Quotes 5

"... serving the memorable copyright of every witness." - E.M.


   "The Maya also understood that within the galaxy, there were many star systems. They recognized the sun as the central source of energy and life within a solar system. Similarly they understood that the planetary being is the source of life within the terrestrial environment. In this way they recognized that each respective being is linked back to the source of the next highest dimension, or next respective larger frame of reference. This idea can be understood through the Mayan concept of Kuxan Suum, literally 'the Road to the Sky Leading to the Umbilical Chord of the Universe.' This umbilical cord is a resonant pathway which connects you, the individual, through the center of the planet, through the heart of the sun, to the galactic core, and if we can imagine, to the Heart of All Beings."  

   "This Hunab Ku is the Heart of All Beings and each of us is connected through our own hearts. In fact, it is impossible to be disconnected. It is through this resonant circuit that the center of the galaxy transmits all evolutionary programs and memory patterns to each respective star system. The Sun, in turn, focuses these vibrations down even further into the various planetary bodies within the solar system. It is essential to remember that in the Mayan perspective, everything travels in both directions simultaneously. This is known as the Zuvuya principal. The Zuvuya represents the Universal memory circuit which extends from and returns to the Source of Infinity, thus connecting everything back to its Self."  

   "Thus, from the perspective of the Galactic Maya, there is one Source of all energy which is divine consciousness. This ener-Ge, or divine consciousness, manifests itself as an infinite number of possible forms throughout all dimensions. Each possible form is a frequency vibration; indeed all matter is essentially interconnected waves of energy. So, unlike our culture which is obsessed with matter, i.e. physical science and materialism, the Maya based their understanding of reality on frequencies, vibrations, and harmonies."  

   "Fortunately, the fundamental misconception of reality which has lead us into separation and disharmony has now been identified and radical efforts are now taking place around the world to bring humanity back into right-alignment with the natural rhythms of creation. This may sound like quite a stretch, but it is actually very simple. Let’s cut to the chase. Our relationship with nature is connected to our perception of time. Currently, humanity is functioning on an artificial, unnatural, timing frequency. This artificial timing frequency is characterized by the use of an irregular, and illogical, 12 month Gregorian calendar system. Although this period roughly approximates the length of a solar year, the months are irregular and do not synchronize with any natural cycle. Furthermore, our system of time is based on artificial units we call seconds and minutes."  

   "The Gregorian calendar is actually derived from a male priesthood tradition that stems from the Babylonian civilization. Who here doesn’t remember what happened at the Tower of Babel? (rhetorical question) The implementation of this artificial timing frequency serves only one purpose: to disempower individuals by obscuring their natural connection to the Universe, thus forcing them to become dependent upon an elite few whose sole desire is to control the reality and minds of others. This conspiracy against the human race and Mother Nature can be summed up by the equation 'time is money.' "   

   "We as humans are forced to sell our time in exchange for an artificial creation we call money, which in turn is then used to buy all the products we are programmed to think we need which are being sold to us. We’ll guess what? We don’t need what they’re selling us. This is exactly what the dominators don’t want you to know. Consider the rest of biological life on Earth. All creatures obtain everything they need in order to survive from the natural abundance which exists within each respective level of Nature’s harmonic balance. Why do we doubt that we would be any exception to this Universal master plan?"  

   "Natural time is based on the relationships of organic and natural processes, such as the motion of the stars, planets, and galaxies, the biological rhythms of plants and animals, as well as the subtle inner-dimensional movements of consciousness and mind. It should be obvious that the artificial timing frequency in question bears absolutely no connection to any natural cycle. On the other hand, we have seen that the natural timing frequency of the Tzolkin accounts for just about every conceivable cycle of nature across all scales and dimensions."   

   "The ratio of the 13:20 natural timing frequency is not specifically a Mayan invention. The 13:20 represents a Universal timing frequency which synchronizes the whole of creation from the infinitely large to the infinitely small. The Tzolkin is a self-existing system of ratios which codes for all forms of being in relation to themselves and to each other. In effect, by resonating with this frequency, one is naturally synchronized with one’s self in the present moment. On the other hand, the 12:60 artificial timing frequency alienates one from the present moment. In the Now, one realizes that the Self is infinitely interconnected with everything else that exists, has existed, and will exist. Most importantly, our perception of linear time is an illusion. In the broadest sense, everything exists right Now."  

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