Approximate number of words in sound group P = 1,863.                                                                 P/R

1.)  In this dictionary, the phrase associated spellings/words is a gross generalization. Words following this phrase may or may not be related to the initial word and definition (s) preceding it. .... http://mirrorh.com/notes.htm 
 F, P, B

P - "Mirror History" dictionary designates letter P to signify the ninth of ten descending sound groups that define its alphabetical order. Letters inhabiting this group include: F, P, B, & V [depending on language]. Theoretical definitions for sound group P include: Attachment, Cohesion, Gravity, Imagination, Image, Octogon, Duality, Shape, Template, Numeral 8." [Etznab Mathers]

P - "Glyphs believed to represent P include: a four-petalled flower shape [pp]; a mouth [peh]; a rectangle shape; a square shape; a duck in the act of taking flight [pa]; an arched staff, or cane-like shape; a staff with a squared loop; a baseless vertical rectangle-like shape [Pi]; a horizontal diamond [or circle] shape bisected by a vertical line [Psi]. Reported meanings for P include: mouth; oral law. Trivia: P is derived from the Greek pi and the Semitic pe. In Phoenician, pe is believed to have meant the word mouth."

P - "Many ancient P sounds have been changed to F in Hungarian a long time ago. The runic symbol for P is reportedly a bench or an elevated foundation rotated 90 degrees. It resembles a backwards capital E shape. Associated spellings/words: pad ['bench'], padlo ['foundation, flooring']."

F - "Reported glyphs believed to represent F include: a verticle staff with two short projections. Trivia: F is believed by some scholars to represent the evolved form of vav [Y], or U. Before it was dropped, this letter is believed to have been the original sixth letter in the Greek alphabet. Meanings attributed to the letter F include: an oar. Reportedly, F originated from the Phoenician vav which was adapted by the Greeks and then dropped from the alphabet in the 7th century B.C. The Etruscans borrowed their F from the Greeks and altered it into a symbol similar to our 8. The 8 appears in the early Latin as the di- graph F8 and was later simplified F. Associated spellings/words: U, W, V, P."

F - "The Hungarian runic symbol for F reportedly looks like a drill hole with one end closed. Associated spellings/words: fur ['to bor, drill']."

B - "Glyphs believed to signify B include: a square, a square with a dot or dots in the center; a leg [the lower leg with foot], a ram; two triangles side by side, two loops side by side; a leftward-facing triangle with an angular appendage. According to one scholar, the ancient Ogham alphabet, the Bethluisnion, began with the letter B and was paired with the idea of inception."

B - "First letter in the Jewish Torah; second letter [byt] in the Hebrew alphabet. General meanings attributed to B include: duality, two, in, among, between, and from. When prefixed to a word, b generally means 'in'."

B - "The Hungarian runic symbol shows an X shape and reportedly represents the four legs of a horse tied with a cord called bekjo."

B - "Grimm's law reports the following evolution: B [Latin], to P [Anglo-Saxon], to F [German]."

Fa - "Definitions: the personification of 'the writings of Mawu' [the creator]; the personification of fate (Dahomean). Associated spellings/words: Ifa."

fa [a1] - "Definitions: gong [o1] ('bow') & shu [u1] ('hand flapping') + bo [o4] ('feet in opposite directions'). General meanings include: bow opening path; v. shoot, launch, issue, distribute, become, occur, express, utter. Associated spellings/ words: fabu [a1u4] (v. 'announce'); faming [a1i2] (v. 'invent' n. 'invention'); faqi [a1i3] (v. 'initiate'); fawen [a1e4] ('ask a question'); falun gong [a1u2o1] ('law wheel practice, dharma wheel practice')."

fa [a2] - "Definitions: ren [e2] ('person') + ge [e1] ('lance'). General meanings include: v. cut down, fell, attack. Associated spellings/words: famu [a2u4] (v. 'fell trees')." (Chinese)

fa [a2] - "Definitions: men [e2] ('gate') + fa [a2] ('attack') - phonetic. General meanings include: n. powerful bloc." (Chinese)

fa [a2] - "Definitions: zhu [u2] ('bamboo') + fa [a2] ('attack') - phonetic. General meanings include: n. raft." (Chinese)

fa [a2] - "Definitions: reverse of zheng [e4] ('stop at the line; proper, right'). General meanings include: v. lack; adj. exhausted. Associated spellings/words: fawei [a2e4] (adj. 'bland, dull')." (Chinese)

fa [a2] - "Definitions: li [i4] ('scold') + dao [a1] ('knife'). General meanings include: punish for insults and threats with knife; v. penalize, fine." (Chinese)

fa [a3] - "Name for an ideograph showing shui [u3] ('water') and qu [u4] ('go'). General meanings include: as water goes; n. law, method (Chinese). Associated spellings/ words: faguan [a3a1] (n. 'law crown', 'judge'); fagui [a3u1] (n. 'laws'); faguo [a3u2] (n. 'France'); falu [a3u4] (n. 'law'); fating [a3i2] (n. 'court'); faxue [a3e2] (n. 'legal studies'); fayuan [a3a4] (n. 'law court'); faze [a3e2] (n. 'rule, law'); fazhi [a3] ('legal system'), fazi [a3] (n. 'way, method')."

fa [a3] - "biao [a1] ('long hair') + ba [a2] ('dog with leg restrained by leash') - phonetic. General meanings include: n. hair. Associated spellings/words: falang [a4a2] (n. 'hair salon'); faxing [a4i2] (n. 'hair style')." (Chinese)
*Links: http://zhongwen.com/d/190/x118.htm /

fa - "Name for an Egyptian hieroglyph; carry, bear on shoulders."

ph - "Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'mouth' [Genesis 4:11; 8:11, etc.]; 'commandment' [Proverbs 8:29, etc.]. Associated spellings/words: peh; pyh."

ph - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'here' [Genesis 19:12], [Isaiah 22:16]; 'hither' [1 Samuel 16:11]; 'side' [Ezekiel 40:10; 41:1]. Other definitions include: hitherto. Associated spellings/words: poh."

Pe [P] - "Definitions: mouth, seat of speech; the word; primal vibration; immortality; the 17th letter [5th Double] in the Hebrew alphabet; number 80; the 21st ['God saw that it was good'] of 32 paths, or states of consciousness (Hebrew). Associated spellings/ words: ph: 'mouth' [Genesis 4:11]."

pe - "Definitions: come, from, out." (Mayan)

pa - "Definitions: branch." (Sumerian)

pa - "Definitions: because of." (Tibetan)

pa - "Definitions: fortified village." (Maori)

Pa - "Definitions: the Chinese god of drought." (Chinese Mythology)

pa - "Definitions: ox [a] mouth [p]; Nose: The nostrils of the ox flare when snorting just as a man's does when he breathes heavy through the nose when in passion or anger." (Hebrew)

Ba - "Definitions: the ram god; the leopard god [Ba, Bai]." (Egyptian)

ba - "Definitions: ram, sheep; book, papyrus roll, document; to mock, to sneer, to scorn; to plow, to dig, to break through, to force a way; a grain measure." (Egyptian)

ba - "Definitions: the ghost that appeared after death and flew in and out of of the tomb, sometimes as a bird. One of the seven Egyptian souls; portrayed as a human-headed bird, ba was the Egyptian symbol for soul, spirit, or spiritual manifestation; heart-soul." (Egyptian)*Links: http://sunlight.orgfree.com/history_of_sun_gazing.htm

ba - "Definitions: share, portion; rations, wages; to give; to divide, apportion, distribute; to pay; a shelled creature [such as a turtle or snail]; a scraping tool; liver; house."

ba [a1] - "Name for an ideograph showing two slanted lines inclined toward one another and almost touching at top. General meanings include: division; separate; eight (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: ba sin ['The Eight Immortals'] (Chinese)."

ba [a4] - "Definitions: fu [u4] ('hand enforcing rules with stick; father') + phonetic. Associated spellings/words: baba [1a4]." (Chinese) *Link: http://zhongwen.com/d/170/x168.htm

ba - "Definitions: father, form (Hind, Naga-Maya). Associated spellings/words: abba ['father, wisdom'] (Akkadian, Chaldean); baa ['to burst, to hatch, dart, to talk, dent, drift'] (Kapinga); baa ['with, by, possesed of'] (Persian)."

ba - "Definitions: strength [a] of the house [b]." (Hebrew)

ba - "Definitions: valley (Amdo). Associated spellings/words: bay, baie ['indentation of the sea; recess; opening between columns'] (Old French); ba ['mouth'] (Brahui); va ['blow'] (Sanskrit); bayou (Choctaw)."

ba - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'brought' [Genesis 2:19, 22; 4:3, 4, etc.]; 'came' [Genesis 6:4, etc.]; 'bring' [Genesis 6:19, etc.]; 'come' [Genesis 7:1, etc.]; 'went' [Genesis 7:7, etc.]; 'set' [Genesis 28:11]. Associated spellings/words: bva, bow'."

ba - "Name for a pictograph believed to represent a snake raised on its tail; python." (Chinese)

be - "Definitions: (prefix) without, void." (Persian)

be - "Definitions: (prefix) in, with, by means of, by way of (Hebrew). Associated spellings/ words: b."

fei - "Name for a pictograph believed to represent a crane flying with feathers spread out." (Chinese)

fei - "Name for a pictograph believed to represent opposing wings." (Chinese)

pha - "Definitions: gathering means; father." (Tibetan)

pch - "Definitions: the word 'breathed' [Genesis 2:7]. Associated spellings/words: npch, naphach."

paa - "Definitions: a break, an opening, to open." (Mayan)

paa - "Definitions: leg, foot, root of a tree." (Persian)

Pah - "Definitions: Moon goddess who marries the sun. They are the creators of the first people." (Native American / Pawnee)

pie - "Name for an ideograph showing a short vertical line tapered at bottom left. It is generally believed to represent a falling line, suggesting motion." (Chinese)

pie - "Definitions: foot (Spanish). Associated spellings/words: pies ['feet']."

bah - "Definitions: came [feminine form]; love." (Hebrew)

bae - "Definitions: wall." (Kapinga)

bei - "Name for a pictograph believed to represent a shell. General meanings include: shell; cowrie, shell money (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: bei ['north']; Bei Di ['The 'Northern Emperor' and first lord of Heaven']; bei ['back']."

bei - "Name for a pictograph showing mu ['tree; wood'] and bu ['soar away; no, not']. General meanings include: cup (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: beizi."

p'aa - "Definitions: gazelle (Swahili). Associated spellings/words: phala, impala."

pao - "Definitions: run." (Chinese)

Baui - "[....] The ancient Egyptians believed that the twin souls, or Baui, of the Great God Atum were the gods Ra and Osiris. The Upanishads of India reveal a similar double soul appearing in the form of birds: 'Two birds, inseparable companions, inhabit the same tree; the first eats of the fruit of the tree, the second regards it but does not eat. The first bird is Jivatma, and the second is Atma, or pure knowledge, free and unconditioned; and when they are joined inseparably, then the one is indistinguishable from the other except in an illusory sense [Rene Guenon, Man and His becoming According to the Vedanta (London 1945)].' The Sanskrit word jiva means soul, so literally jivatma means the soul form of Atma. The human soul is nourished by material existence, while the divine being is purely a spiritual phenomenon. [....]" [Based on: Parabola article (Ba and Khu, by Normandi Ellis - Vol. XXI, No. 2 (The Soul), 1996, p. 26]

Pi [P] - "Sixteenth letter in the Greek alphabet. The capital and small forms are written nearly identical, but differing in size. The general shape resembles two parallel horizontal bars conjoined by a vertical bar at the top. Other glyphs thought to represent Pi include; an arched staff, or cane-like shape; a staff with a squared loop; a baseless vertical rectangle-like shape. Reported meanings for Pi include: solar halo; sixteen rays of light; Mithras; 16th letter; number 80. Associated spellings/words: pi ['little by little'](Mayan)."

PI - "Definitions: symbol denoting the ratio of the circumfrence of a circle, to its diameter or the ratio itself."

Pi - "Name for an ideogram showing a bird flying heavenward. General meanings include: bad, wicked, evil, mean; Hindrance; the 12th hexagram: heaven above, earth below (I Ching). Associated spellings/words: fou ['no']."

Bi - "Name for an ideograph believed to represent two persons standing close together; union; intimacy; closeness; compare; fundamental unit of the Chinese household registry system [a unit of five households]; neighborhood; the 8th hexagram: water above, earth below (I Ching). Associated spellings/words: be ['maiden'] (Gaelic)."

Bi - "Name for an ideograph believed to show three sprouts of grass [hui] on top a cowrie shell [bei]. General meanings include: Adorning; the 22nd hexagram: mountain above, fire below." (I Ching)

BI /p - "Definitions: two; double. Associated spellings/words: BIS; BY ['alongside']."

vi - (mwd) vi "3 ind. (prob. for an original %{dvi}, meaning `" in two parts "'; and opp. to %{sam} q.v.) apart, asunder, in different directions, to and fro, about, away, away from, off , without RV. &c. &c. In RV. it appears also as a prep. with acc. denoting `" through "' or `" between "' (with ellipse of the verb e.g. i , 181, 5 ; x , 86 , 20 &c.) It is esp. used as a prefix to verbs or nouns and other parts of speech derived from verbs, to express `" division "', `" distinction "', `" distribution "', `" arrangement "', `" order "', `" opposition "', or `" deliberation "' (cf. %{vi-bhid} [....]" (mwd = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon)
*Link: http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/cgi-bin/tamil/recherche

bi - "Name for an ideograph showing bi [together] and yan [room formed from side of cliff]]. General meanings include: together under shelter; harbor; shield." (Chinese)

bi - "Name for a pictograph believed to depict a person turned around." (Chinese)

bi - "Definitions: to diminish, lessen; to speak, say; to murmur, chirp, buzz; pronoun: it; possessive suffix: its; conjunction: and; article: the; to tear." (Sumerian)

be - "Definitions: to go, to leave, to walk, to move, to progress (Mayan). Associated spellings/words: bih ['road']."

be - "Definitions: like, as, either, or." (Kapinga)

BE - "Definitions: (prefix) intensive."

Phi [F] - "Twenty-first letter in the Greek alphabet. The capital and small forms are identical, only differing in size. The general shape depicts a circle bisected by a verticle line. Other glyphs thought to represent Phi include: a horizontal diamond shape [or circle] bisected by a vertical line. Reported meanings for Phi include: phallus; mystic garment [enduma], the manifestation of the spiritual world in the world of form; number 500. Associated spellings/words: pe-hi ['mud formed'] (Mayan)."

bii - "Definitions: deer." (Navajo)

bii - "Definitions: rapid rush of feces, to splash (Kapinga). Associated spellings/words: bi ['rain'] (Korean); biaios ['violent, forceable'] (Greek); biber ['drink'] (Latin); beor, ber, bior, bier ['beer']."

bee - "Definitions: to blow out, to flatulate." (Kapinga)

bhi - "Definitions: to fear (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: bhaya."

phyi - "Definitions: out, outer, outside." (Tibetan)

bahai - "Definitions: glory of God." (Arabic, Persian)

baahi - "Definitions: side, at the side of, half of." (Kapinga)

bya - "Definitions: bird." (Tibetan)

bia - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'violence' [Acts 5:26; 21:35; 24:7; 27:41]. Associated spellings/words: biaios ['mighty']; biazo ['to apply force']."

bhaya - "Definitions: fear, terror." (Pali)

bahya - "Definitions: external." (Sanskrit)

BIO /r - "Definitions: life. Associated spellings/words: bios ['life, living, being; bowstring'] (Greek). Associated spellings/words: bias ['oblique line, inclination']."

beo - "Definitions: living, being (Irish). Associated spellings/words: byw (Welsh)."

