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   "The world does not seem to understand, especially the Christian world, that the Jewish religion was taken almost bodily from heathen religions. The Jewish religion is as much heathen as is Brahmanism. It was born out of heathenism. But from our viewpoint that is nothing to its discredit. All religions evolve from those that were extant in the culture prior to their emergence, for they aspire to fulfill the needs of a time, and a people's needs do not change radically overnight. A religion usually absorbs into its structure and doctrine those elements of the preceding religions which are still relevant to the people it serves, and the essence always passes from one religion to the next. Truth belongs to no race, class or country. It is universal." [Julian P. Johnson, The Path of the Masters, p. 95, 16th edition 1997; original copyright: 1939]


   "It is an apparent fact that what one culture defines as history, another will define as mythology; this is especially the case in religious affairs where opposing cultures are in spiritual conflict. Christians, for example, consider the deities of other beliefs to be mythical, but maintain that their own deity is not. The same might, of course, be said in reverse - so where in all of this lies the truth of that which is called 'history?'
  "The Oxford English Dictionary defines history as the 'continuous methodical record of important or public events'. Other reference books give similar definitions, and it is evident from these that the term 'history' does not constitute the events themselves, but relates to the documented records of the events. Sometimes these records are compiled firsthand, and sometimes second, or third hand, but whatever the case they are always subject to bias, opinion, and vested interest. When history deals with matters of conflict (whether military, political, social or religious), it becomes a device for conveying sectarian or national leaning, and the details of the individual events vary in accordance with the attitudes, commissions and objectives of the writers concerned. Hence, the history of, say, a war will be differently perceived by each opposing side, as will the histories of political or religious disputes. The formal overall history that one learns is, therefore, that which has been approved by one's governing establishment. It is authorized, countenanced, sanctioned and academically warranted, but it is not necessarily the explicit truth - it is truth tempered by partisan interpretation and subjective opinion." [Laurence Gardner, Genesis of the Grail Kings, pp. 3-4."]

  "The fact that Adam is credited with the knowledge of good and evil, having eaten from the tree that made him wise (Genesis 3:6), determines that he was of the strain called homo sapiens. In practice, he would actually have been of the further advanced modern strain called homo sapiens-sapiens. Adam's date, consequently, falls into a post-35,000 BC category. But the Neanderthalers and others preceded this era - so how could Adam be said to be the 'first' man? Of what particular strain was he the first?" [Laurence Gardner, Genesis of the Grail Kings, p. 15]

  "In Christian Church theology, Adam is generally dated at 4004 BC, and this has been the case since AD 1650 when Ireland's Protestant Archbishop, James Ussher of Armagh, published his famous Annales Veteris Testamenti." [Laurence Gardner, Genesis of the Grail Kings, p. 15]

  "The early Christian historian, Julius Africanus of Edessa (AD 200-245), observed that, as well as having godly status, the Elohim were defined in some non-canonical works as 'foreign rulers' and 'judges'. " [Laurence Gardner, Genesis of the Grail Kings, p. 30]

  "The first Enuma Elish tablets to be discovered were unearthed, in the 1848-76 excavations of Sir Austen Henry Layard, from the library of King Ashur-banipal at Nineveh. They were subsequently published by George Smith of the British Museum in 1876 under the title The Chaldean Account of Genesis. Other tablets and fragments containing versions of the same epic were found at Ashur, Kish and Uruk, and it was asertained from colophons (publishers' imprints) that an even older text existed in a more ancient language. This conveyed the same story of how a certain deity had created the heavens and the earth, and everything on earth, including humankind." [Laurence Gardner, Genesis of the Grail Kings, p. 41]

  "To this day, the majority are baffled by the sudden, extraordinary emergence of the Sumerians, seemingly from nowhere. But there is no doubt that, upon their advent in southern Mesopotamia, they were already highly advanced to a level far beyond that recorded or sustained from anyplace where logically they could have emanated. Nowhere on earth was there a culture like that of the Sumerians, who appeared soon after 4000 BC - at least that is what is generally supposed." [Laurence Gardner, Genesis of the Grail Kings, p. 45]

