Approximate number of words in sound group R = 889.  

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  R, L

R - "Mirror History" dictionary designates letter R to signify the seventh of ten descending sound groups that define its alphabetical order. Letters inhabiting this group include: R & L. Theoretical definitions for sound group R include: Ray, Radiation, Reflection, Numeral 6." [- E.M.]

R - "Glyphs believed to represent the letter R include; an eye; a lion. Reportedly, R began as something of a reversed P. The Romans swung this symbol around and the letter then grew a tail."

R - "Twentieth letter in the Hebrew alphabet. The older form resembles a leftward-facing pointed capital P-like shape, appearing the way some people draw the numeral 4. The modern Aramaic blockstyle form simply shows a leftward-facing upside-down capital L-like shape."

R - "The Hungarian runic symbol for R reportedly shows two gate posts with a cross bar to block off the entrance to large animals in a pen. REKESZ means a blocking, narrow entrance easily blocked."

L - "Glyphs believed to represent the letter L include: a circle within a circle; an eye; a lion; varied forms of spiral shapes with tails; a checkmark-like shape; a right angle shape; a baseless pyramid shape [lambda]. Reported meanings for L include: ox goad [lamed], rope, scepter; promote, cause to move, change from rest to activity; study; teach. Reportedly, L evolved from the Greek lambda and the Semitic lamed."

L - "Twelveth letter [Lamed] in the Hebrew alphabet. The older form resembles a slanted verticle line with a small curve, or hook at bottom. The modern form shows an L-like shape with a backwards curve, or leftward-facing C-like shape affixed at bottom. Trivia: older forms [found in the Dead Sea Scrolls] are the largest of all the Hebrew letters, on account of their long upper verticle half. General meanings attributed to L include: direction, goal, purpose, for, to, and toward. The letter L representing the yoke, is used as a prefix to words meaning 'to' or 'toward,' as the oxen in the yoke move toward the goal."

L - "The Hungarian runic symbol for L reportedly looks like the rafters of the roof or ceiling with things hanging from it. LOG in Hungarian means to hang down."

Ra - "Definitions: a symbolic sound for fire." (Hindu Mythology)

Ra - "Definitions: a name for the Sun." (Maori)

ra - "Definitions: name of the Sun as the monotheistic symbol of The Creator - monotheistic or collective. Ra was called the Supreme Power, and reportedly symbolized the power of the deity. To the populace he was stated to be a created god, the son of Ptah and Neith. His color was red [Based on: Col. James Churchward]. Other definitions for ra include: sun, day." (Egyptian Mythology)

ra - "Definitions: Strong beginning; Light: The day [light] begins with the rising of the sun in the east. The first day of creation [as a strong beginning] was the creation of light." (Hebrew)

ra - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'evil' [Genesis 2:9, 17; 3:5, 22; 6:5; 8:21; 19:19; 37:2, 20, 33; 44:4, 34; 47:9; 48:16; 50:15, 17, 20], [Exodus 5:19; 10:10; 23:2, 12; 32:14; 33:4], [Jonah 1:7], [Deuteronomy 30:15]; 'wickedness' [Genesis 6:5; 39:9]; 'wicked' [Genesis 13:13; 38:7]; 'bad' [Genesis 24:50; 31:24, 29]; 'hurt' [Genesis 26:29; 31:29]; 'not' [Genesis 28:8]; 'harm' [Genesis 31:52]; 'sadly' [Genesis 40:7]; 'ill' [Genesis 41:3, 4, 19, 20, 21, 27]; 'sorrow' [Genesis 44:29]; 'please' [Exodus 21:8]: 'mischief' [Exodus 32:12, 22]. Associated spellings/words: ra' [resh + ayin]; ra'a ['to be evil or bad']; ra'ah ['evil, misery, distress']; roa' ['badness, evil']; rsa ['wickedness, evil']; rasa ['wicked, criminal']." (Hebrew)

ra - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'another' [Genesis 11:3, 15:10, 31:49, 43:33, 21:18], [Exodus 18:16, 22:9, 10]; 'another's' [Genesis 11:17], [Exodus 21:35]; 'friend' [Genesis 38:12, 20]; 'fellow' [Exodus 2:13], [Jonah 1:7]; 'neighbour' [Exodus 11:2, 20:16, 21:14, 22:7, 9]; 'neighbour's' [Exodus 20:17, 22:8, 11]; 'other' [Exodus 18:7]. Other definitions include: having something to do with one another. Associated spellings/words: rea [resh + ayin]; ra'ah ['to associate with or be a friend to'] - [resh + ayin + heh]."

La - "Definitions: a symbolic sound for earth." (Hindu Mythology)

la - "Name for an ideograph showing shou [hand] and li [standing person]. General meanings include: pull, drag; drag in, involve; excrete; play (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: lakai ['pull open']; lalian ['zipper']."

la - "Definitions: until (Mayan). Associated spellings/words: la-ho ['until there comes']." (Mayan)

la - "Definitions: day (Gaelic & Hawaiian). Associated spellings/words: grian ['Sun'] (Sc. Gaelic); laa ['Sun'] (Hawaiian); lala ['branch'] (Hawaiian); laula ['wide, broad']; lalau ['seize, grab, pick']."

la - "Definitions: ox [a] in a yoke [l]; muscle." (Hebrew)

la - "Definitions: on; and; what!, how! (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: la la ['some, usually means somebody, someone, really'] (Tibetan)."

la - "Definitions: many; much (Navajo). Associated spellings/words: la, las, los ['the']; lo ['it'] (Spanish)."

la - "Definitions: the femine form of 'the' used with singular nouns (French, Spanish). Associated spellings/words: le [the masculine form of 'the' used with singular nouns]."

la - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'not' [Genesis 2:5, etc.]. Associated spellings/words: lo [lamed + aleph]."

la - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'nothing' [Genesis 11:6]; 'no' [Genesis 15:3]; 'not' or 'shalt not' [Genesis 11:7], [Exodus 20:3]. Associated spellings/words: lo [lamed + aleph]."

le - "Definitions: zi [i3] ('child') + without arms. General meanings include: v. finish, complete; adj. remarkable; toneless particle used along with other words in a sentence to indicate change or completion. Associated spellings/words: laobuqi [a3u4i3] (adj. terrific, incredible'); liaode [a3e2] (adj. 'excellent'); liaojie [a3e2] (v. conclude'); liaojie [a2e3] (v. 'understand')." (Chinese) *Links: http://zhongwen.com/d/164/x70.htm

LY - "The letter LY is somewhat unusual since in certain dialects it sounds more like L while others more like a Y. The Y is more common. The Hungarian runic symbol reportedly depicts a hole which is open at the other end. The word for hole is LYUK."

rah - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'saw' [Genesis 1:4, etc.]; 'appear' [Genesis 1:9, etc.]; 'see' [Genesis 2:19; 8:8, etc.]; 'looked' [Genesis 6:12; 18:2, 13, etc.]; 'seen' [Genesis 7:1; 22:14; 32:30, etc.]; 'shew' [Genesis 12:1]; 'appeared' [Genesis 12:7; 18:1], [Exodus 3:2, etc.]; 'beheld' [Genesis 12:14, etc.]; 'look' [Genesis 13:14, etc.]; 'seest' [Genesis 13:15]; 'seeing' [Genesis 19:1]; 'provide' [Genesis 22:8]; 'certainly' [Genesis 26:28]; 'sheweth' [Genesis 41:28]; 'behold' [Deuteronomy 11:26, etc.]. Other definitions include: to see, look at, inspect, perceive, consider. Associated spellings/words: ra'ah [resh + aleph + heh]; ra; mar'eh ['sight, appearance']; 'ayin ['see with the eyes']; chzh, hzh ['see'] (Transliterated Old Hebrew)."

rah - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'keeper' [Genesis 4:2]; 'herdmen' [Genesis 13:7]; 'feed' [Genesis 30:1]; 'fed' [Genesis 30:36]; 'companion' [Proverbs 28:7]; 'company' [Proverbs 29:3]; 'pastor' [Jeremiah 17:16]; 'pastors' [Jeremiah 22:22; 23:1, 2]. Other definitions include: shepherd, shepherds. Associated spellings/words: ro'eh ['shepherd']; ra'ah ['to feed, to pasture'] - [resh + ayin + heh]."

RAY - "Definitions: line of light. Associated spellings/words: rai (Old French); ra [sail [ship] (Gilbertese). Trivia: 'X-rays reportedly have anywhere from 1/50 to 1/50,000 the wavelength of visible light.' "

raa - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'wickedly' [Genesis 19:7]. Other definitions include: worse, hurt, ill, evil, evildoers, displeased, afflicted, vexed, harm, trouble, punish. Associated spellings/words: ra'a'; rav [resh + ayin + ayin]."

lah - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'wearied' [Genesis 19:11]. Associated spellings/words: la'ah."

lei [e4] - "Definitions: thread [mi-i4] + fields [lei-e2] phonetic [abbreviated to tian-a2] ('field'). Tired, work hard, worn out." (Chinese)

Laa - "Definitions: a name for the Sun." (Hawaiian)

lha - "Definitions: God, worldly Gods, Devas, ect. (Tibetan Buddhism). Associated spellings/words: lha khams ['divine realm']; lha min ['group of gods or demons'] (Tibetan)."

Lla - "Definitions: the spouse of Buddha." (Hindu Mythology)

Rhea - "Mythology: Consort of: Cronus [Saturn]. Mother of: Zeus [Jupiter] and the first Olympian gods (Greek Mythology). Trivia: Hellinic myth assimilated Rhea as both mother and wife of the Great God Zeus. Pre-Roman Latium knew her as Rhea Silvia, an early form of the Moon-Goddess Diana, called the first Vestal Virgin and the mother of Romulus and Remus. Among ancient tribes of southern Russia she was Rha, the Red One, another version of Kali as Mother Time clothed in her garment of blood when she devoured all the gods, her offspring. The same Mother Time became the Celtic Goddess Rhiannon, who also devoured her own children one by one [Based on: The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, Barbara G. Walker]."
lia - "Definitions: come, bring." (Chinese)

lay - "Definition: Work: When the yoke is placed on the oxen, they begin their work with determination." (Hebrew)

lao [a3] - "Name for an ideograph showing ren [e2] ('person') + mao [a2] ('hair') + hua [a4] ('change'). General meanings include: person whose hair changes; old [of animate things] (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: laonian (n. 'old age'); laoren (n. 'old man'); laoshi [a3i1] (n. 'teacher'); laoyou (n. 'old friend'); laozi, Lao-tse ('founder of Taoism'); Lao Tzu ('old master')."

lawa - "Definitions: enough." (Hawaiian)

laos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'people' [Matthew 1:21, etc.]."

lahun - "Definitions: all in one; two in one; ten." (Mayan)

LeOlam - "Definitions: forever; the end point of the time continuum (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: lalm; avlm ['ever, always, everlasting']." (Hebrew)

ri [i4] - "Name for a pictograph originally showing a small circle with a dot in the center. A more modern representation shows a block-style B-like shape. General meanings include: sun; day, date. Associated spellings/words: hao [a4] ri [i4] ['date']." (Chinese)

ri - "Definitions: mountain (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: ri rab ['the central world mountain']."

ri - "Definitions: king (Old Irish). Associated spellings/words: riog; lia ['pillar stone'] (Irish)."

RE /p - "Definitions: back, again. Associated spellings/words: red, retro ['backwards'], recedere, retinere ['retain']."

Li - "Name for an ideograph believed to show an ancient animal named li and an ancient bird with bright yellow feathers [zhui]. General meanings include: fire; the sun; the most yang energy; brightness; the 30th hexagram: fire above, fire below (I Ching).

li [i2] - "Definitions: zhui [u1] ('pictograph of a bird with short tail') + li [i2] ('yak') - phonetic. General meanings include: oriole; v. leave, depart. Associated spellings/words: likai [i2a1] (v. 'leave, depart')." (Chinese)

li [i4] - "Definitions: zhi [i3] ('pictograph of a foot with protruding toes, toes; v. stop, arrive, limit') + li [i4] ('grain covered; manage') - phonetic. General meanings include: v. experience, undergo; adj. previous, past. Associated spellings/words: lidai [i4a4] (n. 'past dynasties'); linian [i4a2] (past years'); lishi [i4i2] (v. 'last, continue'); lishi [i4i3] (n. 'history')." (Chinese)

li [i4] - "Name for a pictograph believed to represent a tendon. General meanings include: strength; power; force." (Chinese)

li [i4] - "Person standing on a surface; v. stand, erect, found, establish." (Chinese)

li - "Name for a pictograph believed to represent a bronze caldron (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: ge."

li - "Definitions: rituals, rules of propriety, good form, the outward expression of goodness; favorable, beneficial, maturing, blooming, harvest of grains with a knife; fire, light, seperated from." (Chinese)

li - "Name for a pictograph believed to represent two objects, possibly deer skins or antlers." (Chinese)

ly - "Definitions: to [l] me [y]." (Hebrew)

LY /s - "Definitions: like, manner of. Associated spellings/words: -ment, mente."

le - "Definitions: place; tree leaf." (Mayan)

lai [a2] - "Definitions: pictograph believed to represent ears of wheat hanging from a wheat plant. General meanings include: v. come, arrive; pron. next. Associated spellings/words: laibin [a2i1] (n. 'guest'); laibuji [a2u4i2] (adv. 'too late, impossible'); laidao [a2a4] (v. 'arrive'); laili [a2i4] (n. 'background, history'); lailin [a2-2i2] (v. 'arrive, approach'); laiwang [a2a3] (v. 'contact, interaction'); laixin [a2 2i4] (n. 'letter'); laiyuan [a2a2] (n. 'source, origin'); laizi [a2 2i4] (v. 'come from')." (Chinese)
*Link: http://zhongwen.com/d/168/x211.htm

lai [a2] - "Definitions: chi [i4] ('pictograph of person taking a step') + lai [a2] ('pictograph believed to represent ears of wheat hanging from a wheat plant'). General meanings include: come, solicit." (Chinese) *Link: http://zhongwen.com/d/177/x116.htm

lyh - "Definitions: wreath, garland (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: loyah."

lya - "Strong authority. Anyone or anything that functions as the 'strong authority' is seen as the older ox." (Hebrew)

laya - "Definitions: absorbtion (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: Laya Yoga ['A form of Yoga in which the disciple merges his individuality in that of the Guru or Shabd.'] (Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 461)."

liu [i2] - "Definitions: you [o3] ('open door barred; stop') + tian [a2] ('field'). General meanings include: remain, stay, leave, leave behind, detain, delay. Associated spellings/words: liuxue [i2e2] ('study abroad'), liuxuesheng ('foreign student'); liuyan [i2a2] (v. 'leave a message'); liuyanban (computer term: 'guestbook')." (Chinese) *Link: http://zhongwen.com/d/175/x100.htm

liu [u4] - "Definitions: even number entering eight; six." (Chinese) *Link: http://zhongwen.com/d/164/x187.htm

Riyu [i4u3] - "Definitions: ri [i4] ('sun') + yu [u3] ('words, language'). General meanings include: n. Japanese language." (Chinese)

LESS /s - "Definitions: devoid, free from; without. Associated spellings/words: lessa, leas ['devoid of, free from']; wifleas ['without a wife'] (Old English)."

liuhan - "Definitions: perspire." (Chinese)

LIAR - "Definitions: one who lies. Associated spellings/words: leogere, liugari, leogan ['lie']."

ljut - "Definitions: hug (Bosnian). Associated spellings/words: pozdrav."

leoht - Definitions: not heavy. Associated spellings/words: liht ['light, probably denoting a pale color, family name at Bree Shire']" (Old English) *Link: http://www.quicksilver899.com/Tolkien/LOTR/LOTR_RZ.html - [T.D. - 01/10/09]

ljubav - "Definitions: love." (Bosnian)

rys - "Definitions: head (Aramaic). Associated spellings/words: ras ['head'] (Hebrew)."

res - "Definitions: matter, thing (Latin). Associated spellings/words: realis ['actual']; Rishi ['seer'] (Hindu); Ris."

