

tae - "Definitions: to rip off, tear (Kapinga). Associated spellings/words: T ['cutting know ledge'] (Tibetan)."

THE - "Definitions: that particular one. Associated spellings/words: seo, sio, the, thei, thiu, that, diu, sa, su, so, ho, he, ha, sa."

die - "Definitions: feminine form of 'the' used with singular nouns (German). Associated spellings/words: des, den."

die - "Name for a pictograph believed to represent a small plant taking root." (Chinese)

dei - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'must' [Matthew 16:21, etc.]. Other definitions include: ought, should, necessity, divine necessity, compulsion by a force or forces. Associated spellings/words: dhi."

dah - "Definitions: to burn (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: dagdha ['burnt'] (Sanskrit)

dah - "Definitions: up; off; set out; at an elevation (Navajo). Associated spellings/words: dei ['up; upward']."

THEY - "Definitions: pl. of he, she, it XII; those ones; people in general. Associated spellings/words: their (Old Norse); tha (Old English); sa; su."

thea - "Definitions: view; a goddess." (Greek)

daahaa - "Definitions: broad space (Kapinga). Associated spellings/words: daha ['flying, gliding, out, apart from, outside of']; daa ['to subtract, to obtain, to extract, cook, tattoo']."

dahi - "Definitions: one, together, both (Kapinga). Associated spellings/words: daahi ['to hold, adopt']; dahida ['useful, hard working']." 

tahahi - "Definitions: Sun." (Gilbertese)

Da You - "Name for an ideograph showing da [a person with arms and legs wide open], the image of a three-fingered hand [in the act of grasping], and a pictograph believed to represent the moon. General meanings include: da [great] + you [possession; harvest] great measure; great possession; Great Harvest; the 14th hexagram: fire above, heaven below." (I Ching)

dahyaus - "Definitions: country." (Persian) 

TU - "(otl) 02 an exclamation declaring breach of friendship, indicated by disjoining the ring formed of the fore and middle fingers." (otl) = Cologne Online Tamil Lexicon
*Link: http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MWScan/tamil/index.html

tu - "(otl) 03 1. food; 2. experience; 3. separation" (otl) = Cologne Online Tamil Lexicon
*Link: http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MWScan/tamil/index.html

du - "(mwd) 2 (also written %{dU}), cl.5. P.4. A1. (Dha1tup. xxvii, 10; xxvi, 24) %{dunoti}, %{dUyate} (ep. also %{-ti}; pf. %{dudAva}; fut. %{doSyati}; aor. %{adauSIt}; inf. %{dotum}), to be burnt, to be consumed with internal heat or sorrow (Pres. %{dunoti} MBh. iii, 10069 BhP. iii, 2, 17 Gi1t. iii, 9 [483,1]; but oftener %{dUyate} , which is at once Pass.) MBh. Sus3r. Ka1v. &c. ; (only %{duno4ti}) to burn, consume with fire, cause internal heat, pain, or sorrow, afflict, distress AV. ix, 4, 18 MBh. VarBr2S. Ka1v.: Caus. %{dAvayati} aor. %{adUduvat}: Desid. %{dudUSati}: Intens. %{dodUyate}, %{dodoti}. [Cf. $. for $; $, pain; Lit. {davyti}, to torment; Sl. {daviti}, to worry.]" (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon
*Link: http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MWScan/tamil/index.html

tau - "Definitions: landsmen, people of a country, men, folk." (Egyptian)

Tav [T] - "Glyphs believed to represent Tav include: a cross or X-like shape; a capital T-like shape. Reported meanings for Tav include: cross; mark, sign, symbol; phallus; syn- thesis; the 22nd letter [7th Double] in the Hebrew alphabet; number 400; the 32nd ['God saw all that He had made'] of 32 paths, or states of consciousness (Hebrew); last letter in the old Hebrew alphabet. Associated spellings/words: Tau ['last let- ter in the old Greek alphabet'] (Greek)."

Tau [T] - "Nineteenth letter in the Greek alphabet. Capital and small forms resemble the Eng- lish letter T shape, only differing in size. Reported meanings for Tau include: microcosm; lunar aspects of the human being; the older 20th [last] letter; number 300."

Tau - "Definitions: Southern Cross; [Ta-ha] the stars which bring the water; emersion and resurrection (Mayan). Associated spellings/words: tao ['billows, surges, inundate, flood, floods, wash; escape, flee; peach; earthenware, pottery'] (Chinese)."

tau - "Definitions: hot, heated, fire, flame (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: tauf, ta (Egyptian)."

tao - "Name for an ideograph showing yan [speak] and cun [laws]. General meanings include: speak about laws; govern; discuss (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: tao ['the Eternal aspect of reality; way of heaven; truth']; dow."

dao - "Name for a pictograph believed to represent a knife. General meanings include: knife; sword." (Chinese)

dao - "Definitions: stick; he who has a stick." (Pali)

deo - "Definitions: Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'bind' [Matthew 12:29, etc.]. Other definitions include: bound. Associated spellings/words: dhw; desmos ['bonds']."

dav - "Definitions: strength [a] at the tent door [d]; smoke (Hebrew). Associated spellings/ words: dva ['poker, fire poker']."

DEW - "Associated spellings/words: moisture condensed at night. Associated spellings/words: deaw (Old English); dau (OS); tau, tou (German); dogg (Old Norse); dhav ['flow'] (Sanskrit); thein ['run'] (Greek)."

THAW - "Definitions: melt or cause to melt. Associated spellings/words: thawian, doien, dooien, douwen, theyja."

tawa - "Definitions: numeral four." (Quechua)

Tawa - "Definitions: Hopi Sun God to which belonged the powers of the Above." (Native American Mythology)

Ta-wa - "Definitions: a system of mystical insight." (Tibetan) 

tahua - "Definitions: dross, dregs." (Egyptian)

tauai - "Definitions: morning." (Egyptian)

tausht - "Definitions: borders, boundaries (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: taush-t."

Turiya - "[....] The Mandukya Upanishad defines turiya as: 'The fourth (i.e. Turiya) is NOT a state. It is the background on which dream and wake arises and disappears. Turiya is just another term to describe pure awareness. It is also called the Nirvikalpa.' [....]" [Based on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turiya]

Tawaret - "In Egyptian mythology, Taweret (also spelled Taurt, Tuat, Taueret, Tuart, Ta-weret, Tawaret, and Taueret, and in Greek, ... 'Thouťris' and Toeris) is the Egyptian Goddess of childbirth and fertility. The name 'Taweret' means, 'she who is great' or simply, 'great one'.[1] [....]" *Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tawaret

Ta uab - Definitions: the Pure Land, i.e., the Tuat." (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)

Da Xu - "Name for an ideograph showing da [great] and xu [storing up, accumulating]. General meanings include: Great Accumulation; the 26th hexagram: mountain above, heaven below." (I Ching)

tahan - "Definitions: forehead." (Egyptian)

dahan - "Definitions: great cold [January 21st - February 5th], name for one of twenty-four Chinese climatic periods recorder in the Ying-yang li."

thhr - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'clearness' [Exodus 24:10]; 'purify- ing' [Leviticus 12:4, 6]; 'glory' [Psalm 89:44]. Associated spellings/words: tohar; thhvr, tahowr ['clean'] (Genesis 7:2)."

Da Guo - "Definitions: Great [Da] + Exceeding [guo]. General meanings include: Preponderance of the Great; Excess; the 28th hexagram: lake above, wood below." (I Ching)

Da Zhuang - "Name for an ideograph showing da [great] on top of two images - a weapon of wood or bamboo, and to the right is shi [the lowest class of feudal subordinate]. General meanings include: Great Strength; the 34th hexagram: thunder above, heaven below." (I Ching)

Ta Tuat - "Definitions: the land of the Other World. (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)."

te - "Definitions: sacred tree (Mayan). Associated spellings/words: te'nab ['tree place'] (Mayan); teol ['spirit of the tree'] (Mayan)."

ti - "Definitions: cuneiform sign derived from a pictogram for an 'arrow,' also, 'to live.' General meanings include: rib, side, life, lifetime, health, healthy, to accept (Sumerian). Associated spellings/words: ti.la ['duration of life, to get well, to live long']."

ti - "Definitions: ladder, staircase, terraced; carry, lift, kick, mention; pick, reject; cry; topic; body; shave (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: tia ['more than, most, too, excessively'] [Adverb] (Chinese); atee ['coral head at the surface of the water'] (Kapinga)."

TY /s - "Definitions: state of, quality of."

di - "Definitions: lawsuit, case; judgement, decision, verdict; sentence; to judge, decide; to go; to escape (Sumerian). Associated spellings/words: diku ['judge']."

di - "Definitions: low, decline; dyke, dam; guard against, beware of; drip, drop / actual, real; enemy, rival / wash, cleanse; flute, whistle; whisper, mutter, murmur; legitamate / defame, slander; grindstone / bottom, end; withstand; prop; reach; the earth, ground, land; younger brother; emperor; hand over / order, decree; class; join; contract; target, bull's-eye." (Chinese)

di - "Definitions: a relative particle." (Aramaic)

di - "Definitions: to fly (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: dina ['flight']."

de - "Definitions: not, do not, never." (Kapinga)

tai - "Definitions: a conjunctive particle; belonging to; to withstand, resist; clothe, to dress, to array in apparel; scorpion." (Egyptian)

tai - "Name for an ideograph showing da ['a standing person; big'] with dot on lower right leg [once written as two horizontal lines resembling the pictograph er]. General meanings include: very big; too, excessively; extremely (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: taihou ['queen mother, empress dowager']."

Tai - "Name for an ideograph showing a person with arms and legs wide open standing on top sui [water]. General meanings include: proceeding forward smoothly; more than, most; peace safety; security; good health; progression; proceeding; advance; advancing; the 11th hexagram: earth above, heaven below (I Ching). Associated spellings/words: tai ['embryo, birth, form, manner; stage, platform, raise, lift; too, excessively, extremely; safe; great'] (Chinese)."

dii - "Definitions: to shine, [sun] (Kapinga). Associated spellings/words: dai ['west'] (Kapinga)."

dhi - "Definitions: to hold; to mind, care for." (Sanskrit)

dai - "Definitions: stay; dull; bad; evil; doctor; physician; acting; generation; ribbon; band; zone; treat; await; lend, loan; idle, lazy; danger; nearly, almost; bag, sack, pocket; reach; arrest; wear, put on." (Chinese)

cai - "Name for a pictograph believed to represent a sprouting plant. General meanings include: natural talent; gift; just; only (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: cai ['material']."

teeh - "Definitions: valley." (Navajo)

tja - "Definitions: show, tell." (Old Norse)

dyh - "Definitions: a bird of prey [perhaps the kite] (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: dayah."

dya - "Definitions: smoke." (Hebrew)

dhya - "Definitions: to think of, imagine, contemplate, meditate on (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: dhyana ['thought, reflection, meditation']."

taia - "Definitions: my, mine (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: taik."

thia - "Definitions: aunt (Greek). Associated spellings/words: tia ['aunt'] (Spanish); TaiTai ['married lady, Mrs.'] (Chinese)."

dihi - "Definitions: skipping stone, butterfly fish." (Kapinga)

dehee - "Definitions: to drift." (Kapinga)

Tiu - "Definitions: the son of Odin; the god of law; the god of war (Norse Mythology). Associated spellings/words: Tiw; Tiwaz; Tyr; Ziu; Mars."

tiu - "Definitions: moon, month (Etruscan). Associated spellings/words: tiv, tivr."

Dyu - "Definitions: brilliant (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: divya ['the shinning one; divine or enlightened being']. Associated spellings/words: diva."

Dew - "Definitions: God." (Cornish)

diu - "Definitions: speeding in a straight course (Kapinga). Associated spellings/words: diu ['lose; cast away; lose face; disgrace'] (Chinese)."

taiu - "Definitions: lands, the world." (Egyptian)

THEO /r - "Definitions: god. Associated spellings/words: theos ['a general name of deities or divinities as used by the Greeks']; THEORETICAL ['relating to or being theory']; THEOLOGY ['study of religion']; THEORY ['mental conception; general principles of a subject']; theoria, theasthai; THEORIZE ['put forth theories']; theudas ['God-given'] (Greek)."

tiao - "Name for a pictograph believed to represent fruit hanging from a tree. General mean- ings include: fruit." (Chinese)

daio - "Definitions: to distribute fortunes." (Greek)

diao - "Definitions: hold in the mouth; artful, sly; cunning; wicked; wither, fall; fade; carve; vulture / hang; condole / fish, angle; transfer, move; tune; drop, lose, turn." (Chinese)

thioh - "Definitions: thigh (Old English). Associated spellings/words: theoh, theh, thio, dioh."

THIGH - "Regional anatomical term refering to the portion of the lower limb between the hip and knee. Associated spellings/words: theh, theoh, thioh, thio, dioh, thjo, taukas; tuku ['fat'] (Old Slavonic)."

deva - "Definitions: shining ones; personifications of the forces of nature; gods, angels [Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 458]. Other definitions include: divine being. (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: devata."

Deva - "Definitions: shining; divine [superior] being (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: devata."

tiao he - "Definitions: literally, 'control and unify'. (Chinese)

Taiowa - "Definitions: The Sun God, the Creator of the Earth (Native American [Hopi] Mythology). Associated spellings/words: TA.EA (Sumerian)."

Devi - "Definitions: Hindu mother goddess and name for those goddesses who were once believed to be Shiva's wives."

Dewi - "Definitions: a Welsh sea god. Associated spellings/words: David-Dewi ['Great Red Serpent [dragon], the national emblem of Wales']."

Dewi - "Definitions: Welsh form of David. Associated spellings/words: Dewey."

teuz - "Definitions: tree, divine breath (Mayan). Associated spellings/words: toz ['pertaining to ceremonials'] (Mayan).'

deos - "Definitions: fear, awe. A word that reportedly appears in Hebrews 12:28." (Greek)

Dyus - "Definitions: resplendent; sky; the Almighty; Vedic high god (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: Dyaus; deus ['god'] (Latin)."

theos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'God' [Matthew 1:23, etc.], [John 1:1, etc.]. Associated spellings/words: thhos, thehos."

Dioskouroi - "Definitions: literally, sons of Zeus; Castor and Pollux [Polydeuces], the spartan twins of Greek Mythology; gods of the morning and evening star, born together out of the World Egg of Leda."

theosebeia - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'godliness' [1 Timothy 2:10]. Associated spellings/words include: thoshbhia; eusebeia ['godliness']; eusebes, eusebos ['godly']."

TUESDAY - "Definitions: 4th day of the week. Associated spellings/words: Tiu's Day (Germanic); Mercurii dies (Latin)."

DIVINE - "Definitions: pert. to God or a god; god-like; heavenly XIV; of surpassing excellence XV. - OF. devin, fem. -ine, later, by assim. to L., divin(e) - L. divinus. f. divus god-like, god, rel. to deus god: - IE. *deiwos; [....]." (Based on: Oxford Concise Pocket Dictionary)

Dionysus - "Definitions: literally 'Son of God'; the Greek god of the vine; originally a god of vegetation; Son of Zeus and Semele. Cult Epithets: Bakchos [the sprout], Anthios [the blossom], Karpios [the fruit], Dendrites [the tree], Orthos [the erect], Enorches [the testicled]. Associated spellings/words: Dionusios ['devoted to Bacchus']."

devanagari - "Definitions: Letters to God; writing of the gods; the characters of the Sanskrit language." (Sanskrit)

devtas - "Definitions: a kind of angel. Associated spellings/words: devachan ['dwelling place of the angels']; devas ['male angels']."

DEVIL - "Definitions: the supreme spirit of evil; malignant being; printer's apprentice; (highly seasoned) fried or boiled dish. Associated spellings/words: deofol, diubul, duivel, tiufal, teufel, diabulus, diabolos ['accuser, slanderer'], diaballein ['slander, traduce'], dia ['across'] + ballein ['throw']."

deofol - "Definitions: devil." (Anglo Saxon)

theopoesis - "Definitions: deification." (Greek)

Teotihuacan - "Definitions: 'The Place Where men Become Gods'; the city of the gods; Quetz- alcoatl's capital in central America, the birthplace of the Fifth Sun (Mayan Mythology). Associated spellings/words: Tay-oh-tee-wah-kahn."

THESIS - "Definitions: convention; proposition to be argued for, theme; place, setting. Associated spellings/words: tithenia ['place'] (Greek)."

theotes - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'Godhead' [Romans 1:20]. Other definitions include: divine nature. Associated spellings/words: thioths."

