911 "Trivia"

   "To this day, there has been no independent official inquiry into the attacks of September 11, 2001. The Kean Commission, with which most Americans are familiar, was based on the Bush/PNAC version of events. It was charged with probing the breakdown of intelligence prior to the attacks and making suggestions for improving communications among the competing agencies involved. The Commission, formed after more than a year of opposition by the Bush administration, did not…repeat...did NOT…investigate or report about the causes of the attacks. [....]"

[Based on: Article (Where the Hell Is YOUR Proof?) by Jesse, Editor - TvNewsLIES.org - October 2005

*Link: http://tvnewslies.org/html/where_the_hell_is_your_9_11_pr.html]
*More Links: http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/opinion/270284_connellyrebut16.html

*Commentary: "Congress authorizes [September (14th?) 2001] use of force for war on terrorism." [D.R.D.]


"The laundry list of terrorist warnings handed to the Bush administration prior to 9/11 makes the president and others look like “bumbling idiots or a bunch of conniving criminals” responsible for the mass murders at the WTC twin towers, the Pentagon, Pennsylvania and in Afghanistan and Iraq. These are the harsh words of Timothy McNiven, an outspoken critic of the President’s handling of 9/11 and a 29-year U.S. Defense Department operative still under contract with the government. He says not only did the Bush administration purposely ignore Al Qaeda in the months preceding the 9/11 attacks, but the situation is even more disturbing, considering his military unit way back in 1976 devised a mock terrorist attack of the twin towers exactly like what occurred on 9/11. McNiven, who first went public in an affidavit included in a 9/11-related federal conspiracy (RICO) lawsuit filed against Bush and others in 2004, claims his unit was ordered to create the “perfect terrorist plan” using commercial airliners as weapons and the twin towers as their target. The publicized version of the study, commissioned by Congress, was to identify security lapses and submit corrective measures to lawmakers. However, McNiven claims the real purpose of the study was to brainstorm how to pull off the perfect terrorist attack using the exact same 9/11 scenario. The study, commissioned to C-Battery 2/81st Field Artillery, U.S. Army, stationed in Strasbourg, Germany in 1976, specifically devised the scenario of the twin towers being leveled by Middle Eastern terrorists using commercial airliners and even plastic box cutters to bypass security. To silence critics, McNiven has successfully passed a credible lie detector test regarding his participation in the study as well as other specific orders given to him by his superiors in case of a real attack on the twin towers. The head of the 1976 mock terrorist plan was Lt. Michael Teague of Long Island, who McNiven says was given specific orders by higher-ups in the military to use the twin towers as the terrorist target. McNiven said he has been unable to contact Teague, but was interested in his opinion now that “the 9/11 attacks happened the way we planned them in 1976.” “I remember Lt. Teague changed the scenario of the supposed study from a 100 story building to the twin towers,” recalled McNiven, emphasizing that Teague was acting on specific orders from unknown superiors. “He then said he thought it was very strange to be asked to devise a plan to blow up your own home town. But as I watched the twin towers really collapse on the morning of September 11, I realized I was watching the very same thing we devised in 1976.” Since that ominous realization, McNiven has devoted his life to alerting the American public about the similarities between 9/11 and the 1976 study, without much success, his story basically being ignored by politicians and the mainstream media. “Why am I doing this? Why have I spent every waking hour trying to bring this story to the American people?” asked McNiven. He claims he still is following a strange direct military order given to him more than 25 years ago. “During the course of the terrorist plan we were devising, I made the statement to Lt. Teague that if the WTC was ever attacked like we planned, I’d go public. I was then physically assaulted and told never to reveal anything we were doing regarding the twin towers.” However, about a week later, a strange turn of events occurred. For no apparent reason, McNiven claims, his superiors completely changed their minds. “I was given the direct order that if the twin towers were ever attacked the way we discussed in the 1976 study, I was to do everything in my power to bring the similarities to the attention of the American people. “I have no idea why they changed their minds, but I was then emphatically told that this order was never to be rescinded—never—because those who would rescind it, would be the very same people who turned against the American people.” Besides taking a lie detector to verify his story, McNiven has made public a detailed list of about 40 names of those individuals who took part in the mock terrorist plan, including Col. Robert Morrison, Maj. Joe Dipiero, Sgt. Middleton, Sgt. Arroyo and many others. “There were also people from the Defense Department and the CIA who were monitoring the study, but I wasn’t able to get their names,” he added. Some of McNiven’s most recent assignments with the Defense Department include work on the Northwest Drug Task Force and various other drug smuggling and weapons trafficking cases.

[Based on: Greg Szymanski] [Note: article title, paragraph indents and spacing removed to save space - E.M.]


A former U.S. Army corporal and Department of Defense (DOD) operative has received a number of death threats after releasing information that his military unit in 1976 was commissioned by Congress to create the perfect terrorist plan to level the WTC with airplanes and box cutters. Timothy McNiven, under contract with the DOD, claims the threats were transmitted by email and “snail mail” from unknown origins in what he calls an ongoing harassment campaign to keep him quiet about the government-sponsored “perfect terrorist plan,” almost identical to what happened on Sept. 11, 2001. McNiven, however, disregarded the threats, telling his story to AFP. His account first appeared in the March 21 issue. Besides personal threats, he also claims other members of his 1976 unit, including a man named Sgt. Riggs, were also threatened. Riggs and more than 100 of McNiven’s unit members have not come forward or spoken publicly about his accusations. “I am just one of the enlisted men who took part, but I can confirm it took place and our plan was just like what went down on 9-11,” said McNiven. “There were about 100 people from my unit involved and I am actively seeking help to find them. “Sgt. Riggs told me one day that he and others had their wives and children threatened by the U.S. government with retaliatory acts if they were to release their information to the media. But he said if I could break the censorship and get to the media first, he then would come forward and tell what he knows.” The study, commissioned to C-Battery 2/81st Field Artillery, U.S. Army, stationed in Strasbourg, Germany in 1976, specifically devised the scenario of the twin towers being leveled by Middle Eastern terrorists using commercial airliners and even plastic box cutters to bypass security. McNiven first went public with the hidden purpose behind the congressional study in an affidavit included in a 9-11-related federal conspiracy lawsuit filed against Bush and others in by Mrs. Ellen Mariani on Sept. 12, 2003. The publicized version of the study, commissioned by Congress, was to identify security lapses and submit corrective measures to lawmakers. However, McNiven claims the real purpose of the study was to brainstorm how to pull off the perfect terrorist attack using the same 9-11 scenario. To back up his story, McNiven passed a credible lie detector test, testified in a sworn affidavit contained in the federal 2003 RICO lawsuit filed against Bush and provided the names of the men in his 1976 unit. McNiven claims to have lost contact with the members of his unit, but he especially is interested in finding Lt. Michael Teague, the officer in charge of the unit who gave the specific orders to devise the mock 9-11 plan. “I remember Lt. Teague changed the scenario of the supposed study from a 100 story building to the twin towers,” said McNiven, emphasizing that Teague was acting on specific orders from unknown superiors. “He then said he thought it was very strange to be asked to devise a plan to blow up your own home town. But as I watched the twin towers really collapse on the morning of Sept. 11, I realized I was watching the very same thing we devised in 1976,” he said. McNiven said he was originally told by Teague “never to go public” about the contents of the details and findings of the mock terrorist plan. But later, for unknown reasons, Teague changed his mind, perhaps due to feelings of guilt, and gave him direct orders to go public if anything like 9-11 ever occurred in the future. “I was given the direct order, which I feel I am still under, that if the twin towers were ever attacked the way we discussed in the 1976 study, I was to do everything in my power to bring the similarities to the attention of the American people,” said McNiven. “I have no idea why they changed their minds, but I was then emphatically told that this order was never to be rescinded—never—because those who would rescind it, would be the very same people who turned against the American people.” Besides Teague and Riggs, he is hoping others in his unit will come forward with more details in order to verify his story. “I am willing to take additional polygraph exams to prove I am telling the truth until other participants in the study come forward,” added McNiven. Some of the other members of his unit, names provided by McNiven, include Col. Robert Morrison, Maj. Joe Dipiero, Sgt. Maj. McKay, Sgt. Middleton, Sgt. Arroyo, Sgt. Murray, Sgt. Edwards, Sgt. Broder, Sgt. Steadman, Sgt. Wolford, Sgt. Jackson, Sgt. Garza, Sgt. Meralas, Sgt. Taraza, Sgt. Spears, 1st Sgt. Ray, Sgt. Terry Henderson, Sgt. Barber, Cpl. Picket, Cpl. Wisner, Richard Seanz, Berni Domoski, George Cinch, Harry Waldren, Tom Kimber, Rick Lyons, Michael Hubbert, Dan Henderson, Martian Seals, Jake Asuit, Bruce Levine, Thomas Gumbs, Rick Bruns, Dennis Montoya, Phlash Richardson, Fetch, Bob Bender, Johnson, Drew Cousins and Terry Cook.

