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 The findings of modern researchers imply that if a mythology can no longer be experienced by the individual at the collective level, within the context of a societal or communal myth, & if this type of thinking & experiencing is essential to being, then one can usually expect to find the impetus or spirit behind these old systems of transformation manifesting itself in new forms. [....]

[Based on: Kabbalah (Original Copyright 1973), by Charles Ponce, Second Quest edition, 1980, p. 258]


2004 - "Astral Library" Trivia - January 3rd, 2004: Doug Marman 01/03/2004 - Response to Usually Skeptical: More Questions to Doug Marman


2004 - Not Active? / Patti Simpson - February 2004: "[....] I know that Patti does still feel very fond feelings toward Paul, but she is also not active in Eckankar. Past that, I would rather she answer the rest for herself. [....]"

*Links: http://tinyurl.com/6d4ecsp

2004 - A Few Responses / Doug Marman - February 8th, 2004: "[....] 3. Did Paul Twitchell copy other writers works? Yes. Well, I guess I can give yes or no answers sometimes. 4. Did Paul Twitchell use other writers words and put his Eck masters names on them as if the Eck Master were saying them? Yes. [....]"


2004 - March Mystic World / 2004 - "These betrayers of ECK will pick up all their old karma once more. More, the karma of all those whom they've fooled is inscribed into their karmic log too. Hard times lie in store for them." (Mystic World, Ask The Master by Harold Klemp, March 2004)." [Transcribed from web post (E.S.A. - 10/14/08) Check for accuracy.]

2004 - Founded / X-Eckankar The-Chains-of-Eck - March 11th, 2004:

*Link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/X-Eckankar_The-Chains-of-Eck/

2004 - The Silent Questions / Doug Marman - March 26th, 2004: "I just finished writing another book, and if others here are interested I would like to post it to ARE section by section, as I did my last book a few years ago.  [....]" [Based on: A.R.E. post by Doug Marman - 10:59 p.m.]


2004 - Open Letter 2 / Ford Johnson to Harold Klemp - April 2nd, 2004: "Author Ford Johnson, sends a second 'Open Letter' to Harold Klemp, the Spiritual Leader of Eckankar."  

[Updated Link: http://www.thetruth-seeker.com/SecondOpenLetter.aspx]

2004 - Venus Transit - June 8th, 2004: "Europe, the Middle East and much of Asia and Africa will offer prime viewing next month for an astronomical event that has not occurred for 122 years - the transit of the planet Venus across the sun. Weather permitting, for six hours on June 8 astronomers and the public will be able to see the planet named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty passing directly between Earth and the sun. The event has been billed as a once in a lifetime experience because the last transit was on December 6, 1882 and the next one will not occur until June 6, 2012, but will not be visible in Britain and other parts of Europe. [....] During the transit, the orbits of Venus and the Earth, which tilt at different angles, around the sun will line up exactly. It occurs four times in every 243 years. There are two December transits, eight years apart, and then 121.5 years later there are two June transits, also eight years apart. After another 105.5 years the cycle begins again." [Based on: Reuters, 05/12/04]

2004 - E-Mail Trivia / Graham Forsyth - July 26th, 2004:

"[....] I am hoping that this website allows me to give my own side of the events that led to my involvement with Ford Johnson and the exposing of Eckankar. I am trying to use this facility because my participation on Ford Johnson's bulletin boards has now been made conditional for me. I have not become a member of his organisation, yet I have used his boards in order to share my own views and help support the principal that the individual is the centre for their own truth, not any teacher or organisation. Because of my use of his boards and my refusal to become more active in his organisation, and a furthering of differences in regards to an open letter I was initiay intending to send to Harold Klemp that I thought had been redrafted out of context to myself by Darrell Johnson and reviewed by Ford, I was eventually told by Ford: 'there are some concessions to organization and unity that must be made in order to succeed in the physical dimension.' I was not prepared to make any concessions to any organisation, therefore I withdrew completely from the use of his boards. This now leaves me in the position of seeing my name mentioned by others yet I have no recourse at the moment to help me give my view of things. I will, hopefully, try and explain my own posting in regards to your comments. [....]"

[Based on: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eckankartruth/message/4590]

2004 - Trivia / Eck Masters & Eckankar? - October 15th, 2004: TheTruth-Seeker post by Usually Skeptical: The 969th & 970th L.E.M.s - Who Were They? (PART 1)


2004 - Dedication / Eckankar Spiritual Center - October 19th, 2004: "At 11:00 a.m. on October 19, 2004, the dedication of the new Eckankar Spiritual Center took place. [....]"

