Introduction To "Mirror History"

   For a long time, "Mirror History" basically amounted to a repository for information compiled during my years of etymology research. I was looking over the history of words and required a large space for data storage. Web page format appeared to accomodate that need and to allow a way for sharing this work with others. In the beginning then, "Mirror History" basically amounted to a large Dictionary.
   Over time I gravitated to a study of Biblical Hebrew, because I believed that it might better reflect an ancient picture of early language. Thus, an Old Testament section  was created when I began to illustrate the book of Genesis. Afterword, sections from other books were illustrated as well, according to the direction of my research.
   My next project involved the exploration and review of World History. I wanted a way to illustrate whether the meaning for a particular word [or words] had changed over the years; or even reversed! I found it necessary to document whether knowledge had been reassigned to the realms of fairy tale, legend, or myth; also, to determine if the same knowledge had faced condemnation from religious dogmas that basically said "To hell with it!" So, in order to add historical context to the evolution of words, a historical Timeline was created.
   In all, "Mirror History" attempts to chronicle world history alongside the history of the words used to record world history! It basically amounts to a storage facility for past, present, and future recordings subject to change. In this respect, "Mirror History" resembles a living encyclopedia, or reference source on many subjects. It illustrates countless examples about how words are used [newspapers, magazines, books, etc.] in context to time.  

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