Trivia / Atlantis

"[....] Atlantis replaced Mu as the center of the world and became the greatest civilization of its time with learning, trade, and commerce. It had over a hundred million people living on its lands. But this world was rife with magic, and its king-priests, called the Tat Tsoks, were wizards of cruelty who ruled over all with an iron hand.

Castrog, the Living ECK Master, came into this world to teach these olive-skinned people that the Supreme Deity was not happy with their ways and dealings in black magic. He suffered the death of the sword for his troubles, but not before warning the king that his lands and people would soon die under the waters of the sea.

One generation later the catastrophe which had sunk the land of Mu brought death to all the fourth root race, leaving only a dark, unsmiling ocean to greet the sailors who dared to cross its surface. [....]"

[Based on: The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book One, by Paul Twitchell (d. 1971), Copyright 1970, Third Printing - 1997, pp. 59-60]

"[....] The Tretya Yuga, or Silver Age, came after the breakup of the previous age, when Lemuria, by earthquakes and tidal waves, went down under the seas. Atlantis became the great capital empire of the world. It was located in the mid-Atlantic Ocean between northwest Africa and South America. The climate was mild and everything grew without too much labor, to feed the population of the Atlantic empire. Its boundaries as an empire extended to Egypt, Greece, the Middle East, and parts of the area around the Black Sea. [....]"

[Based on: The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book Two, by Paul Twitchell (d. 1971), Copyright 1971, Second Edition - 1988, p. 113, 3rd paragraph]

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