  "In the 6th century BC, the exiled Israelites had written down their history in all honesty from available Babylonian records. Having also discovered the old book of the Mosaic Law, they were further enabled to cement the rules of their religious doctrine - and they returned to Jerusalem and Judaea with a comprehensive literary base. By the 2nd century BC, additional books were being compiled, not necessarily with history in mind, but with a view to adding a mythological aspect in line with the prevailing Greco-Alexandrian culture. This was certainly a romantic age, but in adding the romance a good deal of history was unfortunately veiled, so that the original Nephilim of the Sumerian era became misidentified as morally fallen angels." [Laurence Gardner, Genesis of the Grail Kings, p. 55] 

  "Genesis relates that the Israelite God, Jehovah, made man in the image of the gods. But, from more than 1000 years before Genesis was compiled, we are informed in the Enuma elish that the Babylonian god Marduk said 'I shall create lullu - Man shall be his name'. From centuries even before the story of Marduk, other versions of man's creation came out of ancient Sumer and fortunately some of the texts are preserved today. From these, we can see how the Babylonian and Hebrew texts each emerged in their revised forms, and it is not difficult to understand how the original historical message was corrupted and subsequently misinterpreted to suit later religious ideals." [Laurence Gardner, Genesis of the Grail Kings, p. 75]

  "At almost every stage of our education, the knowledge brought to our attention is controlled and censored by the religious doctrines of our respective societies. This manipulative control comes from State level and it is manifest in numerous British State schools, for example, being established as Christian institutions, with many of them designated Church schools. This is not only morally unfair to the families of children who are other than Christian, but it is equally unfair to the Christian children whose non-Christian friends are perceived to be spiritually inferior. Anglican prelates are also prominent on the boards of universities which are not necessarily seen to be Church foundations. Britain's national media is an additional protagonist of the Christian message, with both radio and television pursuing their sectarian courses. Britain's Parliament is not simply a Christian institution, it is specifically Anglican, while the Monarch and Head of State is also Head of the Church of England. So to are similar religious ideals promoted in other countries, which front their respective information and educational systems with the individual cultural doctrines that prevail.
  "In each instance there is an arrogant intolerance of the faiths of others, and this form of intolerance is equally apparent in other non-religious fields of faith - fields such as medicine, science, history and the general world of the qualified academic. To some extent, these fields are perhaps not quite so dogmatic as in the religious arena, and there are signs of bending to new discovery now and again. Even so, we still retain such descriptive styles as 'alternative medicine'. Why 'alternative'? It is alternative because it does not conform to an industry standard which is designed to support the wealthy drug companies. One might as well refer to legs as 'alternative transport'." [Laurence Gardner, Genesis of the Grail Kings, pp. 75-76]

  "In this blinkered world there is only history and myth. History is that which the governing establishments approve for their courses, and Myth is everything else. So, what governs approved history in Britain, Europe and Christendom in general? To a large extent it is governed by Church doctrine, just like most other things. If the Christians of the Middle Ages went to war with the Muslims in the Holy Land, then the Christians clearly had God on their side - so says the doctrine of approved Western history. But what of the Muslims who, in essence, worship the same God? Their viewpoint, according to the Christian establishment, is a myth. Such is the arrogant nature of doctrinal education.
  "Since we are primarily concerned with ancient history at this stage, let us consider the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Egypt Exploration Fund, first established in Britain in 1891 to expedite archaeological digs in Egypt. In this document it is expressly stated that the Fund's objective is to facilitate surveys and excavations 'for the purpose of elucidating or illustrating the Bible narrative'. In other words, if something is found which supports, or can be said to support, the Old or New Testaments then we, the public, will be informed. Anything which does not support the scriptures will be designated 'myth'. When unearthed fossils began to overturn the six-day creation story in Victorian times, the zoologist Philip Gosse actually went so far as to say that God had purposely inserted fossils into the rocks to test and try the Christian faith!" [Laurence Gardner, Genesis of the Grail Kings, pp. 76-77]

  "It is well known to all historical and theological scholars that the Old Testament's book of Genesis was extracted from older Mesopotamian records. Why is it, then that so many of those same scholars uphold the Church's veneration of Genesis as an absolute truth, whereas they decry the original records as legend and mythology? It is because, in the final analysis, despite falling congregations, Church opinion always wins at an official level since it is inherently tied to the governments which control the academic establishments." [Laurence Gardner, Genesis of the Grail Kings, p. 77]