Theoden - "Definitions: ruler, king (Anglo-Saxon). Associated spellings/words: theod ['nation, people']; thegn ['noble, hero']." *Link: http://www.quicksilver899.com/Tolkien/LOTR/LOTR_RZ.html

teotl - "Definitions: wonderful, awesome; god." (Aztec)

devadatta - "Definitions: gifted in spiritual matters." (Sanskrit)

tis - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'who' [Mark 1:24]."

tez - "Definitions: [adj] sharp, keen, caustic, pungent, swift, clever (Persian). Associated spellings/words: Tzadhe ['fish-hook'] (Hebrew)."

tais - "Definitions: her, hers (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: taif ['his'], tain ['our, ours']."

dias - "Definitions: high table in a hall; raised platform for this." (Old French)

diez - "Definitions: ten." (Spanish)

THIS - "Definitions: something close or under immediate discussion. Associated spellings/words: thes, theos, thius, thit, diz, pessi, thetta, tha, this."

TEASE - "Definitions: separate the fibres of; irritate by persistent action, annoy by goading, coaxing, or tantalizing. Associated spellings/words: taesan, tezen, teezen, zeisan; tzij ['jealous words between husband and wife'] (Quiche Maya)."

deesis - "Definitions: Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'prayer' [Luke 1:13, etc.]. Other definitions include: prayers, supplication, supplications, request, cry for help. Associated spellings/words: dhhsis."

tisra - "Definitions: third." (Sanskrit)

til - "Definitions: third [tisra] eye [til] (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: shivanetra ['the eye of Shiva']; nukta-i-saveda ['the black point'] (Sufi)."

tai-set - "Definitions: belonging to her, hers." (Egyptian)

deisidaimonia - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'superstition' [Acts 25:19]. Other definitions include: religion. Associated spellings/words: dhisidaimonia; deisidaimonesteros ['religious']."

deisidaimonesteros - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'superstitious' [Acts 17:22]. Other definitions include: religious. Associated spellings/words: dhisidaimonhsthros."

dyn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'strive' [Genesis 6:3]; 'judge' [Genesis 15:14, etc.]; 'execute' [Jeremiah 21:12]. Other definitions include: contend, plead. Associated spellings/words: diyn; spth ['judge'] (Old Hebrew)."

din - "Definitions: faith; religion; borrowing and payment of debt." (Arabic)

dein - "Definitions: bind (Greek). Associated spellings/words: deo [deh'o]."

dian [a1] - "Definitions: ye [e4] ('head') + zhen [e1] ('spiritual conversion; true') - phonetic. General meanings include: n. top; v. bump. Associated spellings/words: dianbo [a1o3] (v. 'bump. jolt'); dianfeng [a1e1] (n. 'summit, peak')." (Chinese)

dian [a3] - "Definitions: hei [e1] ('window altered by fire; black') + zhan [a1] (n. 'ask/ mouth tortose shell cracks'; v. 'divine') - phonetic. General meanings include: n. spot, dot, drop, a bit, just a little, point; v. light, ignite; o'clock. Associated spellings/words: dianzhong [a3o1] (n. 'hour, o'clock'); fen zhong [e1o1] ('period of time'); dianzi [a3] (n. 'speck, idea'); yi dian [i1a3] ('very little')." (Chinese)

dian [a3] - "Definitions: ce [e4] ('book') + zi [i1] ('stool, or workbench'). General meanings include: books on pedestal, classics; ceremony." (Chinese)

dian [a4] - "Definitions: shu [u1] ('strike') + tun [u2] ('buttocks') - phonetic. General meanings include: n. rear; n. palace." (Chinese)

dian [a4] - "Definitions: shui [u3] ('water') + dian [a4] ('buttocks, rear, bottom') - phonetic. General meanings include: at water's bottom/rear; n. sediment." (Chinese)

dian [a4] - "Definitions: shen [e1] ('hands girding body; spirit; extend') - phonetic + yu [u3] ('rain'). General meanings include: extends down from raincloud, lightning, electricity." (Chinese)

dian [a4] - "Definitions: yan [a3] ('shed') + zhan [a1] (n. 'ask/mouth tortose shell cracks'; v. 'divine') - phonetic. General meanings include: storehouse, shop, store. Associated spellings/words: dianpu [a4u4] (n. shop, store'); shangdian [a1a4'] (n. 'store, shop'); dianyuan [a4a2] (n. 'sales clerk')." (Chinese)

dian [a4] - "Definitions: xin [i1] ('heart') + dian [a4] (n. 'shop, store') - phonetic. General meanings include: v. think of. Associated spellings/words: dianji [a4i4] (v. remember, think of'); diannian [a4a4] (v 'worry about, miss')." (Chinese)

dian [a4] - "Definitions: yu [u4] ('jade') + zhan [a1] (n. 'ask/mouth tortose shell cracks'; v. 'divine') - phonetic. General meanings include: n. defect in jade. Associated spellings/words: dianwu [a4u1] (v. 'stain, smear (reputation)']." (Chinese)

dian [a4] - "Definitions: zhi [i2] ('captured criminal') + tu [u3] (n. 'earth'). General meanings include: captured criminal on earth; v. sink, advance (funds); n. cushion. Associated spellings/words: diankuan [a4a3] (n. 'loan, advance money'); dianzi [a4] (n. 'cushion')." (Chinese)

dian [a4] - "Definitions: ren [e2] ('person') + tian [a2] (n. 'field') - phonetic. General meanings include: n. person who works the fields, tenant farmer. Associated spellings/words: dianhu [a4u4] (n. 'tenant farmer'); diannong [a4o2]. (n. 'tenant farmer')." (Chinese)

dian [a4] - "Definitions: a pictograph illustrating encompassed fields; land owned by the emperor." (Chinese)

dian [a4] - "Definitions: qiu [i2] ('wine') - phonetic + shui [u1] ('water'). General meanings include: n. aged rice wine; chief. Associated spellings/words: qiuzhang [i2a3] (n. 'chief')." (Chinese)

Dian - "Definitions: 'Dian' is related to both Diana and Tana, the Faery name of the Goddess; also to Janicot, the Basque name of the Horned God, and to the given names Jean, Joan, and Jonet, which Margaret Murray documents as being popular in Witch families (Starhawk, The Spiral Dance, p. 46)."

dion - "Definitions: roof." (Gaelic)

TION /s - "Definitions: originally expressing the state of being what the past participle imports. Associated spellings/words: -cioun, -cion, -ciun, -tio, -on, -cao [pronoun- ced -saong], -zione, -sion."

Dione - "Definitions: an earth goddess; the most ancient consort of Zeus." (Greek Mythology)

tsyvn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'Zion' [2 Samuel 5:7], [1 Kings 8:1], [2 Kings 19:21, 31], [1 Chronicles 11:15], [2 Chronicles 5:2]. Other definitions include: sunny; height, one of the eminences on which Jerusalem was built. Associated spellings/words: tsiyown (Hebrew); Sion, siy'on [Deuteronomy 4:48]; Sirion, sryvn [Deuteronomy 3:10]; Hermon, chermown [Deuteronomy 3:8]; Sion (Greek)."

dhyan - "Definitions: From Dhi. (Skt. Dhi). Concentration, particularly the holy Shabd; communion with the Word." (http://www.ruhanisatsangusa.org/gloss.htm)

dhyan - "Definitions: Inner contemplation. A meditation technique taught by saints in which the devotee contemplates on the form of the Master within [Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 459] (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: dhyana; Dan; ch'an ['the general term for the esoteric schools, and their literature' - H.P. Blavatsky, T.S.D. Vol. 1 (Chinese & Tibetan); Fan-na, Fanna; Dzan, Djan; Book of Dzyan."

diyin - "Definitions: the holy being, supernatural being; it is sacred; it is holy." (Navajo)

dina - "Definitions: to resemble, to look like." (Kapinga)

dina - "Definitions: flight (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: di ['to fly']."

Dynh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for Jacob's 11th sibling, 'Dinah', [Genesis 30:21]: And afterwards she bore a daughter, and called her name Dinah. Jacob's 7th sibling conceived by Leah. Other definitions include: judged, vindicated."

dina - "Definitions: it lasts; ability to endure; to hold out (Navajo). Associated spellings/ words: dine ['a being; person; man; Navajo; the people']; dine'e ['tribe; people; nation; race']; dinetah ['the old Navajo country']."

Dena - "Definitions: dale, or valley." (American Indian)

Diana - "Definitions: a Goddess worshipped in Rome. Associated spellings/words: Di-anna, Dinah, Dione, Ana, Anna, Anne, Hannah."

Tinia - "Definitions: Reported husband of the Goddess Uni (Etruscan Mythology). Associated spellings/words: Tin. dhyana - "1 (mwd) dhyAna n. meditation, thought, reflection, (esp.) profound and abstract religious meditation, (%{-nam@Apad}, %{A-sthA} or %{-naM-gam}, to indulge in rŮreligious mŮmeditation) ChUp. Mn. MBh. Ka1v. &c. (with Buddhists divided into 4 stages MWB. 209 Dharmas. lxxii; but also into 3 ib. cix); mental representation of the personal attributes of a deity W.; insensibility, dulness Bhpr.; (%{-na4}) m. N. of a partic. personification MaitrS.; of the 11th day of the light half in Brahma's month Pur." (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

dhyana - "Definitions: thought; reflection; meditation; concentration in yoga. Associated spellings/words: dhyan (Sanskrit); dhyama ['thought'] (Sanskrit); Bsam-gtan (Tibetan)."

dhyanis - "Definitions: Devotees who go into ecstacy with the musical chants of cymbals." 

(Based on: http://www.ruhanisatsangusa.org/gloss.htm)

Dionysus - "Definitions: the Greek god of the vine; originally a god of vegetation; Son of Zeus and Semele. Associated spellings/words: Dionusios ['devoted to Bacchus']."

Dionysius - "Definitions: '[....] Both in Greece and in India the first visible male being, who united in himself the nature of either sex, abode in the egg and issued from it. This "first born of the world" was Dionysius, with some Greeks; the god who sprang from the mundane egg, and from whom the mortals and immortals were derived. [....]" (Based on: H.P. Blavatsky, T.S.D. Vol. I [1999 edition], p. 360)

Tiahuanaco - "Definitions: Viracocha's capital in the Andes." (Mayan)

Ding - "Name for an ideograph showing an ancient sacrificial vessel with two loop handles and three [for round vessel] or four [for square vessel] legs. General meanings include: Establishing the New; 50th hexagram: fire above, wind below." (I Ching)

ding - "Definitions: person; fourth; T-shaped; bite; reiterate; gaze, watch closely; nail; tail; tincture; top, carry on the head; tripod; suscribe; conclude; sew on; set; fix; ingot; spindle; losenge." (Chinese)

ding - "Name for a pictograph showing a horizontal line [yi] with descending vertical line with short hook [to left] at bottom. General meanings include: nail; fourth Heavenly Stem." (Chinese)

Taiyang - "Definitions: a name for the Sun." (Chinese / Mandarin)

Dhyan Chohans - "Definitions: 'the Architects of the visible World' (Based on: H.P. Blavatsky, T.S.D., Vol. 1, Proem)."

Dingir - "Reportedly, a Sumerian word for God. Associated spellings/words: dim(m)ir; tiher."

dingirenek - "Definitions: the gods." (Sumerian)

tind - "Definitions: spike (Anglo-Saxon & Old English). Associated spellings/words: tine (English)."

dinta - "Definitions: humility."

dim - "Definitions: measurer." (Sumerian)

tiam - "Definitions: to fill (Hakka). Associated spellings/words: tian (Mandarin)."

TEEM - "Definitions: bring forth; be prolific; abound; become filled or overflowing. Associated spellings/words: teman."

TEAM - "Definitions: draft animals harnessed together."

TIME - "Definitions: limited stretch of continued existence; period or point in the course of this (Old English). Associated spellings/words: timi ['time, good time, prosperity'] (Old Norse); tiempo ['time'] (Spanish)."

time - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'price' [Matthew 27:6, etc.]; 'honour' [John 4:44, etc.]; 'sum' [Acts 7:16]; 'precious' [1 Peter 2:7]. Associated spellings/ words: timh, timao; timen ['honor; noble, nobility']." 

diam - "Definitions: drop, dot (Hakka). Associated spellings/words: dian (Mandarin)."

THEME - "Definitions: proposition; subject matter. Associated spellings/words: thema."

Dhyama - "Definitions: thought (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: dhyana?"

timu - "Definitions: topic, problem [Verb]." (Chinese)

Demo - "One of the four daughters (Callidice, Cleisidice, Demo, & Callithoe) of Celeus." (Greek Mythology)

deemuu - "Definitions: quiet, silent." (Kapinga)

Themis - "Definitions: Law & Justice. Mythology: 'Pre-Hellenic Creatress, cognate with the Chaldean Thamte [Sea], or with Tiamat. Her virgin aspect was Artemis [Ar-Themis]. Her children were Themistes [oracles]. She founded the oracle at Delphi [Whomb], long before it was taken over by Apollo. Black Sea Amazons worshipped Themis in the form of a black stone on their sacred island of Themiscyra. The Roman Forum had an ancient black stone, the Lapis Niger, engraved with the Goddess's sacred law. To the Egyptians Themis was Temu, spirit of the fertile Abyss that gave birth to all things in the beginning; Classic myth made Themis the spirit of the post-diluvian creation. After the flood receded, Themis taught the survivors Deucalion and Pyrrha how to repopulate the earth by magic.' (Based on: A Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths & Secrets, Barbara G. Walker). Othert definitions include: Daughter of: Gaia & Uranus. Wife of: Zeus. Associated spellings/words: Temu."

diamon - "Definitions: celestial spirit; a personal familiar spirit or guardian angel; a god or goddess; an inferior deity, whether good or bad (Greek). Associated spellings/words: demon; daimondeimhin ['certain'] (Gaelic)."

diamon - "The beings which the philosophers of other peoples distinguish by the name 'Daemons,' Moses names 'Angeles,' " says Philo Judaeus. - "De Gigant," i. 253. [Based on: *Note at bottom of page 34, Isis Unveiled, 1998 Vol. 2 (reprint of the 1877 edition), by H.P. Blavatsky]

daimonizomai - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'possessed with devils' [Matthew 4:24, etc.]. Other definitions include: to be demon-possessed, hath a devil."

daimonion - "Definitions: Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'devils' [Matthew 7:22, etc.], [Mark 3:22]; 'devil' [Matthew 9:33, etc.]. Other definitions include: supernatural powers that inhabited the air close to earth - an order of beings between men and gods."

taimangat - "Definitions: ago." (Eskimo)

DIMENSION - "Definitions: measurement of extension; extent. Associated spellings/words: di ['apart'] + metiori ['measure'] (Latin)."

Tiamat - "Mythology: along with her husband, Apsu ['sweet waters of the rivers'], and Mummu ['the Whomb of chaos'], Tiamat was one of three gods in the Enuma Elish believed to have emerged from the primordial wasteland; Sumero-Babylonian Goddess Mother from whose formless body the universe was born at creation; personification of the deep [Tehom]. Babylonians later claimed that Marduk, Tiamat's son, divided her into heavens above and earth below, or waters above and waters below; In Egypt, Tiamat was Temu or Te-Mut; the mother of Marduk and Kingu; Tiamat's firstborn child seems to have been a duplicate of herself, translated either churning, or mother; salt- water; the waters; water everywhere, nowhere land. Associated spellings/words: thvm, tehom; ti.geme."

DIAMETER - "Definitions: straight line through the center of a circle. Associated spellings/ words: diametre (Old French); diametrus, -os (Latin); diametros, DIA + metron ['measure'] (Greek). Other definitions/meanings: 'The word diameter means liter- ally 'Goddess Mother' and may refer to ancient creation myths in which the body of the world mother herself (Tiamat, Themis, Temu, Maa) was divided into upper and lower halves. [....] - T.W.D.O.S.A.S.O., Barbara Walker, 1988, p. 5."

tir - "Definitions: land." (Celtic)

Tyr [T] - "Definitions: the vault of the heavens held up by the universal column; world column [separator of heaven and earth]; the god Tyr, or Tiu [the Sky God]; God; divine order; law and justice; self-sacrifice; war; the 17th Rune [12th of the younger Viking futh- ark] commonly depicted by a standing T-like shape [or arrow] (Runic). Associated spellings/words: tir; teiws; tiwaz; ther ['wild beast'] (Greek)."

Tyr - "Definitions: Norse patron god of the sword; god of war, law and justice whose hand was bit off by the wolf Fenrir. Associated spellings/words: Tiu."

til - "Definitions: to get old, to be ended." (Sumerian)

til - "Definitions: eye? (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: tilaka; tisra til."

tair - "Definitions: fiend, enemy." (Egyptian) 

teer - "Definitions: arrow." (Persian)

teel - "Definitions: cat-tail" (Navajo)

DEAR - "Definitions: glorious, noble; regard with esteem and affection; precious; high-priced, costly. Associated spellings/words: deore, diere, diuri, dier ['beloved']; duur ['high- priced']; tiuri, teuer, dyrr; querido, querida (Spanish); carino, carina (Italian); cheri, cherie (French)."

DEAL - "Definitions: part, portion; quantity, amount. Associated spellings/words: dael, del, deel, teil, dails."

deal - "Definitions: plank, board of fir or pine; wood of these. Associated spellings/words: dele ['plank, floor'], dil, dilla, pille."

