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7:1 vyamr yhvh lnch ba-ath vkl-bytk al-htbh ky-atk rayty tsdyq lpny bdvr hzh:
And the LORD said unto [l] Noah [nch], "Come [bva] to [al] the [h] Ark [tbh], you [k] and all [kl] your household [byt], for [ky] it is you [k] that I have seen [rah]  to be righteous [tsdyq] before [pny] me in [b] this [hzh] generation [dvr].

7:2 mkl ][ hbhmh hthhvrh tqch-lk sbah sbah ays vastv vmn-hbhmh asr la thhrh hva snym ays vastv:
Of [m] every [kl] clean [thhvr] beast [bhmh] take [qch] unto [l] you [k] seven [sbah] pairs [sbah], a male [ays] and its mate [ash], and of [m] the beast that is not [la] clean [thhvr], two [snym], a male [ays] and its mate [ash];

7:3 gm mavp hsmym sbah sbah zkr vnqbh lchyvt zra al-pny kl-harts:
of [m] the birds [avp] of the heavens [smym] also [gm], seven [sbah] pairs [sbah], male [zkr] and female [nqbh], to keep seed [zra] alive [chyh] upon [al] the face [pny] of all [kl] the earth [arts].

7:4 ky lymym avd sbah anky mmthyr al-harts arbaym yvm varbaym lilh vmchyty at-kl-hyqvm asr asyty mal pny hadmh.
For [ky] in seven [sbah] more [avd] days' [ymym] time I [anky] will send rain [mthr] upon the earth forty [arbaym] days [yvm] and forty [arbaym] nights [lilh], and I will blot [mchh] out all [kl] existence [yqvm] that I have made [ash] from [m] upon the face of the ground.

7:5 And Noah did all that the LORD had commanded him.

7:6 vnch bn ss mavt snh vhmbvl hyh mym al-harts:
And Noah was six [ss] hundred [mah] years [snh] old when the Flood [mbvl] was [hyh] of [m] water [ym] upon the earth.

7:7 vyba nch vbnyv vastv vnsy-bnyv atv al-htbh mpny my hmbvl:
And Noah and his sons [bn] and his wife [ash] and his sons' [bn] wives [ash] with him went into [al] the Ark [tbh] because of [pnym] the waters [mym] of the flood [mbvl].

7:8 Of clean animals, and of animals that are not clean, and of birds, and of everything that creeps on the ground,

7:9 two [snym] and two, male [zkr] and female [nqbh], went into the ark with Noah, as God had commanded Noah.

7:10 vyhy lsbat hymym vmy hmbvl hyv al-harts:
And [v] after [yhy] seven [sba] days the waters of the flood [mbvl] came upon [al] the [h] earth [arts].

bsnt ss-mavt snh lchyy-nch bchds hsny bsbah-asr yvm lchds byvm hzh nbqav kl-maynvt thvm rbh varbt hsmym nptchv:
[b] In the six [ss] hundredth [mah] year [snh] of Noah's [nch] life [chy], in the second [sny] month [chds], on the seventeenth [sba] day [yvm] of the month [chds], on that [zh] day [yvm] all [kl] the fountains [maynvt] of the great [rb] deep [thvm] burst [bqa] forth, and the windows [arbh] of the heavens [smym] were opened [ptch].

7:12 And the rain [gsm] was upon the earth forty days and forty nights [lylh].

7:13 batsm hyvm hzh ba nch vsm-vchm vypt bny-nch vast nch vslst nsy-bnyv atm al-htbh:
On that very [atsm] day [yvm] Noah [nch] came [bva], with Shem [sm], Ham [chm] and Japheth [ypt], Noah's [nch] son's [bn], with Noah's [nch] wife [ash], and the three [sls] wives of his sons [bn] with them [atm], into the [h] Ark [tbh] -

7:14 hmh vkl-hchyh lmynh vkl-hbhmh lmynh vkl-hrms hrms al-harts lmynhv vkl-havp lmynhv kl tspvr kl-knp
they [hm] and [v] every [kl] beast [chy] after [l] its kind [myn], and every [kl] animal [bhmh] after [l] its kind [myn], and every [kl] creeping [rms] thing that creeps [rms] on [al] the [h] earth [arts] after [l] its kind, and every [kl] bird [avp] after [l] its kind [myn], every bird [tspvr] of any [kl] kind of wing [knp].

7:15 vybav al-nch al-htbh snym snym mkl-hbsr asr-bv rvch chyym:
They came [bva] to [al] Noah [nch] into [al] the [h] Ark [tbh]; two [snym] by two [snym] of [m] all [kl] flesh [bsr] in [b] which [asr] there was a breath [rvch] of life [chyym].

7:16 vhbaym  zkr vnqbh mkl-bsr bav kasr tsvh atv alhym vysgr yhvh badv
And [v] they that came, came male [zkr] and female [nqbh] of [m] all [kl] flesh [bsr], as [asr] God [alhym] had commanded [tsvh] him; and the LORD [yhvh] shut [sgr] him in [b].

7:17 The flood continued [gbr] forty days upon the earth; and the waters increased, and bore up [nsa] the ark, and it rose [rvm] high above the earth.

7:18 The waters prevailed and increased greatly upon the earth; and the ark floated [ylk] on the face of the waters.

7:19 And the waters prevailed so mightily [mad] upon the earth that all the high [gbh] mountains [hr] under the whole heaven were covered [ksh];

7:20 chms asrh amh mlmalh gbrv hmym vyksv hhrym:
fifteen [chms asrh] cubits [amh] upward [mal] did the waters [mym] prevail [gbr]; and the mountains [hrym] were covered [ksh].

7:21 vygva kl-bsr ][ hrms al-harts bavp vbbhmh vbchyh vbkl-hsrts hsrts al-harts vkl hadm:
And [v] all [kl] flesh [bsr] died [gva] that moved [rms] upon [al] the [h] earth [arts], birds [avp], cattle [bhmh], beasts [chy], all [kl] swarming [srts] creatures that swarm [srts] upon [al] the [h] earth [arts], and [v] every [kl] man [adm];

7:22 kl asr nsmt rvch chyym bapyv mkl asr bchrbh mtv:
everything [kl] on the dry [chrbh] land in [b] whose nostrils [ap] was the breath [nsmh] of the spirit [rvch] of life [chyym] died [mvt].

7:22 - "All [kl] in [b] whose nostrils [ap] was [asr] the breath [nsmh] of the spirit [rvch] of life [chyym], of [m] everything [kl] that was [asr] on the land [chrbh], died [mvt]." [Chumash, The Stone Edition / parenthesis added]

7:23 vymch at-kl-hyqvm ][ asr ][ al-pny hadmh madm ad-bhmh ad-rms vad-avp hsmym vymchv mn-harts vysar ak-nch vasr atv btbh:
And every [kl] living substance [yqvm] was destroyed [mch] which [asr] was upon [al] the face [pny] of the ground [admh], both man [adm], and cattle [bhmh], and the creeping things, and the fowl of the heaven; and they were destroyed from [mn] the earth: and Noah [nch] only remained [sar] alive, and they that were [asr] with him in [b] the ark [tbh]."

7:24 And the waters prevailed [gbr] upon the earth a hundred [mah] and fifty days.

Genesis 8