[Based on: http://www.eckankar.org/Campus/]

2004 - Trivia / Eck Masters & Eckankar? - October 19th, 2004: TheTruth-Seeker post by Usually Skeptical: The 969th & 970th L.E.M.s - Who Were They? (PART 2)


2004 - ECK Worldwide Seminar / "Year of the Missionary" - October 22nd, 2004:

*Trivia: "ECK Missionary, Year of the: The fourth of the Spiritual Years of ECK. Each Soul has a mission, a purpose. During this annual cycle, one tries to learn, then align, this personal mission with that of God's divine plan for each Soul's return home to God. Soul is here to learn divine love. Along the way, Soul learns that Its personal mission also means helping others find their way to it." [Based on: Harold Klemp, A Cosmic Sea of Words, The ECKANKAR Lexicon, Copyright 1998, Eckankar, p. 59]

2004 - Trivia / Eckankar Membership - "Seminars are held worldwide throughout the year, with attendance ranging up to 10,000 participants. 36,694 U.S. Eckankar members were estimated for 2004 [http://www.adherents.com/rel_USA.html], with worldwide estimates varying from 50,000 - 500,000 and up [http://www.adherents.com/Na/Na_264.html]. (Eckankar does not publish their own membership figures.)"

[Based on: http://www.seattleluxury.com/encyclopedia/entry/Eck]


2005 - Soul Mates Controversy / The Tiger's Fang - January 2005: "In the 01/2005 Youth of ECK Letter of Light, Questions for the Master… Harold replies to a question on Soul mates and says to Emmanuel: “The confusion arises from something Paul Twitchell once wrote in chapter 6 of The Tiger’s Fang. There, he endorsed the idea. But Paul was then still a Master in training. His understanding was incomplete.” [Usually Skeptical, 3/18/2005]


2005 - Mystic World - March, 2005: Usually Skeptical, 3/15/2005, The Mystic World March 2005 (The Mahanta)


2005 - Founded / E.S.A. - March 7th, 2005: Founded: Eckankar Survivors Anonymous.

*Link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous/

2005 - Trivia / Milarepa & Marpa - June 2005: "Remember the Mystic World article around June 2005?

I'm going on memory, so I'll have to check on this one. Wouldn't that be something? If The Way of Truth had Milarepa for a Torch Bearer & Eckankar had Marpa as an Eck Master?

Why do I think that the case? I need to look at Mystic World article for June 2005 to confirm.


2005 - ECK Worldwide Seminar / A Year of HU - October 21-23, 2005:

*Link: http://www.eckankar.org/


2006 - ECK Springtime Seminar / Spiritual Renewal in A Year of HU - April 14th-16th, 2006:

*Link: http://www.eckankar.org/

2006 - ECK Worldwide Seminar / The Year of Giving - October 20-22, 2006:

[Based on: http://www.eckankar.org/Seminars/WW/brochure06.pdf]

*Trivia: "The water of life . . . appears to be available everywhere to everyone. But only those who know how to give love . . . are able to drink of it, to receive truth." —Sri Harold Klemp, The Secret of Love, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 14

2006 - Peer Review, Etc. / Eckankar Article, Wikipedia - November 2006:


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Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God emphasizes the value of personal experiences as the most natural way back to God. The current spiritual leader of Eckankar (since October 1981) is Sri Harold Klemp. [....]

[Based on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eckankar] - [as appeared on November 15th, 2006]

*Trivia: http://www.nctimes.com/articles/2006/11/24/faith/16_49_0111_23_06.txt 

2006 - End / T.S. BB - November 21st, 2006: Reply to Mario (page not currently viewable)

*Link: http://www.thetruth-seeker.com/dispBB.aspx#m2083


2007 - New Monthly Phone Gathering / Higher Consciousness Society - January 14th, 2007: First HCS monthly phone gathering TOPIC: Creating and Sustaining New Cycles, Setting Measurable Goals, and Applying Them in Daily Life for Spiritual Growth in 2007. [- D.R.D.]

2007 - Etznab / A.R.E. - January 20th, 2007: New Member thread

Have heard about this place and read some of the posts from long ago. Just now deciding to join. One could call their religion by the name of Eckankar and still belong to this group. Right? Etznab


2007 - ECK Springtime Seminar / The Year of Giving - April 6-8, 2007: ECKANKAR (Religion of the Light and Sound of God) Springtime Seminar held in Minneapolis Minnesota [during Easter weekend].

2007 - AKATHA -  August 23rd, 2007: "AKATHA, the Ancient Science of Sahaji ... ."