[Based on: AFP article by Greg Szymanski] [Note: title, paragraph indents and spacing removed to save space - E.M.]

*Trivia: "[....] On May 8, 2001, President Bush placed Mr. Cheney in charge of  '[A]ll federal programs dealing with weapons of mass destruction, consequence management within the Departments of Defense, Health and Human Services, Justice, and Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency, and other federal agencies'. [....] Mr. Cheney subsequently played a direct role in supervising training exercises that simultaneously occurred during the 911 attacks. [....]"

*Link: http://www.agoracosmopolitan.com/home/Frontpage/2007/09/07/01751.html - [T.D. 09/09/07]

*Trivia: "Members of the Sept. 11 commission said Sunday [10/01/06] that they were alarmed that they had been told nothing about a meeting in July 2001 at the White House in which George J. Tenet, then director of central intelligence, is reported to have warned Condoleezza Rice, then national security adviser, about an imminent al-Qaida attack and failed to persuade her to take action. [NP] Details of the meeting on July 10, 2001, were first reported last week in a new book ['State of Denial'] by Bob Woodward. The White House disputes his account. [....] In her defense, Rice has said through spokesmaen that there had been no such exchange in a private meeting with Tenet and that he had expressed none of the frustration attributed to him in Woodward's book. [....]" [Based on: New York Times article (Report in book of White House meeting irks members of 9/11 commission) by Philip Shenon], p. A5, S.L.P.D., 10/02/06]

*Trivia: "Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and former Attorney General John Ashcroft got the same CIA briefing [July 17th, 2001?] about an imminent al-Qaida strike on an American target that was given to the White House two months before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. [NP] The State Department's disclosure Monday [10/02/06] that the two were briefed within a week after then-National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice was told about the threat on July 10, 2001, raised new questions about what President George W. Bush's administration did in response, and about why so many officials have claimed they never received or don't remember the warning. [NP] Rice on Sunday [10/01/06] had denied any recollection of the briefing. [....] On Jan. 28, 2004, former CIA Director George Tenet gave the independent 9/11 commission the same briefing that he had given to the others in 2001, which the commission did not mention in its 428-page final report. [....] Ashcroft, who resigned as attorney general on Nov. 9, 2004, told The Associated Press on Monday that it was 'disappointing' that he never received the breifing, either. [....] But on Monday evening, Rice's spokesman, Sean McCormack, issued a statement confirming that she'd received the CIA briefing 'on or around July 10' and had asked that it be given to Ashcroft and Rumsfeld. [".... That briefing took place by July 17."] [....] The CIA briefing didn't provide the exact timing or nature of a possible attack, nor did it predict whether it was likely to take place in the United States or overseas, said three former senior intelligence officials." [Based on: MCCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS article (Rumsfeld, Ashcroft were briefed before 9/11 on al-Qaida threat), p. A6, S.L.P.D., 10/03/06]

*Trivia: "Prior to 9/11, the FBI had discovered the presence of a massive spy ring inside the United States run by the government of Israel. This seems a harsh gratitude from a nation which obtains 10% of its annual budget from the American taxpayer, $3+ billion a year. Over the years, American taxpayers have been required to send Israel more than four times what the U.S. spent to go to the moon." [Link: 1]

*Trivia: "Two employees of Odigo, Inc. in Israel, receive warnings of an imminent attack on the WTC around two hours before the first plane hits the WTC. Odigo, one of the world's largest instant messaging companies, has its headquarters two blocks from the WTC. The Odigo Research and Development offices where the warnings were received are located in Herzliyya, a suburb of Tel Aviv. Israeli security and the FBI were notified immediately after the 9/11 attacks began. The two employees claim not to know who sent the warnings. 'Odigo service includes a feature called People Finder that allows users to seek out and contact others based on certain interests or demographics. [Alex] Diamandis [Odigo vice president of sales and marketing] said it was possible that the attack warning was broadcast to other Odigo members, but the company has not received reports of other recipients of the message.' [Ha'aretz, 9/26/01, Washington Post, 9/28/01] FTW"

*Trivia: "The first 911 hijacking occured at 7:45 in the morning. It was a full hour before the first plane hit the World Trade Center. It was an hour and twenty minutes - and after the second plane hits - that the President allegedly becomes informed. He gives no orders, but continues to listen to a student talk about her pet goat. It wasn't until another twenty-five minutes later that he made a statement - even as flight 77 was making a B-line for Washington D.C. [....] In the almost two hours of the total drama, not a single U.S. Airforce interceptor turns a wheel until its too late." [Source Video: "The Great Deception"]

*Trivia: "Five Israelis are arrested for 'puzzling behavior' related to the WTC attacks. They are arrested around 4:30 P.M. after having filmed the burning WTC from the roof of their company's building near Liberty State Park, then shouting in what was interpreted as cries of joy and mockery. They were spotted by a neighbor who called the police and the FBI. The police tracked them down in a van with the words 'Urban Moving Systems' written on the side. [Bergen Record, 9/12/01, Ha'aretz, 9/17/01] One man was found with $4,700 in cash hidden in his sock, another had two passports on him, and a box cutter was found in the van. [ABC News, 6/21/02] Investigators say that 'There are maps of the city in the car with certain places highlighted. [....] It looked like they're hooked in with this. It looked like they knew what was going to happen.' [Bergen Record, 9/12/01] One of these Israelis later says, 'Our purpose was to document the event.' [ABC News, 6/21/02] The FBI later concludes at least two are Mossad agents and that all were on a Mossad surveillance mission. The FBI interrogates them for weeks. [Forward, 3/15/02] They are held on immigration violation charges and released 71 days later. [ABC News, 6/21/02] Their names are later identified as Sivan and Paul Kurzberg, Oded Ellner, Omer Marmari and Yaron Shmuel. [Forward, 3/15/02]." [Link: 1]

*Trivia: "A common explanation as to why no U.S. military interceptors took to the skies on September 11th until it was too late, is that it was simple incompetence. [....] It's standard proceedure followed routinely to call in the Air Force when radio contact with a commercial passenger jet is lost, or the plane departs from its flight path, or anything along those lines occurs. [....] For large scheduled aircraft, tracked throughout on radar, to depart extravagantly from their flight paths would trigger numerous calls to the military. Especially after two had hit the World Trade Center and one was speeding toward Washington D.C. [....] Andrews Airforce Base is only twelve miles from the White House. On September 12th, the Andrews Airforce Base updated its website and 'there's no mention of the F-16 and F-18 fighters.' The base becomes [according to the website] home base to a transport squadron only. Yet at 6:30 p.m., the evening of September 11th, NBC Nightly News along with many outlets reported: 'It was after the attack on the Pentagon that the Air Force then decided to scramble F-16s out of the DC National Guard Andrews Air Force Base to fly a protective cover over Washington, D.C.' " [Source Video: "The Great Deception"]