Leza - "The supreme god of many peoples of central Africa."

lixia - "Definitions: summer starts [May 7th - May22nd], name for one of twenty-four Chinese climatic periods recorder in the Ying-yang li."

rishi - "Definitions: one who sees, enlightened one; sage of ancient India, having some level of spiritual attainment, though usually not a saint [Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 463]."

lesen - "Definitions: read." (German)

LISTEN - "Definitions: pay attention in order to hear. Associated spellings/words: hlystan, hlyst ['hearing'] (Old English); hlust (Old Norse)."

rin - "Definitions: price, fee, value." (Tibetan)

Lin - "Definitions: overlooking, viewing from above; overseeing; prevailing; arriving; approaching; becomming great; leadership; the 19th hexagram: earth above, lake below." (I Ching)

rinn - "Definitions: point." (Gaelic)

lian - "Name for a pictograph showing flesh [rou] and a gathering of talking people [qian]. General meanings include: face. In combination with a hand holding a stick [pu], the general meaning is: collect." (Chinese)

lian - "Definitions: exceedingly." (Greek)

LINE - "Definitions: flax; flax thread or cloth; cord string; row, series. Associated spellings/words: linum, linomlin; line, ligne, linea; LINEAR ['straight, long and narrow']; linea ['line'] (Latin)."

LEAN - "Definitions: wanting in flesh; recline, incline; bend from a verticle position. Associated spellings/words: hlaene, hleonian, hlinian, hlinon, leunen, lehnen, sri ['lean'], klinein ['bend']."

rhein - "Definitions: flow (Greek). Associated spellings/words: rhis, rhin ['nose']."

reihen - "Definitions: rows." (German)

reina - "Definitions: queen." (Spanish)

renes - "Definitions: kidneys." (Latin)

LENIENT - "Definitions: softening, relaxing; indisposed to severity. Associated spellings/words: lenis ['soft, mild'] (Latin)."
linere - "Definitions: 'to smear' (Latin). Associated spellings/words: letter."

RING - "Definitions: something circular."

ring - "Definitions: long." (Tibetan)

LINK - "Definitions: connecting structure."

LING /s - "Definitions: one connected with or having the quality of; very small."

ling [i2] - "Definitions: good, pleasant; rain [yu-u3] that is good [ying-i4] ('join a seal to a document') - phonetic; zero. Chinese word for a bell with a clapper; zero." *Link: http://zhongwen.com/d/185/x115.htm

liang [a3] - "Definitions: liang [a3] ('covering with objects hanging on either side; scale') + yi [i1] ('one; bar'). General meanings include: scale with a redundant bar; two." (Chinese)

linga - "Definitions: characteristic sign; subtle nature; phallic symbol of Siva." (Sanskrit)

lingua - "Definitions: language, tongue, speech." (Latin)

lingus - "Latin lingus [tounge], was derived from Sanskrit Lingam [phallus]."

links - "Definitions: left." (German)

lingam - "Definitions: pillar, column; phallic symbol, male sexual organ." (Hindu)

LINGER - "Definitions: dwell, stay behind, tarry; north. Associated spellings/words: lenger ['frequent'], lengan, leng ['linger'], lang ['long']."

rim - "Definitions: level, stage, succession, grade, procedure, gradual (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: rhema ['word']; limen ['a harbour, haven'] (Greek)."

RIM - "Definitions: raised edge, margin, verge; outer ring of a wheel. Associated spellings/words: rima ['break of day']; rimi ['ridge of land']; rhimyn ['band, narrow strip'] (Welsh); hrieman ['to cry out, as a lookout might do'] (Anglo-Saxon); rinn ['a point, promontory'] (Gaelic). see: limbo."

REAM - "Definitions: enlarge a hole. Associated spellings/words: ryman ['widen, enlarge, extend']; rema ['make room']."

RIME - "Definitions: frost-like ice formed on exposed objects. Associated spellings/words: hrim, rijm."

leimma - "Definitions: a remnant." (Greek)

Remus - "Son of Rhea Silvia and twin brother of Romulus. (Roman Legend). Associated spellings/words: remus ['oar'] (Latin)."

limen - "Definitions: limit below which a stimulous ceases to be perceptible; threshold. Associated spellings/words: limin."

LIMB - "Definitions: part of the body, specifically a member such as the arm, leg, wing; branch. Associated spellings/words: lim, limu, limr, lio."

LIMIT - "Definitions: frontier, boundary. Associated spellings/words: limes, limit (Latin)."

lil - "Definitions: vibration." (Mayan)

lil - "Definitions: wind, air, breath, spirit [of a place], atmosphere, infection." (Sumerian)

lyl - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'night' [Genesis 1:5, etc.]. other definitions include: nights. Associated spellings/words: layil."

reel - "A Celtic dance involving circular clockwise movements. A form of Sun worship."

REEL - "Definitions: winding instrument, originally for thread or silk, whirling movement, staggering roll; lively dance."

REAL - "Definitions: pertaining to things; actually existing. Associated spellings/words: res ['thing']; leal ['loyal, faithful, true']."

Lear - "Personification of the sea; father of Manannan, the Irish sea god (Old Irish Mythology). Associated spellings/words: Lir; leer ['to read'] (Spanish)."

lyre - "Definitions: musical instrument; harp."

leer - "Definitions: empty." (German)

lila - "Lila (Sanskrit: ????, IAST li-la-), or Leela is a concept within Hinduism literally meaning 'pastime', 'sport' or 'play'. It is common to both non-dualistic and dualistic philosophical schools, but has a markedly different significance in each. Within non- dualism, Lila is a way of describing all reality, including the cosmos, as the outcome of creative play by the divine absolute (Brahman). In the dualistic schools of Vaishnavism, Lila more simply refers to the activities of God and his devotees, as distinct from the common activities of karma." *Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lila

lira - "Definitions: furrow." (Latin)

Lilith - "Traditionally, a name for the first wife of Adam; reportedly, a Sumerian name for a class of ancient near-eastern demons. Associated spellings/words: Belit-ili, Belili, Baalat, Lillake; Ardat Lili ['The maid of desolation who originally lived in the garden of Innana.'] (Babylonian Tradition)

lailp - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'storm' [Mark 4:37]. Associated spellings/words: lailaps."

rig - "Definitions: to know, see, be aware (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: riog ['king'] (Irish)."

rig - "Definitions: The traditional Scottish system of farming, known as Run-Rig, used lots (runes) to determine which peasant should farm which 'rig' or lot of land. (Based on: Magical Alphabets, by Nigel Pennick, copyright 1992, p. 75)"

rig - "Definitions: praise." (Sanskrit)

LIC /r - "Definitions: permit. Associated spellings/words: licere (Latin); LICIT."

ryq - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'vain' [Leviticus 26:16, etc.]; 'no purpose' [Isaiah 30:7]; 'empty' [Jeremiah 51:34]. Other definitions: vainity. Associated spellings: riq; rvq, ruq ['to make empty']; reqam."

rikh - "(mwd) rikh - cl. 1. P. %{rekhati}, to go, move Dha1tup. v , 33 Vop. (cf. %{riGkh}); cl. 6. P. %{rikhati}, to scratch, scrape (cf. %{A-rikh} and %{likh})." (mwd = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon)
*Link: http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/cgi-bin/tamil/recherche

likh - "(mwd) likh - "(cf. the earlier form %{rikh}) cl. 6. P. (Dha1tup. xxviii , 72) %{likha4ti} (rarely A1. %{-te} ; pf. %{lile4kha} Br. &c.; aor. %{alekhIt} ib.; fut. %{lekhitA}, %{lekhiSyati} Gr.; %{likhiSyati} Hariv.; inf. %{lekhitum}, or %{likhitum} Gr.; ind. p. %{lekhitvA} ib.; %{likhitvA} Hariv.; %{-li4khya} Br. &c.), to scratch, scrape, furrow, tear up (the ground) AV. &c. &c.; to pick, peck (said of birds). VarBr2S. Hit.; to scarify , lance Sus3r.; to produce by scratching &c., draw a line (with or scil. %{lekhAm}), engrave, inscribe, write, copy, trace, sketch, delineate, paint Br. &c. &c.; to make smooth, polish Ma1rkP.; to graze, touch MW.; to unite sexually with a female(?) MBh. xiii, 2456 (Ni1lak.): Pass. %{likhyate} (aor. %{alekhi}), to be written Katha1s. Pan5cat.: Caus. %{lekhayati} (or %{likhApayati}; aor. %{alIlikhat}), to cause to scratch or write or copy or paint S3a1n3khS3r. Mn. &c.; to scratch, lance Sus3r.; to write , paint Ya1jn5.: Desid. %{lilikhiSati} or %{lilekhiSati} Pa1n2. 1-2 , 26. [Cf. Gk. $ ; Lith. &273064[901 ,1] {re14kti} , `" to cut. "'] (mwd = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon) *Link: http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/cgi-bin/tamil/recherche

rych - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'savour' [Genesis 8:21]; 'smell' [Genesis 27:27]. Associated spellings/words: reyach."

REEK - "Definitions: smoke; vapor, steam; exhalation, disagreeable smell. Associated spellings/words: rec, reke, reykr, rok."

LEAK - "Definitions: hole in a vessel, enter or escape through a leak."

LIKE - "Definitions: having the same character or quality; please, be pleasing; find agreeable. Associated spellings/words: gelic ['alike'], iliche, ilike, alikr; lician, likon, lika."

RIDGE - "Definitions: back, spine; top, crest; coping of a roof; long stretch of high ground; narrow raised part across a surface. Associated spellings/words: hrycg, hruggi, ruc, rug, hrucci, rucken, hryggr."

reich - "Definitions: realm, empire; rich. Associated spellings/words: rijk, rig, rik."

REACH - "Definitions: stretch out, extend; spit, hawk, make efforts to vomit. Associated spellings/words: raecan, rahte, reiken, reichen; hraecan, hraekja ['spit'], hraca, hraki ['spittle']."

LEECH - "Definitions: physician; blood-sucking worm; vertical or sloping side of a sail."

riki - "Definitions: a hand bearing down, strength, power (Japanese). Associated spellings/words: ryoku."

Riiki - "An eel who separated Heaven and Earth." (Micronesian Mythology)

rizhi [i4i4] - "Definitions: Chinese computer term = 'journal'." (Chinese)

liqiu - "Definitions: Autumn starts [August 9th - August 24th], name for one of twenty-four Chinese climatic periods recorded in the Ying-yang li."

liquis - "Definitions: crooked." (Greek)

lichun - "Definitions: Spring starts [Feb. 5th - Feb. 20th], name for one of twenty-four Chinese climatic periods recorder in the Ying-yang li."

legeon - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'Legion' [Mark 5:9]."

ryqm - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'empty' [Genesis 31:42]; 'void' [Isaiah 55:11]; 'vain' [Jeremiah 50:9]. Other definitions: vainly, emptily, unsuccess fully, without cause. Associated spellings: reqam; rvq, ruq ['to make empty']."

rigol - "Definitions: small brook (Old English). Associated spellings/words: rill" See: Dimrill Dale @
*Link: http://www.quicksilver899.com/Tolkien/LOTR/LOTR_DF.html - [T.D. - 12/22/07]

regula - "Definitions: rule (Latin). Associated spellings/words: rgyal ['king, royal, regal'] (Tibetan)."

rigs - "Definitions: kinds, varieties, types, aspects (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: gelic ['alike'] (Old English)."

reken - "Definitions: to smell (M.L. German). Associated spellings/words: roken ['to smoke']."

LIKEN - "Definitions: compare."

LICENSE - "Definitions: leave, permission; liberty of action; formal permission from authority; excessive liberty. Associated spellings/words: licentia, licere ['be lawful'] (Latin)."

LEGAL - "Definitions: relating to law or lawyers."

LEISURE - "Definitions: freedom or opportunity; freedom from occupation, free time. Associated spellings/words: licere ['be permitted'] (Latin)."

LIKELY - "Definitions: probable."

LIST - "Definitions: border, edging, strip, series of names or items; be pleasing, desire; listen, hearing; tilt or lean over, slant."

RIGHT - "Definitions: straight path."

LIGHT - "Definitions: lumination, lighted body, radiation that makes vision possible; of little weight. Trivia: reportedly, light travels at a speed of 299,792 kilometers [186,290 miles] per second, and light waves have lenghts in the neighborhood of 1/20,000 of a centimeter [or 1/ 50,000 of an inch]. Associated spellings/words: leoht, liht, leukos ['white'] (Greek); lux, lumen, luna ['moon'] (Latin); likhut-a ['light'] (Peruvian); liuhath ['light'] (Gothic); la'at-u ['light'] (Babylonian); lahat ['light'] (Hebrew); lagad ['eye'] (Breton)."

LIGHT - "Fifty years of conscious brooding have brought me no closer to the answer to the question, 'What are light quanta?' Of course, today every rascal thinks he knows the answer, but he is deluding himself." [Based on: Albert Einstein, 1951]

LIGHT - "We are so used to light that we take it to be part of our ordinary world - the world of people, streets, and houses - but it is not. Light belongs to another, invisible world. For light, like the wind, is invisible in itself; it is only visible by its interaction with things. Deep space is filled with light, but completely dark, except where an object intervenes." [Based on: Article (The Eye of the Beholder / Paradoxes of the visible universe) by Christian Wertenbaker, p. 47, Parabola Vol. 26, No. 2 (Light), Summer 2001."

LEAST - "Definitions: lowest in importance or position."

rig pa - "Definitions: knowledge, understanding." (Tibetan)

rechts - "Definitions: right." (German)

Lif - "Life, the new Eve of the next cycle of existence, according to the Norse mythology, after destruction of the present universe."

ryb - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'strife' [Genesis 26:20, etc]. Other definitions: accuse; controversy; cause; opponent; adversary. Associated spellings: riyb."

LIFE - "Definitions: person, body, period of existence. Associated spellings/words: lif, lib, leib ['body']; lyf ['lore of herbal magic'] (Norse)."

LEAF - "Definitions: green outgrowth of a plant stem."

REAP - "Definitions: cut or clear grain for harvest. Associated spellings/words: reopen, reopan, ripan, ripe, ripa ['shore'], rope."

LEAD - "Definitions: heaviest of the base metals; take with one, conduct, carry on, direct or run on a course. Associated spellings/words: lead, lod, lood, lot ['plummet; soldier']; laedan, ledian, leiden, leiten, leioa."

Rita - "Definitions: order, truth and harmony (Vedic). Associated spellings/words: Arta; Asha."

lithe - "Definitions: gentle, mild; pliant, supple. Associated spellings/words: lioe, lithi, lindi, lind ['soft, gentle'], linr ['soft'], lentus."

LEAVE - "Definitions: permisson, permit, pleasure, approval; have as remainder, cause or allow to remain; go away. Associated spellings/words: leaf, loube, laube; laefan, lebian, leiban, biliban, bleiban ['remain'], leifa ['heritage'], laf ['remainder'], lipti; lipeti ['adhere'], lip, rip ['smear, adhere to']."

reide - "Definitions: line." (German)

rebus - "Definitions: a puzzle representing a word, phrase, or sentance by letters, numerals, pictures, etc., having the sounds necessary to form the desired answer."

Ribhus - "Definitions: group of mortal craftsmen raised to the rank of gods after building a golden chariot for Indra. They live close to the sun and hold up the sky." (Hindu Mythology)

lituus - "The magical staff called lituus, used by Roman augurs (diviners) to mark out sacred areas such as temple sites, usually terminated in a spiral. (3) [Symbols: Signs and Their Meaning and Uses in Design, Arnold Whittick, p. 319]" [Based on: T.W.D.O.S.A. S.O., Barbara walker, 1988, p. 14]

lithos - "Definitions: a stone (Greek). Associated spellings/words: lithosphere ['the solid matter of the earth itself']."

ritsu - "Definitions: to stand, rise up; discipline." (Japanese)

lieben - "Definitions: love." (German)

Lithuanian - "Reportedly, the spoken language closest to the original Indo-European roots."

lidong - "Winter starts [November 8th - November 23d], name for one of twenty-four Chinese climatic periods recorder in the Ying-yang li."