2007 - The Whole Truth / Doug Marman - Copyright 2007

*Link: http://spiritualdialogues.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=14&Itemid=28

2007 - Spiritual Dialogues Project / Doug Marman - "© 2007 spiritualdialogues.com

*Link: http://spiritualdialogues.com/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1


2008 - Pluto / Capricorn - January 26th, 2008: Pluto at 0 degrees Capricorn; June 14th, R.; November 27th, D.

*Link: http://www.astro.com/swisseph/ae/2000/ae_2008.pdf

2008 - Translation / Darwin Gross - March 8th, 2008: "[....] On Saturday, March 8th 2008, at 10:35 a.m. PST, Darwin Gross died at the age of 80 years old, leaving behind a legacy of spiritual knowledge. According to the ATOM website, 'Darwin’s Living Trust provides that his writings, music and unpublished works shall be held in trust to carry on his memory and life’s work as well as his predecessor’s, Sri Paul Twitchell. The Teachings will continue to be made available to those who are interested in this most direct path to God.' [....]"

[Based on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darwin_Gross] - [T.D. - 11/15/08]

*Trivia: "[....] As with all fully realized Living Eck Masters, Sri Darwin carried on Sri Paul Twitchell's original message under the moniker 'ATOM,' (Ancient Teachings of the Masters) until his translation on March 8, 2008. The path is now carried on by his successor, Sri Paul Marché, under the name Dhunami. Harold's denial of Darwin and unwillingness to carry on his Master's work is proof, in and of itself, of his monumental failure at passing the demanding tests necessary to assume the great responsibility of the Living Eck Master. [....]"

[Based on: http://darwingrosstruthfile.homestead.com/DGTF.html] - [T.D. - 05/08/10]

2008 - THE SILENT QUESTIONS - A Spiritual Odyssey - June 2008: "A book by Doug Marman (printed June 2008) is set for publication in August."

*Link: http://www.spiritualdialogues.com/thesilentquestions.html

2008 - BB Forum / Spiritual Dialogues Project - Mid-August? "Spiritual Dialogues project initiates BB Forum [Mid-August?].

*Link: http://www.spiritualdialogues.com/forum/index.php?sid=2550fa9d909d702c9727153a5688b39b

2008 - Master Rabinowitz? - September 2008: In the Sept. 2008 "The Wisdom Notes" Klemp mentions meeting EK Master Rabinowitz "Many years ago, when I was still young in ECKANKAR." And yet, Klemp doesn't mention this ECK Master in his 1998 ECK LexiCON! If Klemp did meet this "Master" when he was new to Eckankar then why hasn't HK mentioned him before this! It's another obvious lie after the fact!

Rabinowitz, also spelled Rabinovich, means "son of rabbi." Is Klemp now attempting to placate the Jewish ECKists too! HK mentions Rumi from time-to-time to placate Marman! [....]

[Based on ESA post by Prometheus, Monday, August 11th, 2008]


2008 - EWWS / Year of Blessing? - October 2008: See a.r.e. post change is change, etc. Also referenced on following link.


2008 - ATOM Master / Paul Marche - October 22nd, 2008: "Paul Marché has accepted the full responsibility of the job of the 973rd Living ATOM Master of the Time. This is a job he began 2 years ago when Sri Darwin Gross gave him the 12th Initiation on the plane ride home from the October 2006 Cleveland ATOM Event after their early departure from the seminar. Gradually, over the next 2 years, Darji began to turn over more and more of the inner responsibilities associated with the job of the Living ATOM Master culminating in the October 22nd gathering of Vairagi Masters in the Valley of Tirmir for the passing of the Torch of Divine Love."

[Based on: http://www.atomworld.org/] - [T.D. - 11/12/08] 

*Trivia: "My work here, in general, is to carry on for my beloved Master Darwin Gross. This is a simple but important point. The incoming Teacher always continues to support his Teacher and the body of works that he produced. The Vairagi, or Boucharan Masters are the only unbroken line of teaching Masters in existence. If you find a break in any line of Masters, you can be sure you're not looking at the most direct path back to Sugmad."

