All that exists comes from somewhere. And the individual knows this. Undivided, life unfolds like a flower responding to the environment.

   Various levels of life - like layers of clothing on a single body - come and go. Like plants through the seasons. Planets too. And suns. And galaxies. All to and from the universe.

   The worlds - like round the eye of a hurricane - owe their allegience to this sole reality. So far the winds of sensation echo, this one giver of movement and measure. Still at the core, its peace remains a part of the puzzle.

   Like seeds of truth, dust in the wind settles on itself. Wedded by the grip of death and ressurection. The dancing spirit of life has inspiration and aspiration rhythm.

   All things blended within singular mixing bowls, seemless borders between ingredients, listen to the music and musician playing together. The one depending on the other, so it seems, and no separate compartments unaffected. Even time revolves, and space depends on singularity.     

[Composed by: D.R.D., a.k.a. Etznab Mathers, 05/21/08 - 05/22/08]

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