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Genesis 4:1 - vhadm yda at-chvh astv vthr vtld at-qyn vtamr qnyty ays at-yhvh:
AND [v] Adam [adm] knew [yda] Eve [chvh] his wife [ash]; and [v] she conceived [hrh], and [v] bare [yld] Cain [qyn], and [v] said [amr], I have gotten [qnh] a man [ays] from [at] the LORD [yhvh].

Genesis 4:2 - vtsp lldt at-achyv at-hbl vyhy-hbl rah tsan vqyn hyh abd admh:
And she again [ysp] bare [yld] his brother [ach] Able [hbl]. And Abel [hbl] was [hyh] a keeper [rah] of sheep [tsan], but Cain [qyn] was [hyh] a tiller [abd] of the ground [admh].

Genesis 4:3 - vyhy mqts ymym vyba qyn mpry hadmh mnch hlyhvh:
And in process [qts] of time [yvm] it came to pass, that Cain [qyn] brought [bva] of [m] the fruit [pry] of the ground [admh] an offering [mnchh] unto the LORD [yhvh].

Genesis 4:4 - vhbl hbya gm-hva mbkrvt tsavnv mchlbhn vysa yhvh al-hbl val-mnchtv
And Able [hbl], he [hva] also [gm] brought [bva] of [m] the firstlings [bkvrh] of his flock [tsavn] and of [m] the fat [chlb] thereof. And the LORD [yhvh] had respect [sah] unto Able [hbl] and to [al] his offering [mnchh]:

Genesis 4:5 - val-qyn val-mnchtv la sah vychr lqyn mad vyplv pnyv:
But unto Cain [qyn] and to his offering [mnchh] he had not [la] respect [sah]. And Cain [qyn] was very [mad] wroth [chrh], and his countenance [pnym] fell [npl].

Genesis 4:6 - vyamr yhvh al-qyn lmh chrh lk vlmh nplv pnyk:
And the LORD [yhvh] said [amr] unto Cain [qyn], Why art thou wroth [chrh]? and why is thy countenance [pny] fallen [npl]?

Genesis 4:7 - hlva am-tythyb sat vam la tythyb lptch chthat rbts valyk tsv qtvvath tmsl-bv:
If [am] thou doest well [ythyb], shalt thou not be accepted [sat]? and if thou doest not [la] well [ythyb], sin [chthah] lieth [rbts] at the door [ptch]. And unto thee shall be his desire [tsvqh], and thou shalt rule [msl] over him.

Genesis 4:8 - vyamr qyn al-hblachyv vyhy bhyvtm bsdh vyqm qyn al hbl achyv vyhrghv:
And Cain [qyn] talked [amr] with [al] Able [hbl] his brother [ach]: and it came to pass, when they were in [b] the field [sdh], that Cain [qyn] rose [qvm] up against [al] Able [hbl] his brother [ach], and slew [hrg] him.

Genesis 4:9 - vyamr yhvh al-qyn ay hbl atvk vyamr la ydaty hsmr achy anky:
And the LORD [yhvh] said [amr] unto [al] Cain [qyn], Where [ay] is Able [hbl] thy brother? And he said [amr], I know [yda] not [la]: Am I [anky] my brother's [ach] keeper [smr]?

Genesis 4:10 - vyamr mh asyt qvl dmy achyk tsaqym aly mn-hadmh:
And he said [amr], What [mh] hast thou done [ash]? the voice [qvl] of thy brother's [ach] blood [dm] crieth [tsaqym] unto [al] me from [mn] the ground [admh].

Genesis 4:11 - vath arvr ath mn-hadmh asr ptsth at-pyh lqcht at-dmy achyk mydk:
And now art thou cursed [arvr] from [mn] the earth [admh], which [asr] hath opened [ptsth] her mouth [pyh] to receive [lqch] thy brother's [ach] blood [dm] from [m] thy hand [yd];

Genesis 4:12 - ky tabd at hadmh la-tsp tt-kchh lk na vnd thyh barts:
When [ky] thou tillest [abd] the ground [admh], it shall not [la] henceforth [ysp] yield [ntn] unto thee her strength [kch]; a fugitive [nva] and a vagabond [nvd] shalt thou be [hyh] in [b] the earth [arts].

Genesis 4:13 - vyamr qyn al-yhvh gdvl avny mnsva:
And Cain [qyn] said [amr] unto [al] the LORD [yhvh], My punishment [avn] is greater [gdvl] than I can bear [nsva].

Genesis 4:14 - hn grst aty hyvm mal pny hadmh vmpnyk astr vhyyty na vnd barts vhyh kl-mtsay yhrgny:
Behold [h], thou has driven [grs] me out this day [yvm] from [m] the face [pny] of the earth [admh]; and from [m] thy face [pny] shall I be hid [str]; and I sall be a fugitive [nva] and [v] a vagabond [nvd] in [b] the earth [arts]; and it shall come to pass [hyh], that every [kl] one that findeth [mtsa] me shall slay [hrg] me.