DIAL - "Definitions: instrument to tell the time of day by the shadow cast by the sun. Assoc- iated spellings/words: dialis, dies ['day']."

dayal - "Definitions: Merciful or compassionate. It is one of the attributes of God." 
(Based on: http://www.ruhanisatsangusa.org/gloss.htm)

dayal - "Definitions: compassionate one; a term for the supreme being, the positive and merciful power, as opposed to Kal, the lord of judgement, who metes out relentless justice." (Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 458)."

tsayr - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'younger' [Genesis 19:34, etc.]; 'least' [Judges 6:15], [1 Samuel 9:21], [Jeremiah 49:20; 50:45]; 'small one' [Isaiah 6:22]; 'little ones' [Jeremiah 14:3; 48:4]; 'little' [Micah 5:2]. Other definitions include: youngest. Associated spellings/words: tsa'iyr; tashritu ['beginning; seventh month name'] (Akkadian); Tishri ['seventh exilic Hebrew month name']."

tila - "Definitions: web." (Latin)

tiara - "Definitions: conical cap of ancient Persians; pope's triple crown; lady's ornamental headband. Associated spellings/words: tire, tyre ['curved plating for the rim of a wheel; rim of metal forming a continuous hoop']."

dili - "Definitions: composition." (Kapinga)

DIARY - "Definitions: daily record of personal experiences. Associated spellings/words: diarium ['daily allowance, journal']; dies ['day']."

THEORY - "Definitions: mental conception, scheme of thought. Associated spellings/words: theoria ['contemplation, speculation, sight'] (Greek)."

tehiru - "Definitions: primordial space." (Hebrew)

Tirawa - "Definitions: Supreme Pawnee god. The Arch of Heaven who decided the course of the stars."

tyrvs - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'wine' [Genesis 27:28]; 'new wine' [Nehemiah 10:39]. Other definitions include: unfermented product of grape vines. Associated spellings/words: tiros; yayin ['fermented wine']."

thyrsus - "Definitions: stem, stalk; name for the rod and staff of Dionysus, a wand tipped with a pine cone (Greek). Associated spellings/words: thrix ['hair']; tresse ['plait, or long lock of hair'] (Old French)."

Tiresias - "Definitions: aged Greek prophet who offended the gods and was struck blind - famous for his ability to see hidden truths." (Greek Mythology)

tilian - "Definitions: strive after; attempt; obtain; treat; cultivate (Old English). Associated spellings/words: tilon ['obtain'] (Old Saxon); telen ['produce, raise, cultivate'] (Dutch); zilon; zilen; gatilon ['aim, goal'] (Gothic)."

Tir na nOg - Definitions: 'The Land of Youth'. The Celtic Otherworld. Associated spellings/ words: Mag Mell ['The Plain of Honey']; Tir fo Thuinn ['Land under-Wave']; Tir na Sorcha ['Land of Light'] (Gaelic)."

THEOREM - "Definitions: provable statement of truth. Associated spellings/words: theorema; theorein ['look at']; theoros ['spectator'] (Greek); theoreo."

tirtha - "Definitions: a passageway, a crossing, a ford (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: tirthas ['crossings or fords'] (Hindu)."

taik - "Definitions: my, mine (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: taia."

teag - "Definitions: rope (Old English). Associated spellings/words: tyge ['rope (pull)'] (Anglo-Saxon)."

Tyche - "Definitions: Fortune; the Goddess of Destiny either for the universe, or for the individual soul (Greek Mythology). Associated spellings/words: Dike; Moera."

TEACH - "Definitions: show, impart knowledge. Associated spellings/words: tacen, token."

tiki - "Definitions: antropomorphic ornaments representing spiritual beings." (Maori)

tikipok - "Definitions: arrives (Eskimo). Associated spellings/words: tikitpok ['arrives from far']."

tykvn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'middle' [Exodus 26:28; 36:33], [Judges 7:19], [1 Kings 6:6, 8]. Other definitions include: midst, middlemost. Ass- ociated spellings/words: tykon, tiykown."

tikkun - "Definitions: repair (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: tikkun ha olam ['final reparation and healing of the world']."

teknon - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'sons' [John 1:12]. Other definit- ions include: children."

tigeme - "Definitions: Tiamat; primeaval being; sea." (Sumerian)

Tiger - "Trivia: Year of the Tiger, the 3rd twelve-year cycle in the Chinese calendar."

ticbal - "Definitions: planted." (Quiche Maya)

tyt - "Spelling for the ninth letter [Teth] in the Hebrew alphabet. General meanings attributed to tyt include: physical matter, and mud."

taif - "Definitions: his (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: tais ['her, hers']; tain ['our, ours']."

tiet - "Definitions: the knot of Isis (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: tit; thet; tiyey; tyt ['clay'] (Hebrew)."

Teat - "Definitions: protuberance. Associated spellings/words: tid; tijt; zit; tio; dati; dyati ['cuts, harvests, shares'] (Sanskrit)."

tait - "Definitions: a sheet of cloth or linen, sail, awning, garment, clothing, apparel, mummy swathings; door, gate, portal, threshold." (Egyptian)

Tait - "Definitions: the goddess of weaving." (Egyptian)

TIDE - "Definitions: portion of time, season, age; point of time. Associated spellings/words: getidan"

TEETH - "Definitions: the pural form of Tooth; 32 teeth are generally present in the adult human being."

tidao - "Definitions: razor." (Chinese)

ti pi - "Definitions: cap, hat (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: tip ['fine or slender extremity']; typpi, typpa; tip."

tepee - "Definitions: conical tent; movable shelter."

Thetis - "Definitions: She Who Disposes; a Greek Sea-goddess; the mother of Achilles."

TEDIOUS - "Definitions: wearisome from length or dullness. Associated spellings/words: tedieus, taediosus; taedium; tedium ['weariness, disgust']."

Titan - "Definitions: the sun-god; family of giants, born of Uranus and Gaea; elder brother of Kronos; divine pillar."

tytan - "Definitions: peep out, become visible." (Old English)

Typhon - "Definitions: in Classic mythology, he was the son of Gaia [Earth] who mated with Tartaros; Greek name for the Egyptian ass god Set, whose breath was the hot wind supposed to bring pestilence [typhus]; a monstrous being associated with the winds and with volcanic eruptions. Associated spellings/words: tai fung; tufan; Tebha: a serpent-fiend, god of storm (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)."

taiten - "Definitions: your, yours (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: tai-ten; tai-sen; tai-u ['their, theirs']."

typhoon - "Definitions: great wind. Associated spellings/words: tai fung, tufan, tuffoon."

Ti-Tsang Wang - "Definitions: God of Mercy." (Chinese Mythology)

daivam - "Definitions: from the gods; the divine." (Hindu)

diadema - "Definitions: Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'crowns' [Revelation 12:3; 13:1; 19:12]. Associated spellings/words: diadhma; stephanos ['wreath, crown']."

tithemi - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'put' [Matthew 5:15, etc.]; 'appoint' [Matthew 24:51]. Other definitions include: to place or put, lay, set. Assoc- iated spellings/words: tithhmi."

titiksha - "Definitions: endurance, patience; power of enduring hardships with calmness and peace [Based on: Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 467] (Sanskrit?)."

tu - "Name for a pictograph showing a standing t-shape arising from a horizontal base line. General meanings include: an object rising through the earth; soil, earth, dirt; land, ground; uncultured." (Chinese)

tu - "Name for a pictograph believed to represent a rabbit. General meanings include rabbit." (Chinese)

Tu - "Definitions: Polynesian war god. In Hawaii he is known as Ku."

tv - "Definitions: a femine plural suffix (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: tu."

du - "Definitions: unite, assemble." (Tibetan)

du - "Definitions: to walk; to go; to come; to give birth; to build, make; to raise up; to set up; to plant; to fasten, apply; to be finished, complete; to butt, gore, toss; quarrel, struggle, fight." (Sumerian)

du - "Definitions: a prefix meaning: bad, difficult." (Pali)

du [u1] - "Definitions: mu [u4] ('eye') + shu [u2] ('collect beans by hand; pick') - phonetic. General meanings include: v. supervise." (Chinese)

du [u2] - "Definitions: che [e4] ('pictograph of a sprouting plant') + a pictograph [?] that means ruinous. General meanings include: n. poison. Associated spellings/words: duyao [u2a4] (n. 'poison')." (Chinese)

du [u2] - "Definitions: quan [a3] ('dog') + shu [u3] ('worm') - phonetic. General meanings include: adj. alone, sole, only. Associated spellings/words: duchuang [u2a4] (n. 'original creation'); dudao [u2a4] (n. 'original'); duli [u2i4] (v. 'become independent', n. 'independence'); dushen [u2e1] (adj. 'single, unmarried'); dute [u2e4] (adj. 'special, unique'); duzi [u2i4] (adv. 'single-handedly'." (Chinese)

du [u2] - "Definitions: yan [a2] ('words') + mai [i4] ('sell') - phonetic. General meanings include: v. read aloud, read, study. Associated spellings/words: dushu [u2u1] (v. 'study, be a student'). Sentences: gen [e1] ('follow') wo [o3] ('I') du [u2] ('read') = ('follow/read after me')." (Chinese)

du [u2] - "Definitions: shui [u3] ('water') + mai [i4] ('sell') - phonetic. General meanings include: n. 'gutter')." (Chinese)

du [u2] - "Definitions: hei [e1] ('dark') + mai [i4] ('sell') - phonetic. General meanings include: v. 'tarnish', adj. 'rash')." (Chinese)

du [u3, u4] - "Definitions: rou [o4] ('flesh') + tu [u3] ('earth') - phonetic. General mean- ings include: flesh prutruding; belly, stomach. Associated spellings/words: duji [u4i2] (n. 'navel'); duzi [u3] (n. 'belly, abdomen'). Sentences: du [u3] ('stomach') zi ('child') tong [o4] (v. 'hurt, ache, pain') = ('stomach ache')." (Chinese)

du [u3] - "Definitions: ma [a3] ('horse') + zhu [u2] ('bamboo') - phonetic. General meanings include: adj. sincere. Associated spellings/words: duding [u3i4] (adj. 'confident, assured'); duxin [u3i4] (v. 'sincerly believe')." (Chinese)

du [u3, u4] - "Definitions: bei [e4] ('shell; money') + zhe [e3] (pron. 'person, thing') - phonetic. General meanings include: v. gamble. Associated spellings/words: duqian [u3a2] (v. 'gamble')." (Chinese)

du [u3] - "Definitions: mu [u4] ('eye') + zhe [e3] (pron. 'person, thing') - phonetic. General meanings include: v. see." (Chinese)

du [u3] - "Definitions: tu [u3] ('earth') + zhe [e3] (pron. 'person, thing') - phonetic. General meanings include: v. stop up. Associated spellings/words: duche [u3e1] (n. 'traffic jam'); duse [u3e4] (v. 'stop up, block up'); duzhu [u3u4] (v. 'block up')." (Chinese)

du [u4] -"Definitions: you [o4] ('right hand; adv. again') + shu [u4] ('commoners'). General meanings include: legal system; v. measure; measure word: degree, times; v. pass, spend. Associated spellings/words: dujia [u4a4] (v. 'holiday')." (Chinese)

du [u4] - "Definitions: shui [u3] ('water') + du [u4] ('measure'). General meanings include: v. ford, cross." (Chinese)

du [u4] - "Definitions: mu [u4] ('tree') + tu [u3] ('earth') - phonetic. General meanings include: sweet pear tree; v. block; a surname." (Chinese)

du [u4] - "Definitions: nu [u3] ('woman') + hu [u4] ('door leaf, door; household') - phonetic. General meanings include: v. envy. Associated spellings/words: duji [u4i4] (v. 'envy, be jealous of')." (Chinese)

thv - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'without form' [Genesis 1:2, etc.], [Jeremiah 4:23]; 'waste' [Deuteronomy 32:10]; 'vain' [1 Samuel 10:21]; 'nothing' [Job 6:18]; 'wilderness' [Job 12:24], [Psalm 107:40]; 'empty place' [Job 26:7]; 'confusion' [Isaiah 24:40; 34:11, 41:29]; 'nought' [Isaiah 29:21; 49:4]; 'vain,' 'vanity' [Isaiah 40:17, 23; 44:9; 45:18, 19; 59:4]. Other definitions include: unformed, formelessness, emptiness, empty place, nothing, naught, unreality, chaos; pure substance that does not contain information. Associated spellings/words: tohu, tohuw; Tohu Bohu ['Primal Chaos'] Note: Some scholars have identified tohu with the Primordial Sea, the Goddess Tiamat [Hebrew Tehomet], and bohu with the male earth god Behemoth."

tsv - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'precept' [Isaiah 28:10, 13]; 'comman- dment' [Hosea 5:11]. Other definitions include: to do, to order. Associated spellings/ words: saw."

tooh - "Definitions: river; lake (Navajo). Associated spellings/words: to ['east'] (Japanese)."

tua - "Definitions: stone." (Mayan)

tua - "Definitions: to pray, to praise to adore, to entreat." (Egyptian)

dva - "Definitions: poker, fire poker." (Hebrew) 

tava - "Definitions: 'your'; personal pronoun; genitive singular of tvŠm ['you']." (Vedic) 

*Link: http://www.utexas.edu/cola/centers/lrc/eieol/vedol-4-X.html

tsvh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'commanded' [Genesis 2:16]. Other definitions include: to command, to charge, charged. Associated spellings/words: sawah."

dava - "2 (mwd) - m. (2. %{du}) a wood on fire BhP. viii, 6 , 13; fire L. Sch.; burning, heat Car. i , 20; fever W.; a forest L. ; cf. %{dAva}." (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

tui - "Definitions: push; refuse; decline; elect; choose; promote; leg, thigh, ham." (Chinese)

tui - "Definitions: pair of sandals (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: taui."

Dui - "Definitions: the name for an ideograph believed to represent the image of a person sing- ing and dancing. General meanings include: speaking, speaking with joy, joyful; exchange, giving and taking; the 58th hexagram: lake above, lake below." (I Ching)

dui - "Definitions: pile, heap up, stack; troops, team; in face of; exchange; add water; lake, marsh, swamp." (Chinese)

dui - "Name for a pictograph believed to represent a small hill, or ramparts." (Chinese)

dohiya - "Definitions: peace." (Cherokee) 

duin - "Definitions: river." (Silmarillion Appendix - Dictionary)

tawhid - "Definitions: monotheism." (Arabic)

tou - "Definitions: steal; secretly; head, hair; chief, first; throw, cast; penetrate; fully, thoroughly (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: toue ['chief'] (Gilbertese); tua ['old'] (Indonesian)."

tuo - "Definitions: camel; humpbacked; ostrich; approprite; proper; elliptic; oval; open up; develop; saliva; spit; support with hand; pull; drag; delay; undress; take off; cast away; get out of." (Chinese)

dou - "Definitions: God. Associated spellings/words: Du ['November'] (Breton); dua ['praise, worship, adoration, respect'] (Egyptian, Arabic); de (duh) ['virtue; morality; right conduct; high energy white matter'] (Chinese)."

dou - "Name for a pictograph believed to represent a container. General meanings include: serving container; ceremonial serving dish; ten liters; wine barrel; Big Dipper." (Chinese)

duo - "Definitions: many, much, excessive; shiver, tremble; scold; / seize, deprive; stroll, pace; / hide, conceal / chop, mince; helm, rudder; fall, sink; lazy, indolent; inert, inertia; stamp one's foot." (Chinese)

duo - "Definitions: two (Greek). Associated spellings/words: di."

dwo - "Definitions: Tuesday. (Akan). Associated spellings/words: Joe." 

cuo - "Definitions: jin [i1] ('metal) + xi [i2] ('pictograph of pieces of meat in the sun') - phonetic. General meanings include: gift; adj. mistaken, wrong; n. mistake, error." (Chinese)

thuo - "Definitions: sacrifice, kill, slaughter." (Greek)

THOU - "Definitions: 2nd singular personal pronoun. Associated spellings/words: thu, du, tu, ti, tvam ['two']; twene ['twain, two']; twinn."

dhow - "Definitions: native vessel used on the Arabian sea. Associated spellings/words: daw."

tuau - "Definitions: numeral five (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: tau."

THOUGH - "Definitions: for all that; notwithstanding that; however. Associated spellings/words: thoh, tho, theah, thoh, doh, te, ca."

tu-hua - "Definitions: self created (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: tahu ['know, to know'] (Indonesian); tu ['slaughter, massacre; spit, vomit, throw up; say, tell the truth, reveal'] (Chinese)."

