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A Poem

In spite of your image of me,
I am always with you.
Every moment in time
Throughout all of history.
Never have I lied to you.
Not in your wildest dreams.
You are what you are.
I never tarnish.

The Mirror

[E.M. - 09/29/07]

Dream A Little Dream

Echo of everything
Where does it rest?
When the remains of yesterday
Haven't a nest?

To the gravity of larger bodies
Comets resign their paths.
Narrow spirals breaking free
Entering wider gaps.

Echo of everything
Where does it rest?
The remains of yesterday
Haven't a nest?

Heaven knows the liberating force
From a measure of truth cannot hide.
On equal but opposite illusive shores
Where matching ripples live and die.

Echo of everything
Where do you rest?
Mirror deflecting me
Haven't you slept?

[E.M. - 10/06/07]

Stretching The Truth

Before creation
Time of day and night
Avoided realization
Ordered to survive
Knowing for a moment
Divine intervention read
Vacant Spirit told it
All the lines could rest
Both of us unfolded
You and I were wed.

[E.M. - 10/10/07]

Veteran Cast

War of vibrations
Out of harmony
Learn to sing

Counting blessings
All the armies
Capture one thing

Voices of billions
Gathering a chord
Consider the string

War of vibrations
Out of harmony
Forge the ring.

[E.M. - 10/13/07]

Peculiar Industry

Only a drug can cure disease
So some would have us believe
Biblical witchcraft and sorcery
Our pharmaceutical industry.

[E.M. - Begun 10/17/07]

Sound of Music

Characters change
Seasons grow
Voices claim
Nature's clothes

Myth and maker
Time again
Nothing created
Likes to end

Inspired conception
Turned to seed
Myriad reflections
Form to feed

Eternal religions
Smile of bliss
Memorial visions
Chime of this

[E.M. - 11/21/07]

I Am

God-realized being
Dreaming its not
Stress the meaning
Sacrifice the plot

[E.M. - 11/25/07]

Hidden Profile

Lost and found
Turning round
Echo bound
To face,

Reflected light
Day and Night
Sought to hide
A trace,

You and me
Shown the seam
From our dream

Hold the key
Turn the need
Born to free

[E.M. - 11/30/07]

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