"Peddar Zaskq and DapRen wrote about the special spiritual connection that can exist between a man and a woman. This is something that Peddar had with his wife when he was the Living ATOM Master that carried on with Darji during the times of great growth in Eckankar until the late 70's. It has been a tremendous blessing to me to have a similar circumstance prior to and now during my term in this job. Tammy has been a great help both from the spiritual perspective and as my wife during this transition. Her spiritual standing, along with the work she has chosen in that capacity, allows her to assist with the inner workload giving me more time and energy to devote to the outer work that Peddar Zaskq and DapRen wish to bring forth in this era. Due to the efforts and sacrifices of my predecessors, the way has been cleared in these times for both women and men to take these greater spiritual steps. All that is required is to take the time each day to build one's spiritual foundation and to serve as an open vehicle for the Sugmad, through the Mahanta, in the capacity of one's own choosing." - Paul

[Based on: http://www.atomworld.org/] - [T.D. - 11/12/08] 

2008 - ATOM Legal Threat / Atomdoers - December 5th, 2008:

*Link: http://atomdoers.org/ATOM_Threat_1.pdf

2008 - ATOM Legal Threat / Dhunami Answer - December 18th, 2008:

*Link: http://atomdoers.org/Dhunami_Answer_1.pdf

2008 - ATOM Legal Threat / Atomdoers - December 18th, 2008:

*Link: http://atomdoers.org/ATOM_Threat_2.pdf

2008 - ATOM Legal Threat / Dhunami Answer - December 25th, 2008:

*Link: http://atomdoers.org/Dhunami_Answer_2.pdf



2010 - The Path of Plagiarism - January 2010: " Issue 1: Paul Twitchell and Julian Johnson, Issue One / How Paul Twitchell's Eckankar book, The Far Country, appropriated from Julian Johnson's Radhasoami books, With a Great Master in India and The Path of the Masters"

[Based on: http://magcloud.com/browse/Issue/59134]

2010 - Community HU / Chanhassen, Minnesota - January 2010:

*Link: http://chanvillager.com/news/faith/eckankar-goes-public-hu-107

2010 - ECK Springtime Seminar / Spiritual Renewal in A Year of Creativity - April 2–4, 2010 - Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA [Based on: http://www.eckankar.org/Seminars/major.html] - [T.D. - 03/02/10]

2010 - ECK Worldwide Seminar / Year of the ECK Teacher - October 20-24, 2010: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. [Based on: http://www.eckankar.org/Seminars/major.html] - [T.D. - 10/16/10]


2011 - Spiritual Wisdom Journal - April 2011: Quarterly Inspiration from ECKANKAR ... Vol. 1, No. 1 ... Focus: Spiritual Stress Relief

*Link: http://spiritualwisdomjournal.org/archive.html

2011 - ECK Springtime Seminar - April 22-24, 2011 - Spiritual Renewal in Year of the ECK Teacher - Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA [Saturday talk theme: "ALL IN GOOD TIME"]

2011 - Died / Patti Simpson Rivinus - May 4th, 2011: "Rivinus, Patti Simpson 77 Aug. 03, 1933 May 04, 2011 Born in Omaha, Neb., Patti lived in California, Vermont and Oregon. She died in Portland of an abdominal infection. She was a nurse, a mental health worker and had a career in publishing, authoring two books. For many years she was the personal assistant of spiritual teacher, Paul Twitchell. Patti is survived by her husband, David; five children; seven grandchildren; and one great-grandson. Her spiritual counseling work had a profound impact, literally, around the world. She will be greatly missed. Memorial service to be announced. In lieu of flowers, we suggest a small contribution to Minds Matter of Portland.

www.mindsmatter.org/chapter_portland.asp" [Published in The Oregonian on May 12, 2011] - [see link]

*Link: http://tinyurl.com/3apqq57


2012 - ECK Springtime Seminar - April 6-8, 2012: "2012 ECK Springtime Seminar / Spiritual Transformation in The Year of Graceful Living, April 6–8, 201, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA - See Sri Harold Klemp, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master. This God-Realized spiritual teacher will speak in person. Experience workshops, spiritual discussions, and other activities for greater spiritual growth.

*Link: http://www.eckankar.org/Seminars/major.html - [T.D. - 03/18/12]

2012 - Light Force Network -  "The Light Force Network was Light and Sound activated 9/25/2012"



2013 - Sri Allen Feldman / The Living VARDAN Master - October 22nd, 2013: "[...] Exciting News! The Current Margatma, The Living VARDAN Master Has Just Gone Public- Currently as of October 22, 2013 this initiate after training with the Ancient VARDAN Masters became the next true successor. The true successor to receive the Spiritual Rod of Power is Sri Allen Feldman (his spiritual name is Nye Dah Zah) who under the guidance of Rebazar Tarzs and Yaubl Sacabi is now bringing the high path now called VARDANKAR public once again! This is exciting for the individual who truly wants to return to HURAY (God) because the high path has been nearly invisible or on the outer sometimes unavailable for many years. For some this is great, exciting news because the long wait is finally over! It was Paul Twitchell himself who on the inner planes guided Allenji back to the true high path of a different name. The HURAY (God) desired that more souls be reached with the most direct route to return to IT. [... .]" [Based on: http://www.paultwitchelltruth.com/] - [T.D. - 02/03/14]

