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No Face Like Soul

I thought to begin again
Lines to frame the story
In order to give a friend
The mirror to see history

When they came together
Everyone forge protection
None could show it better
But one of my conception

I thought to begin again
Sound to claim the glory
Border on my detection
A Witness for Dorothea.

[E.M. - 12/01/07]

Inanimate Project

A single breath
Spirit turned to seed
Round the nest
Where it heard a dream

One wink to notice
Where it sowed a peep
One single focus
Spirit woke from sleep

[E.M. - 12/19/07]

Personal Experience

Glorious Master
Inside a shroud
Who is the actor
Without a crowd

Wisdom I gather
Comes to this

Ignorance matters
How I wish

Mask of mystery
Inside out
Your cast is history
Beyond a doubt.

[E.M. - 12/19/07]


I've got to be dreaming
The world of symbols
Detachment to meaning
Opens my windows

[E.M. - 02/09/08]

Carbon Copy Youth

Spirit of God
Imagine myself to be
Hear it a lot
Echos like a dream.

I only wonder
Perhaps not very well
Was I taken under
Illusion for a spell?

Tracing shadows
Constantly changing truth
Saving battles
I scan the virgin proof.

Hoarding rods
Religion's only mate
Forging Gods
The Fiction I embrace.

Dual energy
Combined to form a child
A neutral enemy
The eyes to mirror a style.  

[E.M. - 07/26/08]

Happy Birthday, Aye?

As sure a child is born
Already a womb is worn
My eternal navigation
Aye imagination.

Knot for nothing sea
I accompany thee
Catch the wave
Sails away.

Embark the angles
My ark of ages
Your a more
I  adore.

[E.M. - 07/27/08]

Veiled Babel

Fantastic history
Bridle web
Banded mystery
Spiral fed,

Castor darkness
Suspecting light
Master harness
Subjecting sight,

Dividing seeds
Girdled action
Lightning steeds
Maternal passion,

Iris winds
Mirror navel
Desire twins
Clear a rainbow.

[E.M. - 11/20/08]

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