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An - "Definitions: a mythological serpent; a mythological fish." (Egyptian)

An - "Definitions attributed to An include: Heaven; Sky; Sphere of the Heights; Upperworld; the Father of the Gods; the Bull of Heaven; one of the first born of Nammu [the Sea]; the brother of Ki [Earth]; number 60, the geometric mean in the field of numbers; Grain ear/date cluster ['water' + 'high']; to be high, high; in front. Associated spellings/words: Ana, Anu." (Sumerian, Babylonian Mythology)

an - The definite article is *h-/hn- (or zero) in Ancient North Arabian and *al- in CA. However, the oldest evidence of both articles occurs in the 5th century BC, in the epithet of a goddess which Herodotus quotes in its preclassical Arabic form as *?al?ilat, and which occurs in its Ancient North Arabian form as *hn-?lt in a number of Aramaic inscriptions. Both mean 'the goddess'.[3]" *Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_North_Arabian

an - "Definitions: to turn, to turn oneself, to return, to repeat an act, to take back, to retract, to subtract, again; well, fountain; turn a glance towards something; to be pretty or beautiful, beautiful; a man of noble qualities, a cultured man, a good man; to paint, to make designs, to practice the craft of an artist; a writing tablet, plaque. Associated spellings/words: ann ['to return, to turn back; to sing']; annu ['one who returns']." (Egyptian)

an [a1] - "Definitions: nu [u3] ('woman') + mian [a2] ('roof'). General meanings include: adj. peaceful, tranquil; v. pacify, console; v. place, arrange; a surname. Associated spellings/words: anding [a1i4] (v. 'stabilize'); anjing [a1i4] (adj. 'peaceful, quiet'); anmian [a1a2] (v. 'sleep peacefully'); anning [a1i2] (adj. 'quiet and peaceful'); anpai [a1a2] (v. 'arrange'; n. 'arrangement'); anquan [a1a2] (adj. 'safe, secure'; 'n. safety, security'); anwei [a1e4] (v. 'comfort, console'; n. 'consolation'); anwen [a1e3] (adj. 'safe and stable'); anxin [a1i1] (v. 'have peace of mind'); anzhi [a1i4] (v. 'settle, arrange for'); anzhuang [a1a1] (v. 'install')." (Chinese)

an - "Definitions: white chalk (Tibetan). Associated spellings/words: hayan ['white'] (Korean)."

AN /s - "Definitions: native of. Associated spellings/words: an ['whosoever'] (Greek)."

AN /p - "Definitions: without, not; in, into, towards, against (Greek). Associated spellings/words: i; en; inna; EN; IN; UN."

en - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'was' [John 1:1]. Associated spellings/words: hn."

en - "Definitions: dignitary; lord; high priest; ancestor [statue]; diviner; verb: to rule; adjetive: noble." (Sumerian)

en - "Definitions: time; preposition: until." (Sumerian)

en - "Definitions: to be, I am (Hind, Naga-Maya) Associated spellings/words: any ['I'] (Hebrew)."

en - "Definitions: answer." (Hakka)

en [e1] - "Definitions: xin [i1] ('heart') + yin [i1] ('person and surroundings; n. reason, cause; prep. because, according to, on the basis of') - phonetic. General meanings include: heart's reason; n. kindness, benevolence. Associated spellings/words: enai [e1a4] (n. 'marital love'); enqing [e1i2] ('kindness')." (Chinese)

en /p - "Definitions: in (Greek). Associated spellings/words: em."

hen - "Definitions: praise, exult, chant." (Egyptian)

hen - "Definitions: female bird. Associated spellings/words: see canere ['sing'] (Latin)."

hen - "Definitions: lightning." (Sinhalese)

hen [e2] - "Definitions: chuang [a2] ('lie flat on a plank; bed; lie down; sickness') + gen [e3] ('turn around and look in the eye') - phonetic. General meanings include: (n. 'scar, mark')." (Chinese)

hen [e3] - "Definitions: chi [i2] ('pictograph of person taking a small step') + gen [e3] ('turn around and look in the eye') - phonetic. General meanings include: disobey; adv. very." (Chinese) *Link: http://zhongwen.com/d/171/x220.htm

hen [e3] - "Definitions: quan [a3] ('dog') + gen [e3] ('turn around and look in the eye') - phonetic. General meanings include: adj. vicious." (Chinese)

hen [e4] - "Definitions: xin [i1] ('heart') + gen [e3] ('turn around and look in the eye') - phonetic. General meanings include: v. hate." (Chinese)

chn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'grace' [Genesis 6:8]; 'favor' [Genesis 18:3]. Associated spellings/words: chen, hen."

han - "Name for a pictograph depicting a small spiral-like shape that is believed to represent a budding flower. General meanings include: spring up." (Chinese)

han [a3] - "Name for a pictograph believed to represent a cliff. General meanings include: cliff dwelling." (Chinese)

han - "Definitions: kill, slay, murder." (Sanskrit)

han - "Definitions: stone (Old English). Associated spellings/words: hein ['stone'] (Old Norse)."

Han - "According to Lokota legend, in the beginning nothing existed except Han [Black of Darkness]." (Native American).

aion - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'ever' [Matthew 6:13], [Hebrews 13:8]; 'world' [Matthew 12:32], [Acts 15:18], [Ephesians 3:9]; 'world began' [Luke 1:70], [John 9:32]; 'eternal' [Ephesians 3:11]; 'evermore' [Hebrews 7:28]; 'worlds' [Hebrews 11:3]. Other definitions include: vital force, life; age, lifetime, period of time, epoch, a very long time; eternity. Associated spellings: aeon, eon; aionas ['forever'], aionios ['eternal']."

AEON - "Definitions: indefinitely long time. Associated spellings/words: aeon, aion ['age'], aevum."

hane - "Definitions: wing, feather, plume; splashes." (Japanese)

hnh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'behold' [Genesis 1:29]; 'they' [Genesis 6:2]; 'see' [Genesis 19:21]. Other definitions include: lo. Associated spellings/words: hinneh."

hnh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'hither' [Genesis 15:16]; 'here' [Genesis 21:23]; 'what' [Genesis 21:29]. Associated spellings/words: hennah."

hna - "The male searches out the female and approaches her for reproducing. A searching for or, approaching of someone or something." (Hebrew)

ena - "Definitions: 'antelope' (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: mrga; makara 'sea-monster'; Capricornus."
*Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zodiac - [T.D. - 08/02/08]

anh - "Definitions: a winding serpent." (Egyptian)

anh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'afflict' [Genesis 15:13], [Exodus 1:11]; 'dealt hardly' [Genesis 6:6]; 'submit' [Genesis 16:9]; 'afflictest' [1 Kings 8:35]. Other definitions include: oppress, humble. Associated spellings: 'anah."

anh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'answered' [Genesis 18:27, etc.]; 'heard' [Psalm 3;4]. Other definitions include: shout, cry, sing, testify, speak, hear. Associated spellings: 'anah [ayin + nun + heh]."

ana - "Definitions: to, for." (Akkadian)

ana - "Definitions: up, back, again, anew." (Greek)

ana - "Definitions: mother." (Irish)

ana - "Definitions: past time prefix; third person singular." (Kapinga)

ana - "Definitions: adj. alone (Old English). Associated spellings/words: an ['one']; hana ['single'] (Korean); hanya ['only'] (Malay)."

ANA /p - "Definitions: up, again, excessive, too much. Associated spellings/words: ana ['up, amidst, back, again, anew'] (Greek)."

Ana - "First of the female trinity of the Morrigan, associated with the Cauldron of Regeneration (Celtic). Associated spellings/words: ana ['mother'] (Irish)."

Ana - "Definitions: Reportedly, 'an elder version of the Semitic-Amorite Virgin Mari.'" (The Virgin, by Geoffrey Ashe, p. 48)

Aine - "Radiance; The name of the queen of the fairies in Celtic mythology (Gaelic). Associated spellings/words: Anne." Anne - "Definitions attributed to Anne include: Mythical mother of the virgin Mary, from the Middle-Eastern Goddess Anna, or Hanna, or Di-Ana, the mother of Mari; Mother of the Aeons; a two-headed Goddess of Time with two faces named Prorsa and, Postverta, looking forward and backward. Other words or spellings associated with Anne include: Anna Perenna." (Roman Mythology)

hana - "Definitions: a clan matriarch, grandmother." (Old Iranian)

anae - "Definitions: wife." (Korean)

anna - "Definitions: date clusters." (Sumerian)

aana - "Definitions: ape." (Egyptian)

anaa - "Definitions: those there [near hearer] (Kapinga). Associated spellings/words: anei; ana ['past time prefix; third person singular'] (Kapinga); ana ['of or belonging to'] (Latin)."

Hannah - "Definitions: 'Mother'." (Hurrian)

annae - "Definitions: information." (Korean)

ani - "Definitions: 'lynch pin (of a wheel)'." (Vedic) *Link: http://www.people.fas.harvard.edu/~witzel/AryanHome.pdf

ani - "(6 mwd) f. the point of a needle or of a sharp stake L.; linch-pin L.; the pin or bolt at the end of the pole of a carriage L.; the corner or part of a house L.; a boundary L. / (7 mwd) m. (cf. %{aNi}) the pin of the axle of a cart RV. i, 35, 6; 63, 3 [`" battle "' Naigh. ii, 17] and v, 43, 8; the part of the leg just above the knee Sus3r.; (%{is}) mf. a linch-pin L.; the corner of a house L.; a boundary L." (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

any - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'I' [Genesis 6:17]. Associated spell- ings/words: aniy; anky, anoki."

any - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'affliction' [Genesis 16:11]. Associated spellings/words: oniy."

ANY - "Definitions: one, one chosen at random. Associated spellings/words: aenig, eenig, einag, einigr, ainah, unicus ['unique']."