Fehu [F] - "Definitions: the raw archetypal energy of motion and expansion in the multiverse; mobile property, cattle, money; name for the 1st Rune commonly depicted by a verticle staff with two parallel branch-like appendages near the top (Runic). Associated spellings/words: faihu, foeh; pheugo ['flee'] (Greek)."

fijo - "Definitions: child (Old Spanish). Associated spellings/words: pheugo ['flee'] (Greek)

bios - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'living' [Mark 12:44, etc.]; 'life' [Luke 8:14, etc.], [1 John 2:16, etc.]; 'good' [1 John 3:17]. Associated spellings/ words: biosis, biotikos."

biaios - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'mighty' [Acts 2:2]. Associated spellings/words: bia ['violence']; biazo ['to apply force']."

Fionn - "Definitions: name derived from a root word meaning 'white', 'shining'. Associated spellings/words: Gwion."

baiwan - "Definitions: million." (Chinese)

peony - "Definitions: garden plant having large flowers. Associated spellings/words: paion ['physician of the gods']."

byung ba - "Definitions: existence (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: skyel pa (Zhang- Zhung)."

feond - "Definitions: hate; enemy." (Old English)

finde - "Definitions: braid of hair." See: Finglas @ http://www.quicksilver899.com/Tolkien/LOTR/LOTR_DF.html - [T.D. - 12/22/07]

byor - "Definitions: belong to, adhere to." (Tibetan)

beorn - "Definitions: hero. (Anglo-Saxon) *Link: http://www.quicksilver899.com/Tolkien/LOTR/LOTR_AC.html - [T.D. - 12/21/07]

firgen - "Definitions: mountain." See: Firienfeld @ http://www.quicksilver899.com/Tolkien/LOTR/LOTR_DF.html - [T.D. - 12/22/07]

Fjorgynn - "Definitions: the thunderer." (Norse Mythology)

bewegen - "Definitions: move." (German)

feud - "Definitions: active hostility; state of mutual hostility; enmity. Associated spellings/ words: fede (ME); feide (OF); fehida (OHG)."

baiuta - "Definitions: the souls of the earth." (Egyptian)

byodo - "Definitions: sameness; sameness of nature or non-distinction of all phenomena as experienced in enlightenment (Japanese). Associated spellings/words: byodo-kan ['view of sameness; the experience that all things and beings are identical or non- distinct in their true nature or buddha-nature']."

pez - "Definitions: fish (Spanish). Associated spellings/words: peisk. Trivia: ['Vernal Equinox at Pisces, 140 A.D.']."

pais - "Definitions: a child between seven and fourteen (Greek). Associated spellings/words: paidion ['a child up to age seven']."

FISH - "Definitions: vertebrate water animal with gills. Associated spellings/words: fisc, visch, vish ['to pervade'] (Sanskrit); fithi ['snake'] (Greek); piscis, iasc, iasg."

beesh - "Definitions: flint, metal, iron, knife (Navajo). Associated spellings/words: beeso ['money'] (Navajo); beas ['habit'] (Gaelic)."

piso - "Definitions: floor." (Spanish)

Pison - "Definitions: a multitude; biblical name for the 'first head' of the river flowing out of Eden; a river that by some scholars has been identified with the Indus river. Associated spellings/words: pysvn."

Pishon - "Definitions: one of four rivers flowing out of Eden (Old Testament). Associated spellings/words: Uizhun (Iranian)." *Link: http://www.accuracyingenesis.com/adam.html

FISSION - "Definitions: splitting of an atomic nucleus. Associated spellings/words: fissio, findere ['split'] (Latin)."

Bishamonten - "Definitions: Japanese god of riches: one of the seven gods of luck."

BUSY - "Definitions: engaged in action. Associated spellings/words: bisig, bysig, busi, besy, bisy, besich; Ebisu ['Japanese god of fishing, food, and honest dealing. God of work']."

pisqa - "Definitions: five." (Quechua)

Pisces - "Definitions" 12th sign of the Zodiac, ruled by the planet Neptune. Mythology: '[....] The earliest Egyptian and Babylonian stories about the two heavenly fishes associate them with the Syro-Phoenecian fish cult of the goddess Atargatis and her son Ichthys, who partake of the archetype of the Great Mother and her seasonally sacrificed son/lover that is found throughout the ancient mideast. [....]" [Based on: Parabola article (Gemini and the Path of Paradox, by Kat Duff, Vol. XIX, No. 2, 1994 (Twins), p. 13]" (Greek Mythology)

pisteuo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'believed' [Matthew 5:13, etc.]; 'believe' [Matthew 9:28], [Mark 1:15], [John 1:7, etc.]. Other definitions include: believeth, believing. Associated spellings/words: pisthuw."

pistos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'faithful' [Matthew 24:45, etc.]. Other definitions include: believed, believing, sure, true. Associated spellings/ words: pisthuw."

pistis - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'faith' [Matthew 8:10, etc.]; 'assurance' [Acts 17:13]; 'believeth' [Romans 3:26]. Other definitions include: belief."

PIN - "Definitions: peg; pointed length of stiff wire used as a fastener; legs; skittles."

byn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'from' [Genesis 1:4, etc.]; 'between' [Genesis 9:16, etc.]: ...'between [byn] God and [byn] every living creature...,' [Genesis 15:7], [Exodus 25:22], [Isaiah 59:2], [Ezekiel 10:2]; 'betwixt' [Genesis 23:15; 26:28; 31:37], [Genesis 32:16]: '...a space betwixt [byn] drove [adr] and [byn] drove [adr];' 'it in' [Exodus 12:6]; 'at even' [Exodus 16:12]; 'among' [Judges 5:16]; [Psalm 104:12], [Isaiah 44:4]; 'asunder' [2 Kings 2:11]; 'within' [Job 24:11]; 'from the midst' [Jeremiah 48:45]; 'from among' [Ezekiel 37:21; 'and from' [Ezekiel 47:18]. Associated spellings/words: beyn."

byn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'discreet' [Genesis 41:33]; 'under- standing' [Deuteronomy 1:13, etc.], [Daniel 1:4]. Other definitions include: consider, instructed, perceived, viewed, prudent, skilful, teacher, wise. Associated spellings/ words: biyn."

bin - "Definitions: hunger." (Brahui)

BIN /p - "Definitions: two."

binn - "Definitions: melodious." (Irish)

bean - "Definitions: women (Gaelic). Associated spellings/words: be ['maiden']."

bein - "Definitions: bone (Old Norse). Associated spellings/words: beine ['legs'] (German)."

bian - "Name for a pictograph believed to represent claw marks. General meanings include: differentiate, determine." (Chinese)

bien - "Definitions: well." (Spanish)

paion - "Definitions: a Homeric name of the physician of the gods, afterwards Apollo (Greek). Associated spellings/words: paian ['hymn to Apollo invoked by the name Paian']."

bina - "Definitions: a stringed musical instrument, perhaps the oldest of the classical musical instruments in India, said to be the forerunner of sitar .... [Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 467] (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/ words: beena, vina, veena."

pinna - "Definitions: a word applied to various objects likened to a wing or feather (Latin). Associated spellings/words: penna."

Binah - "Definitions: Understanding, the 3rd sefirah which reportedly corresponds with the point at the end of the emanation [from Ein Sof] at which the lower sefirot representing duality are conceived and from which they are given birth; mother of the lower sefirot resulting from the interaction between Keter and Hochma; the 7th ['God said, let there be a firmament'] of 32 paths, or states of consciousness. Associated spellings/words: bynh; byn, beyn ['between']; Briyah ['the world of Creation'] (Hebrew)."

pinnah - "Definitions: capstone." (Hebrew)

bhinna - "Definitions: split, open, different."

bini - "Definitions: to twist, to braid, [habini] to flip over." (Kapinga)

fino - "Definitions: nice." (Bosnian)

bihanwi - "Definitions: great crisis."

penis - "Definitions: tail (Latin). Associated spellings/words: peos, pasa."

finus - "Definitions: border." (Latin)

pinyin [i1i1] - "Definitions: literally, phonetic spelling ( pin = hand + together; arrange, classify + yin speak, sound; pronunciation), a system of romanized spelling developed in China in 1958: used to transliterate Chinese characters into the Roman alphabet." *Link: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/pinyin?s=t

phainein - "Definitions: to shine (Greek). Associated spellings/words: pheno, phenyl."

ping - "Definitions: bottle." (Chinese)

bing - "Name for an ideograph showing bing [two people marching side by side; and, also; stand] and li [person standing on a surface; side by side]. General meanings include: unite, merge; simultaneously; and." (Chinese)

bing - "Name for a pictograph depicting two small hash marks that form a leftward pointing angle-like shape. General meanings include: ice crystals; freeze." (Chinese)

byang - "Definitions: north, northern (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: byang byang."

Phoenix - "Greek name for the fabled Egyptian bennu bird. Symbol of the rising, regenerated sun; palm tree. Associated spellings/words: phoinix, fenix."

Phoenix - "Egyptian Zodiac sign 11 [June 25 - July 24]: The bird of life and resurrection. Those born under this sign can create possibilities from scratch. Associated spellings/words: ipip (Egyptian), Epep (Coptic), Abib (Arabic)."
*Link: http://www.astraltraveler.com/calendars/egyptian.html

Pinga - "Mythology: she takes the souls of the dead to heaven, and gives them to the care of Pana." (Native American / Inuit)

pingere - "Definitions: embroider, paint, embellish." (Latin)

Pingala-nadi - "Definitions: the right nerve." (Sanskrit)

piND - "(mwd) cl. 1. A1. 10. P. %{piNDate}, %{-Dayati}, to roll into a lump or ball, put together, join, unite, gather, assemble Dha1tup. viii, 21; xxxii, 110 (prob. Nom. fr. next)." (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon
*Link: http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MWScan/tamil/index.html

pind - "Definitions: the physical universe; the physical body of man; the name of the lowest grand division of the creation. See also: Anda, Brahmand, Sach Khand [Based on: Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 462] (Sanskrit)."

BIND - "Definitions: tie. Associated spellings/words: bindan, band, bundon, bintan, binda, bindan, bandh, binderij."

pinda - "Definitions: a round mass, lump, globe, ball, knob, clod; esp. a cake of meal offered to the Manes, also a mouthful or lump of bread, victuals, subsistence." (Sanskrit)

binda - "Definitions: strip, stripe." (Old High German)

bindu - "(mwd) m. (once n. MBh.; in later language mostly written %{vindu}) a detached particle, drop , globule, dot, spot AV. &c. &c.; (with %{hiraNyaya}) a pearl AV. xix, 30, 5 (cf. %{-phala}); a drop of water taken as a measure L.; a spot or mark of coloured paint on the body of an elephant Kum.; (ifc. also %{-ka}) the dot over a letter representing the Anusva1ra (supposed to be connected with Siva and of great mystical importance) MBh. Katha1s. BhP.; a zero or cypher R. (in manuscripts put over an erased word to show that it ought not to be erased = `" stet "' Naish.); a partic. mark like a dot made in cauterizing Sus3r.; a mark made by the teeth of a lover on the lips of his mistress L.; a coloured mark made on the forehead between the eyebrows L.; (in dram.) the sudden development of a secondary incident (which, like a drop of oil in water, expands and furnishes an important element in the plot) Sa1h. (ifc. also %{-ka}) ; m. N. of a man g. %{bidA7di}; of an A1n3girasa (author of RV. viii , 83; ix, 30) Anukr.; of the author of a Rasa- paddhati Cat. ; pl. N. of a warrior tribe g. %{dAmany-Adi." (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon *Link: http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MWScan/tamil/index.html

bindu - "Definitions: spark of life, seed; drop, crescent." (Sanskrit)

Pindanda - "Definitions: microcosm." (Sanskrit)

pyhm - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'wings' [Ezekiel 1:6]. Associated spellings/words: payim; knp, kanaph."

Baiame - "Definitions: Australian creator god, also known as Daramulun, Ngurunderi, and Bunjil."

phimou - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'peace' [Mark 1:25]. Other definitions include: silence, muzzle. Associated spellings/words: phimoo."

byams yas - "Definitions: widely diffused, spread out to the limit." (Tibetan)

pir - "Definitions: old man." (Arabic) pir - "Definitions: chinese writing brush; pencil (Tibetan). pil - "Definitions: Nahuatl root word with the general meaning of: child, noble, lord." (Aztec) vIr - (mwd) vIr "1 (%{vi-Ir} ; only aor. %{vy-airat}), to split, break into pieces, tear open, divide asunder RV.: Caus. %{vI7rayati} (impf. %{vy-airayat}) id. ib. " (mwd = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon) *Link: http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/cgi-bin/tamil/recherche

bir - "Definitions: son (Aramaic). Associated spellings/words: baru."

bil - "Definitions: a moment." (Old Norse)

bil - "Definitions: edge, lip, mouth." (Irish)

FEEL - "Definitions: touch. Associated spellings/words: (ge) felan, gifolian, voelen, fuolen, fuhlen, folm, folma ['hand'], palma, palame."

PEEL - "Definitions: stake, fence of stakes; plunder, pillage, strip outer layer of, lose the outer layer; shovel."

FILE - "Definitions: put into a row."

fire - "Definitions: four." (Danish)

fjall - "Definitions: mountain." (Icelandic)

filla - "Definitions: leaves." (Greek)

bireh - "Definitions: separation." (Hebrew)

bili - "Definitions: to touch something with the hand." (Kapinga)

pilli - "Definitions: child." (Aztec)

fille - "Definitions: daughter (French). Associated spellings/words: jeune fille ['young girl'], petite fille ['little girl']."

philia - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words: 'friendship' [James 4:4]. Other definitions include: love. Associated spellings/words: pilia."

bailu - "White dew [September 9th - September 24th], name for one of twenty-four Chinese climatic periods recorder in the Ying-yang li."

phileo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words: 'love' [Matthew 6:5, etc.]. Other definitions include: loveth, loved, kiss. Associated spellings/words: pilhw; philia."

byi ru - "Definitions: coral." (Tibetan)

philos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words: 'friend' [Matthew 11:19, etc.]. Other definitions include: friends; loving. Associated spellings/words: pilos; philia ['friendship']."

byol song - "Definitions: animals, beasts." (Tibetan)

Beelzeboul - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'Beelzebub' [Mark 3:22]. Associated spellings/words: beelzhboul."

Byron - "Definitions: place of the cow sheds." (Old English)

philein - "Definitions: to love." (Greek)

Philistines - "Trivia: referred to in Egyptian records as the Sea People."

phyir'ong - "Definitions: come back, return." (Tibetan)

philargyria - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words: 'love of money' [1 Timothy 6:10]. Associated spellings/words: pilarguria."

philargyros - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words: 'covetous' [Luke 16:14, etc.]; [2 Timothy 3:2]. Other definitions include: a lover of money. Associated spellings/words: pilarguros."

fyrd - "Definitions: militia." (Anglo-Saxon)

FIELD - "Definitions: open country. Associated spellings/words: feld, veld."

Bealtaine - "Definitions: The Celtic May Day."

philedonos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words: 'lovers of pleasures' [2 Tim- othy 3:4]. Other definitions include: lover of pleasure. Associated spellings/ words: pilhdonos."

pilotimeomai - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words: 'strived' [Romans 15:20]; 'labour' [2 Corinthians 5:9]; 'study' [Thessalonians 4:11]. Other meanings include: ambition; Godly ambition; goal. Associated spellings/words: philot- imhomai."

Firbolg - "Definitions: primordial inhabitants, or early gods, of Ireland; the third wave of invaders that conquered the Fomorians; men of the bags. Associated spellings/words: fir ['Men'] + bolg ['bag'] (Celtic)."

Philadelphia - "Definitions: brotherly love." (Greek)

Byelobog - "Definitions: Slavic 'White God,' a heavenly deity opposed to the Black God, Chernobog."

