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Oh Nothing

Nothing Exists for me
Nothing I can't conceive
Nothing dark or light
Nothing out of sight
Nothing I divine
Nothing comes to mind
Nothing I recall
Nothing comes at all.

Etznab Mathers - 12/03/05

Nothing New

Resembling a world
In other words,
Forms to remember the act.

A pairing of words
Adorned to concur,
The means to grow attached.

Trading places on a loom,
Threads of twisted fate.
Varied patterns range the room,
Spelled like time and space.

A string of words in context.
Matter for the void.
An echo and a pretext.
Ladder for a noise.

Etznab Mathers - 12/29/05
1st revision - 01/22/06

In Your View

But then nothing can visit
Your experience,
Less an eye and a witness
Would care to share it.

Behold your mother nature
Waving back at you.
Reborn both now and later,
Forming old and new.

Face the Earth to hide the Sky,
You render far from view.
Place the birth just out of sight,
Seed the life in two.

One from two but born of three,
Four the next of kin.
Five and six the more agree,
Ought to rest the twin.

That all ways that all is born,
All is remembered.

That all ways that all is worn,
All is surrendered.

But then nothing can visit
Your experience,
Less an eye and a witness
Would have to share it.

Etznab Mathers - 01/13/06

Wheel the Hue

What to choose? What to do now?
In spite of the lie.
What to prove? What to root out?
Oh why even try.

After all is said and done,
News will come again.
The old to support the young.
Truth the sum of them.

Limited forms awareness,
Conscious of its self.
The matter born to share it.
Sponsored by its help. 

E.M. - 01/21/06

Return the Loot

Swallow the Secret Society.
Digest its inner fold.
Expect the wealth inside it.
Let the truth be told.

The ignorant slave is not to fear.
But tyrants hoard the gold.
Not the poor who shed a tear.
But Masters rob the Soul.

A hoarded wealth is not for free.
Collecting all our need.
But for a balance the poor will seek.
And devour a royal deceit.

 E.M. - 01/22/06
1st revision 02/04/06

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