*Trivia: "The Sept. 11 commission's next hearing is being delayed a week because of scheduling problems with some witnesses, the panel's spokesman said Tuesday [05/25/04]. The hearing in Washington on national crisis management and the Sept. 11 plot had been planned for June 8-9 [2004] but now will be held June 16-17 [2004]. The commission's 12th and final hearing is expected to delve into how quickly the Federal Aviation Administration notified U.S. air defenses about hijacked planes on the day of the attacks in 2001." [News Services, 2004]

*Trivia: "Air traffic controllers who handled two of the hijacked flights on Sept. 11, 2001, recorded their experiences shortly after the planes crashed into the World Trade Center, but a supervisor destroyed the tape, government investigators said Thursday [05/06/04]. [....] Investigators never heard it. Sometime between December 2001 and February 2002, an unidentified Federal Aviation Administration quality assurance manager crushed the cassette case in his hand, cut the tape into small pieces and threw them away in multiple trash cans, the report said. [....] Neither manager told anyone outside the center - including their superiors and law enforcement officials - about the tape's existence, the report said. The Sept. 11 commission learned of the tape during interviews with New York air traffic control center personnel between September and October. The destruction occured even though the FAA sent a directive three days after the hijackings to retain all documents." [A.P., 05/07/04]

*Trivia: "And even if we forget the steel, there's the curious incident of the planes' black boxes - not ONE of the EIGHT black boxes - two per plane - survived! Not just those of the planes that crashed into the Twin Towers, but also of the other two planes! Not even of the one that crashed into the ground in Pennsylvania. [....]

"Although investigators look for an entire black box, sometimes the only parts of the device that survive are the recorder's crash-survivable memory units (CSMU). the csmu is almost indestructible. It is housed within a stainless-steel shell that contains titanium or aluminum and a high-temperature insulation of dry silica material." "It is designed to withstand heat of up to 2,000 degrees fahrenheit for one hour, salt water for at least 30 days, immersion in a variety of liquids such as jet fuel and lubricants, and an impact of 3,400 G's. By comparison, astronauts are typically exposed to up to six Gs during a shuttle takeoff." [ABCNews]


Since each plane has two separate Black Boxes which are designed to be indestructible in the event of a tragedy, that makes a total of eight black boxes. We are to believe that all the Black Boxes were damaged beyond use, while a measly paper passport survived!

[Based on: http://www.themedianews.com/DAGGER/Front%20Page/9-11_black_boxes_.htm]

*Trivia: "In the years since the Sept. 11 attacks, a rising chorus of New Yorkers has demanded a tough-minded investigation of the city's emergency response, a public airing of shortcomings that would assign responsibility for a series of systemic flaws. [....] Among a host of questions, relatives of the dead want to know why the twin towers' rooftop doors were locked on Sept. 11. Some workers were rescued from the north tower by helicopter during the 1993 trade center bombing." [A.P., May 18th, 2004]

*Trivia: "A group of hazardous chemicals released into the air following the collapse of the World Trade Center doesn't appear to be much of a cancer risk to local residents. [....] A team led by Stephen M. Rappaport of the University of North Carolinia studied 243 samples collected near ground zero. They analyzed the amounts of nine chemicals known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are known to cause cancer. 'The public was exposed to some toxic PAHs at levels that were quite high soon after the collapse. However, due to the rapid decline in PAH levels, with the dissipation of the fires, the long-term risks of cancer were minuscule,' Rappaport said. 'Nonetheless,' he added, 'sensitive populations, such as the offspring of women who were pregnant at the time, were at particular risk and may well have suffered as a result of their exposure to PAH during the critical time period.' Rappaport said the risk of cancer related to PAHs would be 0.157 cases per million people over 70 years near ground zero, and this would increase only to 0.167 cases per million as a result of the chemicals released in the building collapse and resulting cleanup. The report appeared this week [July 2004] in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The study concluded that more than 90 percent of the airborne particles released in the building collapse were larger than 10 microns across, a size that tends to settle quickly out of the air. Ten microns is about one-seventh the width of the average human hair. A fraction of the particles were 2.5 microns or less, a size that can easily remain in the air and penetrate into the lung, the report noted. These particles were released in the fires accompanying the collapse and from diesel engines used int the cleanup, the report said." [A.P., 07/27/04]

*Trivia: "Hundreds of people who worked on the World Trade Center cleanup have filed a class-action suit [September 2004] against the leaseholder of the towers and those who supervised the job, alleging they did little to protect workers from dust, asbestos, and other toxins in the air. [....] Andrew Schneider of the Post-Dispatch [St. Louis] reported in February 2002 that the U.S. Geological Survey team found that some of the dust at ground zero was as caustic as liquid drain cleaner and alerted all government agencies involved in the emergency response." [A.P.]

*Trivia: "A federal judge blasted former Environmental Protection Agency chief Christine Todd Whitman on Thursday [02/02/06] for reassuring New Yorkers soon after the Sept. 11 attacks that it was safe to return while toxic dust was polluting the neighborhood. U.S. District Judge Deborah A. Batts refused to grant Whitman immunity against a class-action suit brought by residents of lower Manhattan and Brooklyn who said they were exposed to hazardous materials from the collapse of the World Trade Center towers. A call to a spokeswoman for Whitman was not immediately returned." [Based on: News Services article (Federal judge criticizes former EPA chief), p. A11, S.L.P.D., 02/03/06]

*Trivia: "President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan says the United States threatened to bomb his country back to the Stone Age after the 9/11 attacks if he did not help America's war on terrorism. [NP] The threat was delivered by Richard Armitage, then the deputy secretary of state, to Musharraf's intelligence director, the Pakistani leader told CBS' '60 Minutes.' [NP] 'The intelligence director told me that (Armitage) said, "Be prepared to go back to the Stone Age," ' Musharraf said in the interview, to be shown Sunday on the CBS television network. [....] Armitage told CNN on Thursday [09/21/06] that he had never threatened to bomb Pakistan, wouldn't say such a thing and didn't have a tough message for Pakistan, saying the Muslim nation was either 'with us or against us,' according to CNN. Armitage said he didn't know how his message had been recounted so differently to Musharraf. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (Pakastani leader says U.S. made threat to bomb country), p. A3, S.L.P.D., 09/22/06]

*Links: http://www.blacklistedjournalist.com/column65.html


2002 - President Signs / 911 Commission Bill - November 27th, 2002: "President Bush signed the Intelligence Authorization Act, which included a provision to create the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States which is charged with investigating the attacks of September 11, 2001. With the signing, the clock began to tick on the commission's 18 month duration."

[Based on: http://www.911independentcommission.org/history.html]


THE PRESIDENT: Thank you, all, for coming. Please be seated. Today, I sign an act of Congress authorizing intelligence programs vital to our security, and creating a national commission to investigate the events of September the 11th, 2001, and the years that led up to that event. This commission will help me and future Presidents to understand the methods of America's enemies and the nature of the threats we face.

Today, I'm pleased to announce my choice for commission chairman, Dr. Henry Kissinger. Dr. Kissinger is one of our nation's most accomplished and respected public servants. He worked here at the White House as National Security Advisor, represented America abroad as the Secretary of State for two Presidents. He is a distinguished author, academic, Army veteran, and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. He's also spent much of his life in New York, feels deeply the loss that came to that city and to our country. Dr. Kissinger will bring broad experience, clear thinking, and careful judgment to this important task.

