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"Mirror, Mirror"

By God
Deflected sound
Another echo
Reflected light
Another sight
One to rhyme
One to spy
One to bind
One design
My God!

E.M. - 08/10/06
1st text
revision - 08/18/06

Like a Moment

A boat on the water
A captain on a ship
A traveler going forward to see

A lighthouse on the shore at night
A star within a starry sky
A mirror before the place in sight

Like the gap before another note
The silence before a single sound
The moment for what the moment found.

E.M. - Poem revision - 08/18/06


Body echo
Sound of God
Light & Dark
Holy smoke

All for One
One for All
Frozen glacier
Artic thaw

E.M. - 08/15/06


Detached and Born
A seeded life
Connecting worlds

Stage of form
Dark and Light
In other words

Death and life
Thought in turn
Circlular sight

Left and right
Central birth
Mother and Child

Bad or good
One the other
Tied together

Open book
Sister and brother
Birds of a feather.

E.M. - 08/15/06

One End Napping

Very close to one thing
I am
Half open and closed
I wait
The sense to feel for something
I wave
Into the knower and known
I escape

Bird in the air
Fish in the water
Ship moving for outer space
Birth from a pair
Fit for eachother
Knit sewing what you replace

E.M. - 08/29/06

Family Matters

One creator
By definition
Beside itself
To find the cause

Male and female
Particle and wave
Event horizon
Form the stage

Question to witness
Moment to time
Connecting a sequence
Relative mind

Visit the moment
Surrounded by need
Earth and Sky
Animate seed

E.M. - 09/02/06
Text Revision (lines 12 & 15) 01/06/07

One For All

One the Spirit of Cooperation
Not the terror of separation
Made for unity a word Divine
One activity it loves to find

E.M. - 11/13/06

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