The title "Revelations" was chosen for the name of these pages in order to indicate the idea of "making visible," where the word visible means "able to see." In this case we could extend the words "making visible" into "making able to see." This description is simply another way for communicating the idea of revelations. We could further translate the word revelations into "making able to see in states," "making able to know by states," "again able to see states," or "again able to know states."  Each of these descriptions can speak about the word specified as revelations. Personally, I prefer the sentence: "state of looking at again"  or "to look at again in states" for the description of revelations.
   Upon reinspection, these pages tend to display a change of appearance. For a rough example we might compare the observable objects on these pages to that which appears on the surface only. Consider the idea of objects floating on an ocean; like seals, whales, and icebergs, etc. What appears on the surface is simply the appearance of different characters in a show. The stage, the characters, and the audience compose that empirical theatre of apparent change wherein subjects and objects appear to distinguish sensible relationships relative to space and time. For example, the hands on a clock reflect sensible relationships relative to space and time. The precursor to modern time pieces [the ancient sun-dial] also reflected a sensible relationship - that between the earth and the sun. This sun-dial reflected a relationship as cyclic movement shadowed round a stationary upright staff.
   Not only the earth, not only the sun, not only the moon and the planets, but even the galaxies are turning in circles. Why? What is the central importance causing such a pivotal role in our universe? - E.M.

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