  "In the light of these latter-day discoveries, we are now far wiser than our parents and forebears, for we now have to hand the Sumerian and Akkadian documentation which enabled the captivity Jews to compile their ancestral story. What we now know is that their biblical account was not an accurate transcript of ancient records, but a strategically compiled set of documents which distorted the annals of the original scribes in order to establish a new cultural and religious doctrine. This was the doctrine of the One God, Jehovah - a doctrine born out of fear, that was contrary to all tradition and historical record in the contemporary and preceding environments." [Laurence Gardner, Genesis of the Grail Kings, pp. 150-151]   

  "If any religion has truly corrupted the original concept of Jehovah and the pantheon, then that religion is materialist Christianity. This is not the honest 1st-century Nazarene faith of Jesus, James and the Celtic Church, but the state religion contrived by Roman imperialists in the 4th century, from which there are now many offshoots. This hybrid cult (a mixture of Pauline doctrine and pagan beliefs) not only brought a new awesome, omnipotent, omnipresent God to the fore, but it gave him self-styled personal representitives on Earth: first the Emperors, and then the Popes who thrived on being the ultimate bridges to individual salvation. In practice, this repressive cult, which threatens a future divine intervention against humankind, has evolved not as any faith that would have been recognized by Jesus, but as a form of medieval 'churchianity' based on the subjugating dogma of the bishops. Jehovah, the long-standing god of the Jews, was selected under particular circumstances and had a traditional heritage, but the unnamed God of modern Christianity evolved through Imperial invention. He is certainly not the God of Jesus, for this God was a sublime discipline of self-awareness that dwells within everyone and needs no bridge-building pontiff to lay down the rules of access." [Laurence Gardner, Genesis of the Grail Kings, p. 151]

  "Only during the past 150 years or so, and more specifically since about 1920, have the great storehouses of Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Syrian and Canaanite record been unearthed from beneath the desert sands. First-hand documentary evidence from before Bible times has now emerged on stone, clay, parchment and papryus, and these tens of thousands of documents bear witness to a far more exciting history than we have ever been told. Had these records been available throughout the generations, the concept of a particular race enjoying a single divine revelation would never have arisen, and the exclusivity of Jehovah, which has blinded us for the longest time (setting us in warlike fashion against those of other faiths who follow their own traditions), would never have taken such an arrogant hold." [Laurence Gardner, Genesis of the Grail Kings, pp. 274-275]  


   "There is nothing 'holy' about the Bible, nor is it 'the word of God.' It was not written by God-inspired saints, but by power-seeking priests. Who but priests consider sin the paramount issue? Who but priests write volumes of religious rites and rituals? No one, but for these priestly scribes sin and rituals were imperatives: their purpose was to found on them an awesome religion. By this intellectual tyranny they sought to gain control, and they achieved it. By 400 B.C. they were the masters of ancient Israel. For so great a project they needed a theme, a framework, and this they found in the Creation lore of more knowledgeable races. This they commandeered and perverted - the natural to the supernatural, and truth to error. The Bible is, we assert, but priest-perverted cosmology." [Lloyd M. Graham, Deceptions and Myths Of The Bible, p. 1]

  "In spite of their pretended intimacy with the Creator, the Jews never had great knowledge of things cosmic and metaphysical; they were but plagiarists culling mythic artifacts they did not understand." [Lloyd M. Graham, Deceptions and Myths Of The Bible, p. 2]

  "The Bible is not 'the word of God,' but stolen from pagan sources. Its Eden, Adam and Eve were taken from the Babylonian account; its Flood or Deluge is but an epitome of some four hundred flood accounts; its Ark and Ararat have their equivalents in a score of Deluge myths; even the names of Noah's sons are copies, so also Isaac's sacrifice, Solomon's judgement, and Samson's pillar act; its Moses is fashioned after the Syrian Mises; its laws after Hammurabi's code. Its Messiah is derived from the Egyptian Mahdi, Savior, certain verses are verbatim copies of Egyptian scriptures. Between Jesus and the Egyptian Horus, Gerald Massey found 137 similarities, and those between Christ and Krishna run into the hundreds. How then can the Bible be a revelation to the Jews?" [Lloyd M. Graham, Deceptions and Myths Of The Bible, p. 5]