Liber - "Definitions: ancient Italian deities of the vine. Associated spellings/words: livere ['be bluish'] (Latin); leabhar ['book'] (Gaelic)."

LIBER /r - "Definitions: free. Associated spellings/words: libertas, libero (Latin); LIVER; LIBERAL ['unconservative']; LIBIDO."

LEVEL - "Definitions: balance, scales; device for establishing a flat surface. Associated spellings/words: libella, libra."

LIABLE - "Definitions: obliged by law, exposed or subject to law. Associated spellings/words: lier, ligare ['bind']."

LADDER - "Definitions: device with steps or rungs for climbing. Associated spellings/words: ledere, leiter."

LITTLE - "Definitions: not big. Associated spellings/words: lytel, luttil, luzzil, lutzel."

ridehere - Definitions: mounted force. (Anglo-Saxon) *Link: http://www.quicksilver899.com/Tolkien/LOTR/LOTR_RZ.html - [T.D. - 01/10/09]

litra - "Definitions: a pound, a weight of 12 ounces (Latin). Associated spellings/words: libra, lira ['unit of Italian currency']."

LIVELY - "Definitions: full of life."

LIBRARY - "Definitions: collection of books. Associated spellings/words: libro ['book'] (Spanish)."

LIVELIHOOD - "Definitions: means of subsistence."

LIFELONG - "Definitions: continuing through existence."

leitourgia - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'ministration' [Luke 1:23]. Other definitions include: service, help, ministry. Associated spellings/words: lhitourgia."

leitourgeo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'ministered' [Acts 13:2]. Other definitions include: service, ministry, to serve, to minister. Associated spellings/words: lhitourghw."

leitourgos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'ministers' [Romans 13:6, etc.]. Other definitions include: minister, servant, servants. Associated spellings/words: lhitourgos."

leitourgikos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'ministering' [Hebrews 1:14]. Associated spellings/words: lhitourgikos."

LIVID - "Definitions: of bluish leaden color. Associated spellings/words: livere ['be bluish']."

LIBIDO - "Definitions: sexual drive. A word coined from the Roman divinity, Liber - by Freud."

ru - "Definitions: roar (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: ravah."

ru [u2] - "Definitions: nu [u3] ('woman') + kou [o3] ('mouth') - phonetic. General meanings include: woman following mouthed instructions; v. listen, heed; v. like, as if; adj. comparable to; conj. if. Associated spellings/words: ruci [u2i3] (adj. 'like this, such')." (Chinese)

ru [u4] - "Name for a pictograph showing two lines resembling a baseless pyramid-like shape. General meanings include: roots descending into the earth; enter. Associated spellings/words: rukou [u4o3] (n. 'entrance')." (Chinese)

lu - "Definitions: man (Sumerian). Associated spellings/words: lugal ['king']."

lu [u4] - "Definitions: jin [i1] ('metal') + lu [u4] ('axe stripping a tree, carve') - phonetic. General meanings include: v. record; n. register, record. Associated spellings/ words: luxiang [u4a4] ('video'); luyin [u4i1] (v. 'record'); luying [u4i3) ('video')." (Chinese)

lu [u4] - "Definitions: zu [u2] ('foot and lower leg') + ge [e4] ('pursue, but speak at odds; adj. separate'). General meanings include: feet going separate ways; n. path, road." (Chinese)

Lu - "Name for an ideograph believed to represent a person walking in shoes; a pair of shoes; fulfillment; advancing to fulfillment; the 10th hexagram: heaven above, lake below (I Ching). Associated spellings/words: lu xing ['walking with shoes']; lu ['piece of carved wood']."

Lu - "Name for an ideograph believed to show the image of an army chasing its enemy. General meanings include: to travel, to move from place to place; an army of five hundred soldiers; Traveling; the 56th hexagram: fire above, mountain below." (I Ching)

lu - "Name for a pictograph believed to represent a deer. General meanings include deer antler (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: lu ['unicorn']."

lu - "Name for a pictograph believed to represent vertebrae." (Chinese)

lo - "Definitions: year." (Tibetan)

ruh - "Definitions: rise, raise, grow." (Sanskrit)

ruh - "Definitions: spirit (Arabic). Associated spellings/words: ruah, ruach, rvch ['wind, breeze; breath; spirit'] (Hebrew)."

Rho [R] - "Seventeenth letter in the Greek alphabet. Large and small forms appear as P & p. Reported meanings for R include: fruitfulness; reproduction; comming into being; number 100. Associated spellings/words: Ro."

lyo - "Definitions: to undo, destroy." (Greek)

LAV /r - "Definitions: wash (lavare). Associated spellings/words: LAUT."

louo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'washed' [John 13:10, etc.]. Other definitions include: a washing of the entire body. Associated spellings/words: louw."

LAVE - "Definitions: wash, bath; pour out. Associated spellings/words: louein ['wash'] (Greek)."

Lleu - "Definitions: light; one of the twin powers born from the whomb of Arianhod, Celtic Goddess of the star-wheel."

rva - "Definitions: Light. The first light of the day as the sun rises in the east. Associated spellings/words: ruach." (Hebrew)

rva - "Definitions: to swallow, swallow down (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: luwa."

rva - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words: 'alarm' [Numbers 10:7]. Other definitions include: to shout, raise a sound, cry out, give a blast. Associated spellings/words: ruwa, Resh + Vav + Ayin."

Loa - "In the voodoo-religion of the Caribbean, the Loa are reportedly a group of divinities who are concerned with the lives of humans and who often personify forces of nature. Associated spellings/words: Lwa."

lva - "Definitions: Ox: Just as the older experienced ox in the yoke leads and teaches the younger, so does the chief of the tribe (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: lay ['work']."

LAVA - "Definitions: molten rock. Associated spellings/words: rava ['channel'] (Gilbertese)."

lowe - "Definitions: lion." (German)

Lvy - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for Jacob's 3rd son, 'Levi' [Genesis 29:34]: And she conceived again, and bare a son; and said, Now this time will my husband be joined unto me, because I have born him three sons: therefore was his name called Levi. Jacob's third sibling conceived by Leah. Associated spellings/words: lah."

rvyh - "Definitions: saturation (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: ravayah."

REVIVE - "Definitions: bring back to life; to live again."

REVISE - "Definitions: look [at] or behold again; read over again; review."

LOYAL - "Definitions: faithful to a country, cause, or friend. Associated spellings/words: loyal, leial."

Lvytn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for 'Leviathan' [Isaiah 27:1]; a large aquatic animal in the Bible; the dragon, or serpent who battled with Yahweh; satan. Associated spellings/words: Leviathan, Liwyathan."

rou [o2] - "Name for a pictograph believed to represent an animal's hind legs and tail. General meanings include: track left by an animal; rump." (Chinese)

rou [o4] - "Name for a pictograph believed to represent a carcass cut open. In composition it can resemble month [yue]. General meanings include: meat; flesh." (Chinese)

luo - "Definitions: loose, unloose (Greek). Associated spellings/words: luein ['set free'] (Greek)."

lou [o2] - "Definitions: mu [u4] ('tree; wood') + lou [o2] ('woman in the middle of doing nothing; leisure') - phonetic. General meanings include: n. tower, multi-story building, story, floor. Associated spellings/words: louti [o2i1] (n. 'stairs'); loushang [o2a4] (n. 'upstairs'); louxia [o2a4] (n. 'downstairs'); erlou [e4o2] (n. 'second floor')." (Chinese)

ros - "Definitions: dew." (Latin) ros - "Definitions: mountain; wheel." (Cornish)

rvs - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'poor' [1 Samuel 18:23]. Other definitions include: lack, needy. Associated spellings/words: rus."

lus - "Definitions: body." (Tibetan)

lus - "Definitions: corpse, body (Sumerian). Associated spellings/words: lu.us."

lvs - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'knead' [Genesis 18:6]. Associated spellings/words: luwsh."

los - "Definitions: masculine form of 'the' used with plural nouns." (Spanish)

RUSH - "Definitions: force out of place; move with force or speed. see: lash."

LOSS - "Definitions: something lost."

hross - "Definitions: horse (Icelandic). Associated spellings/words: ros, ross, hros (Dutch, German & Old High German)."

rouse - "Definitions: shake the feathers; start [game]; cause to rise from slumber, etc.; technical term of hawking and hunting."

LOOSE - "Definitions: unbound, unattached; not close; not careful, inexact. Associated spellings/words: lauss, leas ['lying, untrue'], los."

roshi - "Definitions: venerable teacher, a term of respect used for the head of a monastery." (Japanese)

Rusalka - "Definitions: water spirits in Slavic mythology, believed to be the souls of drowned maidens."

rusche - "Definitions: straw, reed." (Old English)

Rosicrucians - "Definitions: Knights of the Rosy Cross."

rost - "Definitions: rust (German). Associated spellings/words: rosa (ohsah) ['pink'] (German)."

LUST - "Definitions: intense desire."

LUSTER - "Definitions: brightness from reflected light."

lvn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'tarry' & 'night' [Genesis 19:2]; 'abide' [Genesis 19:2]; 'lodge' [Genesis 24:23, 25]; 'night' [Genesis 28:11]; 'murmured' [Exodus 15:24, 16:2, 16:7, 16;8, 17:3]; 'remain' [Exodus 23:18]. Associated spellings/ words: ln."

rune - "Definitions: mystery, secret. Mythology: runic letters are believed to have appeared first in the hands of the Goddess Idun, keeper of the Gods. She gave runes to her consort Bragi by engraving them on his tounge (Runic Mythology). Associated spellings/ words: run ['to whisper'] (Old Celtic); run ['secret', 'a resolution'] (Modern Irish); rhin ['to whisper'] (Middle Welsh); rown ['to whisper'] (Old English); raunen ['to whisper'] (German); ryuujin ['dragon god'] (Japanese)."

Rohan - "Definitions: land of horses. Associated spellings/words: Rochand.
*Link: http://www.quicksilver899.com/Tolkien/LOTR/LOTR_RZ.html

Luna - "Definitions: Moon-goddess; water (Latin). Associated spellings/words: Runa."
*Link: http://www.lunaea.com/goddess/magic/luna.html

Ravana - "The pre-Vedic sacred king Ravana sported ten crowned human heads surmounted by one ass head, symbolizing the spirit of the ass god incarnate in ten kings. King of the Rakshasas ['harmers'], hideous demons and evil spirits." (Hindu Mythology)

Lono - "Definitions: the first woman created by Kane." (Hawaiian Mythology)

rong - "Definitions: weapons." (Chinese)

llung - "Definitions: basic life energy (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: rlung; qi, ki; prana."

lung - "Definitions: scriptural transmission." (Tibetan)

long - "Definitions: dragon (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: Lung Mo [The 'Dragon Mother.' An old woman who came across an egg which hatched into a dragon.] (Chinese)."

long - "Definitions: ship." (Gaelic)

RUNG - "Definitions: stick of rounded form used as a rail, etc. OE; stave of a ladder XIII. OE. hrung = MLG. runge (Du. rong), OHG, runga, Goth. hrugga." [Based on: Oxford English Etymology, 1996]

LUNGE - "Definitions: sword-thrust."

Rongo-rongo - "Name for the ancient Easter Island hieroglyphic script." (Polynesian)

Run-Rig - "Definitions: The traditional Scottish system of farming, known as Run-Rig, used lots (runes) to determine which peasant should farm which 'rig' or lot of land. (Based on: Magical Alphabets, by Nigel Pennick, copyright 1992, p. 75)"

lhun grub - "Definitions: self-created, miraculous." (Tibetan)

lung pa - "Definitions: valley." (Tibetan)

rund - "Definitions: round." (German)

rum - "Definitions: whomb, uterus (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: rom ['thick'] (Tibetan)."

rvm - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'lift up' [Genesis 7:17, 14:22]; 'exalt' [Exodus 15:2]; 'high' [Isaiah 57:15]; 'extol' [Psalm 145:1]. Other definitions include: set up, held up. Associated spellings/words: ruwm, mrvm, marowm."

LUM /r - "Definitions: light. Associated spellings/words: lumen (Latin); LUN; LUMINOUS ['emitting light']."

ROOM - "Definitions: place; chamber in a building. Associated spellings/words: rum."

Rome - "Definitions: legend has it that Rome was founded by Latin colonists in 753 B.C., but archaeological evidence reveals settlements going back to at least 1000 B.C. History: the Western Roman Empire broke up in 5 A.D. The Eastern Empire [Byzantine Empire] by 1453 A.D."

LOOM - "Definitions: tool; bucket, tub; weaving machine; move slowly up and down. Associated spellings/words: lome, geloma ['utensil, implement']; lomen ['move slowly']; luemen ['be weary']; lueme ['slack, soft']."

LOAM - "Definitions/words: clay, earth; clay moistened to form a paste; fertile soil mixture. Associated spellings/words: lam, leem, leimo."

reume - "Definitions: kingdom." (Middle English)

rheum - "Definitions: watery matter secreted by mucous glands or membranes; mucus discharge, catarrh; tears. Associated spellings/words: rheuma ['flow, stream, bodily humour'] (Greek); rhythm, rhuthmos."

rhyomai - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'deliver' [Matthew 6:13, etc.]. Other definitions include: rescue. Associated spellings/words: roumai; remus ['oar'] (Latin); ntsl, nasal ['to deliver, rescue, preserve, spare'] (Hebrew)."

Romulus - "According to legend, the founder of Rome in 753 B.C. who murdered his twin brother Remus. Reportedly, they were the children of Rhea Silvia who drew them out of a floating basket on the river Tiber." (Roman Legend)

rvms - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'creepeth' [Genesis 1:30]. Associated spellings/words: rms."

rumen - "Definitions: to remove." (German)

Romany - "Definitions: Gypsy."

RUMOUR - "Definitions: favorable report; general report or hearsay. Associated spellings/ words: rumor."

rumlic - "Definitions: kind; member of a family of a Shire." (Anglo Saxon)
*Link: http://www.quicksilver899.com/Tolkien/LOTR/LOTR_RZ.html

lumbar - "Regional anatomical term refering to the portion of the back between the thorax and the pelvis; the regions to the left and right sides of the umbilical region."

rumpere - "Definitions: break [see rupture]." (Latin)

romblen - Definitions: rumor, gossip (Old English). Associated spellings/words: rumlic ['kind; member of a family of the shire'] (Anglo-Saxon)." *Link: http://www.quicksilver899.com/Tolkien/LOTR/LOTR_RZ.html - [T.D. - 01/10/09]

lol - "Definitions: Day of the Dead; dimension of the dead." (Mayan)

lur - "Definitions: floor (Basque). Associated spellings/words: lurrikara ['earthquake'] (Basque)."

lur - "Definitions: prehistoric bronze trumpet." (Danish)

LURE - "Definitions: something that attracts. Associated spellings/words: luere ['wash'] (Latin)."

LULL - "Definitions: make or become quiet or relaxed."

LOLL - "Definitions: droop, dangle; lean idly; hang out."

lvl - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'winding stairs' [1 Kings 6:8]. Other definitions include: staircase; shaft or enclosed space with steps or ladder. Associated spellings/words: luwl."

laver - "Definitions: wash, pour." (Old French)

REVERE - "Definitions: deep respect. Associated spellings/words: re + vereri ['feel awe of, fear']."

Lurra - "Definitions: a name for Earth." (Basque) *Link: http://www.nineplanets.org/days.html

REVERIE - "Definitions: wild delight, violent or riotous action; fanciful idea; abstracted musing; rejoicing, revelry, wildness. Associated spellings/words: rever ['revel, act or speak wildly; talk in delirium, dream']."

lho lho - "Definitions: south, southern." (Tibetan)

Luluwa - "Definitions: twin sister of Cain. Associated spellings/words: Lilu."

ruhren - "Definitions: stir." (German)

LURK - "Definitions: lie in wait."

