With all due respect, written language conveys a limited form of reality. By its very definition, written language depicts a bridge between two separate shores. On the one hand is meaning. On the other hand, interpretation. In between you have a gulf of space and time and all that it might imply.
   As one might chance to wonder about the purport of common ground and the medium for duality, halving meaning and interpretation for a path toward communication becomes absolutely necessary to imply a biased departure from unity. Thus, the bridge between meaning and interpretation - the purpose for written language - is the expansion of cognitive awareness.
   Objects are shapes, granted meaning, and all are united by the common ground of cognitive awareness for the absolute necessity of fashioning a bridge between different states of consciousness. The gulf between meaning and interpretation is not exclusive of linear frame of reference only, but it stands to testify about the path from one to another conclusion via whatever dimension of uncertianty.
   Universal knowledge, though it has come by way of exploration and discovery along the medium of communication, it finds the purpose for having fashioned a bridge was  for a way to remember the act. A way to remember the act for others to find it!
   The archaic path through history is a never-ending journey of renewal. It is the ark of the covenant between you and your maker. It is the whomb of creation. The room of life. The miracle of creating a temple of light. The cave of darkness is but a habitat for sleep. A place for dreaming unity. A place to rest your feet.
   Evidently it is true. That the meaning of language is interpreted for two. One to take a different stand. A refraction from the true. One to comprehend. The reflection won by you.
   Yet again it dawns. With the gulf of night. That temporary disjointed illusion. That darkness stold the light. But by this eventual reunion. The night will need the day. And you can then be rest assured. Your love has come to play.
   Perhaps it is too ironic. That heaven could be our goal. When winning it depends on two connected posts. But one some devil has stold. It then stands to reason. That longing for a soul. Both Heaven and Hell are part of the problem. Their solution, a common whole.   

[Composed by D.R.D., a.k.a. Etznab Mathers, 02/04/06]

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