FIX - "Definitions: attach. Associated spellings/words: fixus, figere ['fasten'], fixure, fixura."

beq - "Definitions: name for an Egyptian hieroglyph depicting a pregnant woman. Associated spellings/words: beg ['prince, princess'] (Turkish)."

feac - "Definitions: bend (Gaelic). Associated spellings/words: figh ['weave'] (Gaelic)."

fiqh - "Definitions: knowledge, understanding, skill, law." (Arabic)

feach - "Definitions: look (Gaelic). Associated spellings/words: feic ['see'] (Gaelic)."

beach - "Definitions: a bee (Irish). Associated spellings/words: bech."

bija - "Definitions: seed, energy, root power; the potential behind every material manifestation." (Sanskrit)

biga - "Definitions: bent, curved (Kapinga).

bega - "Definitions: evening." (Brahui)

biki - "Definitions: twin." (Basque)

bigi - "Definitions: to paste, stickiness." (Kapinga)

bijiao - "Definitions: relatively." (Chinese)

bhikku - "Definitions: beggar, monk, male member of the Buddhist sangha who has entered homelessness and received full ordination (Pali). Associated spellings/words: bhikkhus, bhikksu."

bikos - "Definitions: a jar or cask, drinking bowl." (Greek)

bhiksa - "Definitions: alms, what one desires to share." (Hindu)

bhikshu - "Definitions: beggar, monk, male member of the Buddhist sangha who has entered homelessness and received full ordination (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: bhikku."

Bikeh Hozho - "Definitions: the personification of speech, who appears in the Navajo creation myth in human-like form."

bhikshuni - "Definitions: nun, fully ordained female member of the Buddhist sangha (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: bhikkuni."

BEGIN - "Definitions: come into being. Associated spellings/words: began, begun, beginnan."

bhikkuni - "Definitions: nun, fully ordained female member of the Buddhist sangha (Pali). Associated spellings/words: bhikshuni."

pigmentum - "Definitions: a paint." (Latin)

baikhari - "Definitions: the oral teachings which are given by the tounge and voice only. Associated spellings/words: beaker, bikan, bikeri, behhari, becher, bikos ['drinking bowl'] (Greek)."

PEJORATIVE - "Definitions: depreciatory in meaning (French). Associated spellings/words: pejoritif, pejorare ['make worse'], pejor ['worse']."

peacock - "Definitions: bird of Juno, mother of the Roman gods."

Picts - "Definitions: early inhabitants of Central and Northern Scotland and Northern Ireland who arrived before 1,000 B.C.; people who were rather short and of dark complexion."

pit - "Definitions: to assemble." (Hindu)

byt - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'within' [Genesis 6:14]; 'house' [Genesis 7:1, etc.]; 'prison' [Genesis 39:20, etc.]; 'steward [Genesis 44:4]; 'houses' [Exodus 1:21, etc.]. Other definitions include: house of; name for the second letter in the Hebrew alphabet. Associated spellings/words: bayith, beth."

PIT - "Definitions: hole or shaft in the ground."

BIT - "Definitions: small piece or quantity. Associated spellings/words: bid."

PIPE - "Definitions: tube."

PEEP - "Definitions: look through a narrow opening; emerge a little into view."

fief - "Definitions: in feudal law, an estate granted by lord to a vassal on condition of homage and service (Old French). Associated spellings/words: feud."

FEED - "Definitions: put into."

BITE - "Definitions: to grip or cut with teeth or jaws."

BEAT - "Definitions: strike repeatedly."

bhid - "Definitions: split, separate (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: bat ['club, stout stick; instrument for striking ball in games'] (Old English)."

phyed - "Definitions: a half." (Tibetan)

BEHAVE - "Definitions: hold oneself in a certain respect; act in a certain way. Associated spellings/words: be + have."

bida - "Definitions: end of something (Kapinga). Associated spellings/words: bide ['remain, wait for; endure; suffer']. Associated spellings/words: bidan, bitan, bioa."

Fiada - 'Definitions: Friday." (Akan)

pITha - "n. (rarely i1, f.; possibly corrupted fr. %{pi-sad}, to sit upon) a stool, seat, chair, bench, Gr2S3. MBh. &c.; a religious student's seat (made properly of Kus3a grass) W.; case, pedestal (esp. of an idol) Ra1jat. Var. Sch.; royal seat, throne Ra1matUp.; place, office (cf. %{pIThA7dhikAra}); N. of various temples (erected on the 5 1 spots where the limbs of Pa1rvati1 fell after she had been cut to pieces by the discus of Vishn2u) L.; a district, province Pan5c.; a partic. posture in sitting Cat.; (in geom.) the complement of a segment Col.; m. a kind of fish L.; the sun Gal.; N. of an Asura MBh.; of a minister of Kan6sa Hariv." (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon
*Link: http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MWScan/tamil/index.html

baidh - "Definitions: love (Irish). Associated spellings/words: baidhe, baide, bade."

bhita - "Definitions: afraid." (Sanskrit)

beata - "Definitions: Spanish term for a white witch."

Bida'a - "The religion of the kingdom involved emperor worship of the Ghana and worship of the Bida'a, a mythical water serpent of the Niger River." *Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghana_Empire - [T.D. - 07/27/08]

pibao - "Definitions: purse." (Chinese)

bibi - "Definitions: lady, woman." (Brahui)

baiti - "Definitions: the two divine souls." (Egyptian)

paideia - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'nurture' [Ephesians 6:4]; 'in- struction' [2 Timothy 3:16]; 'chastening' [Hebrews 12:5, 7, 11]; 'chastisement [Hebrews 12:8]. Other definitions include: discipline and training of children, discipline, train. Associated spellings/words: paidhia."

paideuo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'chastise' [Luke 23:16, etc.]; 'learned' [Acts 7:22]; 'taught' [Acts 22:3]; 'teaching' [Titus 2:12]. Other definitions include: to bring up, or train, chasten, chastened, chasteneth, learn, instructing, to whip, or beat. Associated spellings/words: paidhuw."

pithos - "Definitions: female-symbolic Holy Vase, used in the Elusinian Mysteries as a uterine receptacle for corpses, to give them a blessed birth." (Greek)

bitsa - "Definitions: foam." (Basque)

phya bskos - "Definitions: appointed lot or destiny (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: phywa tshe ['appointed lot of lifetime']."

biddan - "Definitions: to ask, to command." (Anglo-Saxon)

paidion - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'young child' [Matthew 2:8, etc.]; 'damsel' [Mark 5:39, 40, 41]. Other definitions include: a child up to age seven, child, children, little child, little children. Associated spellings/words: pais ['a child between 7 and 14']"

pitanologia - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'enticing words' [Colossians 2:4]. Associated spellings/words: pithanologia."

Paiyatemu - "Definitions: Zuni Indian Sun Youth, the first of the Koshare, son of Sun Father or of Underground Mother. Associated spellings/words: Paiyatamu, Paiyatuma."

Bytal - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'Beth-el' [Genesis 35:15]: And Jacob called the name of the place where God spoke to him, Beth-el."

fidere - "Definitions: put faith into, trust (Latin). Associated spellings/words: fidus ['trusty']."

BEAVER - "Definitions: amphibious rodent (Old English). Associated spellings/words: beofor, bever, bibar, biber, bjorr; babhrus ['brown'] (Sanskrit); fiber ['beaver'](Latin)."

FEATHER - "Definitions: one of many outgrowths that cover the outer surface of a bird. Trivia: an ancient symbol for truth. Associated spellings/words: feoer, fethara, veer, fedara, feder, fjoor, feather." fitra - "Fitra, or fitrah (Ar. ????), is an Arabic word meaning 'disposition', 'nature', 'constitution', or 'instinct'. In a mystical context, it can connote intuition or insight. [....] Root of word *To split or cleave *Implies opening up and coming out *Verb means 'to bring forth', 'to originate', 'to knead and shape dough'. [....]" *Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fitra

bifrost - "Definitions: the rainbow bridge linking Earth [Midgard] to Heaven [Asgard] and guarded by Heimdall the white god. Associated spellings/words: Asbru ['bridge of the gods'] (Norse mythology)."
*Links: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bifr%C3%B6st

Beverly - "Definitions: beaver stream." (Old English)

fiat lux - "Definitions: Let there be light."

Beatrice - "Definitions: happy (Greek). Associated spellings/words: beatrix."

bye brag - "Definitions: difference." (Tibetan)

Bytlchm - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'Beth-lehem' [Genesis 35:19]; the place where Rachel was buried following the birth of Benjamin. Literal definit- ions include: the house of food."

bibek - "Definitions: discrimination; searching inquiry, careful study, as the first step on the path of the Masters [Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 468] (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: vivek."

pitaka - "Definitions: basket." (Sanskrit)

bibhatsa - "Definitions: trembling." (Sanskrit)

Pied Piper - "Trivia: By one report, his historic visit to Hamelin is said to have taken place on July 22nd, 1376."

pU - "(otl) 03 1. flower, blossom, of which there are four kinds [....]" (otl) = Cologne Online Tamil Lexicon
*Link: http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MWScan/tamil/index.html

pU - "(otl) 04 1. earth; 2. birth; production" (otl) = Cologne Online Tamil Lexicon
*Link: http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MWScan/tamil/index.html

pU - "(mwd) mfn. cleaning, purifying (see %{su-pu4})." (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon
*Link: http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MWScan/tamil/index.html

po - "Definitions: lake." (Chinese)

po - "Definitions: water (North American Indian). Associated spellings/words: Po ['Mother Darkness'] (Maori); Apop ['serpent fiend who devours the souls of the dead and thus denies them reunion with the source'] (Egyptian)."

Po - "Definitions: a brooding night that existed in the beginning." (Polynesian Mythology)

Fu - "Name for an ideograph composed of three strokes [or three footprints going away], a short horizontal line, two suns [one on top the other], and the image of three footprints [returning]. General meanings include: to go around and begin again; the 11th month of the Chinese lunar calendar [December]; reportedly, during the Zhou dynasty the Chinese New Year began with the winter solstice; turning back; the 24th hexagram: earth above, thunder below." (I Ching)

fu - "Name for a pictograph believed to represent three steps. General meanings include: hill." (Chinese)

fu - "Name for an ideograph showing zhu [bamboo shoots] and fu [seal offered]. General meanings include: seal offered for comparison; match, accord; symbol, sign; charm, tailsman." (Chinese)

fu - "Name for an ideograph showing nu [woman] and zhou [hand holding a broom]. General meanings include: wife." (Chinese)

fu - "Name for an ideograph showing cun [hand] and ren [person]. General meanings include: hand offering something to a person; hand over, consign; pay." (Chinese)

fu - "Name for an ideograph showing you [hand] and gen [stick]. General meanings include: hand enforcing rules with stick; father (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: fulao ['elders'], fumu ['parents'], fumuqin ['parents'], fuqin ['father']."

fu - "Name for an ideograph showing man with a hairpin, symbolizing adulthood. General meanings include: man; husband. When combined with the pictograph shou [hand] the general meaning is: support with hand; aid, help." (Chinese)

fu - "Name for a pictograph believed to represent a spirit's large head (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: Fo ['shortened form of the Chinese word for Buddha, or enlightened being']."

fo - "Definitions: 'under'." (Celtic)

Bo - "Name for an ideograph showing the pictograph bo [later lu: the name of King Wen's famous sword; a piece of carved wood], to the right is an ancient weapon, knife [dao]. General meanings include: an act of carving and engraving; splitting apart; peeling off; decaying, corroding; falling away; the 23rd hexagram: mountain above, earth below." (I Ching)

bu - "Definitions: part; section; department (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: bufen, bumen."

bu - "Name for a pictograph believed to represent cracks in tortoise shells. In composition it can represent a stick. General meanings include: fortell, divine." (Chinese)

bu [u4] - "Pictograph showing an upward pointing arrow-like shape ('bird') beneath a single horizontal line - yi [i1] ('horizon, heaven'). General meanings include: a bird rising to heaven, soar away; adv. no, not." (Chinese). Associated spellings/ words: bu shi [u4 i4] ('not so, it isn't true')." *Link: http://zhongwen.com/d/164/x163.htm

bu - "Definitions: to rush around." (Sumerian)

bo - "Name for an ideograph showing shui [streams; water] and pi [flay, skin]. General meanings include: wave (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: boji ['spread']."

bo - "Name for an ideograph depicting a horse [ma], and mixed [yao]. General meanings include: a horse with mixed colors; variegated; refute." (Chinese)

bo - "Definitions: ox (Irish, Gaelic). Associated spellings/words: bu ['ox'] (Cornish); boef, beef ['flesh of the ox'] (Anglo-Norman); boef, buef (Old French); bovem, bos (Latin)."

fou - "Name for a pictograph believed to represent a covered clay vessel. General meanings include: crock." (Chinese)

fou - "Name for a pictograph composed of bu [no, not] and kou [mouth]. General meanings include: no from the mouth; deny; negate." (Chinese)

bhU - "(mwd) mfn. (ifc.) = 2. %{bhI}, becoming being existing, produced (cf. %{agni-}, %{pra-bhu} &c.)." (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon *Link: http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MWScan/tamil/index.html

bhu - "Definitions: exist; come into existence; be; arise, happen; [expresses] have, get, ect.; earth." (Sanskrit)

bhv - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'void' [Genesis 1:2], [Jeremiah 4:23]; 'emptiness' [Isaiah 34:11]. Other definitions include: waste, to be empty, tangled. Associated spellings/words: bohu."

buo - "Definitions: dwelling (Old Icelandic). Associated spellings/words: boo, bod, buo, bua."

bajo - "Definitions: low, short." (Spanish)

bahu - "Definitions: much, many." (Sanskrit)
bAhu - "Definitions: 'arm'. (Vedic) *Link: http://www.utexas.edu/cola/centers/lrc/eieol/vedol-2-X.html

Beau - "Definitions: beautiful (French). Associated spellings/words: Beaumont ['beautiful mountain']; Beauregard ['beautiful outlook']."

bva - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'brought' [Genesis 2:19]; 'came' [Genesis 6:4, 20:3, 22:9]; 'come' [Genesis 6:13]; 'bring' [Genesis 6:17]; 'in' [Genesis 7:7]; 'enter' [Genesis 12:11]; 'going down' [Genesis 15:12]; 'go' [Genesis 15:15]; 'go in' [Genesis 16:2]; 'pulled' [Genesis 19:10]; 'stricken' [Genesis 24:1]; 'coming' [Genesis 24:63]. Other definitions include: approached; wineskin. Associated spellings/ words: bow; ba; ath ['come'] (Old Hebrew)."

boao - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'crying' [Mark 1:3]."

pho-wa - "Definitions: transference (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: Pho-wa; Drong-jug ['a higher form of transference']."

bui - "Definitions: to spit, spit out." (Kapinga)

boy - "Definitions: male servant; youth or man of low estate; young male child; negro slave; man in fetters, slave, serf. Associated spellings/words: boie, embuier [fetter]; boia ['fetter']."

bavai - "Definitions: wisher." (Bible Concordance)

poieo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'did' [Matthew 1:24, etc.]; 'make' [Matthew 3:3, etc.]; 'bring forth' [Matthew 3:8]. Other definitions include: to do, doeth, doest, doing, causeth, to make, made. Associated spellings/words: poihw; poiema ['work']; poimen ['shepherd']; poimaino ['to act as a shepherd']."

poena - "Definitions: penalty, punishment; pain, grief (Latin). Associated spellings/words: poina, poine, cena, kaena, cayate."

foil - "Definitions: leaf; a healing plant. (Middle English). Associated Spellings/words: folium (Latin)."

bvs - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'ashamed' [Genesis 2:25, etc]; 'delayed' [Exodus 32:1]; 'long' [Judges 5:28]. Other definitions include: shame, confusion, confounded. Associated spellings/words: bos, buwsh."

phos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'light' [John 1:4, etc.]."

puos - "Definitions: discharge (Greek). Associated spellings/words: pyos."

