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Mutual Respect

Many things form
Before a first step
New things are born
From old things kept

Like lessons learned
From knowledge remembered
Experience earned
From failures surrendered

That life could stress
The structure of time
That change could invest
Memories left behind.

[E.M. - June-July 2013]

Quest of Allegience

Everything ... that seems important
Is everything that is
Every place before conception
A home for every life.

Everything that seems important
Meaning, carried within
Everything is present at once
Everything that is.

All that goes unnoticed
All that goes unsaid
All the time it seems
It seems like nothing at all

For gravity is form
So it seems
A moment to make
For memory is language
So it seems
A feeling to measure.

[E.M. - 10/19/13]

Buried in Everything

Space is time
Time is memory
Prolific experience
Subject to change

Dimensions in depth
Pregnant with gravity
Echo of creation
Old and new

The fabric of space
Illusive as time
A grave memory
And universal tune.

[E.M. - 01/18/14]

"Inverse Image"

Reappearing moments
Together conscious share
Invisible veils open
Turn a spiral mirror

Motion relatively fixed
One another betwixt
Spirit and matter mixed
Desire a burning wish

Reflection side to side
Facing day and night
Cycles dark and light
Imagination out of sight

Gods with and without
Measure inside and out
Remember time to time
Focus what none can hide.

[Conceived: 01/24/15 / Born: 09/26/15 - E.M.]


Meditating twins
And similar things
In between the difference,

Thinking begins
A locomotive train
Of thought deliverance

Like arrows of love
Waking emotions
Inherrent in all,

Passing of time
Trading devotions
Spring to fall.

Not for unknown desires
A body never touched
Not for a life retired
A vow of broken trust,

Not for things to start and stop
Debts that never get paid
Not some string turned into a knot
Never to be remade.

Constantly a reminder only
The secret never hushed
What is born by each relation
The same has already been touched.

[Conceived 05/17/16.- Born 05/22/16 - E.M.]

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