1.)  In this dictionary, the phrase associated spellings/words is a gross generalization. Words following this phrase may or may not be related to the initial word and definition (s) preceding it. .... http://mirrorh.com/notes.htm

mn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'from' [Genesis 2:6]; 'of' [Genesis 2:7]; 'because' [Genesis 5:29]; 'in' [Genesis 21:15]. Associated spellings/words: min; myn ['kind'] (Hebrew)."

mn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'manna' [Exodus 16:15]. Other defin itions include: 'What is it?' Associated spellings/words: man."

mon - "Definitions: my." (French)

MON /p - "Definitions: one. Associated spellings/words: mono, monos ['alone'] (Greek)."

man - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'that' [Genesis 12:13]. Other definitions include: for, to, lest. Associated spellings/words: ma'an."

man - "Definitions; to think, suppose, regard [as], esteem, approve; moon (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: mana ['word for the mental plane']; mani ['precious, jewel']."

man - "Definitions: spread, cover." (Aztec)

man - "Definitions: woman; the moon." (Old Norse)

Man [M] - "Definitions: The symbol of Heimdallr as the genitic link between the gods and men, and as the guardian of Bifrost; human being, human intelligence, rationality, memory, tradition; the 20th Rune commonly depicted by two vertical staffs [with triangular appendages at top] facing oneanother (Runic).Associated spellings/words: manna, mannaz, madhr."

MAN /p - "Definitions: by hand. Associated spellings/words: MANU."

MAN - "Definitions: human being, adult male (Old English); vassal manservant XII; husband XIII. Associated spellings/words: mann, monn, menn; manna, monna; madr; manns; mannans; manu- ['man, mankind'] (Sanskrit); mozi (Old Slavonic); wer; waep(n)man (Old English)."

men - "Definitions: to be, I am." (Akkadian, Chaldean)

men - "Definitions: established; Egyptian form of the word Menes, First King of the First Dynasty (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: Aha."

men [e2] - "Name for a pictograph believed to represent a double-leafed door; pluralizing suffix." (Chinese)
*Link: http://zhongwen.com/d/173/x204.htm

Men - "Definitions: hope, compassionate service, global consciousness, dreams & visions, eagle, flow, lavendar, cobweb, commitment, planetary mind, belief in one's self, gathering of eagles, third eye, violet flame, 15th day name  Mayan).Associated spellings/words: Men [14th day] (Yucatec); Tz'iquin [14th day] (Quiche)."

Mann - "Definitions: husband." (German) Mehen - "In Ancient Egypt the name Mehen meaning 'coiled one' refers to a mythological snake-god and to a game[1]." *Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mehen

mnh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'number' [Genesis 13:16], [2 Samuel 24:1], [1 Kings 20:25], [1 Chronicles 21:1], [Psalm 90:12], [Isaiah 65:12]; 'numbered' [Genesis 13:16], [2 Samuel 24:1], [1 Kings 3:8, 8:5], [1 Chronicles 21:17, 27:24], [2 Chronicles 5:6], [Ecclesiastes 1:15], [Isaiah 53;12]; 'count' [Numbers 23:10]; 'told' [2 Kings 12:12]; 'appointed' [1 Chronicles 9:29], [Job 7:3], [Daniel 1:5, 10]; 'prepare' [Psalm 61:7]; 'telleth' [Psalm 147:4], [Jeremiah 33:13]; 'set' [Daniel 1:11]; 'prepared' [Jonah 1:17, 4:6, 7, 8]. Associated spellings/words: manah."

mene - "Definitions: numbered." (Aramaic) mana - "Definitions: A magical force reportedly possessed by the ancestors of various South Sea islands." (Polynesian)

Mana - "Definitions: Ancient Roman Goddess governing the underground land of the long dead. Associated spellings/words: Mania."

mana - "Definitions: pride; idea, concept; honor." (Hindu)

mana - "Definitions: Reflector of the mental vibration as they float to the surface, form the depths of the chit. Thus Mana or mind is said to preside at the council table and presents the picture whenever necessary to the intellect."
(Based on: http://www.ruhanisatsangusa.org/gloss.htm)

mauna - "Definitions: communication by mental telepathy."

MANIA - "Definitions: highly excited form of madness; great enthusiasm. Associated spellings/ words: mania, mainesthai ['be mad'] (Greek)."

mainyu - "Definitions: spirit, spiritual, invisible (Avestan). Associated spellings/words: mainyeush."

manahim - "Definitions: spiritual (Avestan). Associated spellings/words: manahya."

menhir - "Definitions: 'long stone'." (Celtic)

manyatta - "Definitions: 'fenced enclosures with huts and an open space in the middle where the cattle sleep'." (African / Maasai)

manu - "Definitions: hand (Latin). Associated spellings/words: manus."

Manu - "[....] The Shatapatha Brahmana (I.8.1) describes the flood of the Vedic people, and the fish or Matysa-avatar of Vishnu, who comes and rescues the Seer Manu. It also notes of his daughter Ila, born of his sacrifice. Accordingly, Manu was taken to a 'Northern Mountain', where he was saved from the flood. [NP] This seems to suggest that Manu came from the South, in the Vedic texts alone, as well as the previous evidence in regards to Ila and Agni. [NP] Manu in Bhagavata Purana (VIII.24.13) is stated to have been a King called ‘Satyavrata’ from the Dravida (southern) province who sailed North to avoid the floods, and to whom the Matysa (fish) incarnation of Vishnu appeared to (as per the Shatapatha Brahmana).[....]"
*Link: http://astroveda.wikidot.com/vedic-agni-illa

Manu - "Definitions: 'Let us now analyse the word or name Manu. Orientalists and their Dictionaries tell us that the term 'Manu' is from the root Man, 'to think'; hence 'the think- ing man.' But, esoterically, every Manu, as an anthropomorphized patron of his special cycle (or Round), is but the personified idea of the 'Thought Divine' (as the Hermetic 'Pymander'); each of the Manus, therefore, being the special god, the creator and fash- ioner of all that appears during his own respective cycle of being or Manvantara.' (Based on: H.P. Blavatsky, T.S.D. Vol. 1)

Manu - "Definitions: man, mankind; ancestor and lawgiver of humankind; the group name of 14 legendary beings believed to be the ancestors of all humankind; the hero of the deluge of Hindu mythology; the founder and first king of Ayodhya; the offspring of Vivasvat and Savarna (Sanskrit, Vedic Mythology); an ancient lawgiver who divided Indian society into the four castes [Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 461]. Associated spellings/words: manava."

Ma-Nu - "Definitions: Cosmic Abyss; the Mother of Ra." (Egyptian)

minuo - "Definitions: to draw blood, let blood, to bleed [someone] (Latin). Associated spellings/words: minuo minui."

miaino - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'defiled' [John 18:28, etc.]. Other definitions include: defile, stained, polluted. Associated spellings/words: miaino; miasma ['noxious exhalation; defilement, pollution]."

manas - "Definitions: mind, the faculty of receiving and tasting; the mind-stuff itself [Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 461]." (Sanskrit)

Manes - "Definitions: Spirits of dead ancestors worshipped by family descendants on special occasions." (Roman Mythology)

Menes - "Definitions: First dynastic king to reign over both Upper and lower Egypt. Associated spellings/words: Hor Aha ['Fighting Hawk']."

Mnsh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for 'Manasseh' [Genesis 41:51] And Joseph called the name of the first-born Manasseh: 'for God hath made me forget all my toil, and my father's house'; firstborn son of Joseph and Asenath; brother of Ephraim."

Manasa - "Manasa (Bengali: ????, Manasha) is a Hindu folk goddess of snakes, worshipped mainly in Bengal and other parts of northeastern India, chiefly for the prevention and cure of snakebite and also for fertility and prosperity. Manasa is the sister of Vasuki, king of Na-gas (snakes) and wife of sage Jagatka-ru (Jaratka-ru).[1] She is also known as Vishahara (the destroyer of poison), Jagadgauri-, Nitya- (eternal) and Padmavati.[2] [....] Puranas are the first scriptures to speak about her birth. They declare that sage Kashyapa is her father, not Shiva as described in the Mangalkavyas. [....] Ananda K. Coomaraswamy and Sister Nivedita say, "[The] legend of [Chand Sadagar and] Manasa- Devi-, [...] who must be as old as the Mykenean stratum in Asiatic society, reflects the conflict between the religion of Shiva and that of female local deities in Bengal. Afterwards Manasa- or Padma- was recognized as a form of Shakti, [...] and her worship accepted by Shaivas. She is a phase of the mother-divinity who for so many worshippers is nearer and dearer than the far-off and impersonal Shiva...".[13] [....]"
*Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manasa

manasa - "4 (mwd) manasA 1 f. N. of a partic. goddess (described as consisting of a particle of Prakr2iti and as daughter of Kas3yapa. sister of the serpent-king Ananta, wife of the Muni Jarat-ka1ru, mother of the Muni A1sti1ka and protectress of men from the venom of serpents; cf. %{viSa-harI}) Pan5car.; of a Kim2-nari1 Ka1ran2d2." (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon *Link http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

Manasa - "Literally, mind, thought; mind borne; a Hindu snake goddess, sister of the serpent king Sesha; queen of the Nagas."

manusah - "Definitions: human being, mortal." (Sanskrit) manasya - "1 (mwd) manasya Nom. P. A1. %{-sya4ti}, %{-te} (g. %{kaNDv-Adi}), to have in mind, intend RV. ChUp.; to think, reflect TBr. Nir." (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

MANSION - "Definitions: + dwelling, abiding; + abiding-place XIV; + manor-house; stately residence. Associated spellings/words: mansio, -on- ['stay, dwelling place'] (Latin); maison ['house'] (Old French); manere ['remain, stay'] (Latin)."

