Development History

2011 - 2013 Activity includes: World History Timeline updates & maintenance; new words added to Dictionary section (mostly Sanskrit for 2011-2012 and Chinese for 2013); Eckankar "Trivia" Timeline uploaded and maintained.

2010 Activity for 2011 includes: World History Timeline updates & maintenance; new words added to Dictionary section; Eckankar "Trivia" Timeline removed.

2010 Activity for 2010 included: World History Timeline updates & maintenance; one new poem added; Eckankar "Trivia" Timeline reloaded under new name (Legacy of Lineage - A Timecapsule  Timeline of *Eckankar "Trivia" & More); little activity in other areas (Dictionary section, etc.).

2009 Updates for dictionary sound groups H - M uploaded by 02/22/09. Maybe some poems added.

2008 Worked mostly on world history timeline maintenance and did little with dictionary pages for 2008. In December, I reloaded a new version of *Eckankar "Trivia" Timeline (Legacy of Lineage - A Timecapsule  Timeline of *Eckankar "Trivia" & More).

2007 Saw little activity on both the timeline and dictionary sections for this site (on all the sections for that matter). In this case, "Mirror History" remains a small timecapsule of information - like a brief episode of activity that came and went like ripples from a pond; surviving only a partial memory of what once was. For the most part, activity for 2007 was similar to that for 2006.

2006 Activity (on this site) was mostly directed at maintaining the timeline section. However, most news articles on the timeline (since 2006) have taken the form of headline information only. (This was decided in order to leave more time for other sections. Mainly, the dictionary.) From the limited data now being supplied for news headlines, I imagine enough detail will still appear (time, date, subject, etc.) to enable a Web search for more information. Although I managed to spend time on the dictionary section in 2006, it was not nearly the amount of time I wanted to spend (or what I once did spend) on it. Other than that, I probably added a few poems.

   There used to be an Eckankar "Trivia" Timeline on this site that I removed, then revised, then removed again during 2006. I received negative feedback about some of the trivial content on it, so I decided to remove the entire section altogether. That particular timeline will continue to be maintained for research puroposes [though not available to the public] until more people acquire a better sense of discrimination and/or detachment toward recorded history in general. (History & Myth are not always the best of friends. In my opinion. Neither are Science & Religion.)

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