LURCH - "Definitions: sudden swaying."

lurrikara - "Definitions: earthquake." (Basque)

roulette - "Definitions: little wheel."

ruc - "Definitions: shine (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: luke ['light'] (Greek)."

rog - "Definitions: black, reddish brown (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: rog rog; rog po ['black animal']; kun, kun zz (Zhang-Zhung)."

roc - "Definitions: gigantic bird of Eastern legend. Associated spellings/words: roche, roque, ruch, roco, ruc, rukk."

rvq - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'armed' [Genesis 14:14]; 'emptied' [Genesis 42:35], [Jeremiah 48:11]; 'draw' [Exodus 15:9], [Ezekiel 28:7; 30:11]; 'cast out' [Psalm 18:42]; 'draw out' [Psalm 35:3], [Ezekiel 5:2; 12:14]; 'empty' [Ecclesias- tes 11:3], [Isaiah 32:6], [Jeremiah 48:12], [Habakkuk 1:17], [Zechariah 4:12]; 'poured forth' [Song of Solomon 1:3]; 'pour out' [Malachi 3:10]. Other definitions include: to make empty. Associated spellings/words: ruq, ruwq; reqam."

lok - "Definitions: a name for Earth." (Thai) *Link: http://www.nineplanets.org/days.html

lok - "Definitions: to see, behold, perceive; to know, recognize." (Sanskrit)

Luc - "Definitions: Micronesian sky god."

LUC /r - "Definitions: light. Associated spellings/words: lux (Latin); llew ['light'] (Welsh); logi ['flame'] (Old Norse); luca ['beam'] (Old Slavonic); liht (Old English); lug ['sheep'] (Tibetan)."

LUS /r - "Definitions: light. Associated spellings/words: lucis (Latin); rutz ['run']; ratzah ['to will, desire'] (Hebrew)."

LOC /r - "Definitions: place. Associated spellings/words: locus (Latin); lok (Sanskrit); LOCO."

LOC /r - "Definitions: speak. Associated spellings/words: locutus (Latin); LOQUI /r ['speak'] (Latin); loquor."

LAW - "Definitions: established rule of conduct. Associated spellings/words: lagu, log, lag."

log - "Definitions: to hang down." (Hungarian)

log - "Definitions: law." (Icelandic)

log - "Definitions: back, opposite, wrong; to return; fallen." (Tibetan)

LOG - "Definitions: unshaped timber; daily record."

LOW - "Definitions: less hilly region of a country, lowland; not high or tall. Associated spellings/words: lah, lagr, laag, lahe;

LOWLY; lua ['hole, pit'] (Hawaiian)."

lug - "Definitions: sheep." (Tibetan)

rvch - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'Spirit' [Genesis 1:2; 6:3]; 'cool' [Genesis 3:8]; 'spirit' [Genesis 6:3, etc.], 'breath' [Genesis 6:17]; 'wind' [Genesis 8:1]; 'smelled' [Genesis 8:21]. Other definitions include: winds, tempest, the move- ment of breathing. Associated spellings include: ruach; ruah."

rvch - "Ruah or ruach, a feminine noun in Hebrew, means spirit, wind or breath and is also used to mean the Holy Spirit. God brought life to man by 'blowing into his nostrils the breath of life'. In Psalm 33:6 'By LORD'S word the heavens were made; by the breath of his mouth, all their host.' "
*Links: http://strongsnumbers.com/hebrew/7307.htm / http://sunlight.orgfree.com/history_of_sun_gazing.htm

Ruah - "[....] The soul is comprised of three grades: the Nefesh, the gross element which bears all the instincts & bodily cravings; the Ruah, the grade which contains the moral virtues & the ability to distinguish between good and evil; & the Neshamah, the sublimest grade of the trinity which may be properly called the soul. (All three Hebrew terms mean, literally, 'soul'.). [....] The Ruah grade corresponds with the second triad of the Sefiroth (Hesed, Gevurah & Tifereth), which represents the moral world. [....] The Ruah grade is the seat of moral qualities & is sometimes referred to as the Intellectual Spirit. [....] [Based on: Kabbalah (Original Copyright 1973), Charles Ponce, Second Quest edition, 1980, pp. 202, 203 & 205]. Associated spellings/ words: rvch."

lvch - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words: 'tables' [Exodus 24:12], [1 Kings 8:9]. Other definitions include: boards. Associated spellings/words: luwach."

Lugh - "Definitions: a Celtic Sun god, master craftsman, and expert warrior with the spear and sling. Associated spellings/words: lugus, lug ['sheep'] (Tibetan)."

LOCK - "Definitions: division of a head of hair; interlock; a contrivance for fastening a door. Associated spellings/words: loch ['hole']; lok ['lid, end, conclusion']; lucan ['close, enclose']; lac ['play, sport']."

LOOK - "Definitions: direct one's sight; have a certain appearance. Associated spellings/words: lokon (Old Slavonic); luogen (German)."

ruck - "Definitions: heap, stack, pile; multitude, throng; undistinguished crowd; crease, fold."

ROCK - "Definitions: move from side to side on a pivot; solid part of the earth's crust, mass of this."

ROUGH - "Definitions: not even or smooth; turbulent, violent; harsh, sharp. Associated spellings/words: ruh, ruch, ruig, ruksa, rukti ['be wrinkled']."

LEAGUE - "Definitions: distance of three miles. Associated spellings/words: leuge."

ruka - "4 (mwd) ruka mfn. liberal , bountiful L." (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon
*Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

loka - "Associated spellings/words: uloka, u-loka, uru-loka, ava-loka ['free or open space, room, place, scope, free motion, to make room, grant freedom; intermediate space; region, district, country, province, a wide space or world (either 'the universe, or any division of it', especially 'the sky or heaven'.)." (Sanskrit)

loka - "Definitions: world, a world or division of the universe; sphere; plane (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: loka-natha ['Lord of the world']; loka-pala ['guardian of the world']; rig ['plot of land'] (Scottish)."

lok'aa - "Definitions: reed." (Navajo)

Loki - "Definitions: 'passion'." *Links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjGejvGB4dQ&feature=related

Logi - "Definitions: Logi is Fire and consumes all things (Norse Mythology). Associated spellings/words: Loki, Haloge, Lodur."

loko - "Definitions: inside." (Hawaiian)

ruguo - "Definitions: if." (Chinese)

ru kou - "Definitions: entrance (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: ruh koou."

logos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'cause' [Matthew 5:32]; 'communication' [Matthew 5:37]; 'sayings' [Matthew 7:24, etc.]; 'word' [Matthew 8:8], [John 1:1, etc.]. Other definitions include: words, talk, speech, a word uttered by a living voice, what someone has said, report, discourse, subject matter, the sayings of God. Associated spellings/words: legein ['gather, choose, recount, say']; shabd, shabda ['sound current'] (Sanskrit)."

lucus - "Definitions: grove (Latin). Associated spellings/words: laukas ['field']."

luxus - "Definitions: abundance; excess." (Latin)

Lugus - "Definitions: the Gaulish Sun-god."

logizomai - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'reasoned' [Mark 11:31]; 'numbered' [Mark 15:28]; 'reckoned' [Luke 22:37]; 'thinkest' [Romans 2:3]. Other definitions include: counted, conclude, concluded, impute, imputeth, account, thought, to think, suppose, concentrated logical thought. Associated spellings/ words: logismos ['to think, thoughts']."

logismos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'thoughts' [Romans 2:15]; 'imaginations' [2 Corinthians 10:5]. Associated spellings/words: logizomai ['to think']."

ruken - "Definitions: back." (German)

lugen - "Definitions: tell a lie." (German)

rocana - "Definitions: 'sphere of light'." (Vedic) *Link: http://www.utexas.edu/cola/centers/lrc/eieol/vedol-2-X.html

lychnia - "Definitions: lampstand (Greek). Associated spellings/words: luxnia."

lychnos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'candle' [Mark 4:21, etc.]; 'lights' [Luke 12:35]; 'light' [John 5:35, etc.]. Other definitions include; lamp. Associated spellings/words: luxnos; lampas ['lamp']." rukma - "24 (mwd) rukma m. `" what is bright or radiant "', an ornament of gold, golden chain or disc RV. AV. (here n.) VS. Br. S3rS.; Mesua Roxburghii L.; the thorn- apple L.; N. of a son of Rucaka BhP.; n. gold L.; iron L. ; a kind of collyrium L." (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

rukmin - "1 (mwd) rukmin mfn. (%{iNI})n. wearing golden ornaments, adorned with gold RV. Br.; m. N. of the eldest son of Bhi1shmaka and adversary of Kr2ishn2a (he was slain by Bala-ra1ma; see %{rukmiNI} above) MBh. Hariv. Pur.; N. of a mountain L.; (%{iNI}) f. see above. " (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/ rukmiNI - "1 (mwd) rukmiNI f. (of %{rukmin}) a species of plant (= %{svarNa-kSIrI}) L.; N. of a daughter of Bhi1shmaka and sister of Rukmin (betrothed by her father to S3is3u-pala but a secret lover of Kr2ishn2i, who, assisted by Bala-ra1ma, carried her off after defeating her brother in battle; she is represented as mother of Pradyumna, and in later mythology is identified with Lakshmi1) MBh. Ka1v. Pur.; N. of Da1ksha1yan2i1 in Dva1ravati1 Cat.; of various other women HParis3." (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon
*Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/ *Other Links: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rukmini

Rukmini - "Definitions: the Hindu wife of Krishna."

logomachia - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'strifes of words' [1 Timothy 6:4]. Other definitions include: [to do] battle with words. Associated spellings/ words: logomacheo."

lugal - "Definitions: king." (Sumerian)

LOCAL - "Definitions: confined to or serving a limited area. Associated spellings/words: LOCALE ['setting for an event']; la calle ['the street'] (Spanish)."

rucira - "1 (mwd) rucira mf(%{A}) n. bright, brilliant, radiant, splendid, beautiful MBh. Ka1v. &c.; pleasant , charming, agreeable to, liked by (gen. or comp.) ib.; sweet, dainty, nice L.; stomachic, cordial, S3srn3gS.; m. N. of a son of Sena-jit Hariv. ; (%{A}) f. a. kind of pigment (= %{go-rocanA}) L.; N. of a woman (see col. 3); of two metres Col.; of a river R.; n. (only.) saffron (prob. w.r. for %{rudhira}), a radish; cloves (prob. w.r. for %{suSira})." (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

LUXURY - "Definitions: great comfort."

Ruciranana - "Definitions: 'One who has a beautiful face, expanding like a lotus flower.' Another name for Rukmini."
*Link: (See: Other names) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rukmini

lu-chorpan - "Definitions: little body (Irish). Associated spellings/words: Leprechaun."

LOGIC - "Definitions: science of reasoning."

leukocyte - "Definitions: white blood cell. Associated spellings/words: leukos ['white'] + kytos ['a hollow space or cell'] (Greek)."

LUCID - "Definitions: unclouded, clear, clear minded. Associated spellings/words: lucere ['shine'] (Latin)."

LOCATE - "Definitions: appoint the place of; hiring; placing. Associated spellings/words: locare, locat."

Lochita - "Definitions: mars (Hindu). Associated spellings/words: Leucetios ['the shining one'] (Latin)."

Lucifer - "Definitions: light-bringer. Mythology: Latin title of the Morning Star god who announced the daily birth of the sun. Associated spellings/words: luc ['light'] + fer ['bearing']; Satan; Shaher."

rup - "Definitions: the earth; to form, figure, represent (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/ words: rupa."

LOP - "Definitions: cut off branches; hang loosely."

lub - Definitions: 'bend'. (Gaelic)

Rod - "Definitions: fertility god of the eastern Slavs."

rud - "Definitions: a falling or fallen mass (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: rud ['to cry, howl, wail']; rudh ['to be red'] (Sanskrit)."

lud - "Definitions: exudes, expelled, manure, dung (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: ludere ['play']; ludus ['game'] (Latin)."

rot - "Definitions: red." (German)

roop - "Definitions: form [Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 463] (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: rupa."

lobh - "Definitions: greed, one of the five deadly passions (lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego) [Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 461]. Associated spellings/words: lobha." (Sanskrit)

lype - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'sorrow' [Luke 22:45, etc.]; 'heaviness' [Romans 9:2, etc.]. Other definitions include: pain, grief, grievous. Associated spellings/words: luph."

LOVE - "Definitions: strong affection. associated spellings/words: lufu; luba; lubig ['loving']; gilob ['precious']; lof; lob ['praise']; lubhyati ['desires']."

LOOP - "Definitions: doubling of a line that leaves an opening."

LOBE - "Definitions: rounded part."

LOUD - "Definitions: hear; high in volume or sound. Associated spellings/words: laut ['sound'], hlud, ludus ['game'] hlut; kluein ['hear']; klutos ['famous']; cluere ['be famed']; sru ['hear']."

Lvth - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'Lot' [Genesis 11:27]. Trivia: The son of Haran. According to the bible [Genesis 19:32, etc.] Lot unknowingly impregnated his own two daughters, and they each bore a son. Associated spellings/ words: Lowt."

roth - "Definitions: wheel." (Irish)

rvts - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'ran' [Genesis 18:2; 24:17, etc]. Associated spellings/words: ruwts." rudh - "Definitions: obstruct." (Sanskrit)

lobbe - "Definitions: spider (Anglo-Saxon). Associated spellings/words: Shelob [the spider's name in The Lord of the Rings]."

ROUTE - "Definitions: way, course."

Loo-wit - "Definitions: a fire goddess; personification of Mt. St. Helens." (Native American / Klikitat)

rvpa - "Definitions: 'form' (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: rupa; varpa ['any out- ward appearance or phenomenon or colour']; varn ['to paint, colour, dye; to depict, picture, write, describe, relate, tell, explain; to regard, consider; varna ['a covering, cloak, mantle; a cover, lid; outward appearance, exterior, form, figure, shape, colour; colour of the face."
*Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/cgi-bin/tamil/recherche

Lupa - "Definitions: Sacred She-Wolf of Roman legend, nurse of the foundling twins Romulus and Remus."

rofeh - "Definitions: doctor (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: rofah, ropa."

Ruti - "Definitions: 'Together, Shu and Tefnut are sometimes jointly called the Ruti, represented in physical form as two lions (or rather a lion and a lioness) [The Stargate Conspiracy, p. 7]."

lupeo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'sorry' [Matthew 14:9, etc.]. Other definitions include: sorrowful, grief, grieve, grieved, heaviness. Associated spellings/words: luphw."

lophos - "Definitions: comb, crest." (Greek)

Rodasi - "Definitions: Vedic name for Rudra."

Ravbn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for Jacob's 1st son, 'Reuben' [Genesis 29:32]: And Leah conceived, and bare a son, and she called his name Reuben: for she said, Surely the LORD hath looked upon my affliction; now therefore my husband will love me. Jacob's 1st sibling conceived by Leah."

RHYTHM - "Definitions: a piece of rhymed verse; metrical movement or flow as determined by the recurrence of features of the same kind. Associated spellings/words: rhuthmos (Greek); remus ['oar'] (Latin)."

RUDIMENT - "Definitions: first principles or elements."

ludr - "Definitions: the Norse death ship; boat, coffin, cradle." (Old Norse)

ruder - "Definitions: oar (German). Associated spellings/words: remus ['oar'] (Latin)

rodere - "Definitions: to gnaw." (Latin)

rudere - "Definitions: howl, bellow (Latin). Associated spellings/words: rudis ['coarse, rough, wild']; rullus ['ruffian']."

Rudra - "The Howler; father and ruler of the storm gods [Maruts], lord of sacrifices, granter of prosperity, and weilder of the thunderbolt (Vedic Mythology). Associated spellings/ words: roditi ['cry, weep']; Tryambaka."

loidoria - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'speak reproachfully' [1 Timothy 5:14]; 'railing' [1 Peter 5:9]."

loidoreo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'reviled' [John 9:28]. Other definitions include: verbal abuse. Associated spellings/words: loidorhw." lytroo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'redeemed' [Luke 24:21], [1 Peter 1:18]; 'redeem' [Titus 2:14]. Other definitions include: to redeem or ransom. Associated spellings/words: lutrow; lytrosis ['redemption']; lytron ['ransom']; lytrotes [redeemer, deliverer'] (Greek)."

loidoros - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'railer' [1 Corinthians 5:11]; 'revilers' [1 Corinthians 6:10]."