Mr. Secretary, thank you for returning to the service of your nation.


[Based on: Article (President Signs 911 Commission Bill / The Roosevelt Room ) - see link]
*Link: http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2002/11/20021127-1.html


*Trivia: "In July of 2004, The Power Hour mailed DVD copies of  '911 In Plane Site' to 20 government agencies including The DoD, The U.S. House of Representatives, The Senate, The CIA, The FBI, The Department of Homeland Security, & The President of The United States. To date, we have received only one response to our inquiry. Below [see link] is a copy of the letter we sent to Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld. [....]"

[Based on: http://www.911inplanesite.com/dod.htm]

2004 - Video release / Osama Bin Laden - October 30th, 2004: "WASHINGTON - Osama bin Laden on Friday [10/29/04] took direct responsibility for the first time for the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist strikes and warned that the United states faced new attacks if it continued to oppress Muslims. [....] Bin Laden criticized Bush's initial reaction to the Sept. 11 attacks, which occurred as he read 'My Pet Goat' to children at an elementary school in Sarasota, Fla. 'It never occurred to us that the commander in chief of the American forces would leave 50,000 citizens in the two towers to face those horrors alone at a time when they most needed him, because he thought listening to a child discussing her goat and its ramming was more important than the planes and their ramming of the skyscrapers,' bin Laden said. 'This had given us three times the time needed to carry out the operations.' " [Based on: article by Jonathan S. Landay & Hannah Allam, Knight Ridder Newspapers]


*Trivia: "A milestone - long dreaded by the families of many World Trade Center victims - has arrived more than three years after the towers collapsed. The city medical examiner's office has exhausted all of its attempts to identify the remains of those killed at Ground Zero - depriving more than 1,000 families of at least a small measure of comfort, the New York Daily News has learned. The medical examiner's office pushed the limits of forensic science after the attacks. Of the 2,749 who died, 1,588 have been identified, with 1,161 remaining unidentified. And now no more can be done. [....]" [Based on: News Services, 02/23/05]

*Trivia: "[....] 9/11 Was an 'Inside Job' to Justify Three Wars - America – Caught on Video Red Handed – World Wide 9/11 Truth Movement Grows Daily! [....]" [Posted by: Phil Jayhan on 03/23/2005 02:19 AM]  See link:

[Based on: http://www.911wasalie.com/phpwebsite/]

*Trivia: "A highly classified memo leaked to the Times of London [May 2005?] proves that President George Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair had conditionally agreed by July 2002 to invade Iraq, a year before launching their attack. It also confirms they shaped intelligence to that aim, never seriously intending to avert the war through diplomacy. The memo is a briefing paper for a meeting between Blair and his intelligence and military chiefs. [....]" [See link:]

[Based on: http://www.nationalvanguard.org/story.php?id=5043] 

*Trivia: "William Rodriguez filed a civil RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) action lawsuit against President Bush and other high level members of his administration based upon prior knowledge of 911; knowingly failing to act, prevent or warn of 911; and the ongoing obstruction of justice by covering up the truth of 911; all in violation of the laws of the United States."

"It is time for a non-violent revolution by the millions of Americans who are tired of their rights being diminished by the Bush Administration; tired of the lies of the Bush Administration; tired of the lies about Iraq; and tired and disgusted with the lies about 911. NOW is the time to stand tall together and bring back our freedoms as they stood under the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States. It is time to unite - hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder." [Based on: Phil Berg]

[Based on: http://911forthetruth.com/]   

2005 - Identified Long Before 2001? / Mohammed Atta - September 15th, 2005: "Former members of the Sept. 11 commission on Wednesday [09/14/05] dismissed assertions that a Pentagon intelligence unit identified lead hijacker Mohamed Atta as a member of al-Qaida long before the 2001 attacks. The commission's former chairman, Thomas Kean, said there was no evidence anyone in the government knew about Atta before Sept. 11, 2001. Two military officers, Army Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer and Navy Capt. Scott Phillpott, claimed a classified military intelligence unit, known as 'Able Danger,' identified Atta before the attacks. Schaffer has said three hijackers were identified, too. [....] Pentagon officials said this month that they could find no documents to back up the claims. Rep. Curt Weldon, R-Pa., has said that members of 'Able danger' identified Atta and three other hijackers in 1999 as potential members of a terrorist cell in New York City. Weldon said Pentagon lawyers rejected the unit's recommendation that the information be turned over to the FBI in 2000. Weldon's spokesman, John Tomaszewski, said no commisioners have met with anyone from Able Danger 'yet they choose to speak with some form of certainty without firsthand knowledge.' " [Based on: A.P. article, p. A4, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 09/15/05]

2005 - Revelation / Documents Destroyed, Mohamed Atta, Etc. - September 16th, 2005: "A Pentagon employee was ordered to destroy documents that identified Mohamed Atta as a terrorist two years before the 2001 attacks, a congressman said Thursday [09/15/05]. The employee is prepared to testify next week before the Senate Judiciary Committee and was expected to name the person who ordered him to destroy the large volume of documents, said Rep. Curt Weldon, R.-Pa. Weldon would not name the employee, citing confidentiality matters. Weldon has said that Atta, the mastermind of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and three other hijackers were identified in 1999 by a classified military intelligence unit that determined they could be members of an al-Qaida cell." [Based on: News Services article, p. A3, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 09/16/05]

2005 - Ruled Out / 911 Disciplinary Reviews - October 6th, 2005: "Contrary to recommendations, CIA Director Porter Goss will not order disciplinary reviews for the agency's former director George Tenet and other officials who have come under fire for their performance before the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Goss said Wednesday [10/05/05] that a report by the agency's independent watchdog did not suggest 'that any one person or group of people could have prevented 9/11.' A joint congressional inquiry asked the CIA's inspector general to review whether any agency officials should be held personally accountable and disciplined for failures before the suicide hijackings." [Based on: News Services article, p. A7, S.L.P.D., 10/06/05]

2005 - Indictment & Resignation / I. Lewis Libby - October 29th, 2005: "President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney volunteered glowing endorsements and expressed no criticism of I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby on Friday [10/28/05] as the senior White House adviser was indicted, resigned and lost his security clearance. [....] Libby was Cheney's chief of staff, national security adviser and close confidant. He was accused of perjury, obstruction of justice and making false statements to a federal grand jury investigating the leak of a CIA operative's name by someone in the administration. [....] Libby was a driving force behind the administration's march to war against Iraq and helped assemble evidence - later proven false - asserting that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction, which became the rationale for the U.S.-led invasion in March 2003. [....] The White House counsel's office sent a memo to all staff directing them not to respond to questions about the Libby investigation or to discuss it among themselves. It also said that 'all White House staffers should not have any contact with Scooter Libby about any aspect of the investigation,' McClellan said. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article by Terence Hunt, p. A2, S.L.P.D., 10/29/05]

*Trivia: "[....] Libby promised to challenge the charges and said he was 'confident that at the end of the process, I will be completely and totally exonerated.' [....]" [Based on: Knight Ridder Newspapers article, p. A4, S.L.P.D., 10/29/05]


2006 - 911 Treason Independent Prosecutor Act? - January 28th, 2006: "Guest Speaker Alfred L. Webre, Lawyer, Exopolitician, appeared on a television program episode of Out There TV [http://www.crosswynd.com/]. Mentioned on the show was a petition to implement The SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 TREASON INDEPENDENT PROSECUTOR ACT, to appoint an Independent Prosecutor under the authority of Article III(3) of the U.S. Constitution to prosecute Treason against these United States of America by U.S. President George W. Bush, U.S. Vice President Richard Cheney, U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, etc. See links." [D.R.D.]