ANNI /r - "Definitions: year." hani - "Definitions: abandonment." (Sanskrit)

hnny - "Definitions: here am I." (Late Hebrew)

anyh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'ship' [Jonah 1:3]. Associated spellings/words: oniyh."

anya - "Definitions: inexhaustible." (Sanskrit)

anya - "Definitions: *pron. other, another, else, different (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/ words: anyat."

ennea - "Definitions: nine (Greek). Associated spellings/words: ennead ['group of nine']."

Hanyu [a2u3] - "Definitions: Korean language." (Chinese)

Hanyu [a4u3] - "Definitions: han [u4] ('water with clay; Han people') + yu [u3] ('words, language'). General meanings include: n. Chinese language."

any hv - "Transliterated Late Hebrew spelling for the word/words "I AM' (Deuteronomy 32:39), (Isaiah 43:10,11). Other definitions include: a surrogate for YHVH. Associated spellings/words; any hu (Hebrew); anoki hu (Old Hebrew); ego eimi (Greek); ego eimi autos (Greek); ego eimi kurios ['ani Yahweh'] (Greek)."

haniwa - "Pottery figures that were placed on top of Japanese tombs or burial mounds."

aionios - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'everlasting' [Matthew 18:8]. Other definitions include: eternal. Associated spellings: aion ['age'], aionas ['forever']."

Aeneas - "Son of Aphrodite, founder of Rome according to one version of the story."

anima - "Definitions: soul." (Latin)

animitta - "Definitions: without cause; formlessness or absence of characteristics of all dharmas; the mark of absolute truth, which is devoid of distinctions." (Sanskrit)

Anil - "Hindi myth name of a god of the wind, meaning 'air, wind.' " [Based on: http://www.20000-names.com/god_names.htm] - [T.D. - 01/10/07]

anilah - "Definitions: wind, breeze." (Sanskrit)

Anahita - "An Iranian goddess identified with Ishtar; the goddess of rivers and waters. Associated spellings/words: Anaitis (Greek)."

anyatha - "Definitions: otherwise, in other circumstances." (Sanskrit)

anitya - "Definitions: impermanent; transitory; opposite of nitya [everlasting]; another word for contemplation." (Sanskrit)

anaitios - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'blameless' [Matthew 12:5]; 'guiltless' [Matthew 12:7]. Other definitions include: innocent."

Anito - "Definitions: souls of the dead." (Filipino)

anibvik - "Definitions: birth, birthday." (Eskimo)

Hannibal - "Definitions: favorite of Baal. Associated spellings/words: Baal Hammon."

anyatra - "Definitions: elsewhere, on etc. another." (Sanskrit)

Anu - "Definitions: reportedly, the gods Anu ['Heavens'] and Ea ['Earth'] emerged ['emanated'] from Ansher ['the horizon of the sky'] and Kishar ['the horizon of the sea']; the supreme god of the sky. He was later replaced by his son Enlil (Babylonian Mythology). Associated spellings/words: An ['Heaven; The Bull of Heaven'] (Sumerian Mythology)."

anu - "Definitions: after." (Sanskrit)

annu - "Definitions: cords, ropes." (Egyptian)

ANNU /r - "Definitions: year. Associated spellings/words: annus (Latin)."

anahu - "Definitions: 'that is me'. (Sufi?)" *Link: http://www.derallmaechtigekirpal.com/eng/kirpal/initiation/reise/5.html

anvayah - "Definitions: succession, lineage, family." (Sanskrit)

ennoia - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'mind' [1 Peter 4:1]. Other definiotions include: intentions, purpose. Associated spellings/words: hnnoia."

anvita - "Definitions: attended by, full of." (Sanskrit)

Anvs - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'Enosh' [Genesis 4:26]: And to Seth, to him also there was born a son; and he called his name Enosh; then began men to call upon the name of the LORD; 'men' [Genesis 6:4, 13:13], [Jeremiah 44:19]; 'men's' [Genesis 24:32], [Jonah 1:10]; 'we' [Genesis 13:8]. Other definitions include: merchantmen, trade. Associated spellings/words: enowsh; ansym [Genesis 3:28]; gbr ['man'] (Old Hebrew); adm ['man'] (Late Hebrew)."

anus - "Definitions: ring." (Latin)

Hnoss - "Definitions: '[....] Freyja loved jewelery so much that she named her daughter "Hnoss", meaning "jewel" [....]' " (Based on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freya) - (T.D. - 01/14/07)

anvis - "Definitions: look for, search for, enquire." (Sanskrit)

ainos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'praise' [Matthew 21:16], [Luke 18: 43]. Associated spellings/words: ainesis, aineo."

anushaya - "Definitions: tendencies (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: anusaya."

anvesin - "Definitions: searching for." (Sanskrit) AnuSak - "15 (mwd) ind. (fr. %{anu-saJj} [gan2a %{svarA7di}]), in continuous order, uninter- ruptedly, one after the other RV. v, 16, 2, &c. (cf. %{anuSak})." (Sanskrit)
*Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

Annwn - "Definitions: the Welsh underworld." (Welsh Mythology)

chnvn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'gracious' [Psalm 145:8]. Associated spellings/words: channuwn."

Hanunim - "Definitions: The one high God (Korean). Associated spellings/words: Hananim."

Anunnaki - "Definitions: the pure nucleous; neutron; the first Generation of the Gods born from the whomb of Ki [Earth, Mountain]; Heaven came to Earth. History: 'In the Sumerian era, the Grand Assembly of the Anunnaki met at the Temple of Nippur. This was the Court of the Most High - the prototype of the court attended by Jehovah in the Old Testament's Psalm 82 - and its recorded president was the supreme Lord of the Sky, the great Anu. [Laurence Gardner, Bloodline Of The Holy Grail, p. 80].' Associated spellings/words: anunaki, anu-naqi, an-unna-ki, anannage ['Shining Ones']." (Sumerian Mythology)

chnvm - "Definitions: the Gracious One (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: chnum."

anomia - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words: 'iniquity' [Matthew 7:23]; 'law' [1 John 3:4]; 'transgression' [1 John 3:4]. Other definitions include: unrighteous- ness, lawlessness. Associated spellings/words: anomos ['lawless']."

Hanuman - "Definitions: one who has a big jaw; Hindu monkey hero and son of the wind god."

Enuma Elish - "Definitions: when on high; a name for the Babylonian creation epic."

Enumclaw - "Definitions: one of two brothers described as the thunder and lightnung spirits by the Chinook people of the Northwest." (Native American)

AWRY - "Definitions: wrong. Associated spellings/words: on wry, wry ['twisted']."

Anhur - "Egyptian myth name of a sky god, meaning 'skybearer,' or 'brings back the distant one.'".
[Based on: http://www.20000-names.com/god_names.htm] - [T.D. - 01/10/07]

anurAga - "1 (mwd) anurAga m. attachment, affection, love, passion; red colour S3is3. ix, 8, &c." (Sanskrit)
*Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

anorthoo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words: 'made straight' [Luke 13:13]; 'set' & 'up' [Acts 15:16]; 'lift up' [Hebrews 12:12]. Other definitions include: to set up or erect again, restore."

chnvk - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words: 'Enoch' [Genesis 4:17]; 'Hanoch' [Genesis 25:4; 46:9], [Exodus 6:14], [Numbers 26:5], [1 Chronicles 1:3; 1:33; 5:3]. Other definitions include: the first son of Cain [kin] (Genesis 4:17); the 7th from Adam, he was the son of Jared, and was claimed to have lived 365 days; the father of Methuselah; 'The Book of Jubilees states that Enoch, the early patriarch, 'was the first one from among the children of men that are born on the Earth to learn writing and the knowledge of wisdom - and he wrote the signs of heaven'. These signs [from the Table of destiny] are described as being the 'science of the Watchers', which had been carved in a rock in distant times, and Enoch tells that the watchers were the 'holy angels who watch'. In some incantations of latter-day sorcery, a certain dei- form Rehctaw is invoked. This has been thought by many to have a sinister implication, but it is nothing more than Watcher spelt backwards. [Laurence Gardner,Genesis Of The Grail Kings, pp. 58-59].' Associated spellings/words: chnuk, chanoke, hanoch; anky; enki; ankh ['life, repeating life'] (Egyptian)."

Anahuac - "An ancient name for Mexico."

Hanukkah - "Dedication, as of a public building; Festival of Lights." (Hebrew)

anuki - "Definitions: first-person singular pronoun (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: anvki, anoki, anaku, 'ana."

Anuket - "The Clasper; a four-armed Egyptian Goddess personifying the yonic source of the Nile flood. Her symbol was the cowrie, reportedly emblamatic of female genitals."

anode - "Definitions: upper way." (Greek)

anoetos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words: 'fools' [Luke 24:25]. Other definitions include: unwise, foolish. Associated spellings/words: anohtos."

anupokritos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'dissimulation' [Romans 12:9]. Other definitions include: unfeigned, without hypocrisy. Associated spellings/ words: anypokritos."

Anubis - "Definitions: pathfinder, the jackal-headed god (Egyptian). Associated spellings/ words: Anpu ['jackal']; Wepuat ['opener of the ways'] (Egyptian)."

Anubis - "Egyptian Zodiac sign 12 [July 25 - August 28]: The guardian of the underworld. It is the most determined of all signs. Those born under this sign are self-confident and their ability to keep things under control make them widely respectable. Associated spellings/words: mswt-ra (Egyptian), Mesore (Coptic), Misra (Arabic)."
*Link: http://www.astraltraveler.com/calendars/egyptian.html

henotes - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'unity' [Ephesians 4:3, 13]. Associated spellings/words: enoths."

anothen - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words: 'top' [Matthew 27:5, etc.], [John 19:23]; 'from the very first' [Luke 1:3]; 'again' [John 3:3, etc.], [Galatians 4:9]; 'from above' [John 3:31, etc.], [James 1:17; 3:15, 17]; 'beginning' [Acts 26:5]. Associated spellings/words: anwthhn."

anupadaka - "Definitions: The term Anupadaka, 'parentless,' or without progenitors, is a mystical designation having several meanings in the philosophy." (Based on: The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky - Vol. 1)

ans - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'punished' [Exodus 21:22]; 'amerce' [Deuteronomy 22:19]; 'condemned' [2 Chronicles 36:3], [Amos 2:8]; 'punish' [Proverbs 17:26]. Other definitions include: a fine. Associated spellings/words: 'anash."

ans - "Transliterated Aramaic spelling for the word/words 'men' [Daniel 4:17]."