LUBRICATE - "Definitions: apply a lubricant to."

lo tog - "Definitions: harvest." (Tibetan)

rydat - "Definitions: weep." (Russian)

rz - "Transliterated Aramaic spelling for the word/words 'secret' [Daniel 2:18, 19, 27, 30, 47; 4:9]; 'secrets'[Daniel 2:28, 29, 47]. Associated spellings/words: raz."

ras - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'heads' [Genesis 2:10]; 'head' [Gen- esis 3:15, 28:11]; 'tops' [Genesis 8:5]; 'top' [Genesis 11:4]; 'sum' [Exodus 30:12], [Numbers 1:2, 49; 4:2, 22; 26:2; 31:26]; 'chapiters' [Exodus 36:38]; 'beginnings' [Num- bers 10:10]; 'captain' [Numbers 14:4]; 'rulers' [Deuteronomy 1:13]; 'companies' [Judges 7:16, 9:34]; 'beginning' [Judges 7:19]; 'chief' [Numbers 31:26, 32:28], [2 Samuel 23:8, 13, 18], [Ezekiel 38:2-3, 39]; 'highest part' [Proverbs 8:26]. Other definitions include: first in a series, source. Associated spellings/words: ro'sh."

ras - "Definitions: cotton cloth; flower." (Tibetan)

las - "Definitions: action, work, deed, karma." (Tibetan)

las - "Definitions: karmic action; other than, rather than, besides; one of the four mudras." (Hindu)

las - "Definitions: eager. (Indo-European). Associated spellings/words: listeth, lust."

las - "Definitions: feminine form of 'the' used with plural nouns." (Spanish)

les - "Definitions: neuter form of 'the' used with plural nouns." (French)

Rosh [R] - "Glyphs thought to represent Rosh include: a head in profile with hat or scarf; triangle or loop-shaped appendage at top of staff; capital P-like shape; right or left facing half circle or triangular shapes; capital P shape with short obliqe appendage. Reported meanings for Rosh include: head; recognition; origin, beginning; extremity; the 20th letter [6th Double] in Hebrew alphabet; number 200; the 25th ['God saw that it was good'] of 32 paths, or states of consciousness (Hebrew). resh, ras."

RACE - "Definitions: onward movement, rush, strong current of water. Associated spellings/words: ras."

LASH - "Definitions: make a sudden movement; dash, stroke; flexible part of a whip; lace; make fast with a cord."

ra'as - "Definitions: shake, shaken." (Hebrew)

RAISE - "Definitions: set up or upright, lift. Associated spellings/words: reisa, raeran."

rsa - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'wicked' [Genesis 18:23, etc.]. Other definitions include: bad, evil. Associated spellings/words: rasa, rasha; resa."

rasa - "Rasa (rása ???) means 'moisture, humidity' in Vedic Sanskrit, and appears as the name of a western tributary of the Indus in the Rigveda (verse 5.53.9). [NP] In RV 9.41.6, RV 10.108 and in the Nirukta of Yaska, it is the name of a mythical stream supposed to flow round the earth and the atmosphere (compare Oceanus), also referring to the underworld in the Mahabharata and the Puranas (compare Styx). [NP] The corresponding term in Avestan is Ranha. In the Vendidad, Ranha is mentioned just after Hapta-Hendu, and may possibly refer to the ocean (Sethna 1992)." *Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ras%C4%81

rhiza - "Definitions: root." (Greek)

Russia - "Trivia: November 2, 1721 became the official birthday of the Russian Empire under Peter the Great. The Russian Revolution began in April, 1917 with the arrival of Vladimir llich Lenin. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)."

rzy - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'leanness' [Isaiah 24:16]. Other definitions include: wasting, woe. Associated spellings/words: razi."

lsvn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'tongue' [Genesis 10:5]. Associated spellings/words: lashown."

rasvn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'first' [Genesis 13:3]. Associated spellings/words: rishown."

lsn - "Definitions: to use the tongue, slander, accuse (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: lashan."

rsn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'Resen' [Genesis 10:12]. Trivia: a city between Nineveh and Calah. Associated spellings/words: Resen, Recen."

Rashnu - "The Persian angel of justice who holds the golden scales in which souls are weighed at judgement."

rasananda - "Definitions: blissful essence." (Hindu)

rznym - "Transliterated Old Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'princes' [Judges 5:3]; 'rulers' [Psalm 2:2]. Associated spellings/words: rznym, roznim, razanim; sry, saray ['princes'] (Late Hebrew)."

rsm - "Definitions: to inscribe, sign (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: rasham."

rsaym - "Definitions: wicked, disbelievers." (Hebrew)

rashmi - "Definitions: cord." (Sanskrit)

rasul - "Definitions: literally, one sent; messenger; God's messenger." (Arabic)

LASER - "Definitions: device that produces an intense light beam."

lazuli - "Definitions: sky blue, azure (Latin). Associated spellings/words: lazaward ['sky blue'] (Arabic)."

La Sirene - "[....] La Sirene is the mistress of the sea. She is depicted in veve form as a mermaid. She is the divinity in charge of the sacred songs of Vodoun, marrying the word and the music to bring about rapture. [NP] The husband of La Sirene is Agwe, another deity of the ocean. This watery Lwa has as his domain all aspects of shipping, fishing, and navigation, and the veve most often used for him incor- porates a sailboat. Agwe is called on in ritual to provide safe passage and to grant victory. [....]" [Based on article: (Veve, The Sacred Symbol of Vodoun) by Lilith Dorsey - Parabola, Vol. 24, No. 3, 1999, p. 45] - [Note: "NP" = New Para- graph. My brackets - D.R.D.]

lazaward - "Definitions: sky blue." (Arabic)

LAZY - "Definitions: disliking activity or exertion. Associated spellings/words: lasich ['languid, idle']."

RESCIND - "Definitions: take away, remove; abrogate, cancel. Associated spellings/words: re + scindere ['cut or tear asunder']."

REST - "Definitions: relief from activity by sleep, intermission of labour; repose of body or mind; repose of death; support. Associated spellings/words: restare ['stop, behind']."

LAST - "Definitions: footprint; measure of weight; following all the others, comming at the end; continue in existence."

rasyt - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'beginning' [Genesis 1:1, etc.]. Other definitions include: the first [as the beginning of a series], firstfruits, chiefest, principal. Associated spellings/words: re'sit."

RESPECT - "Definitions: relation, reference; relationship; discriminating or deferential regard. re + specere ['look']."

rn - "Definitions: name." (Egyptian)

ren - "Definitions: the secret name or soul-name; one of an Egyptian's seven souls."

ren [e2] - "Name for a pictograph depicting an upside down Y-like shape. General meanings include: n. human, person, people. Associated spellings/words: renjia [e2a1] ('others, household'); renmen [1e2] ('people'); renren [e2e2] ('everyone'); renshen [e2e2] ('ginseng'); renyuan [e2a2] ('personal')." (Chinese)

ren - "Name for a pictograph believed to represent human legs. General meanings include: forebearance, endurance, patience, tolerance." (Chinese)

ren - "Name for a pictograph believed to represent a leaning person (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: shen ['Name for a pictograph believed to represent a human profile; body; life.'] (Chinese)."

ran - "Definitions: bond." (Sumerian)

ran - "Definitions: it's time to + verb." (Tibetan)

ran [a2] - "Definitions: ran [a2] ('dog meat') - phonetic + huo [u3] ('fire'). General meanings include: roast, burn; conj. however; pron. like that, so." (Chinese)

Ran - "A sea-goddess mentioned in Icelandic Eddas." *Link: http://www.authorama.com/nibelungenlied-2.html

len - "Definitions: studying; to receive, catch; connect, join." (Tibetan)

lon - "Definitions: notice, tidings, message." (Tibetan)

lan - "Definitions: return [of a favor]; answer, reply, because of." (Tibetan)

lan - "Definitions: land, country, place (Mexican). Associated spellings/words: lan ['open space'] (Cornish); lann ['land, church, enclosure'] (Irish); lann, landa ['land'] (Basque); llann ['open place'] (Welsh)."

rann - "Definitions: house (Old Icelandic). Associated spellings/words: ern, razn."

REIN - "Definitions: long narrow strap for guiding a horse; restraining influence."

LAWN - "Definitions: open space between woods, portion of level grass-covered ground kept mown. Associated spellings/words: laund ['glade'] (Old French)."

ranha - "Rasa (rása ???) means 'moisture, humidity' in Vedic Sanskrit, and appears as the name of a western tributary of the Indus in the Rigveda (verse 5.53.9). [NP] In RV 9.41.6, RV 10.108 and in the Nirukta of Yaska, it is the name of a mythical stream supposed to flow round the earth and the atmosphere (compare Oceanus), also referr- ing to the underworld in the Mahabharata and the Puranas (compare Styx). [NP] The corresponding term in Avestan is Ranha. In the Vendidad, Ranha is mentioned just after Hapta-Hendu, and may possibly refer to the ocean (Sethna 1992)." *Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ras%C4%81

lana - "Definitions: float." (Hawaiian)

lani - "Definitions: sky, heaven." (Hawaiian)

rani - "Definitions: hindu Queen." (Sanskrit)

Rauni - "The wife of Ukko, the Thundergod of the Finns."

lnv - "Definitions: to us." (Hebrew)

lanau - "Definitions: give birth." (Hawaiian)

lanoo - "Definitions: disciple." (Based on: The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky - Vol. 1)

LENS - "Definitions: curved magnifying instrument [related to lentil]." (Latin)

renshi [e4] - "Definitions: yan [a2] ('words') + ren [e2] ('blade in the heart; endure') - phonetic & yan [a2] ('words') + zhi [i2] ('lance and sound; watch tower') - phonetic. Renshi means: know, knowledge, recognize, acquainted with [V]." (Chinese) *Links: http://zhongwen.com/d/187/x123.htm /

ren zao - "Definitions: artificial (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: ren tzaw."

Renaissance - "The Renaissance in Europe paved the way from the Middle Ages [14th century] to modern times for the 'rebirth' of ancient culture. Associated spellings/words: re + naissance ['birth']; nasci ['be born']."

rnn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'shouted' [Leviticus 9:24]; 'sing' [1 Chronicles 16:33], [Psalm 145:7]. Other definitions include: jubilant shouts, to leap for joy, sang, joy, aloud, rejoice, crieth out, triumph. Associated spellings/ words: ranan; rann-en ['to run'] (German)."

rnam shes - "Definitions: memory, mind, intellect." (Tibetan)

rnam grol - "Definitions: emancipation, complete escape [from rebirth]." (Tibetan)

RANK - "Definitions: row or line, series; large and coarse, proud, determined."

RANGE - "Definitions: file, row, line, series; area, extent, scope. Associated spellings/ words: ranger ['to place in a row']."

leng [e3] - "Definitions: bing [a3] ('pictograph of ice crystals; freeze') + ling [i4] ('join a seal to a document') - phonetic. General meanings include: adj. cold." (Chinese)

lang - "Definitions: wave (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: langar ['kitchen'] (Hindu)."

LONG - "Definitions: great from end to end; grow long; arouse desire in. Associated spellings/ words: lang, lange (OE); langr (ON); longus (Latin); lonkhe ['a lance'] (Greek); dirgha ['long'] (Sanskrit); langian ['to long', 'to grow long'] (OE); langsum ['tedious', 'to cause longing or desire in'] (OE); andlang ['by the side of, against or closely parallel to the length of'] (OE), along, alongside (English); anti- ['over against'] (Greek), lengthu (OE), lengthe (ME), length (English); lengten, lengthen, Lenten (ME), lente, Lent ['the lengthening of days'] (English); linger ['to be long in moving or departing'], lengen ['to tarry'] (ME); lengan ['to lengthen, prolong, put off']) (OE) ... lounge, lunge, etc."

LANCE - "Definitions: fling, hurl; spear. Associated spellings/words: lancer."

LAUNCH - "Definitions: set afloat; large boat."

LOUNGE - "Definitions: act or move lazily."

lnga - "Definitions: five (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: nga (Zhang-Zhung)."

renga - "Definitions: linked verse." (Japanese)

Rangi - "Definitions: The Sky Father (New Zealand mythology). Associated spellings/words: Ranginui, Rangi-Atea."

rongyi - "Definitions: easy." (Chinese)

lingua - "Definitions: tounge." (Latin)

LINGUIST - "Definitions: person skilled in speech or languages."

LANGUAGE - "Definitions: words and the method of combining them for communication."

lengan - "Definitions: arm." (Indonesian)

rang rig - "Definitions: consciousness, self-cognition." (Tibetan)

LENGTH - "Definitions: long, longest dimension. Associated spellings/words: lengou, lengu, lenge, lengte, lengd, lengd ['length'] (Old Norse)."

Rangda - "Definitions: an evil she-demon usually shown naked, with long hair and clawlike fingernails and toenails." (Indonesian)

Lent - "From Saxon Lenet-monath, the lunar month of lengthening [of days]."

LEND - "Definitions: give for temporary use. Associated spellings/words: lenen, laenan, leenen, laen ['loan'], lene ['bend, send, wend']."

REND - "Definitions: tear apart forcibly. Associated spellings/words: rent, rendan, renda."

LAND - "Definitions: solid part of the surface of the earth. Associated spellings/words: LANDMARK ['object that marks a boundary or serves as a guide']. Associated spellings/words: LANDSCAPE ['view of natural scenery']."

Rinda - "Definitions: 3rd wife of Odin; personification of the hard and frozen earth; mother of Vali ['emblem of vegetation']." (Norse Mythology)

rna ba - "Definitions: antelope; nose." (Tibetan)

RANDOM - "Definitions: great speed or violence; occuring by chance."

RENOVATE - "Definitions: to make new again. Associated spellings/words: re + novare ['make new']."


Ram - "Definitions: a name for God; the power that pervades everything: a Hindu God [Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 463] (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: Rama."

RAM - "Definitions: force or drive in or through; strong."

rhm - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'Ramah' [Joshua 18:25, 19:29, 36], [1 Kings 15:17-22, 15:18, 20], [2 Chronicles 16:1-6], [Isaiah 10:29], [Jeremiah 31:15]."

ram - "Definitions: stop, fix, settle, rest; gladden, delight, enjoy [esp. carnally], be happy or content." (Sanskrit)

lam - "Definitions: tree." (Sumerian)

lam - "Definitions: hand (Irish). Associated spellings/words: lamh."

lam - "Definitions: beat soundly. Associated spellings/words: lemja ['beat so as to cripple']."

lam - "Definitions: road, path, paths, way, method (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: alam ['place'] (Malay)."

lam - "Definitions: submerge." (Mayan)

ROAM - "Definitions: wander, rove."

rmh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'beguiled' [Genesis 29:25], [Joshua 19:22]; 'thrown' [Exodus 15:1, 21]; 'deceived' [1 Samuel 19:17; 28:12], [2 Samuel 19:26], [lamentations 1:19]; 'betray' [1 Chronicles 12:17]; 'carrying' [Psalm 78:9]; 'deceiveth' [Proverbs 26:19]. Associated spellings/words: ramah."

rmh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'thrown' [Exodus 15:1,21], 'beguiled' [Genesis 29:25], [Joshua 19:22]; 'deceived' [1 Samuel 19:17, 28:12], [2 Samuel 19:26], [lamentations 1:19]; 'betray' [1 Chronicles 12:17]; 'carrying' [Psalm 78:9]; 'deceiveth' [Proverbs 26:19]. Associated spellings/words: ramah."

rema - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'word' [Matthew 4:4, etc.]. Other definitions include: words, message, saying, sayings. Associated spellings/words: rhma; logos ['speech, report, discourse, subject matter."

rama - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'Rama' [Matthew 2:18]."

rama - "Definitions: branch (Spanish). Associated spellings/words: ramus ['branch'] (Latin)."

rama - Definitions: forehead, outrigger." (Gilbertese)

Rama - "[....] Based on Puranic genealogy, Rama is believed by Hindus to have been born in 7323 B.C.E.[4] Rama is traditionally considered to have appeared in the last quarter of Treta Yuga. [....] The feminine form of the adjective, rami is an epitheton of the night (Ratri), as is krsni, the feminine of krsna, viz. 'the dark one; the black one'. [....]" [Based on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rama]

lama - "Definitions: long time, old time (Indonesian). Associated spellings/words: Dalai Lama ['Son of the Sea']."

