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Trivial Pursuit

Magnificient contraption
Cause and effect
Action and reaction
Take a moment to reflect

As most magnetic relations
Have equal but opposite poles
Depending on the intervention
That even thinking knows

But what would you expect,
Oh echo without a cause?
Magnetic lines should not connect,
And ignorance write the laws?

[E.M. - 01/06/07 - 12 p.m. C.S.T.]

Stem Transplant

Knowledge is power
The ring of authority
Top of the hour
To measure conformity.

Born from a Virgin
Holy sceptre involved
Eons children searching
Heaven's Hallowed shroud.

From the matrix one escape
Key to free the Soul
Inspired Trinity tempting fate
Owing that we know.

Spring returns to fall
Crowns of glory point
Good and evil balance all
King and Queen anoint.

All the kiln born to sleep
Conceive the whomb of help
Even the odd must agree

 We seed the other ourself.

[E.M. - 02/22/07 - 9:45 a.m. C.S.T.]

Self Portrait

Appearing once and twice
Memory evaded
Your help
Like a sculpture in ice
Sensually created
To melt
Fashion the picture of life
You can escape it

[E.M. - 2007]

Gravity of Fear

Oh God where art thou?
Closer than you think.

But why can't I see you?
Don't turn away.

Oh dear heavens!
There is nothing to fear.

All this time...
I've been right here.

[E.M. - 04/10/07]

Undivided Attention

 Mirror reflection
Translation of God
Expecting perfection

Light of Soul
Vision of infinity
Opening windows

Triangular vortex
Seventh seal
Revealing context

Illusive lot
Twin of Divinity
Remembering knot

[E.M. - 05/13/07]

Our Glass

Wake me like you did before
This moment tries to last
Present me like an open door
Hinged to future and past

Inside I feel this lasting touch
A memory I have for you
Time stands still on what it was
This dream I can't undo

It's now my turn to try again
The truth I cannot see
To court this long lost friend
End the weight for me

Invisible shadow laid to rest
Make this dream alive
Imagine me to be your guest
The one you never tried

[E.M. - 06/17/07]

Open Passage

Tracking a mouse
Reading a sentence
Playing a record
Like this.

Oh and how
You could end it
Go explore
Your wish.

Sail the boat
Captain the ship
Plot the course
Your it.

Blowing in the wind
Born to get a grip
Like a door
And hinge.

Tracking a mouse
Reading a sentence
Playing a record
It is.

[E.M. - 06/23/07]

Ploy Or Guru?

The mere reflection
A witness
Of you.

Every shade
And color
A moment
Of truth.

The attention
From view.

By relation
The fact
It knew.

[E.M. - 09/03/07]

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