Men Shen - "Chinese gate gods." (Chinese Mythology) mansarover - [....] According to Hindu religion, the lake was first created in the mind of the Lord Brahma after which it manifested on Earth.[3] Hence, in Sanskrit it is called 'Manas sarovara', which is a combination of the words manas (mind) and sarovara", which is a combination of the words manas (mind) and sarovara (lake). The lake, in Hindu religious belief, is also supposed to be the summer abode of swans. Considered as sacred birds, the swans (Sanskrit: Hansa) are an important element in the symbology of the Subcontinent, representing wisdom and beauty.[4]. [NP] Buddhists also associate the lake to the legendary lake known as Anavatapta in Sanskrit and Anotatta in Pali, where Queen Maya is believed to have conceived Buddha. The lake has a few monasteries on its shores. The most notable of which is the ancient Chiu Gompa Monastery, which has been built right onto a steep hill. It looks as if it has been carved right out of the rock. [....] [Based on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mansarovar]

Mansarover - "Definitions: The fount of nectar in the third spiritual plane (Dasam Dwar), wherein the pilgrim-soul gets real baptism, when washed clean of all impurities. Associated spellings/words: Hauz-e-Kausar."
*Link: http://www.ruhanisatsangusa.org/gloss.htm)

meniskos - "Definitions: a little moon (Greek). Associated spellings/words: meniscus."

menschen - "Definitions: people." (German)

MONSTR /r - "Definitions: show, display, collect, muster Associated spellings/words: monstrare, moustre."

Monstra - "Definitions: A name for one of four types of omens: those that demonstrate or show, like dreams and visions."

MINISTER - "Definitions: + servant, subordinate officer XIII. Associated spellings/words: minstre; minister ['servant'], minus ['less'] (Latin); magister ['master']."

manangh - "Definitions: thought, mind, thinking, thoughts, purpose (Avestan). Associated spellings/words:/ manangha."

manvantara - "Definitions: wheel; cycle of being; an age of one [of fourteen] Manu [432 mill- ion years]; period of evolution. Trivia: according to Hindu tradition we live now in the seventh manvantara [seven more are to follow before the end]."

manvantara - "Definitions: For what is the real esoteric meaning of Manvantara, or rather a Manu-Antara? It means, esoterically, 'between two Manus,' of whom there are fourteen in every 'Day of Brahm*a,' such a 'Day' consisting of 1,000 aggregates of four ages, or 1,000 'Great Ages,' Mahayugas." (Based on: H.P. Blavatsky, T.S.D. Vol. 1)

Mneme - "Definitions: memory, one of the three Muses." (Greek)

Mnemosyne - "Definitions: memory. Mythology: Wife of Zeus. Mother of: Calliope [epic poetry]; Clio [history]; Erato [love poetry]; Euterpe [Music]; Melpomense [Tragedy]; Polyhymnia [hymns]; Terpsichore [dance]; Thalia [comedy]; Urania [astronomy]."

mnemeion - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'tomb' [Mark 6:29]. Associated spellings/words: mnhmeion."

mnemoneuo - "Definitions: to remember, to mention (Greek). Associated spellings/words: mimnesko ['to recall, remember']; anamimnesko ['to remind']; hypomimnesko ['to remind']. (Greek)

mainomenos - "Definitions: mad or crazed, a word used to describe Dionysus in the Iliad." (Greek)

manmukh - "Literally, facing the mind; one who obeys the dictates of the mind; a materialist or worldly person as opposed to a spiritual person [Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 461]." (Sanskrit)

manere - "Definitions: dwell, remain." (Latin)

MANNER - "Definitions: kind, sort XII; way or mode of action; customary practice; moral character; outward bearing XIII; external behaviour XIV; method or style VII. Associated spellings/words: manere; manuarius ['pertaining to the hand'], manus ['hand'] (Latin)."

MINIMAL - "Definitions: related to or being a minimum. Associated spellings/words: minimus."

mnvrh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'candlestick' [Exodus 25:31, 32, 34, 35, etc.]; 'candlesticks' [1 Chronicles 28:15]. Other definitions include: candel- abrum. Associated spellings/words: menorah ['candlestick; lampstand']; ner ['lamp']."

menorah - "Definitions: candelabrum, the seven-branched candelabrum." (Hebrew)

Minerva - "Definitions: Roman Goddess of wisdom and the moon derived from the Etruscan Goddess Menarva or Menrva, probably a Crone aspect of the original Capitoline Triad: a Latinized Athene. Her totem was the same as that of Athene, Lilith, and the Welsh Goddess Blodeuwedd: an owl, which consequently became known as the bird of wisdom and of witches (Based on: The Women's Encyclopedia of Myths & Secrets (Copyright 1983), by Barbara G. Walker, p. 658). Mythology: Goddess of wisdom, of the Greeks, who emanated from the head of Jupiter (H.P. Blavatsky - T.S.D., Vol. 2, p. 36)."

Minerva - "[....] The Goddess Uni, Mother of the Universe, was a pre-Roman form of Italy's Capitoline Triad, formerly composed of Juventas the nubile Virgin, Juno the pre- serving Mother, and Minerva the all-wise Crone. [....]' [Based on: The Crone - Woman of Age, Wisdom, and Power, by Barbara G. Walker (Copyright 1985), p. 22]. Associated spellings/words: Menrfa, Menrva; *mens ['mind, reason, intellect'] (Latin)". *Links: http://www.thaliatook.com/OGOD/menrfa.html [T.D. - 05/27/07]

Meng - "Originally the name for a twining plant known as dodder [or strangle-weed] which grows easily and spreads everywhere; name for an ideograph believed to represent grasses growing on the roof of a house. General meanings include: cover; conceal; Childhood; wisdom; the 4th hexagram; mountain above, water [stream] below (I Ching). Associated spellings/words: tong meng ['Tong means child, and tong meng indicates that the wisdom of a child is concealed or not yet uncovered; an uneducated child']; qi meng ['Literally qi meng is to lift the cover or to uncover what is concealed; to educate a child.']."

Manik - "Definitions: completion, gateway, opening, hand, grasping, priest / priestess, blue, deer, 7th day (Mayan). Associated spellings/words: Manik ['6th day'] (Yucatec Maya); Quej ['6th day'] (Quiche Maya)."

mnvch - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'rest' [Genesis 8:9], [Deuteronomy 28:65], [Ruth 3:1], [1 Chronicles 6:31], [Psalm 116:7], [Isaiah 34:14], [Lamentations 1:3]. Associated spellings/words: manowach."

MINCE - "Definitions: cut into small pieces." mnchh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'offering' [Genesis 4:3, etc.]; 'meat' [Leviticus 2:1]: '... meat [mlchh] offering [qrbn] ...' Other definitions include: present, gift. Associated spellings/words: minhah; qrbn, qorban ['offer, offering, oblation']."

MANY - "Definitions: a great number, consisting of a large number. Associated spellings/words: manig, monig, manag."

mang [a2] - "Definitions: xin [i1] ('mind / heart') + wang [a2] ('enter concealed place; flee, die, lost'). General meanings include: adj. busy; adv. busily; v. hurry." (Chinese) *Link: http://zhongwen.com/d/166/x163.htm

MANAGE - "Definitions: control by hand; training of a horse; action and paces of a horse XVI; riding school XII. Associated spellings/words: maneggio; manege, f. maneggiare; manus ['hand']; manege."

MINGLE - "Definitions: bring together or mix. Associated spellings/words: mengle, f. mengen, mingen ['mix'] (ME); menga; mengan; mengen."

mangala - "Definitions: auspicious, lucky." (Hindu)

mangzhong - "Grain in ear [June 7th - June 22nd], name for one of twenty-four Chinese climatic periods recorder in the Ying-yang li."

Mngon-dgah - "Definitions: Happy [to] Know (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: Ngon-gah." Mongol

Empire - "Realm ruled by the great Mongol khans in the 13th and 14th centuries; uniting almost all of western and eastern Asia, it was one of the largest land empires in history."

mnga'ba - "Definitions: own, possess, have." (Tibetan)

manjida - "Definitions: touch." (Korean)

MANIFOLD - "Definitions: manyplies; marked by diversity or variety. Associated spellings/words: mannig falt."

mant - "Definitions: a form of possessive suffix (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: vant."

MENT /s - "Definitions: act of, state of, result of action. Associated spellings/words: -mente, -mento, -ly."

MEND - "Definitions: free from fault or defect XII; + make amends for XIII; restore to wholeness, repair XIV. Associated spellings/words:mender, amender; AMEND."

menet - "Definitions: swallow [bird], the Egyptian symbol for stars [imperishable stars] and the souls of the dead."

Manat - "Definitions: Arabic Moon-goddess, ruler of Fate."

MINUTE - "Definitions: very small. Associated spellings/words: minuta; minuere ['lessen, diminish']."

mende - "Definitions: century." (Basque)

Meneda - 'Definitions: Saturday." (Akan)

Mentu - "Definitions: Mentu was one of the deified attributes of the Sun and often bears the name Mentu-Ra. He was merely a phase of Ra who with Atum symbolized the rising and setting Sun. Mentu was the special protector of Egypt; The sacred animal of Montu was the bull, to whom four temples were consecrated; Vernal Equinox reportedly at Taurus [4240 B.C.], unification of Egypt takes place."

mondo - "Definitions: questions and answers between master and chela."

mantis - "Definitions: prophet, diviner." (Greek)

Maenads - "Definitions: mad ones; nurses." (Greek mythology)

MANIFEST - "Definitions: clear to the senses or mind. Associated spellings/words: manufestus."

Manifest Destiny - "Catch-phrase invented by white settlers in North America to prove that God appointed them to destroy the Indians."

MAINTAIN - "Definitions: support, continue, keep in an existing state. Associated spellings/ words: manu ['hand'] + tenere ['hold']."

manthana - "(mwd) manthana mfn. kindling fire by friction Nir. iii, 14; m. a churning-stick Hariv.; (%{I}) f. a vessel for butter L.; n. the act of kindling fire by rubbing pieces of wood together ChUp. S3rS.; the act of shaking, shaking about, agitating, churning (milk into butter) MBh. Ka1v. Sus3r.; churning out (of Amr2ita) MBh. (cf. %{amRta-m-})." (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

MONOTONOUS - "Definitions: sounded in one unvarying tone."

manthano - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'learn' [Matthew 9:13]. Other definitions include: to learn, learned, learning, understood. Associated spellings/ words: manthanw; mathetes ['disciple']."

minutum - "Definitions: to less, diminish, decrease, grow smaller." (Latin)

MENTAL - "Definitions: pertaining to the chin. Associated spellings/words: mentum ['chin'] (Latin)."

MENTAL - "Definitions: of the mind. Associated spellings/words: mens."