Ahans - "Definitions: the joint husbands of Surya, the sun-maid daughter of the sun-god Surya, also known as Duhita Suryasya [Daughter of the Sun]; the Divine Twins, believed to be the offspring of Dyaus [Bright Sky]; also believed to be the offspring of Vivasvat and Saranyu; Rescuers (Vedic Mythology). Associated spellings/words: Ashvins; Asvina ['Pair of Horsemen']."

ansh - "Definitions: to live, life." (Egyptian)

ansha - "Definitions: portion." (Hindu?)

hansa - "Definitions: swan; symbolic of purity, the name given to the highly evolved souls in the regions beyond Brahm; the less-evolved souls are often likened to crows [Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 457]." (Sanskrit)

hansa - "Definitions: multitude, company, band of men." (Gaelic)

ensi - "Definitions: ruler of a city state." (Sumerian)

ansym - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'men' [Genesis 18:2, 32:28]. Associated spellings/words: 'enowsh."

enzu - "Definitions: Lord of Knowledge; Sumerian logogram [EN.ZU]. Associated with the Semitic 'Moon-god' Sin. Associated spellings/words: zuen." Anzu - "Zu, also known as Anzu and Imdugud, in Persian and Sumerian, (from An 'heaven' and Zu 'far', in the Sumerian language) is a lesser divinity of Akkadian mythology, and the son of the bird goddess Siris. He is also said to be conceived by the pure waters of the Apsu-gods and the wide Earth.[1] Both Zu and Siris are seen as massive birds who can breathe fire and water, although Zu is alternately seen as a lion- headed eagle (*cf: The Griffin)."
[Based on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zu_%28mythology%29]

hanasu - "Definitions: talk, to make talk." (Japanese)

ENZYME - "Definitions complex mostly protein product of living cells. Associated spellings/ words: enzumos ['leavened'], en ['in'] + zume ['leaven, yeast'] (Greek)."

Ain-Sof - "Definitions: without end, endlessness; infinite being or light, limitless light (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: ein sof, ayn sp."

anesis - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'liberty' [Acts 24:23]; 'rest' [2 Corinthians 2:13, 7:5], [2 Thessalonians 1:7]; 'eased' [2 Corinthians 8:13]. Associated spellings/words: anhsis."

ainesis - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'praise' [Hebrews 13:15]. Associated spellings/words: ainos, aineo."

Anasazi - "The Ancient Ones thought to be ancestors of the modern Pueblo." (Native American)

enseniar - "Definitions: to teach." (Spanish) Anshar - "In Akkadian mythology, Anshar (also spelled Anshur), which means 'sky pivot' or 'sky axle', is a sky god. He is the husband of his sister Kishar. They might both represent heaven (an) and earth (ki). Both are the second generation of gods; their parents being the serpents Lahmu and Lahamu and grandparents Tiamat and Apsu. In their turn they are the parents of Anu another sky god.[1] During the reign of Sargon II, Assyrians started to identify Anshar with their Assur in order to let him star in their version of Enuma Elish. In this mythology Anshar's spouse was Ninlil.[2] [....]" [Based on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anshar] *Links: http://www.stenudd.com/myth/enumaelish/index.htm

HONEST - "Definitions: marked by uprightness or probity; comely, decent; honourable, respectable; chaste. Associated spellings/words: oneste, honeste, honnete, honestus, honos, hones - ['honor'] (Latin)."

anastasis - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words: to raise up. Associated spel- lings/words: ana ['up'] + stasis ['standing']; Anastasius; exanastasis; anistemi, exanistemi ['to raise, to arouse'']; egeiro ['to wake up, to rouse']."

anistemi - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'arose' [Matthew 9:9]. Other definitions include: rise, risen, raise, stood up. Associated spellings/words: anisthmi."

INSTRUMENTAL - "Definitions: tool; implement of a musical instrument; means; legal document. Associated spellings/words: instrumentum."

anastrophe - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words: 'conversation' [Galations 1:13]. Other definitions include: manner of conversation, behavior, conduct, way of life. Associated spellings/words: anastrophh, anastrophe."

ann - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'cloud' [Genesis 9:13], [Exodus 24:15], ['1 Kings 8:10]; 'bring' [Genesis 9:14]. Associated spellings/words: 'anan."

chnn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'graciously' [Genesis 33:5]; 'besought' [Genesis 42:21]; 'gracious' [Exodus 33:19]. Other definitions include: mercy, favour, favourable, supplication, pray, intreated, pity. Associated spellings/ words: chanan, hanan."

anan - "Definitions: the nape of the neck." (Egyptian)

anahana - "Definitions: regulation of the breath, the natural rhythmic flow of the breath (Japanese). Associated spellings/words: anapanna."

Hananiah - "Definitions: Yahveh is gracious." (Hebrew)

Anansi - "Definitions: the spider; a hero and trickster figure of many West African folktales."

ANONYMOUS - "Definitions: of unknown origin. Associated spellings/words: an + onoma ['name']."

Ananke - "Neoplatonic-Pythagorean title of the goddess who governed the world according to karmic law."

ENHANCE - "Definitions: raise; exalt; improve in value. Associated spellings/words: enhaucer, en + altus ['high']."

ANNOUNCE - "Definitions: make known publicly. Associated spellings/words: an + nuntius."

anangelo - "Definitions: explain, announcement." (Greek)

anangkaios - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'near' [Acts 10:24]; 'necessary' [Acts 13:46]; 'needful' [Philippians 1:24]; 'necessity' [Hebrews 8:3]. Other definitions include: slay, put to death. Associated spellings/words: anagkaios; anagkazo, anangkadzo, ['constrained, compelled']; anagkh, anagke, ananke ['compulsion, necessity']."

ananta - "1 (mwd) mf(%{A})n. endless, boundless, eternal, infinite; m. N. of Vishn2u; of S3esha (the snake-god); of S3esha's brother Va1suki; of Kr2ishn2a; of his brother Baladeva; of S3iva; of Rudra; of one of the Vis3va-devas; of the 14th Arhat, &c.;
the plant Sinduva1ra, Vitex Trifolia; Talc; the 23rd lunar asterism, S3ravan2a; a silken cord (tied round the right arm at a particular festival); the letter %{A}; a periodic decimal fraction? (%{A}) f. the earth; the number one; N. of Pa1rvati1 and of various females, the plant S3a1riva1; Periploca Indica or Asclepias Pseudosarsa or Asthmatica (the root of which supplies a valuable medicine); (%{am}) n. the sky, atmosphere; Talc." (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon
*Link http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

Ananta - "Definitions: infinite, without end, endless, boundless, eternal; the waters. Mythology: a great 7-headed serpent in whose coils Hindu gods spent their periods of sleep or death between periods of activity." (Sanskrit)
*Links: http://vedabase.net/a/ananta

ananda - "Definitions: ecstasy, bliss, absolute joy (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: a-nand, anand ['to rejoice, happiness']."

chnm - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'nought' [Genesis 29:15]; 'innocent' [1 Kings 2:31]. Other definitions include: nothing, without cost, free, freely, without wages, without cause, causeless, in vain. Associated spellings/words: chinnam, hinnam."

anam - "Definitions: soul." (Gaelic)

enam - "Definitions: six." (Malay)

enam - "Definitions: thought that creates." (Tamil)

anma - "Definitions: push pull." (Japanese)

anima - "Definitions: the female image in man which produces moods."

anami - "Definitions: a ['no, not'] + nam ['name']; nameless." (Sanskrit)

anami - "The Nameless One without attributes. Same as Maha Dayal, Nirala and Saomi."
(Based on: http://www.ruhanisatsangusa.org/gloss.htm)

eneimi - "Definitions: to be in, what is within, i.e. the soul." (Greek)

anamimnesko - "Definitions: to remind." (Greek)

Anami Lok - "Definitions: Nameless (anami) Region (lok); the eighth spiritual region, presided over by Anami Purush, Radha Soami, the supreme being [Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 456] (Sanskrit). Other definitions include: Anami Lok ['the tenth plane'] (Eckankar Dictionary)."

anemos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'winds' [Matthew 7:25, etc.], [Revel- ation 7:1]; 'wind' [Matthew 11:7, etc.], [Mark 4:37, etc.], [Revelation 7:1]. Associated spellings/words: anhmos."

animus - "Definitions: the masculine image in woman which produces opinions."

ANOMALY - "Definitions: something abnormal or unusual."

ANNIMATE - "Definitions: having life. Associated spellings/words: anima ['breath, life, soul'], animus ['spirit, hostile spirit'], anemos ['wind']."

aner - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'husband' [Matthew 1:16]; 'man' [Matthew 7:24], [John 1:13]. Other definitions include: men. Associated spellings/ words: anhr; anthropos ['mankind']; arsen 'maleness']."

Enlil - "Definitions: Wind; Universe's First Breath; The Great Mountain; God on the Mountain; original conquerer of Tiamat; consort of Ninlil; number 50; 5/6; Tropic of Cancer. Mythology: The Lord of Wind and Storms who was said to have separated the primordial heaven/earth [An & Ki] and brought forth the created universe; the first born of An [Heaven, Sky] and Ki [Earth, Mountain]. History: Enlil [Ellil] was the chief god of the most important cultic center in central Babylonia. Reported offspring include: Inanna, Adad, Nanna, Nergal, Ninurta, and Utu (Sumerian/Babylonian Mythology). Associated spellings/words: Nunamnir."

