At times overlooked is the general consideration that words are living beings. That is, they have no life apart from the life afforded to them by living beings. For, though words are considered to exist independent from any witness, we have no testimony of this fact apart from a witness of same. Therefore, we shall never know words as objects - whether written or spoken - except in relation to our conception of same. This means that words, in truth, are not hidden or private from any particular being. They do not exist in some mysterious land of make believe inaccessible to any and all. To state otherwise, or that words have hidden life - that, in effect, becomes a dangerous statement. It opens to consciousness the endorsement of hidden factors that constitute same. Factors excluded from living conscious awareness for all time. Such might be the case for any word - even God. However, and you might want to ask yourself: can any word or object exist with you and remain independent from your identification of same? Has life ever become really so spiritually naive, deceived or ignorant to the nature of its existence?  
   If we ask ourselves what is the nature of objects and words before such objects and words can be known to us, what exactly are we asking? Are we asking for the initial nature of words to change? But why would anybody want the initial nature of words and objects to change? In fact, how would that even be possible if the initial nature of words and objects exists independent and hidden from our conscious awareness of it? The simple fact: words don't exist independent from the conscious life afforded to same. In other words, words and objects don't exist apart from the nature of life, or living conscious awareness. Accordingly, words are not, and in truth never were, the exclusive privilege of less than all. For it becomes a fundamental fallacy to state that objects and words exist independent from any single observer of same. To believe in such a statement is to actually exile God to "The Land of the Lost" for all time. And in the place of God - the sum total of all that exists - invite any or all who lay claim to a hidden God, whether for themself alone, or for the millions of others who want to believe in same. But what does it mean to lay claim to the nature of an object? Does it mean that the matter can be neither created nor destroyed? Only changed in form? What then is the matter after all? When the matter is the nature of life.  
- E.M.

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