MANEUVER - "Definitions: turning movement."

mandira - "Definitions: palace; temple." (Hindu)

mandere - "Definitions: chew." (Latin)

MONITOR - "Definitions: to guide; watch or observe. Associated spellings/words: monere ['advise']"

mantra - "Definitions: word, formula, instrument of though, verset." (Sanskrit)

mandala - "Definitions: circular, round, cycle; section of Rgveda." (Hindu)

Manipura - "Definitions: Name for the third, or navel nerve-center [Manipura-chakra] of the human body." (Sanskrit)

mandarin - "Definitions: name for a senior Chinese official [guan]; the most popular Chinese dialect."

mandorla - "Definitions: 'almond'. Associated spellings/words: mandora ['mandolin(e)'] (Italian); vesica piscis; sqd, shaqed ['almonds'] Numbers 17:8 (Hebrew/Aramaic)."

MANIPULATE - "Definitions: treat or operate manually. Associated spellings/words: manipulus ['handful'] (Latin)."

MONDAY - "Definitions: Moon + Day; older 'third' Roman day name; older 2nd Roman day name. Associated spellings/words: monandaeg; maandag; manatag; montag; manadagr; Lundi; Lunae dies (Latin); hemera Selenes (Greek)."

MANUFACTURE - "Definitions: create by hand or machine."

MANDATE - "Definitions: authoritative command. Associated spellings/words: mandatum, mandare ['enjoin, commit'], manus ['hand'] + dare ['give'] (Latin); MANDATORY ['obligatory']."

mandapa - "Definitions: covered hall; tent." (Hindu)

Mem [M] - "Definitions: a stream of water, water, waves, flow, flux; changes brought about by death; the 13th [2nd mother] in Hebrew alphabet; number 40; the 16th ['God made two luminaries'] of 32 paths, or states of consciousness; the first letter of the Hebrew word for fish (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: N."

MEM /r - "Definitions: remember. Associated spellings/words: meminisse (Latin)."

Mam - "Definitions: The rain god." (Native American / Mopan) mama [1a1] - "Definitions: mother, mom." (Chinese)

mamu - "Definitions: ghost." (Basque)

Ma mo - "Definitions: a group of goddess or demons, one of the eight classes of indigenous Tibetan country gods." (Tibetan)

Mamokoriyoma - "The Yanomamo say they used to practice cannibalism, because their mother goddess Mamokoriyoma allowed them to eat dead parents and children."

mamsa - "Definitions: meat." (Hindu)

mmslh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'to rule' [Genesis 1:16]; 'dominion' [Psalm 145:13]. Other definitions include: of his domain, and all his power, and thy dominion, thy government. Associated spellings/words: mmsl."

mamonas - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'mammon' [Matthew 6:24], [Luke 16:9, 11, 13]. Other definitions include: wealth, property. Associated spellings/ words: mammwnas."

MOMENT - "Definitions: tiny portion of time XIV; small particle XIV; importance, weight XVI; + motive of action. Associated spellings/words: momentum; movere ['move'] (Latin)."

Maman Brigitte - "Definitions: mistress of the cemetary." (Vodoun)

mamal - "Definitions: drill." (Aztec)

MAMMAL - "Definitions: animal of the class mammalia who suckle their young; milk-bearing animal. Associated spellings/words: mammalis; mamma ['breast in mammals'] (Latin)."

MUMBLE - "Definitions: eat as with toothless gums; speak indistintly. Associated spellings/ words: mummelen; mumla; mumle; mamele ['mutter, chatter']; mammalon ['stammer']."

MEMORY - "Definitions: recollection of past events. Associated spellings/words: memor ['mindful, remembering'] (Latin); MEMORABLE."

Mmra - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'Mamre' [Genesis 13:18, 18:1, 23:19]; a place near where Abraham's wife Sarah was buried. Associated spellings/words: Mamre', Hebron, Chebrown [Chbrvn]."

memra - "Definitions: word." (Aramaic)

Mamuralia - "The old Roman New Year celebrated at the Ides of March." mmlkh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'kingdom' [Genesis 10:10]. Associated spellings/words: mamlakah, mlkvt."

mam pa - "Definitions: piece, part, section." (Tibetan)

MEMBER - "Definitions: organ, limb XIII; constituent portion or individualXIV; one elected to parliament XV; division of a sentence XVI; one of a group; part of a whole. Associated spellings/words: membrum; mir ['piece of meat'] (Old Irish); mamsa; meso; mimz ['meat'] (Gothic); meros ['thigh'] (Greek)."

MEMBRANE - "Definitions: thin layer. Associated spellings/words: membrana ['skin covering a part of the body']; membrum ['member'] (latin)."


mr - "Definitions: eye (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: mer."

mhr - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'hastened' [Genesis 18:6]. Other definitions include: hasted. Associated spellings/words: mahar."

Mar - "Definitions: damage. Associated spellings/words: mare ['horse']; mere, marr, march; mal ['horse'] (Korean)."

MAR /r - "Definitions: sea, pool. Associated spellings/words: mare (Latin); muir, mor, more, muria ['brine']."

mal - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'above' [Genesis 6:16]; 'upward' [Genesis 7:20]. Other definitions include: on high. Associated spellings/words: ma'al."

mal - "Definitions: time, meal, mark, measure, point or portion of time, meal time Associated spellings/words: meal; mel ['honey'] (Latin)."

mal - "Definitions: bed, seat, mat; resting place." (Tibetan)

MAL / p - "Definitions: bad evil. Associated spellings/words: mail ['hammer'] (Old French)."

MORE - "Definitions: greater; existing in greater quantity or degree XIV; a greater number of, more numerous; additional. Associated spellings/words: mara, mare, mero, meiri, maiza, meiz; MOREOVER ['in addition']; FURTHERMORE."

MAUL - "Definitions: club XIII; hammer, beetle XIV; beat, handle roughly; damage. Associated spellings/words: malleus ['hammer"] (Latin)."

MILL - "Definitions: building fitted with apparatus for grinding corn; the building itself XVI; building in which an industry or manufacture is carried on; move in a circle. Associated spellings/words: mylen, molinus, - ina, - inum, mola ['grindstone, mill']. (Latin)."

mare - "[....] The word 'mare' comes (through Middle English mare) from Old English mære, mare, or *mere, all feminine nouns. These in turn come from Common Germanic *maro-n. Maro-n is the source of Old Norse mara (from which come Icelandic, Faroese, and Swedish mara, Danish mare and Norwegian mare/mara), Dutch (nacht)merrie, and German Mahr. The -mar in French cauchemar ("nightmare") is borrowed from the Germanic through Old French mare.[1] The word can ultimately be traced back to the reconstructed Proto- Indo-European root *mer-, 'to rub away' or 'to harm'.[3]"
*Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mara_%28folklore%29

maere - "Definitions: famous, splendid." (Anglo-Saxon) See: Eomer @
*Link: http://www.quicksilver899.com/Tolkien/LOTR/LOTR_DF.html - [T.D. - 12/22/07]

mla - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'fill' [Genesis 1:22]; 'replenish' [Genesis 1:28]; 'filled' [Genesis 6:11, 21:19], [1 Kings 8:10]; 'set' [Exodus 31:5]; 'space' [Leviticus 25:30]; 'wholly' [Numbers 32:11, 12]; 'overfloweth' [Joshua 3:15]; 'confirm' [1 Kings 1:14]. Other definitions include: much, full, fully, to fill, to be full, fulfil, fulfilled, consecrate, consecrated. Associated spellings/words: male'."

mlh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'word' [2 Samuel 23:2]; 'words' [Psalm 19:4]; 'speaking' [Job 4:2]; 'speech' [Job 13:17]. Other definitions include: circumcision. Associated spellings/words: millah, milah."

mrah - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'to the sight' [Genesis 2:9]; 'look upon' [Genesis 12:11]. Other definitions include: favored, in sight, appeareth, patt- ern, countenance, vision. Associated spellings/words: mar'eh."

marh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'cave' [Genesis 19:30; 23:9]. Other definitions include: caves, den, dens. Associated spellings/words: mae'arah."

mara - "1 (mwd) mara - m. ( %{mR}) dying, death (see %{pari-mara}); the world of death i.e. the earth AitUp.; mfn. killing (see %{nR-mara}); m. pl. the inhabitants of hell A1ryabh.; w.r. for %{narAH} Hariv. 8464." (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

mAra - "2 (mwd) mAra - mfn. ( %{mR}) killing, destroying; m. death, pestilence VarBr2S. AV.Paris3.; slaying, killing Ra1jat. (cf. %{pazu-m-}); an obstacle, hindrance Va1s.; the passion of love, god of love Hariv. Ka1v. Katha1s.; (with Buddhists) the Destroyer, Evil One (who tempts men to indulge their passions and is the great enemy of the Buddha and his religion; four Ma1ras are enumerated in Dharmas. 80, viz. %{skandha-}, %{kleza-}, %{devaputra-}, and %{mRtyu-m-}; but the later Buddhist theory of races of gods led to the figment of millions of Ma1ras ruled over by a chief Ma1ra) MWB. 208 &c. ; the thorn-apple L.; (%{I}) f. killing, slaughter Prasannar.; pestilence (also personified as the goddess of death and identified with Durga1) AV.Paris3. Katha1s. Pur." (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

mara - "[....] In Buddhism, Ma-ra (Burmese: ...) is the demon who tempted Gautama Buddha by trying to seduce him with the vision of beautiful women who, in various legends, are often said to be Mara's daughters.[1] In Buddhist cosmology, Mara personifies unskillfulness, the "death" of the spiritual life. He is a tempter, distracting humans from practicing the spiritual life by making the mundane alluring or the negative seem positive. [NP] The early Buddhists, however, rather than seeing Mara as a demonic, virtually all-powerful Lord of Evil, regarded him as more of a nuisance. Many episodes concerning his interactions with the Buddha have a decidedly humorous air to them. [NP] In traditional Buddhism four senses of the word 'mara' are given. [NP] *Klesa-mara, or Mara as the embodiment of all unskillful emotions. *Mrtyu-mara, or Mara as death, in the sense of the ceaseless round of birth and death. *Skandha- mara, or Mara as metaphor for the entirety of conditioned existence. *Devaputra-mara, or Mara the son of a deva (god), that is, Mara as an objectively existent being rather than as a metaphor. [....]" *Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mara_%28demon%29

mara - "Literally, killing, or death (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: Mara ['embodiment of the powers of evil'] (Hindu Mythology); Namuci; marah ['war horse'] (Old German)."

marh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'cursing' [Deuteronomy 28:20]; 'curse' [Proverbs 3:33; 28:27], [Malachi 2:2; 3:9]. Associated spellings/words: mar'eh; arr, arar ['cursed']."

mala - "Definitions: mountain." (Malay) mala - "Definitions: stain (Hindu). Associated spellings/words: mala ['garland; chain; rosary of beads']."