Enlil - "Enlil was the chief deity in Sumerian religion, and his name was pronounced and sometimes rendered in translations as Ellil in later Akkadian. The name is of Sumerian origin and has been believed to mean 'Lord Wind' or 'Lord of the Command'. [NP] In Assyria, Enlil corresponded to the supreme god, Bel/Bal. Bel was the Father-God of the Phoenicians. He was represented on a Phoenician altar of about the fourth century B.C. as God of the Sun, having a rayed halo around his head." *Link: http://sunlight.orgfree.com/history_of_sun_gazing.htm

anaireo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'slew' [Matthew 2:16]; 'took' [Acts 7:21]; 'up' [Acts 7:21]; 'kill' [Acts 7:28]; 'thou diddest' [Acts 7:28]; 'taketh away' [Hebrews 10:9]. Other definitions include: slay, put to death. Associated spellings/words: anairho."

ANALYSE - "Definitions: examination of a thing to determine it parts; psychoanalysis. Associated spellings/words: analusis, analuein ['unloose, undo'] (Greek)."

ANALOGY - "Definitions: proportion; similarity, parallelism. Associated spellings/words: anal- ogia ['equality of ratios']."

ENERGY - "Definitions: vigour of expression; working operation; power displayed; intensity of action. Associated spellings/words: energia, energes ['active, effective'], en + ergon ['work']."

enarchomai - "Definitions: to begin, to make a beginning." (Greek)

analekta - "Definitions: things gathered up (Greek). Associated spellings/words: ana + legein ['gather']."

anart - "Definitions: a kind of worm." (Egyptian)

anarthah - "Definitions: reverse, disaster." (Sanskrit)

ank - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'Anak' ['Numbers 13:22, 28, 33], [Deuteronomy 9:2], [Joshua 15:13, 14; 21:11], [Judges 1:20]. Other definitions include: long-necked, the son of Arba, father of the Anakim. Associated spellings/words: Anaq."

ank - "Definitions: brand, stamp." (Sanskrit)

anq - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'chains' [Judges 8:26], [Proverbs 1:9]; 'chain' [Song of Solomon 4:9]. Associated spellings/words: anaq'."

chnk - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'dedicated' [Deuteronomy 20:5], [1 Kings 8:63], [2 Chronicles 7:5]; 'dedicate' [Deuteronomy 20:5]; 'train' [Proverbs 22:6]. Other definitions include: consecrate, initiate. Associated spellings/words: chanak; chnkh 'dedicating'[Numbers 7:10, 11]; chnvk, Enoch."

Heng - "The spirit of thunder." (Native American / Huron)

Heng - "Name for an ideograph believed to show a heart and three people sailing in a boat between two shores. General meanings include: duration; long lasting; persistence, perseverance; the 32nd hexagram; wind above, thunder below." (I Ching)

heng - "Definitions: sacrificial offerings; prosperous; developing; smooth; persevere; constant." (Chinese)

HANG - "Definitions: be attached above without support beneath."

HANK - "Definitions: hasp, clasp."

ANCE /s - "Definitions: action, state, quality. Associated spellings/words: ENCE, ENCY, ANCY."

anga - "Definitions: unit of measure, work, it was, hollow, empty." (Kapinga)

ange - "Definitions: away from (Kapinga). Associated spellings/words: ang, ank ['bend']."

ankh - "Definitions: an Egyptian hieroglyph depicting a cross with a loop at top. General meanings include: to live, to live upon something, life, repeating life, ever-living, mirror; heavenly key; to swear an oath. Associated spellings/words: Ing ['storehouse of potential energy'] (Celtic); chnvk, Enoch ['first son of Cain'] (Hebrew)."

ankah - "Definitions: hook; curve of the body, lap." (Sanskrit)

hanka - "Definitions: leg." (Basque)

chnkh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'dedicating' [Numbers 7:10, 11]; 'dedication' [Numbers 7:84, 88], [2 Chronicles 7:9], [Nehemiah 12;27], [Psalm 30:1]. Associated spellings/words: chanukkah, Hanukah."

chnkh - "Transliterated spelling for the word/words 'dedication' [Ezra 6:16, 17], [Daniel 3:2, 3]. Associated spellings/words: Chanukka'."

anky - "Transliterated Old Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'I' [Genesis 3:10], [Deuteronomy 11:26]; 'which' [Genesis 18:27]; 'me' [1 Samuel 12:23]. Other definitions include: I am."

Enki - "Definitions: Universe; Son of An [Heaven, Sky] and Nammu [Primeval Mother, the Sea]. Mythology: reportedly, Enki was the Divine Twin of Erishkigal; Lord Earth; Lord of Sweet Waters; the god of subterranean freshwater ocean [abzu, apsu]. He was the husband of Ninhursag and was claimed to have mated with more than one of his own daughters. He was cursed by Ninhursag for having consumed the eight plants, or offspring of Uttu. A curse which left eight of his organs feeling ill. He was eventually healed by Ninhursag as she removed his 'eight pains' and created from them eight 'offspring,' namely: Abu, Nintulla, Ninsutu, Ninkasi, Azimua, Enshag, and Ninti; number 40; 2/3." (Sumerian Mythology)

angi - "Definitions: windy, blows away (Kapinga). Associated spellings/words: angina ['blows away, blown in one direction by the wind'] (Kapinga)."

ankhi - "A living being, a living thing; the god of time and of the life of Ra." (Egyptian)

ankym - "Transliterated Old Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'I' [Deuteronomy 11:27,28]."

anqym - "Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'giants' [Deuteronomy 2:10,11]."

angiyok - "Definitions: great, is great." (Eskimo)

Enkidu - "Definitions: a being created by Ninhursag from clay; Star of Heaven fallen into the Wilderness; the Wild One." (Sumerian Mythology)

anaku - "Definitions: I." (Sumerian)

anaku - "Definitions: a first-person singular pronoun (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: -ana."

ankhu - "Definitions: man, citizen; a living being, a living thing, the living. (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: ankhi."

Heng-O - "Definitions: Mother of the Twelve Moons." (Chinese Mythology)

ENQUIRE - "Definitions: ask, investigate."

Aonghus - "Scottish/Gaelic myth name of a god of youth and love, composed of Celtic elements meaning 'one/only choice.' " [Based on: http://www.20000-names.com/god_names.htm] - [T.D. - 01/10/07]

aenghus - "Definitions: Divine Son." (Old Irish)

angusthah - "Definitions: thumb, big toe." (Sanskrit)

anechomai - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words: 'suffer' [Matthew 17:17]. Other definitions include: bear, forbear, to tolerate or put up with, endure. Associated spellings/words: anhchumai."

anjuman - "Definitions: assembly, meeting, society, council." (Persian)

Engur - "Definitions: subterranean source of the waters which emerge from beneath the ground (Sumerian Mythology). Associated spellings/words: Abzu ['sweet waters of the deep']; Nammu ['the sea; primal waters of the Abzu']."

anguli - "Definitions: finger, toe." (Sanskrit)

Angkor Wat - "A temple complex in central Cambodia built under king Suryavarman II [1113-50]. Reportedly, Angkor Wat was initially a holy site consecrated to Vishnu."

Anguta - "Literally, his father; the supreme being of the Central Eskimo; father of Sedna."

hongse - "Definitions: red." (Chinese)

anagkazo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'constrained' [Matthew 14:32]; 'compel' [Luke 14:23]; 'compelled' [Acts 26:11]. Other definitions include: to compel. Associated spellings/words: anangkadzo."

angst - "Definitions: narrow (German). Associated spellings/words: angus-tus ['narrow'] (Latin)."

Anjana - "Definitions: monkey nymph." (Hindu Mythology)

ANGINA - "Definitions: + quinsy XVI; short for angina pectoris XVIII. - L. angina quinsy - Gr. agkhone strangling, with assim. to angere (see ANGUISH)." (Based on: The Con- cise Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology)

anknv - "Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'we' [Genesis 19:13]. Other definitions include: us. Associated spellings/words: anachnuw."

ENCHANT - "Definitions: to sing over. Associated spellings/words: incantare; Anjana ['monkey nymph'] (Hindu Mythology)."

ENCOUNTER - "Definitions: fight, meet unexpectedly. Associated spellings/words: en + contra ['against']."

angam - "Definitions: limb, division." (Sanskrit)

anagamin - "Definitions: never-returner; The Non-Returning One (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: anagami."

ENCOMPASS - "Definitions: surround or include. Associated spellings/words: en + compass."

engar - "Definitions: farmer." (Sumerian)

ANGER - "Definitions: +distress, vex XII; excite to wrath XIV. - ON. angra, f. angr grief, f. base *ang- narrow, repr. also by ON. ongr, Goth. aggwus, and OE. enge, OS., engi (Du., G. eng) narrow; rel. to L. angere (see ANGUISH). Hence anger sb. XIII; whence angry XIV." (Based on: The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology)

ANGEL - "Definitions: derived from the Greek word for messenger ['angelos, aggelos']. Associated spellings/words: Angela." A

ANGLE - "Definitions: fishing-hook; space between two meeting lines or planes; German tribe that settled in Britian. Associated spellings/words: okla, enkel ['ankle']."

ANCHOR - "Definitions: appliance for mooring a vessel to the bottom. Associated spellings/ words: ancor, ancra, agkura, anker, akkeri, ancre."

ahankar - Definitions: vanity (Hindu). Associated spelling/words: ahamkara ['universal Self-Consciousness']."

ahankara - "Definitions: 'the maker of the "I",' . Associated spellings/words: ahamkara, ahan- kar." (Sanskrit)

enkaleo - "Definitions: charge." (Greek)

anakrino - "Definitions: to condemn." (Greek)

anagarika - "Definitions: homeless one." (Pali)

enkaleo - "Definitions: charge." (Greek)

Angerona - "Silent goddess of Rome, shown holding a finger to her sealed mouth."

English - "In England [1632 A.D.] the Statue of Pleading was adopted, which made English the language of the courts. Trivia: England began colonizing America around 1600 A.D. Associated spellings/words: Modern English ['Early Modern English 1500-1800 A.D.']; Late-Modern English ['1800-Present']."

anagran - "Definition: endless light. (Persian). Associated spellings/words: aneran."