FUSE - "Definitions: melt with intense heat, melt and run together, unite. Associated spellings/words: fundere ['pour, melt'] (Latin)."

FUSE - "Definitions: cord, casting, etc, filled with combustible material for igniting explosive. Associated spellings/words: fusus ['spindle'] (Latin)."

fossa - "Definitions: ditch, trench (Latin). Associated spellings/words: fodere ['dig']."

bhavisya - "Definitions: future." (Sanskrit)

physioo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'puffed up' [1 Corinthians 4:6, etc]. Associated spellings/words: pussiow; physiosis, pusiwsis."

physiosis - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'swellings' [2 Corinthians 12:20]. Associated spellings/words: pusiwsis."

physis - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'nature' [Romans 1:26, etc]; 'natural' [Romans 11:21]; 'kind' & 'mankind' [James 3:7]. Other definitions include: the substance and process of nature combined, the nature of nature. Associated spellings/words: phusis, pusis; physikos, phusikos ['according to nature, natural']."

PHYSIOLOGY - "Definitions: natural science, natural philosophy; science of the phenomena of living things; the study of body functions that explains in chemical and physical terms how the body and its parts work. Associated spellings/words: phusiologia."

Pusan - "Definitions: nourisher (Vedic). Associated spellings/words: pustimbhara ['nurture bringer']."

busen - "Definitions: drink to excess (M. Dutch). Associated spellings/words: buizen."

FUSION - "Definitions: process of merging by melting; union of atomic nuclei."

bo shin - "Definitions: observation, smell, etc." (Japanese)

fushang - "Definitions: [your] residence." (Chinese)

Busyansta - "Definitions: Futurity; What Will Be Will Be." (Iranian)

pusaq - "Definitions: eight." (Quechua)

physic - "Definitions: healing art, medicine; natural science. Associated spellings/words: fisike, fisique, physica, phusike, phusis ['nature']."

bosko - "Definitions: to feed." (Greek)

bosque - "Definitions: forest (Spanish). Associated spellings/words: bush ['shrub'], buss(ch)e, boisshe, buysche, busk, buski, bosk, bosh, bossche, bois ['wood'] (Old French)."

physikos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word 'natural' [Romans 1:26, 27], [2 Peter 2:12]. Other definitions include: according to nature. Associated spellings/words: pusikos; physis ['nature']."

psychikos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word 'natural' [1 Corinthians 2:14; 15:44, 46]; 'sensual' [James 3:15], [Jude 1:19]. Other definitions include: soulish. Associated spellings/words: phuchikos, puxikos."

PHYSICAL - "Definitions: relating to nature; material body. Associated spellings/words: fisike, fisique, phusike, phusis."

Poseidon - "Definitions: God of the sea, horses and earthquakes. The founder of Atlantis. Son of: Cronus [Saturn] & Rhea. Brother of Zeus [Jupiter]; Hera; Demeter; Hestia; Hades [Pluto]. Wife of: Amphitrite. (Greek Mythology). Associated spellings/words: Neptune (Roman Mythology)."

FOSTER - "Definitions: nourish, feed; bring up [a child]; promote the growth of; cherish, nurse. Associated spellings/words: foster ['food'] (Old English)."

POSTURE - "Definitions: position; disposition of parts, attitude. Associated spellings/words: postura, positura ['position, situation'], posit, ponere ['place'] (Latin)."

Bozydar - "Definitions: divine gift." (Polish)

POSTERIOR - "Definitions: later; hinder; descendants; hinder parts, buttocks; directional anatomical term refering to the back [dorsal]. Associated spellings/words: posterus ['following, future'], post ['after'] (Latin)."

pozdrav - "Definitions: hug (Bosnian). Associated spellings/words: ljut."

fun [hum] - "Definitions: sound." (Mayan)

pun - "Definitions: give, divide." (Hakka)

bun - "Definitions: mist, vanish." (Tibetan)

bon - "Definitions: invocation, recitation; the ancient pre-Buddhist religion of Tibet. The practicioners refer to themselves as Bon-Po. Associated spellings/words: Pon."

BON /r- "Definitions: well. Associated spellings/words: bueno ['good'] (Spanish); bon ['good'] (French); bonus ['good'] (Latin); bona fides ['good faith']."

phone - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'voice' [Mark 1:3]. Other definitions include: sound. Associated spellings/words: phonh."

paion - "Definitions: a Homeric name of the physician of the gods, afterwards Apollo (Greek). Associated spellings/words: paian ['hymn to Apollo invoked by the name Paian']."

BONE - "Definitions: skeletal material. Associated spellings/words: ben, bein."

Boann - "Definitions: Queen of the Tuatha De Danann, the divine race of Ireland. Wife of Dagda."

phuein - "Definitions: bring forth." (Greek)

bhavin - "Definitions: future, imminent." (Sanskrit)

buna - "Definitions: slow." (Kapinga)

punna - "Definitions: merit; good karma (Hindu). Associated spellings/words: punya ['spiritual merit; charity, love']."

bhavana - "Definitions: Meditation, mind development, all those practices usually designated as meditation." (Sanskrit)

buni - "Definitions: joined." (Kapinga)

Bonnie - "Definitions: a name that from Latin is believed to mean: good. From Celtic: pretty."

Baba Yaga - "Definitions: Ancient Goddess." *Link: http://www.lunaea.com/goddess/power/babayaga.html

Bonita - "Definitions: pretty." (Spanish)

bono - "Definitions: to close, plug up, obstructed." (Kapinga)

bonno - "Definitions: worldly care, sensual desire, passions, unfortunate longings, suffering, pain; the [worldly] cares, suffering, and passions that arise out of deluded view of the world." (Japanese)

phoneuo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'kill' [Matthew 5:21, etc.]. Other definitions include: murder, killed, slew. Associated spellings/words: ponhuw; phonos, ponos ['murder']."

ponos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'pain' [Revelation 16:10; 21:4]; 'pains' [Revelation 16:11]. Other definitions include: the pain of exhaustion."

phonos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'murders' [Matthew 15:19, etc.]. Other definitions include: murder, slaughter, sword, a murderer, slayer, homicide. Associated spellings/words: phoneus, phonhus."

bun shin - "Definitions: sound." (Japanese)

Pounamu - "Definitions: highly decorative personal ornaments such as amulets and carved stone pendants." (Maori)

punar - "Definitions: again, recurring, back (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: punar mrtyu ['recurring death']; punarjanma ['rebirth']."

poneria - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'wickedness' [Matthew 22:18, etc.]; 'iniquities' [Acts 3:26]. Other definitions include: evil. Associated spellings/ words: ponhria."

poneros - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'evil' [Matthew 5:11, etc.]; 'iniquities' [Acts 3:26]. Other definitions include: wicked, grievous. Associated spellings/words: ponhros."

boanerges - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'Boanerges' [Mark 3:17]. Other definitions include: thunder. Associated spellings/words: boanhrghs."

BUNCH - "Definitions: hump; swelling; bundle; collection of similar things."

Pawang - "Definitions: Malay Peninsula medicine man or magician; forbidden."

bungu - "Definitions: round." (Kapinga)

Bunk Nal - "Definitions: 'the curved pipe'." *Link: http://tinyurl.com/75gaskm

phung po - "Definitions: body, heap." (Tibetan)

funf - "Definitions: five." (German)

BOND - "Definitions: fetter; binding force; covenant; deed binding a person to pay money. Associated spellings/words: bonde ['serf']."

puente - "Definitions: bridge." (Spanish)

punto - "Definitions: point." (Spanish)

fondo - "Definitions: bottom." (Spanish)

bonpu - "Definitions: everyman, the ordinary or average person; the Zen expression designating the ordinary, unenlightened person in contrast to an enlightened person or saint (Japanese). Associated spellings/words: bompu, bonbu."

pontos - "In Greek mythology, Pontus (or Pontos ..., English translation: 'sea') was an ancient, pre-Olympian sea-god, one of the protogenoi, the 'first-born'. Pontus was the son of Gaia, the Earth: [....]"
*Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pontus_%28mythology%29

Fundamentalism - "Definitions: In the early 20th Century, some Protestants started to call themselves 'fundamentalists' to distinguish themselves from the more 'liberal' Protestants, who were, in their opinion, entirely distorting the Christian faith."

bundle - "Definitions: bandage, collection of things bound together." (German)

boundary - "Trivia: one of the eight symbols of Fo Hi (about 2800 B.C.), showing a series of three short parallel horizontal lines, where the bottom two are broken. Associated spellings/words: gen ['mountain'] (Chinese)."

bom - "Definitions: spring." (Korean)

bum - "Definitions: thousand (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: bum phrag ['a hundred thousand']."

puma - "Definitions: thumb (Old English). Associated spellings/words: pymel ['finger-cap used in sewing']."

baum - "Definitions: 'tree'." (German)

buhme - "Definitions: stage (German). Associated spellings/words: boom ['floating timber barrier; tree, pole, beam']."

bhumi - "Definitions: land; stage; each of the ten stages that the bodhisattva must go through to attain buddhahood; proper name of Visnu's second consort (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: bumis ['earth'] (Old Persian)."

Buumi - "Definitions: a name for Earth." (Tamil) *Link: http://www.nineplanets.org/days.html

fumo - "Definitions: to smoke, steam, reek (Latin). Associated spellings/words: fumus."

bu mo - "Definitions: woman (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: bud med."

poimen - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'shepherd' [Matthew 9:36, etc.]. Associated spellings/words: poimhn; poimaino ['to act as a shepherd']."

bohemian - "Definitions: gipsy; socially unconventional person; vagabond, adventurer. Associated spellings/words: bohemien."

Fomorians - "Definitions: a mythical prehistoric people who occupied ancient Ireland. Associated spellings/words: fomo ['giant, pirate'] (Celtic Mythology)

BUMP - "Definitions: move forcibly, small bulge or swelling."

pho mtshan - "Definitions: the male parts." (Tibetan)

pur - "Definitions: fire." (Greek)

pur - "Definitions: corpse (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: purba ['ancient'] (Malay)."

pul - "Definitions: 'bridge' (Farsi). Associated spellings/words: pil-sirat (Farsi)."

bor - "Definitions: to cast away, abandon, throw, disperse; give up." (Tibetan)

bvr - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'pit' [Genesis 37:24, etc.]."

bvl - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'Bul' [1 Kings 6:38]. Other definitions include: possible foreign [Phoenician?] eighth month name; flooding?; November - December. History: reportedly, the months of Bul, Ziv, and Ethanim are not mentioned anywhere in the Torah [the first five books of the Old Testament]. These are mentioned only four times - in the book of Kings. Associated spellings/words: buwl; Kislev [9th exilic Hebrew month name']; Kissilimu ['9th Akkadian month name']."

bul - "Definitions: perform, offer; slow." (Tibetan)

FOOL - "Definitions: someone whose words, though many and loud, are so much empty air; windbag. Associated spellings/words: follis ['bellows'] (latin)."

pool - "Definitions: glue." (Korean)

poll - "Definitions: head; cut short, cut off the hair of; cut off the head or top of. Associated spellings/words: polle (Low German)."

FOUR - "Definitions: the number four. Associated spellings/words: fire (Danish); chehar (Persian); puar, peder (Breton); tetras, tettares (Greek); can (Mexican)."

BORE - "Definitions: pierce. Associated spellings/words: boren, boron, bora, forare."

Borr - "Definitions: Son of Buri who married the giantess Bestla, and fathered Odin, Vili, and Ve." (Norse Mythology)

bole - "Definitions: tree-trunk. Associated spellings/words: bol ['round object'] (Dutch); bolr, bohle ['plank']."

bole - "Definitions: to tremble, to vibrate, to quake." (Kapinga)

bheur - "Definitions: sharp, or shrill. For example, the cutting winds and harshness of the northern winter. Associated spellings/words: *Cailleach Bheur." (Celtic)

bhool - "Definitions: forgetfulness, omission, mistake, lapse, fault." (Hindi)

pura - "Definitions: before, formerly, previously, once (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: purva."

fola - Definitions: foal, colt." (Anglo-Saxon)

bula - "Definitions: to glow, shine (Kapinga). Associated spellings/words: bool ['fire'] (Korean)."

phyle - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'tribes' [Matthew 24:30, etc.]; 'tribe' [Luke 2:36, etc.]; 'kindreds' [Revelation 1:7, etc.]; 'kindred' [Revelation 5:9]. Associated spellings/words: phule, pulh; phylake, pulakh ['a guard; prison, cage']"

Fulla - "Definitions: Plenty, Bounty; Frigg's trusty maid-servant." (Old Norse)

bulla - "Definitions: bubble." (Latin)

bohra - "Definitions: trader, merchant (Hindu). Associated spellings/words: bohora, buhrah."

boule - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'counsel' [Luke 7:30, etc.]; 'will' [Acts 13:36]. Other definitions include: advised. Associated spellings/words: boulh; bouleuo ['to take counsel, or deliberate']; boulomai ['will, willing']."

Pyrrha - "Definitions: wife of Deucalion, the Greek version of Noah." (Greek Myrhology)

Beulah - "Definitions: married." (Hebrew)

p'ullah - "Definitions: wages, reward." (Hebrew)

Pohjola - "Literally, northern home. A place often mentioned in the Finnish runes. A dark dismal country to the north of Finland, often identified with Lapland." (Finnish Mythology)

poly - "Definitions: many." (Greek)

puri - (mwd) puri 2 f. a town or a river Un2. iv, 142 Sch." (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon
*Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

puri - (otl) puri 03 1. making, doing; 2. cord, twine, rope; 3. strand, twist, as of straw; 4. curl, as of hair; ringlet; 5. spiral, screw; 6. conch; 7. desire; 8. string, as of a lute; 9. garland, as of pearls; 10. tie, fastening / 05 1. town, city; 2. capital city; 3. village of an agricultural tract; 4. body" (otl) = Cologne Online Tamil Lexicon *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

pUri - (otl) pUri 02 much, many; abundant; numerous; great, important; 1. abundance; 2. gold; 3. the total; 4. a quintillion / 03 1. a wind instrument; 2. bow-string; 3. fault; 4. mixed paddy; 5. baobab" (otl) = Cologne Online Tamil Lexicon
*Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

puli - "1 (otl) puli 1. tiger; panther; 2. east Indian kino; 3. lion; 4. leo of the zodiac; 5. a compound ointment, one of na1lvakai-c-ca1ntu , q.v.; 6. a perfumed unguent for the hair; 7. uvula; 9. piece in the game of puli-k-kat2t2am" (otl) = Cologne Online Tamil Lexicon *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

buri - "13 (mwd) buri f. the female organ of generation (= %{buli}) Gal." (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon
*Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

Buri - "Definitions: the producer, born from a giant ice-block licked by Audhumla." (Norse Mythology)

buli - "1 (mwd) buli f. = %{buri} or the anus L." (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon
*Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

buli - "Definitions: to meet together." (Kapinga)

BURY - "Definitions: deposit in the earth, hide. Associated spellings/words: byrgan."

poljubac - "Definitions: kiss." (Bosnian)

Furies - "Definitions: Aeschylus called the Furies, Children of Eternal Night. Sophocles called them, Daughters of Earth and Shadow. Their individual names were: Tisiphone [Retaliation-Destruction], Magaera [Grudge], and Alecto [the Unnameable] (Greek). Associated spellings/words: Erinyes, Eumenides."