Genesis 4:15 - vyamr lv yhvh lkn kl-hrg qyn sbatym yqm vysm yhvh lqyn avt lblty hkvt-atv kl-mtsav:
And the LORD said unto him, Therefore [kn] whosoever [kl] slayeth [hrg] Cain [qyn], vengence [nqm] shall be on him sevenfold [sbatym]. And the LORD set [svm] a mark [avt] upon [l] Cain [qyn], lest [blty] any finding [mtsa] him should kill [nkh] him.

Genesis 4:16 - vytsa qyn mlpny yhvh vysb barts-nvd qdmt-adn:
And cain went out  [ytsa] from the presence [pnym]of the LORD, and dwelt [ysb] in the land of Nod [nvd], on the east [qdmh] of Eden [adn].

Genesis 4:17 - vyda qyn at-astv vthr vtld at-chnvk vyhy bnh ayr vyqra sm hayr ksm bnv chnvk:
And Cain knew [yda] his wife [ash]; and she conceived [hrh], and bare [yld] Enoch [chnvk]: and he builded [bnh] a city [ayr], and called [qra] the name [sm] of the city [ayr], after the name [sm] of his son [bn], Enoch [chnvk].

Genesis 4:18 - vyvld lchnvk at-ayrd vayrd yld at-mchvyal vmchyyal yld at-mtvsal vmtvsal yld at-lmk:
And unto Enoch [chnvk] was born [yld] Irad [ayrd]: and Irad begat [yld] Mehujael [mchvyal]: and Mehujael begat Methusael [mtvsal]: and Methusael begat Lamech [lmk].

Genesis 4:19 - vyqch-lv lmk sty nsym sm hacht adh vsm hsnyt tslh:
And Lamech [lmk] took [lqch] unto him two [snym] wives [ash]: the name [sm] of the one [achd] was Adah [adh], and the name [sm] of the other [sny] Zillah [tslh].

Genesis 4:20 - vtld adh at-ybl hva hyh aby ysb ahl vmqnh:
And Adah bare Jabal [ybl]: he [hva] was [hyh] the father [ab] of such as dwell [ysb] in tents [ahl], and of such as have cattle [mqnh].

Genesis 4:21 - vsm achyv yvbl hva hyh aby kl-tps knvr vavgb:
And his brother's [ach] name [sm] was Jubal [yvbl]: he [hva] was [hyh] the father [ab] of all [kl] such as handle [tps] the harp [knvr] and organ [avgb].

Genesis 4:22 - vtslh gm-hva yldh at-tvbl qyn lths kl-chrs nchst vbrzl vachvt tvbl-qyn namh
And Zillah [tslh], she [hva] also [gm] bare [yld] Tubalcain [tvbl qyn], an instructer [lths] of every [kl] artificer [chrs] in brass [nchst] and iron [brzl]: and the sister [achvt] of Tubalcain [tvbl-qyn] was Naamah [namh].

Genesis 4:23 - vyamr lmk lnsyv adh vtslh sman qvly nsy lmk haznh amrty ky ays hrgty lptsay vyld lchbrty:
And [v] Lamech [lmk] said [amr] unto [l] his wives [ash], Adah [adh] and [v] Zillah [tslh], Hear [sma] my voice [qvl]; ye wives [ash] of Lamech [lmk], hearken [azn] unto my speech [amrh]: for [ky] I have slain [hrg] a man [ays] to [l] my wounding [ptsa], and a young [yld] man to [l] my hurt [chbrh].

Genesis 4:24 - ky sbatym yqm-qyn ylmk sbaym vsbah:
If [ky] Cain [qyn] shall be avenged [nqm] sevenfold [sbatym], truly Lamech [lmk] seventy [sbaym] and [v] sevenfold [sba].

Genesis 4:25 - vyda adm avd at-astv vtld bn vtqra at-smv st ky st-ly alhym zra achr tcht hbl ky hrgv qyn:
And Adam [adm] knew [yda] his wife [ash] again [avd]; and [v] she [t] bare [yld] a son [bn], and [v] called [qra] his name [sm] Seth [st]: For [ky] God [alhym], said she, hath appointed [syt] me another [achr] seed [zra] instead [tcht] of Abel [hbl], whom [ky] Cain [qyn] slew [hrg].

Genesis 4:26 - vlst gm-hva yld-bn vyqra at-smv anvs az hvchl lqra bsm yhvh:
And [v] to [l] Seth [st], to him [hva] also [gm] there was born  [yld] a son [bn]; and [v] he called [qra] his name [sm] Enos [anvs]: then began [chll] men to call [qra] upon [b] the name [sm] of the LORD [yhvh].

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