mela - "Definitions: fair, assembly." (Hindu)

melei - "Definitions: general concern." (Greek)

maere - "Definitions: report, message (German). Associated spellings/words: maer-chen ['fairy tale']."

marra - "Definitions: line (Basque). Associated spellings/words: marre ['to tie'] (Hatian)."

marae - "Definitions: meeting place where tribe's ancestral spirits resides." (Maori)

mearh - Definitions: horse." (Anglo-Saxon) *Link: http://www.quicksilver899.com/Tolkien/LOTR/LOTR_RZ.html - [T.D. - 01/10/09]

me lha - "Definitions: the god of fire." (Tibetan)

mari - "Definitions: soul of the dead." (Melanesian)

mari - "Definitions: lord." (Aramaic)

Mary - "Definitions: Mother of Jesus, etc."
*Link: http://www.lunaea.com/goddess/love/mary.html

Mari - "[....] Mari or Mara meant not only the Virgin, but also the Death Goddess or Huntress. Like the variant Mary, it was a word for the briny sea, which ceremonially swallowed up a number of dying savior figures including Osiris and Adonis, said to have been born in Bethelehem of the blue-robed Marine Aphrodite. [....]" [Based on: The Crone - Woman of Age, Wisdom, and Power, by Barbara G. Walker (Copyright 1985), p. 25]

Mryh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'Moriah' [Genesis 22:2]."

mrit - "1 (mwd) mrit cl. 4. P. %{mritya4ti}, to decay, be dissolved S3Br." (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon
*Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

Melete - "Definitions: meditation, one of the three Muses." (Greek)

mritak - "Definitions: Literally 'dead while alive'; refers to being totally detached from the world and aware of God, as a dead person would be." (Sanskrit?)

mru - "Definitions: to speak, to say." (Avestan)

maru - "Definitions: desert." (Sanskrit)

maroo - "Definitions: floor." (Korean)

Merudanda - "Merudanda means the mystic spine in Tantric tradition: the central 'axis staff' of the human body, around which the Kundalini serpent is supposed to twine up- ward through the chakras, ...." [Based on: T.W.D.O.S.A.S.O., Barbara Walker, 1988, p. 26]"

mallorn - "Definitions: gold tree." *Link: http://www.quicksilver899.com/Tolkien/LOTR/LOTR_MQ.html - [T.D. - 12/23/07]

Mars - "Definitions: Fourth planet from the Sun; Mythology: Mars was miraculously conceived by Juno on March 25th, after she ate her own magic lily. Associated spellings/words: Mars (Latin); Ares (Greek); Nergal (Babylonian); Gugalanna (Sumerian)."

mrash - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/ words 'pillows' [Genesis 28:18]; 'bolster' [1 Samuel 19:13, 26:11, 16]; 'head' [1 Kings 19:6]. Associated spellings/ words: mara'ashah."

melos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'members' [Matthew 5:29, etc.]. Other definitions include: a limb, or part of the body. Associated spellings/words: mhlos."

melas - "Definitions: black." (Greek)

merizo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'distributed' [1 Corinthians 7:17]. Other definitions include: to divide, to assign. Associated spellings/words: mhrizo."

marheshvan - "Eighth exilic Hebrew month name; October - November. Associated spellings/ words: Eythaniym ['flowing, streams']; Arahsamna ['8th Akkadian month name']."

Malsum - "Definitions: a creator god of the peoples of the Northeast Woodlands; the evil one of two twin brothers." (Native American)

maran - "Definitions: stem." (Greek)

melen - "Definitions: yellow, fair." (Breton)

Merlin - "In Welsh legend he was known as Myrddin and could see into the future."

maryanni - "Definitions: young [warriors] (Mitannian). Associated spellings/words: Marut."

maryannu - "Definitions: elite charioteer officers." (Indo-European)

merimna - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'care' [Matthew 13:22]. Other definitions include: anxiety; worry; anxious expectation. Associated spellings/ words: mhrimna; merimnao ['to care, to be concerned about']; promerimnao ['to be anxious ahead of time']; melei ['general concern']."

me mong - "Definitions: mirror." (Tibetan)

MALINGER - "Definitions: feign illness, pretend illness to avoid duty. Associated spellings/ words: malingre, mal + haingre ['weak, thin'], hager ['thin, lean']."

MELANCHOLY - "Definitions: morbid condition of having too much 'black bile'; + ill temper; sadness and depression XIV. Associated spellings/words: melancholi; melagkholia; melas, melan: ['black'[ + kholos: ['bile'] (Greek)."

Maranatha - "[....] The name of the sea-mother Mara [mra] was also taken by the biblical Naomi when she entered her Crone state of widowhood (Ruth 1:20). In the legend of Buddha it was the name of a death spirit. Combined with another Amorite or Canaanite name of the Goddess, Anatha, this mysterious Mara represented the formal death curse given in the Gospels as Maranatha (1 Cor. 16:22). [....]" [Based on: The Crone - Woman of Age, Wisdom, and Power, by Barbara G. Walker (Copyright 1985), p. 25]

malm - "Definitions: soft friable rock, light loamy soil (Old English). Associated spellings/ words: malma ['sand'] (Gothic); malmr ['ore, metal'] (Old Norse)."

marmaros - "Definitions: sparkling stone, marble." (Greek)

Melampus - "Definitions: the first person with prophetic powers, the first mortal doctor." (Greek Mythology)

mrr - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'bitter' [Exodus 1:14]. Other defin- itions include: provoke, grieveth, bitterly, embittered, bitterness, to be bitter, vexed, choler. Associated spellings/words: marar; marah."

Mhllal - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'Mahalaleel' [Genesis 5:12]. Other definitions include: the son of Cainan [Qynn]."

mlk - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'king' [Genesis 14:1, etc.]. Other definitions include: governor, chief, prince, a person with civil authority. Associated spellings/words: melek."

mlak - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'angel' [Genesis 16:7]; 'angels' [Genesis 19:1, 28:12]; 'messengers' [Numbers 22:5; 24:12], [Deuteronomy 2:26]; 'messen- ger' [2 Samuel 11:19]. Other definitions include: representative. Associated spellings/ words: malak, mal'ak; mlch ['mariners']; mlakh ['work, occupation']."

mlch - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'salt' [Genesis 14:3; 19:26], [Deuteronomy 29:23], [Jeremiah 17:6]. Associated spellings/words: melach; halas ['salt'] (Greek)."

mlch - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'mariners' [Jonah 1:5]. Associated spellings/words: mallach; mlak ['messengers, angels']."

MLCH - "Definitions: sacrifice by fire. Associated spellings/words: Moloch."
*Link: http://www.goddessalive.co.uk/current/tanit.html [T.D. - 05/27/07]

marg - "Definitions: path; way." (Sanskrit)

marg - "Definitions: field." (Arabic)

MARK - "Definitions: boundary; trace, origin as a sign; visible sign; target XIII; remark, note XVI. Associated spellings/words: merc; mearc; marka, mark, marcha; margo ['margin'] (Latin); mruig (Ir. bruig) boundary, territory, bro ['district'] (Welsh); marz ['landmark'] (Persian); MARKED ['noticeable']."

MARK - "Definitions: weight of gold or silver; money of account. Associated spellings/words: marc; mark; marke; marcus; marca."

MARK - "Definitions: put a mark upon; notice, observe, remark XIV. Associated spellings/words: mearcian; (gi) markon ['appoint, observe'] (Old Slavonic); marken; marchon ['plan'] (OHG); marka ['mark, observe'] (Old Norse)."

Mark - "Some note that the earliest and best Greek manuscripts do not include Mk 16:9-20. These verses may be a later addition and thus may not be scripture." (Zondervan Expository Dictionary of Bible Words / Encyclopedia of Bible Words)

mearc - "Definitions: line of boundary, district, borders; marshy region." (Anglo-Saxon)

MERGE - "Definitions: + plunge, immerse XVII; extinguis or be extinguished by absorbtion XVIII. Associated spellings/words: mergere ['dip, plunge'] (Latin); majj ['dive, sink'] (Sanskrit)."

march - "Definitions: horse (Welsh). Associated spellings/words: mearh, meares."

MARCH - "Definitions: boundary XIII; move with regular steps, walk in a military manner. Associated spellings/words: marcach ['rider, horseman'] (Gaelic); marcher ['tread, trample']; marcus ['hammer'] (Latin); Martius ['month of Mars'] (Latin)."

mirce - "Definitions: *darkness." (Old English) *Link: http://www.quicksilver899.com/Tolkien/LOTR/LOTR_MQ.html - [T.D. - 12/23/07]

ma rig - "Definitions: ignorance." (Tibetan)

mlkh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words Milcah' [Genesis 11:29]. Other definitions include: Nahor's wife; the daughter of Haran; the sister of Iscah. Associated spellings/words: Milkah."

mlakh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'work' [Genesis 2:2]; 'occupation' [Jonah 1:8]; 'cattle' [Genesis 33:14]; 'business' [Genesis 39:11]; 'goods' [Exodus 22:8]. Other definitions include: the feminine form of mlak ['messenger']. Associated spellings/words: maela'kah."

malaca - "Definitions: spindle." (Aztec)

mark-a - "Definitions: territory." (Quichua)

margah - "Definitions: path, way, road, street (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: magga (Pali); markava ['Divine Chariot seen in Ezekiel's vision; mystical experience on it's highest levels'] (Hebrew)."

mark'a - "Definitions: arm." (Quechua)

mahrka - "Definitions: death (Avestan). Associated spellings/words: mahrkai."

Marica - "Definitions: Latin Goddess that reportedly gave birth to the god-king Latinus, ancestor of all Latin tribes."

mleccha - "Definitions: barbarian; somebody who does not belong to Hindu culture." (Hindu)

markai - "Definitions: true ghost of the dead." (Melanesian)

malakia - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'disease' [Matthew 4:23]. Other definitions include: bodily weakness, sickness. Associated spellings/words: nosos ['illness']."

Mlechchhas - "Definitions: 'outcasts, savages, those beyond the pale of Aryan civilization.' (Based on: H.P. Blavatsky, T.S.D. Vol. 1)."