ENCOURAGE - "Definitions: inspire with courage and hope, foster. Associated spellings/words: en + courage."

ENCIRCLE - "Definitions: surround." Anacleto - "Definitions: invoked." (Greek)

anegkletos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'blameless' [1 Corinthians 1:8]; 'unproveable' [Colossians 1:22]. Other definitions include: one against whom there is no accusation. Associated spellings/words: anhgklhtos."

Angrboda - "Definitions: Norse giantess with whom Loki fathered the three monsters, Fenrir, Hel, and Jormungand. Eddaic Hag of the Iron Wood, mother of Hel and the Moon-dogs who bore away the dead." (Norse Mythology)

ENGAGE - "Definitions: pledge; persuade; employ; occupy; participate or cause to participate. Associated spellings/words: engager."

anagke - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'must needs' [Matthew 18:7], [Luke 14:18]; 'distress' [Luke 21:23]; 'necessity' [Luke 23:17]. Other definitions include: necessary, needful, must. Associated spellings/words: anagkh, anangkay."

Angakoq - "Title given to an Inuit Shaman."

AGAIN - "Definitions: in the opposite direction, back; in return; once more, anew. Associated spellings/words: ongean, ongen, angen, ongegn, ingagan, ongegn."

annakpok - "Definitions: free [not caught]." (Eskimo)

Anqet - "Originally an Egyptian water goddess who later became known as the goddess of lust. Associated spellings/words: Anqet ['to embrace']; Anuket; Anukis."

encephalon - "Definitions: a word sometimes used to mean the whole brain. Associated spellings/ words: en ['in'] + kephale ['head'] (Greek)."

anb - "Definitions: to surround, to bind, to tie, to grip, to clutch, to seize prey; grape, vine." (Egyptian)

ant - "Definitions: a sharp-edged or pointed tool, axe, auger, a knife; claw of a bird or animal, talon, nail of the hand or foot; ring, seal, signet; a vase, vessel; to have or possess nothing, to lack, to want, to be destitute, to diminish; part of a fowling net." (Egyptian)

ENT /s - "Definitions: a common past participle suffix, etc. Associated spellings/words: -ens, -ant, -ont, -and, -ent, -ente."

END - "Definitions: extremity; final limit, point at which something stops or no longer exists. Associated spellings/words: END; ENDO / r ['within']; ende; endi; endir; endeis; anta; et ['end, point'] (Old Irish)."

and - "The Third Grand Division in the creation, comprised of Trikuti and Sahansdal Kanwal, where subtle matter in the form of emotions and thoughts predominates and the spirit cannot but make use of them; a materio-spiritual region." (Based on: http://www.ruhanisatsangusa.org/gloss.htm) chnp - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'hypocrite's' [Job 8:13]; 'hypocrite' [Job 13:16]. Other definitions include: godless, irreligious. Associated spellings/ words: chaneph."

Anat - *Links: http://www.baal.com/baal/about/MajorDeitiesUgarit.shtml#Anat http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anat

hant - "Definitions: being, existing, living; real; a person (Avestan). Associated spellings/ words: anda; ond ['breath, spirit, animating life principle']."

HAUNT - "Definitions: practice habitually; visit frequently."

Anath - "Definitions: Twin of the goddess Mari as Lady of Birth and Death worshipped by Canannites, Amorites, Syrians, Egyptians, and Hebrews. She annually cast her death- curse [anathema] on the Canaanite god Mot [Lord of death] (See: The Woman's Encyc- lopedia of Myths & Secrets, by Brabara G. Walker). Associated spellings/words: Anat, etc.; Inana, Inanna (Sumerian); Ishtar (Babylonian); Isis (Egyptian); Aphro- dite (Greek)."
*Links: http://www.baal.com/baal/about/MajorDeitiesUgarit.shtml#Anat

anhad - "Sound that is unending and knows no limits; fig. Audible Life-Current originating the Divine Will, endlessly carrying on the work of creating and sustaining the universe; interchangably used with An-hat meaning 'Unstruck,' as it is automatic and not instru- mental. Associated spellings/words: anhad bani." (Based on: http://www.ruhanisatsangusa.org/gloss.htm)

anahad - "The sound of the abstract is called Anahad in the Vedas, meaning unlimited sound."
*Link: http://wahiduddin.net/mv2/II/II_8.htm - [T.D. - 11/03/07]

anda - "Definitions: egg; the astral region, the grand division of the creation lying immediately above the physical realm, Pind [Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 456] (Sanskrit). Other definitions include: name for the dome on a stupa (Hindu)."

anta - "Definitions: end, boundary, death (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: anta; ante; anti ['over against, with the sense "before" in place or time] (Greek); eind ['end'] (Dutch); eend ['duck'] (Dutch); antis ['duck'] (Lithuanian']; anas (stem anat-) 'duck'] (Latin)."

anta - "Definitions: anta (pl. antæ) (, possibly from ante, 'before' or 'in front of', as in modern Spanish) is an archaic term describing the or on either side of a or of a - the slightly projecting pilaster strips which terminate the winged walls of the." (Based on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antae) - (T.D. 02/02/07)

antA - "9 (otl) antA - there (TLS)" (otl) = Cologne Online Tamil Lexicon *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

ANTI /p - "Definitions: in place of; against (Greek). Associated spellings/words: ANT."

ANTE /p - "Definitions: before. Associated spellings/words: anta."

hanta - "Definitions: ah! alas!." (Sanskrit)

Anthea - "Definitions: flowery; an epithet of the Greek goddess Hera (Greek). Associated spell- ings/words: antheios, anthios ['blossom']."

Anatha - "Definitions: serpent; the waters." (Hindu)

Anatha - "[....] The Canaanite Goddess Anatha laid the curse on her dying god Aleyin, whose reed scepter was broken, and who was forsaken by his heavenly father, in the Canaanite forerunner of the Christian crucifixion story. Offering himself as 'the lamb to be sacrificed in expiation,' Aleyin dissolved into his alter ego Mot, the Death King, only to be resurrected with the vegetation of a new season.(30) [....]" [Based on: The Crone - Woman of Age, Wisdom, and Power, by Barbara G. Walker (Copy- right 1985), p. 25] - (30) Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology, p. 77

anatta - "Definitions: no self." (Pali) entheos - "Definitions: 'god within'." (Greek)

antam - "Definitions: end, limit; without end [ananta]." (Sanskrit)
*Links: http://vedabase.net/a/antam / http://vedabase.net/a/ananta

Anathemata - "[...] Gods who played the part of sacrificial offerings would have been described by the same word in both Greece and Rome, anathemata, 'those who are accursed,' in the sense of something specially chosen and tabooed for a super- natural purpose.(31) The same dual meaning could be found in Latin sacer, both 'sacred' and 'accursed'; in other words, untouchable, no longer of this world. [....]" [Based on: The Crone - Woman of Age, Wisdom, and Power, by Barbara G. Walker (Copyright 1985), p. 26] - (31) Greek Religion and Its Survivals, by Walter Woodburn Hyde, p. 111

anpu - "Egyptian generic term for jackal."

Anpu - "Egyptian myth name of a jackal-headed god of the underworld, meaning 'royal child.' "
[Based on: http://www.20000-names.com/god_names.htm] - [T.D. - 01/10/07]

antu - "Definitions: darkness." (Egyptian)

anapauo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'rest' [Matthew 11:28]. Other definitions include: resteth, ease, to calm, to comfort, refresh, refreshed."

ENTWINE - "Definitions: twine together or arround." anthos - "Definitions: mythical fadeless flower." (Greek)

ENTHUSIASM - "Definitions: having a god within; the concept of possession by a divine spirit; prophetic or poetic frenzy; vain confidence in divine inspiration, misguided religious emotion; rapturous or passionate eagerness; strong excitement of feeling or its cause. (Greek) Associated spellings/words: enthousiasmos, enthousiazein ['be inspired or possessed by a god'], enthous, entheos ['inspired, possessed'], en ['in'] + theos ['God']."

antish karan - "Definitions: inner four-petalled lotus of the mind, symbolic of four mental faculties: chit (Memory), manas (feeling), buddhi (thinking intellect) and ahamkar (the self-assertive ego)."
(Based on: http://www.ruhanisatsangusa.org/ gloss.htm)

endon - "Definitions: inside." (Greek)

Anthony - "A common name which could possibly mean: priceless, or flower; flourishing (Greek). Associated spellings/words: Anton, Antoine, Antonio, Tony."

Henneth Annun - "Definitions: Window of the sunset." *Link: http://www.quicksilver899.com/Tolkien/LOTR/LOTR_GL.html - [T.D. - 12/22/07]

ANATOMY - "Definitions: science of bodily structure; dissection; the examination of general structures of the body [gross anatomy], as well as those structures which can only be seen with the aid of a microscope [microscopic anatomy]. Associated spellings/ words: ana ['up'] + *tom ['cut']."

enthumeisthai - "Definitions: consider (Greek). Associated spellings/words: en + thumos ['passion, mind']."

Andor - "Definitions: eagle Thor." (Old Norse)

ENDURE - "Definitions: harden; continue; undergo; bear; tolerate. Associated spellings/words: indurare ['harden'], en + durus ['hard']."