T'o-wo - "Definitions: wrathful." (Tibetan)

dus - "Definitions: period of time (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: dos ['a load'] (Tibetan)."

dus /p - "Definitions: difficulty, opposition." (Greek)

dus - "Definitions: ill, badly; with difficulty. Associated spellings/words: dosh." (Sanskrit)

dos - "Definitions: two (Spanish). Associated spellings/words: du, dva ['two'] (Sanskrit); duo (Greek)."

dos - "Definitions: back (French). Associated spellings/words: dorsal, dorsum."

dos - "Definitions: a gift; a name by which Demeter was known during her wanderings." (Greek)

DOSE - "Definitions: prescribed quantity of medicine. Associated spellings/words: dosis ['giving, gift']; didonai ['give']."

dosh - "Definitions: anger; one of five mental passions. Associated spellings/words: krodh, krodha." (Sanskrit)

dohas - "Definitions: songs of realization."

THOSE - "Definitions: plural of that."

tusa - "1 (mwd) tuSa m. the chaff of grain or corn or rice &c. AV. S3Br. AitBr. &c.; Terminalia Bellerica L. ; cf. %{a-}, %{ut-}, %{nis-}. 2 (mwd) tUSa m. n. the border of a garment Ka1t2h. TBr. [453,1]; cf. %{kRSNa4-}, %{dAma-}. 3 (cap) tuSa m. the husk or chaff of grain. 4 (cap) tUSa m. n. border or fringe of a garment. 5 (mwd) tUSAdhAna n. the place where the border is added TS. vi. [....]" *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

dvesa - "Definitions: hatred." (Sanskrit)

tvsyh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'enterprise' [Job 5:12, etc.]; 'wisdom' [Job 6:13, etc.]; 'substance' [Job 30:22]. Other definitions include: sound judgement. Associated spellings/words: tusiyah."

thusia - "Definitions: a sacrifice, victim (Greek). Associated spellings/words: thuos ['sacrifice, offering, incense'] (Greek); thysiasterion ['altar'] (1 Corinthians 9:13); thur ['incense'] (Latin)."

doshas - "Definitions: faults. Example kama ['passion'], krodha ['anger'], lobha ['greed'], moha ['attachment'], mada ['pride'], and matsarya ['envy']." (Sanskrit)

thysiasterion - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'altar' [Matthew 5:23, etc.]. Other definitions include: place of sacrifice. Associated spellings/words: tusiasthrion."

tuzan - "Definitions: sad." (Bosnian)

Dysnomia - "Definitions: the daughter of Eris [Greek goddess of chaos & strife], known as the spirit of lawlessness. Name for planet Eris' [was planet Xena] moon [September 2006]."

tosoom - "Definitions: triangle." (Tibetan)

tvsb - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'sojourner' [Genesis 23:4]; 'foreigner' [Exodus 12:45]. Other definitions include: stranger, strangers, inhabitants. Associated spellings/words: towshab."

Tuesday - "Definitions: Tiu's Day; Dienstag [Thing-day]."

Tvastr - "Definitions: 'The Fashioner'; Hindu artisan of the gods, whose daughter, Saranyu, married Vivasvant ('the Shining One'), the Sun, and gave birth to the twins, Yama and Yima. (Hindu)

tun - "Definitions: one year, 360 days (Mayan). Associated spellings/words: tondo ['round, circle'] (Italian); ton ['cheekbone, cheek'] (Mayan)."

tun - "Definitions: gathering, assembling, filling up with abundance, warehouse; beginning [zhun]; swallow, gulp down; hoard; store up; hip; buttocks (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: town ['enclosure, garden, yard']; tun, tuin ['garden']; zun, zuan ['fence, hedge']; dun, din ['fort, castle, camp']; touan ['stone'] (Gilbertese)."

Don - "Definitions: cathedral." (German)

dun - "Definitions: west (Anglo-Saxon). Associated spellings/words: dun ['hill' (Fort)] (Anglo-Saxon), dunon (Celtic); dunaz [tunaz] ['fortified place'] (Germanic)." See: Dunhere @ 

*Link: http://www.quicksilver899.com/Tolkien/LOTR/LOTR_DF.html

dun - "Definitions: ton; honest; hasten; squat down; stay; mound; doze off; stew; shield; blunt; stupid; flee." (Chinese)

dun - "Definitions: close, fort (Gaelic). Associated spellings/words: dun ['hill'] (Old Eng- lish)."

Dun - "Name for an ideograph believed to represent someone performing a sacrificial ceremony during a retreat. General meanings include: to hide, withdraw, retreat; the 33rd hexa- gram: heaven above, mountain below." (I Ching)

don - "Definitions: object; reality; meaning; fact." (Tibetan)

tuan - "Definitions: group, society, gather together, unite as one; commentary (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: chuan (twan) ['ship'] (Chinese); tuan ['sir; master'] (Malay)."

tonn - "Definitions: wave." (Gaelic)

twin - "Mythology: '[....] In Mythology, twins often represent the cosmic forces of light and dark, life and death, good and evil. The glyph for Gemini, two parallel columns, one light and the other dark, refers to the "Gates of Hercules" which open into the world of opposites. This pairing of light and dark forces not only reflects our earthbound experience of the cycles of day and night, summer and winter, the waxing and waning of the moon, but also touches upon a profound human predicament, the problem of the shad- ow, the inner opposite, the adversary who is also sister (or brother), born of the same womb, a mirror reflection. [NP] Psychologically, our shadows are comprised of the parts of ourselves that we learned - usually at an early age - to ignore, deny, and split off as "not me." [....] The ancient Celts conceptualized this diabolical quality of the shadow in their idea that every king had a wyrd, a shadow twin who would some- day overthrow him. [....]' [Based on: Parabola article (Gemini and the Path of Paradox, by Kat Duff, Vol. XIX, No. 2, 1994 (Twins), pp. 15-16]" [My brackets. NP = "new paragraph" - D.R.D.] *Links: http://watch.pair.com/gemini.html

twin - "In the mythology of the Judeo-Christian tradition, the theme of the two brothers at enmity begins after the Fall with Cain and Abel, continues with Isaac and Ishmael, and culminates in the much more complicated story of Jacob and Esau who were the first twins. [....] [Based on: Parabola article (Jacob and Esau), by Helen M. Luke, Vol. XIX, No. 2, 1994 (Twins), p. 22]"

twin - "[....] In the earliest text, the Rig Veda, Saranyu, an immortal goddess, in her own persona produces a single, mortal child whose name, Yama, means 'twin' and who is immediately referred to as one of a set of twins, while, as the mare, she produces the twin Ashvins, the 'horsemen,' who hover on the borders of immortality: they alone among the gods are forbidden to drink the elixir of immortality. They are also half horse and half anthropomorphic, the Indian form of the Greek Dioscuri or the Roman Gemini. Later, Yama is joined by another child, Manu, born of the female of-the-same- kind who takes Saranyu's place when she abandons her husband, the Sun, who is regarded as mortal (for he dies and is reborn each day). The Ashvins further 'twin' themselves when they give the sage Cyavana a form identical with their own, and Manu's child, Ila, doubles herself by becoming her own twin brother. [NP] As the myth develops, Yama explicitly becomes twins in the dual case (yamau). In other texts, twin-hood is extended backwards from Yama to his mother Saranyu, who is given a twin brother named Trisiris ('Three-Headed'), another Indo-European theme. Yama's sister is elsewhere said to be called Yamuna, the river (now called the Jumna) that is the 'twin' of the Ganges and united with it at the sacred confluence of Allahabad. But it is as Yami that Yama's sister participates in the great incestual founding myth. According to the Iranian tradition, the twins, here called Yama and Yima, couple to found the human race. But in the Rig Veda, where Yama's half-brother Manu founds the human race, the incestuous encounter comes to naught: Yami tries, in vain, to persuade Yama to go to bed with her (7) [....]" [Based on: Parabola article (Sexual Doubles), by Wendy Doniger, Vol. XIX, No. 2, 1994 (Twins), p. 37]" (7) Rig Veda 10.10. Wendy Doniger O'Flaherty, The Rig Veda (Harmondsworth: Penguin Classics, 1981), pp. 247-250.

twin - "[....] Twin male heroes appear in the mythologies of virtually every native culture: Mayan, Egyptian, Burmese, African, Roman, Greek, Brazilian, Judeo-Christian. Male Twins often appear as the two creators of this world. The parentage of mythological Twins typically involves a common mother and a dual paternity which endows one Twin with divine immortality and the other with the earth-bound aspects of mortal existence. [....] Male-female Twin couples include Apollo (solar) and Artemis (lunar), and the Egyptian twins Shu (solar) and Tefnut (lunar). In Japanese creation mythology, the sun goddess Amaterasu is formed when her father bathes his left eye; and her moon-god brother, Susano, is born of the father washing his right eye. [NP] Among the most familiar aspects of Twin sisters are the Egyptian goddess Isis (solar) and Nepthys (lunar), who are born with twin brothers/husbands Osiris (lunar) and Set (solar). Isis works with her lunar counterpart, Nephthys, to resurrect the male moon god, Osiris. This paradigm is reflected in many folk legends which portray Twin brothers rescuing their imprisoned solar sister. An earlier pair of Egyptian solar/lunar Twin sisters is Uatchit, the Vulture Goddess (solar), and her twin Nekhebet, the Cobra goddess (lunar). [....] Another Twin sister pair includes the divine Helen of Troy and her mortal twin Clytemnestra, sisters of the twin brothers, Castor and Pollux.(5) [....] [Based on: Parabola article (Sun and Moon), by Howard Teich, Vol. XIX, No. 2, 1994 (Twins), pp. 56 & 58]" (5) - Sylvia Brinton Perera devotes a chapter to "The Bipolar Goddess" in her *Descent to the Goddess: A Way of Initiation for Women (Toronto, Canada: Inter City Books, 1981, pp. 43-49. [Note: my brackets. NP = New Paragraph. - D.R.D.]

duan - "Definitions: carry; end, extremity; / short, brief; deficient; / segment, section, phrase; break off, discontinue / duan ['satin, ribbon; forge']." (Chinese)

dhun - "Definitions: Reverberation of the sound principle in creation, Music of the spheres." (Based on: http://www.ruhanisatsangusa.org/gloss.htm)

dhun - "Definitions: sound, melody; Word; heavenly music. Associated spellings/words: shabd." (Sanskrit)

doien - "Definitions: reduce to a liquid state [thaw] (Middle German). Associated spellings/ words: dooien, douwen, theyja; duine ['person'] (Gaelic)."

thuinn - "Definitions: 'wave'." (Celtic)

dhvani - "Definitions: m. sound, echo, noise, voice, tone, tune, thunder AV. &c. &c.; the sound of a drum W.; empty sound without reality MW.; a word L.; allusion, hint, implied meaning, poetical style Sa1h. ; N. of wk.; N. of one of the Vis3ve Deva1s VP.; of a son of the Vasu A1pa ib." (Sanskrit) *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

doone'e - "Definitions: clan." (Navajo) 

tunnu - "Definitions: fat." (Eskimo)

Tonenili - "Definitions: Navajo rain god whose name means 'water sprinkler.' He is shown carrying a water pot."

donum - "Definitions: gift, present, donation." (Latin)

DYNAMO /p - "Definitions: power, force. Associated spellings/words: dunamoo ['to make strong, strengthen'] (Greek); dunamis, DYN."

dynamai - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'able' [Matthew 3:9, etc.]. Other definitions include: can, could, (natural) strength, power. Associated spellings/ words: dunamai; dynamis, dunamis ['ability; miracle']."

Donar - "Definitions: North European god of thunder who carries an axe [the symbol for lightning]. He is associated with oak forests. Associated spellings/words: Thunor (Anglo- Saxon)."

Donald - "Definitions: world rule. Associated spellings/words: Domhnall, dubno ['world'] + val ['rule']."

thung - "Definitions: short." (Tibetan) 

tong - "Definitions: common, alike, same, communicate; copper; child; virgin; pupil; unify; tub, pail; deep sorrow (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: tongshi ['at the same time'] (Chinese); tounge, tunge, tunga, tong, tunga ['tounge-like object']; lingua."

dong - "Definitions: east; winter; / director; understand, know, comprehend; / move, act; hole, cavity; fear; beam, pillar (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: dong ['East'] (Chinese, Korean)."

dung - "Definitions: conch." (Tibetan) 

Tun-Uc - "Definitions: the Mayan moon calendar"
*Link: http://www.astraltraveler.com/calendars/maya.html

Duncan - "Definitions: brown warrior, or dark chief." (Celtic)

Tong Ren - "Name for an ideograph showing tong [similar, alike, the same] + ren [person, people]. General meanings include: to treat people alike; seeking harmony; the 13th hexagram: heaven above, fire below." (I Ching)

tungortok - "Definitions: blue [is]." (Eskimo)

dongzhi - "Winter solstice [December 22nd - January 6th], name for one of twenty-four Chinese climatic periods recorder in the Ying-yang li."

Tong-pa-nyid - "Definitions: primordial uncreated, unformed void." (Tibetan)

Thunupa - "Definitions: a legendary preacher hero of the Incas who was a middle-aged white man with a beard and gray hair. Associated spellings/words: Tuhan ['God'] (Malay)."

tunatya - "Definitions: 'comes true [tunatyava], being hoped for [tunatya]', 'comes true, having been hoped for'; process of manifesting." (Native American / Hopi) *Links: http://realityshifters.com/pages/archives/mar00.html [T.D. - 03/11/07]

Tonatiuh - "Definitions: a name for the Sun." (Nahuatl)

tonteel - "Definitions: ocean; sea, lake." (Navajo)

tunatyava - "Definitions: 'comes true [tunatyava], being hoped for [tunatya]', 'comes true, having been hoped for'; manifest." (Native American / Hopi) *Links: http://realityshifters.com/pages/archives/mar00.html [T.D. - 03/11/07]

dvandva - "Definitions: pair of opposites." (Sanskrit)

don dam - "Definitions: true sense, liberation." (Tibetan)

dhunatmak - "Definitions: the inexpressible primal sound, which cannot be written or spoken or heard with the physical ears; the inner music which can be experienced only by soul [Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 459]." (Sanskrit)

dhun atmak - "Definitions: Music of the soul." (http://www.ruhanisatsangusa.org/gloss.htm)

dundubhi - "Definitions: m. f. drum (f. also {I}); m. also E. of Kr2s2n2a & N. of sev. men, f. {I} N. of a Ra1ks2asi1 (Tamil); "mf. a sort of large kettledrum RV." (Sanskrit) *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

Donndubhan - "Definitions: little brown dark one (Gaelic). Associated spellings/words: donn ['brown'] + dubh ['dark'] + diminutive suffix." Dunadan - "Man of the West. Associated spellings/words: Dunedain."
*Link: http://www.quicksilver899.com/Tolkien/LOTR/LOTR_DF.html

dum - "Definitions: while, as long as, until." (Latin)

dom - "Definitions: law; dome." (Teutonic)

DOM /s - "Definitions: quality, realm, office, state." (Romany, Gypsy) Toum - "Definitions: "[....] Thus in the seventeenth chapter [Egyptian Book of the Dead?] mentioned by Maspero [M. Gaston Maspero], one finds (1) Osiris saying he is Toum (the crerative force in nature, giving form to all Beings, spirits and men), self-generated and self-existent, issued from Noun, the celestial river, called Father-mother of the gods, the primordial diety, which is chaos or the deep, impregnated by the unseen spirit. [....]" [Based on: The Secret Doctrine Vol. I (1999 Edition), by Helena P. Blavatsky, p. 312]- [my brackets - D.R.D.]

thvm - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'deep'[Genesis 1:2; 7:11; 8:2; 49:25, etc.], [Deuteronomy 33:13], [Job 38:30; 41:32], [Psalm 36:6]; 'depths' [Exodus 15:5, 8], [Deuteronomy 8:7]; 'depth' [Job 28:14; 38:16], [Psalm 33:7], [Proverbs 8:27]. Other definitions include: space; ocean, sea depths, the deep chaotic Sea, the place of storms and the unknown, abyss. Associated spellings/words: tehom, taehowm."

tome - "Definitions: the place from which a thing has been cut: the end left after cutting, a stump of a tree: the end of a beam, where it had been cut off (Greek). Associated spellings/words: tomh."

tome - "Definitions: volume of a literary work; large or heavy book. Associated spellings/ words: tomus, tomos ['slice, piece, roll of papyrus, volume'] (Greek); tome ['cutting, section, segment']; tumidus, tumere ['swell'] (Latin); Tum ['Egyptian god of the sett- ing Sun']."

tvam - "Definitions: you, thou (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: tava ['your']."

tsvm - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'fasted' [2 samuel 12:16]. Other definitions include: fast, fasting. Associated spellings/words: sum, som."

doma - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'gifts' [Matthew 7:11, etc.]. Associated spellings/words: doxa ['opinion']."

thuma - "Definitions: thumb (Old English). Associated spellings/words: thymel ['finger-cap used in sewing']."

deomai - "Definitions: Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'pray' [Matthew 9:38, etc.]. Other definitions include: besought, beseech, prayed, to ask, request. Associated spellings/words: dhomai; doma ['a gift']; dosis ['a giving, a gift']; deesis ['prayer, request']."

theaomai - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'beheld' [John 1:14]. Associated spellings/words: thhaomai."

tu'amu - "Definitions: 'the twin'." [Based on: Parabola article (The Other ... My Brother) by Lambros Kamperidis, Vol. XIX, No. 2, 1994, p. 10] (Assyrian?)