MARGIN - "Definitions: to mark; edge. Associated spellings/words: margo, margin, marginalis."

morgen - "Definitions: tomorrow." (German)

mlchmh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words: 'war' [Genesis 14:2, etc.]. Other definitions include: battle, fight. Associated spellings/words: milhamah; lchm, laham ['to fight or wage war']."

malagma - "Definitions: soft dough-like material (Greek). Associated spellings/words: amalgam ['soft metal alloy consisting of silver, mercury, and a number of other metals, and is soft enough to fill cavities for dental fillings before it hardens']."

MIRACLE - "Definitions: marvellous event to be ascribed to supernatural intervention XII; wonderful thing; event that cannot be explained by known laws of nature. Associated spellings/words: miraculum ['object of wonder'], f, mirari, -are ['wonder, look at'], f. mirus ['wonderful'] (Latin)."

marjara - "Definitions: cat." (Hindu)

Mercury - "Definitions: first planet from the Sun. Mythology: Roman divinity identified with the Greek Hermes; god of eloquence; messenger of the gods; patron of traders and roads; guide of departed souls. Associated spellings/words: Mercredi (French); Mercurii, Mercurius (Latin); Hermes (Greek); Nabu (Babylonian); Enki (Sumerian)."

Melcarth - "Grecian hero Hercules was identified with Melcarth, the sun-god of the Phoenicians. Hence we find Hercules so frequently represented as the sun-god, and his twelve labors regarded as the passage of the sun through the twelve signs of the zodiac." -- Anthon's Classical Dictionary, article Hercules. *Link: http://sunlight.orgfree.com/history_of_sun_gazing.htm

mlkt - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'queen' [Jeremiah 7:18; 44:17, 18, 19, 25]. Associated spellings/words: meleketh."

mlkvt - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'kingdom' [Numbers 24:7], [Psalm 103:19; 145:13]; 'reign' [Daniel 1:1]. Other definitions include: kingship, majesty, the 10th sefirah which reportedly corresponds to the 7th day of creation on which God rested. The 30th ['God said, be fruitful and multiply'] of 32 reported paths, or states of consciousness; Assiyah, the World of Manifestation. Associated spellings/ words: malkuwth, malkhut, malekut; maleku; melek ['king']; mamlakah."

margad - "Definitions: emerald, sapphire." (Tibetan)

markata - "Definitions: monkey." (Hindu)

mrkbh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'chariot' [Genesis 41:43]. Associated spellings/words: merkabah."

mrchpt - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'hovered' [Genesis 1:2]. Other definitions include: moved. Associated spellings/words: rchp."

Mlkytzdk - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'Melchizedek' [Genesis 14:18]. Other definitions include: The King of Salem; the manifestation of Divine Justice and Judgement. Associated spellings/words: melekh-tzedek ['the king of justice']; Melek, Molech."

mrd - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'rebelled' [Genesis 14:4]. Other definitions include: rebel, rebels, rebeleth. Associated spellings/words: marad."

mlt - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'escape' [Genesis 19:17]. Other definitions include: to deliver, to save, get away. Associated spellings/words: malat."

MORT /r - Definitions: death (Latin). Associated spellings/words: mori ['die'], mortuus ['dead'] (Latin); brotoi ['mortals'], emorten ['die'] (Greek); miro (Old Slavanoc); mirstu ['I die'] (Lithuanian); mriyate ['dies'] (Sanskrit); MORI; MORS, mortis; MORTAL ['causing or subject to death; extreme']; mrotos ['mortal']."

MORT - "Definitions: (antiq.) note sounded at the death of the dear XVI. Associated spellings/ words: mors, mort- ['death'] (Latin)."

MORT - "Definitions: (dial) great quantity or number XVII. (of uncertain origin)."

MELT - "Definitions: liquefy or be liquified by heat, change from solid to liquid. Associated spellings/words: meldein; mollis; mrdu; melta ['digest, malt (grain)']; maltr ['rotten'] (Old Norse); malz ['melting'] (OHG); gamalteins ['dissolution'] (Gothic']; meldein ['melt'] (Greek); mollis (latin); mrdu- ['soft'] (Sanskrit); MOLTEN."

MILD - "Definitions: gracious, kind, gentle, not rough, tame. Associated spellings/words: malthakos ['soft'] (Greek); mardh ['neglect, despise'] (Sanskrit); meldach ['pleasing'] (Old Irish); mladu ['young, tender'] (Old Slavonic); mollis ['soft'] (Latin)."

Marut - "Definitions: wind; wind god." (Hindu)

MERIT - "Definitions: fact or condition of deserving XIII; + what is deserved; something that entitles one to recompense XIV. Associated spellings/words: meritum ['price, value, service rendered'], merere, -eri ['earn, deserve'] (Latin); meiresthai ['obtain as a share'], moia ['share, fate'], meros ['part'] (Greek); mart ['ox, cow'] (North of England)."

MALLET - "Definitions: hammer-like tool. Associated spellings/words: mailler ['hammer'], mail (Latin)."

mrpa - "Definitions: to heal, to make healthy, healing (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: marpe; rpa, rapa ['to heal, to make healthy, healing']; repu'ah; rip'ut."

mrta - "Definitions: dead (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: mrtyu ['death']; murti ['form'] (Sanskrit); marbh ['dead, lifeless; kill, slay'] (Gaelic)."

Martius - "Definitions: Roman God of War. Associated spellings/words: Mardi, Martedi, Martes; Tyr, Tiw ['God of War'] (Norse); *Tiwesdaeg ['Tuesday']."

MELODY - "Definitions: succession of musical notes. Associated spellings/words: melos."

martos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'witnesses' [Matthew 18:16]; 'martyr' [Acts 22:20], [Revelation 2:13]; 'record' [2 Corinthians 1:23], [Philipp- ines 1:8]; 'martyrs' [Revelation 17:6]. Other definitions include: witness. Associated spellings/words: martus; martyreo, marturhw."

Marduk - "Definitions; the leading god of Babylon; the eldest son of Ea ['The Earth']; the Sun God; the son of Tiamat; the slayer of Tiamat; the creator of humanity who slew Kingu [the consort of Tiamat; the son of Tiamat] and mixed the divine blood with the dust; number 10; 1/6; Mars. Associated spellings/words: Baal Merodach; Mordec- ai; Jupiter."

mlpny - "Definitions: from before (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: mpny."

MALFUNCTION - "Definitions: fail."

MILITANT - "Definitions: engaged in warfare XV; combatitive, aggressively active or hostile. Associated spellings/words: militare ['serve as a soldier'], militaris (Latin); MILITIA."

MARVEL - "Definitions: + miracle XIII; wonderful thing XIV. Associated spellings/words: merveille, mirabilis ['wonderful'], f. mirari ['wonder'] (Latin)."

marturia - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'witness' [John 1:7]."

martyreo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'witnesses' [Matthew 23:31]. Other definitions include: witness, record, testify. Associated spellings/words: marturhw."

marfat - "Definitions: self-realization."


mec - "Definitions: whirl." (Mayan)

MIX - "Definitions: put together in union or combination XVI; be mixed, associate with XVII; combine or join into one mass or group. Associated spellings/words: mixte, mixtus, pp. miscere ['mingle, mix'] (Latin); misgein (Greek); meascaim ['mix'] (Irish); misras (Lithuanian); misra- ['mixed'] (Sanskrit)."

mac - "Definitions: son." (Gaelic)

Mac - "Definitions: Mayan calendar month name 13 [7 Apr - 26 Apr], Monkey, judge of human kind, wisdom, quickness of the mind." *Link: http://www.astraltraveler.com/calendars/maya.html [T.D. - 12/25/06]

MAY - "Definitions: have power, might, be strong, be able, be allowed. Associated spellings/ words: maeg; mag; ma; mekhane ['MACHINE'] (Greek); mogo ['I can'] (Old Slavonic); MAYBE ['perhaps']."

mace - "Definitions: heavy club XIII; sceptre, staff of office XV; old form of billiard cue XVIII. Associated spellings/words: masse, massier (Old French)."

MAKE - "O.E. macian, from W.Gmc. *makojanan (cf. O.S. makon, O.Fris. makia 'to build, make,' M.Du. maken, O.H.G. mahhon, Ger. machen), from PIE *mag- 'to knead, mix, make' (see may). [....]" [Based on: http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?search=make&searchmode=none]

MAKE - "Definitions: bring into existence, cause to exist, occur or appear. Associated spellings/words: macian; makon; mahhon; machen; massein ['knead'] (Greek); mazati ['annoint, grease'] (Old Slavonic)."

MUCH - "Definitions: great, great in quantity, extent, or degree. Associated spellings/words: muche; moche; muchel; mycel; micel; milil; magnus; megas, maha."

MATCH - "Definitions: mate, fellow; person equal or corresponding XIII; + matching of adversaries XIV; contest; matrimonial alliance XVI. Associated spellings/words: gemaca; gimaco; gimahho ['fellow, equal'] (OHG); gemach ['easy, comfortable'] (German); gimah."

maca - "Definitions: to give." (Aztec) meca - "Definitions: rope, vine." (Aztec)

makA - "4 (otl) makA 1. great, high, exalted, dignified, noble, honourable; 2. immense, prodigious, stupendous, monstrous, extreme; 3. superior, paramount, superlative; 4. intense" *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/ Note: (otl) = Cologne
Online Tamil Lexicon

MAGA /r - "Definitions: large. Associated spellings/words: megalo."

maha - "(mwd) maha 1 mfn. great, mighty, strong, abundant RV.; m. (cf. %{makha}, %{magha}) a feast, festival MBh.; the festival of spring S3is3. Hariv. Var. [794,2]; a partic. Eka7ha S3a1n3khS3r.; a sacrifice L.; a buffalo L.; light, lustre, brilliance L.; (%{A}) f. a cow L.; Ichnocarpus Frutescens L.; n. pl. great deeds RV." *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/ Note: (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon

Maka - "Definitions: According to Lakota legend, Maka [the Earth] and the blue waters were created from   he blood of Inyan [rock]. Associated spellings/words: magh ['field, level, country, plain'] (Gaelic); magga ['path'] (Pali)."

maga - "2 (mwd) maga m. a magian, a priest of the sun Var. BhavP.; pl. N. of a country in S3a1kadvipa inhabited chiefly by Bra1hmans Cat." mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

maga - "Definitions: stomach (Old English). Associated spellings/words: maghe, maag, mago, magen, magi, maw."