puru - "2 (mwd) puru mf(%{pUrvI4})n. ( %{pRR}) much, many, abundant (only %{purU8}, %{-rU4Ni}, %{-rUNAm} and sev. cases of f. %{pUrvI}; in later language only ibc.) RV. &c. &c. (%{-ru84}. much, often, very [also with a compar. or superl.]; with %{simA}, every- where; with %{tira4s}, far off, from afar; %{purA7ru4}, far and wide; %{puru4@- vi4zva}, one and all, every RV.); m. the pollen of a flower L.; heaven, paradise L.; (cf. %{pUru}) N. of a prince (the son of Yaya1ti and S3armisht2ha1 and sixth monarch of the lunar race) MBh. S3ak.; of a son of Vasu-deva and Saha-deva1 BhP.; of a son of Madhu VP.; of a son of Manu Ca1kshusha and Nad2vala1 Pur. [Cf. Old Pers. {paru}; Gk. $; Goth. {filu}; Angl. Sax. {ftolu} ; Germ. {viel}.] &194957[636 ,2]" (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

pUru - "4 (mwd) pUru m. (orig.= %{puru}, and connected with %{puruSa}, %{pUrvSa}) a man, people. RV.; N. of a tribe (associated with the Yadus, Turvas3as, Druhyus) ib.; of a class of demons S3Br.; of an ancient prince (the son of Yaya1ti and S3armisht2ha1) MBh. S3ak. Pur. (cf. Pa1n2. 4-1 , 165 Va1rtt. 3 Pat.) [643,1]; of a descendant of Atri and author of RV. v, 16 ; 17 RAnukr.; of a son of Manu and Nad2vala1 Hariv.; of a son of Jahnu BhP." (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon
*Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

pUru - "7 (cap) pUru m. man, people (coll.); N. of a tribe & an ancient prince." (cap) = Capeller's Sanskrit-English Dictionary *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

puru - "9 (otl) pUru 02 1. abundance; 2. greatness; 3. heaven" (otl)= Cologne Online Tamil Lexicon
*Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

puru - "9 (otl) puru 04 child, infant" (otl) = Cologne Online Tamil Lexicon *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

bolo - "Definitions: according to, in order to, that, to will, entrust, shelter, basket." (Kapinga)

bulu - "Definitions: to hold in one's arms, embrace." (Kapinga)

furui - "Definitions: ten generations, old." (Japanese)

PULS /r - "Definitions: drive, push, throw. Associated spellings/words: Associated spellings/ words: pulsus (Latin); PUSH, PULL."

polos - "Definitions: pivot, axis." (Greek)

polys - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'great' [Matthew 2:18, etc.]; 'many' [Matthew 3:7, etc.]. Other definitions include: much, a large quantity. Associated spellings/words: polus."

polis - "Definitions: the fortress of the city, citadel; city, the state, the citizens who form the state, a free state." (Greek)

bolos - "Definitions: clod, lump of earth (Greek). Associated spellings/words: bolus ['large pill'] (M. Latin)."

Boris - "Definitions: battle (Slavic). Associated spellings/words: Borislav ['fame in battle'], bor ['battle'] + slava ['glory']."

follis - "Definitions: 'bag of wind' (Latin). Associated spellings/words: fool."

folium - "Definitions: 'leaf' (Latin). Associated spellings/words: folio."

volumen - "Definitions: a roll of writing, a roll of papyrus manuscript (Latin). Associated spellings/words: volume (Old French)."

boromir - "Definitions: Faithful (jeweled) horn. Name of three men in The Lord of the Rings."
*Link: http://www.quicksilver899.com/Tolkien/LOTR/LOTR_AC.html - [T.D. - 12/21/07]

Bolverk - "Definitions: 'Worker of Evil'." [Norse Mythology?]

purukh - "Definitions: alternate spelling for purusha. Associated spellings/words: purkh, purakh, purakhu.

purush - "Definitions: Eternal; Imperishable; unmanifested Essence; unchanging Consciousness; being; the ruler of Maya; the Man. Other definitions include: cosmic giant; world body; primal person; consciousness; soul; spirit. Mythology: the creator god in the form of a man with a thousand heads and eyes who embraced the world on all sides (Based on: Rig Veda, Sanskrit, Hindu Mythology). Associated spellings/words: purusha ['spirit']; Rudra; Shiva."

purukkA - "(otl) purukkA - cloth cover for vehicles" (otl) = Cologne Online Tamil Lexicon
*Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

Purusha - "[....] Purusha is described as a primeval gigantic man, not unlike the Norse Ymir or the Greco-Roman Zeus, from whose body the world and the varnas (castes) are built. He is described as having a thousand heads and a thousand feet. He emanated Viraj, the female creative principle, from which he is reborn in turn before the world was made out of his parts. [....]" [Based on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Purusha_sukta]

purUcI - "23 (otl) purUcI f. many, abundant; long." (otl) = Cologne Online Tamil Lexicon
*Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

purukSu - "(cap) purukSu - a. rich in food, i.g. abundant in, liberal with (gen.)." (cap)= Capeller's Sanskrit-English Dictionary *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

pUrukam - "1 (otl) pUrukam tree, as growing on the earth" (otl) = Cologne Online Tamil

boreas - "Definitions: north wind." (Greek)

Boleslaw - "Definitions: more fame." (Slavic)

BURST - "Definitions: fly apart or into pieces."

bolster - "Definitions: pillow, cusion." (Old English)

forn - "Definitions: ancient." (Old Norse)

BURN - "Definitions: stream, brook; be on fire. Associated spellings/words: born, brunno, bron, brunnr, brunna, birnan, brinnan, brenna."

borne - "Definitions: bubble (as a spring). Associated spellings/words: burne." (Old English)

bolan - "Definitions: nine (Mayan); 'to make his parts revolve on themselves' (Churchward)"

purna - "Definitions: all, full." (Sanskrit)

purana - "Definitions: belonging to ancient times, an event of the past, ancient legend (Hindu). Associated spellings/words: puranas ['old books']."

porneia - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'fornication' [Matthew 5:32, etc.]. Other definitions include: prostitution. Associated spellings/words: pornhia; pornos ['fornicators']."

pornos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'fornicators' [1 Corinthians 5:9, etc.]. Other definitions include: sexually immoral people. Associated spellings/ words: pornhia; pornos ['fornicators']."

buranun - "Definitions: Sumerian word for the Euphrates river. Associated spellings/words: purattu, prt."

bolonti k'u - "Definitions: the roots of Hunab Ku; 9 priests (Mayan). Associated spellings/ words: bolonti k'u ['place which marks the sacred cycles of human beings in union with the tree']; *Bolon Yokte K’u ['Bolon Yokte means bolon (nine), y- (plural), ok (foot), -te (tree)'.]; balan ['Jaguar']."
*Links: http://www.newdawnmagazine.com/Article/The%20Mayan%20Lord%20of%20Creation%20and%202012.html

puram - "Definitions: city." (Sanskrit)

Burma - "Trivia: reportedly, the ancient civilization of Burma was wiped out about 12,000 years ago." (Churchward)

phyrama - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'lump' [Romans 9:21; 11:16], [1 Corinthians 5:6, 7], [Galatians 5:9]. Other definitions include: batch. Associated spellings/words: phurama, purama."

pulmo - "Definitions: lung." (Latin)

polemos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'wars' [Matthew 24:6, etc.]. Other definitions include: war, battle, fight. Associated spellings/words: pohmos; polemeo ['to make war, or fight']."

pyramid - "Definitions: fire in the middle. Trivia: the 'Great Pyramid' at Giza is reportedly made of 2.5 million limestone blocks, each with an average weight of 2.5 tons. The Great Pyramid is aligned to the cardinal points of the compass and is situated almost exactly on the geodetically significant latitude of 30 degrees."

forare - "Definitions: pierce, bore." (Latin)

FOREARM - "Definitions: regional anatomical term refering to the portion of the upper limb between the elbow and wrist."

folc - "Definitions: people, nation (Old English). Associated spellings/words: folgere ['successor'] (Anglo-Saxon), folgoo ['office, rule']." See: Folca @ *Link: http://www.quicksilver899.com/Tolkien/LOTR/LOTR_DF.html - [T.D. - 12/22/07]

bolg - "Definitions: belly, bag (Irish). Associated spellings/words: bolg ['bag'] (Gaulish)."
*Link: http://www.quicksilver899.com/Tolkien/LOTR/LOTR_AC.html

buraq - "Definitions: lightning, the heavenly mount upon which Muhammad is supposed to have ridden." (Arabic)

phylake - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'prison' [Matthew 5:25, etc]; 'watch' [Matthew 14:25; 24:43, etc.]; 'ward' [Acts 12:10]; 'hold' & 'cage' [Revelation 18:2]. Other definitions include: a guard, prisons, imprisonment, imprisonments. Associated spellings/words: pulakh; phyle, phule ['tribe']."

Pollux - "Definitions: Evening Star, one of the twin gods born from the whomb of Leda, or Latona, primal mother of the World Egg in Greek myth [Pollux = Latin spelling]. Associated spellings/words: Polydeuces [= Greek spelling]." (Greek Mythology)

purca - "Definitions: 'slot, trench'." (Latin). Associated spellings/words: *porc ['pig'] (Latin); porcella ['cowrie shell', 'sea shell']."

porgu - "Definitions: hell." (Estonian) Folkvangr - "Definitions: 'In Norse mythology Fólkvangr ("folk-plain" or "host-plain") was the dwelling of Freyja in Asgard the world of the Æsir where stood Sessrúmnir her hall.' [....]" (Based on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F%C3%B3lkvangr) - (T.D. - 01/14/07)

purakam - "1. filling; satisfying; 2. inhalation, filling in of breath, a part of pira1n- 2a1ya1mam , q.v.; 3. red species of little millet, panicum cgyptiacum" (Cologne Online Tamil Lexicon) *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/cgi-bin/tamil/recherche

purakaran - "Siva, as the destroyer of tiripuram" (Cologne Online Tamil Lexicon)
*Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/cgi-bin/tamil/recherche

Borghild - "Definitions: fortress battle (Old Norse); Mythology: Wife of Sigmund who killed Sinfiolti with a poisoned drink and was banished by Sigmund." [....]" *Link: http://www.authorama.com/nibelungenlied-2.html - [T.D. 12/08/07]

bolt - "Definitions: stout arrow; stout pin for fastening; roll of fabric; dart off, fasten with a bolt. Associated spellings/words: bout ['bolt'], bolz, bolzen ['arrow']."

bold - "Definitions: house [botl]. (Anglo-Saxon)

folde - "Definitions: region, country (Old English). Associated spellings/words: feld ['open land, battlefield'] (Anglo-Saxon); folde ['enclosure'] (Danish); feald ['abode, region'] (Anglo-Saxon)."

BUILD - "Definitions: dwelling, house; put together. Associated spellings/words: bold, botl, bodl, bol, bolbos ['onion, bulbous root'] (Greek)."

phurba - "Definitions: 'a three-sided peg, stake, knife, or nail like ritual implement traditionally associated with Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, Bön'. Associated spellings/ words: phur ba, pur-ba fur-pu; phurpa, phurbu or phurpu; kila ['a sharp piece of wood, stake, pin, peg, bolt, wedge, etc.'] (Sanskrit); kilaya, kilaka; Vajraki- la (Sanskrit)."
*Links: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phurba

puerta - Definitions: door (Spanish). Associated spellings/words: porta ['door'], puerto ['harbor']."

Purattu - "Reportedly, a name for the Euprates river as known by the Assyrians. Associated spellings/words: Perath."

puretos - "Definitions: fever (Greek). Associated spellings/words: pyretos."

Polydeuces - "[....] From the first egg laid by Leda, Castor and Clytemnestra emerged as mortals subject to sickness, aging and death, and from the second, Polydeuces and Helen hatched as full-blown immortals. [....]" [Based on: Parabola article (Gemini and the Path of Paradox, by Kat Duff, Vol. XIX, No. 2, 1994 (Twins), p. 12]" (Greek Mythology)

FORCE - "Definitions: exceptional strength or energy. Associated spellings/words: fortis ['strong'] (Latin)."

Burton - "Definitions: fortified town." (Old English)

borobil - "Definitions: round." (Basque)

fog - "Definitions: spray, driving snow." (Danish)

pog - "Definitions: kiss." (Gaelic)

boc - "Definitions: 'beech' (Old English). Associated spellings/words: book."

bwg - "Definitions: spirit." (Welsh)

Bug - "Definitions: the word for God in all Slavic languages; wealth, giver of wealth [bogu]. Associated spellings/words: Bog."

bug - "Definitions: object of dread. Associated spellings/words: bogey-man, bugabow, bugaboo, bugbear, boggle-bo, puca, puk, spook, bwg, bwgan ['ghost, hobgoblin'], bwgwi ['fear'] (Welsh)."

bug - "Definitions: hole, opening (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: bu'ga."

BOX - "Definitions: container."

pwak - "Definitions: money, silver." (Quiche Maya)

puge - "Definitions: buttocks (Greek). Associated spellings/words: pyge."

bhuk - "Definitions: crack." (Sanskrit)

book - "Definitions: mouth; north (Korean). Associated spellings/words: bouche ['mouth'] (French); boca ['mouth'] (Spanish); buc ['belly']; buk ['pitcher'], buh, bauch, bukr ['body'] (Old Norse)."

Buck - "Definitions: male deer (Old English). Associated spellings/words: bucc."

bough - "Definitions: shoulder; limb; limb of a tree. Associated spellings/words: bog, boh, boch, buch, boog, boeg ['shoulders, bows of a ship'], bogr ['shoulder']; pakhus, pekhus ['fore-arm'] (Greek); bahu ['arm'] (Sanskrit); boulevard ['broad tree-lined walk']; boquet ['clump of trees'] (French)."

psyche - "Definitions: butterfly; soul; spirit; mind; a vital force or breath which left at death through the mouth, or through a wound (Latin). Associated spellings/words: psuke."

psyche - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'life' [Matthew 2:20, etc.]; 'soul' [Matthew 10:28, etc.]; 'to doubt' [John 10:24]; 'minds' [Acts 14:2, etc.]; 'you' [2 Corinthians 12:15]; 'heart' [Ephesians 6:6, etc.]; 'mind' [Philippians 1:27, etc.]. Other meanings include: the unconscious. Associated spellings/words: puxh."

puca - "Definitions: a fairy." (Old English)

puja - "Definitions: to honor, worship." (Hindu)

buga - "Definitions: the Supreme god of the Tungus people of Siberia who made the first two people."

fogha - "Definitions: attack." (Gaelic)

bhoga - "Definitions: enjoyment." (Sanskrit)

bucca - "Definitions: mouth." (Latin)

Fuji - "Definitions: Grandmother; Ancestress; the holy Mother-mountain of Japan; Mount Fujiyama was interpreted as a point of contact between heaven and the underworld."

bhogya - "The Purusha is considered as the intelligent principle, a passive enjoyer (bhokta) and the Prakriti is the enjoyed (bhogya). Samkhya believes that the Purusha cannot be regarded as the source of inanimate world, because an intelligent principle cannot transform itself into the unintelligent world. It is a pluralistic spiritualism, atheistic realism and uncompromising dualism.[12]" [Based on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samkhya]

fujin - "Definitions: vicinity." (Chinese)

poco - "Definitions: little." (Spanish)

boku - "Definitions: I; reportedly this form of I was used exclusively by men [warriors] when referring to themselves." (Japanese)

bogo - "Definitions: to impress, concave." (Kapinga)

bugu - "Definitions: to bulge." (Kapinga)

bogu - "Definitions: wealth, giver of wealth (Slavic). Associated spellings/words: bahu ['much, abundant'] (Sanskrit)

pukku - "Definitions: drumstick." (Sumerian)

pheugo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words: 'flee' [Matthew 2:13, etc.]. Other definitions include: fleeth, fled, escaped, to seek safety in flight. Associated spellings/words: phugw."

