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Genesis 2:1 - vyklv hsmym vharts vkl-tsbam:
Thus the [h] heavens [smym] and [v] the [h] earth [arts] were finished [kl], and [v] all [kl] the host [tsb] of them [am].

Genesis 2:2 - vykl alhym byvm hsbyay mlaktv asr ash vysbt byvm hsbyay mkl-mlaktv asr ash:
And [v] on [b] the [h] seventh [sbyay] day [yvm] God [alhym] ended [klh] his work [mlakh] which [asr] he had made [ash]: and [v] he rested [sbt] on [b] the [h] seventh [sbyay] day [yvm] from [m] all [kl] his work [mlakh] which [asr] he had made [ash].

Genesis 2:3 - vybrk alhym at-yvm hsbyay vyqds atv ky bv sbt mkl-mlaktv asr-bra alhym lasvt:
And [v] God [alhym] blessed [brk] the seventh [sbyay] day [yvm], and [v] sanctified [qds] it: because [ky] that in [b] it he had rested [sbt] from [m] all [kl] his work [mlakh] which [asr] God [alhym] created [bra] and made [ash].

Genesis 2:4 - alh tvldvt hsmym vharts bhbram byvm asvt yhvh alhym arts vsmym:
These [alh] are the generations  [tvldvt] of the [h] heavens [smym] and [v] of the [h] earth [arts] when [b] they were created [bra], in [b] the day [yvm] that the LORD [yhvh] God [alhym] made [ash] the earth [arts] and [v] the heavens [smym].

Genesis 2:5 - vkl ][ sych hsdh thrm yhyh barts vkl-asb hsdh thrm ytsmch ky la hmthyr yhvh alhym al-harts vadm ayn labd at-hadmh:
And [v] every [kl] plant [sych] of the [h] field [sdh] before [thrm] it was [yhyh] in [b] the earth [arts], and [v] every [kl] herb [asb] of the [h] field [sdh] before [thrm] it grew [tsmch]: for [ky] the LORD [yhvh] God [alhym] had not [la] caused it to rain [mthyr] upon [al] the [h] earth [arts], and [v] there was not [ayn] a man [adm] to [l] till [abd] the ground [admh].

Genesis 2:6 - vad yalh mn-harts vhsqh at-kl-pny hadmh:
But [v] there went up [alh] a mist [ad] from [mn] the [h] earth [arts], and watered [sqh] the whole [kl] face [pny] of the [h] ground [admh].

Genesis 2:7 - vyytsr yhvh alhym at-hadm apr mn-hadmh vypch bapyv nsmt chyym vyhy hadm lnps chyh:
And [v] the LORD [yhvh] God [alhym] formed [ytsr] man [adm] of the dust [apr] of [mn] the [h] ground [admh], and [v] breathed [npch] into [b] his nostrils [ap] the breath [nsmh] of life [chyym]; and [v] man [adm] became [yhy? / hyh?] a living [chy] soul [nps].

Genesis 2:8 - vytha yhvh alhym gn badn mqdm vysm sm at-hadm asr ytsr:
And [v] the LORD [yhvh] God [alhym] planted [ntha] a garden [gn] eastward [qdm] in [b] Eden [adn]; and there [sm] he put [svm] the man [adm] whom [asr] he had formed [ytsr].

Genesis 2:9 - vytsmch yhvh alhym mn-hadmh kl-ats mchmd lmrah vthvb lmakl vats hchyym btvk hgn vats hdat thvb vra:
And [v] out of [mn] the [h] ground [admh] made [tsmch] the LORD [yhvh] God [alhym] to grow every [kl] tree [ats] that is pleasant [chmd] to [l] the sight [mrah], and [v] good [thvb] for [l] food [makl]; and [v] the tree [ats] of life [chyym] also in [b] the midst [tvk] of the [h] garden [gn], and [v] the tree [ats] of knowledge [dat] of good [thvb] and evil [ra].

Genesis 2:10 - vnhr ytsa madn lhsqvt at-hgn vmsm yprd vhyh larbah rasym:
And [v] a river [nhr] went out [ytsa] of [m] Eden [adn] to [l] water [sqh] the [h] garden [gn]; and [v] from [m] thence [sm] it parted [prd], and [v] became [hyh] unto [l] four [arba] heads [rasym].

Genesis 2:11 - sm hakd pysvn hva hsbb at kl-arts hchvylh asr-smh zhb:
The name [sm] of the first [akd] is Pison [pysvn]: that [hva] is it which compasseth [sbb] the whole [kl] land [arts] of Havilah [chvylh], where  [asr] there is gold [zhb];

Genesis 2:12 - vzhb harts hhva thvb sm hbdlch vabn hshm:
And the gold [zhb] of that [hva] land [arts] is good [thvb]: there [sm] is bdellium [bdlch] and the onyx [shm] stone [abn].

Genesis 2:13 - vsm-hnhr hsny gychvn hva hsvbb at kl-arts kvs:
And the name [sm] of the second [sny] river [nhr] is Gihon [gychvn]: the same is it that [hva] compasseth [svbb] the whole [kl] land [arts] of Ethiopia [kvs].