Ra Ma - "Reportedly, the First Emperor over the Naga Empire of India, over 35,000 years ago. Associated spellings/words: Ra Ma ['Son of the Sun']. Trivia: the civilization of India reportedly dates back over 50,000 years." (Col. James Churchward)

Raamah - "Definitions: trembling; a country which appears to have been named after Raamah, the son of Cush." (Old Testament)

ramya - "Definitions: attractive (Sanskrit).

lamina - "Definitions: thin plate or scale." (Latin)

Ramayana - "Definitions: one of the two great epics of India: literally, the career of Rama."

Rmi-lam - "Definitions: dreams (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: Mi-lam."

Ra Mu - "Definitions: Emperor of Mu [Lemuria] (Mayan). Associated spellings/words: Ra Mu ['An avatar, or incarnation, of Vishnu'] (Hindu); Lahmu and Lahamu ['first children of Tiamut'] (Akkadian Mythology)."

Lahmu - "Definitions: silt; Lahmu and Lahamn reportedly were the first pair of gods to emerge ['emanate'] from the primordial gods Apsu, Tiamat, and Mummu (Babylonian Mythology). Associated spellings/words: Lachmu."

Lahmu - "Lahmu and Lahamu, in Mesopotamian mythology, twin deities, the first gods to be born from the chaos that was created by the merging of Apsu (the watery deep beneath the earth) and Tiamat (the personification of the salt waters); this is described in the Babylonian mythological text Enuma elish (c. 12th century bc).[NP] Usually, Lahmu and Lahamu represent silt, but in some texts they seem to take the form of serpents, and, because the wavy line of a gliding snake is similar to the ripple of water, some scholars believe that Lahmu and Lahamu may have been only synonyms of Tiamat. Lahmu and Lahamu were rather vague deities who do not seem to have played any sig- nificant part in subsequent myths, although they may have been the progenitors of Anshar and Kishar. [....]"
[Based on: http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/327937/Lahmu-and-Lahamu]

lha mo - "Definitions: a goddess." (Tibetan)

lemur - "In ancient Rome, a ghost without surviving family."

Lemuria - "A yearly festival held in ancient Rome on the 9th, 11th, and 13th of May to appease the spirits of the dead. It was reportedly introduced by Romulus after he killed Remus. Associated spellings/words: Lemuralia; Remuria."

rms - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'creeping' [Genesis 1:24]. Other definitions include: crawl, creep, creepeth, moveth. Associated spellings/words: namasu ['to have locomotion'] (Akkadian)."

ramhas - "Definitions: speed." (Sanskrit)

Laumes - "Definitions: fairies." (Lithuanian Folklore)

Lammas - "Definitions: a Pagan harvest festival celebrated in early August. Associated spellings/words: Hlaf-mass ['Feast of Bread'] (Saxon); Lugnasad (Celtic)."

ramss - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'Rameses' [Genesis 47:11]."

Lahamn - "Definitions: silt; Lahmu and Lahamn reportedly were the first pair of gods to emerge ['emanate'] from the primordial gods Apsu, Tiamat, and Mummu. Associated spellings/ words: Lahamu; Lachamu." (Babylonian Mythology)

Ramman - "Ramman, the Biblical Rimmon, means thunder or the Thunderer; god of storm, wind, and rain."

Ramman - "Definitions: 'thunderer'. (Akkadian). Associated spellings/words: Hadad; Adad ['thunder'] (Akkadian); Ishkur ['Sumerian name for the Akkadian storm and thunder god, Adad'] (Sumerian)."

rahman - "Definitions: compassionate." (Arabic) RamaNa - "6 (cap) ramaNa , f. {I} = {rama} adj. -- m. lover, husband; f. {I} mistress, wife, N. of a serpentmaid; n. joy, pleasure, esp. sensual pleasure, sexual intercourse." (cap) = Capeller's Sanskrit-English Dictionary *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/ ramaNI - "f. a beautiful young woman, mistress, wife Ka1v. Katha1s. BhP.; Aloe Indica L.; a kind of metre Col.; N. of a serpent-maid Ra1jat." (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

LAMENT - "Definitions: mourn."

REMNANT - "Definitions: part remaining over."

ramhar - "Definitions: fat." (Gaelic)

REMARK - "Definitions: distinguish, point out; take notice of; utter as an observation."

Lmk - "The father of Noah. Lmk [Lamech] took unto himself two wives; the name of one was Adh [Adah], and the name of the other was Tzlh [Zillah]." (Hebrew)

lmd - "Definitions: learn." (Old Semitic)

LAMP - "Definitions: torch, device for producing light or heat. Associated spellings/words: lampo, lampe, lampada, lampas, lampad ['torch']; lampein ['shine']."

LUMP - "Definitions: mass of irregular shape."

LIMB - "Definitions: part of the body; projecting appendage. Associated spellings/words: lio."

rhomb - "Definitions: plane figure having the four sides and opposite angles equal (Greek). Associated spellings/words: rhombos."

ramat - "Definitions: soul, or spirit." (Ainu / Old Japanese)

Lamat - "Definitions: harmony, star-seed, clear perspective, octave, rabbit, eight, wavelength fundamental, beneficial combinations, 8th day name (Mayan). Associated spellings/ words: Lamat [7th day] (Yucatec); K'anil [7th day] (Quiche). Associated spellings/words: Ek."

ramate - "Definitions: 'rest, stay'." (Vedic) *Link: http://www.utexas.edu/cola/centers/lrc/eieol/vedol-3-X.html Lamed

[L] - "Definitions: to, ox-goad, whip, flow, progress, directed energy; the 12th letter [7th Elemental] in Hebrew alphabet; number 30; the 20th ['God created great whales'] of 32 paths, or states of consciousness. Reportedly, lamed was the last letter in the Torah." (Hebrew)

lampo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'light' [Matthew 5:15]; 'shine' [Matthew 5:16; 17:2]. Other definitions include: shineth, shined; lamp. Associated spellings/words: lampw; lampas ['lamp']; lychnos ['lamp']; lychnia ['lampstand']." (Greek)

LIMBO - "Definitions: region on the border of hell; prison, confinement, neglect, oblivion. Associated spellings/words: limbus ['hem, selvage, fringe'] (Latin)."

LAMPOON - "Definitions: virulent or scurrilous satire (French). Associated spellings/words: lamper ['gulp down, booze']."

Ramadan - "Definitions: ninth lunar month [the hot month] of the Islamic year, the holy month of fasting ordained by the Quran for all adult Muslims. This was the month that Muhammad received the first of the Quran's revelations (Arabic). Associated spellings/words: ramida ['be burnt, scorched']."

lambano - "Definitions: take, receive (Greek). Associated spellings/words: proslambano ['receive, welcome, took'] (Romans 14:1)."

ramper - "Definitions: to creep, climb." (Old French)

lambere - "Definitions: lick." (Latin)

Lambda [L] - "Definitions: eleventh letter in the Greek alphabet. The capital form depicts an A-like shape minus the horizontal bar. The small form resembles a small standing triangle where the right side extends beyond the left. Reported meanings for L include: growth; mathematical progressions; Golden Section; the older 12th letter; number 30. Associated spellings/words: Labda."

lam-be-ta - "Definitions: submerged is the land." (Mayan)

lal - "Definitions: to empty, to take away, to dispose of (Naga-Maya). Associated spellings/ words: L ['vibration']; lil."

lal - "Definitions: honey" (Sumerian)

ral - "Definitions: to quiver, shake, reel (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: ra'al."

RARE - "Definitions: not thick or closely set, few and widely separated, of unusual merit. Associated spellings/words: rarus; rara ['blood'] (Gilbertese)."

Lara - "Definitions: short name of the Roman Goddess Acca Larentia, mother of the lares or household spirits."

lalu - "Definitions: ago." (Indonesian)

LEARN - "Definitions: acquire knowledge; impart knowledge to, teach. Associated spellings/ words: leornian, linon, lernen, lered, leran ['teach']."

lilian - "Definitions: zipper." (Chinese)

rlung - "Definitions: wind (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: rlung lha ['god of the wind']."

larunx - "Definitions: gullet (Greek). Associated spellings/words: larynx."

RELINQUISH - "Definitions: abandon; desist from; resign, surrender. Associated spellings/words: re + linquere ['leave']."

RELENT - "Definitions: melt, dissolve; grow gentle or forgiving. Associated spellings/words: re + lentare ['bend']; lentus ['flexible']."

larm - "Definitions: noise." (German)

REALM - "Definitions: kingdom, sphere. Associated spellings/words: reaume, roiaume, reiemme, rem."

ralier - "Definitions: reassemble, unite again (Old French). Associated spellings/words: rallier, rally."

LARGE - "Definitions: abundant, greater than average."

RELEASE - "Definitions: revoke, cancel; relieve; remit; give up, surrender; set free. Associated spellings/words: relaxare."

reliquiae - "Definitions: remains, residue (Latin). Associated spellings/words: relic."

RELIGION - "Definitions: state of life [as of monks] bound by vows and a rule; religious order or rule; system of faith in and worship of a divine power; recognition of a divine being to whom worship is due. Associated spellings/words: religio ['to link back, or bind, relinking, or re-union'] (Latin)."

religare - "Definitions: to reunite; bind closely." (Latin)

ral gri - "Definitions: knife, dagger." (Tibetan)

RELEGATE - "Definitions: send into exile; consign to obscurity; refer for decision. Associated spellings/words: re + legare ['send']."

RELUCTANT - "Definitions: struggling, resisting; unwilling. Associated spellings/words: re + luctari ['struggle']."

LARD - "Definitions: fat."

Larvae - "Definitions: restless spirits of dead ancestors who haunted the living, as ghosts." (Roman Mythology)

RELIEVE - "Definitions: assist in trouble or difficulty; ease, mitigate; release; release from guard or watch; bring into relief. Associated spellings/words: re + levare ['raise']."

RELEVANT - "Definitions: pertintent [to]. Associated spellings/words: relevare ['raise up']; relieve."


rq - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'only' [Genesis 6:5]. Other definitions include: surely, so. Associated spellings/words: raq."

reg - "Definitions: touch, feeling, sensation." (Tibetan)

rag - "Definitions: to feel; brass, copper; to get, obtain."

lag - "Definitions: hand, arm." (Tibetan)

lag - "Definitions: piece; lump; gob; clod." (Sumerian)

lag - "Definitions: layer; share or partnership; price; tune (Old Icelandic). Associated spellings/words: logg ['rim of a barrel']; lok (Sanskrit)

lag - "Definitions: law (Old Saxon). Associated spellings/words: log."

LAG - "Definitions: fail to keep up."

LEG /r - "Definitions: law. Associated spellings/words: lex; legis."

LEG - "Regional anatomical term refering to the portion of the lower limb between the knee and the ankle."

LIE - "Definitions: occupy a certain relative position; an untruth. Associated spellings/words: lay, lain, licgan, liggian, liggen, lekhos ['bed'], lectus ['bed'], lezati, list, lio; leogan, lugen, lyge, luza ['lie, untruth']."

LAY - "Definitions: put on a surface."

LAX - "Definitions: salmon; loose; slack, not strict. Associated spellings/words: laxus."

LUG - "Definitions: drag or carry laboriously."

LACE - "Definitions: noose, snare, cord or string for tying."

LACK - "Definitions: be wanting; blame, disparge; be without; defect, fault; want, need."

LAKE - "Definitions: body of water surrounded by land; pond, pool; pit, grave."

LICK - "Definitions: stroke of the tounge."

LUCK - "Definitions: good fortune. Associated spellings/words: gluck (German)."

LAUGH - "Definitions: sound of joy. Associated spellings/words: lachen, hlahjan, hlatr."

lce - "Definitions: tounge." (Tibetan)

rje - "Definitions: lord, chief; respected, honered; reverend." (Tibetan)

Laka - "Definitions: a Hawaiian nature goddess; goddess of rainstorms."

laya - "Definitions: absorbtion (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: Laya Yoga ['A form of Yoga in which the disciple merges his individuality in that of the Guru or Shabd.'] (Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 461)."

raga - "Definitions: desire, passion, activity; redness; musical mood; scale. Associated spellings/words: ragah." (Sanskrit)

rajah - "Definitions: king (Hindu). Associated spellings/words: raja (Hindi); rajan (Sanskrit); rex, reg (Latin); ri (Irish)."

rak'a - "Definitions: bending, bowing." (Arabic)

rekhA - "(mwd) rekha - f. a scratch, streak, stripe, line Gr2ihya1s. Ya1jn5. MBh. &c.; a continuous line, row, range, series MBh. Ka1v. [....]" (mwd = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon)
*Link: http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/cgi-bin/tamil/recherche

la kha - "Definitions: mountains." (Tibetan)

rqya - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'firmament' [Genesis 1:6]: And God said: 'Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters' [vyamr alhym yhy rqya btvk hmym vyhy mbdyl byn mym lmym]. Other definitions include: vault. Associated spellings/words: raqiya."

rgyu - "Definitions: basis." (Tibetan)

rgyu yi - "Definitions: fundamental." (Tibetan)

lego - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'called' [Matthew 1:16, etc.]; 'saying' [Matthew 1:20, etc.]; 'saith' [Mark 2:17, etc.]. Other definitions include: say, tell, said, gather. Associated spellings/words: lhgw."

Rahu - "Definitions: the seizer, causer of eclipses; eighth class of Gods (Hindu Mythology). Associated spellings/words: hindrance (Pali)."

Lagu [L] - "Definitions: life energy and organic growth; primal waters of Niflheimr; a wave, or the quick growing green portion of the leek; the 21st Rune commonly depicted by a vertical staff with a downward pointing appendage (Runic). Associated spellings/ words: lagus, laguz ['body of water']; laukaz, laukr ['leek']; logr ['sea, water']; lagu ['song'] (Indonesian)."

laghu - "Definitions: light, nimble (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: raghu."

rguy'i - "Definitions: causal." (Tibetan)

Rig Veda - "Definitions: an ancient Hindu scripture; Veda of Hymns, the oldest of the four Vedas. (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: Rg Veda."

rks - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'gathered' [Genesis 12:5]. Associated spellings/words: rakash."

raqs - "Definitions: motion, sacred dance." (Sufi)

raks - "Definitions: protect, save, guard, hold (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: raksasas ['a clan of people usually conceived of as demons in mythology'] (Hindu)."

rkvs - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'substance' [Genesis 12:5, 13:6]; 'goods' [Genesis 14:16]. Other definitions include: riches. Associated spellings/words: rekush."

ragaz - "Definitions: shake." (Hebrew)

rahas - "Definitions: solitude, secrecy (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: rz, raz ['secret'] (Daniel 2:18, 27); 'secrets'(Daniel 2:28)."

luxus - "Definitions: abundance, excess." (Latin)

rajas - "Definitions: the creative or active attribute (guna) [Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 463] (Sanskrit). Other definitions include: passion. Associated spellings/words: rajo, rajogun."

rgyas - "Definitions: wide." (Tibetan)

lachs - "Definitions: salmon (Indo-European). Associated spellings/words: Associated spellings/ words: lox."

laches - "Definitions: remissness, neglect; negligence in the performance of a legal duty (Old French). Associated spellings/words: lachesse ['cowardice']."

rhakhis - "Definitions: spine, ridge, backbone." (Greek)

Lachesis - "Definitions: The Measurer, second of the three Fates or Moerae in Greek Mythology."

laksana - "Definitions: characteristic; attribute; sign." (Sanskrit)

Lakshmi - "Wife of Vishnu [the preserver] and goddess of abundance, good luck, and beauty who rose from the froth during the churning of the Ocean of Milk. The goddess Lotus of Hindu mythology (Hindu). Associated spellings/words: Sri ['good fortune']; lachs, lox ['salmon']."

