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In Animate Breath

Authored portrait
Symbols wrote
Reflection sorted
Windows remote

Identical frame
Chapters turn
Sentenced change
Word for word

Moments later
Remember to look
As many pages
Fashion a book.

[E.M. - 10/21/09]

On Thee I Feed

Share it once
Oh trivial breath
Dare the one
You dream to rest

A Mirror sight
A sympathetic string
Divine the paradigm
This web of being

Now a story
Recording and ignoring
Story about a story
My God almighty snoring.

[E.M. - 12/12/09]

Conscious Choice

If one could now speak
Echo the silent voices
Eternal and sound to sleep
A dream of noises,

Balance a magnet
Awaking a central truth
Witness divine the tangent
 Residing in you,

If one could matter
A body return to voice
Compare the slave to master
 After conscious choice,

Crossing a border
Unconsciousness bridged in step
Memory made to order
Reborn from the rest,

If one could now tell
If good and bad remember
If one is Heaven or Hell
Fate the pretender,

Should that one restore
Unlocking for uniting
Revolving a lighted door
A spark ignighting,

Planetary seed
Oh heavenly sailing ark
Homage made like bumble bees
Returning to start,

Hid in shadow light
Tapping a trivial drum
Past and future spirals lie
As presents undone.

[E.M. - 12/21/09-01/14/10]

Lightning Path

Where headed
The single body
Married one,

Where direction
Being turned
Learning some,

Where mirror
Pointless fear
Nearer come,

There, there
Comparing spheres
Rhyme the sum.

[E.M. - 06/04/10]

Cold Day in Hell

Windows naught
Arrows taught
The standing open vault
Broken by a thought.

Arraigned below the sky
Lies a burning flame
On embers dying light
Birds of Paradise.

Chaos made to order
A gift for every border
All the wings recorded
Every one reported.

[E.M. - 06/05/10]

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