Dou Mou - "Definitions: Daoist goddess of the North Star who had nine children [Jen Huang] said to be the 1st human rulers of the world (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: Dou-mu ['Mother of the Great Wagon'] (Chinese)."

dumas - "Definitions: smoke (Lithuanian). Associated spellings/words: fumus ['smoke'] (Latin)

domus - "Definitions: a house (Latin). Associated spellings/words: duomo ['a house of God'; 'a church']."

thymos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'wrath' [Luke 4:28, etc.], [Ephesians 4:31]. Other definitions include: indignation, fierceness, anger. Associated spellings/words: thumos."

thomas - "Definitions: a twin (Greek). Associated spellings/words: ta'owm."

Dumuzi - "Definitions: faithful son. Reportedly, he was the husband of Inanna who died each year and symbolically represented the passing of the seasons (Summerian Mythology). Associated spellings/words: Tammuz."

thaumazo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'marvelled' [Matthew 8:10, etc.]; 'wondered' [Matthew 15:31, etc.]. Other definitions include: utter astonishment, amazed, amazing. Associated spellings/words: taumazw."

tavmim - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'twins' [Genesis 38:27]. Other definitions include: Gemini, the Hebrew month of Sivan. Associated spellings/words: Teumim."

tumere - "Definitions: to swell." (Latin)

dwimor - "Definitions: phantom (Anglo-Saxon). Associated spellings/words: Dwimmerlaik
*Link: http://www.quicksilver899.com/Tolkien/LOTR/LOTR_DF.html

dhmbh - "Definitions: a Persian root which implies burial. Associated spellings/words: dhumb ['deep, hole']."

Domovoj - "Definitions: the one in the house: ancestral spirit who watches over the house. Spirits of the home in Slavic Mythology. Associated spellings/words: Domovik."

tur - "Definitions: child, young, weak, goat kid." (Sumerian)

tvr - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'turtle dove' [Genesis 15:9]. Associated spellings/words: towr."

tvr - "Transliterated Aramaic spelling for the word/words 'mountain' [Daniel 2:35]. Associated spellings/words: tuwr."

tor - "Definitions: high rock, pile of rocks. Associated spellings/words: torr; twrr ['bulge, belly'] (Old Welsh); torr ['bulging hill'] (Gaelic); tower ['raise to a great hight; soar like a hawk']; teol ['spirit of the tree'] (Mayan)."

dur - "Definitions: ill." (Sumerian)

dur - "Definitions: tomb, grave, funeral (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: dor ['dwelling; a royal city of the Canaanites'] (Old Testament)."

dvr - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'generations' [Genesis 6:9; 7:1; 9:12, etc.]; 'generation' [Genesis 15:16, etc.], [Psalm 145:4]. Other definitions include: life span. Associated spellings/words: dowr, dr."

dor - "Definitions: discard; a pair." (Tibetan)

dul - "Definitions: to be tamed, disciplined." (Tibetan) 

dol - "Definitions: net, a fisherman." (Tibetan)

Thor - "Definitions: Norse god of thunder who owned a hammer [Mjollnir] and a magic belt [Megin-giord]. Associated spellings/words: Donar, Thunor."

Thor - "[....] Thor came before Odin and ruled from eternity before him. Thor was one of the Titans, the great deities of primordial space. He was cosmic force. He was power that caused the great battle between ether and chaos from which was born the world egg. [....] Thor was ever busy, for he was cosmic power, cosmic force, and the whirlings and great struggling of the elements, the great travail of space bringing forth the world." [Based on: Horizon Magazine, Fall 1945, Vol. 5 No. 2 (The Ring of the Nibelung), Manly P. Hall] tsvr - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'rock' [Exodus 17:6]; 'sharp' [Joshua 5:2, 3]; 'stones' [Job 22:24]; 'strength' [Psalm 18:2; 19:14]; 'beauty' [Psalm 49:14]; 'mighty One' [Isaiah 30:21]; 'God' [Isaiah 44:8]; 'mighty God' [Habakk- uk 1:12]. Other definitions include: rocks. Associated spellings/words: sur."

duar - "Definitions: door, gate (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: dvar, dwar."

DOOR - "Definitions: passage for entrance or a movable barrier that can open or close such a passage. Associated spellings/words: duru (OE.); duru (OS.); dori (ODu. pl.); deur (Du. fem. sg.); turi (OHG.); tur (G. fem. sg.); dyrr (ON. fem. pl. & n.); daurons (Goth. fem. wk. pl.); dor (OE. n.); dor (OS); tor ['gate'] (OHG); daur (Goth. n.); dvar (Sanskrit); thura (Greek); fores (Latin); dorus (OIr.); dviri ['gate'], dvoru ['court'] (OSl.); durys ['gate'] (Lith.); daur ['oak tree'] (Old irish); derw ['oak tree'] (Welsh); duir ['door'] (Sanskrit)."

thhvr - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'clean' [Genesis 7:2, etc]; 'pure' [Exodus 25:11, etc.]. Other definitions include: to be or to become clean, pure. Associated spellings/words: tahowr; thhr, tohar ['clearness'] (Exodus 24:10)."

Tsvar - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'Zoar' [Genesis 19:22]."

tura - "Definitions: door (Greek). Associated spellings/words: tor (German)."

tvrh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'law' [Genesis 26:5, etc.], [Proverbs 13:14]. Other definitions include: received teaching, instruction. Associated spellings/words: torah."

tula - "Definitions: 'balance' (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: Libra."

dola - "Definitions: to draw water, withdraw, remove." (Hebrew)

doule - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'handmaid' [Luke 1:38]; 'handmaiden' [Luke 1:48]; 'handmaidens' [Acts 2:18]. Other definitions include: a female slave. Associated spellings/words: doulh."

dorea - "Definitions: Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'gift' [John 4:10, etc.]. Associated spellings/words: dwrha."

Torah - "Definitions: the term Torah [law] refers to a written Law [Torah she-bi-khetav] & an oral Law [Torah she-be-al-peh]; to teach, guide, teaching, law, the first five books of the Old Testament [Books of Moses, Pentateuch], allegedly written by Moses. Trivia: according to Jewish tradition, there are four layers of meaning to the Torah: the literal meaning [peshat]; the metaphorical meaning [remez]; the allegorical [drash]; and the secret or esoteric [sod]. Associated spellings/words: tvrh."

Turiya - "[....] The Mandukya Upanishad defines turiya as: 'The fourth (i.e. Turiya) is NOT a state. It is the background on which dream and wake arises and disappears. Turiya is just another term to describe pure awareness. It is also called the Nirvikalpa.'

douleia - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'bondage' [Romans 8:15, 21], [Galatians 4:24; 5:1], [Hebrews 2:15]. Other definitions include: slavery. Associated spellings/words: doulhia."

duro - "Definitions: hard." (Spanish) 

toro - "Definitions: bull (Spanish). Associated spellings/words: torus ['swelling, round mould- ing'] (Latin)."

thoro - "Definitions: gift." (Greek) 

doloo - "Definitions: Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'deceitfully' [2 Corinthians 4:2]. Other definitions include: to deceive. Associated spellings/words: dolow."

douloo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'bondage' [Acts 7:6, etc.]; 'servants' [Romans 6:18, etc.]. Other definitions include: to enslave. Associated spellings/words: doulow; douloi ['servants, slaves']."

douleuo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'serve' [Matthew 6;24, etc.]; 'bondage' [John 8:33, etc.]. Other definitions include: to be subject to, to serve as a slave. Associated spellings/words: doulhuw."

Tawhiri - "Definitions: Polynesian god of winds and storms."

dolioo - "Definitions: Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'deceit' [Romans 3:13, etc.]. Other definitions include: to deceive. Associated spellings/words: doliow; dolos ['to trap, trick']."

dulugu ganalan - "Definitions: 'lift up over sounding'." (Kaluli / New Guinea)

theoreo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'beholding' [Matthew 27:55, etc.]; 'see' [Matthew 28:1, etc.]. Other definitions include: saw, behold, beheld, consider. Associated spellings/words: thwrhw."

Thurs - "Definitions: lightning, thunder, hammer, thorn, giant; directed cosmic force of de- struction and defense; name for the 3rd Rune commonly depicted by a triangular shape attached to a verticle staff (Runic). Associated spellings/words: thorn, thiuth, thurisaz."

tyros - "Definitions: cheese." (Greek)

dolos - "Definitions: Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'subtility' [Matthew 26:4]; 'deceit' [Mark 7:22]; 'craft' [Mark 14:1]. Other definitions include: to trap, to trick, guile."

Doris - "Definitions: Dorian woman; an ancient Greek tribe who conquered much of Greece, and who claimed descent from Hercules; Greek goddess of the sea, born from Oceanus & Tethys; Wife of: Nereus ['wise old man of the sea']."

thuris - "Definitions: window." (Greek)

tholos - "Definitions: a small round building. Sometimes built underground as in a mycenaean tomb." (Greek)

doulos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'servant' [Matthew 8:9]. Other definitions include: a slave. Associated spellings/words: doule ['a female slave']."

DORSAL - "Definitions: directional anatomical term refering to the back [posterior]. Associated spellings/words: dorsalis, dorsualis, dorsum ['back']."

dorsal cavity - "Definitions: one of two main cavities in the human body. The dorsal cavity has two subdivisions: the cranial cavity, which houses the brain; and the spinal [vertebral] cavity, which contains the spinal cord."

Thursday - "Definitions: Thor's Day; the 5th day of the week. Associated spellings/words: Thorsdaeg (German); Dies Jovis ['Day of Jupiter, the Roman God of Thunder'] (Latin)."

TURN - "Definitions: rotation; deviation from a course. Associated spellings/words: tyrnan, turnian, tornare, tornus, tornus ['lathe, circular movement']."

Thorn - "Definitions: thorn; hammer [Thor]; directed force; another name attributed to the 3rd Rune (Runic). Associated spellings/words: Thurisaz, Thiuth, Thurs; trna ['grass-stalk'] (Sanskrit)."

Durin - "Definitions: A popular dwarf name." *Link: http://www.quicksilver899.com/Tolkien/LOTR/LOTR_DF.html

doron - "Definitions: Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'gifts' [Matthew 2:11, etc.]. Other definitions include: offerings, gift. Associated spellings/words: dwron." thoran - "Definitions: courage, bold." (Old Norse).

dorean - "Definitions: Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'freely' [Matthew 10:8 etc.]. Other definitions include: without payment. Associated spellings/words: dwrhan."

dauern - "Definitions: duration." (German)

tyrannos - "Definitions: to the Greeks, it is believed, a tyrannos was any individual who gained one-man rule of a city by rising from the common people [like a modern dictator] rather than by inheriting the rule as a member of a kingly line stretching back into antiquity; lord, master. Associated spellings/words: tyrant."

duranki - "Definitions: bond of heaven and earth." (Sumerian)

Tulungusaq - "Definitions: the Inuit creator god who took the form of a raven and flew down from his home in the sky (Eskimo). Associated spellings/words: tur ['suddenly'] (Tibetan)."

Dvalin - "Definitions: the dwarf who invented runes; one of four stags who grazed on the tree Yggdrasil." (Teutonic Mythology)

turm - "Definitions: tower." (German)

DORM /r - "Definitions: sleep (Latin). Associated spellings/words: dormire, dormitum."

Tolmai - "Definitions: a Hebrew name believed to mean: abounding in furrows."

tolmao - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'durst' [Matthew 22:46, etc.]; 'boldly' [Mark 15:43]; 'bold' [2 Corinthians 10:2, etc.]. Other definitions include: dare, courage. Associated spellings/words: tolmaw."

Turms - "Definitions: the god who guides the deceased to the underworld." (Etruscan Mythology)

Dolores - "Definitions: sorrows." (Spanish)

dorc - "Definitions: eye (Irish). Associated spellings/words: tork-a ['star'] (Old Peruvian); zork-a ['sunrise'] (Yugoslavian)."

Tzolk'in - "Definitions: 'The Tzolk'in is the Sacred calendar of the Maya and is based on the cycles of the Pleiades. Tzolk'in in Mayan means "sequence of days." The cycle of the Pleiades uses 26,000 years, but is reflected in the calendar we are using by encompassing 260 days. It uses the sacred numbers 13 and 20. The 13 represents the numbers and 20 represents the sun/glyphs. The Tzolk'in has four smaller cycles called seasons of 65 days each guarded by the four suns of Chicchan, Oc, Men and Ahau. There are also portal days within the Tzolk'in that create a double helix pattern using 52 days and the mathematics of 28. This sacred calendar is still being used for divination by the traditional all over the Yucatan, Guatemalam, Belize, and Honduras. [....]' " *Link: http://www.astraltraveler.com/calendars/maya.html

TWILIGHT - "Definitions: two (twin) lights."

dvergar - "Definitions: 'mutilated one', dwarf." (Norse mythology)
*Links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjGejvGB4dQ&feature=related

dorf - "Definitions: village (German). Associated spellings/words: dorp, thorp."

turik - "Definitions: antelope." (North African, Tuareg)

thorax - "Definitions: breastplate, breast, chest; part of the body between the neck and abdomen."

Durga - "Definitions: the Inaccessible One; difficult of approach (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: Durga ['The 10-handed Hindu warrior goddess whose stomach is a void and so can never be filled and whose whomb is giving birth forever to all things']; Drauga ['the principle of evil'] (Old Persian); Angra Mainyu; Ahriman."

tork-a - "Definitions: star (Old Peruvian). Associated spellings/words: dorc ['eye'] (Irish); zork-a ['sunrise'] (Yugoslavian)."

turakh-u - "Definitions: ibex, deer." (Babylonian)

Dorcas - "Definitions: gazelle." (Greek)

Turkestan - "Definitions: region of Central Asia, extending from the Caspian Sea on the west, to the Gobi on the east. The modern Republic of Turkey was founded in 1923 from a portion of the Ottoman Empire."

thoracic - "Definitions: regional anatomical term refering to the portion of the body between the neck and abdomen."

thorp - "Definitions: hamlet, village (Old Saxon). Associated spellings/words: throp, thorp ['hamlet, farmstead'] (Old Norse); thaurp ['field, land, estate'] (Gothic); dorp, dorf ['village'] (OHG); talde ['group'] (Basque)."

toharot - "Definitions: purifications." (Hebrew)

turba - "Definitions: disturbance, crowd, beside (Latin). Associated spellings/words: turbo ['whirlwind, reel, whirl, spinning top'] (Latin); turbe ['confusion, disorder'] (Greek)."

tvldh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'generations' [Genesis 5:1, etc.]. Other definitions include: begettings, products, geneology line; history, story. Associated spellings/words: tvldvt, toldot, toledot."

Dorothea - "Definitions: gift of God; the name Theodora, with the elements reversed (Greek). Associated spellings/words: Dorothy."

tok - "Definitions: flint." (Mayan)

tvk - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'midst' [Genesis 1:6, 3:3], [1 Kings 6:27]; 'amongst' [Genesis 3:8]; 'among' [Genesis 23:6]; 'within' [Genesis 9:21]; 'mingled' [Exodus 9:24]; 'middle'[2 Chronicles 7:7], [Jeremiah 39:3]. Other definit- ions include: therein, within, in; from. Associated spellings/words: tavek; tykvn, tykon ['middle'] (Hebrew)."

DUC /r - "Definitions: lead. Associated spellings/words: ducere (Latin); DUCE, DUCT."

dug - "Definitions: to speak." (Sumerian)

dug - "Name for a cuneiform sign used before names of pottery and items made from clay." (Sumerian)

dug - "Definitions: poison." (Tibetan)

Dug - "Definitions: Thunder Dragon." (Tibetan Buddhism)

Dog - "Trivia: Year of the Dog, the 11th twelve-year cycle in the Chinese calendar."

thog - "Definitions: top, head, above." (Tibetan)

toxa - "Definitions: bow (Greek). Associated spellings/words: toxon."

dukha - "Definitions: to be defiled." (Sanskrit)

dokeo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'think' [Matthew 3:9, etc.]. Other definitions include: seem, suppose, consider, account, thought, imagine, please, pleasure."

tucuma - "Definitions: coconut." (Tupi)

Dukes - "Definitions: leaders, commanders." (Old Testament)

doxazo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'glorify' [Matthew 5:16, etc.]. Other definitions include: to give glory to, to glorify, to praise. Associated spellings/words: doxazw; doxa ['opinion']."

thugs nyid - "Definitions: mind, intellect (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: thugs rje ['noble mind, generosity, compassion']."

Thuchhen - "Definitions: Great Sorcerer." (Tibetan)

thog mtha - "Definitions: entire, from beginning to end." (Tibetan)

Douglas - "Definitions: dark blue river, or blood river. Associated spellings/words: dubn ['dark blue'] + glas ['water, river'] (Gaelic)."