  "Part of this lies in its structure. It is written in two languages; esoteric and exoteric - the hidden truth and its deceptive garment, the literal word. The latter is all we know today and so the simple mind still thinks of the world's beginning in terms of Adam and Eve, Cain and Able, sin, the Fall, and hence salvation. The esoteric completely refutes these literalisms. Secretly it tells us Adam and Eve were not the first human beings; that Cain and Able were not Adam's sons; that Solomon was not David's son; that the Jews were never in bondage in Egypt, nor is Exodus their escape therefrom; that the moral laws are not the laws of the tablets, nor were they handed down at Sinai; that the Jews never conquered Canaan, nor were they promised Palestine; that the modern Palestine is not the 'Promised Land,' or even the 'Holy Land.' Who does not know these things is wholly ignorant of the Bible's true meaning. He is also ignorant of the fact that he has been deceived." [Lloyd M. Graham, Deceptions and Myths Of The Bible, p. 5]

  "Now we know that all terrestrial plants spring from a seed, and that this seed contains both the cause and ideation of all subsequent growth and expression. Now if this be so of terrestrial plants, it is so also of celestial plants. Worlds come from world seeds. This is the 'master key' - gonos, not theos. It is from cosmos and gonos we derive the word cosmogony, creation. Only in the seed do we find combined the two essentials, creative intelligence and energy. These are nature's symbionts and together they constitute Causation, a principle, not personality." [Lloyd M. Graham, Deceptions and Myths Of The Bible, p. 9]

  "In all terrestrial seeds this Creative Principle is nonmoral and non-self-conscious, and its first creations are savage, merciless and warlike; such then is its nature per se. This it is that has the creative 'know-how' but not the love and mercy to realize the consequence of its creating - five billion years of conflict, pain and death. Nothing endowed with pity, love or mercy could create a thing so horrible as a primeval world, or permit catastrophies in it billions of years thereafter. Thus in arguing for nonmoral and non-self-conscious Causation we are absolving not accusing." [Lloyd M. Graham, Deceptions and Myths Of The Bible, pp. 10-11]

  "In world creation, called in metaphysics Involution, the creative intelligence became involved in that substance that became matter; it ensouled and intelligized it creatively. Together they constitute that aforesaid Life Principle. Because of this, matter is not 'dead'; it is instinct with creativity. But matter is the polar opposite of space in which this genetic intelligence lay inactive and asleep; so in matter it is again inactive and asleep. To become active it must free itself from matter, and here the process is radiation, the opposite of congelation. Once free, an aspect of that intelligence that creates cosmic forms, creates biologic forms to complete its purpose, namely, the development of qualities. These forms through experience with the quantitative (environment) develop an intelligence of their own, moral, rational, and so forth. Here we have another name for intelligence: we call it consciousness - funded experience." [Lloyd M. Graham, Deceptions and Myths Of The Bible, pp. 12-13]

  "From all this we see that the mystery of life is man-made, not God-made. When an ignorant priesthood introduced the supernatural into a perfectly natural universe, it threw confusion into the human mind. The result was a myriad warring religions and philosophies all trying like the blind men with the elephant, to explain the whole by something felt (emotional) instead of seen (mental). Only in our theory can these warring elements be harmonized, and the paradox posed by religion - divine source and savage nature - be resolved." [Lloyd M. Graham, Deceptions and Myths Of The Bible, pp. 13-14]

  "For the creation of a thing so vast as a world, Creative Intelligence must have a vast amount of matter. The second question then is: Where did this matter come from? Though scoffed at but a few years ago, it is now known that matter is but 'congealed energy.' This implies a congealing process and a pre-physical source of matter, something like that of the nonphysical electron. Dr I. Langmuir called this source the quantel, a significant term and we shall use it. A more familar name, however, is etheric energy. But is this the ultimate source of matter? May it not be but one of the many vibratory rates of energy? It is." [Lloyd M. Graham, Deceptions and Myths Of The Bible, p. 14]

  "In all ancient cosmologies, that of Genesis included, there are seven stages in the creative process, each with its own vibratory rate and each rate producing a different element - the planetary precedent of the seven divisions in the atomic table." [Lloyd M. Graham, Deceptions and Myths Of The Bible, p. 14]

  "Primordial energy cannot become dense matter in time as we reckon it, hence the intermediate stages. In passing through these it becomes more and more substantial, and so we might call it primordial substance, eventually the quantel and finally the chemical. This being the process, we might say that this earth is a precipitate of primordial substance and a congelation of cosmic energy. But energy of itself is neither constructive or purposive. For it to become such it must have a guiding, directing intelligence, and as that intelligence here on earth is genetic, so is it in heaven, space - '...as below, so above.' " [Lloyd M. Graham, Deceptions and Myths Of The Bible, p. 15]

