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Answer without a question
Whether it exists
Not even a mention
Or supernatural wish,

That anybody could ask
And not be here
It makes sense to cask
What can compare,

It doesn't sound new
To be born this way
No answer to choose
Or question to waive,

Inventing and expressing
Never a comforting word
Ever the act of questing
Can speak of what is heard.

Consider the question
Spirit a body to seek
Incense the timely complexion
And pray the answer to speak.

In and out of worlds
Inherit the fate of words
Questioning all the inverse
Held together like pearls.

[E.M. - 09/17/11]


One body
One owner
For everybody
A single donor.

[E.M. - 09/30/11]

Caca Doodle

Time begins
Tale existing in space
Design rescinds
Life, the mirror face.

Inside and out
Revolving thy contraption
Motion is now
Pattern the focused action.

Wish upon a star
Hide inside my shoe
Together where we are
Room for the truth.


Flux Capacitor

Out of One
A constant division
Life and death eternal
Memory lingers on

Waving seas
A monumental echo
Involved with noting
Music to the ear

Singular and deep
Reflection inspired
A panoramic axis
Central to the core

Simple unity
Identity conspired
A butterfly matrix
Sense to adore.

[E.M. - 04/22/12-05/12/12]

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