*Trivia: "Apparent number of signatures on petition this date [01/28/06]: at least 1,500. Number of signatures as of 01/31/06 [three days later]: 1,533. Number of signatures as of 02/25/06 [nearly one month later]: at least 1,625." [D.R.D.]

*Links: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/736718529

2006 - No Plane Hit the Pentagon? - February 2006: [Based on: http://thewebfairy.com/911/pentagon/]

2006 - Scientific Evidence that Official 9/11 Story is a Lie - February 14th, 2006: "Pretty soon after the events of 9/11, there were people who raised serious questions about the official story of 9/11. Now, four and a half years later, the evidence that this story is a lie, is overwhelming. Question is, what are we going to do about it? Are we going to sit and leave it for what it is, allowing the perpetrators to continue their illegal operations? Where do you think that would lead to? What will happen with our democracy if we allow these practices? And maybe the biggest question that we might ask ourselves is: 'Why is it that we still allow criminals to lead our country and more and more determine our lifes?' People of this world, please think about what you allow this world to become if you allow the present course of actions taken by leaders who seek nothing else but power and control over others and eventually total world domination! [....]"

[Based on article by Frank Hoogerbeets, published on February 14 2006] - [See Link]

2006 - Trivia / Dick Cheney & 911 Flight 93 - February 19th, 2006:

... Around 9:35 on the morning of 9/11, Cheney was lifted off his feet by the Secret Service and hustled into the White House bunker. Cheney testified to the 9/11 Commission that he spoke with President Bush before giving an order to shoot down a hijacked civilian airliner that appeared headed toward Washington. (The plane was United Flight 93, which crashed in a Pennsylvania field after a brave revolt by the passengers.) But a source close to the commission, who declined to be identified revealing sensitive information, says that none of the staffers who worked on this aspect of the investigation believed Cheney's version of events.

A draft of the report conveyed their skepticism. But when top White House officials, including chief of staff Andy Card and the then White House counsel Alberto Gonzales, reviewed the draft, they became extremely agitated. After a prolonged battle, the report was toned down. The factual narrative, closely read, offers no evidence that Cheney sought initial authorization from the president. The point is not a small one. Legally, Cheney was required to get permission from his commander in chief, who was traveling (but reachable) at the time. If the public ever found out that Cheney gave the order on his own, it would have strongly fed the view that he was the real power behind the throne. [....]

[Based on: http://www.warandpiece.com/blogdirs/003684.html]
*Other Links: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/11436302/site/newsweek/page/6/

*Trivia: "[...] Buried in the silt, 300 yards away, was a key piece of evidence that helped tie the crash to the larger 9/11 terrorist plot: one of the metal shanks used to hijack the plane, along with the burned remnants of a passport clearly picturing one of the hijackers. [...] Larsen [FBI Special Agent John Larsen] said the hijackers probably thought their belongings would disappear with them in the fiery wreckage, but they did not. [NP] The hijackers had multiple passports and small Qurans, he said, that yielded important clues. [....]" [Based on: Philadelphia Enquirer article (Flight 93 is remembered / FBI investigator tells of finding evidence linking crash to other 9/11 terrorism.), p. A7, S.L.P.D., 09/11/12]

2006 - Questions Official 9/11 Story / Charlie Sheen & Others - March 20th, 2006:

Actor Charlie Sheen has joined a growing army of other highly credible public figures in questioning the official story of 9/11 and calling for a new independent investigation of the attack and the circumstances surrounding it.

Over the past two years, scores of highly regarded individuals have gone public to express their serious doubts about 9/11. These include former presidential advisor and CIA analyst Ray McGovern, the father of Reaganomics and former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury Paul Craig Roberts, BYU physics Professor Steven Jones, former German defense minister Andreas von Buelow, former MI5 officer David Shayler, former Blair cabinet member Michael Meacher, former Chief Economist for the Department of Labor during President George W. Bush's first term Morgan Reynolds and many more.

Speaking to The Alex Jones Show on the GCN Radio Network, the star of current hit comedy show Two and a Half Men and dozens of movies including Platoon and Young Guns, Sheen elaborated on why he had problems believing the government's version of events.

Sheen agreed that the biggest conspiracy theory was put out by the government itself and prefaced his argument by quoting Theodore Roosevelt in stating, "That we are to stand by the President right or wrong is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public."

"We're not the conspiracy theorists on this particular issue," said Sheen.

"It seems to me like 19 amateurs with box cutters taking over four commercial airliners and hitting 75% of their targets, that feels like a conspiracy theory. It raises a lot of questions."

Sheen described the climate of acceptance for serious discussion about 9/11 as being far more fertile than it was a couple of years ago.

"It feels like from the people I talk to in and around my circles, it seems like the worm is turning."


[Based on: PRISON PLANET.COM article (Actor Charlie Sheen Questions Official 9/11 Story / Calls for truly independent investigation, joins growing ranks of prominent credible whistleblowers) by Alex Jones & Paul Joseph Watson - Prison Planet.com, March 20th, 2006]

*Link: http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/march2006/200306charliesheen.htm

2006 - Still Claiming Lives? / 911 Incident - April 21st, 2006: "An autopsy linking the death of a police officer [police Detective James Zadroga] to dust at the World Trade Center site was chilling confirmation to many 9/11 rescuers that more than four years later, the disaster is still claiming lives. [....] Zadroga died in January of what was listed as pulmonary disease and respiratory failure. The autopsy found material 'consistent with dust' in Zadroga's lungs. Gerard Breton, a pathologist at the Ocean County, N.J., medical examiner's office concluded: 'It is felt with a reasonable degree of medical certainty that the cause of death in this case was directly related to the 9/11 incident.' [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (Some believe death shows 9/11 is still exacting toll), p. A3, S.L.P.D., 04/21/06]

2006 - Trivia / "United 93" - April 28th, 2006: "Tense. Powerful. Poignant. / 'United 93' [movie opens today] is an honest reminder of human tragedy" [Based on: Title & Subtitle for Article, p. E1, S.L.P.D., 04/28/06]

*Link: http://rogerebert.suntimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=200660504002

2006 - Life in Prison / Zacarias Moussaoui - May 4th, 2006: "A federal jury rejected the death penalty for Zacarias Moussaoui on Wednesday [05/03/06], apparently concluding that he had played only a minor role in the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. [....]" [Based on: New York Times article (Moussaoui is spared), p. A1, S.L.P.D., 05/04/06]

2006 - New 911 Images / U.S. Pentagon - May 16th, 2006: "Following Freedom of Information Act lawsuits dating back to 2004, the Pentagon Tuesday [05/16/06] released images recorded on the morning of 9/11 by two security cameras in the Pentagon parking lot. Five frames from one camera had previously been leaked in early 2002. No Boeing 757 airliner is apparent in any of the images. [....]" [Based on: Total 911 Info article, 05/17/06 - see link]

*Link: http://www.total911.info/2006/05/new-pentagon-video-shows-no-boeing.html

*Trivia: "FBI Withholding 84 More Tapes of Pentagon on 9/11 / Magically Only 1 shows impact so why not release the rest?" [Based on infowars.net article by Steve Watson, 05/17/06]

*Link: http://www.infowars.net/articles/may2006/170506Pentagon_videos.htm

2006 - Conclusive Evidence? / 911 Conspiracy - June 20th, 2006: "Scientific analysis on WTC steel debris undertaken by BYU Professor Steven Jones proves that the twin towers were demolished by means of incendiary devices and the release of the conclusive evidence is imminent. [....] 'The evidence points directly to controlled demolition which means an inside job brought these World Trade Center buildings down," Jones told radio host Alex Jones in a video interview.' [....]"