  "... there has not been a genuine  metaphysician in the world for six thousand years. If there had been, he would have seen the fallacies of both science and religion and exposed them." [Lloyd M. Graham, Deceptions and Myths Of The Bible, p. 16]

  "Apart from genetic ideation, these elements in Involution are unqualified, thus a sort of planetary tabula rasa (blank tablet), on which evolutionary life is to write its entire experience. Their purpose is that of registration and what they register is the aforesaid qualitation - mental, moral and rational. Everything man has done is registered here and can be drawn upon. This is the 'akashic record' of the Hindus and 'the recording angel' of the Jews. This qualifying of the purely quantitative, we repeat, is man's task and purpose, and this being so, he should cease attributing moral qualities to the creator and begin contributing them. To paraphrase a president: Ask not what God will do for you but what you can do for God." [Lloyd M. Graham, Deceptions and Myths Of The Bible, p. 18]

  "God makes things, and laws are but man's interpretation of their functions." [Lloyd M. Graham, Deceptions and Myths Of The Bible, p. 20]

  "Evolutionary phenomena cannot be explained without involutionary antecedents. What is more, nothing exists in Evolution that was not in Involution potentially." [Lloyd M. Graham, Deceptions and Myths Of The Bible, p. 21]

  "It was a sun that created this world and not the God of Genesis. And instead of a Garden it was a Gehenna, all of which an ancient priesthood concealed or didn't know. Only in such knowledge as offered here can its frauds and fallacies be recognized." [Lloyd M. Graham, Deceptions and Myths Of The Bible, p. 24]

  "According to its apologists, the Bible is a Hebrew refinement of all pagan theologies and cosmologies, a process that completely obscured all knowledge of Causation and Creation. As Bellamy says: 'But we must not forget that the report in Genesis has only come down to us in its sublimated  - and therefore from the mythologists' standpoint, very unoriginal, not to say corrupted - form. Nevertheless, if we listen carefully to the Hebrew wording of the first verses in Genesis, we still find traces of the original meaning which no priestly editor has been able to extirpate.' " [Lloyd M. Graham, Deceptions and Myths Of The Bible, p. 30]

  "The one creative energy separated into two, positive and negative, and their interaction produced something luminous compared to the darkness of the absolute. According to the New Testament this 'light shining in darkness' was Christ, but actually it was Lucifer, the Son of the Morning, of creation; in the power sense, none other than the creator himself. It is the Hebrew concealment of this fact that has hidden from us the true nature of Causation; the result has been twenty-five centuries of spiritual ignorance." [Lloyd M. Graham, Deceptions and Myths Of The Bible, p. 31]

  "According to their [Hindu] cosmology all evolutionary forms were first created in mental, astral and etheric matter in Involution, these serving later as models for the physical. This does not mean that every form that has appeared in Evolution was there in archetype, thus proving each a permanent entity as some would like to believe; on the contrary, the specie and kingdom prototypes were there and their first evolutionary counterparts were endowed from the beginning with the capacity for incalculable proliferation, hence the myriads today. Be this as it may, to understand the myths such as this we must cease to think of the earth as of now and think in terms of a cosmic entity, invisible but evolving and creating for trillions of years before it became a visible, concrete object." [Lloyd M. Graham, Deceptions and Myths Of The Bible, p. 33]

"Would you call a humanity civilized that has a hundred wars in as many years? that spends trillions of dollars on murder weapons while its schools and hospitals close for want of funds? that lets half its people starve while the other half sickens from overeating? Would you call a humanity enlightened that poisons the air, the water and the soil? that doesn't know mythology from history?, or even what it exists for? This is the animal estate." [Lloyd M. Graham, Deceptions and Myths Of The Bible, p. 75]

  "The cunning hands of the priests perverted the entire Bible. It was they who made the redaction after the so-called Exilic period, and by that time they were the sole authority. Their purpose was the creation of a supernatural basis for a religion, hence the perversion of the original truth, than which there is no greater crime. As Dr. Johnson said: 'I know not any crime so great that a man could contrive to commit as poisoning the source of eternal truth.' And according to Kipling, 'Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind.' And the scriptures are the most deadly concoction of them all. They are the prescientific opiates, tranquilizers and placebos." [Lloyd M. Graham, Deceptions and Myths Of The Bible, p. 82]

    "If man had divine teachers and divine knowledge in the beginning how did he get like Neanderthal, or even us? This is Devolution." [Lloyd M. Graham, Deceptions and Myths Of The Bible, p. 102]