*Trivia: "[...] And as we mentioned earlier it was at the time of Paul Twitchell's death that Rebazar Tarzs took the Rod of VARDAN power back and held it for a over a decade. [...] After over a decade of holding the Rod of power Rebazar Tarzs once again passed the Rod of VARDAN power to a new master. Unfortunately this new master failed to meet his spiritual mission, broke several spiritual laws, was brought down in consciousness by Vanity and Anger and finally in January of 2013 the Spiritual Hierarchy decided to take back the VARDAN Rod of power and once again Rebazar Tarzs held it.  [N.P] The ancient VARDAN Masters such as Yaubl Sacabi and Rebazar Tarzs appointed Sri Allen Feldman who was given the Rod of VARDAN Power from Rebazar Tarzs on October 22nd 2013 in order to bring the teachings out to the public once more. [... .]"


2013 - ECK Worldwide Seminar / The Year of Light and Sound - October 25-27, 2013: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. 

[Based on: http://www.eckankar.org/Seminars/brochure.pdf] - [T.D. - 11/15/13]


2014 - Sukhmani / Doug Marman - April 2014: "Sukhmani: The Secret of Inner Peace / New Translation and Commentary by Doug Marman"


2014 - Eck Worldwide Seminar - "2014 ECK Worldwide Seminar / A Year of Spiritual Healing / October 24–26, 2014 / Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA"


2015 - Springtime Seminar - April 3-5, 2015: 2015 ECK Springtime Seminar: Transformation in A Year of Spiritual Healing. April 3–5, 2015 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

2015 - The Year of the Shariyat - "2015 ECK Worldwide Seminar / The Year of the Shariyat / October 23–25, 2015 / Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA" 

[Based on: http://www.eckankar.org/Seminars/major.html] - [T.D. - 10/22/15]

2015 - Eckankar Official Blog - October 2015:

*Link: https://eckankarblog.org/about-eckankar-blog/


2016 - Springtime Seminar - March 25-27, 2016: 2016 ECK Springtime Seminar / Golden Wisdom in The Year of the Shariyat / March 25–27, 2016, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

[Based on: https://www.eckankar.org/Seminars/major.html] - [T.D. - 03/26/16]

2016 - Retiring from Yahoo Group: Radhasoami  Studies / David Lane - March 2016: "NOTE TO ALL POSTERS: I am retiring later this month"
*Link: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/radhasoamistudies/conversations/topics/247420

2016 - Worldwide Seminar - "2016 ECK Worldwide Seminar / Discover Your Spiritual Mission / October 21–23, 2016 / Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA"

[Based on: https://www.meetup.com/eckankarinfortlauderdale/events/232856847/] 

2016 - Eckankar Lawsuit? - October 26th, 2016: "Published on Oct 26, 2016 KORPORATION (THE BIG KON) LAWSUIT 2017... “What you are reading here is part of a Wonderful WorldWide Wakeup not everyone will Seee. It is not important about who 'wins or loses' the lawsuit, but that there becomes a Real WakeUp for those who are The Real RiskTakers from this as one example. Read The NUBook and go to the website and decide for yourself... www.eckankarlawsuit.jimdo.com

*Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMpZXbCQH90


2017 - Sri Harold Klemp Official Channel - 2017:

*Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6K-95qowQ34BME9jMwUlAg/about

2017 - Springtime Seminar - April 14-17, 2017: 2017 ECK Springtime Seminar / The ECK Family: Our Hearthstone in Year of the ECK Missionary, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

[Based on: https://www.eckankar.org/Seminars/At_a_Glance.pdf]
*Links: http://www.innerguidance.org/

2017 - The Path of Spiritual Freedom - April 2017? (Eckankar update at springtime seminar)

*Link: https://www.eckankar.org/ [Last modified April 17, 2017  /  170118]

2017 - Died / Diane Stanley - September 2nd, 2017: "This discussion is several years old as I write this. I am Diana Stanley's brother. I'm sad to report that Diana passed away Sept. 2, 2017 from COPD. As to her Eck paintings, I can say with confidence that she made it all up. She was always a fine artist, and thru Eckankar, she found an audience, and a source for a small amount of fame. [... .]"


2017- Eck Worldwide Seminar - "How to Become the Awakened Soul: October 20–22, 2017 - Minneapolis, Minnesota (A Year of HU - FIRST OF THE GOLDEN YEARS 2017-2029"

*Link: https://www.eckankar.org/Seminars/brochure.pdf

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