FOCUS - "Definitions: fire-place, hearth; center of activity; the first altar, and center of early tribal life; point toward which lines, rays, etc., converge; point at which an object must be situated so that a well-defined image of it may be produced by the lens." (Latin)

fogous - "Definitions: 'underground stone chambers'." (Celtic)

Boguslaw - "Definitions: glory of God." (Slavic)

Buchstabe - "Definitions: 'beechstaff' (German). Associated spellings/words: letter."

pogon - "Definitions: beard." (Greek)

bogen - "Definitions: arch (German). Associated spellings/words: bow ['weapon for shooting arrows'], boga ['bow, rainbow, arch'] bogo, bogen, bogi, bow ['bend; incline the head in salute'], bugan, bugen, biegen, biugan, bhuj ['bow, bend'] (Sanskrit); bow ['fore-end of a boat'], boog, boeg."

Poqanghoya - "One of the the first two beings (the twin on the right) made by Spider Woman to keep the world in order by movement, and the making of solid things." (Native American / Hopi)

Bogumil - "Definitions: favored by God." (Slavic)

pucel - "Definitions: goblin. (Anglo-Saxon)

fugere - "Definitions: to flee." (Latin)

pogresno - "Definitions: wrong." (Bosnian)

bouquet - "Definitions: 'a little piece of woodland'." (French)

bhokta - "The Purusha is considered as the intelligent principle, a passive enjoyer (bhokta) and the Prakriti is the enjoyed (bhogya). Samkhya believes that the Purusha cannot be regarded as the source of inanimate world, because an intelligent principle cannot transform itself into the unintelligent world. It is a pluralistic spiritualism, atheistic realism and uncompromising dualism.[12]" [Based on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samkhya] - [T.D. - 08/02/09]

bhukti - "Definitions: enjoyment." (Sanskrit)

bokatsu - "Definitions: stick [and] shout; expression for a type of Zen training customary in Zen. It consists of the skillful use of blows from a stick [kyosaku, shippei] and a shout [katsu] by an experienced Zen master, who knows how to apply these at the right moment for the benefit of his students." (Japanese)

Bogdan - "Definitions: gift from God." (Slavic)

Vucub Hunahpu - "Definitions: along with Hun Hunahpu ['One Hunter'], Vucub Hunahpu ['Seven Hunter'], was a hero twin in the Popol Vuh." (Mayan Mythology)

Pop - "Definitions: Mayan calendar month name 1 [11 Aug - 30 Aug], Venus morning star, Mother Earth."
*Link: http://www.astraltraveler.com/calendars/maya.html

pod - "Definitions: below." (Russian)

bot - "Definitions: remedy (Old English). Associated spellings/words: bot ['boot']."

buD - "(mwd) cl. 6. P. %{buDati}, to cover, conceal Dha1tup. xxviii, 101 (v.l. for %{cuD}); to emit, discharge ib. 90 (v.l. for %{puD}) / cl. 1. P. A1. %{bodati}, %{-te}, to perceive, learn Dha1tup. xxi, 12 (cf. %{bund} and %{budh})." (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon *Link: http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MWScan/tamil/index.html

BUD - "late 14c., budde, origin unknown, perhaps from O.Fr. boter 'push forward, thrust,' itself a Germanic word (cf. Du. bot 'bud,' O.S. budil 'bag, purse,' Ger. Beutel), or from O.E. budd 'beetle.' The verb is c.1400."
*Link: http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?search=bud&searchmode=none

pudd - "Definitions: ditch. (Old English). Associated spellings/words: pudel ['puddel'] (Middle English)."

Pope Innocent III - "Trivia: the pope who proclaimed that the Lord left to Peter the governance not of the church only, but of the whole world."

pvts - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'spread' [Genesis 10:18]; 'scattered' [Genesis 11:4, 8, etc.], [Exodus 5:12], [Psalm 18:14]; 'scatter' [Genesis 49:7]; 'pieces' [Job 16:12], [Nahum 2:1]; 'drive' [Job 18:11]; 'abroad' [Job 40:11]; 'disper- sed' [Proverbs 5:16, etc.]. Associated spellings/words: puwts."

bood - "Definitions: being, existence." (Persian)

bawd - "Definitions: hunting dog." (Old English)

Fohat - "Definitions: 'This something, at present unknown to Western speculation, is called by the occultists Fohat. It is the 'bridge' by which the 'Ideas' existing in the 'Divine Thought' are impressed on Cosmic substance as the 'laws of Nature.' ; '... mysterious link between Mind and Matter, the animating principle electrifying every atom into life.'(Based on: H.P. Blavatsky, T.S.D., Vol. 1, Proem)."

puta - "Definitions: pure, holy (Vedic). Associated spellings/words: putika ['a mystical lake of the waters of birth'] (Avestan)."

boda - "Definitions: look." (Korean)

budh - "Definitions: to be awake." (Sanskrit)

putta - "Definitions: son." (Pali)

budha - "Definitions: wisdom." (Sanskrit)

bodha - "Definitions: Bodha means the innate possession of divine intellect or 'understanding'; 'Buddha,' the aquirement of it by personal efforts and merit; while Buddhi is the faculty of cognizing the channel through which divine knowledge reaches the 'Ego,' the discernment of good and evil, 'divine conscience' also; and 'Spiritual Soul,' which is the vehicle of Atma (Based on: H.P. Blavatsky, T.S.D., Vol. 1)."

bhuta - "Definitions: being, having become; a spirit; troublesome ghost, an evil spirit (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: bhuts ['a kind of angel']; Bhuvah ['the atmosphere'] (Hindu)."

puppha - "Definitions: flower." (Pali)

Buddha - "Definitions: awakened one; a person who has achieved the enlightenment that leads to release from the cycle of existence [samsara] and has thereby attained complete liberation [nirvana]. Trivia: Shakyamuni Buddha, [Siddhartha Gautama] the historical Buddha, is not the first and only buddha. Already in the early Hinayana texts, six buddhas who preceded him in earlier epochs are mentioned: Vipashyin [Vipassi], Shikin [Sikhi], Vishvabhu [Vessabhu], Krakuchchanda [Kakusandha], Konagamana, and Kashyapa [Kassapa]. The buddha who will follow Shakyamuni in a future age and renew the dharma is Maitreya (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: Fo Tuo, Fu Tu, Fo (Chinese). Trivia: Buddha - "E. Pococke gives the variations of the name Buddha as: Bud'ha, Buddha, Booddha, Butta, Pout, Pote, Pto, Pte, Phte, Phtha, Phut, etc., etc. See 'India in Greece,' Note, Appendix, 397." [Based on: *Note at bottom of p. 30 of Isis Unveiled, reprint (1998 Vol. 2) of the 1877 edition, by H.P. Blavatsky]

BODY - "Definitions: physical organism. Associated spellings/words: bodig, botah, botich, bottech."

bodhi - "Definitions: awakened; enlightenment (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: bodhichitta ['awakened mind']."

Phoebe - "Definitions: the Bright One; Bright Moon; the evening light; title of Themis the oracular Goddess of Delphi, and her emanation Artemis. Wife of: Coeus. Mother of: Asteria; Leto (Greek Mythology). Associated spellings/words: phoibos ['pure, bright, radiant, beaming']; Phoibe, Phoibh ['a frequent name of Diana, as is Phoebus of Apollo." (Greek)

buddhi - "Definitions: Thinking and reasoning faculty - intellect. One of three constituent parts that go to form a rational being: body, mind and intellect [the last being the discriminationg faculty that reasons out right from wrong]."
*Link: http://www.ruhanisatsangusa.org/gloss.htm

PHOBIA - "Definitions: irrational persistant fear, dread, horror. Associated spellings/words: phobeo, phobos ['fear']; phobeomai (Greek)."

pothia - "Definitions: feet (Greek). Associated spellings/words: pedon ['ground'], patoma ['floor']."

phobeo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words: 'fear' [Matthew 1:20, etc.]. Other definitions include: afraid, feared; to strike with fear, to frighten, terrify, dismay: to put to flight. Associated spellings/words: pobhw; Deos ['fear, awe']." Pautiwa - "Definitions: Sun God." (Native American / Hopi)

bodhisattva - "Definitions: one who is on the way to attainment of perfect knowledge and has only a certain number of births to undergo before attaining the state of a supreme Buddha [Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 457]. Other definitions include: enlightenment being; enlightened being who returns to Earth and leads suffering souls from the underworld to Heaven." (Sanskrit)

Bodhidharma - "The twenty-eighth patriarch after Shakyamuni Buddha in the Indian lineage and the first patriarch of Chan [Zen]. Reportedly, he traveled to China from India in 6 A.D. Associated spellings/words: Bodaidaruma, Daruma (Japanese); Putitamo, Tamo (Chinese)."

bobo - "Definitions: rotten, decayed, old." (Kapinga)

bodo - "Definitions: small, diminutive." (Kapinga)

Buto - "Transliterated Greek name for the Egyption serpent-goddess Per-Uatchet, also called Uraeus, Anqet, Iusaset, Mehen the enveloper, etc."

putto - "Definitions: a divine creature in the form of a plump naked little boy often with wings. In classical art called a cupid or cherub (secular). Associated spellings/ words: putti."

bu pho - "Definitions: boy, son (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: bu tsha."

phobos - "Definitions: fear, terror, fright dismay, flight, the outward show of fear; respect." (Greek)

puteus - "Definitions: a well or pit." (Latin)

pothos - "Definitions: '[....] Sanchoniathon in his Cosmogony, declares that when the wind (spirit) became enamoured of its own principles (the chaos), an intimate union took place, which connection was called pothos, and from this sprang the seed of all. And the chaos knew not its own production, for it was senseless; but from its embrace with the wind was generated Mot, or the ilus (mud).// From this proceeded the spores of creation and the generation of the universe. [....]' [Based on: T.S.D. Vol. I (1999) edition), by H.P. Blavatsky, p. 340]."

buthos - "Definitions: the bottom, or depth of the sea (Greek). Associated spellings/words: bathos."

pseudos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'lie' [John 8:44, etc.]. Other meanings include: to be false, lying. Associated spellings/words: phudos; pseudomai ['to deceive by lying']."

Buddhism - "Definitions: the religion of the awakened one; one of the three great world religions. It was reportedly founded by the historical Buddha, Shakyamuni, in the 6th to 5th centuries B.C.E."

bufen - "Definitions: section, part, member." (Chinese)

butan - "Definitions: the outside (Middle English). Associated spellings/words: botane ['plant'] (Greek)."

phuton - "Definitions: plant." (Greek)

Python - "Definitions: female dragon who dwelt at Delphi and guarded the chasm there." (Greek Mythology)

Pauahtan - "[....] Throughout the 3700 years of Mayan religion, the number five has symbolized the connecting center allowing access to the spiritual world. It is the basic ordering principle of the Mayan cosmos represented by Pauahtan, the Lord of the Shell and all beginnings and endings, whose primary role is to open a portal of space and time.(2) [....]" [*Based on article: (Five in the Center) by Rebecca Robinson - Parabola, Vol. 24, No. 3, 1999, p. 53] - (2) Martin Brennan, The Hidden Maya (Santa Fe, N.M.: Bear and Company, 1998)

phobma - "Definitions: an object of fear, a terror." (Greek)

poteau mitan - "Definitions: centerpole." (Vodoun)

FUTURE - "Definitions: comming after the present."

fodere - "Definitions: to dig (Latin). Associated spellings/words: fossilis."

putare - "Definitions: prune, lop." (Latin)

boedel - "Definitions: goods, property." (Dutch)

putra - "Definitions: son, offspring." (Sanskrit)

pueblo - "Definitions: people, village." (Spanish)

Popul Vuh - "Definitions: holy book of the Quiche tribe of Guatemala (Mayan). Associated spellings/words: Popol Buh ['book']."

Byblos - "Definitions: City of the Great Mother, containing one of the oldest temples in the world; holy book, bible. Associated spellings/words: Bible; book."

BOWELS - "Definitions: intestine, gut. Associated spellings/words: boel, bouel, boiel, botellus ['pudding, sausage, small intestine'], botulus ['sausage'] (Latin)."

butkada - "Definitions: idol temple (Persian). Associated spellings/words: but ['idol'] + kada ['habitation']."

pz - "Transliterated Old Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'gold'. Associated spellings/words: paz; chrvts ['gold'] (Old Hebrew); zhb, zahab ['gold'] (Late Hebrew)."

fas - "Definitions: grow." (Gaelic)

pas - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'all' [Matthew 1:17, etc.], [John 1:3, etc.]. Other meanings include: every."

pas - "Definitions: hate." (Greek)

bas - "Definitions: [adj.] sufficient, enough, plenty (Persian). Associated spellings/words: bas ['up, upwards, enough']; baz ['many, much, very, excessive'] (Brahui); basis ['step, pedestal'] (Greek); boce, boss ['proturbence'] (Old French); baas ['master'] (Dutch)."

bas - "Definitions: rather than; remote place; to say nothing of." (Tibetan)

bas - "Definitions: palm of the hand." (Irish)

bas - "Definitions: death (Gaelic). Associated spellings/words: ba ['hit, slay'] (Celtic); beadu ['war'] (Anglo-Saxon)."

bes - "Definitions: flame." (Egyptian)

Boaz - "Definitions: a spelling for the word/words 'Boaz' [Ruth 2:1, etc.], [1 Kings 7:21], [1 Chronicles 2:11, 12], [2 Chronicles 3:17]. Other definitions include: strength; eagerness; one of two [Jachin (ykyn) & Boaz (baz)] pillars in Solomon's temple - the left pillar]. Associated spellings/words: Baz." (Hebrew)

BASE - "Definitions: bottom, foundation. Associated spellings/words: basis ['pedestal'] (Greek)."

PHASE - "Definitions: aspect; appearance; stage in a process. Associated spellings/words: phasis, phos ['light']."

psa - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'trespass' [Genesis 31:36, etc.]; 'transgressions' [Exodus 23:21], [Psalm 51:1, etc.]. Other definitions include; rebel, rebellion, transgression. Associated spellings/words: pasa, pesha; chatta, chata, hata ['to miss the mark; sin']; avn, 'avon ['iniquity; guilt']."

bzh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words: 'despised' [Genesis 25:34, etc.]. Other definitions include: to place little value on something, despise, scorn, contempt- ible. Associated spellings/words: bazah."

pasa - "Definitions: snare, bond of illusion (Hindu). Associated spellings/words: pasya ['behold'] (Sanskrit)."

bhASA - "9 (cap) bhASA f. speech, language, esp. vernacular l., dialect; description, def- inition; accusation, plaint." (cap) = Capeller's Sanskrit-English Dictionary *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

bhAsa - "10 (cap) bhAsa m. light, brightness; a cert. bird of prey (f. {bhAsI} their mother), a man's name." (cap) = Capeller's Sanskrit-English Dictionary *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

Psi [PS] - "The 23rd letter in the Greek alphabet. Capital and small forms are identical. The general shape resembles a three-pronged trident-like shape. Reported meanings for PS include: heavenly light; daylight; Zeus; number 700."

bzhi - "Definitions: four." (Tibetan)

pe-zi "Definitions: opens, vapors." (Mayan)

bhasya - "Definitions: commentary." (Sanskrit)

pasu - "Definitions: beast (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: pashu 'Animal Man'; Pasupati ['Lord of beasts; Lord of all creatures"]; pesah ['lamb; pass over'] (Hebrew)."

bshos - "Definitions: generate, beget." (Tibetan)

passus - "Definitions: spread abroad, scattered (Latin). Associated spellings/words: pandere ['spread out']."