mkha - "Definitions: sky, space, heaven; womb." (Tibetan)

ma ka - "Gaea [....] is the primal Greek goddess personifying the Earth, the Greek version of 'Mother Nature' or the Earth Mother, of which the earliest reference to the term is the Mycenaean Greek ma-ka (transliterated as ma-ga), 'Mother Gaia', written in Linear B syllabic script.[2] [....] Hesiod's *Theogony (116ff) tells how, after the birth of Chaos, arose broad-breasted Gaia, the everlasting foundation of the gods of Olympus. She brought forth Uranus, the starry sky, her equal, to cover her, the hills (Ourea), and the fruitless deep of the Sea, Pontus, 'without sweet union of love,' out of her own self through parthenogenesis. But afterwards, as Hesiod tells it, she is a great god of nature: [....]"
*Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaia_%28mythology%29

migge - "Definitions: *a small fly." (Old English) *Link: http://www.quicksilver899.com/Tolkien/LOTR/LOTR_MQ.html - [T.D. - 12/23/07]

megha - "Definitions: cloud." (Sanskrit) Macha - "Definitions: Great Queen of Phantoms, worshipped in Ireland even before the coming of the Celts. Macha's Irish shrine was Emain Macha, capital of Ulster. Its heavenly form was Emania, the Moon-goddess's realm of death."
*Links: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macha_%28Irish_mythology%29

Macha - "In Celtic religion, one of three war goddesses; it is also a collective name for the three, who were also referred to as the three Morrigan. As an individual, Macha was known by a great variety of names, including Dana and Badb ('Crow,' or 'Raven'). She was the great earth mother, or female principle, and a great slaughterer of men, as was another of the trinity, Morrigan, or Black Annis, who survives in Arthurian leg- end as Morgan le Fay. The third goddess was Nemain". [....] Macha can be interpreted as part of a triad of goddesses in their warrior/death aspect along with Badb and Nemain. Together they were the triune goddess known as the Morrigan, 'Great Queen'. [....]" [Based on: http://www.bloodnwine.com/machareference.htm]

makha - "Definitions: a pit; hole (Avestan). Associated spellings/words: makhem."

magga - "Definitions: road (Pali). Associated spellings/words: maggika ['traveller']."

mache - "Definitions: battle, fighting." (Greek)

maki - "Definitions: hand." (Quechua)

Magi - "Definitions: the wise men who came from the east to worship the child Jesus; priests (Chaldean). Associated spellings/words: Maji, Magu; Magos ['wise men'] (Greek); Maggid ['one who tells'] (Hebrew)."

machi - "Definitions: town, section of a ward." (Japanese)

maya - "Definitions: 'by me'." (Sanskrit) *Link: http://vedabase.net/m/maya

Maya - "The goddess Maya, the good mother of all the gods and man... (Rig Veda). Associated spellings/words: Maya ['the mother of Buddha'] (Hindu). Trivia: 'At least ten world saviors have a form of the word maya, or illusion, for their mother.' (Horizon Magaz- ine, Fall 1945, Vol. 5 No. 2 (The Ring of the Nibelung), Manly P. Hall)"

maya - "Definitions: illusion; all which is not true and eternal. Name given to the goddess Shakti [Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 461] (Sanskrit). Other definitions include: delusion. Associated spellings/words: maia ['the power of material change'] (Hindu); ma ['to measure, measure out, to form, to build'] (Sanskrit)."

Maya - "Reportedly, the son [Prince Maya] of the first ruler over the Naga Empire of India, over 25,000 years ago." (Based on: Col. James Churchward)

mageia - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'sorceries' [Acts 8:11]. Other definitions include: magic. Associated spellings/words: maghia; magos ['wise men']."

mageuo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'sorcery' [Acts 8:9]. Associated spellings/words: mageuw."

mgyogs - "Definitions: quick, quickly." (Tibetan)

mgo - "Definitions: head." (Tibetan)

Magu - "Definitions: magic horse (Old Slavic fairy tale). Associated spellings/words: Magu ['member of a distinct priestly class'] (Old Persian); Magi."

mqvh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'gathering together' [Genesis 1:10]; 'pools' [Exodus 7:19]; 'plenty' [Leviticus 11:36]; 'linen yarn' [I Kings 10:28]. Other definitions include: hope. Associated spellings/words: miqweh; tiqwah; qawah; yachal, yahal."

mchvyal - "Definitions: Son of Irad (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: Mehujael."

Macchu Picchu - "Definitions: Hitching Post of the Sun; a mountain in Peru."

mchs - "Transliterated Old Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'strike'. Associated spellings/ words: nkh ['kill, smite']."

magos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'wise men' [Matthew 2:1, 7, 16]; 'sorcerer' [Acts 13:6, 8]."

megas - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'great' [Matthew 2:10, etc.]; 'high' [John 19:31]; 'loud' [Acts 7:57, 60; 8:7]. Other definitions include: length of age, greatness in rank or importance. Associated spellings/words: mhgas."

Makosh - "Definitions: a fertility goddess known only to the eastern Slavs. She is associated with water and a plentiful supply of food. Associated spellings/words: Mokosh, Makosh; magus ['son, young man'] (Gothic); magos ['priestly caste'] (Greek); magus; magu ['slave'] (Old Irish)."

mksh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'covering' [Genesis 8:13], [Exodus 26:14], [Numbers 4:11]. Associated spellings/words: mikseh, mikceh; ksh ['covered'] (Genesis 7:19)."

mkzh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'vision' [Genesis 15:1], [Numbers 24:4, 16], [Ezekiel 13:7]. Associated spellings/words: machazeh."

mchsh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'shelter' [Job 24:8]; 'refuge' [Psalm 14:6]; 'trust' [Psalm 73:28]; 'hope' [Jeremiah 17:17], [Joel 3:16]. Other definitions include: to seek refuge. Associated spellings/words: mahseh."

makzan - "Definitions: store house. Associated spellings/words: makazin; kazana ['store up'] (Arabic)."

mchsr - "Definitions: diminished resources, lacking (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: mahsor; chsr, hasar, haser ['want, lack']." (Hebrew)

mchsbh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'thoughts' [Genesis 6:5]. Other definitions include: cunning, device, devised, devices, imaginations, purposes. Associated spellings/words: makhashawbaw; mchsbt."

mkhas pa - "Definitions: wise, learned." (Tibetan)

magister - "Definitions: master." (Latin)

mgn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'shield' [Genesis 15:1, etc.], [Psalm 3:3, etc.]; 'defence' [Psalm 89:18]; 'armed' [Proverbs 24:34]; 'rulers' [Hosea 4:18]. Other definitions include: shields, buckler, bucklers. Associated spellings/words: magen."

megn - "Definitions: strong, powerful (Old Norse). Associated spellings/words: megenn; macian ['make'] (Old English); makon, maken, mahhon, machen."

MAIN - "Definitions: physical strength; great size; high seas; principal pipe, duct, or circuit. Associated spellings/words: megin, magn."

makhon - "Definitions: base; place where God sits." (Hebrew)

macian - "Definitions: make (Old English). Associated spellings/words: makon, maken, mahhon, machen."

MACHINE - "Definitions: power-tool; combination of mechanical parts. Associated spellings/ words: mekhane, mekhos."

mqnh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'cattle' [Genesis 4:20, 13:2, 13:7]. Other definitions include: larger cattle; flocks; possession, possessions, substance. Associated spellings/words: miqneh; soneh ['smaller cattle; sheep, goats, etc.']."

mqnh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'bought' [Genesis 17:12]; 'possess- ion' [Genesis 23:18]. Other definitions include: price, purchase. Associated spellings/ words: miqnah."

MAGNA /r - "Definitions: great. Associated spellings/words: MAGNI."

Majana - "Definitions: a name for the Sun; numeral five?." (Tahitian?)

Magni - "Definitions: the son of Thor." (Norse Mythology)

makani - "Definitions: wind." (Hawaiian)

mchnym - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'Mahanaim'[Genesis 32:2]. Other definitions include: God's camp."

mkhon'dzin - "Definitions: malicious, spiteful." (Tibetan)

MECHANISM - "Definitions: manual labor; piece of machinery. Associated spellings/words: mekhane, makhana."

MAGNET - "Definitions: + magnetic oxide of iron XV; piece of loadstone; piece of iron or steel having the same attractive properties VII. Associated spellings/words: magneta; Magnes lithos ['the Magnesian stone']."

maganda - "m. usurer." (cap) = Capeller's Sanskrit-English Dictionary *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

mAcAntam - "01 great patience" (otl) = Cologne Online Tamil Lexicon *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

MAGNIFICENT - "Definitions: great in achievement, grand, splendid. Associated spellings/words: magnificus."

MAGNITUDE - "Definitions: greatness XIV; size XVI. Associated spellings/words: magnus ['great'] (Latin); megas ['great'] (Greek); mahant ['great'] (Sanskrit)."

mqvm - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'place' [Genesis 1:9; 22:3; 32:29], [1 Samuel 5:11]; 'room' [Genesis 24:23]. Other definitions include: area, gathering, a gathering together of anything. Associated spellings/words: maqowm."

magma - "Definitions: dough." (Greek) mahamai - "(El 17), Tamil magamai; name of a tax."
[Based on: http://www.archive.org/stream/indianepigraphic00sircuoft/indianepigraphic00sircuoft_djvu.txt]

macamo - "Definitions: negation." (Aztec)

maghamelas - "Definitions: gatherings." (Sanskrit)

Make Make - "Name for the one ancestor worshipped by Polynesians on Easter Island."

mchr - "Definitions: wages (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: mehir. "

makl - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'food' [Genesis 2:9; 6:21], [Proverbs 6:8]; 'manner' [Genesis 40:17]; 'meat' [Deuteronomy 20:20]; 'fruit' [Nehemiah 5:25]. Other definitions include: victual. Associated spellings/words: ma'akal."

mqvr - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'issue' [Leviticus 12:7]; 'fountain' [Leviticus 20:18], [Psalm 36:9; 68:26], [Proverbs 5:18; 13:14, etc.]; 'well' [Proverbs 10:11]; 'wellspring' [Proverbs 16:22, etc.]; 'spring' [Proverbs 25:26, etc.]. Associat- ed spellings/words: maqowr."

mgvl - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'stranger' [Genesis 17:8]. Associated spellings/words: maguwr."

macle - "Definitions: twin crystal; dark spot in a mineral. Associated spellings/words: macula ['spot, mesh'] (Latin)."

mkhar - "Definitions: castle, house, tower, sky goer, god, cloud." (Tibetan)

MAJOR - "Definitions: greater. Associated spellings/words: magnus; MAJORITY."

maqhel - "Definitions: assemble, assembly, community (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: qahal ['assemble, assembly, community']."

mkvrh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'birth' [Ezekiel 16:3]. Other definitions include: relatives; birthplace, nativity, habitation." Associated spellings/words: makuwrah."

makara - "Definitions: sea monster; crab; crocodile; alligator." (Hindu Mythology)

megorah - "Definitions: terror, cringing fear (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: gur ['terror, cringing fear']; yare ['fear']." (Hebrew)

machalah - "Definitions: disease, sickness (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: mchlh; chlh, chalah ['to be weak or sick']." (Hebrew)

makarios - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'blessed' [Matthew 5:3]. Other definitions include: happy, fortunate."