  "Whenever a people associate themselves with God or the gods and boast of their superiority, they are but exposing an inferiority complex. Due to a sense of inadequacy they create a divinity to supplement their own deficiency. In this we should not forget the Jews, with their claim to divine origin and selection. The resulting pride and predjudice is a good example of what happens when the wisdom-knowledge is lost and only the deceptive letter remains. But before we pluck the mote from the others' eyes, let's get the beam out of our own. We too believe their silly claims and help them steal a country. We too believe we're essentially divine; we too believe Causation is divine; for ages we believed in 'the divine right of kings,' and still believe in the divine authority of the Church. Indeed, in these things we're all so ignorant 'it ill behooves of us to talk about the rest of us.' " [Lloyd M. Graham, Deceptions and Myths Of The Bible, p. 104]

  "The earlier Bibles say that Moses, when he came down from the mount, had horns on his head - as Michelangelo portrays him. The authors of the King James Version, believing this to be an error, made it read 'the skin on his face shone,' thus hiding the key to Moses. The former idea came from the Latin Vulgate and read as follows: 'Cumque descenderet Moyses de monte Sinai, tenebat duas tabulas testimonii, et ignorabat quod cornuta esset facies sua ex consortio sermonis Domini.' Translated this means: 'And when Moses came down from Mount Sinai, he held two tables of the testimony, and he did not know that his face was horned from conversation with the Lord.' Modern scholars believe it should read rays rather than horns, but that is because they don't know Moses. It is also why they can't translate properly. Every attempt they make but robs the Bible of its true meaning.
  "Horns are mythological accessories, and in no sense peculiar to the Hebrew Moses. Many mythical beings had them, among which was Bacchus, called by some 'the horned child,' and by others, 'Zagreus son of Zeus,' and Kore, or Persephone. Thus in the Dionysiacs we read:

A Dragon-Bridegroom coiled in love-inspiring fold ...
Gilded to dark Kore's maiden couch ...
Thus by the alliance with the Dragon of Aether,
The whomb of Persephone became alive with fruit,
Bearing Zagreus, the Horned Child.   

  "Moses is the earth, the horned beast of Revelation; he is Aries, the generic Ram; he is Pan, the goatlike Aries on earth; he is Phallus Erectus, or the serpentine force thereof in Evolution. Thus the Vulgate is right and the rest are wrong. As one saved from the water, Moses is what was saved after the Deluge. As such he is identical with the slimy dragon that Apollo discovered after the flood dried up. And this dragon is the dragon of scripture, and its devil and Moses are one. Both have horns and this is what the key word horns is trying to tell us.
  "Like all the other Bible heroes, Moses is but a personification of the creative power, particularly its violent aspect." [Lloyd M. Graham, Deceptions and Myths Of The Bible, pp. 149-150]


    "In the east 'it is not thought impossible that atheism may be as profoundly religious as theism, nor is atheism regarded by religious men as in itself unspiritual. This is extremely hard for a westerner to understand - he does not see that the essence of religion lies in the religious experience, and not in any belief at all, and that all so-called religious beliefs and doctrines are merely theories about the religious experience.' " [Barbara G. Walker, The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, p. 73]

   "The greatest mistake of religious authorities in the western world was their view of the Bible as intrinsically different from other ancient scriptures, in that it was dictated word for word by God, not collected slowly, rewritten and mis-written, revised and worked over by human beings for a long time. The notion that the Bible did not evolve haphazardly, like most other holy writings of the same period, persisted almost up to the present day, even among people who should have known better." [Barbara G. Walker, The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, p. 96]

   "Traditionally, the church forbade not only research but even reading of the Bible by laymen. Throughout the Middle Ages, possession of a Bible written in the vernacular was a crime punished by burning at the stake. With the Reformation came Bible-reading in search of a new basis for faith; but in the process were found many new grounds for skepticism." [Barbara G. Walker, The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, p. 97]

   "Obviously the Bible was full of myths and legends, but most orthodox theologians had no idea of their meaning. One reason was that they didn't study the corresponding myths and legends of other cultures - ancient paganism, modern mysticism, the non-Christian beliefs of people both civilized and uncivilized throughout the rest of the world. Christian missionaries thought theirs was the only pipeline to divinity, the deities of all other people throughout the world were devils, and the myths of the Bible were absolutely true whereas all other myths were absolutely false." [Barbara G. Walker, The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, p. 99]


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