Psalms 139:1 - lmntsch ldvd mzmvr yhvh chqrtny vtda
[l] To the chief Musician [ntsch], A Psalm [mzmvr] of David [dvd]. O LORD [yhvh], thou [t] hast searched [chqr] me [ny], and [v] known [yda] me.

Psalm 139:2 - ath ydat sbty vqvmy bnth lray mrchvq
[ath] Thou knowest [yda] my downsitting [ysb] and [v] mine uprising [qvm], thou understandest [byn] my thought [ra] afar off [rchvq].

Psalm 139:3 - archy vrbay zryt vkl-drky hsknth
Thou compassest [zrh] my path [arch] and [v] my lying down [rba], and [v] art acquainted [skn] with all [kl] my ways [drk].

Psalm 139:4 - ky ayn mlh blsvny hn yhvh ydat klh
[ky] For there is not [ayn] a word [mlh] in [b] my tongue [lsvn], but, lo [hn], O LORD [yhvh], thou [t] knowest [yda] it altogether [klh].

Psalm 139:5 - achvr vqdm tsrtny vtst aly kpkh
Thou hast beset [tsvr] me behind [chvr] and [v] before [qdm], and [v] laid [syt] thine hand [kp] upon me [ny].

Psalm 139:6 - playh (plyah) dat mmny nsgbh la-avkl lh
Such knowledge [dat] is too wonderful [play] for me [ny]; it is high [sgb], I cannot [la] attain [kl] unto [l] it.

Psalm 139:7 - anh alk mrvchk vanh mpnyk abrch
Whither shall I go [ylk] from [m] thy spirit [rvch]? or [v] whither shall I flee [brch] from [m] thy presence [pny]?

Psalm 139:8 - am asq smym sm ath vatsyah savl hnk
Psalms 139:8 If I ascend up [nsq] into heaven [smym], thou [ath] art there [sm]: if I make my bed [ytsa] in hell [savl], behold [hn], thou art there.

Psalm 139:9 - asa knpy-schr asknh bachryt ym
If I take [nsa] the wings [knp] of the morning [schr], and dwell [skn] in [b] the uttermost parts [achryt] of the sea [ym];

Psalm 139:10 - gm-sm ydk tnchny vtachzny amynk
Even there [sm] shall thy hand [yd] lead [nchh] me [ny], and thy right hand [ymyn] shall hold [achz] me [ny].

Psalm 139:11 - vamr ak-chsk ysvpny vlylh avr badny
If  [v] I say [amr], Surely the darkness [chsk] shall cover [svp] me [ny]; even [v] the night [lyl] shall be light [avr] about [bad] me [ny].

Psalm 139:12 - gm-chsk la-ychsyk mmk vlylh kyvm yayr kchsykh kavrh
Yea [gm], the darkness [chsk] hideth [chsk] not [la] from  [m] thee; but [v] the night [lyl] shineth [avr] as the day [yvm]: the darkness [chsykh] and the light [avrh] are both alike to thee.

Psalm 139:13 - ky-ath qnyt klyty tskny bbthn amy
For [ky] thou [ath] hast possessed [qnh] my reins [klyh]: thou hast covered [sk] me [ny] in [b] my mother's [amy] womb [bthn].

Psalm 139:13 - For Thou hast made my reins; Thou hast knit me together in my mother's womb. [Link]

Psalm 139:14 -  avdk al ky nvr avt nplyty nplaym masyk vnpsy ydat mad
I will praise [ydh] thee; for [ky] I am fearfully [yra] and wonderfully [pl] made: marvellous [playm] are thy works [mash]; and [v] that my soul [nps] knoweth [yda] right [mad] well.

Psalm 139:14 - I will give thanks unto [al] Thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; wonderful [playm] are Thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. [Link]

Psalm 139:15 - la-nkchd atsmy mmk asr-asyty bstr rqmty btchtyvt arts
My substance [atsm] was not hid [kchd] from thee, when [asr] I was made [ash] in [b] secret [str], and curiously wrought [rqm] in the lowest [tchtyvt] parts of the earth [arts].

Psalm 139:16 - glmy rav aynyd val-sprk klm yktbv ymym ytsrv vla (vlv) achd bhm
Thine eyes [ayn] did see [rah] my substance, yet being unperfect [glm]; and in thy book [spr] all [kl] my members were written [ktb], which in continuance [ymym] were fashioned [ytsr], when as yet there was none [achd] of them.

Psalm 139:16 -  Thine eyes did see mine informed [ayn?] substance, and [v] in Thy book they were all written - even the days [ymym] that were fashioned, when as yet there were none of them. [Link]