MACRO /p - "Definitions: large, excessive. Associated spellings/words: macros ['long large'] (Greek); macer ['thin'], meager (Latin)."

megalyno - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'enlarge' [Matthew 23:5]. Other definitions include: enlarged, magnify, magnified, great. Associated spellings/ words: megalunw."

MACARONI - "Definitions: pasta in tubes. Associated spellings/words: maccaroni, maccherone."

MACROCOSM - "Definitions: large world."

MACERATE - "Definitions: soften by steeping; cause to waste away. Associated spellings/words: macerare ['steep, soften, weaken'] (Latin)."

makrothymeo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'patience' [Matthew 18:26]. Other definitions include: bear long, suffereth long, longsuffering. Associated spellings/words: makrothymhw; makrothymia."

mkhal ma - "Definitions: kidney." (Tibetan)

maklt - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'knife' [Genesis 22:6]. Associated spellings/words: ma'akeleth."

Mchlt - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'Mahalath' [Genesis 28:9]. Other definitions include: daughter of Ismael; Esau's wife."

mkha'lding - "Definitions: the sky-soaring one, Garuda." (Tibetan)

mchq - "Transliterated Aramaic? spelling for the word 'smote' [Judges 5:26]. Associated spell- ings/words: machaq, machqh, mahaqa; mchts, machats ['pierced'] (Hebrew)"

MAGIC - "Definitions: art of using supernatural powers. Associated spellings/words: magique (superceded by - magie); magica; magike, magikos, magos ['MAGUS'] (Greek)."

mak-ke - "Definitions: what." (Hakka)

ma-chak - "Definitions: to erase." (Hebrew)

mkab - "Definitions: sadness, sorrow (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: mak'ob; kab ['pain, suffering']." (Hebrew)

mgph - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'plagues' [Exodus 9:14]; 'plague' [1 Samuel 6:4]; 'slaughter' [2 Samuel 8:10]; 'stroke' [Ezekiel 24:16]. Associated spellings/words: maggephah."

mqbh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'hammer' [1 Kings 6:7]. Associated spellings/words: maqqabah."

Megiddo - "Definitions: place of crowds; Ancient city of Canaan assigned to Manasseh (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: Megiddon."

miqdas - "Definitions: sanctuary (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: qodes."

mgdl - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'tower' [Genesis 11:4]. Associated spellings/words: migdal; migdol ['a common name in the New Kingdom for Egyptian forts on the eastern border of the delta and along the international road from Egypt to Canaan in north Sinai.]"

mkplh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'Machpelah' [Genesis 23:19]. Other definitions include: name of the cave where Abraham and Sarah were buried." mktb - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'writing' [Exodus 32:16]. Associated spellings/words: miktab."


MOP - "Definitions: bundle of yarn, etc. fixed to a stick for use in cleaning. Associated
spellings/words: mapp(e); mappel; mapolt; of unkn. orig. (Based on: The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology)."

mop - "Definitions: grimace, pouting of the lips. Associated spellings/words: moppen ['be surly, pout'] (Dutch); MOPE. (Based on: The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology)."

mab - "Definitions: son." (Welsh)

mat - "Definitions: know." (Aztec)

mat - "Definitions: teachings." (Sanskrit?)

mat - "Definitions: with (Avestan). Associated spellings/words: meta ['with'] (Greek); mit ['with'] (German); mitte ['center']; mittag ['noon'] (German)."

mat - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'little' [Genesis 24:17]. Other definitions include; lightly, small, few. Associated spellings/words: mae'at."

MAT - "Definitions: piece of coarse fabric of plaited fiber; piece of material laid on a surface for protection. Associated spellings/words: matta."

met - "Definitions: the dead body." (Hebrew)

mts - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'chaff' [Job 21:18, etc.]. Associated spellings/words: mos."

mad - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'very' [Genesis 4:5, 12:14]; 'exceedingly' [Genesis 17:2]. Associated spellings/words: mehode."

med - "Definitions: negation." (Tibetan)

MOPE - "Definitions: wander, be listless and dejected; of unkn. orig." (Based on: The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology).

Maat - "Definitions: truth or right order; goddess of truth and justice (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: Matu, Maht, Mut, Maut, Ma; mata ['eye'] (Indonesian)."

Maat - "The Egyptian winged goddess Maat, was the daughter of the sun god Ra/Re. Maat had similar attributes with the Assyrian sun god Shamash, representing the ideals of law, order, and truth. The word, Maat translates 'that which is straight.' it implies anything that is true, ordered, or balanced. She is a very ancient goddess because we find her in the boat of Ra as it rose above the waters of the abyss of Nu on the first day. Together with Thoth, they charted the daily course of the sun god Ra. She is sometimes called the 'eye of Ra' or the 'daughter of Ra'. Pharaohs had to follow the law of Maat, exactly like the Assyrian kings had to follow the law of Shamash. Deviation from the tenets of Maát could prove disastrous for the Sheket/Shekem (priest/priestess/pharaoh)." *Link: http://sunlight.orgfree.com/history_of_sun_gazing.htm

MATE - "Definitions: habitual companion, wedded pair; messmate. Associated spellings/words: gemate, gimazzo, gamaton."

METH /p - "Pertaining to an atom grouping that contains only one carbon atom."

mda - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'knowledge' [2 Chronicles 1:10]; 'thought' [Ecclesiastes 10:20]; 'science' [Daniel 1:4]. Associated spellings/words: madda."

mda - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'science' [Daniel 1:4]. Associated spellings/words: madda."

meta - "Definitions: with, among, in the midst of, between, in common with, after denoting chiefly sharing, joint action, pursuit, quest, (and esp.) change (Greek). Associated spellings/words: meth-."

mtsa - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'found' [Genesis 2:20; 6:8, 9; 11:2; 16:7; 18:3]; 'findeth' [Genesis 4:14]; 'come' [Deuteronomy 4:30]; 'lighteth' [Deuteronomy 19:5]; 'hath' [Deuteronomy 21:17]. Other definitions include: find, findest. Associated spellings/words: matsa."

mete - "Definitions: measure out (Old English). Associated spellings/words: metan (OS); mezzan; messen (German); meta (Old Norse); mitan (Gothic); midiur ['I judge'] (Old Irish)."

mtsh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'unleavened bread' [Genesis 19:3, etc.]. Associated spellings/words: massah."

Mada - "Drunkeness, intoxication, dementia (Hindu). Associated spellings/words: Mada ['a demonic monster mentioned in the Vedas']."

mada - "Definitions: intoxication, ardent passion, pride, etc." (Sanskrit)

madha - "Definitions: remedy, intoxication, drug (Avestan). Associated spellings/words: madho."

medha - "Definitions: mental power, intellect (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: matra ['measure, size'] (Sanskrit)

metta - "Definitions: compassion (Hindu). Associated spellings/words: metta ['good will, love']; mitta ['friend']."

matteh - "Definitions: rod, staff; tribe (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: sebet ['rod, staff, tribe']."

mati - "Definitions: thought, wit, mind, opinion, notion." (Sanskrit)

MEDI /r - "Definitions: half, middle, between, half-way. Associated spellings/words: medare (Latin); MIDDLE ['equally distant from the extremes']; MIDST; middes ['middle point, position close to or surrounded by others']."

Mahdi - "Definitions: savior (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: Mahdi ['the guided one'] (Arabic); Muhtadun ['recipients of guidance'] (Quran)."

mafia - "Definitions: violent hostility to law and order; body of people manifesting this." (Sicilian, Italian)

Mahadhi - "43 (mwd) mahAdhI mfn. having a great understanding S3is3. S3rutab." (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

Mdyn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'Midian' [Exodus 2:15]. Trivia: 'The so-called 'Midianite Theory' - that Yahweh was origianally a god of the people of Midian- is usually discredited today, but it was in Midian that Moses had his first vision of Yahweh.' [Based on: Karen Armstrong, A History of God, p. 21]

madhu - "Definitions: honey, sweet drink (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: methu ['wine'] (Greek); medu ['wine, honey'] (Old Slavonic)."

methu - "Definitions: wine (Greek). Associated spellings/words: mead ['drink made by fermenting a mixture of honey and water'] + hule ['wood']."

Matthew - "Definitions: gift of God." (Bible Concordance)

mdva - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'why' [Exodua 1:18]. Associated spellings/words: madduwa'."

mtsvh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'commandments' [Genesis 26:5], [Deuteronomy 11:27, 28]. Associated spellings/words mitsvah, miswah; tsvh, sawah ['to command']"

madhava - "Definitions: sweet like honey [madhu]; proper name of Krsna; proper name of several famous philosophers." (Hindu)

Medusa - "One of the three Gorgons, having snakes for the hair of the head (Greek Mythology). Associated spellings/words: Medousa."

Mtvslh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'Methuselah' [Genesis 5:21]. Other defin- itions include: son of Enoch [Chnvk, Chanoke]."

Mht wrt - "Hathor had a complex relationship with Ra, in one myth she is his eye and considered his daughter but later, when Ra assumes the role of Horus with respect to Kingship, she is considered Ra's mother. She absorbed this role from another cow goddess "Mht wrt" ('Great flood') who was the mother of Ra in a creation myth and carried him between her horns. As a mother she gave birth to Ra each morning on the east- ern horizon and as wife she conceives through union with him each day.[5]" *Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hathor

mthu stobs - "Definitions: inherent [majic] abilities and power." (Tibetan)

mdung - "Definitions: lance, spear." (Tibetan)

mathum - "Definitions: *treasure, gift." (Anglo-Saxon) *Link: http://www.quicksilver899.com/Tolkien/LOTR/LOTR_MQ.html - [T.D. - 12/23/07]

mbvl - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'flood' [Genesis 6:17; 7:6, 7; 9:11], [Psalm 29:10]. Associated spellings/words: mabbul, mabbuwl; kataklysmos (Greek)."

methyl - "Definitions: wine from wood; wood alchohol, poisonous substance, containing only one carbon atom in its molecule, obtained from heating wood in the absence of air. Associated spellings/words: methy, methu ['wine'] + hyle ['matter; wood'] (Greek)."

medulla - "Definitions: marrow; something which is inside." (Latin)

madhurasa - "Definitions: literally, honey sentiment; highest love and affection." (Hindu)

mthu chen - "Definitions: great powers and abilities." (Tibetan)

METHOD - "Definitions: procedure for achieving an end. Associated spellings/words: meta hodos."