Anatole - "Definitions: rising of the sun, sunrise." (Greek)

Andvari - "A dwarf mentioned in Icelandic Eddas; 'alert spirit'." *Links: http://www.authorama.com/nibelungenlied-2.html / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjGejvGB4dQ&feature=related

Anduruna - "Definitions attributed to Anduruna include: the spherical shape of the nucleous. Other words or spellings associated with Anduruna include: an-durana." (Sumerian, Babylonian Mythology)

Anduril - "The Flame of the West, the sword of Aragorn Elessar, reforged by the Elves of Rivendell from the Shards of Elendil's ancient sword Narsil." *Link: http://www.glyphweb.com/arda/a/anduril.html

ANTHOLOGY - "Definitions: 'bouquet of flowers'. Associated spellings/words: anthologia ['flower gathering'], anthos ['flower'] + lego ['gather'] (Greek)."

anapologetos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'excuse' [Romans 1:20]; 'inexcusable' [Romans 2:1]. Associated spellings/words: anapologhtos."

antwort - "Definitions: answer." (German)

hntugchano - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'intercession' [Romans 11:2]. Other definitions include: to approach, to meet with a person, or to intercede for or against someone. Associated spellings/words: entugchano."

endoderm - "Definitions: housed within the skin; layer of embryonic tissue that forms the the digestive tube and its associative structures. Associated spellings/words: endo, endon ['within, in'] + *dom ['house'] + derma ['skin']."

handselen - "Definitions: hand-gift." (Old English)

antashkaran - "Definitions: mental organ or mind; combination of the four faculties of the mind. See also: manas, buddhi, chit and ahankar [Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 456]." (Sanskrit)

anahad shabd - "Definitions: Limitless (anahad) Sound (shabd): the Word or divine creative power. Also called the unstruck sound, Logos [Julian Johnson, The Path Of The Masters, 16th printing, 1997, p. 456]." (Sanskrit)

anthistemi - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words: 'resist' [Matthew 5:39]. Other definitions include: withstood, withstand, oppose. Associated spellings/ words: anthisthmi."

Enten - "One of two seasons in the Sumerian calendar. Enten was the season that began on the Autumnal Equinox. It corresponded with the 'winter' season."

anapana - "Definitions: regulation of the breath, the natural rhythmic flow of the breath (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: anahana."

anabaino - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'went up' [Matthew 3:16]. Other definitions include: to go up, ascend, ascended, entered. Associated spellings/ words: ampelos; ampelon ['vineyard']."

Antam - "1 (mwd) Antam ind. (for %{A-antam}), to the end, completely, from head to foot S3Br. TS. Gaut." (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon) *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

Antam - "2 (otl) aNTam * 1. egg; 2. the earth; 3. sky, visible heavens; 4. universe in the shape of an egg; 5. testicle; 6. seed, nut; / 3 (otl) antam 01* 1. beauty, comeliness; 2. termination, end, close; 3. death; / 4 (otl) antam 02* 1. blindness; 2. spiritual ignorance" (otl) = Cologne Online Tamil Lexicon *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

anathema - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words: 'curse' [Acts 23:14]; 'Anathema' [1 Corinthians 16:22]. Other definitions include: accursed. Associated spellings/ words: anathhma."

anathematizo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words: 'to curse' [Mark 14:71]; 'bound' [Acts 23:12]; 'oath' [Acts 23:21]. Other definitions include: bind. Associated spellings/words: anathhmatizo; deo ['to imprison, bind']."

HANDLE - "Definitions: feel with the hands."

ENABLE - "Definitions: invest with legal status, give legal power to, supply with means to do. Associated spellings/words: en + able."

andreia - "Definitions: manliness; courage." (Greek)

ANTERIOR - "Directional anatomical term refering to the front [ventral] of the body. Associated spellings/words: ante."

antarita - "Definitions: hidden, concealed." (Sanskrit)

andro - "Definitions: man (Greek). Associated spellings/words: androgyny ['The state of possessing characteristics of both sexes in one body'] (Greek)."

Andrew - "Definitions: brave." (Greek)

Anteros - "God of returned love; Brother of Eros." (Greek Mythology)

enteron - "Definitions: gut." (Greek)

Andromeda - "Definitions attributed to Andromeda include: title of the Philistine sea-queen won in marriage by Perseus, who supposedly saved her from the sea-serpent Yamm; person from Media." (Greek Mythology)

antilogia - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'strife' [Hebrews 6:16]."

ANTHROP /r - "Definitions: man."

athropos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'man' [Matthew 4:4]; 'men' [Matthew 4:19]; 'certain' [Matthew 18:23, 22:2]; 'he' [Matthew 26:24]. Other definitions include: humankind, humanity. Associated spellings/words: aner ['an individual man']; arsen ['maleness']."

ANTHROPOGONY - "Definitions: relating to the creation of humanity."

anders - "Definitions: different." (German)

antaram - "Definitions: interval, juncture, different." (Sanskrit)

ENTHRALL - "Definitions: hold spellbound." anthrax - "Definitions: coal." (Greek)

antilego - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'spoken against' [Luke 2:34]. Other definitions include: oppose, deny, contradicting, gainsaying, gainsayers, answering again. Associated spellings/words: antilhgo."

ENVELOP - "Definitions: surround."

anatrepo - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words: 'overthrow' [2 Timothy 2:18]; 'subvert' [Titus 1:11]. Other definitions include: to upset, to ruin, destroy. Associated spellings/words: anathrpo."

hanferit - "The most ancient of all writings; sacred language, ancient language; Nacaal writings (Brahmin). Associated spellings/words: Neferit."

ENTERPRISE - "Definitions: work taken in hand, undertaking. Associated spellings/words: emprendre, im + prehendere ['take']."

anepileptos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'blameless' [1 Timothy 3:2]. Other definitions include: unrebukeable. Associated spellings/words: anhpilhp- tos."

antichristos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'antichrist' [1 John 2:18, 22; 4:3], [2 John 1:7]. Associated spellings/words: antichrist."

antaHkaraNa - "1 (mwd) antaHkaraNa n. the internal organ, the seat of thought and feeling, the mind, the thinking faculty, the heart, the conscience, the soul."(mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

ANCIENT - "Definitions: ancient-bearer. Associated spellings/words: ante ['before'] + anus; ancestor: anta ['before'] + cedere ['go']."

ENTITY - "Definitions: something with seperate existence. Associated spellings/words: entitas."

Andjeti - ".... Osiris is believed to have acquired them [crook and flail] from Andjeti, the local god of a town in the Delta named Djedu, who was represented in human form with two feathers on his head and holding the crook and flail in his hands. At a very early date in Egyptian history Osiris absorbed Andjeti and adopted his insignia. Osiris, how- ever, was regarded not only as a god but also as a deified deceased king and consequently his insignia, particularly the crook and flail, were treated as symbols of royalty." (Egyptian) *Link: http://touregypt.net/museum/tutl63.htm - [T.D. 05/04/08]

antapodosis - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words: 'reward' [Colossians 3:24]."

antitassomai - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'opposed' [Acts 18:6]. Other definitions include: resist, resisteth. Associated spellings/words: antitasso."

anbeten - "Definitions: worship." (German)

ENDEAVOR - "Definitions: make an effort, strive. Associated spellings/words: en + debere ['owe']."

anapadaka - "Definitions: first differentiation of Adi Tattva, the water below." (Tibetan)

hm - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'they' [Genesis 3:7; 7:14]; 'the same' [Genesis 6:4]. Associated spellings/words: hem."

am - "Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'mother' [Genesis 2:24]. Associated spellings/words: 'em."

am - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'if' [Genesis 4:7]. Associated spellings/words: 'im." am - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'them' & 'they' [Genesis 5:2]: zkr vnkbh bram vybrk atm vykra at-smm adm byvm hbram - 'male and female created He them, and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.' Other definitions include: 'people' [Genesis 11:6, 19:4, 23:7], [Jonah 1:8]. Associated spellings/words: am; ammi ['my people']."

am - "Definitions: a dual suffix. Associated spellings words: -am, -em." (Hebrew)

am - "Definitions: to be [occurs after a noun, e.g., William king-is]; who, which, what; [same] as, like (Sumerian). Associated spellins/words: heam so be it." (Sumerian)

am - "Definitions: time." (Gaelic)

am - "Definitions: to eat, devour (Egyptian?). Associated spellings/words: Aam; Tem."
*Link: http://www.theosociety.org/pasadena/etgloss/a-adh.htm - [T.D. - 05/24/08]

EM /p - "Definitions: in, into (Greek). Associated spellings/words: en."

om - "The words om, omen, amen and amin, which are spoken in all houses of prayer, are of the same origin; A in the commencement of the word expresses the beginning, and M in the midst signifies end; N the final letter is the re-echo of M, for M naturally ends in a nasal sound, the producing of which sound signifies life." *Link: http://wahiduddin.net/mv2/II/II_8.htm - [T.D. - 11/03/07]

ham - "Definitions: I, we (Hindu). Associated spellings/words: ham ['I'] (Sanskrit); aham ['I am'] (Sanskrit)."

Ham - "The sound Hu becomes limited in the word Ham, for the letter m closes the lips. This word in Hindustani expresses limitation because Ham means I or we, both of which words signify ego. The word Hamsa is the sacred word of the Yogis which illumes the ego with the light of reality. The word Huma in the Persian language stands for a fabulous bird. There is a belief that if the Huma bird sits for a moment on the head of anybody it is a sign that he will become a king. It is the limitation of language that it can only describe the Most High as something like a king. It is said in the old traditions that Zoroaster was born of a Huma tree. [....]" *Link: http://wahiduddin.net/mv2/II/II_8.htm - [T.D. - 11/03/07]

ham - "Definitions: collection of dwellings, village, estate, house (Old English). Associated spellings/words: hamm ['meadow'] (Old English); hemme ['enclosed land'] (Old Friscan)."

aam - "Definitions: an Asiatic, a nomad of the eastern desert; animal, beast, cattle (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: aamit ['an Asiatic woman']."

chm - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'heat' [Genesis 8:22, 18:1]. Other definitions include: hot. Associated spellings/words: chom."

chm - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the second son of Noah [Genesis 9:18]: 'And the sons of Noah ... were Shem, and Ham, and Japheth: and Ham is the father of Canaan.' The sons of Ham [Genesis 10:6] include: Cush [kvs], Mazraim [mtsrym], Phut [pvt] and Canaan [knan]. The descendants of Ham are described as inhabiting cheifly the corner of Africa adjacent to Asia. For this reason the original languages of the peoples of northeastern Africa are called Hamitic. This includes Coptic, the Berber languages of North Africa, and some of the languages of Ethiopia, such as Amharic. Associated spellings/words: Khawm, Cham Ham, Hawm."

HEM - "Definitions: edging of cloth or garment."

