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   The writing of poetry had become a personal fascination many years ago during my teenage years. Mostly I used it to capture thoughts in order to represent them as objective or tangible experiences. Something to look at and study. I found this helpful when faced with a difficult problem or riddle. Poetry had become a formula, the way that a scientist might attempt to scribble a sentence of letters and symbols in order to represent a particular facet of the world and how it appeared to work.
   Whenever something appeard vague or uncertain, it wouldn't stop a scientist from speculating because he could always substitute "x" for the unknown. Something like an algebraic equation. Personally I never acquired a liking for algebra during highschool, and simply because I grew terribly frustrated when  trying to discern the meanings of  x, y, or z, etc. I found another way for doing this that was more to my liking. I used words instead!
   Poetry had become the spiritual exercise of choice whenever I needed immediate clarification . It became a way to study a riddle or a problem by materializing the thoughts that composed  it. But this was only a first step in a process. It became a necessary step in order to isolate the x's, or the unknowns that were acquired either personally or by borrowed facsimile. The gift that I received from doing this exercise became the everchanging value of x, or that which had previously existed as a vague or uncertain area of understanding. Questions began to answer themselves - but only after the questions first began to clarify objectively.
   Some of these poems came as answers to personal questions  posed to myself  in order to gleen a better understanding about something in particular. The others are simply representations of ideas and thoughts, captured memories, or mere speculations, etc. The words used may not reflect the same meanings for you as they did for me. Like symbols in a dream, words often hold different meanings for different people. If anything, by sharing these poems I hope to at least illustrate a technique which has worked for me, and one that might work for you.   [- Etznab Mathers]

 All Is A Part

Why have we come?
To this world from afar?
Perhaps it is to learn
The meaning of it all.
For through all of the schooling
In the whole of our lives,
Are we not the students?
Telling the truths from the lies?

Important is knowing
Our own way to go.
Not even a Master
Can give us the way.
But only a way
Can the Master show.

Whether rising to lofty heights
Whether descending to lower grounds...
Whether experiencing greater lights
Whether hearing of greater sounds...
Remember that All has its part
In a loving whole.
The love in which a part is whole.
The love in which a part unfolds.

Etznab Mathers
Text revision (lines 11 & 19) 01/06/07

Eternal Mirrors

In a sense of belonging between one another
A triumphant Spirit will have to dwell.
As you take the time to love each other
And make some sense from all the Hell.

In a sense of despair we define ourselves...
As Eternal Spirit in constant rebellion.
Our destiny to die for a Heaven or Hell
That in all our lives we lived in.

In a sense we examine eternal mirrors
In a sense to remove or cover...
The distance between our love and fears
That both might meet each other.

Etznab Mathers

Like the Moment

A boat on the water.
A captain on a ship.
A traveler going forward to sea.

A lighthouse on the shore at night.
A star within a starry sky.
Like a mirror before the place in sight.

Like a gap before another note.
Like the silence before a single sound.
Like the moment for what the moment found.

Etznab Mathers

The "Star" in a "Mirror"

Once there came a rhyme
Into a land both far and near,
Its sound was heard and echoed
Along a magical frontier.

Into this land shown a luminous light
Through a rainbow of varied hues,
From a mirror-like sky which kept a magical face
Mostly in pinks and blues.

Through this land went Heavenly Children
Who played throughout the years.
At times they played with beautiful smiles
At times they played with tears.

A land this was where children could grow
By searching both far and near.
A land where they could discover the meaning
Of  the "Star" in a "Mirror".

Etznab Mathers

Mystery of Madness

Spinning sporadic thoughts
A speeded carousel of information
Much the same as light for moths
A path to stagger imagination.

Swirling sparks from an outdoor campfire
Rushing upward into the night
Summoned to awaken and then retire
Vivid traces of needed light.

Etznab Mathers

If the Same, Dear God

Tell me your name
That I can call on you
Tell me who to blame
When the answer comes through

Tell me oh God
Old Master of Truth
Tell me the odds
Of passing for you

Tell me, tell me
Like a living human being
Tell me it’s not my reflection
That is all that I am seeing

For all the days I’ve wondered
For all the nights I’ve sleeped
I must reap the blunders
I must count the sheep

Oh dear God
Have you ever heard me call?
Oh hear me now
My echo against the wall

Defined and entwined
Your echo as mine
And never the two we find
When together in perfect rhyme

So if ever I call your name
And you should listen just the same
How might your answer come through
If the same I should listen to you?

Etznab Mathers - 02/28/05

Remembered Rhyme

What word can not capture
What time can not hold
The spirit of being pure
And render the mirror of soul?

Etznab Mathers - 09/18/05

 Send In The Clowns

Listen to the world
Hear what people say
Television and radio sounds
Echo words of fate.

Listen boys and girls
Hear the peoples roar
Corporate heads and media clowns
Turn the horns of war.

Listen one and all
Captured animals rave
Super powers rise and fall
Clowns call the plays.

Etznab Mathers - 10/01/05


Echo the memory
Time the space
Form the gravity
 Tide the wave.

Love the energy
Rhyme the ray
Orb the majesty
Eye the Maze.

Etznab Mathers - 10/04/05

Talking Mummies

Bones of history
Crying hill
Shrouded mystery
Lying still

Broken pieces
Lost in Dreams
Frozen secrets
Thawed in streams

Guarded pages
Heaping news
Ark of Ages
Seeping clues

Etznab Mathers - 10/09/05


Feel the texture of thought
To move what takes time.
Wheel the mixture of naught
To glue what may bind.
Steal the censor of all
To prove what may rhyme.
Sense the real boundary
Send the life to seed.

Etznab Mathers - 10/13/05

Never Mine

Expand me a universe
Apart from your word
Imagine me the reverse
Artificial Sir

Talk to me for just a while
Lead me in thy truth
Draw from me one more Bible
Teach me lines for you

Oh how I love the wisdom
Only yours will do
Use my mind Mr. Fiction
Force my hand to move

Examine me this universe
And start  it with your world
Imagine me the reserve
Artificial urge

Say Mr. & Mrs. God
Say what is your name
Say I heard you say a lot
Say that sounds in vain

 Explain me your universe
Start it with your word
Bar the echo to converse

Make me never heard

Pray your invisible God
Tailor the witness
Stake your miserable plot
Savior ignorance

Nothing other will perform
For all that you see
Nothing other will conform
To all that you need

Gray for a literal shroud
Soil the fabric
Praise for a liberal vow
Spoil the habit

Nothing other you can grow
For all that you seed
Nothing other you can show
For all that you weed

Etznab Mathers - 10/18/05
- 1st revision & title change - 01/13/06
- 2nd text revision (lines 13 & 14) - 01/06/07

Created Sequel

Paranoia will employ
Hail the daily grind
Foisted wages to enjoy
Jail the lazy swine

Voided pensions pending doom
Poverty the mall
Exploited tensions spin the loom
Clobbering the law

No authority greater
Acclaim to be known
None capture the creator
More than words on loan

Reduce the money of greed
Tyrants to their knees
Purge the mired septic tank
Drain the piggy bank

Force the money lender's hand
On truth make your stand
Depose the masters of fraud
Add truth to your thought

Etznab Mathers - November 2005

Relative Being

Ever intentioned
Thought stream end
Mirror reflection
Sentient again
Continuous night
Of memorable light
Radiant zoned
Concentric home
Funneling flame
Forging same.

Etznab Mathers - November 2005
1st revision 02/04/06 - E.M.

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