Deucalion - "Transliterated Greek flood hero who repopulated the earth after the waters sub- sided, with the help of his wife Pyrrha and the advice of the Great Goddess of the waters, Themis; according to one report, the deluge of Deucalion took place in Thessaly, a country of Greece, 1503 B.C."

tucu't - "Definitions: to think (Mayan). Associated spellings/words: tuch ['umbilical cord, navel'] (Mayan); tuck ['fold or pleat; gathering of ends']."

tuktu - "Definitions: deer, caribou." (Eskimo)

DAUGHTER - "Definitions: human female offspring. Associated spellings/words: dohtor, dohtar, dochter, tohter, tochter, dottir, dauhtar, duhitar, duydar, thugater, dustr, dusti."

Tokpela - "Definitions: the first world, out of which Sotuknang created Kokyangwuti (Spider Woman) who was to remain on earth and be his helper." (Native American / Hopi Mythology)

tup - "Definitions: discourage, turn off (Mayan). Associated spellings/words: tuphlos ['blind'] (Greek)."

tup - Definitions: a kind of cattle." (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)

tuf - Definitions: his." (Based on: An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Voll. 2, by E.A. Wallis Budge)

tub - "Definitions: brick (Arab). Associated spellings/words: tuber ['hump'] (Latin); tobillo ['ankle'] (Spanish)."

dub - "Definitions: tablet (Sumerian). Associated spellings/words: dubsar ['scribe']."

tod - "Definitions: fox (of unkn. org.). Associated spellings/words: tod ['weight used for wool']; todde ['bundle, pack']; teoja; tad ['dung']; toddi ['small piece']; zetten ['spread']."

tut - "Definitions: image, statue." (Egyptian)

dod - "Definitions: consider; want, desire." (Tibetan)

dvd - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'uncle' [Leviticus 10:5]; 'father's' [Numbers 36:11]; 'love' [Proverbs 7:18], [Song of Solomon 1:2, 4, 13, 14, 16]. Other definitions include: one's love or beloved. Associated spellings/words: dowd."

dvd - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'David' [Ruth 4:17, etc.], [Psalm 145:1]. Other definitions include: beloved."

dud - "Definitions: salute [respectfully]." (Tibetan)

tauf - "Definitions: to be hot, burning, fiery; furnace, kiln, oven (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: tau, ta."

thvb - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'good' [Genesis 1:4; 2:9, etc.]; 'fair' [Genesis 6:2, etc.]; 'goods' [Genesis 24:10]; 'best' [Deuteronomy 23:16, etc.]. Other definitions include: pleaseth, well, merry. Associated spellings/words: tub, towb; ythb ['to be good']."

thvb - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'Tob' [Judges 11:3, 5]."

Duff - "Definitions: dark blue (Gaelic). Associated spellings/words: dubh."

DEAF - "Definitions: unable or unwilling to hear. Associated spellings/words: dof, toup, taub, daufr, daufs, tuphlos ['blind']."

DEEP - "Definitions: having great extension downwards; directional anatomical term meaning: located furter beneath the body surface than superficial structures; fig. profound; penetrating; [of colour] intense; subtle, crafty. Associated spellings/words: deop, diop, diap, diep, tiuf, tief, djupr, diups."

DIVE - "Definitions: plunge into water head first, submerge, descend quickly, act of diving. Associated spellings/words: dyfan, dyfa."

Tuat - "Definitions: a terrifying afterlife realm, located in a region of the sky in which it was believed that souls of the deceased must undertake a perilous journey; Netherworld; Egyptian word for the underworld; sometimes a great snake around the world's outer rim, the same as the Phoencian's Taaut; an Egyptian hieroglyph depicting a five-pointed star enclosed within a circle. Associated spellings/words: Duat."

toot - "Definitions: breaking, fracture, loss." (Hindi)

DEAD - "Definitions: lifeless; unresponsive or inactive; exhausted; obsolete. Associated spellings/words: dod, tot, daudr, doian, touwen, deyja ['die']."

TUIT /r - "Definitions: guard, protect, teach. Associated spellings/words: tueri, tuitus (Latin); tut ['image, figure, statue']; TUT, TUI."

TUDE /s - "Definitions: state of, condition of."

THUD - "Definitions: come with a blast of gust; produce a dull heavy sound. Associated spellings/words: thudde ['thrust, push'], poddettan ['push, beat']; thode ['violent wind']."

tute - "Definitions: horn, funnel, spout; nipple, nozzle." (German & Old Norse)

Tuath - "Definitions: people, tribe." (Old Irish)

Thoth - "Definitions: reportedly, the son of an Atlantean Priest, who in 16,000 BC planted the Egyptian colony at the mouth of the Nile. He founded a temple at Sais on the banks of the Nile, where he taught the Osirian Religion (Churchward). Associated spellings/ words: tehuti, techu ['needle of the balance scales'], thaut, thot, thoth [an 'ibis' [bird], 'weigher of men's souls']; Tehuti ['Egyptian God with the head of a dog; another name for Thoth, the Egyptian Hermes']. Mythology: Thoth reportedly authored the 64th chaper of the Egyptian Book of the Dead at the commencement of Egyptian Civilization."

Thoth - "Egyptian Zodiac sign 1 [August 29 - September 27]: God of learning. Those born under this sign are typically accurate and capable problem-solvers and excellent organizers as well. Associated spellings/words: Tehuty, Djehuty, DHwty (Egyptian), Thout (Coptic), Tut (Arabic)." *Link: http://www.astraltraveler.com/calendars/egyptian.html

David - "Definitions: friend, or beloved." (Hebrew)

THOUGHT - "Definitions: action or act of thinking; anxiety, solicitude; very small amount. Associated spellings/words: thoht; gethoht, githaht, gedachte, gidaht; thankjan ['think']; THOUGHTFUL ['absorbed in or showing thought']; THOUGHTLESS ['careless or reckless']." duta "1 (mwd) duta - mfn. pained, afflicted S3is3. vi, 59." [Based on: (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon] *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

dUta "2 (mwd) dUta - m. (prob. fr 1. % (du); cf. % (dUra4) a messenger, envoy, ambassador, negotiator RV. AV. S3Br. MBh. &c. (% (taya) Nom. P. %(yati), to employ as mnmessenger or anambassador, Naish); (%(i)) f. female messenger, esp. procuress, go-between RV. MBh. Kalv. &c; a kind of bird (=%(sArikA)) L.; N. of a female attendant on Durgal W." [Based on: (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon] 

*Links: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/ 

tvabh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'abomination' [Leviticus 18:22]. Other definitions include: detestable. Associated spellings/words: tow'ebah."

dvipa - "Definitions: island; continent." (Sanskrit)

tho ba - "Definitions: hammer." (Tibetan)

dvaita - "Definitions: duality." (Sanskrit)

Dwoada - 'Definitions: Monday." (*Akan)

Tu-Ti - "Definitions: local gods. Minor gods of towns, villages and even streets and households." (Chinese Mythology)

tvbyh - "Definitions: one of Moses' names (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: Toviah."

thvbyh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'Tobijah' [2 Chronicles 17:8], [Zechariah 6:10, 14]; 'Tobiah' [Ezra 2:60], [Nehemiah 2:10; 6:12, 17; 13:4, 7, 8, etc.]. Associated spellings/words: Tobiah."

todo - "Definitions: all (Spanish). Associated spellings/words: totus ['entire, whole'] (Latin); totum, totem ['the whole']."

topos - "Definitions: place, locality (Greek). Associated spellings/words: type, typus, tupos ['blow, impression, image, figure'] (Greek); tuptein ['strike']; typhus ['infectious fever']; tuphos ['smoke, vapor, stupor'], tuphein ['smoke']."

typos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'print' [John 20:25]; 'figures' [Acts 7:43]; 'fashion' [Acts 7:44]; 'manner' [Acts 23:25]; 'form' [Romans 6:17]; 'examples' [1 Corinthians 10:6]; 'pattern' [Titus 2:7], [Hebrews 8:5]. Other definitions include: ensample, ensamples. Associated spellings/words: tupos."

dvadas - "Definitions: twelve." (Sanskrit)

du byas - "Definitions: composite, mixed (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: du byed ['composite, compound']."

dvadasdal - "Definitions: twelve [dvadas] petals [dal]." (Sanskrit)

teuton[ic] - "Definitions: people; country, land (Germanic). Associated spellings/words: tuten ['sound a horn'] (German); tute ['horn, funnel, spout, nipple']."

duodenum - "Definitions: the first eleven inches of the small intestine, twelve finger-widths in length. Associated spellings/words: duodeni ['twelve'] (Greek)."

thodol - "Definitions: hearing; liberation through hearing (Tibetan). Associated spellings/ words: thosgrol."

doblar - "Definitions: bend." (Spanish)

tutela - "Definitions: keeping (Latin). Associated spellings/words: tueri ['look at or after, protect'] (Latin); tutor."

dobro - "Definitions: good." (Bosnian)

Dwapar Yuga - "Definitions: The Copper Age, the third yuga in the cycle of the ages [Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 459] (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: Dvapar Yuga."

Dvapara Yuga - "Definitions: the second era of each kalpa; an age of time [Bronze Age], or the third yuga which reportedly lasts for 864,000 years." (Sanskrit) 

dobro vece - "Definitions: good night." (Bosnian)

typhlos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'blind' [Matthew 9:27, etc.]. Associated spellings/words: tuplos."

Tutujanawin - "Definitions: Supreme Peruvian god described as: the beginning and the end of all things."

Tvblkyn - "Definitions: son of the biblical Zillah [Genesis 4:22]. He was the forger of every cutting instrument of brass and iron. His sister was Naamah [Namh] (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: Tubal-cain."

dobro jutro - "Definitions: good morning." (Bosnian)

dobro dosao - "Definitions: your welcome." (Bosnian)

Dobromil - "Definitions: kind grace (Slavic). Associated spellings/words: dobrogost ['kind guest']."

dod log - "Definitions: wrong desire or wish, wrong application, connection or anology." (Tibetan)

dodal kanwal - "Definitions: two-petalled [dodal] lotus; the sixth chakra. Position: situated behind the eyes on a level with the lower part of the eyeballs, but exactly in the center of the brain cavity at a point in the subtle body corresponding to the position of the pineal gland. Functions: the seat of the mind and soul. The center of control over the body. All centers below this one are subordinate." (Sanskrit)

dobar dan - "Definitions: good afternoon." (Bosnian)

dodhka - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'twelve' [Mark 3:14]. Associated spellings/words: dodeka."

dod khams - "Definitions: the world of sensual pleasures (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: ka mun (Zhang-Zhung)."

dod chags - "Definitions: passion, lust." (Tibetan) 

dod dgu - "Definitions: all desires." (Tibetan)

thvb adnyhv - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'Tobadonijah' [2 Chronicles 17:8]."

TS - "The Hungarian runic symbol for C is pronounced only one way, like TS. The Hungarian letter for this resembles an arrow, since CEL is target, direction."

Dz - "Definitions: a glyph with three steps which reportedly symbolized the three steps to the throne." (Mayan)

tes - "Definitions: a stone or metal knife." (Egyptian)

tas - "Definitions: harshness, abruptness." (Egyptian)

diz - "Definitions: mould, form." (Avestan)

das - "Definitions: ten (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: dasa."

das - "Definitions: that; the neuter form of 'the' used with plural nouns (German). Associated spellings/words: des, den."

das - "Definitions: weight." (Navajo)

tse - "Definitions: rock; stone; boulder (Navajo). Associated spellings/words: Tise ['The Tibetan name for Mount Kailasa']."

tash - "Definitions: boundary, frontier." (Egyptian)

tesh - "Definitions: ordinance, law, regulation; to rub down, to crush; to depart from, to leave, to separate, frontier, boundary, region." (Egyptian)

Tesh - "Definitions: a city-god." (Egyptian)

thez - "Definitions: to make an offer, sacrifice." (Etruscan)

desh - "Definitions: country or region; inner region [Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 458]. Other definitions include: point, place (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: desa; desa ['village'] (Indonesian); deshdis ['point']."

DASH - "Definitions: strike with violence; move violently. Associated spellings/words: dasche, dasse, daska, daske ['beat']."

DAZE - "Definitions: benumb the senses. Associated spellings/words: dased, dasadr ['weary or ehausted from cold or exertion'] (Old Norse)."

dsa - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'bring forth' [Genesis 1:11]. Other definitions include: do spring, vegetation, grass."

tshe - "Definitions: life, lifetime." (Tibetan)

taza - "Definitions: cup (Mayan). Associated spellings/words: tass ['cup, small goblet']; tassa ['basin']; tast; za ['circle, to go round'] (Chinese); tisch ['table'] (German)."

dasa - "Definitions: literally, servant, slave, barbarian, fiend; ten (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: dasyu ['slave; name for non-Aryan in Rgveda']; dasanami ['ten-named; proper name of a religious order']."

dasa - "Definitions: lie idle (Swedish). Associated spellings/words: dasask ['become exhausted']; dasi ['lazy fellow'] (Icelandic)."

dzah - "Definitions: fix, place, attention." (Mayan)

ts'aa - "Definitions: a basket [wicker] (Navajo). Associated spellings/words: tozis ['bottle; tumblers; jars [glass']; tsah ['awl; needle']."

tesha - "Definitions: to split, to cleave, to divide, to crush." (Egyptian)

thshay - "Definitions: the gate." (Hebrew)

tshig - "Definitions: word." (Tibetan)

tzeec - "Definitions: a sacred speech." (Mayan)

tsidii - "Definitions: bird." (Navajo)

tseebii - "Definitions: eight." (Navajo)

tsu - "Definitions: staff, support." (Egyptian)

teso - "Definitions: glass; mica; window; pane." (Navajo)

teshu - "Definitions: dwellers in a nome." (Egyptian)

dashu - "Great heat [July 23rd - August 9th], name for one of twenty-four Chinese climatic periods recorder in the Ying-yang li."

daxue - "Heavy snow [December 7th - December 22nd], name for one of twenty-four Chinese climatic periods recorder in the Ying-yang li."

tesuah - "Definitions: salvation, deliverance (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: ysvah ['salvation']; ysa, yasa ['to save']."

TISSUE - "Definitions: rich cloth, esp. interwoven with gold or silver; band of rich stuff; woven fabric; fabric, network; animal or vegetable substance; in the early embryo, where tissue formation first occurs, similar cells group together into three layers: ectoderm, endoderm, and mesoderm; four tissue types include: epithelial, muscular, nervous, and connective. Associated spellings/words: tissu, tistre ['weave'], texere ['weave']."

tzol - "Definitions: 'to put in order' (Mayan). Associated spellings/words: Tzolkin ['the distribution of the days']."

tsumori - "Definitions: intent; volition, plan of action; focussed attention; concentration, will." (Japanese)

thesauros - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'treasures' [Matthew 2:11, etc.]; 'treasure' [Matthew 6:21, etc.]. Other definitions include: accumulated wealth, collected treasure. Associated spellings/words: thsauros."

tsubo - "Definitions: unit of land measurement; tsubo jar, pot, vase; point, well; area of direct access of qi." (Japanese)

tzootz - "Definitions: hair (Mayan). Associated spellings/words: tux, tusc, tusk, tosk ['long pointed tooth'] (Old English, Old Friscan)."

deesis - "Definitions: Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'prayer' [Luke 1:13, etc.]. Other definitions include: prayers, supplication, supplications, request, cry for help. Associated spellings/words: dhhsis."

THESIS - "Definitions: convention; proposition to be argued for, theme; place, setting. Associated spellings/words: tithenia ['place'] (Greek)."

diasozo - "Definitions: save." (Greek)

DISASTER - "Definitions: a severance from our life-star, our guardian angel. The people of antiquity felt they were doomed because the link connecting them with higher worlds had been cut. Associated spellings/words: dis + aster ['star'] (Greek)."

tzen - "Definitions: chest." (Mayan)

dzin - "Definitions: take, seize, fasten (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: dzin chags ['attachment']."

ts'in - "Definitions: bone (Navajo). Associated spellings/words: tsin ['wood, tree timber']; tsintah ['forest']."

tsna - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'shield' [1 Samuel 17:7, etc.]; 'targets' [1 Kings 10:16, etc.]; 'target' [1 Kings 10:16, etc.]; 'buckler' [Psalm 35:2, etc.]; 'cold' [Proverbs 25:13]; 'hooks' [Amos 4:2]. Other definitions: shields, bucklers. Associated spellings/words: tsinnah; mgn, magen ['shield, buckler']."

dzong - "Definitions: castle, stronghold." (Tibetan)

Tsangpo - "Definitions: purifier." (Tibetan)

tznvt - "Definitions: harlotry (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: znh, zanah ['to commit fornication, to be a prostitute; harlot']."