Lakshmi - "[....] Lakshmi in Sanskrit is derived from its elemental form lakS, meaning 'to perceive or observe'.[1] This is synonymous with laksya, meaning 'aim" or 'objective'. The Hindu Sacred Texts Vedas call Mahalakshmi as Lakshyayidhi Lakshmihi which means she is the one who has the object and aim of uplifting mankind. [....]"
*Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lakshmi

Laksmana - "Definitions: Rama's most devoted brother; incarnation of the great snake Sesa, the bed of Vishnu." (Hindu Mythology)

legs pa - "Definitions: good, well." (Tibetan)

REGISTER - "Definitions: volume in which particulars are systematically entered; slider in an organ; plate for regulating the passage of air, heat, or smoke; adjustment of printing type. Associated spellings/words: registre, regesta [list], regerere [transcribe, record], reger ['guide, rule']; re + gerere ['carry']."

RAIN - "Definitions: shower of objects. Associated spellings/words: regnian, regn."

regn - "Definitions: rain (Old Norse). Associated spellings/words: regen."

rkyen - "Definitions: means, cause event (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: skye (Zhang- Zhung)."

REIGN - "Definitions: royal rule, sovereignty; kingdom, realm; period of rule. Associated spellings/words: regne ['kingdom'], regnum."

lagun - "Definitions: friend." (Basque)

lagan - "Definitions: goods or wreckage on the sea bottom." (Old French)

Lakon - "Definitions: member of the spartan race, renowned for brevity of speech." (Greek)

rajan - "Definitions: king, prince, chieftain; sire." (Hindu)

REGION - "Definitions: kingdom, realm; tract of country; division of the world; part or division of the air, a city, the body."

LEGION - "Definitions: body of infantry in the ancient Roman army; vast host."

RECKON - "Definitions: recount, relate, to list, count up, consider, answer for. Associated spellings/words: rikenin, rekenen, gerecenian, rekenia."

LESSON - "Definitions: portion of scripture, portion of book to be learned; something learned. Associated spellings/words: lecon."

lak'in - "Definitions: East." (Mayan)

Lei Kun - "Definitions: God of thunder." (Chinese Mythology)

Ragnarok - "Definitions: the final battle at the end of the present world to be fought between the gods and giants on the plain of Vigrid." (Norse Mythology)

REGENERATE - "Definitions: cause to be born again or reproduced. Associated spellings/words: regenerare."

ljang - "Definitions: green." (Tibetan)

rkang pa - "Definitions: foot, leg." (Tibetan)

LEGEND - "Definitions: story handed down from the past. Associated spellings/words: legenda, legere ['read']; legenda ['story of a saint's life or collection of these, liturgical lessons; things to be read'] (Middle Latin)."

RECOUNT - "Definitions: relate, tell in detail."

rgan po - "Definitions: old person (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: rgan mo, rgas po."

regenbaum - "Definitions: 'rain tree'; clouds." (German)

lchm - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'fight' [Exodus 1:10, 14:14]. Associated spellings/words: lacham."

lchm - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'bread' [Genesis 3:19]. Associated spellings/words: lechem."

rahm - "Definitions: whomb (Arabic). Associated spellings/words: rehem ['mother's whomb'] (Hebrew)

rchvm - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'compassion' [Psalm 145:8]. Associated spellings/words: rachuwm."

rahim - "Definitions: merciful." (Arabic)

racham - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'mercy' [Exodus 33:19, etc]; 'love' [Psalm 18:1]; 'Ruhamah' [Hosea 2:1]. Other definitions include: to love deeply, merciful, compassion, pity, pitieth. Associated spellings/words: raham."

requiem - "Definitions: Rest; Mass for the departed; first word of the introit of the Mass: Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine ['Rest eternal grant unto them, O Lord']. Associated spellings/words: requies ['rest'] (Latin)."

rku ma - "Definitions: thief (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: kun mun (Zhang-Zhung)."

rgyu ma - "Definitions: intestines." (Tibetan)

RECOMMEND - "Definitions: praise; mention or introduce with approval; make acceptable."

rgya mtsho - "Definitions: ocean." (Tibetan)

rgl - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'foot' [Genesis 8:9; 41:44, etc.], [Proverbs 1:15, etc.]; 'feet' [Genesis 18:4; 19:2; 24:32], [Exodus 24:10, etc.]. Associated spellings/words: regel."

Rchl - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'Rachel' [Genesis 29:6]; younger daughter of Laban; sister of Leah; wife of Jacob."

LAIR - "Definitions: lying down; grave, tomb, bed, couch; animal's place of rest. Associated spellings/words: leger, lager."

LAYER - "Definitions: one who lays; thickness of matter spred over a surface; one surface on or under another. Associated spellings/words: lay + er, lear ['lair']."

lager - "Definitions: store (German). Associated spellings/words: lagerbier ['beer for keeping']."

RECUR - "Definitions: go or come back, return; occur again. Associated spellings/words: recurrere."

rgyal - "Definitions: conqueror, superior, king, queen, ruler (Tibetan). Associated spellings/ words: rgyal bo, rgyal po, rgyal mo."

RECALL - "Definitions: call back."

regere - "Definitions: to straighten, to rule, guide (Latin). Associated spellings/words: rector ['ruler']."

legere - "Definitions: choose." (Latin)

REQUIRE - "Definitions: insist on; call for as essential. Associated spellings/words: re + quaerere ['seek, ask']."

rahula - "Definitions: hindrance." (Pali)

Regulus - "Definitions: a bright star in the constellation Leo; metallic part of a mineral; petty king. Associated spellings/words: reg ['king']."

RECOURSE - "Definitions: return; course, movement; resort to a person or thing; means resorted to. Associated spellings/words: recurrere."

REGULAR - "Definitions: subject to a religious rule; conforming to a rule, principle, or standard. Associated spellings/words: regularis, regula ['rule']."

RECOLLECT - "Definitions: collect again; call back to one's mind."

RECORD - "Definitions: fact of being committed to writing as evidence; fact of being preserved as knowledge."

REGARD - "Definitions: aspect, look; glance; official inspection of a forest; repute, esteem; observation, attention; thing to be considered; kindly feeling or wish."

LACERATE - "Definitions: mangled, torn, tear roughly."

RECREATE - "Definitions: restore to a good or wholesome condition, refresh."

REGRESS - "Definitions: return, re-entry. Associated spellings/words: regressus, regredi ['go back']. Associated spellings/words: re + gradus ['step']."

RECREATION - "Definitions: refreshment or curing of a person, refreshment by eating. Associated spellings/words: recreare ['to refresh, restore']."

lqch - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'took' [Genesis 2:15, 4:19, 20:2]; 'married' [Genesis 19:14]. Associated spellings/words: laqach."

rchq - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'a good way off' [Genesis 21:16]. Associated spellings/words: far, far off. Associated spellings words: rachaq."

rchvq - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'afar' [Genesis 22:4]. Other definitions include: far. Associated spellings/words: rachowq."

Raj Yoga - "Definitions: a practice that deals with the control of the currents of the mind by increasing the power of the mind through contemplation and certain postures. This practice is not recommended without an adept or Guru as guide [Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 463] (Sanskrit)."

lcags - "Definitions: iron." (Tibetan)

RECOGNIZE - "Definitions: to know again, identify. Associated spellings/words: re ['again'] + cognoscere ['know']."

rkb - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'rode' [Genesis 24:61] 'rider' [Exodus 15:1]. Other definitions include: riding, rideth, ridden, rode, horseback, carried. Associated spellings/words: rakab."

rchp - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'moved' [Genesis 1:2]; 'fluttereth' [Deuteronomy 32:11]; 'shake' [Jeremiah 23:9]. Associated spellings/words: rachaph. [Note: this word appears in only three places in the Old testament? Incidentlly, the transliterated Torah segment where rchp appears amounts to mrchpt. See: Genesis 1:2]."

rchb - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'breadth' [Genesis 6:15, 13:17]; 'street' [Genesis 19:2]; 'broad ways' [Nahum 2:4]. Other definitions include: broad, largeness, thickness. Associated spellings/words: rochab."

rchb - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'Rahab' [Psalm 87:4; 89:10], [Isaiah 51:9]. Other definitions include: The Rager: one of the names for the dragon slain by Yahweh in the supposed very early dragon-slaying myth of the ancient Hebrews. In rabbinical legend the dragon Rahab is the angel of the sea. Associated spellings/words: Rahab."

rgyob - "Definitions: hit, strike." (Tibetan)

lagad - "Definitions: eye (Breton). Associated spellings/words: light (German). Associated spellings/words:lahat ['light'] (Hebrew)."

rchts - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'wash' [Genesis 18:4; 19:2, 24:32, etc.]. Other definitions include: washed, washing [of the body], bathe. Associated spellings/words: rchts, rachats, rahas; rchtsh, rahsah ['washing']; kbs, kabas [wash- ing of clothing']." (Hebrew)

ERECT - "Definitions: bring to an upright position, build. Associated spellings/words: e + regere ['direct']."

LIQUID - "Definitions: neither solid nor gaseous; [of air, sound, light] pure, clear; flowing freely like water. Associated spellings/words: liquere ['be fluid']."

Legba - "[....] In Haitian Vodoun, Legba is the wise father who acts as an intermediary be- tween the worlds of the visible and the invisible. He is always called first in any ceremony. It is Legba who opens the paths to our communication and contact with the other Lwa. [....]" [Based on article: (Veve, The Sacred Symbol of Vodoun) by Lilith Dorsey - Parabola, Vol. 24, No. 3, 1999, p. 45]

lag pa - "Definitions: hand." (Tibetan)

rectus - "Definitions: upright." (Latin)

LEGITIMATE - "Definitions: lawfully begotten. Associated spellings/words: legitimus, leg ['law']."

LEGIBLE - "Definitions: capable of being read."

RECOVER - "Definitions: get or bring back, again. Associated spellings/words: recuperare ['regain']."

RECIPROCAL - "Definitions: inversly related; returning the same way, alternating. Associated spellings/words: reciprocus."

rchbvt - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'Rehoboth' [Genesis 10:11, 26:22]; And he removed from thence, and digged another well; and for that they strove not. And he called the name of it Rehoboth. Associated spellings/words: rachobowth."

RECTIFY - "Definitions: put right, remedy; refine by chemical process; adjust. Associated spellings/words: rectificare."


rb - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'multiply' [Genesis 1:22; 3:16; 9:17; 16:10, etc.]; 'greatly' [Genesis 3:16, etc.]; 'increased' [Genesis 7:17, etc.]; 'exceed- ingly' [Genesis 16:10]; 'long' [Deuteronomy 14:24]. Other definitions include: multi- plied, multiplying, much, more, increase, excelled, great store, plenty, enlarge, abun- dance. Associated spellings/words: rbh, rabah; rbb, rabab ['multiply, etc.']."

rb - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'great' [Genesis 6:5; 7:11, 13:6, etc.]; 'many' [Genesis 21:34]; 'elder' [Genesis 25:23]. Other definitions include: enough. Associated spellings/words: rab."

rb - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'multitude' [Genesis 16:10]. Associated spellings/words: rob."

lb - "Definitions: Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'fat' [Genesis 45:18]. Associated spellings/words: lev, lab."

laf - "Definitions: legacy, survivor." (Anglo-Saxon)

RIP - "Definitions: cut or tear open."

LAP - "Definitions: skirt of a garment; lobe; fold of a robe; front part of a skirt and of the body from waist to knees; take up with the tounge; scoop up; wrap, enfold; lay over, so as to cover; project beyond. see: rapt."

LIP - "Definitions: edge of something hollow."

lep - "Definitions: anger, violent." (Mayan)

lev - "Definitions: heart; the number 32 [Lamed Bet] (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: lb."

rab - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'famine' [Genesis 12:10]; 'hunger' [Deuteronomy 32:24]. Other definitions include: dearth. Associated spellings/words: ra'ab [resh + ayin + beth]."

LOB - "Definitions: throw or hit in a high arc."

RED - "Definitions: the color red. Associated spellings/words: read, rod, rot, rudhira, eruthros, rufus, ruber, ruadh, raudas."

Lat - "Definitions: a pre-Islamic solar deity, frequently invoked by tribal poets."

lts - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'instructor' [Genesis 4:22]. Associated spellings/words: latash."

rat - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'wickedness' [Genesis 6:5]. Associated spellings/words: ra."

Rad [R] - "Definitions: channeling of force according to natural laws; riding, chariot, vehicle, wagon, solar wagon, wheel under cart, half of the solar wheel, way, rhythm; name for the 5th Rune commonly depicted by an R-like shape (Runic). Associated spellings/words: reidh, radh, raidha, raidho."

rad - Definitions: wise, discerning. Associated spellings/words: raede ['prepared [for-], skilled']" (Anglo-Saxon)
*Link: http://www.quicksilver899.com/Tolkien/LOTR/LOTR_RZ.html - [T.D. - 01/10/09]

rad - "Definitions: 'dig' (Vedic). Associated spellings/words: radati."
*Link: http://www.utexas.edu/cola/centers/lrc/eieol/vedol-3-X.html

LIT /s - "Definitions: letters. Associated spellings/words: LITER, LITERA."

LID - "Definitions: moveable cover."

LET - "Definitions: to restrain; to allow."

rchp - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'moved' [Genesis 1:2]; 'fluttereth' [Deuteronomy 32:11]; 'shake' [Jeremiah 23:9]. Associated spellings/words: rachaph. [Note: this word appears in only three places in the Old testament? Incidentlly, the transliterated Torah segment where rchp appears amounts to mrchpt. See: Genesis 1:2]."

LIVE - "Definitions: have life, subsist. libban, leben, lifa. Mythology: lif ['life'] is a man, and lifrathsir ['eager for life'] is a woman. They will survive the battle of Ragnarok by hiding in the World Tree." (Norse Mythology)

RIDE - "Definitions: travel."

RATE - "Definitions: estimated quantity or worth; quantity in relation to another; measured speed. Associated spellings/words: rata, pro rata, parte, portione, ratus ['fixed']."

LATE - "Definitions: slow, tardy; delayed in time; belonging to an advanced stage; recently dead."

LOAD - "Definitions: carriage; burden; way, journey; supported weight. Associated spellings/ words: lad ['way, journey, conveyance']; leita ['course, leading, procession']; leio ['way, course']."

LADE - "Definitions: load [a ship, etc.]; draw [water, etc.], bale. Associated spellings/words: hladan."

LEAD - "Definitions: the heaviest of the base metals; take with one, carry on."

rpa - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'healed' [Genesis 20:17, etc.]; 'repaired' [1 Kings 18:30]. Other definitions include: to heal, to make healthy, heal- eth, physicians, make whole. Associated spellings/words: rapha."

rpa - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'dead' [Job 26:5, etc.]; 'deceased' [Isaiah 26:14]. Associated spellings/words: rapha."

rba - "Transliterated Old Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'dust' [Numbers 23:10] (See: A History of the Hebrew Language (2000 paperback edition, p. 61), by Angel Saenz-Badillos) Associated spellings/words: roba; apr, aphar."

lbh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'flame' [Exodus 3:2]. Associated spellings/words: labbah; lbt."

rta - "Definitions: arrangement, order, right order, cosmic order." (Hindu)

rta - "Definitions: horse (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: rta po ['horse rider']."

rdh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'dominion' [Genesis 1:26, 28]; 'rule' [Leviticus 25:43, 46, etc.]; 'taken' [Judgres 14:9]. Other definitions include: reign, ruler, ruled, prevaileth. Associated spellings/words: radah."

repa - "Definitions: cotton-clad one. Associated spellings/words: Ras-pa (Tibetan)."

rapa - "Definitions: paddles." (Rapanui/Polynesian)

raba - "Definitions: to square, be squared (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: arba ['four']."

labh - "Definitions: take, receive (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: labhah ['acquisition']; lobha ['greed']."

rabh - "Definitions: to grasp." (Sanskrit)

Rata - "Definitions: a Polynesian wind god."

rtsa - "Definitions: vein, root." (Tibetan)

lhth - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'flaming' [Genesis 3:24]."

Lada - "The heroine of a Slav version of Cinderella entitled, The Princess with the Cold Star on her brow."

