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Proverbial Riddle

Who from all you knew
Who before a lonely one
Who imagined it you
Who you can't expunge,

What from all became
What before tales of yore
What imagine the name
What you can't ignore,

Where from perennial space
Where before a mirror
Where imagine the place
Where you can't appear,

When from every date
When before counting time
When imagine your fate
When you can't resign,

Why from every question
Why before the seeking
Why imagine no-thing
Why you can't conceive it.

[E.M. - 10/09/10]

Spark of God

I see you
The whole universe
Now I raise you
A single verse,

Develop the picture
I took from your sight
Envision the mixture
My star in your night.

Now I see you
Like a twinkling star
How can I praise you
A flame from afar?

I call you my prism
With single sound & light
Our temples never prisons
When mirrors by our side.

[E.M. - 10/09/10]

Hand That Feeds

Divine the creator
Of Motion
Sown to sleep,

A presence defined
Of time
Known to repeat,

To turn around
Front to behind ...

Something from nothing.

[E.M. - 07/03/11]

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