[Based on: Prison Planet article (Scientific Analysis Proves Towers Brought Down By Incendiaries / Steven Jones' analysis on WTC steel about to be released) by Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com, June 20th, 2006]

2006 - 911 Revisited - July 2006:

Two of the aircraft exceeded their software limits on 9/11.

The Boeing 757 and 767 are equipped with fully autonomous flight capability, they are the only two Boeing commuter aircraft capable of fully autonomous flight. They can be programmed to take off, fly to a destination and land, completely without a pilot at the controls.

They are intelligent planes, and have software limits pre set so that pilot error cannot cause passenger injury. Though they are physically capable of high g maneuvers, the software in their flight control systems prevents high g maneuvers from being performed via the cockpit controls. They are limited to approximately 1.5 g's, I repeat, one and one half g's. This is so that a pilot mistake cannot end up breaking grandma's neck.

No matter what the pilot wants, he cannot override this feature.

The plane that hit the Pentagon approached or reached its actual physical limits, military personnel have calculated that the Pentagon plane pulled between five and seven g's in its final turn.

The same is true for the second aircraft to impact the WTC.

There is only one way this can happen.

As well as fully autonomous flight capability, the 767 and 757 are the ONLY COMMUTER PLANES MADE BY BOEING THAT CAN BE FLOWN VIA REMOTE CONTROL. It is a feature that is standard to all of them, all 757's and 767's can do it. The purpose for this is if there is a problem with the pilots, Norad can fly the planes to safe destinations via remote. Only in this flight mode can those craft exceed their software limits and perform to their actual physical limits because a pre existing emergency situation is assumed if this mode of flight is used.

Terrorists in fact did not fly those planes, it is totally and completely impossible for those planes to have been flown in such a manner from the cockpit. Those are commuter aircraft, not F-16's and their software knows it.

Another piece of critical evidence: the voice recorders came up blank.

The flight recorders that were recovered had tape that was undamaged inside, but it was blank. There is only one way this can happen on a 757 or 767. When the aircraft are commandeered via remote control, the microphones that go to the cockpit voice recorder are re routed to the people doing the remote controlling, so that the recording of what happened in the cockpit gets made in a presumably safer place. But due to a glitch in the system on a 757/767, rather than shutting off when the mic is redirected the voice recorder keeps running. The voice recorders use what is called a continuous loop tape, which automatically re passes itself past the erase and record heads once every half hour, so after a half hour of running with the microphones redirected, the tape will be blank. Just like the recovered tapes were. Yet more proof that no pilot flew those planes in the last half hour.

Eight of the hijackers who were on those planes called up complaining that they were still alive. I'd bet you never heard about our foreign minister flying to Morocco and issuing an official apology to the accused, did you? No, terrorists did not fly those planes, plastic knives and box cutters were in fact too ridiculous to be true. Any of the remaining accused have certainly been sought out and killed by now.

Our information IS controlled

The cell phone calls from the aircraft could not have happened. I am a National Security Agency trained Electronic Warfare specialist, and am qualified to say this. My official title: MOS33Q10, Electronic Warfare Intercept Strategic Signal Processing/Storage Systems Specialist, a highly skilled MOS which requires advanced knowledge of many communications methods and circuits to the most minute level. I am officially qualified to place severe doubt that ordinary cell phone calls were ever made from the aircraft.

It was impossible for that to have happened, especially in a rural area for a number of reasons.

When you make a cell phone call, the first thing that happens is that your cell phone needs to contact a transponder. Your cell phone has a max transmit power of five watts, three watts is actually the norm. If an aircraft is going five hundred miles an hour, your cell phone will not be able to 1. Contact a tower, 2. Tell the tower who you are, and who your provider is, 3. Tell the tower what mode it wants to communicate with, and 4. Establish that it is in a roaming area before it passes out of a five watt range. This procedure, called an electronic handshake, takes approximately 45 seconds for a cell phone to complete upon initial power up in a roaming area because neither the cell phone or cell transponder knows where that phone is and what mode it uses when it is turned on. At 500 miles an hour, the aircraft will travel three times the range of a cell phone's five watt transmitter before this handshaking can occur. Though it is sometimes possible to connect during takeoff and landing, under the situation that was claimed the calls were impossible. The calls from the airplane were faked, no if's or buts.

I hope I made sense, if you have questions I will respond if possible. If I do not respond, please research this out yourself, search the boeing site, search the DARPA site, search were you have not searched before. Some of the information is classified and leaked by individuals, and it is also being scoured from the net. I have all of the original documents on my computer to safeguard against this.

Please do not ignore this, because only Norad has the flight codes for those aircraft, we did 911 to ourselves. Hitler had the Reichstag, we have 911. If 911 proves to not be enough to make the US citizenry set aside its rights for safety, the people who did 911 most certainly have access to nuclear material. 911 must be exposed for what it was before that material is used. "

[Based on: article (Planes of 911 Exceeded Their Software Limits) by Jim Heikkila] - [see link]

*Link: http://www.viewzone.com/911revisited.html

2006 - Holes in Pentagon's 911 Story? - August 2nd, 2006: "Some staff members and commissioners of the Sept. 11 panel concluded that the Pentagon's initial story of how it reacted to the 2001 terrorist attacks might have been part of a deliberate effort to mislead the commission and the public rather than a reflection of the fog of events on that day, according to sources involved in the debate. [....] 'We to this day don't know why NORAD (the North American Aerospace Command) told us what they told us,' said Thomas Kean, the former New Jersey Republican governor who led the commission. 'It was just so far from the truth. ... It's one of those loose ends that never got tied.' [....] For more than two years after the attacks, officials with NORAD and the FAA provided inaccurate information about the response to the hijackings. Authorities suggested that U.S. air defenses had reacted quickly, that jets had been scrambled and that fighters were prepared to shoot down United Airlines Flight 93 if it threatened Washington. In fact, the commission reported a year later, evidence showed clearly that the military never had any of the hijacked airliners in its sights." [Based on: Washington Post article (Some on 9/11 panel found holes in Pentagon's story) by Dan Eggen, p. A3, S.L.P.D., 08/02/06] - [Paragraph indents untranscribed. - D.R.D.]

2006 - Signs of Lung Aging / 911 Rescuers, New York - August 2nd, 2006: "Respiratory function has been so severly compromised in some World Trade Center rescuers that, as the fifth anniversary of the attacks approaches, experts are reporting a dramatic aging effect in the lungs of firefighters and others. [....] The research was conducted by lung specialists at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx." [Based on: News Services article (Sept. 11 rescuers show lung aging, experts say), p. A5, S.L.P.D., 08/02/06]

2006 - 911 Investigators Doubted Pentagon's, FAA's Veracity - August 6th, 2006: "9/11 investigators cite doubts of Pentagon's, FAA veracity" [Based on: Title for A.P. article by Hope Yen, p. A8, S.L.P.D., 08/06/06]

2006 - Trivia / Flight "93" - August 19th, 2006:


But let us examine the evidence — so that you can come to your own conclusion. The massive impact caused the entire plane to disappear 30ft deep into the earth, telescoping down on itself and crushing everyone and everything inside the fuselage beyond recognition.

However, the absence of any significant debris — including tailplane and wings — bewildered witnesses, relatives and, more importantly, some crash experts.

They found it hard to believe that an airliner up to 155ft long, with two engines each weighing more than six tons, could have penetrated the ground so completely as to utterly disappear. Had it, in reality, been blown to pieces in mid-air?

CERTAINLY, it is unclear how a single piece of fuselage the size of a dining room table could have been recovered from a marina in Indian Lake, a couple of miles away from the crash site — unless it fell from the sky during an aerial break-up.

