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   Years in Music




   This Week in Astrology (Cafe



   Ephemeris  (2011-2017)
   A very Extensive Ephemeris (PDF Format)

Space Exploration:

   NASA JPL ***
   NASA Science ***
   Mars / NASA Site
   Atmospheric Optics
    Earth & Moon Viewer ***
   NASA ***
   Hubble Telescope Images

Outer Space Activity:

   NASA Science
   Peace in Space?
   Space Weather ***
   Project Serpo Trivia
   Asteriod Activity, etc.
   More Solar Activity Links
   Space Environment Center
   IPS Radio and Space Services ***
   Space Weather Prediction Center
   Solar/Geophysical Activity Forecast

World Maps:

   U.S. National Atlas ***
   American Memories
    Earth & Moon Viewer ***
   U.S. Topographic Maps
   Links to Maps of the World
   Maps of the Middle East and the World

World Photos:

 An extensive collection of photos from around the globe

World History:

   Wikinews ***
   WikiLeaks ***
Peace on Earth?
    Archaeology News
    Anthropology News
   WikiLeaks Mirrors ***
   World History Timeline
   Forbidden Archaeology
   Wikipedia History Timeline ***

Timeline Links:

   "Mirror History"
   Television History
   Wikipedia List of Decades ***

Mythology Links:

   Theoi Greek Mythology
   The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Mythology

World News Links:

   Prison Planet
   NOVA / PBS ***
   NASA News
   Recent News
   ScienceDaily ***
   Science News ***
    Out There TV
    Geology News ***
   World News Map
   BBC World News
   Independent Media
   Propoganda Matrix
    Archaeology News ***
    Anthropology News ***
   National Geographic
   American Free Press
   Information Clearing House
   World News From  Russia    Media bias in the United States    News Media in the United States

Planetary Vibrations:

   Visible Earth
   Natural Hazards ***
   Hurricane Trivia ***
   Volcanic Activity ***
   Volcanic Activity
   Volcanoes and Volcanic Glass
    Recent Earthquakes ***
   Climate Timeline Fact Sheet
   Earthquakes / Scientific Data
   NOAA National Weather Service
   Smithsonian's Global Volcanism Program

World Satellite Maps:
  A very  extensive site with links to live Weather, Satellite, and Sky Cam pictures from around the world. Also includes links to Seismic Activity and Storm Warning data, etc. [go to Main Weather Page for links] ***

Environmental History:
   Environmental History Timeline
   Nuclear Waste Disposal Timeline
   Chemical Weapons Disposal Chronology
   Toxic release Inventory program [U.S.A.]
   Assembeled Chemical Weapons Alternatives


   "Mirror History" Dictionary ***


  Etymology ***
  No More HOAXES


   Wikipedia  ***

Sacred Texts Archive:

Think-Tanks & NGOs:

   Project for the New American Century [PNAC]

Nanotechnology Links:  

Births & Deaths Trivia:

   Dead or ***

Health & Healing Links: ***
   "Rich vs. Poor" Health ***

Trivia / Brain-Wasting Diseases, Etc.

   Brain-Wasting Diseases, etc. Timeline

"Skynet" Links:

  Future Combat  Systems

911 "Trivia", Etc.:

  911 "Trivia"

Armed Conflict Links:

  "Regime Changes" [Coups] from 1800 to 1999 *

Iraq War "Trivia", Etc.:

  Iraq War "Trivia"

Military Casualties Links:

   Iraq Coalition Casualty Count

Nuclear Weapons History:

    Nuclear Weapons Statistics
   Depleted Uranium Statistics ***
   A Good Overview of Nuclear Weapons Development   

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U.S. National Debt:

  U.S. National Debt Clock  

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