Judging that life is a personal experience, how comes it that multiple personalities generally exist? Are these the testimony of personal creation? How many individual personalities are there, really?  And, can there be only one? In all the entirety of life, is personality of temporal duration? Like air bubbles in the sea? A situation for the organization of time and space? Making for composite being?
   Imagine that objects are living bubbles. Destined to the surface of the sea. Energy and gravity like wedded couples? Embracing to bare a seed? How often repeating is the witness of life? How often repeating is the knowledge of time? How often repeating is reflection in vain? How often repeating is deception the same?
   When reading now the words on this page? Are resting the meanings that come your way? Oh mirror? Mirror? All for one. One for all.
Impersonal experience. Generating personality. Testimony for creation. Of temporal duration. Bubble in the sea. Organ of time and space. Elemental composite being. Gravity and energy embrace. How extreme your apparent cycle? Completing as the witness? Formed to live and rest a while. The cure for every sickness. One and other. Time and space. One to engender. One to embrace. - E.M.   

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