"Etznab Mathers"

   On this website "Etznab Mathers" is a poetic pen name used to convey two basic principles. As I understand it, Etznab means something akin to: Hall of Mirrors; and is a word used to designate the 18th Day Name in the "Mayan Calendar". On the other hand, Mathers is a play on words. I use it for a symbolic indicator about the similar-sounding word Matters (intended as a verb). Etznab Mathers then - as used on this site - basically alludes to: a hall of mirrors that seems to matter.
   Looking at a computer screen is similar to looking at a mirror. However, a mirror without a reflection doesn't appear to matter. So I understand the need for a reflective substance before a mirror really seems to matter. A reflective substance like an observer. A witness.
   In my opinion, different levels of reflective substances comprise the illusion to a hall of mirrors. Different observers looking from various perspectives.  Accordingly, the data on this site is basically reference data and compiled information; like many different facets to a mirror. One mirror, seemingly arranged as several different parts.
   "Etznab Mathers" [E.M.] then is perhaps the most sincere attempt I know about for ascribing an author to any single thing (recorded history in particular). Consequently, it would be a gross limitation to equate one's own personal name with all manner of manifestation, or suggest that all people should think and believe according to the temporal thoughts and feelings of a single person.
   Nevertheless, for those demanding original name identification, my initial name given at birth was D.R.D.

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