Genesis 2:14 - vsm hnhr hslysy chdql hva hhlk qdmt asvr vhnhr hrbyay hva prt:
And the name [sm] of the third [slysy] river [nhr] is Hiddekel [chdql]: that [hva] is it which goeth toward [hlk] the east [qdmh] of Assyria [asvr]. And the fourth [rbyay] river [nhr] is Euphrates [hvaprt].

Genesis 2:15 -  vyqch yhvh alhym at-hadm vynchhv bgn-adn labdh vlsmrh:
And [v] the LORD [yhvh] God [alhym] took [qch] the man [adm], and [v] put [ynch] him into [b] the garden [gn] of Eden [adn] to [l] dress [abd] it and [v] to [l] keep [smr] it.

Genesis 2:16 - vytsv yhvh alhym al-hadm lamr mkl ats-hgn akl takl:
And the LORD [yhvh] God [alhym] commanded [tsvh] the man [adm], saying [amr], Of [m] every [kl] tree [ats] of the garden [gn] thou [t] mayest freely [akl] eat [akl]:

Genesis 2:17 - vmats hdat thvb vra la takl mmnv ky byvm aklk mmnv mvt tmvt:
But [v] of [m] the tree [ats] of the [h] knowledge [dat] of good [thvb] and [v] evil [ra], thou [t] shalt not [la] eat [akl] of it: for [ky] in [b] the day [yvm] that thou eatest [akl] thereof thou [t] shalt surely [mvt] die [mvt].

Genesis 2:18 - vyamr yhvh alhym la-thvb hyvt hadm lbdv aash-lv azr kngdv:
And the LORD [yhvh] God [alhym] said [amr], It is not [la] good [thvb] that the [h] man [adm] should be [hyh] alone; I will make [ash] him an help meet [azr] for him.

Genesis 2:18 - HASHEM God said, "It is not good that man be alone; I will make him a helper corresponding to him."  [The Chumash, (The Stone Edition), 7th Edition - First Impression... June 1997, p. 13]

Genesis 2:19 - vytsr yhvh alhym mn-hadmh kl-chyt hsdh vat kl-avp hsmym vyba al-hadm lravt mh-yqra-lv vkl asr yqra-lv hadm nps chyh hva smv:
And [v] out of [mn] the [h] ground [admh] the LORD [yhvh] God [alhym] formed [ytsr] every [kl] beast [chy] of the feild [sdh], and every [kl] fowl [avp] of the air [smym]; and brought [bva] them unto Adam [adm] to [l] see [ra] what [mh] he would call [qra] them: and whatsoever [asr] Adam [adm] called [qra] every living [chy] creature [nps], that  [hva] was the name [sm] thereof.

Genesis 2:20 - vyqra hadm smvt lkl-hbhmh vlavp hsmym vlkl chyt hsdh vladm la-mtsa azr kngdv:
And Adam [adm] gave [qra] names [smvt] to [l] all [kl] cattle [bhmh], and to [l] the fowl [avp] of the air [smym], and to [l] every [kl] beast [chy] of the field [sdh]; but [v] for [l] Adam [adm] there was not [la] found [mtsa] an help [azr] meet for him.

Genesis 2:21 - vypl yhvh alhym ][ trdmh al-hadm vyysn vyqch acht mtslatyv vysgr bsr tchtnh:
And the LORD [yhvh] God [alhym] caused [npl] a deep sleep [trdmh] to fall upon [al] Adam [adm], and he slept [ysn]: and he took [qch] one [acht] of his ribs [tsla], and closed [sgr] up the flesh [bsr] instead thereof;

Genesis 2:21 - So HASHEM God cast a deep sleep upon the man and he slept; and He took one of his sides and He filled in flesh in its place.  [The Chumash, (The Stone Edition), 7th Edition - First Impression... June 1997, p. 15]

Genesis 2:22 - vybn yhvh alhym ][ at-htsla asr-lqch mn-hadm lash vybah al-hadm:
And the rib [tsla], which [asr] the LORD [yhvh] God [alhym] had taken [lqch] from [mn] the man [adm], made [ash] he a woman [ash], and brought her unto [al] the man [adm].

Genesis 2:22 - Then HASHEM God fashioned the side that He had taken from the man into a woman, and He brought her to the man.  [The Chumash, (The Stone Edition), 7th Edition - First Impression... June 1997, p. 15]

Genesis 2:23 - vyamr hadm zat hpam atsm matsmy vbsr mbsry lzat yqra ash ky mays lqchh-zat:
And Adam [adm] said [amr], This [zat] is now [pam] bone [atsm] of [m] my bones [atsm], and flesh [bsr] of [m] my flesh [bsr]: she [zat] shall be called  [qra] Woman [ash], because [ky] she [zat] was taken  [lqch] out of [m] Man [ays].

Genesis 2:24 - al-kn yazb-ays at-abyv vat-amv vdbq bastv vhyv lbsr achd:
Therefore [kn] shall a man [ays] leave [azb] his father  [ab] and his mother [am], and shall cleave [dbq] unto [b] his wife [ash]: and they shall be one [achd] flesh [bsr].

Genesis 2:25 - vyhyv snyhm arvmym hadm vastv vla ytbssv:
And they were [yhy] both [sny] naked [arvmym], the [h] man [adm] and [v] his wife [ash], and were not [la] ashamed [bvs].

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