Daswan Dwar - "Definitions: Tenth (daswan) Gate or Door (dwar); name of the third spiritual region [Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 458] (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: dasam duar ['tenth door']."

tzam - "Definitions: throne." (Mayan)

dzam - "Definitions: he who sits upon the throne." (Mayan)

desmos - "Definitions: Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'chains' [Jude 1:6]. Other definitions include: bonds. Associated spellings/words: dhsmos."

desmon - "Definitions: Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'string' [Mark 7:35, etc.]; 'bands' [Luke 8:29, etc.]; 'bond' [Luke 16:13, etc.]. Other definitions include: bonds. Associated spellings/words: dhsmon; desmos ['bonds']."

dzamal - "Definitions: despair; to crumble, gradually decay." (Mayan)

dasam duar - "Definitions: the tenth gate (Hindu). Associated spellings/words; daswan dwar ['the 10th door']."

Dasam Dwar - "Definitions: Region between Brahmand and Par Brahmand, both of which form the second Grand Division in creation, plane of Universal Mind consisting of Pure Spirit and subtle form of matter varying degrees; here the pilgrim-soul, by a dip in Amritsaar (the sacred pool within), is washed clean of impurities regain- ing its pristine purity, becoming hansa or a royal white swan. Assocuiated spell- ings/words: Dasam Duwar." (Based on: http://www.ruhanisatsangusa.org/gloss.htm)

tshil - "Definitions: fat (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: tshil bu ['fatty tissues']."

dziil - "Definitions: strength, to be strong (Navajo). Associated spellings/words: dzil ['mountain'] (Navajo)."

tesher - "Definitions: red, redness." (Egyptian)

DESIRE - "Definitions: feel desire for; request; strong conscious impulse to have; be, or do something; something desired. Associated spellings/words: desiderium ['something which we wish to bring down from heaven, from the stars'] (Latin)."

deiseal - "Literally, a turning to the right: a sunwise turn; the ancient Celtic circumam- bulation or holy round."

dasra - "Definitions: wonderous." (Hindu)

Tishri - "Definitions: seventh exilic Hebrew month name; September - October. Associated spellings/words: Tashritu ['beginning,' '7th month name']."

Tishri - "Hebrew month 7: [September - October / 30 days]. Associated spellings/words: tsry."
*Link: http://www.astraltraveler.com/calendars/jewish.html

Tseringma - "Definitions: a Tibetan name meaning Long Life."

Tashritu - "Definitions: beginning; 7th Akkadian month name; September - October. Associated spellings/words: Tishri ['7th exilic Hebrew month name']."

dzug - "Definitions: set down, plant." (Tibetan)

tsvqh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'desire' [Genesis 3:16; 4:7], [Song of Solomon 7:10]. Associated spellings/words: tesuqah; schh, shachah ['bow down, prostrate oneself']."

DISCURSIVE - "Definitions: running hither and thither; skipping from one subject to another. Associated spellings/words: discurro ['run to and fro'], dis ['apart'] + curro ['run']; discourse."

tsd - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'side' [Genesis 6:16]. Other definit- ions include: sides, beside. Associated spellings/words: tsad."

TEST /r - "Definitions: examine, to bear witness. Associated spellings/words: testari (Latin); TESTIMONY ['statement given as evidence in court']; testa ['tile, pot shell'] (Latin)."

tesht - "Definitions: nome (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: tesh-t."

testa - "Definitions: a round cooking pot; the Roman camp slang for head."

dasta - "Definitions: hand." (Persian)

Tashbi - "Thus six definite steps towards manifestation are recognized by the Sufis. The first three are called Tanzi, and the next three Tashbi; the first three imper- ceptible, and the next three distinguishable."
[Based on: http://www.sufimessage.com/soul-whence-whither/intro.html]

teshtesh - "Definitions: to separate, to divide, to pound." (Egyptian)

Desposyni - "Definitions: Heirs of the Lord."

DISTAL - "Definitions: situated away from the center of the body; directional anatomical term meaning: away from the attached end of a limb, the origin of a structure, or the midline of the body."

DIASTOLE - "Definitios: dilatation; a distinction, difference (Greek). Associated spellings/ words: diastole ['separation, expansion'], diastellein, dia + stellein ['place']."

desidero - "Definitions: from the stars." (Latin)

DIASPORA - "Definitions: the Jews dispersed among the Gentiles. Associated spellings/words: diaspeirein ['disperse'], dia + speirein ['sow, scatter'] (Greek)."

diastellomai - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'charged' [Matthew 16:20, etc.]; 'commandment' [Acts 15:24]; 'commanded' [Hebrews 12:20]. Associated spellings/words: diasthllomai; diastello ['to charge']."

Dazhbog - "Definitions: son of Svarog. Slavic god of the Sun." *Link: http://sunlight.orgfree.com/history_of_sun_gazing.htm

despotes - "Definitions: Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'Lord' [Luke 2:29, etc.]; 'masters' [1 Timothy 6:1, etc.]. Other definitions include: master. Associated spellings/words: dhspoths."

tn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'set' [Genesis 1:17]. Associated spell- ings/words: ntn, nathan."

Dn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for Jacob's 5th son, 'Dan' [Genesis 30:6]: And Rachel said: God hath judged me; and hath also heard my voice, and hath given me a son: therefore called she his name Dan. Jacob's 1st son conceived by Bilah [Blhh], the sister and handmaid of Leah. Associated spellings/words: dyn ['judge, strive, contend']."

tan - "Definitions: towards, near, before, in the center, place." (Mayan)

tan - "12 (cap) tan - 2 (only dat. & instr.) spreading, continuation, propagation, offspring; instr. {ta3nA} ({tanA3}) adv. uninterruptedly, continually." (cap) = Capeller's Sans- krit-English Dictionary *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

tan - "Definitions: extend, stretch (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: tani ['valley'] (Japanese)."

tan - "Definitions: seek after, greed, spread out, explore; altar; earthen jar; bounce; deep pool, pond; level, smooth." (Chinese)

tan - "Definitions: body (Persian). Associated spellings/words: ten ['I'] (Mayan); tanha ['desire or craving for finite existence']."

tan - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'fig' [Genesis 3:7]; 'figs' [Numbers 13:23, etc.], [Jeremiah 24:8, etc.]; 'fig tree' [Judges 9:10, etc.]. Associated spellings/words: fig leaves ['tan alh']."

Tan - "Definitions: the sacred fire of the Druids; oak (Celtic). Associated spellings/words: taan ['ceremonial ashes'] (Mayan); tan ['charcoal, charcoal fire; carbon'] (Chinese)."

tin - "Definitions: day; the name of Jupiter." (Etruscan)

tin - "Definitions: ice (Navajo). Associated spellings/words: tahina ['sharp, pointed'] (Gil- bertese)."

TEN - "Definitions: number ten. Associated spellings/words: tene; tiene; tehan; tien; zehan; zehn; tiu; taihun; decem; deka; deseti; dasa; tithe ['tenth; tenth part of annual produce paid to the church']; 10 ['In the ancient hieratic numeral writings the number 10 was assigned to the creator']."

Dan - "Definitions: a round pellet; elixir of immortality (Chinese). Associated spellings/ words: Dan tian ['field of Dan,' located in the lower abdomen] / dan ['red; pill; single, alone; list; carry; undertake; delay; indulge in; exhaust; courage; sweep, brush / burden, load; come into birth; light, pale; egg; bullet, ball; fear, dread; dawn, day / da'an ['answer'] (Chinese)

dan - "Definitions: male (Japanese). Associated spellings/words: daane ['man, male'] (Kapinga)."

dan - "Definitions: gift, charity (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: dana."

then - "Definitions: Particle affixed to Nouns denoting 'motion from' a place (Greek). Associated spellings/words: theein ['to move, to run']; theoi ['planets, the gods']; aletheia ['the breath of God'] ."

t'in - "Definitions: to tighten (Mayan). Associated spellings/words: teon ['draw, pull; accuse'] (Old English)."

THIN - "Definitions: draw out, stretch, skinny. Associated spellings/words: thynne, thunni, dun, dunni, thunnr."

than - "Definitions: to speak (Mayan). Associated spellings/words: t'an; tan ['converse, talk'] (Chinese)."

Tane - "Definitions: God of Forests and patron of wood-working who separated the sky from the Earth. (New Zealand myth). Associated spellings/words: tan ['brown or tawny color']; tan ['beach; sands; sandalwood'] (Chinese); Tanaoa ['darkness'] (Polynesian); po."

tian - "Name for an ideograph showing da [standing person] with yi [a horizontal line] at top. Early pictograph shows a person with enlarged head. General meanings include: the expanse above humans; heaven; God; day." (Chinese)

tian - "Name for a pictograph showing an equal four-sectioned square. General meanings include: a field with irrigation channels; field." (Chinese)

TAIN /r - "Definitions: hold together, hold. Associated spellings/words: teneo (Latin); TAIN ['state']; ATTAIN ['achieve']."

tain - "Definitions: our, ours (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: taif ['his'], tais ['her, hers']."

tsan - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'sheep' [Genesis 4:2, 12:16]; 'flock' [Genesis 21:28; 30:31]. Other definitions include: cattle. Associated spellings/words: tso'n, so'n; soneh."

THEN - "Definitions: at that time; in that case; soon after that. Associated spellings/words: thenne, thanne, thanna, danne, dann."

dann - "Definitions: then." (German) 

daan - "Definitions: springtime [it is spring]." (Navajo)

tnh - "Transliterated Aramaic? spelling for the word/words 'rehearse' [Judges 5:11]; 'lament' [Judges 11:40]. Other definitions include: recount. Associated spellings/words: tanah; snh (Hebrew)."

tana - "7 (cap) tana n., {A} f. offspring, child." (cap) = Capeller's Sanskrit-English Dictionary
*Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

daina - "Definitions: song." (Latvian, Lithuanian) dyny - "Definitions: judgement." (Aramaic)

diinai - "Definitions: to extinguish a fire." (Kapinga)

theiana - "Definitions: a goddess." (Greek)

Dian Y Glas - "Definitions: the Blue God." (Faery Tradition)

tanyatu - "5 (cap) tanyatu m. the same." (Cap) = Capeller's Sanskrit-English Dictionary
*Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

TINU /r - "Definitions: hold together, hold. Associated spellings/words: teneo (Latin); TEN- UOUS ['not dense or thick']."

danu - "Definitions: to bury." (Kapinga)

danu - "Definitions: limit, restraint." (Hindu)

Danava - "Definitions: member of a group hostile to Vedic Aryans." (Hindu)

Tanaoa - "Definitions: Darkness." (Polynesian Mythology)

dianuo - "Definitions: to finish." (Greek)

dianoia - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'mind' [Matthew 22:37, etc.]; 'imagination' [Luke 1:51]; 'understanding' [Ephesians 1:18], [1 John 5:20]. Other definitions include: the faculty or organ of perception."

diannao - "Definitions: computer." (Chinese)

TENSE - "Definitions: time; stretched tight. Associated spellings/words: tens; tempus; TENSION ['tense condition']."

deinos - "Definitions: terrible." (Greek) Tanzi - "Thus six definite steps towards manifestation are recognized by the Sufis. The first three are called Tanzi, and the next three Tashbi; the first three imperceptible, and the next three distinguishable."
[Based on: http://www.sufimessage.com/soul-whence-whither/intro.html]

Tenshu - "Definitions: God." (Norwegian) tnyn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'whales' [Genesis 1:21]; 'serpent' [Exodus 7:9, 10, 12]; 'dragons' [Deuteronomy 32:33], [Job 30:29]; 'dragon' [Nehemih 2:13]; 'whale' [Job 7:12]; 'sea monsters' [Lamentations 4:3]. Associated spellings/ words: tanniyn."

Tanen - "Definitions: a very ancient earth-god." (Egyptian)

Danaan - "Definitions: mother of the Irish gods. Celtic goddess of prosperity and plenty. Associated spellings/words: Dana, Danu, Dennitsa, Danu-Ana, Anu, Domnu, Dam-kina, Dinah, Dunnu."

teinein - "Definitions: to stretch." (Greek)

Tanent - "Definitions: consort of Tanen, an earth-goddess; a mythological locality; an impor- tant sanctuary of seker; the burial-place of Osiris (Egyptian). Associated spellings/ words: Tanen-t."

Tian-mu - "Definitions: The Chinese goddess of lightning whose name means Mother of Lightning; the celestial eye, the third eye."

dianemo - "Definitions: to distribute, divide." (Greek)

dianoema - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'thoughts' [Luke 11:17]. Other definitions include: thinking through. Associated spellings/words: dianomha."

tanmatra - "Definitions: a primary element, like taste."

tnvr - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'furnace' [Genesis 15:17], [Isaiah 31:9]; 'ovens' [Exodus 8:3]; 'oven' [Leviticus 2:4; 7:9; 11:35, etc.], [Psalm 21:9]; 'furnaces' [Nehemiah 3:11; 12:38]. Other definitions include: oven, ovens. Associated spellings/words: tannuwr."

Daniel - "Definitions: judgement of God; God is my judge." (Hebrew)

denarion - "Definitions: A silver coin worth about 18 cents, an amount that represented a typical day's wage for a workman (Greek). Associated spellings/words: denarius."

TENURE - "Definitions: act, right, manner, or period of holding something. Associated spell- ings/words: tenir ['hold']; tener ['have'] (Spanish); tinnire ['ring, tinkle'] (Latin)." tonrar - "Definitions: ghost, spirit, devil." (Eskimo)

TANG /p - "Definitions: touch. Associated spellings/words: tango, tangere (Latin); TANGIBLE ['able to be touched']; ding ['thing']."

TANG - "Definitions: serpent's tounge; insect's sting; point or spike; penetrating taste; slight smack. Associated spellings/words: tangi, tange ['point, spit'] (Dutch); tang ['sharp ringing note']."

tang - "Name for an ideograph showing rice [mi] and geng [hands holding a shield]. General meanings include: candy; sugar." (Chinese)

TING /r - "Definitions: touch."

ting - "Definitions: hall, parlour; listen [to], hear; flower garden, courtyard; stop, pause; stiffen; run quickly; sound; emit a high single note (Chinese). Associated spellings/ words: tingshuo ['hear it said'] (Chinese)."

deng - "Definitions: ascend, mount; wait [for]; grade, class; equal; stool, bench; stare at; stirrup; settle." (Chinese)

dang - "Definitions: must; should; ought to; be; serve as; block, resist; regard as; swing; sweep off; shelves; record; files." (Chinese)

dang - "Definitions: and; a conjunctive particle." (Tibetan)

dank - "Definitions: marshy spot; wet, watery." (Swedish)

Danik - "Definitions: guardians in the Clouds." (Native American / Hopi)

danke - "Definitions: thank you." (German)

Danika - "Definitions: morning star." (Slavic)

thing - "Definitions: assembly, thing." (Old Norse)

THING - "Definitions: assembly; matter of concern; event or act; object. Associated spellings/ words: thing, ding."

THINK - "Definitions: form or have in mind, ponder. Associated spellings/words: thenkian, denken, thekkja, thagkjan, thyncan ['seem']."

teenok - "Definitions: infant (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: tinok."

tangi - "Definitions: serpent's tounge; point, spit." (Old Norse)

Tengu - "Definitions: Japanese trickster spirits who were half human and half bird. Their name means long nose."

dnghu - "Definitions: tongue."

Dhanur-Veda - "Definitions: archery." (Sanskrit)

dongxi - "Definitions: [concrete] thing, object." (Chinese)

TENACIOUS - "Definitions: holding fast; retentive. Associated spellings/words: tenac, tenere."

dan song - "Definitions: lower states." (Tibetan)

denken - "Definitions: think." (German)

TANGENT - "Definitions: touching at a point, touching a curve or surface. Associated spellings/ words: tangere ['touch']; tangan ['hand'] (Indonesian); tankas ['paintings on silk'] (Tibetan)."

dangma - "Dangma means a purified soul, one who has become a Jivanmukta, the highest adept, or rather a Mahatma so-called." (Based on: The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky - Vol. 1)

Thengel - "Definitions: prince, king. (Anglo-Saxon). *Link: http://www.quicksilver899.com/Tolkien/LOTR/LOTR_RZ.html

DANGER - "Definitions: power of a master, dominion; liability to punishment, etc.; hesitation, reluctance; liability to injury. Associated spellings/words: daunger, dangier, dom- inus."

DANGLE - "Definitions: hang and swing freely; be left without support or connection; allow or cause to hang. Associated spellings/words: dangein, dangla, dingla, dingle."

Tangri - "Reportedly, a Turkish word for God. Associated spellings/words: Tengr-i (Bashkir); Tynger (Buryat); Tyngr-i (Mongolian); Tanri (Ottoman)."

Tangar-a - "Reportedly, a Yakut name for God." (Native American)

Tangaroa - "Definitions: Polynesian sea god."

tincta - "Definitions: dyed." (Latin)

dangada - "Definitions: person." (Kapinga)

dang po - "Definitions: first." (Tibetan)

ting'dzin - "Definitions: samadhi, meditative absorbtion." (Tibetan)

tangata manu - "Definitions: birdmen, birdmen images." (Rapanui/Polynesian)

Tenochtitlan - "Definitions: work was begun on the city of Tenochtitlan, which became the Aztec capital in A.D. 1,325."