But a bigger mystery is why the engines went missing.

Considering their weight, they should have plunged deep into the earth along with the rest of the airliner.

Yet they weren’t in the crater and only a one-ton segment of an engine was ever recovered, again more than a mile from the crash site. The FBI said, unconvincingly, that it had ‘bounced’ there.

The FBI also claimed metal fragments found up to eight miles away could have been carried there by the wind, even though the breeze was very light.

Witnesses said nothing was left at the crash site, yet the FBI belatedly claimed to have made two sensational discoveries — a red bandana and a passport allegedly belonging to the hijackers.

Very conveniently, these turned up as prosecution evidence earlier this year at the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui, the socalled 20th hijacker and only terrorist to be convicted over the 9/11 atrocities.


[Based on: Article segment (London Daily Mail: Flight 93 'was shot down') Daily Mail/ROWLAND MORGAN | August 19 2006] - see links:


2006 - Health Woes Cited / Ground Zero, New York - September 6th, 2006: "Nearly 70 percent of the rescue and cleanup workers who toiled in the dust and fumes at ground zero have had trouble breathing, and many will probably be sick for the rest of their lives, doctors said Tuesday [09/05/06] in releasing results of the biggest Sept. 11 health study yet. The Mount Sinai Medical Center study is conclusive proof of a link between recovery work at the World Trade Center ruins and long-term respiratory problems, doctors said. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (Ground zero health woes cited), p. A5, S.L.P.D., 09/06/06]

2006 - Put on Leave / Scholars for 9/11 Truth Professor - September 10th, 2006: "A professor who has suggested the World Trade center was brought down by explosives has been placed on paid leave by Brigham Young University while the school investigates his claims. Steven Jones, a physicist who has taught at BYU since 1985, is co-chairman of a group called Scholars for 9/11 Truth. [....] He published his views two weeks ago in the book '9/11 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out.' [....] He concludes that thermite was present, suggesting someone might have used explosives to bring down the skyscrapers. The chairman of the physics department at the University of Utah, Pierre Sokolsky, said destruction of the towers typically would be a field within the expertise of engineers. 'This is not physics,' Soklosky said." [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article (Professor is put on leave over 9/11 blast theory), p. A15, S.L.P.D., 09/10/06]

2006 - Obtained / 9/11 Martyrdom Video - October 1st, 2006: "A previously unseen video made by Mohamed Atta, ringleader of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, has been obtained by The Sunday Times, the newspaper reported Saturday [09/30/06]. [NP] The paper said it had been handed the so-called martyrdom video, but did not reveal the source of the tape. [....] The newspaper said that a timecode stamp on the videotape indicated it had been recorded on Jan 18, 2000, and that the recording was made at an al-Qaida training camp in Afghanistan. [NP] There was no soundtrack, the newspaper said. It quoted an unnamed U.S. source as saying that attempts to lip read the tape to transcribe the content had been unsuccessful. [....] Osama bin Laden is shown on the hourlong video addressing supporters at a site in Kandahar, Afghanistan, the newspaper reported. It said a timecode stamp indicated the al-Qaida leader was speaking on Jan. 8, 2000." [Based on: A.P. article (2000 video shows 9/11 ringleader), p. A11, S.L.P.D., 10/01/06]

2006 -  Rushed? / 9/11 Cleanup - October 24th, 2006: "[....] Over the past few days [October 2006], dozens of bones have been discovered in underground passages at ground zero, more than five years after the tragedy. [NP] 'I knew that this was going to happen - they really just wanted us out of here,' said retired Lt. John McArdle, the Police Department's ground zero commander. 'There was not a good exit strategy for some of these places, and if there was, it was poorly done.' [....] The area where bones are being found is one where officials had raised objections about ending the search. [....]" [Based on: A.P. article (Officials warned 9/11 cleanup was rushed), p. A2, S.L.P.D., 10/24/06]

2006 - Untrue? / 911 Claim - December 25th, 2006: "The Senate Intelligence Committee has concluded as untrue a congressman's claim [Rep. Curt Weldon, R-Pa.] that military analysts identified Mohamed Atta or other hijackers before the Sept. 11 attacks, according to a summary of the panel's investigation obtained by the Los Angeles Times. [....] The conclusions were contained in an eight-page letter sent last week to members of the panel by the top Republican and Democrat on the committee." [Based on: News Services article (Senate panel reportedly finds 9/11 claim untrue), p. A4, S.L.P.D., 12/25/06]


2007 - Responsible for 9/11 Operation? /  Khalid Sheikh Mohammed - March 15th, 2007: "AL-QAIDA CONFESSION - Leader [Khalid Sheikh Mohammed] admits plotting 9/11 horror / IN HIS OWN WORDS Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: 'I was responsible for the 9/11 operation from A to Z.' " [Based on: Title & Subtitle for A.P. article, p. A1, S.L.P.D., 03/15/07]

2007 - Blood & Lymph Cancers / Ground Zero Workers - June 1st, 2007: "Rare cancers [blood & lymph] found in ground zero workers" [Based on: Title for News Services article, p A3, S.L.P.D., 06/01/07]

2007 - Harsh Rebuke / "Enemy Combatant" Policy, U.S.A. - June 12th, 2007: "A divided panel from a conservative federal appeals court delivered a harsh rebuke to the Bush administration's antiterrorism strategy Monday [06/11/07], ruling that U.S. residents cannot be locked up indefinately as 'enemy combatants' without being charged. [NP] The three-judge panel of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the government should charge Ali al-Marri, a legal U.S. resident and the only suspected enemy combatant on American soil, or release him from military custody. [NP] The federal Military Commissions Act doesn't strip al-Marri of his constitutional right to challenge his accusers in court, the judges found in Monday's 2-1 decision. [NP] 'Put simply, the Constitution does not allow the President to order the military to seize civilians residing within the United States and then detain them indefinately without criminal process, and this is so even if he calls them "enemy combatants," ' the court said. [NP] Such detention 'would have disastrous consequences for the Constitution - and the country,' Judge Diana G. Motz wrote in the majority opinion. [NP] The government intends to ask the full 4th Circuit to hear the case, Justice Department spokesman Dean Boyd said. [NP] The court said its ruling doesn't mean al-Marri should be set free. Instead, he can be returned to the civilian court system." [Based on: A.P. article (Court rebukes Bush's 'enemy combatant' policy), p. A3, S.L.P.D., 06/12/07] - [My brackets ("NP" = New paragraph) - D.R.D.]

