Matter can be neither created nor destroyed, but only changed in form. This statement has become a scientific fact. I mention this fact because it helps to explain the condition of words as we find them today. The meaning of words can change over the years because the world itself can change. If a chemical element such as Uranium should change into something else, such as Thorium, then perhaps we should call it that.
   Like mechanical instruments that measure particular objects in space and time, written words signify various facets of human understanding. In effect, recorded language, like a universal translator, appears to interpret the entire evolution / de-evolution of world consciousness by associating every human experience with a word.
   Within the Human Genome Project exist scholars who translate the very "language" of existence. Basically they represent an effort to associate experience with words - a form of signification that blends the known with the unknown to fashion a body of scientific knowledge. In this respect, scholars and the words they use might resemble nothing more than genetic fragments themselves.
- E.M.

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