TENT /r - "Definitions: strain. Associated spellings/words: tentus (Latin); TENS; tensus ['stretch'] TEN,TENT ['hold together, hold']; teneo (Latin)."

TENT - "Definitions: collapsible shelter. Associated spellings/words: TENANT ['one who occup- ies a rented dwelling']."

TEND /r - "Definitions: stretch, strain. Associated spellings/words: tendo (Latin)."

TEND - "Definitions: take care of or supervise something. Associated spellings/words: ATTEND ['wait for, be present']."

DENT /r - "Definitions: tooth."

dand - "Definitions: self-discipline; punishment; law of life [Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 458]." (Sanskrit)

TENET - "Definitions: principle of belief. Associated spellings/words: tenere."

TAINT - "Definitions: affect or become affected with something bad and esp. decay."

TAUNT - "Definitions: sarcastic callenge or insult."

taan-t - "Definitions: completion." (Egyptian)

danda - "Definitions: literally, stick, staff, rod, club; coercion, punishment (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: Brahma-danda ['the hollow of the spinal colum']; dand, danda ['self-discipline']."

Tintiya - "Definitions: the one who cannot be imagined. Supreme god of the Indonesian people of Bali." tANDava - "(m. n. g. %{ardharcA7di}; fr. %{taNDu}?) dancing (esp. with violent gesticulation), frantic dance (of S3iva and his votaries) Ma1lati1m. Katha1s. BhP. x MatsyaP. Ra1jat. &c. (cf. RTL. p. 84); (in prosody) a tribrach; Saccharum procerum L." (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/ 
*Reference Links: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tandava / http://www.exoticindiaart.com/product/RD53/

thanatos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'death' [Matthew 4:16, etc.]. Associated spellings/words: tanatos; thanatoo ['to kill']; thnetos ['mortal']."

tan tan - "Definitions: sure, careful, definite, certain." (Tibetan)

tianping - "Definitions: scale." (Chinese)

TENDENCY - "Definitions: likelihood to move, think, or act in a particular way."

tandem - "Definitions: at length [of time]." (Latin)

TANTAMOUNT - "Definitions: equivalent in value or meaning."

danbor - "Definitions: drum." (Basque)

dandle - "Definitions: side to side motion. Associated spellings/words: se dandiner ['waddle'] (French); dondolare ['waggle'] (Italian)."

TENABLE - "Definitions: capable of being held or defended."

tentere - "Definitions: to touch." (Latin)

TANTALIZE - "Definitions: tease or torment by keeping something desirable just out of reach. Associated spellings/words: Tantalus ['Greek son of Zeus punished and confined to an underworld pool where food and drink were just out of reach.'] (Greek Mythology)."

tantrism - "Definitions: that which extends, spreads." (Sanskrit)

dendron - "Definitions: tree." (Greek)

dandelion - "Definitions: lion's tooth; so called from the toothed leaves. Associated spellings/words: dens leonis (Latin)."

TENTATIVE - "Definitions: subject to change or discussion."

dm - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'blood' [Genesis 4:10; 9:4, etc.]. Associated spellings/words: dam; haima, hema ['blood'] (Greek)."

tm - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'integrity' [Genesis 20:5, etc.]; 'simplicity' [2 Samuel 15:17]; 'venture' [1 Kings 22:34]. Other definitions include: upright, uprightness, uprightly, perfect, perfection. Associated spellings/words: tom."

Tem - "Definitions: the name of Ra in the evening." (Egyptian)

tam - "Definitions: support, support beam." (Hungarian)

dam - "Definitions: connection, firm, tense, tight." (Tibetan)

DAM - "Definitions: barrier checking the downward flow of water. Associated spellings/words: demme, demmen."

DEM /r - "Definitions: people. Associated spellings/words: demos ['the people'] (Greek); damas ['govenor of the people']."

TAME - "Definitions: changed from being wild to being controllable by man. Associated spellings/words: tam, zam, tamr, domare, daman, temian."

THEM - "Definitions: they. Associated spellings/words: theim, thaem, sa, su."

dham - "Definitions: region or abode, place or home [Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 458]. Other definitions include: country or region in the other worlds. Associated spellings/words: domus ['house, home, residence'] (Latin); dom ['law; dome'] (Teutonic)."

dame - "Definitions: female head or superior; as a form of address or title; lady of the house. Associated spellings/words: domina (Latin)."

tama - "Definitions: what is fitting, seemingly." (Egyptian)

tama - "Definitions: darkness." (Pali)

thma - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'defiled' [Genesis 34:5, etc.]; 'unclean' [Leviticus 11:24]. Other definitions include: to be or become unclean, defiled. Associated spellings/words: tame."

damh - "Definitions: poet (Gaelic). Associated spellings/words: Deven."

dama - "Definitions: restraining or subduing the passions, curbing the mind [Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 458]." (Sanskrit)

dhama - "Definitions: area; body." (Sanskrit)

dhamma - "Definitions: righteousness or duty, law in the broadest sense; truth; doctrine (Pali). Associated spellings/words: dama ['self-restraint']."

tami - "Definitions: to be silent." (Egyptian)

DEMI /p - "Definitions: half. Associated spellings/words: dimitto ['to break up, dismiss, leave, abandon, leave behind'] (Latin)."

tsmyd - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'bracelets' [Genesis 24:22]. Assoc- iated spellings/words: tsamiyd."

dmu - "Definitions: malignant, demonic; mu spirits (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: demo ['to take away, subtract'] (Latin)."

tamu - "Definitions: all the men and women inhabiting a country, population; peasant, some disgusting thing or quality (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: ta-temu."

Temu - "Definitions: mother of the abyss (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: Tiamat, tehom."

temo - "Definitions: to descend, go down." (Aztec)

tamo - "Definitions: dullness or inertia, ignorance, one of the three qualties [gunas] (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: tamas."

damu - "Definitions: child." (Sumerian)

demo - "Definitions: to build. Associated spellings/words: doma ['house'] (Greek)."

dmu long - "Definitions: blind, blinded." (Tibetan)

daimoku - "Definitions: title; sacred prayer (Japanese). Used to refer to the sacred prayer: Namu myo-ho-renge-kyo."

tomos - "Definitions: cutting (Greek). Associated spellings/words: temnein ['to cut']." t

amas - "Definitions: dullness or inertia, ignorance, darkness, one of the three qualties [gunas] (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: tamo; tamogun."

Tammuz - "Definitions: The sacred king annually sacrificed in the temple at Jerusalem; The Sumerian Heavenly Shepard [Damu] who tended the flocks of stars, which were consid- ered souls of the dead in heaven; Babylonian god of plants released from the under- world each spring so that crops can grow; fourth exilic Hebrew month name; June - July; possibly a word that originally referred to the now sunken continent of Lemuria, or Land of Mu. Associated spellings/words: Dumuzi; Du'uzu (Akkadian)." Tammuz - "Hebrew month 4: [June - July / 29 days]. Associated spellings/words: tmvz."
*Link: http://www.astraltraveler.com/calendars/jewish.html

Themis - "Definitions: the original Delphic oracle first belonged to the abyssmal fish-goddess under her pre-Hellinic name of Themis." (Greek Mythology)

dmsq - "Definitions: Damascus (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: drmsq."

daman - "Definitions: to subdue." (Greek)

dhaman - "Definitions: law; literally, what is set." (Sanskrit)

Damian - "Definitions: to tame. Associated spellings/words: Damianos, daman (Greek)."

domina - "Definitions: lady, mistress (Latin). Associated spellings/words: domna, dama ['lady'] (Spanish); dame."

Damona - "Definitions: Gaulish Goddess of Cattle." (Celtic)

temnein - "Definitions: to cut." (Greek)

damnum - "Definitions: loss, damage, injury; a fine (Latin). Associated spellings/words: damnare ['inflict loss upon'] (Latin)."

Domhnach - "Definitions: Sunday." (Gaelic)

Temmangu - "Definitions: Japanese god of learning and writing."

dmm - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'still' [Exodus 15:16, etc.]; 'peace' [Leviticus 10:3]. Other definitions include: silent, silence, rested, wait, quieted, cut off, cease. Associated spellings/words: damam."

tmym - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'perfect' [Genesis 6:9; 17:1, etc.]; 'whole' [Leviticus 3:9], [Joshua 10:13], [Ezekiel 15:5]; 'sincerity' [Joshua 24:14]; 'undefiled' [Psalm 119:1]; 'sound' [Psalm 119:80]. Other definitions include: without blemish, without spot. Associated spellings/words: tamiym; tamam ['to be complete, or finished']."

tamam - "Definitions: sack, bag, skin." (Egyptian)

demum - "Definitions: at length at last, finally." (Latin)

tamaam - "Definitions: entire, complete, perfect, end (Arabic). Associated spellings/words: tama ['very'] (Sanskrit)."

dmar - "Definitions: red." (Tibetan)

tamar - "Definitions: palm tree." (Hebrew)

Tamil - "Definitions: a pre-Arayan language spoken since the earliest historical times in the southernmost portion of India."

Ta Mera - "Definitions: Land of the Waters; reportedly, one of the oldest names for Egypt. Associated spellings/words: Ta-merau."

themelioo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'founded' [Matthew 7:25, etc.]; 'grounded' [Ephesians 3:17, etc.]; 'foundations' [Hebrews 1:10]; 'settle' [1 Pet er 5:10]. Other definitions include: established. Associated spellings/words: thmhliow."

themelios - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'foundation' [Luke 6:48, etc.]. Other definitions include: foundations. Associated spellings/words: thmhlios."

Damaris - "Definitions: calf." (Greek)

demioergoi - "Definitions: members of the guilds." (Greek)

diamartyromai - "Definitions: Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'testify' [Luke 16:28, etc.]; 'witnesseth' [Acts 20:23]. Other definitions include: charge, charging."

tmk - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'held up' [Genesis 48:7, etc.]; 'take hold' [Job 36:17]; 'maintainest' [Psalm 16:5]; 'retaineth' [Proverbs 3:18]. Other defin- itions include: hold up, upholdeth, stay, retain, holdeth. Associated spellings/words: tamak."

dmig - "Definitions: imagination, thought, idea." (Tibetan)

tsmch - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'grew' [Genesis 2:5, 19:25]; 'made' [Genesis 2:9]; 'bring forth [Genesis 3:18]; 'springing' [Psalm 65:10]; 'branch' [Isaiah 4:2], [Zechariah 3:8, 6:12]; 'bud' [Isaiah 61:11]. Other definitions include: sprout, growth. Associated spellings/words: semah."

tamkarum - "Reportedly, Hamurapi's code [#103] regulates relationships between the business entrepreneur [tamkarum] and his travelling agent [samallum]. Inasmuch as the tam- karu [merchants] were sponsored by their kings, and had to look after their nat- ional interests abroad, the tamkaru formed a guild with official duties and perog- atives."

DEMOLISH - "Definitions: deconstruct. Associated spellings/words: de + moliri."

dmyal ba - "Definitions: the Hell." (Tibetan)

temp - "Definitions: to span, spin. Associated spellings/words: tempus ['time, season'] (Latin)."

DAMP - "Definitions: vapour; [noxious] gas; fog, mist; humidity; depression, discouragement. Associated spellings/words: damp ['vapour, steam, smoke']; dampf ['stream'] (German)."

tmyd - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'alway' [Exodus 25:30; 27:20, etc.]; 'continually' [Exodus 28:29]; 'always' [Exodus 28:38]; 'daily' [Daniel 8:11, 12, 13; 11:31; 12:11]. Other definitions include: perpetual, ever, continual, evermore. Associated spellings/words: tamid."

tamit - "Definitions: the midst of." (Egyptian)

dmvt - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'likeness' [Genesis 1:26; 5:1, 3, etc.]; 'fashion' [2 Kings 16:10]; 'manner' [Ezekiel 23:15]. Other meanings include: similitude, like. Associated spellings/words: damuth; dmh."

THUMP - "Definitions: strike with something thick or heavy. Associated spellings/words: tampon ['plug'], tapon."

TEMPO /r - "Definitions: relative speed or rate of movement. Associated spellings/words: tempus ['time'] (Latin)."

dhammat - "Definitions: nature." (Pali)

thambeo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'amazed' [Mark 1:27, etc.]. Other definitions include: fright caused by an amazing event, astonished. Associated spellings/words: thambho."

thambos - "Definitions: to render immovable; amazement (Greek). Associated spellings/words: tapho ['to dumbfound'] (Greek)."

Demophoon - "The child of Metaneira, nursed by Demeter." (Greek Mythology)

tzimtzum - "Definitions: contraction, constriction, concentration; God's projection and concen- tration of his devine presence, his Shekhinah, at a single point; black space, black hole; withdrawl or retreat from a single point; that negative light or existence which can engrave a hollow in the Divine Essence (Hebrew). Associated spell- ings/words: tsimtsum."

TEMPOR /r - "Definitions: rate of speed. Associated spellings/words: temporis (Latin); TEMPORAL ['relating to time']; tomber ['fall'] (Old French); tumba ['tumble'] (Old Norse)."

TEMPEST - "Definitions: violent storm. Associated spellings/words: tempus, tempestas ['period of the year, storm'], tempestuosus."

TEMPER - "Definitions: mixture of elements, dilute or soften, tough, characteristic attitude or feeling. temperare."

Temple - "sacred edifice. OE. temp(e)l (reinforced in ME. by (O)F. temple :- L. templum space marked out by an augur for taking observations, broad open space, conse- crated space, sanctuary; of uncert. orig." [Based on: Oxford Concise Dictionary of English Etymology, 1996 paperback edition, p. 485.]

Temple - "It is significant that the Latin word templum originally meant a vast space, open on all sides, from which one could survey the whole surrounding landscape as far as the horizon. This is what it means to contemplate: to 'set one's sights on' Heaven from the temple that defines the field of vision.... The term was actually used above all to designate the field of Heaven, the expanse of the open Heaven where the flight of birds could be observed and interpreted.... The temple is the place, the organ, of vision." [Based on: Henry Corbin, 'The Imago Templi in Con- frontation with Secular Norms,' in Temple and Contemplation (London: KPI, 1986), p. 386.]

TEMPERANCE - "Definitions: moderation from indulgence."

TEMPERAMENT - "Definitions: characteristic frame of mind."

TEMPORARY - "Definitions: lasting for a short time only. Associated spellings/words: temporarius."

TEMPERATE - "Definitions: moderate."

TEMPERATURE - "Definitions: degree of hotness or coldness; measure of the average speed of motion of the atoms and molecules making up not only gases, but liquids and solids."

DAMAGE - "Definitions: loss, detriment; injury, harm; money value of something lost. Assoc- iated spellings/words: dam(me), damnum."

damgar - "Definitions: merchant." (Sumerian)

Demeter - "Definitions: Earth Mother. In Greek mythology, Demeter was the goddess of agricult- ure. Daughter of: Cronus & Rhea. Mother of: Persephone. Sister of: Hera; Zeus [Jupiter]; Hestia; Hades [Pluto] & Poseidon [Neptune]. Associated spellings/words: Ceres; Gaia; Cybele; dos ['a gift']."

Demeter - "[....] Demeter - Demeter and Persephone, at first, in a sort of confused union - is the earth, in the fixed order of its annual changes, but also in all the acc- ident and detail of the growth and decay of its children. [....]" [Based on: http://bulfinch.englishatheist.org/b/pantheon/PaterOnDemeter.html] - [T.D.-04/12/07]

Demeter - "[....] Confusion of the Virgin and the Crone led to a long-standing error in the myth of Mycenaean Demeter, one of the oldest Earth Mother figures, known in Crete as Rhea and in Latium as Ceres. Demeter was a trinity collectively named Mother De, that is, the delta or triangle, a basic female symbol throughout the ancient world. The delta was a heiroglyphic sign for 'woman,' representing her genital Holy Door (as shown by the triangular entrance-ways of Mycenaean tombs); sages of Southeast Asia called it the Triangle of Life, or primordial Image.(18) Originally, each point of Demeter's triangle was personified. There was Kore the Virgin, Pluto the Mother, and Persephone the crone, whose name meant 'destroyer.' Yet the maiden Kore was said to be the same as Persephone in classic myth.. Both names were given to Demeter's daughter, while the maternal Pluto - whose name formerly referred to the 'abundance' of her overflowing breasts - was dexexed and recast in the role of an underworld king, the spouse of Persephone as Queen of the Shades. [....]" [Based on: The Crone - Woman of Age, Wisdom, and Power, by Barbara G. Walker (Copyright 1985), p. 24]

Demotic - "Definitions: writing of the common people. A modified form of heratic writing invented about 900 B.C. Associated spellings/words: demotika, enchorial." dmu thag - "Definitions: the heavenly rope." (Tibetan)

TEMPT - "Definitions: attract or provoke. Associated spellings/words: temptare ['feel, try'], tentare."












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