2007 - Inside Job? / 911 - December 4th, 2007: "Former Italian President and the man who revealed the existence of Operation Gladio Francesco Cossiga has gone public on 9/11, telling Italy's most respected newspaper that the attacks were run by the CIA and Mossad and that this was common knowledge amongst global intelligence agencies. [NP] Cossiga was elected President of Italian Senate in July 1983 before being winning a landslide 1985 election to become President of the country in 1985. [NP] Cossiga gained respect from opposition parties as one of a rare breed - an honest politician - and led the country for seven years until April 1992. [NP] Cossiga's tendency to be outspoken upset the Italian political establishment and he was forced to resign after revealing the existence of, and his part in setting up, Operation Gladio - a rogue intelligence network under NATO auspices that carried out bombings across Europe in the 60's, 70's and 80's. [NP] Gladio's specialty was to carry out what they coined 'false flag operations,' terror attacks that were blamed on their domestic and geopolitical opposition. [NP] Cossiga's revelations contributed to an Italian parliamentary investigation of Gladio in 2000, during which evidence was unearthed that the attacks were being overseen by the U.S. intelligence apparatus. [NP] In March 2001, Gladio agent Vincenzo Vinciguerra stated, in sworn testimony, 'You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple: to force ... the public to turn to the state to ask for greater security.' [NP] Cossiga's new revelations appeared last week in Italy's oldest and most widely read newspaper, Corriere della Sera. Below appears a rough translation. [NP] '[Bin Laden supposedly confessed] to the Qaeda September [attack] to the two towers in New York [claiming to be] the author of the attack of the 11, while all the [intelligence services] of America and Europe ... now know well that the disastrous attack has been planned and realized from the CIA American and the Mossad with the aid of the Zionist world in order to put under accusation the Arabic Countries and in order to induce the western powers to take part ... in Iraq [and] Afghanistan.' [....] Cossiga first expressed his doubts about 9/11 in 2001, and is quoted in Webster Tarpley's book as stating that 'The mastermind of the attack must have been a “sophisticated mind, provided with ample means not only to recruit fanatic kamikazes, but also highly specialized personnel. I add one thing: it could not be accomplished without infiltrations in the radar and flight security personnel.' [NP] Coming from a widely respected former head of state, Cossiga's assertion that the 9/11 attacks were an inside job and that this is common knowledge amongst global intelligence agencies is highly unlikely to be mentioned by any establishment media outlets, because like the hundreds of other sober ex-government, military, air force professionals, allied to hundreds more professors and intellectuals - he can't be sidelined as a crackpot conspiracy theorist." [Based on: Prison Planet article (Ex-Italian President: Intel Agencies Know 9/11 An Inside Job / Man who blew the whistle on Gladio tells Italy's largest newspaper attacks were run by CIA, Mossad), by Paul Joseph Watson, 12/04/07] - [T.D. - 12/16/07 - My brackets. NP = New paragraph. (For this timeline, the above article has been color coded as "Highly Speculative, Theoretical, and/or Questionable Data" - D.R.D.]

*Link: http://www.infowars.com/articles/sept11/cossiga_ex_italian_pres_intel_agencies_know_911_inside_job.htm


2008 - Anthrax Settlement / U.S. Federal Government - June 28th, 2008: "Dr. Steven J. Hatfill, the former Army scientist who was labled a 'person of interest' in the 2001 anthrax mailings, has won a $5.82-million settlement from the federal government, court documents filed Friday [06/27/08] show. [....] More than six years after the FBI launched what would become one of its largest-ever investigations, the 'Amerianthrax' probe has yielded no arrests. [....]" [Based on: Los Angeles Times article (U.S. will pay $5.82 million to scientist in anthrax lawsuit), p. A18, S.L.P.D., 06/28/08]

*Trivia: "The FBI is declining to release at least 15,000 pages of documents related to the now-deceased prime suspect in the 2001 anthrax attacks despite lingering suspicions that the bureau has accused the wrong man. [....]" [Based on: McCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS article (FBI won't release anthrax case data), p A2, S.L.P.D., 10/01/08]


2009 - FBI agents off limits - July 17th, 2009: "A federal judge in New York says airlines and other companies in the industry that are being sued by terrorism victims can't question FBI agents about the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. [NP] The defendants wanted to depose the agents and sought access to other evidence related to the investigation of the attacks that killed 3,000 people to show at trial that the government's failure to catch the terrorists and stop the attacks mitigates and excuses any alleged fault on the aviation companies' part." [Based on: News Services article (FBI agents off limits), p. A12, S.L.P.D., 07/17/09]

2009 - Trivia / 9/11 Suspects - November 14th, 2009: "9/11 suspects will be tried in federal court, Holder says / Decision by attorney general on alleged mastermind, 4 underlings sets off debate." [Based on: Title for McCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS article, p. A17, S.L.P.D., 11/14/09]


2010 - Radical cleric lunched at Pentagon - October 22nd, 2010: "Radical Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki lunched at the Pentagon as part of a program to reach out to moderate Muslims in the months after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, a military official said. The U.S.-born al-Qaida operative is now on a U.S. kill-or-capture list." [Based on: News Services article (Radical cleric lunched at Pentagon), p. A8, S.L.P.D.,10/22/10]


2011 - Did FBI miss mark on anthrax suspect? - April 21st, 2011: "[....] If the FBI got the right man, then there is no consequence to its decision to stop hunting for bacillus subtilis, a harmless bacterial contaminant that resembles anthrax. But if Ivins was innocent, then the killer is at large, and the bureau may have missed a big opportunity. [....] The Justice Department closed the eight-year investigation, said to cost as much as $100 million. However, none of the circumstantial evidence it found showed that Ivins prepared the deadly powder, scrawled 'Death to America' in a seeming mimic of al-Qaida, or twice sneaked away on six-hour roundtrip drives to drop them in a Princeton, N.J., mailbox. [....]" [Based on: McCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS article (Did FBI miss mark on anthrax suspect? / Agency limited testing on distinct contaminant and focused almost exclusively on one person.) by Saeed Shah, p. A21, S.L.P.D., 04/21/11]

2011 - BIN LADEN IS DEAD - May 1st, 2011: "BIN LADEN IS DEAD [05/01/11]" [Based on: Title for Front Page article, p. A1, S.L.P.D., 05/02/11]

*Trivia: "Capture was not ruled out in raid / But rules of engagement virtually assured killing of bin Laden, U.S. says." [Based on: Title for Article, p. A1, S.L.P.D., 05/04/11]

*Trivia: "Islamic scholars criticize [05/02/11] sea burial [of Osama bin Laden] as humiliating" [Based on: Title for A.P. article, p. A4, S.L.P.D., 05/03/11]

*Trivia: "No release of death photos / Obama cites security in keeping bin Laden pictures from public." [Based on: Title for Tribune Newspapers article, p. A1, S.L.P.D., 05/05/11]

*Trivia: "On Monday [05/02/11], the administration of President  Barack Obama said Osama bin Laden had been killed after a firefight with Navy SEAL commandos, and that he had used his wife as a human shield. On Tuesday [05/03/11], the administration said that bin Laden was not armed at all, and that his wife had not been a shield but had rushed her husband's assaulter and was shot in the leg. [NP] On Wednesday [05/04/11], the administration backtracked again. This time it downgraded its initial accounts of a firefight that raged throughout the raid to gunshots fired only at the beginning of the nearly 40-minute operation by bin Laden's courier, who was quickly dispatched by the commandos. [....]" [Based on: New York Times article (Debriefings led to changing narrative) by Elisabeth Bumiller, p. A12, S.L.P.D., 05/06/11]

2011 - Cheney’s Long List Of Crimes - September 16th, 2011: "Cheney’s Long List Of Crimes" [Based on: Title for AFP article by Richard Walker, September 16, 2011]

*Link: http://americanfreepress.net/?p=604

2011 - 7 Nations on Neocon Hit List - December 9th, 2011: "Some 10 years before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington, D.C., top neoconservatives in the Pentagon orchestrated a major 'policy coup' to start wars with multiple Middle Eastern countries and secure total domination of the Middle East in order to take their oil. That’s according to a top former U.S. military officer. [....]" [Based on: AFP article (7 Nations on Neocon Hit List) by James P. Tucker Jr., December 09, 2011]

*Link: http://americanfreepress.net/?p=1794


2012 - Accused 9/11 plotter holds forth on politics at military tribunal - October 18th, 2012: "Accused 9/11 plotter [Khalid Sheikh Mohammed] holds forth on politics at military tribunal [10/17/12] / His speech includes references to Osama bin Laden and beheaded reporter Daniel Pearl." [Based on: Title (and text) for A.P. article, p. A18, S.L.P.D., 10/18/12]


2015 - Western wars have killed four million Muslims since 1990 - April 15th, 2015: "Unworthy victims / Western wars have killed four million Muslims since 1990" [Based on: article by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed]

*Link: http://www.voltairenet.org/article187299.html

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