1 Samuel













1 Samuel 5:6 - vtkbd yd-yhvh al-hasdvdym vysmm; vyd atm baplym (bthchrym) at-asdvd vat-gbvlyh:

But the hand [yd] of the LORD [yhvh] was heavy [kbd] upon [al] them of Ashdod [asdvdym], and [v] he destroyed [smm] them [atm], and smote them [atm] with [b] emerods [aplym] (thchrym), even Ashdod [asdvd] and [v] the coasts [gbvl] thereof.

1 Samuel 5:11 - vyslchv vyaspv at-kl-srny plstym vyamrv slchv at-arvn alhy ysral vysb lmqvmv vla-ymyt aty vat-amy: ky-hyth mhvmt-mvt bkl-hayr kbdh mad yd halhym sm:

So they sent [slch] and gathered together [asp] all [kl] the lords [srn] of the Philistines [plstym], and [v] said [amr], Send away [slch] the ark [arvn] of the God [alhy] of Israel [ysral], and let it go again [svb] to [l] his own place [mqvm], that it slay [myt] us not [la], and [v] our people [am]: for [ky] there was [hyth] a deadly [mvt] destruction [mhvmt] throughout [b] all [kl] the [h] city [ayr]; the hand [yd] of God [alhym] was very [mad] heavy [kbd] there [sm].

1 Samuel 5:12 - vhansym asr la-mtv hkv baplym (bthchrym); vtal svat hayr hsmym:

And [v] the [h] men [ansym] that died [mtv] not [la] were [asr] smitten [hkv?] with [b] the emerods [aplym] (thchrym): and [v] the cry [svat] of the [h] city [ayr] went up [al] to heaven [smym].


1 Samuel 6:4 - vyamrv mh hasm asr nsyb lv vyamrv mspr srny plstym chmsh aply (thchry) zhb vchmsh akbry zhb: ky-mgph acht lklm vlsrnykm:

Then said [amr] they, What shall be the trespass offering [asm] which we shall return [syb] to him? They answered [amr], Five [chmsh] golden [zhb] emerods [aply] (thchry), and five [chmsh] golden [zhb] mice [akbr], according to the number [mspr] of the lords [srn] of the Philistines [plstym]: for [ky] one [acht] plague [mgph] was on you all [kl], and [v] on [l] your [km] lords [srn].

1 Samuel 6:5 - vasytm tslmy aplykm (thchrykm) vtslmy akbrykm hmschytm at-harts vnttm lalhy ysral kbvd avly yql at-ydv malykm vmal alhykm vmal artskm:

Wherefore ye shall make [as] images [tslm] of your [km] emerods [aply] (thchrykm), and [v] images [tslm] of your [km] mice [akbr] that mar [schyt] the [h] land [arts]; and [v] ye shall give [ntn] glory [kbvd] unto [l] the God [alhy] of Israel [ysral]: peradventure he will lighten [qll] his hand [yd] from [m] off [al] you [km], and [v] from [m] off [al] your [km] gods [alhy], and [v] from [m] off [al] your [km] land [arts].