Passevara - "Definitions: Mother Earth." (Sami / Lapp)

bsn - "Definitions: fruitful (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: bashan."

psen - "Definitions: rub smooth." (Greek)

bzhin - "Definitions: like, as." (Tibetan)

basanos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'torments' [Matthew 4:24], [Luke 16:23]; 'torment' [Luke 16:23]. Other definitions include: severe pain. Associated spellings/words: basanizw, basanismos."

basanizo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'tormented' [Matthew 8:6, etc.], [Revelation 9:5]. Other definitions include: torment, tossed, toiling, vexed, pained, torture, agony. Associated spellings/words: basanizw, basanismos."

bzang - "Definitions: good, happy, beautiful (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: bzang ba, bzang po, bkra."

basm - "Definitions: assembly, company [at a feast or entertainment]." (Persian)

bhasma - "Definitions: [sacred] ashes." (Sanskrit)

bsr - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'flesh' [Genesis 2:21; 6:3, etc.], [Exodus 16:3]. Other definitions include: body; animal musculature. Associated spellings/words: basar; btn, beten ['body, belly, inward parts']."

Basil - "Definitions: king." (Greek)

basar - "Definitions: sight, vision, the eye." (Arabic)

bashar - "Definitions: man, mortal." (Arabic)

basileia - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'kingdom' [Matthew 3:2, etc.]. Associated spellings/words: basilhia."

Bassareus - "Definitions: Lydian fox god, a totemic form of Orpheus or Dionysus."

Bezaleel - "Definitions: maker of the ark of the covenant." (Old Testament)

bsregs - "Definitions: burn." (Tibetan)

basalt - "Definitions: a common igneous rock which underlies the granite of the continents and makes up most of the earth's crust under the oceans. It is darker and heavier than granite; a dark variety of marble; any dark or blackish rock. Associated spellings/words: basanos ['touchstone'] (Greek)."

psch - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'passover' [Exodus 12:11]. Other definitions include: passed over. Associated spellings/words: pasach, pasah."

bazak - "Definitions: lightning, spark, flashing meteor, bursting bubble." (Hebrew)

pascho - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words: 'suffer' [Matthew 16:29, ect.]. Other definitions include: suffered, vexed. Associated spellings/words pasxw."

fasces - "Definitions: ' The original Roman fasces were bundles of birch rods bound together with red thongs, accompanied by an arrow or an ax. This was a symbol of authority, implying power to punish the disobedient. [....]' [Based on: T.W.D.O.S.A.S.O., Barbara Walker, 1988, p. 23]. Associated spellings/words: fascicle ['bundle, cluster']."

FASCINATE - "Definitions: cast a spell over, bewitch; by some reports, an erect penis (Latin). Associated spellings/words: fascinum."

bsgyur - "Definitions: turn [around]." (Tibetan)

pascere - "Definitions: feed." (Latin)

bskyed - "Definitions: root, origin (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: yar; ken (Zhang- Zhung)."

Basque - "Reportedly, the oldest inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula, who were closely allied with the Celtic people. Associated spellings/words: vasc-ones, Gascogne, Visc-ayan, Wasg."

bskos - "Definitions: appointed." (Tibetan)

bshags - "Definitions: explain." (Tibetan)

Bishop - "Definitions: from the Greek episkopos [overseer]."

pest - "Definitions: numeral nine." (Egyptian)

FAST - "Definitions: firmly fixed, bound, or shut."

PAST - "Definitions: that is gone or has passed away; ago."

b-st - "Definitions: in the year (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: b-snt, b-snh."

Bast - "Bast was the wife of Ptah and with their son Tum or Atum formed the great triad at Memphis. She was depicted with the head of a cat (Egyptian). Associated spellings/ words: Pasht ['Tearer']."

bshad - "Definitions: speak, discuss, tell, show, remembered, spoken of (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: bashad ['to be', 'may it be'] (Persian); ['language'] (Malay)."

bhasad - "14 (cap) bhasad f. the hinder parts, pudendum muliebre." (cap) = Capeller's Sanskrit-English Dictionary
*Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

BESTOW - "Definitions: place, deposit, give. Associated spellings/words: be + stow."

bastazo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'bear' [Matthew 3:11, etc.]; 'took up' [John 10:31]; 'carried' [Acts 3:2]; 'carrieth' [Revelation 17:7]. Other definitions include: to take up and carry, bare, bearing, borne. Associated spellings/words: bastazw."

bstan - "Definitions: teach." (Tibetan)

baaxten - "Definitions: energy projection (Mayan). Associated spellings/words: baxt ['fortune, happiness'] (Brahui)."

pastel - "Definitions: pie." (Spanish)

PASTOR - "Definitions: shepard; shepard of souls. Associated spellings/words: pascere ['feed, graze'] (Latin)."

PASTURE - "Definitions: growing grass for cattle; feeding, food. Associated spellings/words: pascere."

bsod pa - "Definitions: forgiveness, pardon." (Tibetan)

pn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'lest' [Genesis 3:3]; 'not' [Genesis 24:6]; 'preadventure' [Genesis 31:31]; [Exodus 1:10]."

bn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'children' [Genesis 3:16; 10:21; 11:5; 18:19; 22:20, etc.]; 'son' [Genesis 4:17, etc.], [Ezekiel 5:1, etc.]; 'old' [Genesis 5:32; 7:6; 12:4; 16:16; 17:1, 12; 17:17, 25], 'born' [Genesis 15:3, etc.]. Other definitions include: child. Associated spellings/words: bn adm ['son of man']."

bn - "Definitions: yes, so." (Hebrew)

paN - "(otl) 1. melodytype; 2. primary melodytype, heptatonic; 3. music; 4. a stringed musical instrument; 5. a masquerade dance; 6. sound; 7. saddle for a horse; 8. decoration; 9. trappings of an elephant or horse; 10. gait, as of a horse; 11. fittings and decorations of a car; 12. fitness, adaptation, good quality, suitable- ness; 13. docility, training; 14. larboard side of a dhoney; 15. time, season; 16. service, work, business, employment; 17. tank" (otl) = Cologne Online Tamil Lexicon
*Link: http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MWScan/tamil/index.html

Pan - "Trivia: Pan's name has been reportedly derived from paein [pasture]; the Greek god of shepards and their flocks who was claimed to play pipes and enchant wild animals; it was also the word for all and for bread." (Greek Mythology)

PAN /r - "Definitions: wholly, completely, of all, by all; all." (Greek)

PAN - "Definitions: a broad shallow vessel; depression in the ground; hard substratum of the soil."

pan - "Definitions: rainbow-colored, five-colored." (Tibetan)

FAN - "Definitions: stir to activity. Associated spellings/words: phan, phanai ['speak']."

fan - "Name for an ideograph showing hand [you] and cliff [han]. General meanings include: hand turned cliff-like; turn over, flip, reverse; oppose (Chinese). Associated spellings/ words: fanhua ['anti-Chinese']; fanying ['react, respond, reaction, response; reflect']; fanmei ['anti-American']; fanmian ['reverse side']; fanshe ['reflect, reflection']; fanxing ['introspection, reflection']; fanxiang ['opposite direction']; fanji ['counterattack']; fangong ['counterattack; anti-communist']; fankang ['resist']; fanfu ['repeatedly']; fanpu ['counterattack']; fandong ['reactionary']; fantan ['rebound, bounce back']."

fan - "Name for an ideograph showing shi [collected rice, food] and fan [turn over, flip, reverse]. General meanings include: cooked rice; meal (Chinese). Associated spellings/ words: fandian ['restaurant']; fanguan ['restaurant']."

fan - "Name for an ideograph showing chuo [halting movement] and fan [reverse]. General meanings include: movement in reverse; return (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: fanhui ['return']; fanxiang ['return home']."

fan - "Name for a pictograph believed to represent a winnowing basket or pitchfork with a handle." (Chinese)

fan - "Name for a pictograph depicted in early form as an encompassing square (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: fan ['wait'] (Gaelic)."

fen - "Definitions: to divide." (Chinese)

ben - "Definitions: negation; primordial stone, the first state of matter." (Egyptian)

ben - "Definitions: origin; volume; copy." (Chinese)

ben - "Definitions: change." (Hakka)

Ben - "Definitions: fluid reference points, skywalker, angelic messenger, pillars of heaven; 13th day name; balance, mysterious journey, compassion, time; space traveler, sunset pink (Mayan). Associated spellings/words: Ben [12th day] (Yucatec); Aj; baraj ['mixing, divining seeds'] (Quiche)."

ban - "Definitions: bone, ivory, whalebone (Old English). Associated spellings/words: ban ['white'] (Gaelic)."

ban -"Definitions: half." (Chinese, Korean)

ban - "Definitions: beer jug, pitcher; monk, Buddhist (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: bun ['cup'] (Old English); ben ['woman'] (Old Irish); baano ['woman'] (Persian)."

BIN - "Definitions: + manger (Old English); receptacle for corn, etc. Associated spellings/ words: banne ['hamper'] (French); benne ['body of a cart'] (German)."

PANE - "Definitions: sheet of glass."

fenn - "Definitions: low wetland." (Anglo-Saxon)

bhan - "Definitions: speak." (Sanskrit)

baan - "Definitions: [suffix] signifing keeper or guardian." (Persian)

BANE - "Definitions: murderer; death, destruction; poison; cause of ruin or trouble. Associated spellings/words: bana, bani, bano; BANISH."

BENE /r- "Definitions: well. Associated spellings/words: bene ['to keep, to care for, to take care of, (benebene)'] (Kapinga)."

pnh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'turned their faces' [Genesis 18:22]; 'turn' [Genesis 24:49], [Leviticus 19:4], [Numbers 14:25], [Ezekiel 36:9]; 'at,' or 'towards' [Genesis 24:63] 'looked' [Exodus 2:12; 16:10], [Numbers 12:10; 16:42], [Judges 6:14], [Ezekiel 10:11]; 'turned' [Exodus 7:23; 10:6; 32:15], [Deuteronomy 2:1; 9:15; 10:5], [Judges 15:4], [1 Samuel 10:9]; 'appeared' [Exodus 14:27]; 'empty' [Leviticus 14:36]; 'regard' [Leviticus 19:31]; 'turneth' [Leviticus 20:6]; 'respect' [Leviticus 26:9], [Numbers 16:15]; 'cometh on' [Deuteronomy 23:11]; 'looking' [Joshua 15:7], [1 Kings 7:25]; 'return' [Joshua 22:4]; 'corner' [2 Chronicles 25:23]; 'mark' [Job 21:5]; 'beholdeth' [Job 24:18]; 'preparedst' [Psalm 80:9]; 'passed away' [Psalm 19:9]; 'prepare' [Isaiah 40:3], [Malachi 3;1]; 'goeth away' [Jeremiah 6:4]; 'look' [Nahum 2:8]. Associated spellings/words: panah."

bnh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'made' [Genesis 2:22, etc.]: [....] ...made [bnh] he a woman [asa], and brought [bva] her unto the man [adm]; ' build' [Genesis 11:4, etc.]; 'builded' [Genesis 4:17; 8:20, etc.], [Proverbs 9:1]; 'built' [Genesis 22:9, etc.]. Other definitions include: to build, rebuild. Associated spell- ings/words: banah."

Pana - "Mythology: she cares for the souls of the dead in heaven while they wait to be reincarnated." (Native American / Inuit)

fana - "Definitions: 'Mystic Union' (Muslim). Associated spellings/words: annihilation (Sufi); nirvana (Buddhist); samadhi (Hindu)."

bana - "Definitions: knot." (Kapinga)

fanna - "Definitions: 'to reform one's self by meditation and knowledge,' a second inner birth. Hence Dzan, Djan phonetically, the 'Book of Dzyan.' (Based on: H.P. Blavatsky, T.S.D. Vol. 1). Associated spellings/words: Dan; ch'an."

Fauna - "Definitions: Roman goddess of the feilds and the Earth; The Goddess Diana as Mother of Wild Creatures; her husband [Faunus] is god of shepards, their flocks, and prophecy. He has the legs and tail of a goat. Associated spellings/words: Faunus ['One of the most ancient Italic deities']."

penna - "Definitions: a feather." (Latin)

banah - "Definitions: arrow; attribute of images of deities (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/ words: bana."

bainne - "Definitions: milk, a drop (Irish). Associated spellings/words: banne; banja ['bath'] (Old Slavonic)."

baenheh - "Definitions: everlasting soul." (Egyptian)

Be'ena'a - "Definitions: 'The people'. Associated spelling/words: Zapotec."
*Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zapotec_civilization - [T.D. - 11/29/08]

pny - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'face' [Genesis 1:2, 29; 2:6; 4:14; 6:1; 7:3, 4, 18]; 'in the open' [Genesis 1:20]; 'presence' [Genesis 3:8; 4:16]; 'countenance' [Genesis 4:5, 6]; 'before' [Genesis 6:11, 13; 18:22], [Proverbs 8:30]; 'before' & 'through' [Genesis 6:13]; 'because' [Genesis 7:7], [Exodus 1:12]; 'toward' [Genesis 18:16; 19:28]; 'thee?' [Genesis 19:21]; 'sight' [Genesis 23:4]; 'prepared' [Genesis 24:31]. Associated spellings/words: pnv, pnh, panah; pnym, paniym." pani - "Definitions: hand." (Sanskrit)

bani - "Definitions: voice, word or teachings; the Voice or Word of God, the audible life stream [Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 457] (Sanskrit). Other definitions include: sound, heavenly music. Associated spellings/ words: Shabd (Sanskrit); banshee ['female spirit whose wail portends death']; bean sidhe: ben ['woman'] + sid ['fairy hill'] (Old Irish)."

pneo - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'blew' [Matthew 7:25, etc.]; 'bloweth' [John 3:8]; 'blow' [Luke 12:55], [Revelation 7:1]; 'wind' [Acts 27:40]; 'should' [Revelation 7:1]. Associated spellings/words: pnhw."

pnoe - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'wind' [Acts 2:2, etc.]; 'breath' [Acts 17:25]. Associated spellings/words: pnoh; pneo ['blew'] (Matthew 7:25, etc.); anemos (Matthew 7:25, etc.)"

phaino - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'appeared' [Matthew 1:20, etc.]; 'shineth' [John 1:5]; 'think' [Mark 14:64]. Other definitions include: appear, to shine or gleam, to manifest, to show, seemed. Associated spellings/words: painw; phaneroo, panhrow ['to make visible']."

pneuma - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'Ghost' [Matthew 1:18, 20; 3:11, etc.]; 'Spirit' [Matthew 3:16; 10:20, etc.]; 'spirits' [Matthew 8:16; 10:1, etc.]; 'Holy Ghost' [Matthew 12:31]; 'wind' [John 3:8]. Other definitions include: air, breath; worship, understanding. Associated spellings/words: pnhuma; pneumatikos ['spiritual']; psyche, psuche ['soul'] (Greek); ruach ['spirit'] (Hebrew)."

Bhanwar Gupha - "Definitions: Revolving (bhanwar) Cave (gupha); the name of the fourth spiritual region [Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 457]." (Sanskrit?) Associated spellings/words: banknal ['the bent tunnel', 'crooked tunnel'] (?) see: http://www.derallmaechtigekirpal.com/eng/kirpal/initiation/reise/5.html

Phanes - "Definitions: revealer; Orphic double-sexed deity, firstborn of the World Egg who helped arrange the universe." (Greek)

pnym - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'face' [Genesis 32:30]. Other definitons include: the face that shows expression and direction [always in the plural form]. Associated spellings/words: paniym; pny. Trivia: nearly every occurence of this word in the early part of Genesis appears in the Hebrew as 'pny' and not the plural form of pnym."

pnymh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'in within' [Leviticus 10:18]; 'within' [1 Kings 6:19, 21, 29, 30]; 'into the inner part' [2 Chronicles 29:16]; [Psalm 45:13], [Ezekiel 40:16]; 'inward' [Ezekiel 40:16; 41:3]. Associated spellings/ words: peniymah."