Matuta - "Definitions: Goddess of the dawn." (Latin)

methodeia - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'lie in wait' [Ephesians 4:14]; 'wiles' [Ephesians 6:11]. Other definitions include: craftiness. Associated spellings/words: mhthodhia; meteorizomai."

mathas - "Definitions: monasteries." (Hindu) matsya - "Definitions: fish (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: Pisces."

mtsho - "Definitions: lake." (Tibetan)

maidin - "Definitions: morning." (Gaelic)

mtshar - "Definitions: beautiful." (Tibetan)

mtshal - "Definitions: forest." (Tibetan)

matsarya - "Definitions: envy." (Sanskrit)

mdzod - "Definitions: store, treasury (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: mdzod mig ['storeroom']."

Mabon - "Definitions: believed to be a form of the Welsh word for son, youth; Great Son; a Pagan Fall Equinox celebration generally observed on the first day of Autumn [September 20-23] - The Fall Equinox is also known as: Alban Elfed, Cornucopia, Feast of Avilon, Festival of Dionysus, Harvest Moon, Harvest Tide, Night of the Hunter, Second Harvest Festival, Wine Harvest, and Witch's Thanksgiving. Associated spellings/ words: Mabon ap Modron ['Son, son of mother(s)']; Prideri."

maten - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'vain' [Matthew 15:9], [Mark 7:7]. Associated spellings/words: mathn."

Madanah - "Definitions: love, passion; God of love (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: Madonna ['my lady'] (Old Italian); Medina ['the city'] (Arabic)."

mpny - "Definitions: from before (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: mlpny."

metanoia - "Definitions: change [meta] of mind [noia]." (Hebrew)

metanoeo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'repent' [Matthew 3:2]. Other definitions include: a change of mind and attitude. Associated spellings/words: metanohw; metanoia."

Metaneira - "Mother of: Callidice, Cleisidice, Demo, & Callithoe. Wife of: Celeus." (Greek Mythology)

Mabinogi - "Definitions: an extensive collection of more or less related Welsh adventures, related sufficiently for them to be metaphorically conceived as branches; a collective description of a group of four Medieval Welsh tales that are also called the 'four branches;' a story for children; a student in the bardic class. Associated spellings/words: Mabinogion." Mabinogion - "Definitions: the name Mabinogion was given by William Pughe, an eighteenth century antiquarian, to a selection of narrative works found in one or both of the two great ancient books of Whales: the Red Book of Hergest and the White Book of Rhydderch. Most scholars and traditions, compelled by custom, use Mabinogion to refer to the eleven Medeival welsh texts. They were first translated into English in 1849; a tale belonging to the Mabinog's repertoire. Associated spellings/words: The Matter of Britain."

mthmvn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'treasure' [Genesis 43:23]; 'treasures' [Job 3:21], [Proverbs 2:4], [Jeremiah 41:8]; 'riches' [Isaiah 45:3]. Associated spellings/words: matmown."

metamorphow - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'changed' (2 Corinthians 3:18). Associated spellings/words: metamorphoo."

mathematic - "... L. mathematicus - Gr. mathematikos, f. mathema, -mat something learnt, science, f. *math- (rel. to MIND), manthanein learn; see -IC, ICAL. ...." [Based on: Oxford Concise Dictionary of Etymology - paperback 1996]

mthr - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'rain' [Genesis 7:4]; 'rained' [Genesis 19:24]. Associated spellings/words: matar."

metl - "Definitions: grindstone." (Aztec)

mtsvr - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'besieged places' [2 Kings 19:24], [Isaiah 37:25]; 'defence' [Isaiah 19:6]; 'fortified' & 'fortress' [Micah 7:12]. Other definitions include: the fortified land, Egypt. Associated spellings/words: matsowr."

motar - "Definitions: profit, gain." (Hebrew)

MODEL - "Definitions: architect's plan; design, make; pattern. Associated spellings/words: modulus, modus."

mthar - "Definitions: end, limit, final, finally (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: mthar thug ['touching or carried to its limit']."

madar - "Definitions: bird." (Hungarian)

matil - "Definitions: anoint." (Aztec)

MATURE - "Definitions: fully developed or ripened. Associated spellings/words: maturus ['timely, early']; mane ['early, in the morning'] (Latin)."

MATTER - "Definitions: thing, affair, concern; material of thought, speech, or action XIII; substance serving as material XIV; physical or corporeal substance; XVII; things written or printed; subject of interest. Associated spellings/words: materia ['hard part of a tree, etc."] (Latin); MATERIAL ['natural, relating to matter']."
*Links: http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?search=matter&searchmode=none

METTLE - "Definitions: quality of temperament; spirit or courage."

MISSILE - "Definitions: to send, to throw. Associated spellings/words: missus, mittere."

mittere - "Definitions: let go, send out, put forth (Latin). Associated spellings/words: MITT /r ['send']; mittere (Latin)."

MISSION - "Definitions: sending, especially abroad; sending forth on a service (spec. Mission of the Holy Ghost) or with authority; body of persons sent; commission, errand; establishment of missionaries; personal duty or vocation; operational sortie. Associated spellings/words: mittere ['let go, send'] (Latin)."

matra - "Definitions: measure, size (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: mati 'measures' (Sanskrit); Matres ['Celtic mother-goddesses']."

metra - "Definitions: lot, portion." (Greek) http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?search=metra&searchmode=none

MATRI /r - "Definitions: mother. Associated spellings/words: mater (Latin); MATRIC, MATRO."

mederi - "Definitions: heal." (Latin)

Matahari - "Definitions: a name for the Sun." (Indonesian)

maitreya - "Definitions: love." (Sanskrit)

meteorizo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'doubtful' [Luke 12:29]. Other definitions include: to hang suspended in mid-air, to be worried. Associated spellings/words: mhthwrizw; meteorizomai."

MODERN - "Definitions: now existing, relating to or characteristic of the present or recent times; ordinary. Associated spellings/words: modo ['just now'] (Latin)."

Mtsrym - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'Mizraim' [Genesis 10:6, 13]; 'Egypt' [Genesis 12:10], [Genesis 47:20]. Other definitions include: the two Mazors [Egypt's]; Egyptians. Associated spellings/words: Mitsrayim." Mater Matuta - "Definitions: 'Mother of the First Dawn'." (Based on: Walker, Barbara G.)

MATRIX - "Definitions: uterus; mould, something within which something else originates or develops. Associated spellings/words: mater ['mother']."

MODERATE - "Definitions: medium, avoiding extremes; control. Associated spellings/words: moderari."

MEDIC - "Definitions: medical worker. Associated spellings/words: mederi ['heal'] (Latin)."

MATCH - "Definitions: + wick (lamp wik); piece of inflammable cord, wood, ect., to be ignited XVI. Associated spellings/words: meiche; mesche; mecha; miccia; myxa; muxa ['nozzle of lamp'] (Greek)."

mda'kha - "Definitions: arrow, arrow notch." (Tibetan)

mda'gzhu - "Definitions: arrow and bow." (Tibetan)

metochos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'partners' [Luke 5:7]; 'fellows' [Hebrews 1:9]; 'partakers' [Hebrews 3:1, 14; 6:4; 12:8]. Other definitions include: share. Associated spellings/words: mhtoxos."

madchen - "Definitions: neuter for girl (German). Associated spellings/words: weib."

mbchr - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'choice' [Genesis 23:6]; 'chosen' [Exodus 15:4]. Other definitions include: choicest. Associated spellings/words: mibchar."

Midgard - "Definitions: Middle Garden; The Earth, or world of humans, which lies midway between Asgard and Jotunheim. The land of the frost giants (Norse Mythology). Associated spellings/words: Mana-heim."

mtcht - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words '(from) under' (Genesis 1:9). Associated spellings/words: mi.ta.khat."

mtsbh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'pillar' [Genesis 28:18, 22, etc.], [Isaiah 19:19]; 'images' [Exodus 23:24; 34:13, etc.], [Jeremiah 43:13], [Micah 5:13]; 'pillars' [Exodus 24:4, etc.]; 'image' [Deuteronomy 16:22, etc.], [Hosea 3:4]; 'garr- isons' [Ezekiel 26:11]. Associated spellings/words: [mem + tzzadi + beth + heh], matstsebah."

matsbh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'sorrow' [Isaiah 50:11]. Associated spellings/words: [mem + ayin + tzzadi + beth + heh], ma'atsebah."

mitzvah - "Definitions: a command, commandment (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: mtsvh, mtsvt."

mtsbq - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'pillars' [1 Samuel 2:8]; 'situate' [1 Samuel 14:15]. Associated spellings/words: matsuwq."

mthpcht - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'vail' [Ruth 3:15]; 'wimples' [Isaiah 3:22]. Other definitions include: sheet, apron. Associated spellings/words: mitpachath."

MEDITATE - "Definitions: middle station; contemplation. Associated spellings/words: medesthai ['be mindful, take thought, plan'] (Greek); meditari ['frequent'] (Latin)."

mathetes - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'disciples' [Matthew 5:1]. Other definitions include: disciple. Associated spellings/words: mathhths; manthano ['to learn']."

mdbr - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'wilderness' [Genesis 14:6; 16:7; 21:20]; 'desert' [Exodus 3:1]. Other definitions include: pasture land, barren empty land, large sparsely populated area. Associated spellings/words: midbar."

Metatron - "Definitions: The Prince of the World. Reportedly, an angel with flesh of fire, eyelashes of lightning & eyes of flaming torches (Hebrew). Associated spellings/ words: Enoch."

Matabrune - "Definitions: Burning Mother, a bardic name for the Valkyrie Brunnhilde, or Burning Hel, mother of the sun king Oriant."

Mediterranean - "Definitions: Middle-of the-Earth. Associated spellings/words: mare nostrum ['our sea'] (Roman)."











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