AIM - "Definitions: estimate; direct [a missle, blow]. Associated spellings/words: aimen, aesmer."

hma - "Bondwoman. A bondwoman is bound [ma] to her mistress." (Hebrew}

amh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'cubits' [Genesis 6:15, 7:20]; cubit. Associated spellings: ammah."

ama - "Definitions: outrigger float." (Kapinga)

hama - "Definitions: covering, garment." (Anglo-Saxon)

Emma - "Definitions: ruler of the underworld. Associated spellings/words: Emma-O (Japanese Buddhism)."

Amma - "Definitions: another name for God. Associated spellings/words: Amma ['The creator. Supreme god of the Dogon people of Mali, West Africa']."

hama - "Definitions: together." (Greek)

chmah - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'butter' [Genesis 18:8]. Associated spellings/words: chem'ah." Amy - "Definitions: love (Latin). Associated spellings/words: Amelia."

ami - "Definitions: gulp, propellor." (Kapinga)

ammi - "Definitions: my people." (Hebrew)

hemin - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'us' [John 1:14]. Associated spel- lings/words: hmin."

Amina - "Definitions: truthful; name of the mother of Muhammad. Associated spellings/words: amina, anim ['safe'] (Arabic)."

Aminadab - "Definitions: The son of Tiye [the wife of Joseph], born around 1,394 B.C. Associated spellings/words: Moses."

Amiel - "God of my people." (Hebrew)

amiral - "Definitions: prince, chief, commander, admiral. Associated spellings/words: amir (Arabic)."

amige - "Definitions: some." (German)

amiga - "Definitions: feminine form of friend (Spanish). Associated spellings/words: amica (Italian)."

amigo - "Definitions: masculine form of friend (Spanish). Associated spellings/words: amico (Italian)."

amygdala - "Definitions: to tower."

Amidah - "Definitions: standing; the prayer which serves as the chief element of all prescribed daily Jewish services." (Hebrew)

amitayus - "Definitions: boundless life." (Sanskrit)

emme ya tolo - "Definitions: 'Star of Women'; a Dogon phrase referring to the 'third star' [Sirius C] in the Sirius [trinary] star system. Associated spellings/words: yau nay dagi ['Little Sun of Women'] (Dogon)."

Amitabha - "Definitions attributed to Amitabha include: Boundless Light; the Illuminator; the 4th of 5 Dhyani Buddhas; ruler of the western paradise Sukhavati. Other words or definitions associated with Amitabha include: Amita; Amida." (Sanskrit)

Amu - "Definitions: a fire-god." (Egyptian)

amu - "Definitions: to twirl (Kapinga). Associated spellings/words: amao ['to reap, mow down'] (Greek)."

amo - "Definitions: to love, like, be fond of, cherish." (Latin)

Aamu - "Definitions: the souls of the Aamu in the Tuat." (Egyptian)

emou - "Definitions: me, my, mine, etc. (Greek). Associated spellings/words: emoi."

aamua - "Definitions: to be of high rank." (Kapinga)

Amos - "Definitions: to bear; to be burdened; a minor prophet and author of the Book of Amos in the Old Testament, which is [reportedly] the oldest prophetic book in the Bible." (Hebrew)

Amun - "Patron god of the ancient Egyptian city of Thebes on the upper Nile. Associated spellings/words: Ammon ['according to the Bible [Genesis 19:38]; Benammi [the son of Lot and his younger daughter] was the father of the children of Ammon; the sun god; faithful; Amnon; Amvn; Amon; Amin; Amen; Hamon."

Amun - "Definitions: 'the hidden one'; Patron god of the ancient Egyptian city of Thebes on the upper Nile; an Egyptian god of wind and air. Associated spellings/words: Amen."

Amun - "Egyptian Zodiac sign 9 [April 26 - May 25]: God who constructed the world. Those born under this sign are strong, firm and always sought for guidance. Associated spellings/ words: Amen, (pA-n)-xnsw (Egyptian), Pashons (Coptic), Bashans (Arabic)." *Link: http://www.astraltraveler.com/calendars/egyptian.html

amon - "Definitions: builder." (Hebrew)

hmvn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'many' [Genesis 17:4, 5, etc.]; 'noise' [Amos 5:23]. Other definitions include: multitude. Associated spellings/words: hamown."

amvn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'brought up' [Proverbs 8:30]. Other definitions include: nursling. Associated spellings/words: 'amown."

AMMONIA - "Definitions: a saltlike crystal [salt of Ammon; sal ammoniac] that formed on the walls of the temple of Zeus-Ammon as a result from burning camel dung; a molecule made up of three hydrogen atoms and one nitrogen atom. If a fourth hydrogen is added, the ammonium ion is formed and it is this that forms saltlike coumpounds [sal ammoniac], or ammonium chloride. The ammonia molecule minus a hydrogen atom is an amine group. If instead of the missing hydrogen, a carbon-containing group of atoms is attached, the resulting compound is an amine. Proteins are made up of long strings of relatively simple compounds containing both amine groups and acid groups. These compounds are therefore called amino acids, so it turns out that in the most important substances in our bodies, we carry a reference to the great god Amen of Egypt."

HOMONYM - "Definitions: two or more words having same sound and spelling, but different meanings."

amomos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'without blame' [Ephesians 1:4]. Other definitions include: fautless, without blemish. Associated spellings/words: amemptos."

chmvr - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'asses' [Genesis 12:16]. Other definitions include: ass. Associated spellings/words: chamowr."

amour - "Definitions: the masculine singular form of love; the femine plural form of love (French). Associated spellings/words: amar, amare."

Amoraim - "Sages and teachers of Gemara." (Jewish)

AMULET - "Definitions: charm against evil."

Hammurapi - "Hammurapi's Code has a three-fold division of society into patrician, plebeian and slave. Associated spellings: Hammurabi."

amuck - "Definitions: in frenzied thirst for blood; homocidal frenzy (Malay). Associated spellings/words: amok, amouco, amuco."

Amogha-Siddhi - "Who unerringly Achieves His Goal; Almighty Conqueror; Giver of Divine Power; All-Performing Wisdom; The 5th of five Dhyani Buddhas; the Dhyani Buddha of

amvd - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'pillar' [Exodus 13:21], [1 Kings 7:21, etc.]; 'pillars' [Exodus 26:34, etc.], [Proverbs 9:1, etc.]. Associated spell- ings/words: 'ammuwd."

amoeba - "Definitions: microscopic protozoa; perpetual change (Greek). Associated spellings/ words: amoibe."

EMOTION - "Definitions: agitation; feeling. Associated spellings/words: emovere."

Amotken - "The creator god of the Selish people of the Northwest Coast." (Native American)

ams - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'yesternight' [Genesis 19:34]. Associated spellings/words: 'emesh."

amas - "Definitions: sheepfold." (Sumerian)

chms - "Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'viloence' [Genesis 6:11]; 'wrong' [Genesis 16:5]. Other definitions include: cruelty, unrighteous. Associated spellings/words: khamas, chamas, chamesh ['armed'], hamas, chamac."

chms - "Definitions: five" (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: chamesh; chmysy ['fifth; five']." (Hebrew)

hmas - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'us' [Mark 1:24]."

Emesh - "One of two seasons in the Sumerian calendar. Emesh was the season that began on the Vernal Equinox. It corresponded with the 'summer' season."

haims - "Definitions: village, town, country, place." (Gaelic)

amhas - "Definitions: narrowness, constriction." (Sanskrit)

Amsa - "Definitions: portion; one of the minor Vedic Adityas." (Sanskrit)

Hamsa - "The cosmic gander, a symbol for the divine essence which resides in the individual, but remains free; the vehicle of Bahma (Hindu). Associated spellings/words: Hansa; hamsa ['divine bird']; ansha?."

amesha - "Definitions: immortal." (Persian)

Amazon - "One of a race of female warriors; explained by the Greeks as meaning breastless. Associated spellings/words: a + mazos ['breast']."

Amesha Spentas - "Definitions: Holy Immortals; Immortal Holy Ones. Associated spellings/words: Amshaspand (Persian)."

amn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'believed' [Genesis 15:6]; 'be verified' [Genesis 42:20]. Other definitions include: firm, steadfast, established, support, continuance, true, trusted, faithful, to confirm. Associated spellings/words: aman; 'amen' [Deuteronomy 27:15]."

amn - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'Amen' [Numbers 5:22]; [Deuteronomy 27:15-26, etc.]; 'of truth' [Isaiah 65:16]; 'so be it' [Jeremiah 11:5]. Associated spellings/words: amn, 'aman ['believe, verify, confirm'] (Hebrew)."

Amen - "Definitions; king of the gods; the hidden God [Amen Ra] who's color was reportedly a light blue. The sacred animals of Amen [Amon] were the Ram and the Nile Goose (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: ammon ['concealment, something which is hidden'] (Latin). Trivia: reportedly, in 2100 B.C., the Vernal Equinox entered Aries."

H-men - "Definitions: shaman (Mayan). Associated spellings/words: eman ['give'] (Basque)."

amnos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'lamb' [John 1:29, 36], [Acts 8:32], [1 Peter 1:19]. Other definitions include: sacrificial lamb. Associated spellings/ words: aren ['lambs'] (Luke 10:3), arnion ['lambs'] (John 21:15), (Revelation 5:6, etc.)."

Amen Ra - "The hidden Sun; an Egyptian god who's color was blue."

AMONG - "Definitions: in or through. Associated spellings/words: ongemang, onmang, amang."

emnet - Definitions: plain." (Anglo-Saxon) *Link: http://www.quicksilver899.com/Tolkien/LOTR/LOTR_RZ.html - [T.D. - 01/10/09]

AMOUNT - "Definitions: go up, ascend Associated spellings/words: amont."

EMANATE - "Definitions: come forth."