Leda - "Definitions: Lady or Woman, another name of the Goddess Lat, who laid the World Egg and hatched Castor and Pollux, the morning and evening stars; the mother of Apollo. Associated spellings/words: Lat; Lada; Leto, Latona."

Leda - "Definitions: Lady or Woman, another name of the Goddess Lat, who laid the World Egg and hatched Castor and Pollux, the morning and evening stars; the mother of Apollo. '[....] From the first egg laid by Leda, Castor and Clytemnestra emerged as mortals subject to sickness, aging and death, and from the second, Polydeuces and Helen hatched as full-blown immortals. [....]' [See: Parabola article (Gemini and the Path of Paradox, by Kat Duff, Vol. XIX, No. 2, 1994 (Twins), p. 12]. Associated spellings/ words: Lat; Lada; Leto, Latona."

Leto - "Definitions: 'It used to be a common idea that the primeval universe - or the Great Mother who created it - took the form of an egg. There are myths like that of Leto, who hatched the sun and moon (Apollo and Artemis) out of an egg; and Hathor, who hatched the "golden egg" of the sun at the beginning of the world. Petronius described a zodiiacal table with an egg-shaped Goddess at its hub: "Mother Earth lies in the world's midst rounded like an egg and all blessings are there inside her as in a honeycomb." (1) [NP] The Cosmic Egg of mystical iconography carried all arabic numerals and alphabetical letters combined within an ellipse, to show that everything that can be numbered or named is contained within one form at the beginning. The Cosmic Egg thus becomes a substitute for the Logos, and an expression of the Primum Mobile where deities are created by human symbols. [NP] According to the Egyptian Ritual, the whole universe is "the egg conceived in the hour of the Great One." (2)" [Based on: The Woman's Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects, Barbara Walker, Copyright 1988, p. 5] * (1) The Origins of Astrology, Jack, Lindsay, p. 287 (2) A Dictionary of Symbols, J. E. Cirlot, p. 90

rtsh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'pleased' [Genesis 33:10, etc.]. Other definitions include: accept, accepted, enjoy, reconcile, liked, pleasure, please, favourable, delight, approve, pardoned. Associated spellings/words: Leto; rasah."

la ba - "Definitions: cloak." (Tibetan)

rabba - "Definitions: lord (Semitic). Associated spellings/words: rabbi ['priest']."

radha - "Definitions: prosperity, success (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: aradhita."

ratha - "Definitions: chariot (Sanskrit, Old Iranian). Associated spellings/words: rethim ['I run'] (Old Irish); ritu ['I roll'] (Lithuanian)."

latte - "Definitions: milk." (Latin)

Lethe - "Definitions: a river in Hades which when drunk from would cause oblivion. The river of forgetfulness (Greek Mythology). Associated spellings/words: LETHAL ['deadly']; lethe ['forgetfulness'] (Greek)."

levi - "Definitions: joined." (Hebrew)

rati - "Definitions: pleasure, lovemaking, love (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: rabbi ['my master'] (Hebrew); rebbe ['a synonym for zaddik or Hasidic master'] (Hebrew)."

labia - "Definitions: lips." (Latin)

rbyay - "Definitions: fourth; four (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: rabiy'iy."

rbv - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'multiply' [Genesis 1:22, 28]. Associated spellings/words: rb; rbh."

rdv - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'dominion' [Genesis 1:26, 28]. Associated spellings/words: reign, rule. rdh."

rtvik - "Definitions: priest." (Sanskrit)

rebosar - "Definitions: to overflow." (Spanish)

lbs - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'clothed' [Genesis 3:21]. Other definitions include: put on, arrayed."

ratas - "Definitions: wheel (Lithuanian). Associated spellings/words: rota ['wheel'] (Latin)

LAPSE - "Definitions: slip of the memory, etc.; fall from rectitude, grace, etc.; termination of a right; gliding flow; passing [of time]. Associated spellings/words: labi ['glide, slip, fall']."

refesh - "Definitions: mire, muddy water." (Hebrew)

Radha Soami - "Definitions: Lord (soami) of the Soul (radha); appellation of the absolute supreme being [Based on: Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 463] (Sanskrit)."

Lapis Manalis - "Definitions: Stone of the Underworld, or of the dead, the sacred stone covering the pit of the manes on Rome's Palantine Hill. Associated spellings/ words: lapis, lapid ['stone']."

rbn - "Definitions: pending payment, security (Ugarit). Associated spellings/words: erabon (Hebrew)."

Lbn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'Laban' [Genesis 24:29]; the brother of Rebekah, Isaac's wife."

lbn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'make' [Genesis 11:3], [Exodus 5:7]; 'making brick' [Exodus 5:14]; 'whiter' [Psalm 51:7]; 'white' [Daniel 11:35; 12:10], [Joel 1:7]. Associated spellings/words: laban; lbnh ['brick']."

ldan - "Definitions: final part of compounds (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: nyid."

riven - "Definitions: to tear apart, rend." (Middle English)
*Link: http://www.quicksilver899.com/Tolkien/LOTR/LOTR_RZ.html

Ladon - "Definitions: the serpent who guards the tree of life." (Greek Mythology)

LADEN - "Definitions: load, loaded; draw water." Latin - "Definitions: pertaining to Latium, or the ancient Romans; Latin language. Associated spellings/words: leden ['speech, utterance']."

rtsvn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'self will' [Genesis 49:6]; 'accep- ted' [Exodus 28:38]; 'voluntary will' [Leviticus 1:3]; 'desire' [2 Chronicles 15:15]; 'pleasure' [Ezra 10:11]. Other definitions include: favour, would, delight, good will. Associated spellings/words: ratsown."

raedan - "Definitions: to rule, guide, counsel." (Anglo-Saxon).

RETAIN - "Definitions: restrain; keep hold or posession of, keep in one's service; keep in mind; keep attached to one. Associated spellings/words: re + tenere ['hold']."

RATION - "Definitions: reasoning; relation of one number or quantity to another, ratio. Associated spellings/words: RATIONAL ['able to reason']."

REASON - "Definitions: fact or circumstance serving as ground or motive for action; intellectual power, thinking faculty. Associated spellings/words: ratio -on, reri ['think, reckon']."

Raiden - "Definitions: Japanese thunder god portrayed as a red demon with horns on his head and two claws on each foot."

lateen - "Definitions: triangular sail. Associated spellings/words: latine ['Latin sail']." lbnh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'brick' [Genesis 11:3]; 'paved' [Exodus 24:10]; 'tile' [Ezekiel 4:1]. Other meanings include: bricks. Associated spellings/ words: labanah." ratna - "Definitions: 'treasure' (Vedic). Associated spellings/words: ratnam."
*Link: http://www.utexas.edu/cola/centers/lrc/eieol/vedol-4-X.html

Lavinia - "Definitions: daughter of King Latinus. It is said she gave the Latin language to the Romans."

lbnym - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'brick' [Genesis 11:3]: ...let us make [lbn] brick [lbnym] [Exodus 1:14] Other definitions include: bricks."

Ratna-Sambhava - "Definitions: the Gem-born One; the beautifer; the wisdom of equality; the 3rd of 5 Dhyani Buddhas; The Dhyani Buddha of the Southern direction." (Tibetan Buddhism)

lading - "Definitions: float, soar (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: lding."

REFUND - "Definitions: pour back; pay back, repay. Associated spellings/words: re + fundere ['pour']."

LATENT - "Definitions: potential. Associated spellings/words: latens, latere ['lie hid']."

RADIANT - "Definitions: growing."

REDOUND - "Definitions: overflow; abound; flow or go back; resound. Associated spellings/words: redundare."

REDUNDANT - "Definitions: characrerized by superfluity or excess. Associated spellings/words: RED + undare ['of the sea'], be agitated, surge."

rdm - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'asleep' [Judges 4:21], [Jonah1:5]; 'dead sleep' [Psalm 76:6], [Daniel 8:18, 10:9]; 'sleepeth' [Proverbs 10:5]; 'sleeper' [Jonah 1:6]. Associated spellings/words: radam; trdmh, tardemah ['deep sleep']."

Rephaim - "Definitions: the shades or inhabitants of the lower world in the Old Testament. Associated spellings/words: rpaym."

Rhadamanthus - "Definitions: inflexibly severe; one of the judges in the lower world [Hades]." (Greek Mythology)

ltar - "Definitions: like, as." (Tibetan)

rdul - "Definitions: dust." (Tibetan)

RAVEL - "Definitions: tangle. Associated spellings/words: ravelen."

REBEL - "Definitions: resist authority."

REFER - "Definitions: attribute to a source or related thing; have relation or allusion to; commit to an authority. Associated spellings/words: re + ferre ['bear']."

LEVER - "Definitions: raise; device for prying or dislodging something. Associated spellings/ words: levare ['to raise'] (Latin)."

LABOR - "Definitions: toil, work, child birth, physical or mental effort. Associated spellings/ words: labour, labare, labi ['glide, slip, fall']."

LABEL - "Definitions: narrow band or strip, identification slip."

LADLE - "Definitions: spoon with a deep bowl."

rtsal - "Definitions: powerful." (Tibetan)

rapere - "Definitions: seize, carry off, ravish, plunder." (Latin)

repere - "Definitions: to creep (Latin). Associated spellings/words: serpere."

rabere - "Definitions: be mad, rave." (Latin)

raffle - "Definitions: dice game, plundering, stripping. Associated spellings/words: rafle."

LETTER - "Definitions: unit of an alphabet. Associated spellings/words: LITERAL ['pertaining to letters; being exactly as stated']; letters ['vessels that came into being through the 'collision' between direct light and reflected light'] (Hebrew); leitourgia ['public work'] (Greek)."

RATTLE - "Definitions: make a series of clattering sounds."

radere - "Definitions: scrape (Latin). Associated spellings/words: lepra ['scaly']."

RATHER - "Definitions: more readily, properly, or quickly, sooner. Associated spellings/words: hrathe ['quickly']."

Raphael - "Definitions: the angel of healing who stands behind the Throne; healing from god, healer of God." (Hebrew)

leabhar - "Definitions: book." (Gaelic)

lepra - "Definitions: a wide variety of diseases that cause sores or eruptions on the skin, infectious skin diseases; leprosy (Greek). Associated spellings/words: sara'at ['leprosy; mildew, mold'] (Hebrew)."

ratrah - "Definitions: at end of, night (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: Ratri ['the goddess of night']."

latreia - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'service' [John 16:2, etc.]. Other definitions include: worship. Associated spellings/words: latrhia."

retro - "Definitions: back, backward." (Latin)

latreuo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'serve' [Matthew 4:10]; 'worship' [Acts 7:42]. Other definitions include: to serve, to worship. Associated spellings/ words: latrhuw."

labrys - "Definitions: the sacred double axe of the Cretans."

REDRESS - "Definitions: set upright again; restore, ammend, remedy."

REPRESENT - "Bring into one"s presence; bring before the mind; display to the eye; symbolize; stand in place of; speak for, as in parliament. Associated spellings/words: re + praesentare ['present']."

REFRAIN - "Definitions: restrain; abstain. Associated spellings/words: re + frenum ['bridle']."

REPLENISH - "Definitions: fill or stock abundantly; fill up again. Associated spellings/words: re + plenir, plein, plenus ['full']."

labyrinth - "Definitions: House of the Double Ax; The classic Labyrinth was the place of Minos, whose spirit dwealt in the sacred bull, the Minotaur [Moon-bull], a Cretan form of Apis."

LATERAL - "Definitions: pertaining to or at the side; away from the midline of the body. Associated spellings/words: lateralis, latus, later ['side'] (Latin)."

REPERCUSSION - "Definitions: repulsion, repulse, recoil; reverberation."

LETHARGIC - "Definitions: drowsy. Associated spellings/words: lethe ['forgetfulness'] + argos ['idle'] (Greek)."

REFLECT - "Definitions: divert, deflect; throw back, turn one's thoughts upon."

RETRACT - "Definitions: draw back; restrain, withdraw; recall, revoke; recantation; withdrawal from an engagement."

RETARD - "Definitions: hold back. Associated spellings/words: re + tardus ['slow']."

REVOLVE - "Definitions: turn or roll back or round; turn over in the mind, consider; cause to travel in an orbit. Associated spellings/words: re + volvere ['roll, turn']."

revelatio - "Definitions: to draw back the veil [velum]." (Latin)

REPERTORY - "Definitions: index, list; storehouse, repository; stock of dramatic pieces. Associated spellings/words: reperire ['find']."

LATCH - "Definitions: loop, noose; fastening for door or gate, catch or get hold. Associated spellings/words: laeccan ['seize, grasp'] (Old French)."

LEDGE - "Definitions: shelflike projection. Associated spellings/words: legge ['layer, edge']."

LODGE - "Definitions: small house, tent, arbour; come to rest. Associated spellings/words: loggia, lobia ['lobby']."

RACE - "Definitions: family, tribe, people. Associated spellings/words: razza; radix, radic ['root']."

radix - "Definitions: root (Latin). Associated spellings/words: radicis, radic; radical ['of or in a plant root or in the ground and thereby fundamental to existence; fundamental reform'] (Latin)."

rtsch - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'kill' [Exodus 20:13]; 'manslayer' [Numbers 35:6]. Other definitions include: slayer, slaeth, slain, murder, killed, killing, manslaughter. Associated spellings/words: rasah; hrg, harag ['slew'] (Gen - esis 4:8)."

RAVAGE - "Definitions: destruction, especially by violent rush of water, rain and snowfall. Associated spellings/words: ravir ['to take away hastily']. ravine."

REDUCE - "Definitions: bring or lead back; diminish, lessen. Associated spellings/words: re ['back'] + ducere ['bring, lead']."

Rbqh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'Rebekah' [the wife of Isaac] [Genesis 24:15]; the daughter of Bethuel [btval] [Genesis 25:20]."

lpags - "Definitions: outer skin or fur." (Tibetan)

rtogs pa - "Definitions: perception." (Tibetan)

REPUGNANT - "Definitions: contrary or contradictory [to]; distasteful [to]. Associated spellings/words: re + pugnare ['fight']."

Lapchi-Kang - "Definitions: Tibetan name for Mount Everest."

rbb - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'multiply' [Genesis 6:1, etc.]. Other definitions include: multiplied, increased, many, more, manifold, thousands, numerical increase. Associated spellings/words: rabab."

lbb - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'heart' [Genesis 20:5]; 'unawares' [Genesis 31:26]. Other definitions include: hearts. Associated spellings/words: lebab."

rdp - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'pursued' [Genesis 14:14]. Associated spellings/words: radaph."

rapt - "Definitions: taken and carried up [to heaven] ect, carried away by force, carried away [in spirit]. Associated spellings/words: raptus, rapere ['seize']; aprepiu ['take by force']."

rbts - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'lieth' [Genesis 4:7]. Associated spellings/words: rabats."

lpyd - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'lamp' [Genesis 15:17]. lappiyd."

LOFT - "Definitions: tall or high. Associated spellings/words: loft, lopt ['air, upper room, balcony']."

labhate - "Definitions: take, gain, win, get, obtain, find." (Sanskrit)

RADIATE - "Definitions: spread in all directions from a center. Associated spellings/words: radius ['staff of a cross; rod, bar, ray']." (Latin)

Ratatosk - "Definitions: the squirrel continually scampering up and down the branches of Yggdrasil." (Norse Mythology)

Lvytn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for 'Leviathan' [Isaiah 27:1]; a large aquatic animal in the Bible; the dragon, or serpent who battled with Yahweh; satan. Associated spellings/words: Leviathan, Liwyathan."

lepton - "Definitions: a copper coin worth about one-eighth of a cent." (Greek)

rabattre - "Definitions: beat down (Old French). Associated spellings/words: rabbat ['a recess in a wall']."

LATITUDE - "Definitions: breadth; angular distance on a meridian, etc.; extent, scope; freedom from restriction. Associated spellings/words: latus ['broad'] (Latin)."

REPUDIATE - "Definitions: put away [a wife]; reject; refuse to acknowledge [a debt, etc.]. Associated spellings/words: repudiare, repudium ['divorce']."

rtsed pa - "Definitions: play, game, playground." (Tibetan)











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