Pnyal - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for Peniel [Genesis 32:30]: And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel: 'for I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved.' Other definitions include: El's Face. Associated spellings/words: pnval, Penuel."

pnv - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'faces' [Genesis 18:22]. Associated spellings/words: pny ['before'] (Genesis 18:22); pnh, panah."

pnoe - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'wind' [Acts 2:2, etc.]; 'breath' [Acts 17:25]. Associated spellings/words: pnoh."

bano - "Definitions: bath." (Spanish)

baano - "Definitions: lady, gentlewoman." (Persian)

Bennu - "Definitions: Egyptian bird resembling a heron and associated with the sun [the Ba of Re], and the Pheonix."

bhanwar - "Definitions: revolving." (Sanskrit)

Fen Hollen - "Definitions: Door of the Noble Dead." *Link: http://www.quicksilver899.com/Tolkien/LOTR/LOTR_DF.html - [T.D. - 12/22/07]

penus - "Definitions: provision of food." (Latin)

penes - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'poor' [2 Corinthians 9:9]. Other definitions include: to shine or gleam, to manifest, to show. Associated spellings/ words: phnhs; penichros."

BANISH - "Definitions: force away. Associated spellings/words: baniss, banir."

banzai - "Definitions: ten thousand years." (Japanese)

Banshee - "Definitions: from Gaelic bean-sidhe [woman of the fairy-mounds], a ghostly White Lady whose cry brought death to her hearers. Associated spellings/words: Bandrhude."

banyan - "Definitions: Indian fig tree used as a market place for merchants, or Banyans (English). Associated spellings/words: banian (Portugese); banyan (Arab); vanija (Sanskrit)."

Bnavny - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for 'Ben-oni', the name that Rachel gave to Benjamin [Genesis 35:18]."

pnyn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'rubies' [Job 28:18], [Proverbs 3:15, etc.]. Associated spellings/words: paniyn; pnynym."

bnym - "Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'children' [Genesis 32:11]: ...and begot sons and daughters [vyvlt bnym vbnvt]."

bnym - "Definitions: between, space between two armies (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: benayim, byn ['between, among, in the midst of']."

fanum - "Definitions: a temple or church with the land around it, a holy place (Latin). Associated spellings/words: fanu ['sacred place'] (Etruscan)."

pneuma - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'Ghost' [Matthew 1:18, 20; 3:11, etc.]; 'Spirit' [Matthew 3:16, etc.]; 'Holy Ghost' [Matthew 12:31]. Other definitions include: wind, air, breath; worship, understanding. Associated spellings/words: pnhuma; pneumatikos ['spiritual']; psyche, psuche ['soul'] (Greek); ruach ['spirit'] (Hebrew)."

Bnamy - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'Benammi' [Genesis 19:38]; the son of Lot and his younger daughter."

Bnymyn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for Jacob's 13th sibling [12th son], 'Benjamin' [Genesis 35:18]: And it came to pass, as her soul was in departing, (for she died) that she called his name Benoni: but his father called him Benjamin. Jacob's 2nd son conceived by Rachel."

pneumatikos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'spiritual' [Romans 1:11, etc.]. Associated spellings/words: pnhumatikos; pneuma, pnhuma ['wind, spirit']; psyche, psuche ['soul'] (Greek); ruach ['spirit'] (Hebrew)."

Pnval - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for Penuel [Genesis 32:31]: Associated spellings/words: pnyal, Peniel."

pensare - "Definitions: weigh, ponder, consider; think." (Latin)

PENSIVE - "Definitions: thoughtful. Associated spellings/words: pensere ['think'], pansare ['weigh, balance, consider'] (Latin)."

fenster - "Definitions: window." (German)

PANEL - "Definitions: list of persons; flat piece of material."

banal - "Definitions: mill. Associated spellings/words: banalite ['name for a particular feudal arrangement'] (Old French)."

phaneroo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words: 'manifested' [Mark 4:22, etc.]; 'manifest' [1 Timothy 3:16, etc.]. Other definitions include: to make visible, appeared, shew. Associated spellings/words: panhrow; phanerosis ['a disclosure or revelation']; epiphaino, epiphaneia, emphanizo ['to show oneself, to appear']."

PANORAMA - "Definitions: picture of a scene unfolded so as to show the parts in succession; continuous passing scene; view in every direction. Associated spellings/words: pan + horama ['view'], horan ['see'] (Greek)."

Fenrir - "Definitions: Wolf of the North, a Scandinavian version of Cynics' north-pole dog, who would be loosed at doomsday to swallow the sun." (Norse Mythology)

Penelope - "Definitions: She Whose Face is Veiled, a title of the weaving Fate-Goddess; the mother and suitor of Pan." (Greek Mythology)

feng - "Definitions: wind." (Chinese)

Feng - "Definitions: a reported name for the mythological Chinese phoenix (Feng-Huang). Or, the 'male' aspect. Associated spellings/words: 'phuong' " *Link: http://www.onmarkproductions.com/html/phoenix-china-popup.html [T.D. - 03/28/09]

penq - "Definitions: pour out, micturate." (Egyptian)

peng - "Name for a pictograph believed to represent a legendary phoenix-like bird, the personification of the primordial force of the heavens. General meanings include: strong and handsome; friend (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: feng."

fang - "Name for a pictograph depicting a block-like C shape. It is believed to represent a hollowed out piece of wood." (Chinese)

fang - "Name for a pictograph believed to represent two ships tied together. Alternatively, a pictograph of a plow. General meanings include: direction; side; place, region; square; perscription, method." (Chinese)

feng - "Name for a pictograph believed to represent a plant growing and taking root." (Chinese)

Feng - "Name for an ideograph believed to represent a cooking vessel surmounted by stems and leaves of beans. General meanings include: flourishing; Abundance; the 55th hexagram: thunder above, fire below." (I Ching)

peng [e2] - "Name for a pictograph believed to represent a legendary phoenix-like bird, the personification of the primordial force of the heavens. General meanings include: strong and handsome; friend (Chinese). Associated spellings/words: feng."

BANK - "Definitions: raised ridge; bordering slope, bench, tier of oars, money changers table. Associated spellings/words: bakki, banc, banque, banca."

bang - "Definitions: a village (Thai). Associated spellings/words: Bang ['village'] + kok ['a kind of tree']."

bhanj - "Definitions: break, shatter." (Sanskrit)

paunch - "Definitions: belly, stomach. Associated spellings/words: panche, pance, pantex ['bowels, intestines']."

panka - "Definitions: numeral five." (Sanskrit)

Banga - "Definitions: the god of clear waters of the Ngbandi of northern Zaire." (African Mythology)

banka - "Definitions: evening section; the evening sutra recitation, part of the daily routine in a Zen monastery." (Japanese)

baankh - "Definitions: living soul, a title of Osiris of Tet; a soul that has renewed its existence in heaven." (Egyptian)

Panacea - "Definitions: All-healer, one of the divine daughters of Mother Rhea Coronis at her Pelasgian sanctuary of Titane (Greek Mythology). Associated spellings/words: panakeia, panakes ['all-healing'], pan ['all'] + akos ['remedy']."

pengyou [e2] - "Definitions: peng [e2] ('pictograph of a legendary phoenix-like bird; friend') + you [o3] ('two right hands working in concert; friend'). Sounds like: pungyo." (Chinese) *Link: http://www.zhongwen.com/

penichros - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'poor' [Luke 21:2]. Associated spellings/words: penes."

Pancika - "Definitions: Hindu fertility god claimed to be the consort of Hariti [a many- breasted Mother goddess]."

Pan Ku - "Creator of the universe born from a huge egg (Chinese Mythology). Associated spellings/words: Pan gu."

bangzhu - "Definitions: help." (Chinese)

banknal - "Definitions: 'crooked tunnel' [see link]. Associated spellings/words: Bhanwar Ghupa."
*Link: http://www.mountainrunnerdoc.com/santmat1.html

fenzhong - "Definitions: minute." (Chinese)

PENCHANT - "Definitions: strong inclination. Associated spellings/words: pencher ['incline'], pendere ['hang']."

Benjamin - "Definitions: a name believed to mean: son of the south, or son of the right hand." (Hebrew)

fengel - "Definitions: prince, king." (Anglo-Saxon)

pencil - "Definitions: 'little tail'. Associated spellins/words: penis ['tail'] (Latin); zagel ['penis'] (German)."

fengari - "Definitions: moon." (Greek)

benjari - "Definitions: cut." (Korean)

pancreas - "Definitions: gland discharging a digestive secretion, sweetbread. Associated spellings/words: pagkreas, pan + kreas ['flesh'] (Greek)."

penicillum - "Definitions: 'little tail' (Latin). Associated spellings/words: pencil."

bangatgan - "Definitions: mill." (Korean)

PENT - "Definitions: confined."

PEND /r - "Definitions: hang. Associated spellings/words: pendere (Latin); PEN."

bnvt - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'daughters' [Genesis 6:4]. Associated spellings/words: bt, bath."

BEND - "Definitions: ribbon; band; curve or cause a change of shape; bow; curve. Associated spellings/words: biegen (German)."

BAND - "Definitions: constraint; range of wavelengths, musical group."

PAINT - "Definitions: portray, esp. in color."

pente - "Definitions: five." (Greek)

bandh - "Definitions: bond, bind, tie, fix (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: bandha ['bondage']; band ['ribbon'] (German); bangri, bangli ['colored glass braclet'] (Hindu)."

Benada - 'Definitions: Tuesday." (Akan)

benti - "Definitions: one's own body; true being." (Chinese)

benotheism - "Definitions: one god at a time." (Greek)

pantheon - "Definitions: sacred building in ancient Rome dedicated to all the gods. Associated spellings/words: pan + theios ['divine'] (Greek)."

Pandu - "Definitions: descendant of king Bharata and younger brother of Dhrtarastra born in the Kuru dynasty. He died an early death." (Sanskrit)

pentheo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'mourn' [Matthew 5:4, etc.]. Other definitions include: mourned, bewail, wailing. Associated spellings/words: phnthhw."

Pandava - "Definitions: name applied to any of the five 'sons' of Pandu: Yudhisthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva." (Hindu)

pantote - "Literally, every when; always." (Greek)

Penates - "Definitions: household gods of the Romans. Associated spellings/words: penus ['provision of food'] (Latin)."

phantasia - "Definitions: 'making visible' (Greek). Associated spellings/words: fantasy; phantom ['image formed in the imagination']."

phantasioun - "Definitions: cause to imagine, make game of (Greek). Associated spellings/words: phantasia ['fantasy']."

pantasma - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'spirit' [Mark 6:49]. Associated spellings/words: phantasma."

ben-ben - "Definitions: 'The ben-ben stone, or pyramid in ancient glyphs, often depicts two facing hawks atop its apex.' " [Based on: Parabola article (Ba and Khu, by Normandi Ellis - Vol. XXI, No. 2 (The Soul), 1996, p. 24]

Pandemonium - "Definitions: Home of All Demons, the Christian term for the underworld, to which every non-Christian deity was consigned because the church claimed all gods and goddesses of the heathen were devils. (I Corinthians 10:20-21). Associated spellings/words: pan ['all'] + daimon ['a personal familiar spirit or guardian angel; a god or goddess; an inferior deity, whether good or bad'] (Greek)."

pandemic - "Definitions: [of a disease] prevalent over the whole of an area. Associated spellings/words: pan ['all'] + demos ['people'] (Greek)."

Bhandar - "Definitions: 'prime source or reservoir' issuing the prime current Dhar." (p. 23 B.B.)

pandere - "Definitions: spread out." (Latin)

pendere - "Definitions: hang, weigh (Latin). Associated spellings/words: pondus ['weight']."

Pandora - "Definitions: all-giver. Mythology: 'The first woman. She was created by Athena and Hephaestus and given to men by Zeus as punishment for accepting fire from Prometheus. Pandora brought with her to Earth a jar filled with evils that she allowed to escape into the world; only Hope was left in the jar ....' [Goddesses Heroes & Shamans, Kingfisher]; reported title of the Earth-goddess Rhea; Wife of: Epimetheus. (Greek Mythology). Associated spellings/words: pandoura ['a three- stringed lute']."

panoplia - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'armour' [Ephesians 6:11], [Luke 11:22]."

PENDULUM - "Definitions: weight that swings from a fixed point. Associated spellings/words: pendulus, pendere ['hang'] (Latin)."

Pendragon - "Definitions: king of Kings." (Old Saxon)

PENETRATE - "Definitions: enter into. Associated spellings/words: penetrare ['place within, enter within'], penitus ['inner, inmost'], penes ['within'] (Latin)."

Pentecost - "Definitions: the Jewish feast of weeks; Christian feast observed on the seventh Sunday [the 50th day] after Easter, Whitsunday. Associated spellings/words: pentekonta ['fifty'] (Greek)."

pantokrator - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'almighty' [2 Corinthians 6:18], [Revelation 1:8; 4:8; 11:17; 15:3; 16:7, 14; 19:15; 21:22]; 'omnipotent' [Revelation 19:6]."

Benedict - "Definitions: blessed." (Latin)

Pentateuch - "Transliterated Greek word for the first five books of the old Testament." Pentad - "[....] Greek philosophers called the number five Pentad, and to them it represented a new level of cosmic design beyond the Monad's point, Dyad's line, Triad's surface, and Tetrad's volume; the introduction of life itself. [....]" [Based on article: (Five in the Center) by Rebecca Robinson - Parabola, Vol. 24, No. 3, 1999, p. 56]

pam - "Definitions: stomach." (Mayan)

pam - "Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'now' [Genesis 2:23, etc.]. Other definitions include: one, once, time, times, twice, ranks, thrice, corners, wheels, feet, phrases associated with time. Associated spellings/words: pa'am [Peth + Ayin + Mem]; yom ['day']."

FAME - "Definitions: public reputation. Associated spellings/words: fama ['talk, report, rumor, gossip, tradition'] (Latin)."

baam - "Definitions: upper story, terrace, balcony (Persian). Associated spellings/words: bmh, bamah ['high places'] (Hebrew); bamb ['roof'] (Brahui); baum ['tree'](German)."

BEAM - "Definitions: ray of light, large long piece of metal or wood. Associated spellings/ words: beam ['tree, cross'] (Old English); bom, boom, baum, bagms, baomr ['tree'] (Old Norse)."

baam - "Definitions: night." (Korean)

baem - "Definitions: snake." (Korean)

bmh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'high places' [Leviticus 26:30], [Numbers 22:41], [Deuteronomy 32:13], [1 Samuel 9:13], [1 Kings 3:2; 11:7; 12:31, etc.]. Associated spellings/words: bamah."

bema - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'judgement seat' [Matthew 27:19, etc.]; 'throne' [Acts 12:21]. Other definitions include: a raised platform. Associated spell- ings/words: bhma."

bhmh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'cattle' [Genesis 1:24, etc.]; 'beast' [Genesis 6:7, etc.]. Other definitions include: beasts, four-footed animals. Associated spellings/words: behemah."

phemi - "Definitions: speak. Associated spellings/words: euphemism."

femina - "Definitions: woman (Latin). Associated spellings/words: femme ['wife, woman'] (French)."

famulor - "Definitions: to be a servant, to serve (Latin). Associated spellings/words: famulus."

Pahmuri-Mahse - "Definitions: Tukano hero ordered by the Sun to take a huge snake-shaped canoe up river where spirit beings taught people how to lead their lives." (Amazonian)

Bahman - "Definitions: good mind." (Persian)

familiaris - "Definitions: the eastern half, the area of good omens and of the sun." (Roman)

pampa - "Definitions: vast treeless plain in South America; plain." (Quechua)

Bambi - "Definitions: young girl. Associated spellings/words: bambina (Italian)."

pempo - "Definitions: apostle." (Greek)

pimplemi - "Definitions: to fill, complete, fulfill." (Greek)












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