Amanda - "Definitions: lovable." (Latin)

Amenti - "Definitions: the underworld; the hidden land; land of the setting sun (Egyptian). Associated spellings/words: Amentet, ament ['the right side']."

amemptos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'blameless' [Luke 1:6]. Other definitions include: unblameable, fautless, without blemish. Associated spellings/ words: amhmptos; amomos ['without blemish']."

amr - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'said' [Genesis 1:3]. Associated spellings/words: amar, yomer, amrh ['speech'] [Genesis 4:23]; chvh ['tell'](Old Hebrew); dbr ['word']."

aml - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'toil' [Genesis 41:51]; 'perverseness' [Numbers 23:21]. Other definitions include: frustration of difficult work, labour, misery, sorrow, wickedness, trouble, wearisome, mischief, miserable, pain, painful, distress. Associated spellings/words: 'amal."

chmr - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'slime' & 'morter' [Genesis 11:3]; 'morter' [Exodus 1:14]. Associated spellings/words: chomer."

chmr - "Transliterated Old Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'wine'. Associated spellings/ words: yyn, yayin ['wine'] (Old Hebrew)."

amar - "Definitions: to love (Spanish). Associated spellings/words: amour, amare."

chml - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'compassion' [Exodus 2:6]; 'spare' [Deuteronomy 13:8], [1 Samuel 15:3]. Other definitions include: pity, pitied. Associated spellings/words: chamal."

amrh - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word 'Gomorrah' [Genesis 10:19]. Associated spellings/words: Amorah."

Amala - "Supporter of the world." (Tsimshian Mythology)

amala - "God's grace." (Nigerian)

hemera - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'days' [Matthew 2:1]; 'day' [Matthew 7:22] 'years' [Luke 1:18]; 'age' [Luke 2:36]; 'daily' [Luke 9:23]. Other definitions include: indeterminate periods of time. Associated spellings/words: hmera."

amry - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'Amorite' [Genesis 10:16]. Associated spellings/words: Emoriy."

amaryllis - "Definitions: genus of bulbous plants (Latin). Associated spellings/words: amar- ullis ['to sparkle; typical name for a pretty country girl in Theocritus, Virgil, and Ovid'] (Greek)."

EMERGE - "Definitions: rise, come forth, or appear." amrta - "Definitions: immortal, undying." (Sanskrit)
*Link: http://www.utexas.edu/cola/centers/lrc/eieol/vedol-BF-X.html - [T.D. - 06/05/09]

Amrita - "Definitions: the water of eternal life, which the gods set out to obtain by churning the Ocean of Milk. (Hindu Mythology). Associated spellings/words: Amrt; amrta ['immortal', 'undying'; 'divine nectar']."

Amaravati - "The Heaven of Indra, in the East, equivalent to the Heaven of Akshobhya (Sanskrit). Associated spellings/words: Mngon-dgah ['Happy to Know'] (Tibetan)."

amartia - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'sins' [Mark 2:7]. Associated spellings/words: hamartia."

amartano - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'sinned' [Romans 2:12]. Associated spellings/words: hamartano."

amrtam - "Definitions: nectar, ambrosia." (Sanskrit)

amrpl - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'Amraphel' [Genesis 14:1]. Other definitions include: the king of Shinar."

Amardad - "Definitions: immortality." (Persian)

amq - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'vale' [Genesis 14:3, 14:8]; 'valley' [Genesis 14:15]. Other definitions include: dale. Associated spellings/words: emeq; aamaq ['valley'] (Egyptian)."

AMB /p - "Definitions: around, both. Associated spellings/words: AMBI; ambo ["around; both'] (Latin); oba (Russian); ubhau, uva ['both'] (Sanskrit)."

hmt - "Definitions: an independent oblique personal pronoun (of) them (Hebrew). Associated spellings/words: hmt."

amt - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'truth' [Genesis 24:27]. Other definitions include: right, truly. Associated spellings/words: emet, 'emeth."

amd - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'with me' [Genesis 3:12]. Associated spellings/words: immad."

amd - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'stay' [Genesis 19:17], 'stood' [Genesis 24:30], standest' [Genesis 24:31]. Associated spellings/words: amad."

hamd - "[....] The word Hamd means praise, Hamid, praiseworthy, and Muhammad, praiseful. The name of the Prophet of Islam was significant of his attitude of God." *Link: http://wahiduddin.net/mv2/II/II_8.htm - [T.D. - 11/03/07]

amad - "Definitions: to take one's stand against, oppose." (Hebrew)

EMIT - "Definitions: let go, send, give off or out. Associated spellings/words: emittere; emet ['truth'] (Hebrew)."

amts - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'stronger' [Genesis 25:23]; 'obstinate' [Deuteronomy 2:30]; 'strengthen' [Deuteronomy 3:28]; 'harden' [Deuteronomy 15:7]; 'courage' [Deuteronomy 31:6]; 'steadfastly minded' [Ruth 1:18]; 'strong' [2 Samuel 22:18]; 'speed' [1 Kings 12:18], [2 Chronicles 10:18]; 'prevailed' [2 Chronicles 13:18]; 'established' [Proverbs 8:28]. Associated spellings/words: 'amats."

amvd - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'pillar' [Exodus 13:21], [1 Kings 7:21, etc.]; 'pillars' [Exodus 26:34, etc.], [Proverbs 9:1, etc.]. Associated spell- ings/words: 'ammuwd."

amba - "f. (Ved. voc. %{a4mbe} [VS.]or %{amba} [RV.], in later Sanskrit %{amba} only, some- times a mere interjection A1s3vS3r.), a mother, good woman (as a title of respect); N. of a plant; N. of Durga1 (the wife of S3iva); N. of an Apsaras L.; N. of a daughter of a king of Ka1si MBh.; N. of one of the seven Kr2ttika1s TS. Ka1t2h. TBr.; a term in astrol. (to denote the fourth condition which results from the conjunction of planets?). In the South Indian languages, %{ambA} is corrupted into %{ammA}, and is often affixed to the names of goddesses, and females in general [Germ. {Amme}, a nurse; Old Germ. {amma}, Them. {ammo7n}, {ammU7n}]," (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

AMPHI /p - "Definitions: about, around, on both sides; two." (Greek)

Ahmed - "Definitions: most highly adored (Arabic). Associated spellings/words: Ahmad, Achmed."

amti - "Transliterated Hebrew spelling for the word/words 'Amittai' [Jonah1:1]. Other definitions include: the father of Jonah. Associated spellings/words: Amittay."

Amadi - "Definitions: destined to die at birth." (African)

Empyrean - "Definitions: Heaven of Inner Fire; empire of the sun god, or the divine king of the celestial mountain; philosophers' concept of the highest heaven above the planetary spheres." (Greek)

Ambika - "Definitions: f. the same; N. of a Princess; Mother (Sanskrit); Goddess Parvati (Hindu Mythology)."

Yambe-akka - "In Lapp mythology, the old woman of the dead, and ruler of the underworld."

AMPHIBIOUS - "Definitions: pertaining to creatures that lived part of their lives in water and part of their lives on land. Associated spellings/words: amphi ['on both sides of'] + bios ['life'] (Greek)."

Amadeus - "Definitions: love of God." (Latin)

amethyst - "Definitions: no intoxication; a purple jewel. Associated spellings/words: a ['not'] + methyein ['intoxicated']; methu ['wine']; mead + hule ['wood'] (Greek)."

amphora - "Definitions: two-handed vessel; liquid measure (Greek). Associated spellings/words: amphoreus ['borne on both sides']."

emporia - "Definitions: trade, merchandise." (Greek)

ampuku - "Ampuku therapy is the name given to work performed on the Hara." (Japanese)

EMPHASIS - "Definitions: appearance, to show; intensity of statement or feeling. Associated spellings/words: emphainein."

AMBER - "Definitions: yellow; fossilized form of yellow resinous sap which will display mild magnetic tendencies when rubbed."

HAMPER - "Definitions: ubstruct the movement of."

Embla - "Definitions: The 1st woman, created by the gods from an elm tree (Norse mythology). Associated spellings/words: Emla, Emola."

ambara - n. circumference, compass, neighbourhood RV. viii, 8,14; (ifc. f. %{A}) clothes, apparel, garment MBh. &c.; cotton L.; sky, atmosphere, ether Naigh. MBh. &c.; (hence) a cipher Su1ryas.; N. of the tenth astrological mansion VarBr2.; the lip; saffron L.; a perfume (Ambra) L.; N. of a country MatsyaP.; (a1s) m. pl.N. of a people VarBr2S." (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon *Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

hombre - "Definitions: man." (Spanish)

EMPLOY - "Definitions: use, occupy."

embroon - "Definitions: embryo (Greek). Associated spellings/words: embryon."

ampelos - "Transliterated Greek spelling for the word/words 'vine' [Matthew 26:29]. Other definitions include: lamb. Associated spellings/words: amphlos; ampelon ['vineyard']."

Ambrose - "Definitions: immortal. Associated spellings/words: Ambrosios (Greek)."

Amaterasu - "Definitions: Heavenly-Shining-Deity; Japanese Sun goddess believed to be the ancestor of the royal house of Japan. Associated spellings/words: Amaterasu Omikami."

amparam - "8 (otl) - amparam 1. sky atmosphere, ether; 2. clothes, apparel, garment; 3. the 14th naks2atra -> cittirai; 4. point of the compass; 5. sea, ocean; 6. sleeping place, bedroom" (otl) = Cologne Online Tamil Lexicon
*Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

ambaramaNI - "m. `" sky-jewel "', the sun, Salh. Ba1lar." (mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon
*Link: http://webapps.uni-koeln.de/tamil/

amparar - "Definitions: to help." (Spanish)

EMBRACE - "Definitions: clasp in the arms."

EMPERICAL - "Definitions: based on observation. Associated spellings/words: empeiria ['experience']." (Greek)

AMBIGUOUS - "Definitions: having more than one interpretation."

Emepht - "Definitions: .... (H.P. Blavatsky - T.S.D., Vol. 2, p. 41)."

EMPTY - "Definitions: containing nothing."

EMBODY - "Definitions: give definite form or expression." empfang - "Definitions: reception." (German)

EMPHATIC - "Definitions: uttered with emphasis."












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