Frame of Time

       Many people like to put their own personal views on reality. A record of such views is what I like to term: Mirror History. That is, the underlying support for what most people ordinarily view as reality is basically considered to be history itself.
   I have on this site illustrated a framework of time to capture historical realities which have allegedly happened at some point. Of course, my own timeline does not include every single event observed by every single individual over the past 5 billion or more years. My timeline is rather personal and user-specific. However, the framework of time encompassing those events is another story.
   Recording a number of events is one thing, but recording the time of those events is quite another. Illustrating events in context to time can reveal otherwise unknown connections and/or missing pieces. Accordingly, I would encourage all historians and future scholars to consider history in context to time. This will imply the intrinsic relationships between numerous events. Something like assembling a puzzle after first discovering how all of the pieces fit.
   In context to time, we can know many different parts of a whole. In context to time, even the field of physics has begun to consider its formulas. The fourth dimension, to be precise, is what some people have come to call it [Time]. Thus, measuring reality from the perspective of one, two, or three dimensions will necessarily remain inferior to the measurement of reality from a fourth. The reason? The first three dimensions are encompassed by the fourth.
   A sign of the times then, perhaps, is ignorance fostered by the omission of time perspective. As any good investigator has come to learn, time becomes the most critical factor in the reconstruction [and prosecution] of any single crime. Putting the pieces of a mystery back together will necessarily entail looking at the facts - and considering those facts in reference to Frame of Time.
 - E.M.

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